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    Legislative Update & El Nino Weather Pattern & Light Rail Walkable Communities
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    Legislative Update & El Nino Weather Pattern & Light Rail Walkable Communities

    November 6, 2019

    >>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” the latest political news in our weekly update with the “Arizona Capitol Times.” Also tonight, Arizona could be looking at an El Nino weather pattern for later this year. And Phoenix tons gather input for walkable communities along the light rail line.>>>Those stories next, on “Arizona Horizon.”>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of eight. Members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Good evening, and welcome to “Arizona Horizon.” I’m Ted Simons.>>>The battle over the budget continues at the state capitol. Here with more in our weekly political update is Ben Giles of the “Arizona Capitol Times.” Ben, it’s good to see you. The battle is a phrase, it’s a term, and we expected some pushing and shoving and fighting and biting, it’s getting ear owe serious down there.>>The battle has come to a standstill portion, I guess, where you have six moderate Republicans in the house who are stalling any progress whatsoever because they don’t agree with billion dollar budget that the senate sent to the house last Thursday. They want more spending in areas like CPS, particularly in education, they object to some of the cuts to education that are — Or rollbacks that is proposed, and they actually came out and had an impromptu press conference to say there’s no deal still, and there’s no negotiating to be done because we’re not going to stand for these cuts.>>Basically the senate had its budget, sent it to the house, that budget a no-go, so much of a no-go that we’ve now got a group of six Republican lawmakers in the house saying we’re serious about this stuff.>>Yeah. And six is just enough to prevent house speaker Andy Tobin from getting the 31 votes he needs from his Republican caucus in the house to send the budget out and maybe back to the senate in something that could go to the governor’s desk pretty quickly. It appears now as long as this group of six moderate Republicans and the rest of the caucus both in the house and the senate can’t come to an agreement, there’s no end in sight.>>So when the senate sent the budget over to the house, did the house look at it and hear the concerns of the moderates and send something, maybe a counter off back to the senate?>>Not particularly. The budget as it was supposed to go to the floor on Monday, no one really knew who was going to vote how. From what we’ve been told, no one in the house is really counting votes, even within the GOP caucus before they sent the budget to the floor to see how it was going to shake out. And it didn’t take them long to figure out that there’s enough of a block of Republicans in their own party that are saying, we can’t go for this, we’re going to vote against this. So rather than have it be defeated on the floor they pulled the plug Monday. And every day since then it’s just been a waiting game to see are negotiations going well, has there been any progress? We’ve been told that the six Republicans sent a counteroffer to Tobin and senate president Andy Biggs saying this is what we want the budget to look like. That was rejected. And now a counteroffer from Biggs and Tobin we’re told was sent to the moderate Republicans, that was rejected. So we’re going nowhere.>>And again, this is a seat that post-CPS, the new child welfare a factor, it sounds like the bigger factor is education, specifically the idea of public K-12 schools starting charter schools in order to get more state money. Talk to us about this.>>Just in the last fiscal year, there were 59 schools operated — Public schools guy districts converted to what are known as district sponsored charter schools. And the benefit they get is in addition to having access to the local districts K-12 education funding, they also get chart school money from the general fund. Senate president Andy Biggs has said that’s an inequity in the funding of schools because the per pupil funding a district sponsored charter school gets is more than a public school student and more than a normal charter school student. So his argument is been if you want to be a charter school, act like a charter school and deal with the constraints a charter school has to.>>I think it’s like a thousand dollars more per pupil.>>Roughly 1200 more, yes.>>And which makes for an interesting argument. You’re hearing the senate president, a very much a conservative Andy Biggs, opting against school choice?>>It was that, an appropriations in the senate on Tuesday, you had lawmakers actually questioning if there was going to be kind of a competition for students in districts as more and more they anticipate opt for district sponsored charter schools to get more funding. And some superintendents who came to testify were kind of aghast because the thought is school choice and innovation in schools, which is what these charter schools are doing, that’s exactly the kind of thing that Republicans always talk about when they say this is how we want to improve schools. So to now have the senate president proposing initially a $33 million rollback of funds for that program, retroactive to July 1st, 2013, that would mean the 59 schools would have to go back to being public schools. But now he’s also proposing just a more widespread change to the funding of that program, that would basically discourage any school from doing it in the future.>>And we should note that one of the major areas that would be impacted here is where a certain lawmaker, her district happens to be. Talk to us about this. Some people say this as retaliation by the senate president.>>In fact, the senate president did say on Monday when he introduced this bill to change the governance, change the funding of district sponsored charter schools, he was doing so essentially as a threat to the house, where you had representative Heather Carter sponsoring a measure to take out his rollback of the $33 million that the president says I’m not sure we want to spend on this program, her amendment did also include a moratorium so that schools couldn’t convert, but — And that would give the schools and the state a time to study the issue. But it wasn’t enough for senate president Biggs and kind of furious that the rollback might be removed, his threat is this bill, which democrats and these moderate Republicans say would be far worse than the program.>>Yeah. So you basically — You’ve got democrats ho are saying, go charter schools, move over to charter schools because at least the district gets more money. And you’ve got conservatives like Biggs saying, no, we don’t need to see more of these kinds of — What — Education establishment, what are they thinking?>>The argument from senate president Biggs too is that this is the fiscally responsible thing to do, and depending on who you ask, there are estimates that more and more schools as you said are going to try and convert to gain access to this funding. Which admittedly they’ve been doing, because for the past three years or so billions of dollars have been cut from K-12 education funding. But as this program grows larger, the senate president has predicted in the next three years it could be a half billion dollar budget item. That is coming from the general fund that he fears Arizona won’t be able to fund without increasing taxes.>>A vague ALT fuels feel from the dim and distant past. Last point, you said six moderate Republicans are a factor. Who are those six Republicans?>>Heather Carter, Kate Brophy Mcgee, Jeff dial, ethan ORR and bob Coleman. Those are our six.>>All right.>>And they say they also have a couple of other Republicans who share their concerns in the house, just maybe not willing to go public in a press conference as those six did this afternoon.>>Never a dull moment. Good to have you here. Thanks for joining us.>>Thank you.>>>Meteorologists are suggesting the possibility of a developing El Nino weather pattern, which means Arizona could be in store for a wetter than normal winter. Joining us now is the state climatologist for Arizona, Nancy Selover. God to see you. And I’m just — I’m happy to hear that El Nino is a possibility. First of all, tell us what is El Nino?>>El Nino is a circulation pattern where we get warmer than normal waters in the Equatorial Pacific, and that allows us potentially to get a stream of subtropical moisture that comes underneath that high pressure and catches the lower tier of the U.S.>>So instead of going above us, and we just get a dry winter like we’ve had, we get tropical moisture during the winter.>>Yes.>>And this is because of what, weaker trade winds?>>The trade winds move from east to west, and so they weaken and we end up getting more of the warm water from the eastern Pacific to move to the central Pacific.>>So –>>Western Pacific to the central Pacific.>>What are meteorologists seeing right now?>>We’ve been in a La Nina situation where we have colder weather there in the Equatorial Pacific and we’re starting to see the development of little bit warmer water, we thought this was going to happen this past winter as well. But about October it just sort of fizzled out and went away.>>I was going to ask that, is it possible we could see an El Nino forming now and then by the time El Nino is supposed to appear, later in the year, it’s all kaput?>>Yes, that’s possible. We’ve had that happen.>>Is it likely?>>I don’t know. Right now the confidence that we have that El Nino is going to form is not real high. The climate prediction center is putting out all their outlooks through the next 18 months, as being equal chances of a wet or dry year for us.>>The idea of an El Nino forming in the southern hemisphere in the next few months, how does that play into what happens to us, again, later in the year? What is that dynamic all about?>>It’s just the ability to tap into that subtropical moisture and if we get that, we still have to have storm systems form, just because we have moisture doesn’t mean we’ll get any rain. So we really need — It’s the possibility of being able to tap into that additional moisture.>>And the rain here in the United States would mean Arizona, California, how far north?>>Kind of the — It’s the lower tier of states. It might catch southern Colorado, southern Utah, but definitely Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and the southeast as well.>>Because these are tropical — This is tropical air, does that mean higher snow level, and is that necessarily a good thing for Arizona?>>If we can get the precipitation at the moment I am not too concerned about whether — Exactly where that snow line is, because if we get a cold enough weather system, we will end up with snow as opposed to rain.>>El Nino, obviously right now, we would take it in a heartbeat. However, if it’s a strong El Nino, you could be looking at some flooding, you could see mudslides, a lot of damage too.>>Sure. Southern California and much of California has that as a big problem for them. We don’t quite have as much flooding here from the winter precipitation.>>As far as Atlantic hurricanes, do I understand fewer of those with an El Nino? Or do we know that?>>I don’t really know that. I’m not an expert on that, so I’m not going to put my neck out there.>>Again, still no guarantee of an El Nino, but it’s worth watching.>>Oh, yes. It’s definitely worth watching, and cross your fingers.>>When will we be more sure?>>September-October when we see, have we really swung that direction. But even earlier in the summer we’ll see if we’re starting to swing towards those much higher than normal temperatures in the sea surface in the Equatorial Pacific.>>Do those temperatures have anything to do at all with our monsoon?>>No.>>Not a bit?>>No.>>Every year I get you guys on and I try to figure out how can we predict the monsoon? And you always say, there’s no way to do it.>>We have yet to find a way to do it there. Are very short-termTELE connections is that happen, but they’re on the order of 30 days out. If we see one of those we can have a good idea we might be getting wetter in that short period, but this far we don’t have a good clue.>>El Nino, La Nina and the neutral in the middle, absolutely nothing, either before or after a monsoon season.>>Right.>>That’s no fun.>>I know.>>That’s foot going to help us.>>I know.>>You can tell us about the next few months in the spring, and it sounds like we’re going to be hot and dry?>>We’re looking like we could be hot and dry. There were a couple models, 23 different models that predict things, and two of them thought we might have a wet may. I’m not going to hang my hat on two of the 23. Because we couldn’t really see why they were saying that.>>So it’s going to be warmer and it’s going to be — Dryer than usual, or just dry period?>>Just dry period. We don’t have a signal of wetter or dryer or normal monsoon. We turned out to be a wet monsoon last year, that was good, because we’ve had this will be our third dry winter in a row.>>Not only that, but did I read this was the second warmest winter on record for Arizona?>>I believe it is, yes.>>So what is going on? In the grand scheme of things, in the 50,000-foot view of our weather pattern, what’s going on?>>Well, this winter we had that huge high pressure that set up off the coast of the — Off the West Coast, and that caused all the storm systems to go over the top, and then they’d come down on the other side of the Rockies, and then they’d sweep through and they would suck in that cold Arctic air. So they were really cold and snowy, yet here we are under high pressure, nice clear skies. Sunny conditions.>>Is that a La Nina or a neutral pattern?>>This was neutral.>>Because La Nina usually ends up with stuff like that.>>Yeah. We’ve had wet La Ninas, we’ve had dry El Ninos, and wet neutrals.>>So a state climatologist, are you — Do you feel more confident every year? Is the science and the research and the data, is it improving every year on this kind of thing?>>We’re discovering more and more little nuances with the teleconnections, so we’ll be able to do a little better at our forecasting, but when there’s no signal there, there’s really no way to read anything into it.>>And as far as the drought is concerned, it continues regardless of El Nino, La Nina, or all points in between.>>Yes. Because we’ve had — We’re somewhere in the neighborhood of the 18th year of drought, and that doesn’t mean all 18 years have been dryer than normal. We had really wet years. But they’re sporadic. A nice winter would be good, but we need several in a row to bring us back.>>Is there any indication that it’s going to end soon? Historically, how long have these droughts gone in Arizona?>>In the mid 40s to the mid 70s was about 30 years.>>Oh, my goodness.>>In recorded history we have had them longer than this. Way before that in the 1900s there was a 60-year drought. So we’re hoping that’s not where we are.>>Indeed. As far as wetter than normal, do those last as long, or is drought usually lasting longer?>>They’re kind of similar. The mid ’70s to the mid ’90s, about 20 year fairly wet before and before the ’40s we had about 20, 25 really wet period as well.>>We’ll keep an eye on El Niño and hope for the best. It’s good to have you here.>>Thanks.>>>Phoenix city officials are conducting community workshops to get ideas and input regarding development along the city’s light rail line. The goal, to develop walkable communities that work in conjunction with mass transit. Alan Stephenson is the acting planning and development director for the city of Phoenix. Good to have you here. Thanks for joining us.>>Thank you.>>This is not necessarily — This reinvent Phoenix thing has been going on a couple years.>>It is. We’re in our second year of a multiyear grant effort from the department of housing and urban development, it’s about a $2.9 million grant to work in collaboration with other community partners to develop a walkable transit and development around our light rail stops.>>I think ASU and saint loops also involved in the process?>>Correct.>>When we talk about shaping development along light rail, what shapes are we looking at and how close to light rail?>>Well, we’re looking about a quarter mile around each of the light rail stops. And we’re looking at a more urban style of development that you would see typical of downtown, and other large cities where they have more urban and walkable development as opposed to our more typical suburban development standards, Phoenix has really been a picture perfect city related to suburban development, and this is a look at creating a new option and more of an urban style of development.>>When people hear about transit oriented development, what does that mean?>>It’s really about creating development style that has a little bit more building height associated with a typically mix of uses, and it’s a much more walkable pedestrian friendly environment that is easily accessible Via bicycles as well, more shade, it’s a little bit easier to provide infrastructure and services from a city standpoint as well.>>And the focus would be what, from downtown Phoenix to Christown and out again to Sky Harbor?>>Yeah. There’s two segments. From downtown to the city’s eastern limits, which encompasses east lake Garfield and gateway areas, and then north of downtown which is three different areas to Bethany home south.>>That one that goes east along Washington, it seems to me there are stretches where there’s note a stop for a long way. How do you get development and especially the walkable communities, bike riding, the whole nine yards when the stops are so few and far between?>>Well, you have to put in infrastructure to make it so people want to walk more. One of the key focus of this effort is to increase walkability. So that’s done natural shade, like landscaping, but man made shade from overhangs and things from buildings, to make it more walkable and create a more inviting pedestrian environment so you have small buildings that break things up, a mix of uses that create some vitality along the street and what seems to be a very inhospitable walk isn’t so.>>So if you’re walking in shade the whole time, there’s a coffee shop here and a restaurant there you don’t ream eyes how far you’ve walked.>>Correct.>>Investment strategies, I know that’s a big factor as well. Talk about the commercial involvement and what you’re looking — You’re basically looking for ideas from everyone.>>Correct. Right now we’re in a two-week planning process. We have our consultant in from out of state, and so we have a number of meetings over this two-week period. Our kickoff meeting was Monday night and we had about 250 people attend. So we’re getting a broad spectrum of the community to participate. One of our key partners is the urban land institute as well as local first Arizona. Both of those groups are focused on business and development, so they’re helping us with that aspect as well.>>What are you hearing regarding concerns from business and development with what can be done and the challenges of getting things done along light rail?>>A couple of the things we’re hearing are some infrastructure challenges related to existing infrastructure that’s there, like water and sewer. Electric, some of those things that will have to work through with them. Some of the other challenges are really getting development — Developers to understand the different style of development here and trying to get them to focus on building something that’s a little bit different. It’s done a lot of other cities, but it’s different here for Phoenix. So we’re working through a lot of those issues.>>You mentioned other cities, are there models in other cities that you’re looking at or that you want folks to look at?>>Yeah, there are a number of other cities that have light rail lines that have been successful. There’s one in San Diego, Denver, Portland, there are a lot of cities that have added those elements to their downtown areas, and then as you extend out, you have some more of that same kind of urban development.>>I asked about the input you’ve heard from the business community and — For investment purposes, what are you hearing from just plain joes and Janes, the citizens who really want to be a part, Burt they’re there are stretches of light rail where there’s not much going on right now.>>Some of the big things we’re hearing, protect our historic neighborhoods, and kind of come up with some compatible design guidelines so you have interface from some of the taller buildings to existing neighborhoods. We’re hearing a lot about making those areas walkable, pedestrian friendly, shade, bicycle friendly in terms of complete streets, that the city is undertaking as well. We are hearing a lot about local first and trying to get local businesses involved and make it successful for them, not just some of the larger chains and suburban shopping mall style.>>And when you talk about residential along the line, how close to the line could that be and what kind of residential are you hearing about? Are you talking about?>>For the most part it could be rental, apartment or condominiums woulds be ownership type of product. There’s also some single-family attached style development that could be built. A little bit off the light rail line, that’s kind of like a row house you might see in other cities, a little more urban, more dense than we see here, but it still allows for an ownership style development.>>Someone has an idea or they want to get involved in this, how do they get involved?>>We have a website, They can go there and find out all kinds of information about this. We also have upcoming workshops, including one tonight. If you’re a resident or property p.m. at the Phoenix financial center, which is the northeast corner of central and Osborne, we have a p.m., if you’re close by you can race over there. We also have workshops coming up on this Friday, again, the same to 8:00 p.m. is the mid term report where the consultants will give us what they came up with for the first week. And a couple other meetings next week on Tuesday, April 1st there’s a local first meeting that’s being put on for local to 8:00 p.m. and the following Friday on to 8:00 p.m. the consultant will unveil their designs for the final two-week process.>>And all that is information on the website?>>Correct.>>Last question, when dot workshops end and the action begins?>>So the workshops will end on April 4th, and then the consultant will take that final about it of input they did, go away to finalize the design and development our walkable urban code and come up with parking strategies to help us, and those things will be brought back to get additional public input, and then adoption by council in the fall end of the year.>>All right. Great information. Good to have you here.>>Thank you.>>>That is it for announcement I’m Ted Simons. Thank you so much for joining us. You have a great evening.>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of eight. Members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Hi, I’m Ted Simons, host of “Arizona Horizon.” To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address A. national effort is underway to encourage everyone in America to record themselves on video reading or reciting the speech. Join me in this effort. Take the challenge to learn the address and summit your video at>>>When you want to be more informed, eight delivers news and analysis with multiple perspectives. Thanks to financial support from you and –>>the Virginia G. piper center for creative writing presents the piper writers studio. Offering classes for writers of all levels, taught by experienced writers and teachers. In person and online courses are available,.>>>Hi, I’m Susan linkUS, of the linkus group. Specializing in financial planning, investment management, insurance strategies, and more. Linkus investing for life.>>>Hospice of the valley. A not for profit hospice providing medical, social, and spiritual support to patients nearing end of life. While supporting their families.>>>Later on eight HD –>>Scientists are asking, do plants behave like animals? They don’t have a brain. But they can communicate, cooperate, and even wage war. It’s time to shed light on the secret life of plants. on eight HD.>>>Explore new ideas and new worlds here on eight. Arizona PBS. A community service of Arizona state University.>>>Don’t miss the return of eight’s “Check, Please! Arizona” festival at cityscape on Sunday, march 30th.>>We are having a delightful time, “Check, Please! Arizona” is one of our favorite shows. This is one of the best events in the state, hands down.>>Taste and discover the best chefs and restaurants from your favorite episodes. Your admission includes all foods, drink, and life cooking demonstrations. For tickets visit>>>Coming up on eight HD. Eight life. And eight world.>>>Coming soon to eight HD.>>How do you get from South Carolina to a starring role on broadway? Tony award winner PattiNA Miller shows us how it’s done. Next time on live from Lincoln center. on eight HD.>>>Support for eight comes from viewers like you, and from –>>ironwood cancer and research centers specialize in Porter Goss indicate cancer treatment and is a proud member of the association of community cancer centers. Patients have access to robotic surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and clinical trials.>>>The 37th spring Tempe festival of the arts, march 28th-30th in downtown Tempe. Hundreds of artists, live music and street entertainment. Wine and beer tasting. Crafts for kids, festival food, schedules and details at Tempe festival of the>>>I’m owner of Biltmore loan and jewelry. We buy our loan on upscale assets. We have over 30 years of experience in determining values much automobiles, jewelry, art, collectibles and antiques. For more information,

    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC
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    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC

    October 18, 2019

    everybody this is a quick look at a very
    very very incomplete very new work-in-progress will custom passenger
    train that I started working on just because I randomly got inspiration that
    popped into my head to work on another passenger train I’ve been wanting to do
    something that looked a little bit slower than my others for some time
    possibly something flat-fronted but I didn’t want to get too boring and basic
    with it this is not based on anything that’s not intended to be a replica of
    anything I did not base this off any reference materials whatsoever I just
    went to my multiple drawers full of windscreen pieces and especially the
    larger ones both six wide and four wide and brought out as many of them as has
    appeared to be decent candidates for win screens for this for the front of the
    the canopy of a a passenger train and I went through all of them and this is the
    the best-looking one for me that I came up with for just my own personal
    interests so I’m using it for now but this is like I said just a work in
    progress I’ve only worked on this for two building sessions so far so
    absolutely everything is subject to change absolutely everything should be
    considered completely a temporary the next time you see it I’m sure there will
    be many things different but then maybe I’ll just be happy with my progress up
    to this point and won’t change too many things we’ll just have to see this is a
    two car DM you will be permanently coupled with a Jacobs bogie in between
    I’ve got to figure out something to do for the wheel pants back here because
    they just they need a lot of room to go through turns and especially inside
    turns like that I don’t think there’s enough space there to to let that
    actually work out so I’ll probably need to have even more of a gap unfortunately
    I’m really not looking forward to having a gap there possibly I can decrease the
    vertical gap a bit but that may actually look worse if if I do like half of a
    plate less vertical gap and then have to have a longer horizontal gap and I try
    to do something back here maybe you turn this
    in or turn it out or something to allow that room but it’s just it’s just
    difficult because of the scale of things and I don’t know I just I just don’t
    know it at this point but like I said it’s it’s a new project so maybe I’ll
    come up with something interesting maybe I won’t this used some tricky building
    techniques for some of the stuff at the front actually it’s been simplified down
    quite significantly since my first attempt at this at this front I had all
    sorts of headlight bricks attached rotated and 90 degrees on two axes and
    you know stuff moving all around in different directions and its really been
    simplified down quite a lot I don’t like this right here I might try to fill that
    in from the top or something but it’s not too bad I mean you know things look
    much worse on on camera up close in HD than they do in person when you’re
    looking at little stuff I’m going to have some form of humps on the on the
    roof not sure if they’re going to be shaped exactly like this that’s
    something I’m continuing to iterate on not sure about this little dip right
    here I’ve done a number of different attempts of different things with the
    edges of the doors and the doors themselves and might I would like to do
    something better for that but when you look at the the scale of it the doors
    actually go up to here you see I’m using that the one and a half wide plates up
    here to make up some of the space but scale wise yeah I’d like to have a
    little bit a little bit more height there but it does need to to come up to
    my station platforms which are at exactly this height for sake of
    compatibility with my other trains you know everything has to go together
    everything is interdependent so it’s not just as simple as making it look exactly
    how you think it it should if it was real life you know gotta compromise a
    little bit for the actual Lego stuff in the scale but that’s pretty much all
    there is to to show at this point is really not all that much going on with
    the whole thing a little bit of detail on the top kind of needs interior
    obvious we’ll have a operator Oh it’ll be double
    ended and mirrored so the other the other I recall that train plate at the
    back will be identical it’ll just be facing towards the rear completely
    identical I’ll probably even put a nine volt motor back there as well even
    though it it won’t need it at both ends just to have the consistency of the
    metal wheels which I think look really really good they they kind of look to me
    like the thing has disc brakes you know like like a real one would and I like
    that look so it might be a little bit of a waste of a 9-volt and in the sense of
    you know a 9-volt motor in the sense of how much power is required but I think
    it’s I think it’ll be worth it so yeah work in progress very incomplete just
    wanted to show what I’ve done up to this point after just two building sessions
    hopefully things will get much better from here and obviously it needs a lot
    more detail on the inside things need to be mirrored left to right I’m only
    showing you one side the other side is at a different stage you know as I go
    along I’ll make changes on one side and then
    I’m happy with something then I’ll copy them to the other and then maybe I’ll
    work from that side a little bit just to kind of change up my brain a little bit
    keep from getting locked into one one view you know looking at it from one
    side versus the other so yeah I go back and forth and then eventually try to get
    it all consistent and sometimes I miss something and that’s just how it is
    anyway just want to show that up to this point and I’ll show you more progress as
    more becomes available thanks for watching tactic in sir

    Articles, Blog


    October 15, 2019

    Ah, it’s been quiet of three months Been full-time RV and for three months now Yeah, Josh, it seems like it’s been so much longer than three months it really does it’s yes I think back to when we left the house the day before Thanksgiving This is it. We’re saying goodbye to our house. It’s Thanksgiving. Yeah, that was a crazy time Yes, so we’ve been Three months full time RV now, so we’re pros We learned about everyday Challenges I Think I’ve adapted to that now Adapt to the lack of space in the bathroom maybe Get used to it Work with it. This is all we have for our vanity. Are we been having an issue with her? tankless water heater That had issues ever since we purchased it from the dealer. So that’s been a challenge Is the very first challenge we’ve had in the last three months was the dolly we didn’t know anything about dollies and Apparently the dealership their help didn’t either and they were trying to help us and a lot of things fold up on it Well, they didn’t get the ramps Secured dolly part camp up and it caught the front bumper and ripped two holes through it. So that was our first issue Second issue have well, actually there was a first issue with the dolly before that in a way that the dolly strap came off and it was flopping around we we luckily have this rear view camera and I could see the car starting this way and it always was going straight So it pulled over and sure enough the strap game off and it bounced up and hit the car and you cinch down really tight came loose Came up Scratch the car a little bit but trailers brand new scrapped everything and it And then the second dolly issue would be once we arrived in now on one hand, Palm Springs so if you had some of these some horrifying stories on your first trip Don’t feel bad. So there’s repairs that we have done. They have a couple of repairs you need to do, but we’re holding off because We feel extremely strongly that the dealership should be take care of them because it’s something that their PD artists take care of I wasn’t able to get on the roof when we bought this in your Chris don’t call me. We have three days to find a coach. So we were told that they did take care of the remaining Three weeks what he said three days, and we did we had three days Once three weeks since the owner. Yeah, but then when we decided we weren’t gonna go with the fifth-wheel Oh, we were gonna go with the fifth go first. Oh then we have three days. It was a last-minute thing. Yeah So the roof was supposed to be taken care of They’re supposed to go around with dike or any of the cracks of that little bit of time passed on me and I got up On the roof and it sealed all the cracks Cracks are everywhere on every single Seal there is on that roof, and it was extremely obvious that they were old Check with someone else within the company and yeah, they didn’t touch that. There’s no way Once we got to another location and there was a place on the roof. It was really soft off this big Driver side window replaced it was foggy when we first bought it and they ordered the window But it took several weeks get ends of water pump yes and got in you hooked everything up and we were inside and everything and Went back outside and there’s water yeah, there’s a pond there was a pond on the ground I mean, it hadn’t even been very long. Yes. I called the NRF and asked if they could stock it with the fish long story short when you have your city water hooked up and you see water pouring out underneath It’s coming out of your overflow. And what’s happening is instead of going to your faucets its bypassing somehow and going directly to your fresh tank filling that fresh tank that you use when you go boondocking And it got so full that it was overflowing going out the overflow underneath so two things either the valve that you switch over when you want to feel the fresh tank on purpose And if that’s not it then it’s your water pump The water pumps can go bad and the valve inside the water pump cuz bad and allows the water to back up a person feels the fresh pink instead so replace that it wasn’t easy to get to but it was actually a pretty Thick I called around to see if we can get fixed guy came and told me oh, oh, oh that’s that pump is expensive It’s asking how much 300 some dollars this time. He didn’t know it but I already knew how much it would cost I was testing you can order it on Home Depot the exact same pump literally same model number everything for 50 bucks And I saw the Amazon we could get it there too. So I just ordered a 50 bucks and did it myself. So the Water heater. It’s a precision temp water heater. It also heats your coach well runs off electric and propane and it’s It’s a tankless kind of like an aqua hot except it doesn’t use a diesel fuel That had some issues and that happens to be where we are now at the dealership getting those things finally taken care of like a week before we could get the service done and we spent at least eight days showering at the RV park which Your shower was better than my shower. Let’s just put it that way For some reason the men’s restroom was better than the women’s and then TV I replaced the TV That was my choice. There was nothing wrong with it. It was just an old TV and it got really hot and Behind the cabinet it got really hot from it Yury strong at least three lines the core And to window blinds are very large. So there’s a lot of feeling that they do and He’s the year the Guru of the blind restreamer completed blinds. I don’t know how to do it Well so far they’re working That’s the downfall of the pleated blinds strings The things that we have enjoyed so the most enjoyable thing is here in the comments feedback from people Questions and start to realize there’s other people out there that have always thought about doing this and want to know What to do you know, how do you do this? I’ve enjoyed Working with of you looking my job with a view of palm trees outside of the window Sometimes the views aren’t all that great if you’re staring at another RV, yeah Wait, so in first three minutes, we’ve been to two rallies. Yeah, I’ve been to FMC a was the first one and that was in Indio, California which is really only about Okay, it’s right there in the Coachella Valley it was just kind of what they call their small rally I guess We only we just drove our car there So we were only there one day and of course again our first rally we didn’t know what to expect. So there’s Vendors galore in this huge building and we’re just like going we don’t have enough time We should only come two days. At least you probably know what Michelle really likes besides the coconut cream pie They also had three. Oh my gosh Free ice cream. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, we stood in a long line for them. And then the other rally was the quartzite 19 quartzite sports vacation in RV show and that’s a very very very large large RV show quartzite, they put on a lot of what? Other types of shows they’re like rock mineral shows. They have three markets there. I think they kind of have them if they’re quiet frequently, but the large vacation sports an RV show is in this one time of year and they say you know like tons of people tons of RVs come for this movies ten days when we got started one of our first Youtube creators that we started watching was there at the same time. Yeah Yeah, enjoying the journey dot life we met up with them, I’m sure you had a really good time chatting with them So that that really made that The trip. Yeah Wow, very nice couple Again that was another one that we just drove our car to because it was only a couple hours from where regrets yeah So another thing I thought we would talk about a lot of people that are not full-time our beers yet you may wonder Like Christmas, you know what you do? So what we did we got on Amazon? And we ordered a bunch of things and it’s kind of nice because you can get some things that aren’t even at Walmart, or wherever your local stores and And they actually wrapped up. It was really cool and just Send it right to their address and just say don’t open till Christmas. Yeah, and and then we did FaceTime Yeah Kind of fun to watch your open up. Yes Brendan and Sarah as well. It’s nice. Of course. It’s not the same as being right there. It’s pretty To have the technology days to do that Um, let’s see Church. If you go to church we Really loved our church Back in Weston. Why not? No, they had a church service. Yeah, I streamed A lot of times we couldn’t make it we would just watch at home then no now we can still watch it Yeah, everywhere we go a lot of the RV parks so far that we found of a church Service come in on Sunday, or they’ll just give you you know, a tip of going to a local church right We had a neighbor of ours were staying there that was going to a church there in Palm Springs And we kept driving by it before we talked to them They were going to that so, of course you got churches you can go to but if you’re partial to your own, hopefully they have the online Service as well after Christmas We went to a New Year’s Eve party, which is probably we talked about it It was by far our favorite New Year’s Eve party that not ever been to When we were in this Thomas previous area and it was at the spa resort there’s a casino in Palm Springs and it was an 80s rock in the theme and of course, I was a little chilly that night and everything was outside of their casino for this and The tickets were fairly cheap a lot. There. They were like, is it $10? I think so when they had a life bang Yeah, and they had a lot. Well, they had a deejay up until the live band started at 9:00, but The deejay or she wasn’t really good we were like no he was playing all Had fireworks and everything at midnight As you can tell from a lot of our videos we’ve been to quite a few destinations The tram and Palm Springs or did the indian canyons. I did talk about canyons and did these living doesn’t zoom? like we decided we’re going to try to spend more time in each area so that we can Be better prepared to give advice in southern california’s really where we started After our maiden voyage we went to california. We spent a lot of time in there Palm Springs area and our intentions is to Spend a lot of time in each area Because we don’t feel that we can go somewhere and give a give good advice If we really haven’t spent a lot of time in that area We can go to like burial tramway and show you our experience there like we did in other places But as far as the area wanna we want to be in my area so that we can give good advice about each area that we spend around the United States, Alaska and Everywhere we go. We’ve seen a Lot of full-timers. Yeah and family full-timers Kids got invited to a Super Bowl party With a big group of full time families, they have their own group, and it’s called full time families the time that we’ve been there downtown Palm Springs every Thursday night Starting at about 6:00 I think goes from 6:00 to 10:00 is their village fest and one Street and maybe a few off the side of vendors Food and they have music playing It’s nice to get out and wander through that. We’ve seen a large like a marathon race Yeah, Oh Tour de Paume spree. Yeah tour to Palm Springs went on and we’ve seen well, of course, we’ve tried several restaurants Again, I’m going to mention my favorite Sherman’s deli and bakery. I’m telling you you’ve got to go there. There’s two locations Palm Desert and Palm Springs. Try them both They have the best coconut cream pie how many times I have to mention this coconut cream pie I mean sandwiches this high salad so large We share this high and large and of course I have to leave room for by so and so we’ve also Several Mexican restaurants and good We found a new Best ever we got service Yeah, a lot of people might say, you know, well, you know You have such a small cooking area or whatever and what do you do for your? your meals you Just try to stay on your same nutrition diet. It’s hard when there’s pie, but guess where we’re going McDonald’s, no Taco Bell no Del Taco, no Wendy’s what do I like the most in the Coachella Valley? Besides me to eat for food What do I like the most? I’m driving. Do I know where I’m going? I hope so Do you like the most in the Coachella Valley? What do I talk about all the time? Medjool dates? No The hummingbirds Dare eat a hummingbird. How dare you? Okay, yeah Coconut Candy bars coconut cream pie Sherman’s deli We’re going there for supper. We’re gonna have you’re gonna have coconut cream pie for supper if I can. Yeah Sherman’s has gluten-free bread for all those that cannot have wheat or gluten. Oh and they’re Good Sandwiches this big. Yeah, we can share a sandwich cuz they’re so they’re huge. Yeah, plus your side that you Share that. Yeah, we’re full cuz then if we share there’s room for pie But she eats he gets a couple bites. I gotta come over tonight suffer the consequences Not excited at all. Can you tell But I will admit Brian is our cook or chef very very good card But I don’t cook. It’s just that he’s like it’s good. He likes to cook and I’m like, okay. Yeah Oh, he’s a very good cook He’s good at just making stuff up and I’m more of a I’ll follow recipe Yeah, I measure things the Italian like it. Yeah Sometimes we do pretty good during the week though, I mean Fix has our meals and we try Try really hard to stay Okay, no low carb is very hard, yeah, if you do know that coconut cream pies Well, then there’s cheetah days, you know cheap days right You can that cream pie. Yeah, okay, and hopefully we’ll share some more recipes for ya. Those low carbs out there We’ve got some pretty good ones. We got we still have a few keto recipes that we use but um, Not really on a keto diet anymore. We just try to stay We have four data plans right now she has one for her work that is through her company She has her own personal one. She uses we’ve did some research on and it’s called visible. It’s through Horizon you get unlimited data truly unlimited and the speeds are limited at five megabytes per Second which has been plenty. We can actually watch YouTube videos. Of course, you can’t watch it in a high quality Anything over? 480 or 720 p but we don’t have that now we use our hotspot through Verizon You don’t have to sign a contract or anything. It’s just Monthly pay five months and it’s forty dollars. It does limit you to Some areas where you get cell service, but you still get those yeah in there we’ve we’ve traveled from Texas to California in California to Nevada and there was only one little spot I’m gonna say probably Another thing we should mention is working. How do we work? I have to have more of a Designated desk area because I use two monitors for my work No half to I can just work off of a laptop but my particular work It is a lot easier to use two monitors on our traveling days. I’ve worked from a laptop She sits here at the dinner desk and I rotate from chair over by the TV One of those left top corners. Yeah And then I come to the kitchen table where I’m like two feet from her And then every once in a while in one of these chairs just to change it up a little bit It’s kind of funny though because sometimes a little you work in yet. Does it last Friday or something? Like hours went by and we hadn’t even talked to each other So focus and ingrained in our work is like like two feet from each other and we haven’t said a word for hours Time flies. I mean I I have an a dedicated Schedule that I have to abide by So, it’s Monday through Friday. I work 40 hours and Brian works that Plus And really it’s only the weekends that we have to be able to go Sightsee, yeah, do whatever you need to get even then we’re trying to do. That’s when we take all of our footage. Yeah so kind of working then to Actually, but it’s more enjoyable yeah because we work so much how to stay focus no Flexible like because we sit so much It’s really hard once you’re focused and ingrained in your work and you’re busy and time is flying by and it’s been like Three hours and you realize you having stood up That’s probably one of the biggest downfalls I’d say is because we we both are the same type we’ll just keep working and working and working and not so we’re trying to get better at that whether it’s just One person standing up and then saying to the other one. Okay, come on, you know like let’s stand up for a little bit Let’s you know do some Exercises get the blood flowing in I guess you could say that’s a challenge really is to try to stay Trying to stay healthy with our lifestyle from the weekends exercise You know, I know It’s hard to do a lot of outdoor activities can wintertime it’s too cold. Nobody wants to be outside much Summertime, it’s muggy Or when the temperatures noisy the windy and all over are the humidity is really high So there’s very few times when I mean a perfect. That’s how we we just didn’t careful the weather’s I Don’t know that was a squirrel moment That being said as far as working, I’m sure a lot of people have questions about working Is it hard to work from the home or when you’re in those views? Is it hard to work when you got all that going on? Yeah, it may be hard. But if your Medications ernight both are very dedicated We we can’t start something without finishing balance the three months that seemed like it went quickly But yet it seems like it’s been longer. I don’t know. Is that possible it went fast, but yeah, it seems longer So if anybody has any questions that we haven’t cover there, please by all means Make a comment down below in the comments section and wolf will answer you as soon as we can the main purpose of doing this is to Help others. We were inspired by other YouTube creators And we want to pay it forward do the same Pull over and get more vintage footage footage footage footage video footage of That’s a new word. You can say that when you go to the store and you’re gonna try something on get some footage That’s high and large We share oh man, I gotta to see if this still going we’ve about three minutes of this Quick exercises get the butt blood flow in and get the Buffalo get the buck flowin and No, you don’t You’ll edit that, right? Oh, we had a empty the tanks that reminds She’s Extremely afraid of bees It was a friendly one, otherwise your composure if you see me, I May get a black eye. Oh, yeah He’s on here, but just don’t move He is not. I don’t hear a buzzer coming back They blocked that for my brain anyway, such a time but It’s my train of thought there timeout a Ferrari or a Guinea this one boss Lime-green okay time in okay game on Gabe are the things that we have enjoyed so far Each other. Yes You stealing we are not frozen Anybody does that’s all folks Huh you guys tell us how do we end this? It’s always hard to end the video. Oh, thanks for watching know so Stay tuned or will they change? Or will you stay on the same path? Alright Until it’s for watching Is that all right, but subscribe follow us on facebook instagram twitter and Our website. Yeah go pages, we’ve got on there still part of it is under construction, but we’ve got Couple pages that are better live right now. So check it out and like she said I’m afraid of her. So I’m just telling you better. Do your asses subscribe

    Secrets and History of The Disneyland Monorail
    Articles, Blog

    Secrets and History of The Disneyland Monorail

    October 10, 2019

    The Disneyland Monorail…an attraction that
    was more than just an attraction. The monorail was a symbol of Walts vision
    for Disneyland, and for the world. And in this episode of Fresh Baked, we’ll
    cover all the secrets and history of this iconic Disneyland attraction. The story of the monorail is one that is deeply
    personal to Walt in both its origins and its place in Disneyland history. If you know anything about Walt Disney, you
    know that he had a fascination with transportation. Many of the most legendary Disneyland attractions
    were focused on how guests get from one place to another. the Disneyland railroad, the river boats,
    main street vehicles, autopia. But in the case of the Monorail, it was more
    than just a means of conveyance. Walt wanted to make the world a better place. He wanted a better way for people to commute. He wanted…a monorail. And this monorail was to be the cornerstone
    of his eventual experimental prototype community of tomorrow. Or EPCOT. But we’ll get more in to that in a little
    bit. For now, it’s enough to know that a monorail
    was always on the table for Tomorrowland. Or, in the case of very early concept art…the
    city of tomorrow. Though a suspended one, that is a monorail. You see, the Monorail was not a new invention,
    nor was it particularly futuristic. In fact, the history of the monorail that
    Walt and Lillian first rode in Germany while on vacation goes back to 1901. And it’s on this trip that OUR monorail,
    the Disneyland monorail really begins. Walt and Lillian often vacationed in Europe
    as they were not often recognized and could travel in peace. And on one such trip in 1958 while in Germany,
    they took the historic Wuppertal Monorail. But this monorail was the typical suspension
    variety, hanging down freely from the track. However THIS monorail, the free-swinging suspension
    style, made Lillian queasy and she had asked Walt, after riding the Wuppertal, why they
    couldn’t make a monorail that rode ABOVE the track. Well as it turns out, by pure luck and happenstance,
    walt and Lillian were driving through the german countryside in cologne when suddenly
    an elevated monorail zipped right by them across the road. They were, in fact, just minutes away from
    the Alweg company and shipyard. Walt immediately found the ALWEG building
    and began a conversation with the engineers and builders. The Alweg company was owned by Dr. Axel Wenner
    Green. Green made his fortune investing in the Electrolux
    Vacuum company. However, the german government would not allow
    him to repatriate those earnings back to his home country of Sweden. So, he spent it all in Germany, building monorails. After meeting with alweg, Walt went home with
    some materials on how to build monorails and immediately began working with his imagineers
    to develop their own. And that’s where Bob Gurr, Disney legend,
    enters the story. It is said that if the ride has wheels, Bob
    probably designed it, and the history of the Monorail is almost completely a Bob Gurr story. Gurr’s initial impression of the monorail
    designed by Alweg was not exactly favorable. He described the practical design of the german
    monorail as being like a loaf of bread. It was boxy, and not at all modern or futuristic. Gurr drew on his background as an automobile
    designer to apply some cosmetic changes to make the vehicle look sleeker. He added “tumblehome”, a term for adding
    curve to the design. To tuck it in, thus removing the boxy look. Gurr also drew inspiration from the Buck Rodgers’
    rocket ship of all things, most prominently the nose, again using a more curved design
    with the wrap around glass in the pilot seat. As described by Gurr, the transformation from
    a loaf of bread to the monorail as we know it, was done in his home, in about an hour. And that initial sketch lead to this now famous
    piece of concept art that he presented to Walt Disney and his team of imagineers. As the story goes, Walt took one look at it,
    turned to Bob and asked, “Can you build that?” And when Gurr answered yes, Walt looked around
    the room at his imagineers and said “Okay!” And that’s how things got done at Disneyland
    in the 50’s. So Disney sent Bob Gurr, Roger Broggie, and
    Joe Fowler with back to Germany with their math and concept art to meet again with the
    Alweg company with plans to have them build the first Disneyland monorail. But as it turned out, the Alweg company was
    not exactly thrilled by the radical changes Gurr and company had proposed. One could say that they were offended that
    in just a few weeks Disney had completely changed the german design they had been developing
    since 1949. Further, those changes were being proposed
    by a film technician (Roger Broggie), and an autopia car sketch artist in Bob Gurr. As in men who were NOT mechanical engineers. In fact, it got bad enough that Disney decided
    to just build it on their own and it wound up that Alwegs involvement was limited to
    sending over a single engineer to California to consult. In one year, the film technician and autopia
    designer built the monorail. And they built it on time to coincide with
    the rededication of Tomorrowland, along with the Submarine Voyage, a project led by Bob
    Gurr, and the Matterhorn, where Bob Gurr also designed the legendary bobsleds. The design of the body was inspired by, in
    fact was almost identical to, the viewliner. This was another Bob Gurr designed vehicle
    that was essentially a futuristic looking train that ran alongside the Disneyland Railroad. That first monorail, monorail red, had 3 cars
    with 3 compartments each, and could accommodate a total of 82 guests and like the viewliner,
    had guests facing forward, as in guests would sit face to face, as opposed to the window
    facing seats we see today. In addition to sharing its design with the
    viewliner, the Monorail shares a bit of park history with it as well. Before the Monorial, this part of the park
    was nothing more than the autopia, the viewliner, and the poorly performing phantom boats. Meanwhile, to the north, newly opened Pacific
    Ocean Park was giving Disneyland a run for its money, pulling guests from Disneyland. Walt decided a response was needed, and thus
    plans were set in motion to revitalize Tomorrowland. The phantom boat lagoon would be replaced
    by the submarine voyage, and the viewliner would be replaced with the Monorail. In the year spent perfecting the monorail
    design and mechanics, it went through many trials. They had to overcome the dangers inherent
    with single track trains, namely, where if the design is too top heavy, when the monorail
    slows down or stops during a bank it could possibly tip over. They were working under such extreme time
    pressure that their first test run was just weeks before the official opening of the attraction. And that test did NOT go well. As Bob Gurr relays the story, he went first
    in reverse a bit, then sent it forward and after maybe an inch, the engine exploded,
    sending parts everywhere. Over the course of the next three weeks, as
    they pressed to meet the scheduled launch on June 14th, 1959, they would keep testing
    every day, and every day the train would fail to make it around the track without breaking
    down or catching fire. Finally, literally the night before the dedication,
    they were able to make a full lap around the track without stopping. But where, on dedication day, Bob Gurr was
    ready to park the monorail at the depot, have a ribbon cutting, and then send the monorail
    backstage again, Walt had other plans. Walt was very proud of the Monorail, so much
    so that he invited ABC, Art Linkletter, and Vice President Nixon to attend the debut. Now I’m sure most diehard Disney fans have
    seen the photos or video of the Nixon family cutting the ribbon. But what’s really amusing about this story
    is that Bob Gurr, who was piloting the Monorail for its inaugural launch, effectively kidnapped
    the vice president of the united states. On the day of its debut, Gurr parked the monorail
    at the beginning of the loading ramp, and it was Gurr’s understanding that they would
    do the dedication, then Gurr would send the monorail on its way back to the station without
    any guests. They had, after all, had only one successful
    test of the monorail in its history, and that was just the night before! But proud papa Walt showed up at the ramp
    with Art Linkletter, Richard Nixon, his kids, and his secret service attachment. With Gurr at the pilot seat, they all boarded
    the monorail for a tour of the interiors. Well, all but the secret service attachment. it was a hot summer day, so Gurr turned on
    the engines so he could start the air conditioning and cool down the cabins. But Walt thought that the engines had started
    in order to take the monorail out. And it was at this point that Walt said “Let’s
    go!” And that was it. Without hesitation, Gurr hit the gas and took
    the vice president with him…without his secret servicemen. As Gurr tells it, you could see the secret
    service detail excitedly trying to follow the monorail as it made its way around the
    tracks, nervously awaiting his return But as they pulled in to the station, Nixons
    kids asked for another ride around, so Walt gave Gurr the go ahead and around again they
    went. The Vice Presidents reaction? He thought it was hilarious watching his protection
    detail panic at Disneyland. As for Walt, this story gives us a peak at
    the kind of Juice walt had, the kind of confidence he had as to his place in this world. He had the vice president of the united states
    on his train, and didn’t think twice about taking off without any sort of plan, or clearance….or
    fear of reprisal. Make no mistake, Walt was in charge of his
    world. And with that, the Disneyland Alweg monorail,
    was the first passenger carrying monorail in the western hemisphere. Yes, it originally did have the ALWEG name
    in its title, but this had little to do with Alwegs actual participation. Disney and Bob Gurr built the whole thing. The alweg name was included only as part of
    a legal agreement between the two companies. After monorail red debuted in 1959, Monorail
    blue followed shortly after on July 3rd. The original track was just 8 tenths of a
    mile, and made what was essentially just a loop around Tomorrowland. At the launch, instead of heading straight
    out and right on to Harbor boulevard, it made a left turn over Autopia. For the keen observer, you can even find a
    support pylon over autopia that was disconnected, but left behind, when the track was re-routed
    to Harbor before heading to the Disneyland hotel. This re-route occurred in 1961, adding nearly
    2 miles to the monorail route and its first ever STOP when the train arrived at the new
    platform constructed at the Disneyland hotel. With this stop, one could say that the monorail
    was no longer JUST a Disneyland attraction. It was now a legitimate mode of public transportation. In fact, you didn’t even have to have a
    park ticket to enjoy the monorail. Guests could purchase round trip tickets at
    the Disneyland hotel stop, allowing non park guests the chance to view the park without
    paying admission. It sounds crazy today, but to accommodate
    this, monorails were fitted with dials that indicated what kind of guests were riding
    in order to alert cast members. general admission guests, round trip only
    guests, or mixed, Also in 1961, the monorail saw its first upgrade,
    to the Mark 2 and the addition of Monorail yellow. The mark 2 was extended to 4 cars instead
    of three, and included another fantastic little innovation…the vista dome
    Walt was a huge fan of allowing guests to ride in the nose of the monorail, believing
    it gave those lucky guests the very best view from the monorail. And I have to agree. However he did NOT like the fact that guests
    got a view of the pilots back. originally the pilot sat in the front most
    portion of the nose, while guests sat on a bench behind him. To solve this problem, the vista dome was
    installed and the pilot moved back, thus allowing guests an unimpeded view from the nose. The monorails next upgrade arrived in 1968
    with the Mark 3 and Monorail green. This time the monorail was lengthened to 5
    cars. In 1971, the Mark 4 was introduced to the
    world, but not at Disneyland. These would appear at Walt Disney World, where
    they were the centerpiece of walts vision of the city of tomorrow. The Disney world monorail connected all the
    parks and resorts on the walt Disney world property, thus bringing the monorail that
    much closer to a true mass transit system. Meanwhile, the Mark 3’s at Disneyland managed
    to last until 1985, when they were finally replaced by the mark 5. Monorail green became monorail purple, monorail
    yellow became monorail orange. The old models were stripped and re-designed,
    removing the unique double bubble and a more streamlined nose that resembled the mark 4. These were also the first to be made of fiberglass,
    where previous versions were made of stell. In addition, they were the first monorails
    to feature power doors that slid open and shut, as opposed to swinging open and shut. Over the years, the monorail went through
    additional track changes, upgrades, and temporary modifications. In 1994, the inbound monorail track was re-directed
    to the Eeyore section of the parking lot in order to accommodate the construction of the
    Indiana jones adventure show building. In 1999, the outbound monorail track entered
    a new park, sort of. That new park was Disney’s California adventure,
    and it was built around the existing track, thus allowing the monorail to pass through
    the Hollywood backlot, the main entrance, and the grand Californian hotel before arriving
    at the downtown Disney stop, which had also been completely demolished and rebuilt. Many have speculated since then if or when
    there would be a third monorail stop for California adventure, however this is not practical for
    a variety of reasons. For one, the outbound trip from Tomorrowland
    to downtown Disney is already incredibly short. Guests would barely have time to get comfortable
    before stopping again at DCA. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, California
    adventure is a separate admission ticket from Disneyland. As such, any guest not holding an annual pass
    or park hopper, would not be permitted to exit. This would no doubt lead confusion and anxiety
    among guests and cast members trying to negotiate who could exit at California adventure, and
    who could not. In 2007 The trains were upgraded to Mark 7’s,
    the most recent upgrade, and were the first to feature the window facing central bench
    seat we use today. Over the years, the monorail was used to promote
    new attractions or new movies coming to Disney. For example there was the finding nemo monorail
    in 2007, and the cars monorail in 2012. But it’s classic imagery is how we all know
    and love the monorail, both today and throughout the history of Disneyland. It was always walt’s dream to build a highway
    in the sky. Not just the monorail, but the people mover
    and skyway buckets too. But history has shown that he didn’t quite
    get there. Though there are monorails in use today, including
    ones in seattle and las vegas in the US plus many more in Japan, China, and Germany, they
    haven’t reached anything close to the vision Walt had. And one is left to wonder why. They occupy less real estate. Plus they’re quiet and provide competitive
    rider capacity to other forms of public transportation. Some cite the cost, which can be more in some
    installations, or the impact on the the environment, such as the additional foundational requirements
    for monorails vs. the more simple railway tracks. Others mention the visual intrusion on sight
    lines, where traditional trains do not obstruct views or available sunlight while others speak
    of tradition. But it’s very possible that Walts very involvement,
    and its introduction at Disneyland, contributed to its maybe…..not being taken as seriously
    as it should. The reality is, in the US, the monorail was
    nothing more than an amusement park attraction. It’s famous use at Disneyland and Disney
    World cemented its view in the public eye. It wouldn’t be difficult to believe that
    city planners who are accustomed to classic, entrenched systems such as trains and subways,
    might view a monorail as being less than a serious endeavor because of its association
    with Disneyland. But the good news is that the Monorail is
    still at Disneyland, alive, well, and amazing. It’s one of the signature attractions at
    the park, and rightfully so due to Walts involvement and its’ impact on the history and status
    as an icon of the park. The monorail will forever be linked to Disneyland
    in the same way as the Disneyland railroad, Main Street or pirates of the Caribbean. The Monorail IS Disneyland. And so concludes our best secrets and history
    of the Disneyland monorail. We sure hope you enjoyed this episode and
    ask that you like this video, share it with your friends, and subscribe to our channel. And until next time…Fresh Baked!


    DIE MONORAIL IST ZURÜCK! | My LEGO City Update #9 | März 2018 ? (deutsch m. englischen Untertiteln)

    October 1, 2019

    hello lego fans, friends of decent brick combining, this is BenBricks and it’s march 2018, yes, it’s march again and this means there is a new city update coming for you guys but before we start I would like to welcome everybody that is new to my channel! I’m glad that you’re here and I hope you enjoy what you see not only this city update video but everything else that you can see on my channel And if you do so, than feel free to subscribe, like and share my content with everybody that you think also would appreciate these videos and you would also help me to reach my next goal here on Youtube that is the 300 subscriber milestone And when we have reached these 300 subscribers there will be a giveaway so again welcome to my channel But now back to the update! In the last update there has been many many changes and today of course there will less changes but nonetheless there are some pretty cool things that has happened in my city You probably wrote this in the video title: The Monorail is back! And I think that’s really cool because I definitly wanted the monorail in my new layout and now she is here And for what else has happened in my city, we just start the tour! And there she is, the monorail I put you the link to my conversion video into a card so you can whatch it again by the way, here are a lot of my boxes They look pretty nice, don’t they? but back to the city the monorail winds down from uptown to downtown until here, where a station will be built in the next weeks as well as a station at the airport In the ocean area there hasn’t been so many changes but I tried out some of your advices regarding the light house and I put it on a blue baseplate and I really like what I see Another thing that has beed added to my city is the blue cargo train I got this in one of my last hauls I put it together with my son and he had a blast and he loves to let him run around the city It’s awesome! In addition to this I put a lot of plants, trees and flowers into my city and also a bunch of minifigures to just breathe some more life into my city there are ordinary people like you and me but there are also superheroes like batman and villians like the joker battling for supremacy in m city. Hopefully the good guys win! When I look at my city right now, expecially the monorail gives this layout more depth and a new layer that that makes this city much more interesting as you can see from this point of view one other thing that’s been added is the so called apple tree house, the first house in my residential area I will do a full review on this older creator house within the next few weeks here is also the clothes line that was at the light house before And there is another project that I’ve been working on recently and that is the train station that you can see over there. It’s still work in progress and I’m lacking a lot of pieces but you can get an idea of what it will look like when it’s finished and the street there is the little creator fountain from my older layout I really like this arrangement Let’s have a look at the platform there is the ticket machine and there will be a food stand some places to sit Yes, that’s it for this update just a little one but some cool changes I think! and there cannot be big changes all the time Details are important as well One very important minifig I want to show at last and that is B.A., Baracus from the A-Team. And he is working and living in this garage. I really like this set up Here you can see him a little bit closer really like this minifig! And now let’s see the trains running around and through my city Stay tuned for some new cool videos here on BenBricks channel And as I said feel free to subscribe so you won’t miss anything I would really appreciate this! and wirte down in the comments what you like and yhat you would change So see you next time and enjoy the trains running!

    [HYDERABAD] Hyderabad metro railway designed by foreign technical THE NEWS INDIA
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    [HYDERABAD] Hyderabad metro railway designed by foreign technical THE NEWS INDIA

    September 8, 2019

    There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken. There is a short time left for the metro rail in the city to start soon. The special thing is that with the adoption of complete foreign technology for this Metro Rail, the help of consultants from abroad has been taken.

    February 23, 2011 Governor’s Update : Chattanooga Manufacturing Visits & Roundtable
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    February 23, 2011 Governor’s Update : Chattanooga Manufacturing Visits & Roundtable

    August 12, 2019

    Governor Haslam: Unfortunately we continue
    to see signs of the recession. Most recently in the announcement of the closing of the
    Goodyear plant in Union City. That closure will cause hundreds of people to lose their
    jobs, but we’re committed to working with regional leaders to bring economic vitality
    back to Northwest Tennessee. Some regions have experienced recent success in this area.
    To learn more about what makes the volunteer state attractive to businesses, we travelled
    to Chattanooga. A big economic victory for Tennessee is the Volkswagen plant that will
    begin production this spring. More than 900 people have already been hired to work at
    the Chattanooga facility. But their work force is expected to eventually grow to more than
    2,000. Volkswagen Group of America has also promised to invest one billion dollars into
    the state’s economy in more than five million dollars over five years to area schools and
    universities. Volkswagen estimates that when the plant is fully functional and all the
    suppliers are in place, the jobs from this multinational company will generate 12 billion
    dollars in income growth and 1.4 billion dollars in tax revenues. In June 2010 Alstom Chattanooga
    expanded their facility to build steam and gas turbines as well as large turbo generators.
    Alstom took an old vacant building and renovated it to make it energy efficient with the capacity
    to build the largest turbines in the world. The plant will not only help to generate green
    energy, but will also fuel 350 high quality jobs. Chattanooga’s excellent roads, railroad
    resources and waterways make it a logical choice to transport Alstom’s large and heavy
    products. Commissioner Hagerty: Well there’s a spillover
    effect from large cutting edge industries like this that is going to affect the entire
    region. What I can’t wait to do is figure out how that knock-on effect gets leveraged
    in our region. And as the governor said, it’s going to be a lot about workforce training,
    getting the right job skills to our populace, and making sure that we have educational programs
    that support all this. Governor Haslam: To learn more from Chattanooga
    success, and hear how the state can support this cities momentum, we sat down with some
    community leaders at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for a roundtable discussion
    about jobs. Our goal is to eventually travel to every region in the state to examine what
    communities are facing and to help them on how they can efficiently use their resources
    to create the economic development needed to bring high quality jobs to each region
    of the state. On February the 14th I had the great pleasure to help make the announcement
    that Mitsubishi Electric will build a 200 million dollar transformer manufacturing facility
    in Memphis that will eventually bring 275 new jobs to West Tennessee. We also introduced
    our legislative package last week. It was a busy week, with our key emphasis on bringing
    more high quality jobs to the state. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the direction
    for your Tennessee government.