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    Conflicts grow in Ukraine as Russia-Crimea rail route opens
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    Conflicts grow in Ukraine as Russia-Crimea rail route opens

    December 30, 2019

    Russia has officially opened a railway
    bridge connecting it directly to the crimean peninsula a territory had
    annexed from ukraine five years ago the building of the railway line has been
    condemned by Ukraine and the European Union as a violation of Ukraine’s
    sovereignty and territory cha Jonghyun tells us more the first train left
    saint-petersburg Monday afternoon carrying more than 500 people on the
    2500 kilometer trip to Sevastopol Crimea a ride that takes 43 hours
    the Russian government is expecting the new route next year to carry around 40
    million passengers and 30 million tons of freight russia’s President Vladimir
    Putin was also at the launching ceremony saying the new 19 kilometer away bridge
    over the Kirk Strait benefits all today we have a very important occasion it is
    important for crimea sevastopol for the whole of Russia because naturally such
    infrastructure projects such as this landmark bridge that we have built will
    have an impact on the whole economy however the EU and Ukraine immediately
    condemned the opening of the bridge saying it’s another violation of Russia
    of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territory Ukrainian officials opened a criminal
    investigation on Wednesday arguing that the train illegally carried people
    across the Ukrainian border Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 on the grounds
    that residents of the peninsula voted to join up with Russia the annexation
    elicited widespread international censure which saw the US and EU ban
    imports of non Ukrainian goods from Crimea and investments of European
    companies in the region the new bridge has also enabled Russia to limit free
    passage for ships heading to Ukrainian ports the Kirk’s trade is the only way
    for Ukrainian ships to get to the Black Sea from the inland sea of azov
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    November 19, 2019

    *Massive ACTUAL earrape warning* SUBSCRIBE TO NACA FIRE AND SECURITY *Slav music* EARRAPE WARNING : 3 2 1 Moscow, Moscow
    Throw the glasses at the wall
    Russia is a beautiful country HAHAHAHAHA Tovarishch the Gopnik Engine incoming *Beat drops harder than when you drop your vodka* Sleeping at work You can’t do that *Truly Slav hardbass* Pull ohh blyat’ Rabbit ohh blyat’ Tripped on a nail Even though this tank has incredible maneuverability Surpasses the hardest of obstacles It can even swim underwater But also it can… *Slav music again* HEY HEY HEY HEY CYKA BLYAT THAT’S LOUD This song is getting old M O S C O W M O S C O W what could be better than this? Just slavs being gopniks Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Surprise Service C Y K A B L Y A T *More slav hardbass* CHEEKI BREEKI IV DAMKE OPA! PIZDEC! r/normaldayinrussia *Tank casually tokyo drifting* Ok bye now *Moskau remix* OH HO HO HO HO H E Y AH HA HA HA HA H̴̢̢̹͖͇̺̻̣̺͓̻͚̐͌̔̿̕ ̸͖̪̣̜̲̈́́Ě̷̢̬̫̩̻̘̺̟̫̳̯̫̝̗́͌̈́͜ ̵͇̩͈̿͛̔̑̾͝Y̸͉̰̲̝͉̟̲̟̠͙̥̟̘͕̟̓̓̌̆͋̓͐̏̎̔̈͠ Ok now it isn’t annoying anymore *Blyat to the future intensifies* *Ded*


    Карпати. Україна з неба · Eкспедиція Ukraїner

    November 11, 2019

    Carpathians Ukraїner
    The Expedition Carpathian tram
    A narrow-gauge railway, which is actively used for tourism. Polonynas
    Highland pastures for cattle, which is moved from villages high into mountains for the summer period. Morshyn
    A famous Subcarpathian resort with mineral water, which originates in the mountains Khata-Maysternya/Workshop House
    A public initiative which renovated an old house in the mountains and transformed it into a modern space Carpathian ethnic groups
    These mountains are the homeland of three powerful Ukrainian ethnic groups: lemkos, boykos, and hutsuls Old-growth forests
    The biggest area of old-growth beech forests in the UNESCO World Heritage is located in Ukrainian Carpathians Cameramen Pavlo Pashko, Dmytro Bartosh
    Film Editing Mykola Nosok
    Music Marsbeing Ukraїner
    The Expedition


    Ukraine Train Ride (1st Class) from Kiev to Lviv travel vlog

    October 19, 2019

    Well hello hello. It is almost time to check out of our apartment
    here in Kiev (Киев). Our host is going to be coming any minute. Any minute. So we have to finish packing up. Yeah, like what happened to the what we had
    9 nights just boom. Oh my gosh. We had over a week here. Crazy. Yeah. That is one of the fastest stays we’ve ever
    had anywhere. The time just flew by. We were tired, we also had a lot of work to
    do and we also just really enjoyed being here so. Yeah. So it is time to get going. Sam has been. I’ve actually been responding to YouTube comments. Youtube comments. Yeah, getting caught up. I’m way behind on that too. Sam’s favorite thing. Favorite thing. I love when you guys leave us comments. I try to get back to all of them. Yeah. I know I’m really behind because of last week
    but. I read them but Sam answers. Yeah, that is true. Um but yeah anyways I need to finish packing
    so we’ll see you guys in a bit and yeah we’ll be heading to the train station soon. Beep noise. Update. Nice and sweaty because there are no escalators
    or elevators in any of the metro stations we’ve seen. At least not to get into the station. Yeah. But anyways we’re at Tietrana. Two stops to the train station. Let’s go. But there is going to be a nice long escalator
    ride to get to the platform. Yeah. These escalators here in Kyiv (Київ) are
    epic. Absolutely epic. Train sounds. Made it to the train station. We sure have. Now that we’re leaving Kiev (Київ), I
    want to talk about my favorite experiences here in this city. That is riding the metro. Metro. First reason I like it is that it is so cheap. It is only 5 in local currency which is actually
    less than 20 US cents per ride. So you’ve gotta love that. And then the other thing that is really cool
    is just like how deep it is underground. You have these epic escalator rides to get
    there. And then but the third thing that is kind
    of cool is just how busy it is too. Like all times of day that we’ve taken rides
    it has been packed. Like people really use it and you can see
    why. It is affordable and it is just a great way
    to get around. And it is also very rustic and noisy and makes
    a lot of you know. It makes a lot of noise while you’re on it
    and you also like it has very abrupt stops and sometimes if you don’t brace yourself
    you actually feel like you’re going to get like tossed over. But it is really cool. Definitely take the metro if you’re in Kiev
    (Київ). So we’ve made it to the train station. Tickets in hand. And we’ve just looked at the departure board. I would like to point out that is the worst
    departure board I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all the letters are like bright red
    and neon green. And you stare at it for like 3 seconds and
    it starts blinding you. So not very helpful but we did find another
    old fashioned sign that actually announces our train so we’ve got a bit of time. Going to get some lunch and yeah that is the
    update. Hahaha. What do you got? We are having a McDonalds lunch just because
    it was convenient. Yeah. So large french fries, orange juice, chocolate
    muffin for the road and I’m water fasting so I get to watch you eat. Sam is on one of his fasts. Yeah. Anyways, sometimes McDonald’s is actually
    not a bad place to hang out if you’re at a busy station especially if you’ve got time
    to kill. Because you know like you kind of you’re getting
    reliable food, you know what you’re getting anyways. The other thing too is like you can sit down
    for a while and like you can stay you can kill time. And the other thing that is kind of cool is
    that you get access to decent washrooms too because you don’t know if you’re always going
    to get those in certain stations. So we have all of that and we have quite a
    bit of time to kill. Our train leaves at shortly after 2 right? Yep. And right now it is only 12:54. Well someone has picked up a new talent. One of my many talents. Learning to read Cyrillic. I know the first one says muffin chocolate. That is my chocolate muffin. This one says free which is my fries. And the next one is juice. So yeah. And you know what? All of that food came to less than $3 US dollars. That is like about two seventy five or something. Pretty cheap. How are them fries? Crispy. Crispy. Maybe double or triple fried. Seriously? Okay, so we’ve killed all the time we needed
    to. And so our train is leaving in about a half
    hour so we’re back in the station. We are platform 2. Now we just have to find that. And it is quite a grand station I must say. It is beautiful. Okay, so we’ve got our seats. And what is really cool is we upgraded to
    1st class. It wasn’t that much more. We’ll let you know the price of the ticket
    a little bit later on. But if you take a look over here you can see
    how it has different classes. So if it was second class there would be 6
    people but because it is only first there is 4 of us and that gives us lots of rooms
    for our baggage. We’ll show you as we go in. Check out that. And that is where we are sitting. We have basically those 3 seats on the bottom. Right there. Alright, so now would be a good time to talk
    about the tickets. And it is noisy. The train is just taking off. Anyways, we paid just over 500 which is about
    roughly $20 US dollars and this is for the fastest train possible to Lviv (Львів). And it takes about five hours and forty minutes
    so we’re going to be on here for a little while. But it is quite comfortable. I’m glad that we paid for 1st class because
    we’re going to be able to get some work done. Apparently, there is tea service so hopefully
    we get that too. What are you having? Chai. Tea. Complimentary? I think we paid for it. Haha. This is so hot. And we in case you’re wondering we are moving. English breakfast. I like the cups. They are nice and fancy. Look at that. I think it is just a glass of fancy cup. Sam has been sleeping the whole time. Train station noise. And just like that we’ve been teleported to
    our apartment here in Lviv (Львів). Um, so yeah we arrived right on time. Our AirBNB host was waiting for us at the
    train station. We hopped in his car and he drove us here
    which is so rare. No one has ever picked us up. Which was super awesome. Um but yeah we’re really really hungry so
    we are going to save the apartment tour for another day. Another video. Right now we need dinner. Let’s go. We’ll take you along for food though. Street noises. So we are staying in a super residential neighborhood
    so there are not a whole lot of restaurants around but we found a hotel and they have
    a restaurant. So we’re in here. Right now we are the only guests. The last couple just left but they have like
    all of these animals. Looking at me everywhere. Look. There is a cow looking at you. Cow. And where is the other one? There is goats and sheep. Where are those? Okay, let’s get a tour. Hi, cow. Over here are the goats and sheep. And last but not least we’ve got a bird. Food is here. Food is here. I’m so hungry. Like I said I was water fasting earlier on. 24 hours without food so I’m ready to eat. So this is varenyky. Varenyky. Sorry and these are like the dumplings. The Ukrainian dumplings. They are delicious. We’ve been eating them a lot since we’ve come
    to the Ukraine (Україна). What filling did you get this time? I got potato and cheese. Ooh. And let’s take it for a swim in the sour cream. Sour cream. Everything tastes better with sour cream in
    the Ukraine (Україна). You know the food came really fast. I’m impressed. It is so good. I honest can’t give you a very truthful assessment
    I’m so hungry I think anything would be tasty to me right now. It is all wonderful. It is all wonderful right now. And for myself I ordered the potato pancakes
    with chicken and a mushroom cream sauce. Mmmhmm. It looks pretty good. Sam is already eating out of my bowl. I haven’t even had any yet. It is good. It is like a stack. It is a stack. That is a huge stack of potato pancakes. It is really good in a creamy sauce. Oh my gosh. The creamy sauce is awesome and it also has
    mushrooms too. Chicken. Mmmm. Isn’t that awesome? Oh my gosh. Wow. This place is good. This is a hotel restaurant. We may be coming back here. It is a hotel restaurant. I think it is the only restaurant nearby our
    apartment. Hahaha. We’ve just finished our entrees. What are the options now? What could happen? Well, we’ve been waiting a little while. It is either going to be chicken, a cheque,
    chicken and cheque or none of the above. Chicken steak. Oh, wonderful. Thank you. It came. It came. It came. Wonderful. Wonderful. A second ago it came and they offered us a
    cheque so we thought maybe they just didn’t get the main. They forgot the chicken. But now it is here. And it is a lonely chicken. It is not bad. It is cooked with barbecue sauce. Nice. Mmmhmm. I’m hungry. And this is it. We’re ending off the video. We’re tired. We’re well fed. Ready for bed. I don’t know why but traveling by train it
    always just makes me so sleepy and like leaves me all groggy. I think it is the rocking back and forth. Um but yeah Sam is waving goodbye. He’s going to watch some Youtube and go to
    sleep. I’m so tired. And that is that. We are really excited to be in this city (Lviv)
    and we look forward to sharing some videos with you guys soon. But for now goodnight. Goodnight everyone. Bye.

    China to build $242BB High-Speed Railway to Moscow
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    China to build $242BB High-Speed Railway to Moscow

    October 18, 2019

    China is going to build a $242 billion (1.5
    trillion yuan) high-speed rail link between Beijing and Moscow. The line will cut the
    journey time from five to ‘two days’, say Chinese authorities. The railway will be 7,000 kilometers long
    and go through Kazakhstan, reports Bloomberg citing Beijing’s city government on the
    social networking site Weibo, China’s alternative to Twitter. The railway will make travel easier
    between Europe and Asia, the statement said. China is actively promoting its high-speed
    railway technology and sees Russia as an especially attractive market because of its strained
    relations with Western countries over Ukraine. In October 2014 Russia and China signed a
    memorandum of understanding over a high-speed railway connection. Russian Railways then
    reported that its purpose was to plan for a high-speed Moscow – Beijing Eurasian transport
    corridor. The project was more interesting because of
    the $400 billion deal signed in May for Russian gas giant Gazprom to build a pipeline and
    start gas supplies to China. READ MORE: Russia and China seal historic
    $400bn gas deal First Vice President of Russian Railways Alexander
    Misharin said in November that the plan would cost $60 billion to reach the Russian border
    and that the journey from Moscow to Beijing could be done within 30 hours. The fastest
    route currently takes at least 5 days. Misharin expected construction would take
    from 8 to 10 years. He compared the new railway network to the Suez Canal “in terms of scale
    and significance.”

    Le trajet en tramway et la banlieue sud du Dnipro |11| conhecimento com Ucrânia
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    Le trajet en tramway et la banlieue sud du Dnipro |11| conhecimento com Ucrânia

    September 11, 2019

    Дамы и господа! Цель сего видео – показать трамваи и пересечь половину города, чтобы достичь района, относящегося к центру города. Я нахожусь на районе, который называется “12й квартал”. (это проспект Богдана Хмельницкого, до переименования – улица Героев Сталинграда) По проспекту ходит 12й трамвай. Этот маршрут соединяет юг Днепра с вокзалом. Трамвай №12 идёт почти до вокзала. Маршрут начинается на юге города возле посёлка “Мирный”. Последняя остановка – площадь Старомостовая. Весь маршрут занимает примерно час – час и двадцать минут. Подвижной состав 12го трамвая – трамвай Tatra T3SU чехословацкого и чешского производства. Данный трамвай выпускался с 1962 по 1999 год. Это трамвайный билет. Проезд стоит 1 гривна 50 копеек. Случилась поломка, поэтому несколько трамваев стоят на месте. Спасибо за просмотр. До свидания.