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    Is This Railroad Spur Abandoned Active Or Unused ?
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    Is This Railroad Spur Abandoned Active Or Unused ?

    August 15, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your railroad archaeologist so next to the strain again the abandoned
    train that I filmed and I want to show you guys something else that was over
    here it’s like the gift that keeps on giving this area this is all an
    abandoned the spirit that went into this dog Factory over here one of the rails that the Train is on it
    says 1927 on it so you guys have a reference point 1927 all right there you go
    I have a couple real spikes for sale of you guys are interested leave me some
    comments you guys are interested we’ll make some Arabians
    oh my God look at this the mecca of railroad spikes look at all that geez
    buoys I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to
    this location so you guys can all follow along and it’s cold it’s like 45 degrees it’s too easy so how do I know it’s abandoned you ask first of all if you follow the gap the
    line is set to go straight not into that spur second of all it’s missing well no
    I thought it was missing the switch handle but it starts lieutenant yeah I
    don’t know maybe maybe they use cross spots cross what used to be that’s
    funny they don’t even include our a railroad company on this and then last but not least the one on
    this side great crossing looks pretty good vot number but no road funny
    I’m gonna guess I United Pacific alrighty guys thank you for viewing
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    Unused Railroad Crossing Tour
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    Unused Railroad Crossing Tour

    August 14, 2019

    Guys, this is the Homestead Subdivision, the last part of the CSX S line in Homestead Florida
    this track is for all intents and purposes abandoned. Here we have some
    some Mexicans harvesting, picking strawberries and now I am going to show
    you the crossing at Southwest 304th ST is Kings Highway okay guys so there we have the fruit pickers and here we have the railroad by the way *clears throat* Southwest 10th Ave and Southwest 304th Street this is the crossing this is a a safe tran signal base with safe
    tran lights cross buck, there’s an e dinger on that side, there we see the relay
    case yeah these all have safe tran
    signal bases track view North towards
    Miami and track view south towards Homestead. You can see the wooden
    crossing on the street there that is a very ancient crossing and then again we
    have the safe tran base over here, safe Tran lights e dinger up top and the
    cross buck so yeah guys and then this is facing West and this is facing
    East and it’s starting to come down really hard so I’m gonna catch you guys
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing & Spur

    August 14, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here your railroad archaeologist I think I’ve come across
    on a nice little find over here in Pensacola Florida this bear right here
    oh wait the car is off fast see the switch controls on this what I’ll show
    you down the way back what I want to show you now was this burn here which I
    think might be either very lightly used and and or quite possibly abandoned
    because well you’ll see for yourself but shape of this that
    I do not think it could be a train can’t can run on here without the railing
    because there’s some ties that are totally out of place there’s some ones
    that are missing the anchor plates there’s rails that are gapped this is an old personal decapitating this year I don’t know what railroad
    made this originally but I know that these old wooden this may be used to be
    a great crossing here or like a loading dock er some sort of crossing I don’t
    but yeah these used to be a characteristics of all seaboard
    crossings and then this line goes about or this /
    goes about maybe a mile into town over there they’re settling through the
    Google Maps thing so you guys can follow it along
    I can’t walk them out that’d be that’d be me walking two miles just to get back
    to where I am and I’m kind of hungry now so we’re done that way there’s parts
    where where the grass and and the soil completely consumed the rails so they
    said I don’t think God this track is using awful these rails
    are rusted they’re not polished at off you guys know that whenever you see a
    polished rail it’s indicative of a lot of usage this one does not display that
    sign as a matter of fact you can see that the
    soil is just accumulating on that rail and there’s been nothing to know
    no train to take it off otherwise you see it you’d see a streak on the rail
    avoid the flames and it’s crossing itself those are pretty old calories not
    the oldest materials this is Barranca Street and Main Street
    you guys will have a Google Maps link now I’m gonna make another video of all
    those classrooms over there so stay tuned for that one right guys please
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    Unused Railroad Crossing
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    Unused Railroad Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen we have another unused railroad crossing here today in Southwest 200 Street This here as you can see this track isn’t in very good condition. It looks like a third-world country around here Right? This place is an agricultural area it’s all full of nursuries, fruits agriculture whatever have you? Those branches there are debris from Hurricane Irma So this here is a Southwest view of the track right. This is the CSX homestead subdivision which was built in 1927 and then here We have a safe tran signal base a safe tran gate mechanism safe tran lights all around, we got one hanging reco light there from Hurricane Irma And lets try to cross the line So this relay case as you can see has power. There’s a light up top And then further down the line you can see that it’s obstructed which makes no difference because it’s an unused line so See what we got on this side so Im going to include a Google maps link so you guys can see for yourself where im at This side it’s same same deal. We got a safe tran signal base safe tran gate mechanism Reco crossing lights the crossing gate We got safe tran Lights all around here too and an E dinger up top See the Emergency contact info here CSX S line homestead subdivision mile post 57.87 And then once again, that’s the South sorry North East view obstructed by the tree there wood SCL crossties and the Southwest view Which looks like a third world country Alright guys, Please subscribe or like Thank you very much for viewing Follow me on instagram at railrol82 over and out

    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma
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    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in
    Homestead Florida just north of the 296 street crossing here we can see that the
    city of Homestead is trying to clean up the debris left by a hurricane Irma, in
    its wake and we see that this portion of the unused CSX
    track has some trees on it some down branches even some entire trees this is
    mile post 65 there’s the relay case milepost 65
    Southwest 296 ST, I’ll include Google links Google Maps link then you
    can see the posture here you can see the tree right there either way it makes no difference
    because like I said there’s no trains there hasn’t been a train here for years
    and there’s there isn’t gonna be a train So this is facing North and this is facing South and this track
    was in case you don’t know guys it was built by the SAL in 1927 to promote
    tourism to Homestead. You can see the original wooden cross ties and the
    rusted rails when that would be a nice house to have
    right and then I’m looking here in the meter see
    I don’t think the meter has any… here comes the power truck so yeah the meter does, well it would
    have had power to it had there been electricity here as you can see in the
    distance you’re working to restore power in this area so yeah guys I’m
    gonna leave you with a shot of this the crossing. Please Subscribe or Like. thank you for viewing. over and out guys

    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma
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    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen so I filmed
    this crossing right before Hurricane Irma you’ll remember this was the unused
    crossing over here at Southwest 280th Street and here you can see the damage
    it yanked it right off of the arm and then this one appears to be still
    intact but as you can see uh the track is
    impassable over there you can see off in the distance uh there’s trees covering
    the middle of it so either way it makes no difference because it’s not like a
    train was gonna come here this track has been unused for years this area, its the Friday after this
    area still has no power so they’re probably not gonna fix this anytime soon
    I’m guessing and this is actually one of the older all crossing gates this one’s
    made out of fiberglass you see the fibers there Reco lights poor guy Alright guys, thanks for viewing this video. Please Subscribe or like over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers
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    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen Today we have another unused railroad crossing here SW 162nd AVE near Cutler ridge Naranja, Homestead area. This is all blurred lines over here. On the boundaries of the cities, so yeah here we have SW view on the track This is the CSX S line Homestead Subdivision Here you can see this crossing which is just wood and cross bucks as i said crossing number The on the bottom you have CSX S line Homestead Subdivision 58.37 milepost There you got the reflective sticker and the cross bucks up top and here you have the old wooden crossing characteristics of an old SCL crossing and then here you have track view NE Here Hurricane Irma ripped off the reflective tape of the wood and cross bucks and you have the emergency contact info there cross bucks and wood just like the other side yeah wooden cross ties too. You can see the rails are really rusted here usually when a track is active its polished this one this was the last time a train came through here and that was a long time ago Where the wheel made contact with the rail so but yeah there voodoo right there, I can smell the dead chicken. So that’s track view NE, OH YOU GOT SOME PEOPLE SKYDIVING, look at that! see if I can find him I can see them I don’t know if you guys can see them if the camera picks them up there he is wow I would never do that Oh he’s going to land, he’s going to land So yeah guys and then track view SW again Please Subscribe or Like! Follow me on instagram at railrol82 Thank you for viewing, over and out

    Overgrown Railroad Crossing
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    Overgrown Railroad Crossing

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here are about two blocks West of the Miami International Airport, and I’m going to show you guys an overgrown FEC industrial spur There’s two tracks here One is still used. I doubt this one is, this is a track view like This would be north east Right and check out this growth over here Doubt that they used that See the switches in the back over there Two switches one two okay then you got this track It’s pretty rusty Right? Yeah And then over here, what have we here? Cut… Look at that, is that sabotage? Oh wow Somebody vandalized it, they don’t work anymore Okay, so then over here we got Three concrete guards an MI signal base This looks like it might be a GRS? gate mechanism This is old, the lights are also a MI Modern Industries lights, Modern Industries bracket WC Hayes mechanical bell Emergency contact info Those are definitely incandescent lights My personal favorite My personal favorite visors as well Rico lights on the Crossing gate Another look at the cut wires, look at that Man this is a shame And then the grade crossing isn’t in too bad of a condition, I’ve seen worse You got track view here, South West That one like I said, might still be in use. Then you got the relay case right there, NW 70th Avenue and the DOT number I don’t think trains been thru here for a while Perhaps it’s lightly used, but doubt it Northwest 70th Ave, the DOT number and then in case you want to rail fan Or look at an abandoned railroad or semi abandoned railroad got a sofa right there And then on this side you got this guy And you got more growth on the track over here, a lot more growth A few years ago, I think like in 15 there was an abandoned mail train parked right over here But they since moved it It used to come out on Google Maps. I’m not sure if it does, but I’ll include a Google map link to this location So you guys can go back in time and see it. So then here you got a different one, you got a Harmon signal base. You have a oh, WABCO my bad the other one wasn’t GRS. It’s a Wabco gate mechanism. You can see WABCO Wow You can even see here well I don’t know if you can see here, but Beneath the the spray paint, it says model 75 grade crossing gate mechanism So yeah, then we got MI lights all around here, too MI bracket, no mechanical bell on this side and Rico lights on the crossing gate. Here you got the old, the old ties The real is from 1950 1-9-5-0 I know Mel Perry tells me that the weight of the rail is right next to the date, but I do not see it here Okay, so you got that then yeah, it’s just growth all the way this way see Growth, not good See a piece of a crossing gate here, all messed up, man! All messed up! So yeah guys That’s gonna conclude this tour, please subscribe or Like. Thank you very much for viewing Over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing Malfunction
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    Unused Railroad Crossing Malfunction

    August 10, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so you have
    another incident caused by a Hurricane Irma over here
    Southwest 256 ST there’s a relay case just facing south on the unused to
    CSX line Homestead subdivision you got some branches on the line over there
    but look this crossing here is kind of tilted this would be standing straight
    and you can see it’s tilted it moved the lights in the direction of the wind
    upwards and then not only that but if you can see this light here is on this
    one’s off on so this is probably been like this for a
    few days now this is all filmed four days after Hurricane Irma and same thing
    on the other side so this would be the north side of the crossing you got the old
    wooden crossing here and then here you can see this light is on also Off on E dinger up top Safe Tran systems, I made a video at this crossing before and
    then down this way you can see the branches on the line but this makes no
    difference because no trains come through here either way and we got a nice
    little neighborhood bar here and then here you can see another view of the
    crossing that was bent oh it took a piece of the roof off of
    diamond fertilizer over let me zoom in on it so you guys can see right there
    you see knocked it right off facing south alright guys see if the lights are still on? yeah You can’t see here because of the backlight. But
    that light is definitely still on off all right you guys please subscribe or
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    Unsafe Railroad Crossing
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    Unsafe Railroad Crossing

    August 10, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82 again here today I’m gonna show you guys an unsafe railroad crossing I
    don’t mean unsafe because there might have been a lot of accidents here, I mean
    unsafe in that there’s no cross bucks or signals or anything to mark this
    crossing this is the only thing on this side you have this saw emergency contact
    info here on a light post but other than that like there’s no crossbuck or anything
    else right just that. This is the FEC water plant spur, track view north This is West 20th Street West and East So here you have the emergency contact info on this side and there’s no cross buck anywhere here, see that right? track view South This, as I said, I caught a train here before and The conductor had to flag each and every
    crossing there’s about seven more crossings that way and sometimes people
    gotta move like jet skis or whatever else they parked on the track because
    it’s used on demand, like every three or four weeks but yeah I mean the least
    they could do is put some cross bucks here although you can tell by the rail
    that it’s like I said every three or four weeks so it’s kind of rusted see
    the grade crossing is in pretty good condition and how would you like to live
    in one of these houses right? Ha ha Give you a all righty guys thank you very much for
    viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out