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    Sweden. Inland Railway: JOKKMOKK – GÄLLIVARE (1997) Train Driver’s Cab View from YF1 1330

    April 1, 2020

    JOKKMOKK (Jk) Jokkmokks industrispår (Jki) The River: Lilla Luleälv. Vaikijaur (Vkj) Ligga (Lig) Liggavägen (Lgv) Pakkoselet (Pks) Harsprånget (Hså) The River: Stora Luleälv Luleälvsbron (Leä) Lillselet (Lils) Porjusfallen (Pjf) PORJUS (Pj) Luspebryggan (Lpb) Jutsajaure (Je) Avvakajjo (Ajo) Kousakåbbå (Kbå) Ödemarksvägen (Övg) Change of batteries. To the left: The Ore-line from Narvik. GÄLLIVARE (Gv) The nothest point of the Inland Railway. Watching the midnightsun from the mountain Dundret. I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!

    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue
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    Baberi Top Most Dangerous Track of Kumrat Valley | Epiosde 3 : Kumrat Travelogue

    March 29, 2020

    Senorita Blue Skies Moving Clouds Good Friends and a Pleasant Weather That’s all you need for a Trip To Remember For ages and I’m lucky that i got all of these on the very next morning in kalam while leaving for Kumrat Valley Welcome Back to the Channel Journey From Ustror to Baberi Top I never Thought it was that much of Dangerous Track For Me it was the 2nd Most Dangerous Track Jeep Track I did First Was Obviously Fairy Meadows After Travelling for 3 to 4 Km we didn’t find any sign of Kala Chashma So we decided to took some pictures than i tried to find my senorita in the mountains Kumrat Valley Senorita…… Senorita…… Before We Stopped on the waterfall Of Kumrat Valley On Our way back to the places of Hotel it started raining So Heavily That We Couldn’t Visit that waterfall and that rain didn’t allow us to explore more in kumrat Valley that DAY so that’s how we ended our that day in kumrat Valley see you in my Next Video till than take care Allah Hafiz


    Hitchhiking in line in New Zealand – Aspire National Park – A Wop in NZ 4 – The Traveling Wop

    March 28, 2020

    hello everyone and welcome to a new episode I’m at Mount aspiring national park [Music] I’m fifty kilometers away from Oaxaca and I each hike my way here she took me longer than expected at two a two hours I want to spend the night in the mountain so there are several options the one that I picked the first was French reach Hut but that’s six seven hours away and it’s ready to p.m. so that’s a little bit too tight so instead I’m walking towards Liverpool hut which is five six hours and that should give me enough time to reach you before it gets dark scenery looks great already let’s see if he gets even better [Music] I’m almost halfway through that over there is a spire in hut it took me two hours to do 10 kilometers but it was all flat over there I was able to buy a ticket from a man to book a place for Liverpool hut which is where I’m heading and apparently the fun starts now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] and Here I am finally just in time before the Sun actually disappears pretty nice view I’m sure he’s gonna be even better in the morning Oh took me six and a half hours in total the hut is pretty busy but hope I can find a little spot to spend the night I’ll see you guys in the morning [Applause] [Music] why my battery died yesterday but I got picked up by three amazing Kiwis they brought me to wanaka then I spent the night up there in mount Ireland where I camped and now I’m here we checking him for the first time I’m in line so the first girl is going I don’t know where he’s going where she’s going you got this girl is going south I’m going north and I’ve got 289 kilometers towards franz josef this is the first time I’m in line for a hiking so I’m curious to see how he goes first girl is getting picked up about three minutes after I made the first video so let’s work for the second one to get picked up and that is my turn car stop for the second girl asifa’s going where she’s going or maybe I’m lucky let’s see I’m going to franz josef glacier at the intersection medicine Oh that’d be great yeah why not got everything I think sweet bye-bye James Mac he picked up both he’s not going to I mean he’s not going where I’m going is not going where she’s going but he brought me to this intersection which is gonna make me closer and he’s gonna bring her to her intersection which is gonna make her closer so happy days getting closer come on sweet so ten minutes later I met this lovely couple yes mean and job yes mean it’s from the UK actually and you are from France we’re not gonna D take up and now we’re going to that I remember today was down Bakura and there’s like 60 cameras away from where I was and then from there we try to find somebody some other friendly people [Music] [Music] [Music] and Here I am finally you can take me long actually and I met a lot of lovely people on the way this is the end of the episode I hope you guys liked it if you did tune in next week because there’s gonna be a lot of beautiful places to check out there will be franz josef glacier fox glacier and lake matheson only if the weather gets better hopefully does see you then [Music] you



    March 25, 2020

    what’s up guys this is igor in Russia
    saying hello from the beautiful beautiful st. Petersburg it’s a
    wonderful day and the snow has dropped from from from above and it’s definitely
    winter time check that out today we feel me finally the last line of the
    beautiful beautiful st. Petersburg Metro Metro metropolitan metro system is
    the fifth line it’s the Purple Line it is the brand new line it’s built in 2008
    and with additional stations coming up after 2008 2010 12 etc so thanks a lot
    for joining in please remember to hit that subscribe button leave a comment
    and like and share the videos I appreciate that a lot from the bottom of
    my heart let’s make this channel rain again see you guys let’s go st. Petersburg Metro is the most
    convenient way to travel must be any way to travel especially
    during the rush hours it costs only 45 roubles that’s that ain’t shit compared
    to that basically you can go for all the way from the up north to the most South
    Station saying Petersburg Metro consists of 70-72 stations and there’s almost 125
    these 40 stations in the planning and they actually build in the sixth line six line six line is also the started
    building in st. Petersburg Metro it has like 2 million users every day in the
    year that makes a couple of hundred million under a billion he comes all the way from the Northeast
    to southern districts of st. Petersburg is the most modern the latest line
    released built in 2008 we’re gonna start off by going from from the south all the
    way to the Northeast nations join me Igor and Russia remember to subscribe
    hit that like button comments let’s go we’re at the Shu sorry the brand new
    station in south south of Petersburg and this is really really far far away so I
    don’t think there’s any I don’t think there’s any living areas visible oh wow I thought I’d get a bite to eat or
    something I guess not there’s nothing here nothing I need to check the maps
    where I am exactly this is ridiculous now check this out I’m alike on the edge
    of the city area probably outside city limits
    I see some living areas few kilometers away all right let’s continue our
    journey to the north on the purple line the last line Negro in Russia’s Metro
    series better watch out for the cops now Sidra
    filming you nice go aspects Louisville station is one of the
    three just like recently opened three last stations itself in South our brand
    brand-new they even smell like it’s much passage metropolitan en
    Dimitra what customize the YouTube require to estimate video it will just
    avoid suspicion football totally I’m Shawn Regan is a royal opportunity police
    yeah cool Turin the calm in Calcutta all right so videos are prohibited and I
    got this information while filming on camera the rules say you are allowed to
    take photos but without light flash and videos it is destroyed let any rules stop our filming show must
    go on the city was started I started to build
    this in 1986 but was frozen and finished later on the city boo Mariska station is
    come up the name is come on – mama rating opportunity power ok I was
    informed that you are not you cannot film
    on the station so I’ve done I’ve done for metro lines I
    filmed for metro lines every every station I don’t have a perfect
    this is weird for you guys I’m going to try to bend the rules a little bit the
    Russian plane I’ll do it I mean somehow journey
    continues even in Russia and Venus cool you guys this place is gorgeous the way at the boatman canal canal
    evadne canal station the nearest station to bus station international bus station
    bus is leaving for example to Finland to Baltic States etc it has a certain
    industrial feel to it no wonder the history is industrial we have this vinegar rosca station me as
    a person from Finland need to know this if the Finnish consulate the sound
    someplace you need to get to this is the closed station to finish consulate
    embassy and if you need to use the VIPs key the tip ski railway station this is
    the station get off at to get to to that railway station I’m gonna watch their head we are now at the Sedova air station
    which is the only station with three different lines intercepting three lines
    crossing it we are filming at the rush hour of
    oppisite Sunday so trains a package for example especially this area this part
    of town the wagons are even at and xeni disclaim today people are
    wearing supporting scarves successor purple line also known as frozen scope
    remorse line the average speed is about 40-plus
    kilometers per hour well I guess you have to google it but
    the purple line contains the deepest station in the out of the out of all
    states it’s gonna feel good to have a break from metro stations after this one she was like the potency we at the
    station spartina which means well sporty station Moretz Chicago Sky Station heading north
    this is quite interesting interesting station the station’s in the proximity
    of Zenit stadium where there’s a big match today there’s police officers in
    every station also on the platforms which is rare so many Z’s any colors all right the riot police in the back I
    don’t know can you see them we’re not willing to help who didn’t let me
    photograph them so I won’t be I won’t be exceeding my welcome Russia is football
    a serious business and next spring european championship games route games
    have been playing here with the station second last station or
    up north start I didn’t which means literally all village I don’t think
    there’s any old village on top of this but that’s what it’s called closed entrance mysticism zooming out
    there last station so it’s been 75 petrol stations five
    lines now we finally arrived to the last one can be done schemers I want to thank you I won’t thank you
    for joining well thank you for joining me on the eager in Russian mystery
    series check out all the other videos on the blueline green orange and red line
    please hit that like button comment and of course subscribe it’s been a
    wonderful journey join me again when i visit the new news new areas new
    in street so friend interesting places and st. Petersburg Russia senior in
    Russia thanks a lot see you again

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    March 21, 2020

    [Jansen] don’t look at the camera,
    don’t look at the camera [Jansen] you grab a table? [Paul] oh, they have tea [Jansen] they have coffee, too we are about to enjoy…breakfast hotel breakfast was pretty legit today big spread we ate a lot which is not too unexpected… I suppose we’re headed back up to the room to use the facilities [Paul] what facilities are we using, Jansen? I don’t know…Holl had to go running back first we’re never leaving this place this is an osmanthus tea osmanthus flower tree people actually dry this and make desserts, make tea they make all sorts of stuff with this beautiful flower, so pretty I think it’s the season [Jansen] yeah, I think it’s blooming right now yeah, cause there were bags and bags and people… [Jansen] and people were taking
    pictures of it everywhere the fish eats it, too [Paul] they were all fighting for it earlier good morning last day in Guilin how’s everyone feeling? [Holl] Paul’s dying [Jansen] yeah, we decided to walk from the hotel to the edge of the park we’re headed over to the Reed Flute Caves we have a little bit of time this morning to see one more natural wonder from this area so, we’re in Reed Flute Caves and, we’re in this giant cavern right now it’s pretty cool tour groups go in every 20 minutes but it’s in Chinese, so we just skipped it we’re just doing it ourselves Paul, what day you think of the caves? it’s nice [Jansen] alright, we’re doing a McDonald’s break a slight snack I got the chicken wings pretty good [Paul] really spicy though [Jansen] what do you have? [Holl] Sichuan Chicken Sandwich [Paul] double chicken burger [Jansen] what do you think? it’s good – it’s really good [Jansen] I got this grilled chicken sandwich [Jansen] doesn’t look so hot [Jansen] not gonna lie [Jansen] soggy! [Jansen] so much tartar sauce! [Jansen] oh my God [Jansen] I will, though [Jansen] eat this bad boy oh, these are good [Holl] uh, huh how much did it come to? 89 89 for lunch, snack-ish we’re on to the train station next so… alright, so we’re at the Guilin West Railway Station there’s multiple train stations in Guilin so make sure you’re at the right one but we are at the high-speed train one and, we just got dropped off and we’re now going to head into the station for our train to Hong Kong [Chinese spoken in the background] it’s a sh*t show we boarded, barely… it’s chaos it is chaos I lost my battery case he lost the drone we aren’t doing so well in Guilin I think it’s time to leave look at this shelf that Holl, Paul, has built welcome to the Kim’s Convenience Store what would you like? [Jansen] I would like to have one yogurt, please $10 US dollar, please where’s my $10 US dollar, b*tch [Jansen] there you go that’s nothing. my hand is empty, b*tch I have jujube yogurt and, it’s as yummy as it sounds it’s really good taste like date yogurt why’s he talking to himself? [Jansen] how’s is it? it’s good; I like it it’s not as ferment-y it’s more like a sweet rice drink it’s good; it’s what the Koreans drink, too Guangzhou stop almost there [Jansen] so, we just got through immigration and passport control at the West Kowloon Station it was a little bit more complicated than we thought there was passport, immigration, customs…make sure to keep your train ticket cause that’s the last thing they ask for to exit the system and now we’re headed to our hotel…subway we just bought our Octopus cards it’s $150 $50 are refundable credit so, we have $100 to spend on it but you can spend it in a lot of stores also so we just decided it would be easier it’s contactless, so lets see if it works so, we’re in Hong Kong our first night! [Paul] yes, we made it say hi everyone! -Hi
    -Hi! we just showered and we’re now going to go out and grab some food and check out the neighborhood of Wan Chai which is where our hotel is it’s hot it’s humid — it’s really nice; no shirt I’m very excited not to have a backpack for the first time internet is amazing [Paul] everybody’s wearing shorts here no VPN we’re out of China we’re out of China I got stopped on the Customs not Customs, Immigration coming in I got real scared I was like, what do I do? what do I do? what do I do? oh, my god, they’re going to arrest me I can’t leave here — and then what? and by luck, they said oh, it was a mistake – sorry xie xie wǒ ài nǐ, bàba [Jansen] what did you get? uh, that Char Sui was amazing Peter, you would have loved — if you love Char Sui, Peter this is mind-blowing, to the next level it was really good so, we ordered the goose dish a bbq pork and we got the lean one which is surprisingly not that lean but in a good way I thought it was going to be dry, but it was very moist [Paul] every time I have the lean one, it’s always…. dry this one had layers of fat should we have gotten the fatty one there was a small percentage of fat it wasn’t like pork belly it wasn’t anywhere close to that it was marbled but it was so good and we got some greens to round it off but the goose was the star of the show they also gave us… right amount of sweetness and they gave us a pitcher of gravy on the side to put on the rice which was… so far so good for our first bite in Hong Kong we never made it to second dinner the place we went to ran out of pineapple buns and egg tarts so, we decided not to go and we’re just headed out… it’s hot and humid we’re walking around and we’re going to go out to bars it’s Friday night we’re in Hong Kong, right? we’re done it’s Friday night; it’s 1 am almost we’ve been out there’s a lot of activity Hong Kong just make sure… [speaking French] he’s saying something in Chinese I’m wearing a new shirt tonight. did anybody notice? me, too are you? oh, look, and Holl’s wearing a new shirt I’m wearing a new shirt, too where’s my new shirt? how come you don’t shout to me? a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee a simple black tee that works everywhere everywhere always make sure to pack a simple black tee for everywhere everywhere everywhere oh, my god how could you not put it right into my mouth?

    Epic PATAGONIAN TRAIN JOURNEY From the ANDES to the SEA! | Argentina by Train (Bariloche to Viedma)
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    Epic PATAGONIAN TRAIN JOURNEY From the ANDES to the SEA! | Argentina by Train (Bariloche to Viedma)

    March 19, 2020

    good afternoon good afternoon from
    bariloche argentina patagonia we’ve got a special episode because we
    are taking our first ever train ride in Argentina it’s a special one we’re going
    to be riding Tren Patagonico yeah Patagonian train (tren patagonico) which crosses the
    Patagonian step it goes from body bariloche to viedma from the Andes to the
    coast it’s an overnight journey yeah I’m so pumped like we haven’t done it right
    in like forever so it’s gonna be fun we’re gonna show you guys the journey
    the whole trip the landscape indeed and yeah the trains about to pull in in a
    few minutes so let’s go we learned about the Patagonian Train (tren patagonico)
    entirely by chance a few days prior we have been hanging out at the Bariloche
    Bus Terminal waiting to catch a connecting bus and because we had a few
    hours to spare Sam went for a little walk with his camera in hand he saw the
    train station and decided he’ll snap some photos and that’s when he learned
    about this epic train journey that crosses all of Patagonia from the Andes
    to the ocean we just had to do it and that’s how a few days later we found
    ourselves traveling aboard of the thin but I wanted the Patagonian terrine has three classes
    first Pullman and come out of there first class is actually the cheapest
    Pullman is the one we traveled in and gamma-delta is the one with private
    cabins in this video we’re going to give you a tour of the Pullman class aboard
    this train the Pullman carriage has reclining seats a fair bit of legroom
    and heater AC depending on the time of year you’re traveling during high season
    they also have a movie carriage that’s available to passengers in Pullman and
    Chama Delta and it has a disco carriage for those who want to dance the night
    away as the train chugs across the patagonian step the league space isn’t incredible it’s
    almost like a bad baby so cocked upon mr. so I sleep so all the trainings it
    just like walks me back and forth like a major league space for the Train not to
    be parking people it’s fantastic one of our many goodies we have a fun touch it
    that he believed languorous is an alcohol yeah filled with the dulce de
    leche whatever favored in marine triple there’s there’s a dining cart very
    excited for loving fun is a delight so sweet so decadent so now that we’re
    all aboard we’re gonna give you a little tour of the classroom for travelling
    Pullman we wanted to get a private compartment I don’t think they don’t
    offer that well they were sold out they did they were sold out so we’re
    traveling Pullman let us show you what that entails the tier is convinced okay
    so to see how much the lake space yes if you pointed that out early lots of
    legroom I can get my leg fully out like that which is fat bleak extended fully
    extended excellent we have a really nice big window now this is really cool right
    so you pinch this and you can put down cover case lines lines also yeah it
    basically blocks the view as well set up like that and it latches onto one of
    those No also collects check out the lights
    you can move them around turn them around move it around switch Lisa a
    Jewish this is the cult the attendant do not call it the attendant not yet
    anyways what I can show you guys later as when we go for dinner we cross into
    just the card in front of us different show you what the dining cart looks like
    how far does your seat recline for sleeping as far as it goes
    really oh just move it back just a little bit yeah but it’s enough that we
    also have arm rests and there is storage in the front seat you know put your
    water bottle or snacks or their magazine electronic devices whatever this Patagonian train travels from the
    cities of viedma to Bariloche and then back again from Bariloche to viedma on
    weekends it usually leaves the viedma on a Friday and the parts body load on a
    Sunday but their calendar does have a few exceptions so it’s best to check
    your desired dates on their official website archery left at 5:00 p.m. and we
    were asked to be there an hour in advance shortly after departing the station in
    bariloche a staff member went across the carriage asking each passengers final
    destination that way they know to stop for you and potentially wake you up if
    you’re getting off in the middle of the night leaving body load to the train
    make stops in many small communities along the way including peel can I do
    Kamado Clemente Oh Nelly engineer Joe acaba semakin Chow los médicos Sierra
    colorada Minister Ramos mejía nah we’ll need a oval Jetta San Antonio este
    winter Palacios and lastly viedma we were starting to feel a bit peckish
    selling sandwiches and we confirmed our dinner reservations we could eat at nine
    or 11 p.m. and then you have the freedom to hang out at the table and do so many
    Mesa which is basically just conversation on the table you’re like no
    no no I know how I am feeling we’re gonna be sleeping by 11:00 p.m. like
    that is very late for dinner yeah we’re gonna be sharing the table
    four of us we’ll meet them soon I have to say I love the scenery on the
    strain journey we got to witness a magical sunset over the Patagonian
    steppe paired with ever-changing scenery we even got to see a bit of wildlife
    namely hares sheep horses and falcons the fields were washed in gold with the
    last rays of day and it was spectacular so the Sun is starting to go down we’ve
    got a lovely reddish orange glow looking a bit like Mars I can’t wait to
    see what’s gonna happen in the sky power Sam hasn’t been filming the whole time
    you’ve been on the street how many hours now yes you see you guys wait a second
    wait a second 422 you see on the top right-hand corner
    422 clips clips oh my video and how long have we been on the train two hours oh
    my goodness the please look they have four batteries please I guess the sun’s
    gonna be going down anyway you’re going down San Li I’d say we only
    have another hour to film dinner anyway while Sam is trying to capture the magic
    I realized I didn’t tell you guys how much the trained cost the total was 33
    u.s. dollars for an overnight train yeah so we’re not spending on accommodations
    we should also mention this is a very lock screen
    yeah okay so we were looking online on their website about how it works to
    reserve this train it isn’t on either well it kind of is this is not
    straightforward you have to go on today in pathological website yeah and you
    select when you want to travel they have a calendar with available dates and then
    you have to send an email you know if your contact details and then they send
    you back another email with like information for a bank transfer great
    and then you have to take that and go to bank and give them cash yeah and then
    the bank gives you a confirmation to do it I forget what you think it was but it
    was uncle and then and then when the bank gives you the slip that you have
    paid you need to take a picture of that and email it back to the train company
    fire email it’s like oh my god and you pick up here tickets down on the train
    station yeah you can do it before but the station is closed two days in the
    middle we’d like to random days I think it’s
    Thursday and Friday so yeah it was a point the process well well worth well
    worth it I mean I haven’t travelled in Argentina by train a lot but I would say
    this is a magnificent a lot stranger at all we took the Logies took the logic
    I’m thinking about like previous trips package me but I guess it may be all
    jealously nice travel anyways he’s gonna get back to filming
    clearly there’s imagery to be captured here so we are now in the dining carriage
    almost 9 o’clock for the first ones here very keen so the set menu is going to be
    350 pesos Jefferson yeah at some point this place is gonna
    fill up we’ll be sharing our table I like the part of conical knee where
    Charlie it’s perfect it’s disordered and this is really good that’s one of the
    bigger bodegas sorry guys didn’t film dinner for you
    but we had a great time made some new friends to table well good morning good
    morning guys it is very very early 6:00 something we didn’t sleep a whole lot
    last night if you think about the fact that we went to bed at 2 a.m. but it’s
    been a good journey we are now arriving in San Antonio Oeste which is our stop
    15 kilometers away from las loop that’s really enjoyed the journey the scenery
    the Sun is slowly coming up and down without passengers movie from one compartment to the next our
    setup is coming up soon so yeah we can definitely recommend the journey that
    was a lot of fun but yeah we’ll talk more about it once when the apartment
    I’m sure I’m still waking up who’ll want to hear your thoughts as well yeah I’m
    even less awakened you are yeah that’s a wake up Sam I’ll quickly mention that
    you also have the option of eating breakfast on the train but we chose to
    sleep in a bit longer breakfast is probably a better idea for those
    continuing all the way to viedma but we got off before that in San Antonio and that was our train journey aboard
    the FinFET ago Nikko traveling from the mountains to the sea we hope you guys
    enjoyed following along and if you have any questions about how to do this chain
    journey yourself leave us a comment below and we’ll be sure to answer we’ll
    see you in the next video from the seaside town of les with us you

    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227
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    Mid March 2020, Exploring Osaka Kansai International Airport and Rinku Premium Outlet #227

    March 18, 2020

    hey guys my name is Rion Ishida I’m a
    local Japanese travel and the food guide full-time youtuber today I’m heading to
    Kansai International Airport and the Rinku Premium Outlet By motorbike so in
    this video three things that I want to show you first the beautiful sunset from
    the Rinku park located in right next to Kansai International Airport
    this place is really beautiful spot but many travelers miss this spot so I want
    to share how the place looks like and how you can visit there number two Rinku
    Premium Outlet located in right next to Kansai International Airport I
    will show you how it looks like and how to get there from JR station and number
    three how the Kansai Airport looks like now in Mid of March 2020 I’m riding on
    my motorbike because it’s much cheaper to get there if I use the train it would
    take around 2000 Japanese yen for round-trip from my house
    however if I use my motorbike it’s just 300 Japanese yen yes
    public transportation could be really expensive in Japan Finally I arrive, that’s a long trip anyway let me park my motorbike here and
    let’s go to check the sunset let’s go hey guys welcome to Rion’s
    TV, I am Rion “Seeeno gaaooo” you know what this place, it’s really cold so I am at the Rinkai park right now as you can
    see there is a beautiful sunset this place it’s right next to Kansai Airport
    so after showed you guys this beautiful sunset I’m gonna show you guys how the
    Rinku Premium Outlet looks like and the Kansai Airport looks like
    you know in the wintertime it’s really cold but the summertime this is the
    perfect place anyway so let’s watch the sunset that’s so beautiful you know this
    place could be really packed however really quiet and the peaceful
    okay so why don’t we go to check the that love signs, it’s closer to the
    ocean so let’s go yeah if it was February it would be freezing cold
    however it’s already March still cold though but I think it’s much better compared to
    last month it’s really beautiful right again this park is right next to Kansai
    Airport it’s only one station away so make sure if you visit Osaka visit this
    place too you’d love this place I think it’s a perfect timing you see
    the island over there yes that’s the Kansai Airport we have to go by that
    bridge but you know since my motorbike is 50 cc
    so I can’t use that bridge I need to ride on the train anyway it’s really
    cold beautiful well you know what, I wanted to
    check out the love sign over there but since the sunset is almost there so let me
    shoot the Sunset first, Alright so, that’s good enough let’s go to check the
    love sign over there by the way there is a huge Ferris wheel, well
    I’m afraid of the heights so I’m not gonna try it today but there is a
    Premium Outlet we’re getting there all right here we go so that’s love
    sign actually I was thinking of taking a photo here but,
    I think how it should be I’m here by myself so maybe next time speaking of
    this place there is a free rental cycle as well yeah I’m gonna post a detailed
    info under my description so please check that so next let’s go to check the
    Premium Outlet let’s go so speaking of the Rinku town Premium
    Outlet it’s a walking distance takes about five to ten minutes so if you’re
    visiting Premium Outlet make sure visit that park this is the road that you
    have to walk if you are coming from the station it’s a bit far but the way is
    really simple by the way this is the JR Rinku town
    station where you will arrive if you come by train so the way to get there is
    really simple as you see just you can keep straight toward the ocean then you
    will get to the ocean view and also if you want to go to the Premium Outlet
    yeah just keep this way so let’s keep walking all right so here we go yes this is how
    to get to the Rinku Premium Outlet well, unfortunately I have nothing to buy
    today neither money so I’m not gonna shop there however if you want to visit
    the outlet in Japan this is where you have to go it’s right next to Kansai
    Airport so it’s a convenient place to visit right this is Rinku outlet as you can see
    there are really less people now well it’s kind of sad to see not so
    many people here but I believe after the situation gets better
    this place will be full of people so hope the situation gets better all right so
    anyway let’s go to my ultimate destination Kansai Airport this is my
    last goal so let’s go so speaking of the way to get to Kansai
    Airport from this premium Rinku outlet there are two ways the one used a bus it
    takes more time however the price is cheaper and in the other one you need to
    use the Train which is a JR station well it’s much faster but the price is almost
    double so from now I’m gonna catch the pass and when I get back to this place
    I’m gonna use their train so that you guys can see it both ways
    all right you see the sign there today the shuttle bus so this is the place
    that you get to go in front of the shuttle there is a locker so you can use
    those and here is the bus it takes like 20 minutes to get to the Kansai Airport
    but it’s convenient so let’s get in so each 30 minutes there is a shuttle bus from Kansai Airport to Rinku Outlet
    well if you worry about using a bus don’t worry about it as you can see no
    customers so anyway let’s go to the Kansai Airport let’s go all right so here we go we already
    arrived to the Kansai Airport actually there was one passenger in front of me
    and it was only me so right now I arrived to the Kansai Airport terminal 1
    let’s see if there are people wow you know it’s only 7:16 p.m. however I feel
    like it’s already midnight as you can see still there are people walking
    around however definitely less people compared
    to usual so right now I’m at the International Terminal as you can see
    it’s still 7:16 however only few people here which I totally understand though
    well when I was in the college in the u.s. I used to use this Airport a lot
    usually it’s always packed however not today huh..
    there are many international flight has been canceled so definitely less people
    in this floor however still there are people and seems
    like they had the fun in Japan alright so the next let’s go to check the
    restaurant street it’s still open just downstairs so let’s go to check in the
    souvenir Street as you can see almost no people however still all the stores are
    open so get to the restaurant Street as you can see this giant steak restaurant
    there are still customers however you know really popular cafe “SanMaruku” as you
    can see really few customers you know it’s kind of sad to see few people here
    well but I guess it’s gonna be less and less well speaking of the bright side
    you don’t have to wait for the restaurant it’s a good thing right well
    the good news there are many customers in Kamukura yes still there are people
    okay so this is how the restaurant street looks like all right so let’s go
    to check the domestic terminal well as you can see actually there are
    so people in the domestic terminal area well so I guess it just because
    international flights are canceled however still people are traveling
    around Japan yep I thought there gonna be a less people oh you know what when I
    came to the second floor I feel like you know the regular airport right now many
    people here it’s a good time right so I’m starving let me grab something to
    eat since I was very hungry I came to McDonald so actually I went to
    restroom to wash my hands and a gurgle but I want to use this before I eat
    again because you know just make sure that it’s clean by the way I found this
    at the McDonald it’s a new menu Tonkatsu teriyaki tamago egg well the price
    was a bit expensive however imagine, tonkatsu with teriyaki
    sauce chef I have to try that and then also I ordered a cafe latte the ice cafe latte
    a small size it’s 150 Japanese yen by the way I usually make a also
    friend Tokyo travel guide and the food guide a video as well well so if you
    wanna check Japanese food more then please check my other videos as well
    so good, all right so let me try this Tonkatsu Teri Tama
    so let’s open there do you guys know the Tsukimi burger that I think
    Japan only menu, I can’t tell the difference much, if it’s Tsukimi
    burger however I guess its Tonkatsu here Wow it doesn’t look as good as a
    picture but you know it happens all the time so let’s check the taste, Itadakimasu! actually it’s pretty good it’s kind of crispy tonkatsu with teriyaki sauce and egg
    well it’s pretty good combination it’s pretty nice I’m happy with this so the last time I tried Gohan burger at the MacDonald’s I prefer this Tonkatsu Teritama oh this one tastes better alright so
    let’s take off I’m satisfied I need to go back to the Rinku towel because I
    parked my motorbike there so let me show you how to use the train from Kansai
    Airport so from the terminal you will see the sign like that it’s really
    simple right you just need to follow that so let’s go so it is really simple
    either nanka line or JR lines you just need to get out from the airport and keep straight! and here we go
    so you can buy the ticket from there and the gate is just in front of you it is
    really simple if you need to use that JR line that one and if you need
    to use that nanka line that one today I need to use the JRl line so I’m gonna
    use the JR, so let me show you how to buy the train ticket you can check the
    ticket price on the bullet board, also if you want to buy IC card pass you can buy
    it from here this time I buy the regular ticket so press here and insert money
    you see it is simple right after you get a ticket you just go inside the train
    station and go through the first level you can use either elevator or escalator
    and you can check the train name here don’t worry there are English
    translations as well when you wait for the Train
    make sure wait inside the yellow line for your safety that’s right it’s just a one station
    away but it’s 370 Japanese yeah yes it is really expensive only for this
    distance though well usually you don’t have to press the button, but since this
    place less people using it so you have to press the button to get out all right
    so now I have to go back to the Rinku park to find my motorbike so let’s go
    back so this is how you can get to Rinku Park where I saw the sunset today from
    JR station first you need to find exit number two well I thought there’s a sign
    so this one would opened it however actually so this automatic one will open
    it well as you can see the Ferris wheel light up is already turned off it’s
    almost 9:00 p.m. right now Rinku outlet is closed at 7:00 p.m. so
    that’s why yeah look at that still my motorbike is
    there alright so this video pretty much that’s it hope you enjoy the video and I
    hope you could see how the Osaka looks like right now there are many
    other Osaka and Tokyo travel guide videos so if you are thinking of traveling to
    Japan or you like Japan please check my other videos and please subscribe to my
    channel it really encouraged me to keep shooting videos alright so thank you so
    much for watching my videos Arigatoo! So see you in the next video bye bye


    How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen |

    March 18, 2020

    Known for speed, reliability, safety and comfort,
    the shinkansen is not only a convenient way to get around the country, but has also become
    a symbol of Japan. The first shinkansen line was opened in 1964
    between Tokyo and Osaka as the world’s first high speed railway line. It was named after the Tokaido, the main road
    that connected Tokyo with Kyoto during the feudal ages. Since then, the shinkansen network has grown
    steadily to reach most regions of Japan; however, the Tokaido Shinkansen remains Japan’s most
    important and most used shinkansen line, connecting the country’s three largest metropolitan
    centers of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. As convenient as the shinkansen may be, the
    finer details of using it may still be a little bit of a challenge to first-time visitors. So in this video we’re going to explain
    how to buy and use shinkansen tickets, and also the nuts and bolts of actually riding
    the shinkansen. So without further ado, here are our tips
    for “How to Use the Tokaido Shinkansen” Starting at Tokyo Station, the Tokaido Shinkansen
    goes all the way to Shin-Osaka. There are 3 categories of train operating
    on the Tokaido Shinkansen: -The fastest train category, known as the
    Nozomi, stops only at Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto and Shin-Osaka and takes about
    2.5 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Several Nozomi continue on beyond Shin-Osaka
    in the direction of Hakata. Do remember that the Nozomi is one of the
    few JR trains which cannot be used with the Japan Rail Pass. -The Hikari is the second fastest train category. It serves a few more stations than the Nozomi
    and requires around 3 hours to get from Tokyo to Shin-Osaka Station. Some Hikari run west beyond Shin-Osaka. -Finally, the Kodama is the slowest train
    category on the Tokaido Shinkansen. Stopping at every station along the way it
    takes around 4 hours to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo. Two different seat classes are offered along
    the Tokaido Shinkansen: ordinary class and business class, called green car. Whilst seat reservations are mandatory for
    green cars, ordinary class cars offer the option between non-reserved and reserved seats. In Nozomi trains, cars 1 to 3 are non-reserved,
    while in Hikari trains, cars 1 to 5 are non-reserved. Three green cars are located in the middle
    of the trains in cars 8, 9 and 10. The remaining cars carry reserved, ordinary
    seats. Now that we understand the network a little
    better, let’s talk about tickets. Shinkansen tickets are made up of the base
    fare and a limited express fee. Travelers in green cars additionally pay a
    Green Car fee. As a result, shinkansen passengers often receive
    two actual tickets: one for the base fare and one for the supplement fees, although
    sometimes, the two tickets are combined into a single one, and on more complex journeys
    you may receive more than two tickets. There are several ways to buy tickets for
    the bullet train. Option 1: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    counter. Shinkansen tickets can be bought from any
    ticket counter located in JR stations nationwide. When purchasing from the counter, you will
    need to provide the staff with following information; Number of travelers, Date of travel, Departure
    and arrival station, Ordinary or Green Car, Reserved or non-reserved seat. If you wish to make a seat reservation, you
    should additionally specify the train you wish to ride by providing the train’s departure
    time or train name and number, for example Hikari 513. Option 2: Purchasing a ticket at a ticket
    machine. You can purchase a shinkansen ticket from
    one of the various ticket machines located near the shinkansen gates. They have an English option and will guide
    you through the whole process of buying correct tickets. Option 3: Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen Online
    Booking Service This service allows travelers to purchase
    shinkansen ticket online and then either pick up the tickets at a ticket machine or use
    an IC card, such as Suica, Toica and Icoca, to tap through the ticket gates.: Access the website or install the app
    Register credit card and optionally an IC card
    Book a shinkansen Pick up the ticket at a machine or use your
    registered IC card to tap through the ticket gates Option 4: When using a Japan Rail Pass Last but not least, if you have a Japan Rail
    Pass, there is no need to get any additional ticket unless you wish to make a seat reservation. Seat reservations can be made with no additional
    fee. Oversized Baggage Travelers with oversized baggage are required
    to make a seat reservation for a seat in the last row of a car before boarding the shinkansen
    so they can store their baggage behind their seat. A baggage is considered oversized when its
    height, width and depth add up to more than 160cm. Reservations for an oversized baggage can
    be done either at the ticket counter, via the ticket machine or online through the Tokaido
    Sanyo Shinkansen Online Booking service . Passengers who board a shinkansen without a reservation
    for their oversized baggage will be asked by the train conductor to move their baggage
    to a space specified and will have to pay an extra fee of 1000 yen which is not covered
    by the Japan Rail Pass. Also, travelers with oversized baggage may
    not use non-reserved seats. How to use the Tokaido Shinkansen Before boarding Once you have your tickets, it’s time to
    board your train, but first you have to go through the shinkansen ticket gates. When using paper tickets, just put the tickets
    together and insert them inside the machine. Make sure not to forget to take them back
    when they reappear on the other side. Those who use an IC card with official online
    booking service, just tap through the ticket gates and pick up the ticket that comes out
    the other side. Throughout the train station you can find
    electronic sign boards displaying in Japanese and English the upcoming departures, including
    departure times, train names and numbers, destination station and the platform number
    from which the train departs Trains along the Tokaido Shinkansen are about
    400 meters long, so it is a good idea to find the location of your car before the train
    arrives. Signs on the platform indicate where each
    car and its doors will be located and where to form lines. Displays on the side of the train and inside
    the train will indicate the car number and whether the car is reserved, non-reserved
    or green. On board the train When the shinkansen arrives, make sure to
    let all passengers alight before boarding, Then, find your seat if you have a reservation. Seat number and letter are clearly indicated,
    in a similar way as on airplanes. Make sure to board quickly and not to block
    the aisle in order to ensure that everybody can board swiftly. If you are travelling with baggage, you can
    place it onto the overhead shelf over your seat. Oversized baggage should be placed behind
    your reserved seat in the last row of the train. Make sure not to place your baggage near the
    train doors or anywhere else where it would block the way. Amenities on-board include:
    Electric outlets, spacious and usually clean restrooms in every second car as well as a
    few smoking rooms. You can recline your seat, as well as rotate
    the row of seats if you are travelling as a group. When reclining your seat, do it with caution,
    in order to not bother the person behind you. Make sure to return your seat back to its
    original position before getting off, and to take all garbage with you. Unlike on local trains, eating and drinking
    on the shinkansen is perfectly acceptable. A food cart service offering drinks and snacks
    is available on Nozomi and Hikari trains. Finally, a good thing to know when riding
    the Tokaido Shinkansen is that on a clear day you can get a beautiful view of Mount
    Fuji. Seat E (or seat D in Green Class) are the
    seats with the best, unobstructed views of Japan’s iconic mountain. Riding around Japan by bullet train is a great
    way to see the country, and hopefully now you feel confident using the Tokaido Shinkansen. For more information or to watch another video,
    click the links on the screen now or head over to Japan Guide dot com, your comprehensive,
    up-to-date travel guide, first hand from Japan. Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe and click the notification
    bell for more videos about Japan. Happy travels!

    What to expect on the Overland Track
    Articles, Blog

    What to expect on the Overland Track

    March 14, 2020

    In today’s lifestyle, everything is so busy. Reconnecting to nature really appeals to people. The overland track is Tasmanias premier walk. It’s a 6 day walk through the wilderness. On the Overland Track we supply tents, sleeping
    bags, packs, a big dry bag for all of your gear to go into, sleeping mat, rain coats,
    rain pants, everything you need apart from your personal clothing and your boots basically. You start off day one and you’re up quite high… you get up to 1200 metres. And by the end of the track 6 days later, you’ve walked up over the plateau, through rainforest, and then you end up down in buttongrass plains. It’s like a bit of everything each day. We have a bit of a purist approach to the way we run our expeditions, it’s back to basics. We think that by doing the camping style it gets people back to nature. On the overland people can expect to see wildlife, wedge-tailed eagles, wombats and wallabies, glaciated landscapes, temperate rainforests, magnificent waterfalls… Beautiful vistas across buttongrass plains it’s a stunning place. I think the importance and significance of Tasmania is that it is so different from mainland Australia, and compared to mainland Australia it is so untouched. You can come out here
    and actually feel that you’re in a wild place. Food on the Overland Track is very good! We try to cook three course meals every night as we go. Every comment I’ve had is along
    the lines of “oh we thought we’d lose weight on this trip but we’ve been fed so much”. The food that they’re providing on the trek is better than I’d cook for myself at home The wilderness is worth protecting and especially in Tasmania. So, in terms of Leave No Trace
    Principles we’ll try and leave any area that we visit in a better state than we found it
    in. It’s all minimal impact in terms of how to toilet in the wilderness, using composting
    toilets, sticking to the track, and making sure that we bring everything out and basically,
    as the name suggests, have a leave no trace policy There’s always a real camaraderie when you’re cooking up meals or putting on a pot of tea,
    and camping out in your tents.There’s a real connection. I think people that have an adventurous
    spirit have a common bond and when you come out to somewhere like this, it doesn’t take
    long for everybody to become friends very quickly I think at the moment, it’s still just the world’s best kept secret, but soon it probably won’t be because that secret will get out, and there will be a lot more people about! It’s one of those once in a lifetime opportunities and if you don’t do it then you know you’re
    going to regret it. You don’t want to get to 75 years old and go “damn, I should have
    done that when I was a bit younger”.