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    Pakistan Railway Journey Rohri To Nawab Shah Travel 2019
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    Pakistan Railway Journey Rohri To Nawab Shah Travel 2019

    November 29, 2019

    Traveling Pakistan by Train In this video, Rohri to Nawabshah Railroad Journey I’ve Completed my journey on Pakistan Railways all active Tracks This is my last video I’m Creating New Series in March. with Good quality Content What type of videos do you like? Comment Below My journey is almost 190 Km Hazara Express takes 2:40 to reach Nawabshah. Khairpur, Mehrabpur and Padiden are Main Railway Stations. in my journey.

    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan
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    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan

    November 29, 2019

    OK, here we go. Spicy pollack roe and mayonnaise. Is that your selection? Is it this one? Uh, yeah. 3A and 3B. Please move to car number… 22. Oh shit! OK. Domo arigato gozaimasu. Excellent. Oh no! Cool. Let me think about what I want to say first. Well, it’s like one take! So I have to think about it for a second. What is this? I don’t know… There’s a machine at the front door. Holy crap! Was that why- was the taxi driver judging us? I- Yeah, I don’t- I think this is like a sex hotel. What is this? We got a… I mean, this place really isn’t bad. Yeah. There was no, like, reception area… But they had our name on a paper! Yeah, yeah. So, like… So, we have a key. There’s a pancake! I think this is a pancake. Oh, dude! A Super Nintendo?! Is this the bed controls? Some tissues, yeah… And yeah, suspicions confirmed. So we got some vibrators… Make it clear that we didn’t book here because we wanted to go to “Adult Only”! Yeah, this- To be clear… This is the only hotel available… Near the race track Yeah Anyway, so you can get some vibrators, you can get… like… Well, is like another taxi guy not gonna want to pick us up because it’s too weird here? I doubt it Yeah, there’s a lot of Valentino Rossi fans. We’re at Twin Ring Motegi. Uh, you can hear the Moto3 bikes in the distance. Well, he’s right- I wanna watch! Looks like cool fans. That’s awesome. Where are you from? Uh, California. Yeah. Do you know Moto3, Toba Kaito? Helmet… Oh, cool. Paintwork… Yeah, Nice. He painted Toba Kaito’s helmet. Oh really! Like his- like the helmet he wears? Yeah. Oh wow, that’s so cool! Yeah. My Facebook QR. Oh, sweet! Takaragihoncho… Correct? Yeah Hotel Mirano. Mirano. For the love- the love hotel?! Oh, yeah! Haha. We’re at the Honda museum. Okay, here’s our next spot: the Dormy Inn. And it’s pretty tiny, but I actually like- I like that it’s tiny. Uh, there’s Anthony for scale. It’s like the whole room. Yeah, Anthony… pretty much. Oh! Look where I can sit to do my makeup! Haha. That’s- that’s a chair? Yeah! You’re supposed to sit here, and the water goes in here. And you bathe, and you wash yourself like that. I’ll uh, I’ll use the shower. Of course you will! Ah, I forgot to bow. Aww, nice kitty! Japanese GoldenEye! This one’s supposed to be an animal… using… Oh, the urinal? a urinal. Oh, it’s a penguin… and it does come with a urinal. It comes with a baby too! Okay. That’s really cute! Really random. Yeah. Ha, what is this toy? Like, who- who designed this? Alright. That’s adorable. This is the 944 S2. Nice! That’s the best! Alright. This is something I’ve been waiting for – for the whole trip. It’s a weird vending machine alley, and I think we found it. Okay, I recognize this one. This was on Conan, actually. We have no idea what’s in this box. This is fascinating. It’s about a porno actor and it says he’s not good at what he does? Yeah, he can do only one time. Oh, he can only do it one time… What kind of box is this?! This is insanity! What is this? Cookies. Cookies?! COOKIES?! I can barely fit through here. Are we supposed to go in here? It’s really creepy in here, actually. What is this place?! Oh, thank you! Wow, cool! Cool! You’ve got gummy bears in there? Are they squishy or are they, like, hard? They’re, like, hard. Oh, okay… Just wanted to convey how hilariously small this bathroom is. Here’s the toilet, and here’s the door. And like, it’s actually difficult. May I have your attention please: we have made a stop because of heavy rain. Please use car 10, car 11, car 12. Taxis and buses are also stopped. Okay, so they let everyone back onto the train. And I feel like everyone has gotten on, but now it just started raining again pretty hard. Well, let’s get the fricken train going…. Yeah. So… Maybe they’ll evacuate us again. No! Okay, so we got kicked off the train again. We successfully made it to Narita Airport, and yeah we had a good trip. It was really fun. We’re definitely gonna come back Yes. Um, hopefully you enjoyed the video. And… smash that like button! Shut up…

    Pakistan Railway Train Journey Larkana to Rohri Sindh
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    Pakistan Railway Train Journey Larkana to Rohri Sindh

    November 29, 2019

    Traveling Pakistan by Train, in this video Larkana to Rohri by Pakistan Railways train Mohenjo Daro Passenger 213 up runs between Kotri and Rohri junction on Pakistan Railways main railway line 2 and Rohri Chaman Mainline 3. I am traveling now in the Northwestern part of the Sindh in Larkana District. it is a Monsoon climatic region and Head Quarters of a Political party. Pakistan Peoples Party. Two Former Prime Ministers Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto belonged to Larkana. Larkana to Rohri distance is almost 100 Km. The train takes 3 hours to reach Rohri Junction. Main Railway stations between Larkana and Rohri are Shah Nawaz Bhutto, Madeji Road, Ruk, Habib Kot Jn, & Sukkur. Kindly comment why you’re not watching the complete video. any suggestion to improve the video quality.

    Celebrating the Intercolonial Railway
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    Celebrating the Intercolonial Railway

    November 28, 2019

    Canada 150: Celebrating the Intercolonial
    Railway. Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald made the completion
    of a railway linking the colonies of British North America a condition of
    Confederation. The Department of Public Works was created with a mandate that included transportation infrastructure for the canals and railways. Infrastructure that would allow Canadians to travel even in winter weather. The intercolonial railway was built, linking communities across the Maritimes and Quebec and was officially inaugurated in 1876. The completion of the railway led to population growth, increased infrastructure and industrial
    development from Montréal to Halifax. Throughout the First and Second World
    Wars, the Intercolonial Railway was used to transport civilians, military
    personnel and equipment to Halifax. Today, VIA Rail’s passenger service “the Ocean” travels between Montréal and Halifax along the same route and maintains a
    historic link to the heritage of Canada’s rail history

    Pakistan Railway Journey Dera Ghazi Khan To Jacobabad
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    Pakistan Railway Journey Dera Ghazi Khan To Jacobabad

    November 28, 2019

    Traveling Pakistan by train. in this video Journey on Pakistani Train Khushhal Khan Khatak from Dera Ghazi Khan to Jacoababad Sindh on Pakistan Railways Kotri-Attock Mainline 2. Kindly comment your City Name? Khushhal Khan Khatak Train Runs between Peshawar and Karachi. in this video Main Railway Stations are Dera Ghazi Khan, Jampur, Rajanpur, Mithan Kot, Kashmor, and Jacoababad. Dera Ghazi Khan is one of the poorest District of Punjab. 51% of its population living below the poverty line Present Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman buzdar Belong to Dera Ghazi Khan, DG Khan and Rajan Pur districts are located in the Southwest part of Punjab. Only two Districts of Punjab are located on the west bank of the river Indus, Saraiki, Balochi, and Punjabi are major languages. Cotton, sugarcane, wheat, & rice are major crops. in This Area. JacobAbad is a junction for Trains From Quetta, Rohri, Kotri and Attock. The weather of Jacobabad Sindh is very Hot. The highest recorded temperature is 52.8 °C.

    Trans Mongolian Railway | Exploring Lake Baikal in a Russan Van
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    Trans Mongolian Railway | Exploring Lake Baikal in a Russan Van

    November 27, 2019

    ♪ [Music] – Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning… – Goooood Morning! Hello everybody! – Good Morning Everybody!
    – So we’re currently on Olkhon Island which is an island located in the middle of Lake Baikal, in Siberia. – Today, a very exciting day
    we’ve hired a Russian mini van and we are going to drive round the island find all the most beautiful spots and… hopefully see some seals! ♪ [Music] – This van is absolutely amazing! I don’t think it’s an old ‘traditional’ one It must be like a newer van but, it’s fully decked out it’s so comfortable there are no seatbelts it’s going to be awesome! – Ok, so no seatbelts, on a very bumby, slippery windy road [laughs]. ♪ [Music] – So we just stopped at this at this like deserted beach Who knew there’d be a beach in Siberia? Right! I know it’s technically not a beach [laughs] because this is a lake but still, it looks like a beach. So supposedly this beach is three kilometers long but honestly, [laughs] I can only see maybe one hundred metres down the beach it is so cool, because we are the only
    people here. ♪ [Music] – [laughs]
    – [laughs] – Wow! Um… [laughs]
    – This, this island is so beautiful! as you can see behind us
    it is so misty! We have just been driving
    through the country side and as we go up and over hills
    the mist will lift and then fall and lift it’s got this really eerie
    feel to it. – This is the start of a horror film
    [Sally makes dramatic noises!] – Just as we were driving up
    the mist was totally clear and we thought ‘YES!’
    we’re going to come, we’re going to
    get some great shots! it’s going to be amazing!
    And as soon as we walked over here MIST! – So we’re at the Three Brothers Rock
    Which is about halfway up Up towards the North end of
    the island. There’s three rock formations
    which form the Three Brothers Rock. – Not that you can see them right now.
    – No. Hopefully, hopefully the mist will lift beause it is…. – Yeah then we can fly the drone today! – And we can show you just how beautiful
    this, this island is. because… it’s, it’s stunning! ♪ [Music] So we’re at the northern most tip
    of Olkhon Island now We’ve stopped here for lunch Our lovely driver Sergei is cooking
    us lunch. Ah, I think we’re going to have some sort of
    soup. Right now, Sally and I are
    off to see if we can find… the headland. ♪ [Music] [Footsteps] – So the mist has just lifted
    just a little bit. It’s a bit hard to see
    it still looks pretty foggy behind us. BUT oh my God the view
    Is absolutely AMAZING now. Like absolutely stunning! The lake we’re currently on, Lake Baikal is actually the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. And apparently, it’s got enough water inside of it to cover the surface of the entire earth! that’s CRAZY! [laughs] ♪ [Music] I just wanted to show you this before the mist comes in. You can see it’s coming all the way in we seem to just be chasing it today it doesn’t matter where we go the mist just rolls in. but it is beautiful it’s just lake and sheer cliff It’s crazy to think that this is a lake. It’s just so vast. It’s like look at the ocean. You just can’t, cannot comprehend the sheer
    size of this. – Have a look at that coastline! All the way around… Absolutely… STUNNING! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! And Sally’s off on an adventure. Give us a wave! [I’m the queen of the world!] – It’s so windy… I’m literally blowing away. But, the view up here is SO worth it. It’s absolutely amazing. The sun has come out, the sky is blue and the day is just a completely different day! ♪ [Music] So we’re just having a picnic right now which was prepared for us by our lovely Sergei. He made us soup. We have a sandwich We also have a Russian cake, tea and
    a salad. – What more could you ask for? – I know! This day has been so amazing! – Mmmm – I think this has been one of the things
    Ed’s been most excited for coming to Olkhon Island. – I’ve been looking forward to coming here
    for a long time! I was in Russa in 2015 and had actually
    planned on coming here. Umm… However, I got quite sick and had to
    go back to Australia. So I didn’t actually make it And this is one of those things I thought, “I have to come back to Russia
    just to come here” And now we’ve done it… So – And is it living up to your
    expectations? – It’s just perfect, it really is! [Rustling package] – So we have this Russian cake.
    Or at least, I think it’s a Russian cake He said cake
    It looks more like a bread roll than a cake to me, but whatever… we’re going
    to give it a try. Oooo it’s so sweet. When I bit into it I was actually
    expecting it to be like a bread roll consistency, but it’s really soft and really crumbly The inside is real crumbly. The outside’s really sweet and it’s coated in what I think is icing sugar or some kind of sugar it’s really really really sweet.
    It’s just like a crumbly biscuit. I feel like this would be better dipped in
    my tea Oh yeah! That’s good! Yeaahhhh. ♪ [Music] [Car driving] – Now that the suns come out you can just see how beautiful and blue the lake is Like it’s all these different blues and
    turquoise colours and it’s just absolutely amazing.
    It feels like summer now. I feel like we are in a different season
    and almost a different place. – It’s so hard to believe that this morning You couldn’t see anything Like we were lucky to see ten metres In front of us – Yeah
    – And now we’ve ended up with this beautiful clear day and it’s
    made today something special. ♪ [Music] – This day just keeps getting better
    and better and better and better! we just stopped again Our lovely driver Sergei, just basically stopped and he’s like
    “Beautiful lookout, great for pictures” And he pointed this rock out that’s
    in the water, that’s called
    “Crocodile Rock” I’m assuming that’s because
    it’s supposed to look like a crocodile… But, I think you’ve kind of got to use your imagination a little bit to
    see the crocodile You’ve got to kind of squint at it funny
    A little bit. – Oh my hair [laughs]
    – See my hair flick, it was just as good! [laughs] – So I think we’ve arrived at what is
    probably our last stop for the day, today. and what a good one.
    – Yeah it’s absolutely beautiful, so our here, I’ll fly the drone over it, we’ve
    got Crocodile Rock – Wait, it’s here… There!
    – That one. – Ok, amazing. We’ve got Crocodile Rock and
    It’s just been absolutely beautiful today. I have had a really really REALLY,
    loved today. – Year it’s been a really good day. It’s been really interesting the different landscapes We’ve seen today. So we had like the misty forests, but we’ve also had the sandy beach, and before we were at a pebble beach. And then it’s been really hill and really flat. Really grassy and also sandy and also there was dirt. – Yeah, yeah and there were sand dunes at one point.
    – Yeah It’s really been ah, um, quite confusing day
    landscape wise [laughs]
    – But, intersting none the less! Like I had no idea… [drone beeps]
    – Oh oh, the drones dying – Bring it back, bring it back
    – I had no idea what to expect… [drone beeps loudly]
    – Maybe you could… – No idea what to expect, but anyway…
    Ed’s going to land the drone. And then I think we’re probably going to
    jump straight back in the van head back into town… And, yeah.
    What a great day it’s been! ♪ [Music] – I don’t know if I can open this… Oh
    I got it! [laughs] We did it yay!
    – Ahh mud! – Oh no [laughs] [laughs]
    – Thank you Sergei! – Thank you so much! [door slams]
    – Thank you very much!

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    November 27, 2019

    We are in D.C! Welcome to the nation’s
    capital Washington DC in this vlog we’re visiting monuments memorials eclectic
    neighborhoods and free museums that surround this area. We’re going to visit
    Alexandria and Mount Vernon home of Washington himself. Let’s go and check it
    out we start our tour in historic Alexandria a city on the Potomac River
    just south of DC known for its brick sidewalks and well-preserved 18th and
    19th century buildings they have lanterns here cobblestone streets trees
    fall colors! Yes! Everything here is very walkable. They even have pumpkins on the ground. Hello from Alexandria, this town was founded in 1749 time to check it out it smells like the South here
    it smells like humid it looks like cannons here we’re at this old historic
    building called the Carlyle House Sir John Carlyle was a British merchant
    and one of the original founders of Alexandria. We’re visiting Alexandria in
    the fall and the city is known for its exquisite fall foliage and Halloween
    spirit okay check this out underground there’s
    all kinds of stuff because we’re in the old city 1793 there’s a subterranean ice
    well I found a haunted house even ghosts this right here this Episcopalian Church
    called Christchurch was George Washington’s Church. So now we are
    looking for the King’s station Metro to go into the city . We’re gonna go check out the
    African American Museum so I’m now at the Metro just got the Smart Trip pass, it is $13 for the whole day. You can also buy a three day pass. And we are we are waiting for the metro. We are here and we are going to the
    metro area. The lady bug just landed on the matcha. You can see Alexandria! The DC Metro is a quick and easy way to get around the city and it’s
    the second largest heavy rail system in the United States. I thought they said the next station was aPet Cemetery, but it is the Arlington Cemetery. (it was halloween) Look at this metro stop oh my gosh we’re
    on a Disneyland ride but all the metro stations here look the same. I can see the light! We’re ascending! Got a lot of Beaux-Arts, neoclassical.
    Neoclassical! Just look at how many museums they have in this inside the
    African American Museum the National Museum of african-american
    history and culture was opened in 2016 and is the newest Museum of the
    Smithsonian Institution. This section is the big dance party. This is the bottom floor of the museum and it starts at the 1400s at the onset of slavery and then it talks about freedom and how they
    were able to gain freedom. Talks about how the African Americans were recruited
    to fight in the Revolutionary War on both sides the loyalist side and for the Americans. So this bottom section has a ton of information it shows the
    origins of slavery even has a replica of one of the slave cabins look at these
    old banknotes. The museum showcases the resiliency and
    optimism of the African-american people from overcoming slavery and persecution
    to becoming a global force and cultural influence. Okay so it’s 5:30 we just finished up at
    the African American Museum it was very very moving I highly
    encourage you this is the Smithsonian visitor center
    and then right here we have the National Mall and the Capitol many food trucks in
    my entire life on forever there’s the Smithsonian castle the arts
    and industries African art museum all within this walk this flowers called in Dutchman’s pipe the FAA buildings are right here and
    then the AirSpace museums there the motorcade is how it is could be
    Trump. presidential limousines. Do I see an
    ambulance? There it is. There’s the ambulance that’s the president.
    that’s the president guys! There goes Trump Blocked by Trump. I get along with everybody that was my
    job to get along with people but – excuse me. On our right side is the Washington Monument. This is the Lincoln Memorial looks just like the penny. This is the Lincoln Memorial all lit up at night. Welcome to the Lincoln Memorial everyone this memorial is honoring our 16th
    President Abraham Lincoln present during the Civil War the mantle literally
    divided and here’s a part of this new Republican Party what the time they were
    very Muriel a lot of people so there are a lot of people against it
    and they say that this man wins the presidency we’re going to secede and
    we’ve gotten threats of secession, I mean we always do even to this day. This building is designed somewhere to a
    temple that you’d see in Greece so in this monument you will find the
    Gettysburg Address which is a very short and sweet address that he did to the
    nation so right now I’m getting the modeling shot I’m getting that scale. We are headed to Mount Vernon. We’re on this really cool highway filled with trees. Mount Vernon we are at the Mount Vernon
    Inn, this is where George Washington ate. Mount Vernon Inn, Monumental IPA. So I got the soup trio, with acorn and chestnut soup,
    butternut squash, tomato bisque. Fried green tomatoes Skillet cornbread. It’s like a very savory peanut butter We are cutting into the fried green tomatoes, this is something you can only get in the South. It’s got mozzarella on top. Very hearty, very meaty. It’s got a breading on the bottom. Really good. Right here is George Washington’s Estate. They also have a farm
    and a distillery here. So with our entry we get a tour of the mansion tickets
    were $20 for adults so the garden grounds are mix of formal and natural
    designs the house that General Washington inherited when he was only 22
    and it was originally only one story but he built above it and 40% of everything
    in here is original so this wire would alert the slaves the
    people who worked as the slaves if work needed to be done in the chambers inside
    Washington’s home Wow Laros or to read books and he didn’t like to be disturbed
    whenever he was in here this is the most private room. Imagine having this as your
    backyard we just finished the tour of the mansion
    and this is where Washington lived and he hosted so many guests because he
    lived here before the White House so I think about the George Washington
    mansion is haunted because they said that he died there in his bedroom what
    do you guys think okay do you believe in that? comment below! So Washington did
    have slaves here at the mansion some of them worked as butlers, others as cooks and blacksmiths and this was their slaves quarters. So these are all his
    farms including the distillery and all the slaves that Washington and his wife
    Martha held they grew all kinds of crops here including a wheat and tobacco. Now we head back to the city just in
    time to check out some of the museums so this is at the Newseum and they have the
    covers of 80 front pages displayed every day we’re inside the National Portrait
    Gallery and this is the presidential exhibit President Washington looks very
    different depending on the artist’s mood. thank you. Obama! This is like a treasure hunt for a famous
    paintings. We made it just in time for closing this gallery closes at 7:00 not
    5:30. 7:00. This is really trippy in here this is called electronic superhighway showing the continental US Alaska Hawaii. That’s funny, Idaho has potatoes, Kansas has the Wizard of Oz, Alabama has Martin Luther King notorious RBG! On that note we hope that you
    enjoyed this very patriotic tour of Washington DC if you liked it hit the
    thumbs up button share with your friends and subscribe for more travel videos

    Grand Canyon Steam Train Ride!
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    Grand Canyon Steam Train Ride!

    November 27, 2019

    One of the best ways to travel to and from
    the Grand Canyon is on board the Grand Canyon Railway. For the next 30 minutes, we will be traveling
    on board a steam powered train between Williams, Arizona and the south rim of the Grand Canyon,
    located 64 miles to the north. Along the way, we’ll take a look out the
    back of the parlor car “Chief” and watch the train pass by various location as we speed
    through some of the most rugged country in the west! This is Grand Canyon Steam Train Adventure! The train arrives at the Grand Canyon just before
    noon. Passengers have the next few hours to enjoy
    the sights and spectacular views of the canyon. As the train arrives back in Williams, our
    journey comes to a close. Thanks for coming along for the ride aboard
    the Grand Canyon Railway! To find out more about the train, visit
    for schedules, tickets, and additional information. For more on the Grand Canyon, visit If you enjoyed the video and want to see more
    like it in the future, let me know by hitting the thumps up and leaving a comment below. If you’re not already, be sure to subscribe
    to the channel for notifications of my weekly video uploads. That’s it for now. Until next time, I’m Mike Armstrong. I’ll see you down the line! Thanks for watching!

    Traveling Iran Tehran City Middle East Azadi Square Road View 2019
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    Traveling Iran Tehran City Middle East Azadi Square Road View 2019

    November 27, 2019

    I am traveling in Iran in this video, Tehran City road view at Azadi Square. Tehran is the capital of Iran. its population is over 9 million. Tehran is also the biggest city in Iran, and it is the cultural, economic and political center of Iran. Its major language is Persian. It is rated as one of the world’s polluted cities. Freedom Tower was built in 1971. Iran is a very safe place and very cheap to travel and live.