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    Sri Lanka’s Scenic Train Ride from Kandy to Ella
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    Sri Lanka’s Scenic Train Ride from Kandy to Ella

    October 19, 2019

    You’re watching Vagabrothers, and this is Sri Lanka. I’m Alex. I’m Marko, and we’re the Vagabrothers- brothers, vagabonds, and your go-to guides for travel tips, inspiration, and vlogs on YouTube. In this series, we’re discovering the best of Sri Lanka: ancient cities, stunning nature, rich culture, and delicious food. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the channel. Right now are in Kandy in Sri Lanka, and we are heading to Nuwara Eliya on one of the world’s most scenic train rides. This train goes through the hill country, which is where they grow all the tea from Sri Lanka. It’s supposed to be extremely beautiful, and our train’s about the board. Let’s go. Alright ladies and gentlemen, the journey begins. It’s going to take us about three and a half or four hours to climb from around 500 meters here in Kandy to nearly 1,800 meters in Nuwara Eliya. We’re going to be climbing up higher into tea country, into the hill country. It’s going to be green. It’s going to be beautiful. It’s going to be twisty and turn-y, and it’s going to be an adventure. We’re getting farther into the highlands, and the scenery is just beautiful. There’re just beautiful jungle hills, and during colonial times the British converted these hills into some of the most productive and high-quality tea growing regions in the world. This train was built to export the tea from the mountains to the coast, and to this day Ceylon tea is still famous worldwide, although the train is now more for tourists and is a pretty good deal. An unreserved ticket in third class, which this is third class, is only 100 rupees, which is like 75 cents, and you can reserve your seats like these ones for five dollars. It’s a great deal. It takes about four hours. For now all you got to do is kick back, relax, and enjoy the view. We’re finally starting to get up into the countryside. Scenery’ s changing; the cities are getting a little more spaced out. Starting to see some big rolling hills. But the one thing that has remained constant through the entire journey is the noise. It’s a loud rickety rackety train, but it’s extremely scenic, and it’s super cool. We’re stopped here in the middle of the hills. It’s super cool to see how many people have their legs and arms sticking out the front of the train. We’re here in the back… that is the caboose, and we get the whole view. When the train curves you see the entire length of the train, everyone hanging out. It’s really cool. I mean, this definitely was created for business purposes to just export tea all around the world. Really cool to see how it’s been…. basically become a tourist train, which is a great experience in itself. Okay, we have arrived in Nuwara Eliya. Climbed well over a thousand meters on this train ride. We’re going in. Wow After a super fun train ride, we have arrived to Nuwara Eliya. Oh my gosh. What a refreshing relief. The temperature is incredible. It’s super pleasant, very lush, and we have a fun afternoon planned. So stick around. We have just arrived to our destination Nuwara Eliya, also known as “Little England” as you can tell with the red post box and post office. To find out why there is a replica British village at the foot of Sri Lanka’s largest mountain, we’re going to head just outside of town. You may be wondering why we’re in such a palatial setting. That’s because in the late 1800s, this was actually a governor’s home. It was a vacation home, and it was a social club. There was a golf course built. Then later on it was converted into a hotel. But nowadays, it’s the best place to come to sample the rich diversity of tea from Sri Lanka, not to mention pick out one of a little bit of afternoon high tea. They do it right. We’ve had sweet; we’ve had savory. We’ve had these beautiful teas; We got an oolong tea, which is like a fermented tea. It’s famous from this part of Sri Lanka. It’s famous all around the world. We got a light and a dark black tea. Could have got the rose tea. I got the rose and French vanilla tea, which I really like because it has a bit of floral and then also sweet, which is a really good combination. It’s delicious. Funny fact: Lipton, as in Lipton’s Iced Tea, was started right here. Lipton was a guy who in the 1800’s started a tea plantation. I think he was from Glasgow, originally. He came here and just started making tea, and tea’s a huge industry. Now it employs a million people in Sri Lanka, and it accounts for 4% of all the entire island is dedicated making tea. That’s a lot of tea. Again, cheers to tea. Nuwara Eliaya was made famous by tea. This is the tea region in Sri Lanka. It’s the home of Ceylon tea. We’ve come to Pedro Estates, and we’re going to learn a little bit more about tea culture and production here in central Sri Lanka. We are at the Pedro Estates in Nuwara Eliya, one of the prime properties on Ellis Plantation. It is situated about six thousand eight hundred meters above the mean sea level. It’s one of the best tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Here in Budra state we have tea around 668 Here we produce around eight hundred and thirty thousand kilos. Well, it is super cool to come here and to see where tea comes from, especially having been in Taiwan and China where the oolong teas from Sri Lanka, the ones that are grown on this estate, are highly prized. Obviously, it’s difficult work to get the tea from the tree to your cup, and the people who are responsible for picking the tea are actually a number of women who are descendants from the original Tamil laborers that were brought here from southern India during British colonial times over 150 years ago. They are paid by weight and each person gathers about 20 kilos of tea by hand every single day. So to learn how the process is done, we’re going to meet up with a local guide who’s going to show us how to pick Ceylon tea. This is the ideal leaf. This is the way to pick like two leaves and a bud. Sometimes we can go for like this picking also, see? Two leaves and a bud and now the leaf falls. And this is the hard leaf. See? It’s a dark green. This is normally (one) we are not picking. It falls down and becomes fertilizer. All right, so right now we are getting attired . We’re going to be picking tea. Across. And the stick above the leaf is only where to pluck it Like two leaves and a bud or three leaves. Okay, three leaf and then like this? Yeah – two leaves and a bud like that. What’s the bud? This is the bud. How do I know it’s going to land in there? Actually, it’s another leaf before it’s looked bud. Four and a half kilograms fresh leaf become one kilo of black tea. 2.5 gram for one cup of tea. We need minimum like 10 gram leaves. We come to 4 and 5 gram like that. There’s no 10 gram leaf. They don’t think about that when you’re having a cup of tea, how much effort goes into it. People just drink tea like…. if you buy something at the supermarket, you’re not thinking about how much work goes into it. But this is really… but now we will. I definitely…it would take me a very long time to get my daily quota. But I think it’s also like…. the skill is knowing which ones you can pick because right now every single one I’m looking at, I’m like…. ay? When they started, the workers can’t do that much fast, but they get a experience. Sometimes some ladies can pluck more than 18 kilos. 20 -25 kilos also they can pluck. And this is a traditional job, right? Traditional job. How many generations of people? Maybe three, four generations. Wow. Like your mother and your mother before? Just popped inside the factory just to get a little bit better of an idea how tea is processed once it’s picked. This is a huge factory. It’s obviously been around for a while, but the machines still work. Everything still functions. It’s really cool just to see how many different stages tea goes through before it ends up in your cup. Well, it’s been excellent day exploring the highlands, the tea, the train. Everything was really cool. What a beautiful place, beautiful views. Nuwara Eliya, definitely the coolest both temperature wise and vibe wise, in my opinion, place that we’ve been so far on the trip. But taking the train from Kandy up through the rolling hills, then getting to try the tea and to understand where it comes from and understand the process and meeting the people who are picking it and making it. Just a really, really cool experience overall and definitely one of the highlights so far on the trip. So stay tuned. Tomorrow, we’re going to go down to Ella, which is like the back packing center of Sri Lanka. Should be really cool. We’re getting more into the hills and the jungles out here in Sri Lanka So stay tuned for that. It’ll be nature vibes, hiking, exploration. If you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: big thumbs- up, share it with your travel buddies, you haven’t already. Please subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications so you don’t miss out on any vlogs. And in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


    Ukraine Train Ride (1st Class) from Kiev to Lviv travel vlog

    October 19, 2019

    Well hello hello. It is almost time to check out of our apartment
    here in Kiev (Киев). Our host is going to be coming any minute. Any minute. So we have to finish packing up. Yeah, like what happened to the what we had
    9 nights just boom. Oh my gosh. We had over a week here. Crazy. Yeah. That is one of the fastest stays we’ve ever
    had anywhere. The time just flew by. We were tired, we also had a lot of work to
    do and we also just really enjoyed being here so. Yeah. So it is time to get going. Sam has been. I’ve actually been responding to YouTube comments. Youtube comments. Yeah, getting caught up. I’m way behind on that too. Sam’s favorite thing. Favorite thing. I love when you guys leave us comments. I try to get back to all of them. Yeah. I know I’m really behind because of last week
    but. I read them but Sam answers. Yeah, that is true. Um but yeah anyways I need to finish packing
    so we’ll see you guys in a bit and yeah we’ll be heading to the train station soon. Beep noise. Update. Nice and sweaty because there are no escalators
    or elevators in any of the metro stations we’ve seen. At least not to get into the station. Yeah. But anyways we’re at Tietrana. Two stops to the train station. Let’s go. But there is going to be a nice long escalator
    ride to get to the platform. Yeah. These escalators here in Kyiv (Київ) are
    epic. Absolutely epic. Train sounds. Made it to the train station. We sure have. Now that we’re leaving Kiev (Київ), I
    want to talk about my favorite experiences here in this city. That is riding the metro. Metro. First reason I like it is that it is so cheap. It is only 5 in local currency which is actually
    less than 20 US cents per ride. So you’ve gotta love that. And then the other thing that is really cool
    is just like how deep it is underground. You have these epic escalator rides to get
    there. And then but the third thing that is kind
    of cool is just how busy it is too. Like all times of day that we’ve taken rides
    it has been packed. Like people really use it and you can see
    why. It is affordable and it is just a great way
    to get around. And it is also very rustic and noisy and makes
    a lot of you know. It makes a lot of noise while you’re on it
    and you also like it has very abrupt stops and sometimes if you don’t brace yourself
    you actually feel like you’re going to get like tossed over. But it is really cool. Definitely take the metro if you’re in Kiev
    (Київ). So we’ve made it to the train station. Tickets in hand. And we’ve just looked at the departure board. I would like to point out that is the worst
    departure board I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all the letters are like bright red
    and neon green. And you stare at it for like 3 seconds and
    it starts blinding you. So not very helpful but we did find another
    old fashioned sign that actually announces our train so we’ve got a bit of time. Going to get some lunch and yeah that is the
    update. Hahaha. What do you got? We are having a McDonalds lunch just because
    it was convenient. Yeah. So large french fries, orange juice, chocolate
    muffin for the road and I’m water fasting so I get to watch you eat. Sam is on one of his fasts. Yeah. Anyways, sometimes McDonald’s is actually
    not a bad place to hang out if you’re at a busy station especially if you’ve got time
    to kill. Because you know like you kind of you’re getting
    reliable food, you know what you’re getting anyways. The other thing too is like you can sit down
    for a while and like you can stay you can kill time. And the other thing that is kind of cool is
    that you get access to decent washrooms too because you don’t know if you’re always going
    to get those in certain stations. So we have all of that and we have quite a
    bit of time to kill. Our train leaves at shortly after 2 right? Yep. And right now it is only 12:54. Well someone has picked up a new talent. One of my many talents. Learning to read Cyrillic. I know the first one says muffin chocolate. That is my chocolate muffin. This one says free which is my fries. And the next one is juice. So yeah. And you know what? All of that food came to less than $3 US dollars. That is like about two seventy five or something. Pretty cheap. How are them fries? Crispy. Crispy. Maybe double or triple fried. Seriously? Okay, so we’ve killed all the time we needed
    to. And so our train is leaving in about a half
    hour so we’re back in the station. We are platform 2. Now we just have to find that. And it is quite a grand station I must say. It is beautiful. Okay, so we’ve got our seats. And what is really cool is we upgraded to
    1st class. It wasn’t that much more. We’ll let you know the price of the ticket
    a little bit later on. But if you take a look over here you can see
    how it has different classes. So if it was second class there would be 6
    people but because it is only first there is 4 of us and that gives us lots of rooms
    for our baggage. We’ll show you as we go in. Check out that. And that is where we are sitting. We have basically those 3 seats on the bottom. Right there. Alright, so now would be a good time to talk
    about the tickets. And it is noisy. The train is just taking off. Anyways, we paid just over 500 which is about
    roughly $20 US dollars and this is for the fastest train possible to Lviv (Львів). And it takes about five hours and forty minutes
    so we’re going to be on here for a little while. But it is quite comfortable. I’m glad that we paid for 1st class because
    we’re going to be able to get some work done. Apparently, there is tea service so hopefully
    we get that too. What are you having? Chai. Tea. Complimentary? I think we paid for it. Haha. This is so hot. And we in case you’re wondering we are moving. English breakfast. I like the cups. They are nice and fancy. Look at that. I think it is just a glass of fancy cup. Sam has been sleeping the whole time. Train station noise. And just like that we’ve been teleported to
    our apartment here in Lviv (Львів). Um, so yeah we arrived right on time. Our AirBNB host was waiting for us at the
    train station. We hopped in his car and he drove us here
    which is so rare. No one has ever picked us up. Which was super awesome. Um but yeah we’re really really hungry so
    we are going to save the apartment tour for another day. Another video. Right now we need dinner. Let’s go. We’ll take you along for food though. Street noises. So we are staying in a super residential neighborhood
    so there are not a whole lot of restaurants around but we found a hotel and they have
    a restaurant. So we’re in here. Right now we are the only guests. The last couple just left but they have like
    all of these animals. Looking at me everywhere. Look. There is a cow looking at you. Cow. And where is the other one? There is goats and sheep. Where are those? Okay, let’s get a tour. Hi, cow. Over here are the goats and sheep. And last but not least we’ve got a bird. Food is here. Food is here. I’m so hungry. Like I said I was water fasting earlier on. 24 hours without food so I’m ready to eat. So this is varenyky. Varenyky. Sorry and these are like the dumplings. The Ukrainian dumplings. They are delicious. We’ve been eating them a lot since we’ve come
    to the Ukraine (Україна). What filling did you get this time? I got potato and cheese. Ooh. And let’s take it for a swim in the sour cream. Sour cream. Everything tastes better with sour cream in
    the Ukraine (Україна). You know the food came really fast. I’m impressed. It is so good. I honest can’t give you a very truthful assessment
    I’m so hungry I think anything would be tasty to me right now. It is all wonderful. It is all wonderful right now. And for myself I ordered the potato pancakes
    with chicken and a mushroom cream sauce. Mmmhmm. It looks pretty good. Sam is already eating out of my bowl. I haven’t even had any yet. It is good. It is like a stack. It is a stack. That is a huge stack of potato pancakes. It is really good in a creamy sauce. Oh my gosh. The creamy sauce is awesome and it also has
    mushrooms too. Chicken. Mmmm. Isn’t that awesome? Oh my gosh. Wow. This place is good. This is a hotel restaurant. We may be coming back here. It is a hotel restaurant. I think it is the only restaurant nearby our
    apartment. Hahaha. We’ve just finished our entrees. What are the options now? What could happen? Well, we’ve been waiting a little while. It is either going to be chicken, a cheque,
    chicken and cheque or none of the above. Chicken steak. Oh, wonderful. Thank you. It came. It came. It came. Wonderful. Wonderful. A second ago it came and they offered us a
    cheque so we thought maybe they just didn’t get the main. They forgot the chicken. But now it is here. And it is a lonely chicken. It is not bad. It is cooked with barbecue sauce. Nice. Mmmhmm. I’m hungry. And this is it. We’re ending off the video. We’re tired. We’re well fed. Ready for bed. I don’t know why but traveling by train it
    always just makes me so sleepy and like leaves me all groggy. I think it is the rocking back and forth. Um but yeah Sam is waving goodbye. He’s going to watch some Youtube and go to
    sleep. I’m so tired. And that is that. We are really excited to be in this city (Lviv)
    and we look forward to sharing some videos with you guys soon. But for now goodnight. Goodnight everyone. Bye.

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    October 17, 2019

    Hello from Las Vegas! What’s up Tangerineys! If you are new to our channel, my name is
    Maddie… I’m Jordan… and we are tangerine travels. Typically, normally on a normal day we would
    be in Mexico where we’re living, where we’ve been living for the past year but our three-year
    anniversary and our birthdays have taken us to Las Vegas. [Music] So, we’re just getting into our room
    at the Mirage now or you are just getting into our room at the Mirage now. We used our MyVegas points to do this, so the
    room is free except for… resort fees. Resort fees yes and we asked if they have
    any complimentary upgrades available and I think since we told the guy that it’s our
    three-year anniversary, he might have pulled some strings for us because – this view is
    amazing. I don’t know how well you can see this but
    we can see pretty much everything, The Link, the high roller. There’s gonna be a volcano show down there… every night. Palazzo, Venetian, Wynn, Encore, Treasure
    Island and we can see the side of the Mirage, amazing. And this room is awesome, it’s two queen or
    two King.. no, two queen beds even though we had one Queen.. no, I’m saying this all
    backwards. Two queen beds even though we had one King
    bed. I’m not complaining at all, it is awesome. What are we gonna go do now? Nothing, I’m stuck. [Laughs] OK, so we should fill everyone in;
    we have been here for… four nights… four nights at the Westgate. Alright, let’s test it out. Alanxelmundo, this one’s for you. [Laughs] I just sunk into it, it’s so comfortable! [Laughter] We just checked into the Mirage today. We haven’t been doing that much vlogging up
    to this point because Jordan’s dad has been in town, some of my family has been in town,
    and we’ve been trying to coordinate with everyone. And to be honest, being at Westgate which
    was kind of off the strip, there was like a little bit of commute time on the monorail
    and all that. But now, we are kind of on our own, doing our thing, we’re loose in Las Vegas…
    watch out, Las Vegas. [Laughter] So, since we’ve been in Mexico for a year,
    we really haven’t done much in the way of online shopping because Amazon Prime and Amazon
    exists but it’s not in the same way that you have in the US where it’s so easy in less
    than a day or two days you can get anything you want. So we bought like everything. Literally everything on Amazon.. that we hadn’t
    had in like a year. We had it delivered to post offices, to Amazon
    lockers. It’s Jordan’s dad who drove it down from Missouri
    to everywhere and now anything that we forgot, we were delivering to Amazon Locker, so we’re
    actually going on the monorail now to an Amazon locker to pick up the last few things for
    some shenanigans that might be happening tonight. We’re such a hot mess. Which you may or may not be seeing. [Laughter] But who
    knew online shopping would be such a novelty. I never thought – I never would have thought
    that. It’s kind of fun after you haven’t done
    it for a year. Well, and we didn’t have a Christmas or birthdays
    or anything, so like opening up our – our boxes, it’s like – it’s like Christmas. [Laughter] And before we really dive into this, we’re
    not used to vlogging around so many people, so if it’s awkward, if we’re being awkward,
    please bear with us. I don’t think this is awkward at all yet
    though, just because there’s so many distractions here.. yeah.. we’re the least if everyone’s
    worries. And no one’s really noticing yet but I still
    feel like this is a lot of people to be around with a camera. So, one of the cool things we figured out
    about taking the monorail actually though is that you have this great view of the LINQ
    High Roller and we took this once, we did the unlimited bar like get as many drinks
    as you want while you’re on there and we really underestimated how many drinks you can actually get while you’re on there and they’re like “no, you have an empty drink in your hand,
    you’re drinking more. You will not walk away from here not plastered”. [Laughter] It was good time. So, from this stop, the convention center,
    from the monorail, you can see this side of the strip, Westgate, Stratosphere right there,
    bunch of other random ones that I’m not actually sure of and Jordan leaving me. Jordan!! And
    that something you may or may not see later, may or may not involve a bikini. Which is what we’re picking up, I had actually
    ordered one and it was poorly manufactured, so as soon as we get past this 45 minute long
    building called the Las Vegas Convention Center, I’m just kidding, it’s like 10 minutes but
    it feels like forever. Then we’re going to this Amazon locker, so
    if you need something sent to Las Vegas, all you have to do is take the monorail, get off
    at the convention center, walk 45 miles [laughter] [Laughter] And we’re going to the 7-Eleven. Why would you be getting a bikini if it’s
    so cold out? We’re not going to be outside. [Music] We found In-N-Out, we had to go. This might be some of the most affordable
    food on the strip, I got a double-double, she got a hamburger and we got fries all for
    about 10 bucks. And we got this protein style So it’s no bun, just lettuce because we’re
    cutting back on the carbs. I actually think this is my first
    time trying In-N-Out burger. Did you eat some paper? Yeah definitely ate some paper [Laughs]. I don’t know if I like it. It tastes very fibrey, like you know, if you
    imagine eating a newspaper or something, that’s kind of how it just tasted. [Laughter] OK, peel the paper back and try again. It looks like it’s part of this though. [Laughter] And there’s a lot of – a lot of lettuce. [Laughter] It’s pretty good! [Laughter] [Music] So, when we’re in Vegas, we typically
    don’t gamble, what we do is play Jacks or Better video poker and we figure out the strategy.
    We practiced and practiced and practiced so that it’s… basically with playing on the best
    machines, with perfect strategy, overtime you’ll hardly lose anything. But this time, it’s not been favorable for
    us, so we decided to play like penny machines and one time Jordan was taking his dad out
    to the parking garage and I decided to sit down at a random machine, I was playing a
    penny machine, 50 Cent’s at a time, and I won five hundred and eighty dollars. That helped to make up for our crappy luck at video poker. And also that’s the most I’ve ever won ever.
    And now we’re sitting in front of this spinner wheel, random – I don’t even know. Wild wild wild spinner wheel. Which I’m a little bit sad about because I like the ones that go
    around. This has a little hand that spins stationary if that makes sense. [Slot machine noises] But anyway, somehow I won my second biggest
    jackpot of my life. $250. (2 days in a row) So, kind of amazing, it’s been a turnaround! [Music] Maddie was getting a new Players Club at another
    casino – players card – Players card. And while that was happening, I found this $5 chip on
    the ground from another casino and it’s from Palazzo. And since that’s one of the few casinos
    we’ve never been in, we’re going there now to cash it in. We’ve been going to Vegas like pretty much
    once a month since we were living in Phoenix because we play MyVegas which we’ve talked
    about before this. Yeah and in addition to that, there’s a whole
    bunch of other ways that we get very cheap trips here. But anyway, we’ve been to just about every
    casino and stayed at just about every Hotel on the strip except for – we’ve never been
    in Palazzo for some reason. So, with this five dollar chip, we are going
    in here. That’s our excuse. [Laughter] Thank you my darling. Oh, this is Wynn esque – not Wynn, what am I
    saying? Bellagio esque. Do you know what this is supposed to be themed
    like? Chinese it looks like, I don’t know. I don’t know. They do have Year of the Pig. Oh, Year of the Pig yeah. [Music] Hello! I just have that. Alrighty, thank you. 5 dollars! [Laughter] The GPS doesn’t know the way to the crack. It does, it just – it just wants to go a very – a very like…bizarre. Just turn over here,
    turn over here, turn over there, and I get it but I’m not getting it, you know? You will save three seconds if you make these 9 turns. Possibly, possibly. It says to us when we’re driving in Mexico
    all the time like, “save two minutes if you go this way”, and then it adds 15 minutes
    to your drive every single time! [Laughter] And you’re like, “how did this – how did this
    really help me at all?” And I fell for it again! So we honestly intended to do way more for
    this video but as it turns out, there’s lots of copy written music all over Vegas. There’s rules about being inside of the casino and Plus we were preoccupied. We were pre-occupied with like lots of tequila. [laughter] Lots of tequila. And if I’m being honest, we really needed
    more of a break than we thought we did from vlogging, from YouTube – Just a bit of
    vacation. Yeah, like we really needed a vacation, we
    haven’t really taken any time off from videoing Videoing? We don’t have a better word for that by now? Vlogging I guess you could say but anyway, for over a year. So, we’ve been going kind of non-stop. Why are you in such a hurry right now? Oh – why are we in such a hurry? We’re breathing fast and we’re heading out to the
    strip because there’s like a NASCAR race. Parade. Not race, a parade, a parade. There’s a race in town but they’re like welcoming
    them to the city I guess, with a parade down Las Vegas Boulevard, so the main road. At this point, it seems like police cars. And
    we thought it was like – I thought it was like a train. It was semis honking their bas ass horns. Yeah, so if it seems like we’re out of breath
    and stuff, that is why. Oh, the parade’s over. So, we saw the beginning of the parade and
    – from our room – From our room at the Mirage, We ran. We rushed down here. We ran down the hall, we ran through
    through the casino and we ran here! And 5 minutes and 27 seconds later – exactly
    – it’s over. That’s Vegas. Everything happens fast. We’ve forgot to mention, I did do bikini bull
    riding at Treasure Island… [Music] Ended up getting third place. Go me, woo! [Laughter] It was terrifying, I don’t think I’m ever
    doing that again but it was an interesting experience. I was sore for three days and
    that’s that. [Laughter] We’re in Wynn, this place is amazing! It’s
    like a floral theme with all these fresh flowers up here and then all over the ground are these
    colorful tiles, these tiny tiles made to look like these giant flowers. I imagine it took forever to construct. Floor-ever. Floor-ever to construct them.Oh,
    and that’s like a triple pun because if You speak Spanish you know that flor means flower and then I’m also talking about the floor. [Laughter] Alright guys, so we’re back in Mexico now
    and we have some cool trips coming up, before we leave the Yucatan Peninsula, there are some
    places we want to visit. So we have booked to Valladolid, Tulum, Bacalar and Mahahual. You may not have heard of some of those places
    but trust me, they’re all amazing – breath taking. So we have awesome videos coming up for you. And if you want to see those videos to all
    these places that we have booked, please subscribe to our channel, give this video the old thumbs
    up if you liked it and GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new
    video – and we will see you there.

    Russian High Speed Train (Eng Sub) | Ep. 5 | Moscow to SPB | Russia Vlogs | Sapsan | Bullet Train
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    Russian High Speed Train (Eng Sub) | Ep. 5 | Moscow to SPB | Russia Vlogs | Sapsan | Bullet Train

    October 17, 2019

    I have taken the train and getting something to eat from the pantry car. It’s early in the morning here (6:50 am) I will take you to my seat and also show you the view outside in a while Couldn’t shoot before boarding as I was in hurry to board and the memory was low too Couldn’t shoot before boarding as I was in hurry to board and the memory was low too The train is very organized and clean. Every coach has a manager. Food will be served. There are entertainment options in the coach, along with chargers etc. The boarding experience is like that of a plane This is the space to store luggage My seat is around a table of four My seat is around a table of four There are tons of Chinese tourists groups on the train (though not visible in this frame) We are leaving Moscow behind. There are three students from Higher School of Economics seated around me. It’s one of the universities in Russia. They are going to SPB for a conference. It’s a four hour, 720 km journey So, we have just arrived in Saint Petersburg We now have an opportunity to look at the train from outside, which we missed earlier while boarding The attendants are reloading the trains with the supplies for journey back to Moscow The train stations are clean and have big waiting areas with shops and clean washrooms It was a comfortable and enjoyable journey Next, I will show you how the train station looks like from inside We are now in the station area. It’s small compared to Moscow, as can be expected. Lesser People too. Lots of Chinese tourists, as you can see behind me. In fact, there are so many Chinese tourists that the schedule chart is displayed in Chinese, in addition to English and Russian. In fact, there are so many Chinese tourists that the schedule chart is displayed in Chinese, in addition to English and Russian. Again, another big Chinese tourist group accompanied by their tour guide

    Trans Siberian Railway – FIRST CLASS Train Tour
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    Trans Siberian Railway – FIRST CLASS Train Tour

    October 15, 2019

    Oh yeah this looks pretty cool!
    It’s different from second class. It feels more spacious. Wow! this is pretty impressive! I think saying it’s just a second class compartment with two beds, will be not doing it justice. Felt or whatever you call it, a bit more luxurious. Some extra pillows which also feel luxurious. Fluffy! It has nice wood on the inside. This is really what the transsiberian is all about. This is the feeling that I was expecting. Fits like a glove! Welcome back to the trans-siberian railway! Are you ready for a first-class
    train experience? Yes we just boarded the first-class train all the way from Ulan Ude to Ulaanbataar in Mongolia. We are going today from Russia to Mongolia crossing
    the border in this first class train. We’ve never been in a first-class train
    before. This is the first for us so we’re not entirely sure what to expect. But
    we’re gonna let you join us on the experience. For this first class
    experience… Nice! Wow! Oh look at that! That landscape! We’re really heading into Mongolia
    now! Oh that’s awesome! Just look at it.
    Russia is so huge. That’s the nice thing about this train about the transsiberian railway. It takes you across all sorts of landscapes. It’s getting dark in here… Let me fix the lighting. Do you think that’s
    better? Yes it does! To make sure that we have an absolute blast of a time on this train trip, we have taken some supplies. Normally when you go on a train ride
    this long, you always take some food and stuff but we have some special food. Yeah you think it’s time or do you want to show the cabin first? Small cabin tour?
    Yes, before we mess up the room with the food. Quickly! This is our cabin. Right
    when you walk in is when you have the biggest difference between the separate
    classes. In third class, you basically have one giant carriage
    and everyone sleeps in one carriage just 54 people in one wagon. Second class you
    have a cabin about the size of this one With four people in it. Two lower berths and two
    upper berths so you’ll be sharing with hopefully some nice neighbors. First class just two beds. A lot more space because because there are no more beds hanging
    around here and as you can see this is an older train it’s not super modern but
    it does have a great amount of old-world charm because it has this wooden
    paneling these lovely little curtains and it looks like you would imagine the
    trans-siberian to look in like old- world Russia. Here we have the beds on both
    sides. Underneath we have the storage. space so here you can stow just about
    one piece of big luggage and I also have more storage up there. You have air
    conditioning in here and you have some mirrors if you want to get ready in the
    morning. To get… Look at that!
    That is incredible. If that is just if there’s just a small preview of what’s
    to come in Mongolia then I think I’m gonna love Mongolia Pfew, I thought we wore going to be stuck here forever. It wouldn’t be too bad for a while. We have some supplies so we could a manage for a while. We have alcohol! Alright so what have we brought. We have
    brought some Russian champagne we’ve found in the store. It’s Russian and we
    thought it would fit the first class experience. Very luxurious
    glasses cutlery and plates from first class plastic. You don’t have to do the
    dishes which is always first class! Sour cream. Russian pancakes called blinis
    because life without pancakes wouldn’t be life. The thing that ties this all together… A little box of caviar! Really getting hungry now. hey in a small package of some cups and
    glasses and plates there’s also some shot glasses for vodka
    We didn’t bring vodka though. It’s pretty cool it’s included. They’re probably like champagne is not
    alcohol, it is for babies! Well done! You see we do this every day. You’re so lucky I wasn’t sitting there almost lost an eye! it was really enthusiastic to be on a luxurious train! Cheers! It’s actually pretty good
    this Russian champagne. It would have been just fine to have all of the
    champagne in my glass but at least now after I’m finished drinking my glass, I can
    suck on my pants a little bit. look perfect just perfect it’s like the
    people who have assembled this package have actually met you
    because if provide adaptive as well cereal Spiller strikes again!
    Small little eggs it’s quite typical in Russian when you want to eat like in
    caviar salmon caviar to have the pancake believe me they call it it’s not a sweet
    pancake it’s a savory pancake to eat it with a little bit of sour cream a little
    bit of salmon eggs so that is a package that will be assembling today so and
    the best dream food we’ve had so far now you tell the defensive would green back
    to normal treat food and here we have a small lesson on how to survive chance
    appear in really beautiful mall area with the train food triangle as long as
    you have all and some little products from being seriously these are the best well that was a good little we had
    their after bowl shipping we got a bit of tired of shopping I think the immigration officers will
    boards the train right now to check our fast particular visa its tempers out and
    take about one half so which is less than one go home to now before we cross
    the border into ongoing officially India no one can what didn’t know you went
    across the border who’s good little tree it’s open no it’s not help us we’re
    locked into this first pass room why does this always happen because there’s some kind of IQ test
    behind it not smart enough you can’t open it I have to be so
    I have to pee for two hours now and apparently they don’t open the toilet
    between two border crossings either so I can’t pee until we cross the border into
    Mongolia and get going again I really have to pee ten meters five and
    we made it door has been open for 10 minutes let’s go we have just been
    stamped into Mongolia into the big nothing we go this is gonna be good but
    first sleep I think it’s time to get some rest
    Oh good morning it’s now six o’clock about
    one hour until we are in La Motta landscape something crazy
    some mountains I looked at I mean on the first thing I saw was a ger
    it’s Mongolian style tent where the nomadic families lived that’s pretty
    cool so thank you thank you it’s a coffee just another 20 minutes I think and will
    arrive can already see you on my door any distance it says used to be perched
    up a bit down the mountain and you can see because it’s like very densely
    populated area and all the rest is like almost nothing is enough even like now
    20 minutes still away from my dad it’s like the occasional house best by small
    village or maybe like 50 houses but otherwise we didn’t really see anything
    so far I think I like the first class best I mean it’s really nice and second
    to us as well because you can meet some locals and yeah I highly recommend doing
    it as well but first loss was my favorite just because you have some
    privacy everything your own you have two beds which are on the lower part as well
    so you have some more rooms with space you’re more comfortable and yeah and
    it’s not as awkward as living with a small area challenge turf class was
    also nice because then you also get to meet people but that to me was a bit too
    noisy all these kids running around you fifty four people and open carriage to
    me I mean first of all is nice but it’s not going to be the most memorable part
    of the trip no indeed it was memorable memorable bit
    that we’ll remember in my twenty years that’s gonna be second or third boss so
    that’s it all packed up I think this will be like one of the
    ultimate adventures I mean you can go off the beaten path little mule is ready
    to go you

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    October 15, 2019

    Ah, it’s been quiet of three months Been full-time RV and for three months now Yeah, Josh, it seems like it’s been so much longer than three months it really does it’s yes I think back to when we left the house the day before Thanksgiving This is it. We’re saying goodbye to our house. It’s Thanksgiving. Yeah, that was a crazy time Yes, so we’ve been Three months full time RV now, so we’re pros We learned about everyday Challenges I Think I’ve adapted to that now Adapt to the lack of space in the bathroom maybe Get used to it Work with it. This is all we have for our vanity. Are we been having an issue with her? tankless water heater That had issues ever since we purchased it from the dealer. So that’s been a challenge Is the very first challenge we’ve had in the last three months was the dolly we didn’t know anything about dollies and Apparently the dealership their help didn’t either and they were trying to help us and a lot of things fold up on it Well, they didn’t get the ramps Secured dolly part camp up and it caught the front bumper and ripped two holes through it. So that was our first issue Second issue have well, actually there was a first issue with the dolly before that in a way that the dolly strap came off and it was flopping around we we luckily have this rear view camera and I could see the car starting this way and it always was going straight So it pulled over and sure enough the strap game off and it bounced up and hit the car and you cinch down really tight came loose Came up Scratch the car a little bit but trailers brand new scrapped everything and it And then the second dolly issue would be once we arrived in now on one hand, Palm Springs so if you had some of these some horrifying stories on your first trip Don’t feel bad. So there’s repairs that we have done. They have a couple of repairs you need to do, but we’re holding off because We feel extremely strongly that the dealership should be take care of them because it’s something that their PD artists take care of I wasn’t able to get on the roof when we bought this in your Chris don’t call me. We have three days to find a coach. So we were told that they did take care of the remaining Three weeks what he said three days, and we did we had three days Once three weeks since the owner. Yeah, but then when we decided we weren’t gonna go with the fifth-wheel Oh, we were gonna go with the fifth go first. Oh then we have three days. It was a last-minute thing. Yeah So the roof was supposed to be taken care of They’re supposed to go around with dike or any of the cracks of that little bit of time passed on me and I got up On the roof and it sealed all the cracks Cracks are everywhere on every single Seal there is on that roof, and it was extremely obvious that they were old Check with someone else within the company and yeah, they didn’t touch that. There’s no way Once we got to another location and there was a place on the roof. It was really soft off this big Driver side window replaced it was foggy when we first bought it and they ordered the window But it took several weeks get ends of water pump yes and got in you hooked everything up and we were inside and everything and Went back outside and there’s water yeah, there’s a pond there was a pond on the ground I mean, it hadn’t even been very long. Yes. I called the NRF and asked if they could stock it with the fish long story short when you have your city water hooked up and you see water pouring out underneath It’s coming out of your overflow. And what’s happening is instead of going to your faucets its bypassing somehow and going directly to your fresh tank filling that fresh tank that you use when you go boondocking And it got so full that it was overflowing going out the overflow underneath so two things either the valve that you switch over when you want to feel the fresh tank on purpose And if that’s not it then it’s your water pump The water pumps can go bad and the valve inside the water pump cuz bad and allows the water to back up a person feels the fresh pink instead so replace that it wasn’t easy to get to but it was actually a pretty Thick I called around to see if we can get fixed guy came and told me oh, oh, oh that’s that pump is expensive It’s asking how much 300 some dollars this time. He didn’t know it but I already knew how much it would cost I was testing you can order it on Home Depot the exact same pump literally same model number everything for 50 bucks And I saw the Amazon we could get it there too. So I just ordered a 50 bucks and did it myself. So the Water heater. It’s a precision temp water heater. It also heats your coach well runs off electric and propane and it’s It’s a tankless kind of like an aqua hot except it doesn’t use a diesel fuel That had some issues and that happens to be where we are now at the dealership getting those things finally taken care of like a week before we could get the service done and we spent at least eight days showering at the RV park which Your shower was better than my shower. Let’s just put it that way For some reason the men’s restroom was better than the women’s and then TV I replaced the TV That was my choice. There was nothing wrong with it. It was just an old TV and it got really hot and Behind the cabinet it got really hot from it Yury strong at least three lines the core And to window blinds are very large. So there’s a lot of feeling that they do and He’s the year the Guru of the blind restreamer completed blinds. I don’t know how to do it Well so far they’re working That’s the downfall of the pleated blinds strings The things that we have enjoyed so the most enjoyable thing is here in the comments feedback from people Questions and start to realize there’s other people out there that have always thought about doing this and want to know What to do you know, how do you do this? I’ve enjoyed Working with of you looking my job with a view of palm trees outside of the window Sometimes the views aren’t all that great if you’re staring at another RV, yeah Wait, so in first three minutes, we’ve been to two rallies. Yeah, I’ve been to FMC a was the first one and that was in Indio, California which is really only about Okay, it’s right there in the Coachella Valley it was just kind of what they call their small rally I guess We only we just drove our car there So we were only there one day and of course again our first rally we didn’t know what to expect. So there’s Vendors galore in this huge building and we’re just like going we don’t have enough time We should only come two days. At least you probably know what Michelle really likes besides the coconut cream pie They also had three. Oh my gosh Free ice cream. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, we stood in a long line for them. And then the other rally was the quartzite 19 quartzite sports vacation in RV show and that’s a very very very large large RV show quartzite, they put on a lot of what? Other types of shows they’re like rock mineral shows. They have three markets there. I think they kind of have them if they’re quiet frequently, but the large vacation sports an RV show is in this one time of year and they say you know like tons of people tons of RVs come for this movies ten days when we got started one of our first Youtube creators that we started watching was there at the same time. Yeah Yeah, enjoying the journey dot life we met up with them, I’m sure you had a really good time chatting with them So that that really made that The trip. Yeah Wow, very nice couple Again that was another one that we just drove our car to because it was only a couple hours from where regrets yeah So another thing I thought we would talk about a lot of people that are not full-time our beers yet you may wonder Like Christmas, you know what you do? So what we did we got on Amazon? And we ordered a bunch of things and it’s kind of nice because you can get some things that aren’t even at Walmart, or wherever your local stores and And they actually wrapped up. It was really cool and just Send it right to their address and just say don’t open till Christmas. Yeah, and and then we did FaceTime Yeah Kind of fun to watch your open up. Yes Brendan and Sarah as well. It’s nice. Of course. It’s not the same as being right there. It’s pretty To have the technology days to do that Um, let’s see Church. If you go to church we Really loved our church Back in Weston. Why not? No, they had a church service. Yeah, I streamed A lot of times we couldn’t make it we would just watch at home then no now we can still watch it Yeah, everywhere we go a lot of the RV parks so far that we found of a church Service come in on Sunday, or they’ll just give you you know, a tip of going to a local church right We had a neighbor of ours were staying there that was going to a church there in Palm Springs And we kept driving by it before we talked to them They were going to that so, of course you got churches you can go to but if you’re partial to your own, hopefully they have the online Service as well after Christmas We went to a New Year’s Eve party, which is probably we talked about it It was by far our favorite New Year’s Eve party that not ever been to When we were in this Thomas previous area and it was at the spa resort there’s a casino in Palm Springs and it was an 80s rock in the theme and of course, I was a little chilly that night and everything was outside of their casino for this and The tickets were fairly cheap a lot. There. They were like, is it $10? I think so when they had a life bang Yeah, and they had a lot. Well, they had a deejay up until the live band started at 9:00, but The deejay or she wasn’t really good we were like no he was playing all Had fireworks and everything at midnight As you can tell from a lot of our videos we’ve been to quite a few destinations The tram and Palm Springs or did the indian canyons. I did talk about canyons and did these living doesn’t zoom? like we decided we’re going to try to spend more time in each area so that we can Be better prepared to give advice in southern california’s really where we started After our maiden voyage we went to california. We spent a lot of time in there Palm Springs area and our intentions is to Spend a lot of time in each area Because we don’t feel that we can go somewhere and give a give good advice If we really haven’t spent a lot of time in that area We can go to like burial tramway and show you our experience there like we did in other places But as far as the area wanna we want to be in my area so that we can give good advice about each area that we spend around the United States, Alaska and Everywhere we go. We’ve seen a Lot of full-timers. Yeah and family full-timers Kids got invited to a Super Bowl party With a big group of full time families, they have their own group, and it’s called full time families the time that we’ve been there downtown Palm Springs every Thursday night Starting at about 6:00 I think goes from 6:00 to 10:00 is their village fest and one Street and maybe a few off the side of vendors Food and they have music playing It’s nice to get out and wander through that. We’ve seen a large like a marathon race Yeah, Oh Tour de Paume spree. Yeah tour to Palm Springs went on and we’ve seen well, of course, we’ve tried several restaurants Again, I’m going to mention my favorite Sherman’s deli and bakery. I’m telling you you’ve got to go there. There’s two locations Palm Desert and Palm Springs. Try them both They have the best coconut cream pie how many times I have to mention this coconut cream pie I mean sandwiches this high salad so large We share this high and large and of course I have to leave room for by so and so we’ve also Several Mexican restaurants and good We found a new Best ever we got service Yeah, a lot of people might say, you know, well, you know You have such a small cooking area or whatever and what do you do for your? your meals you Just try to stay on your same nutrition diet. It’s hard when there’s pie, but guess where we’re going McDonald’s, no Taco Bell no Del Taco, no Wendy’s what do I like the most in the Coachella Valley? Besides me to eat for food What do I like the most? I’m driving. Do I know where I’m going? I hope so Do you like the most in the Coachella Valley? What do I talk about all the time? Medjool dates? No The hummingbirds Dare eat a hummingbird. How dare you? Okay, yeah Coconut Candy bars coconut cream pie Sherman’s deli We’re going there for supper. We’re gonna have you’re gonna have coconut cream pie for supper if I can. Yeah Sherman’s has gluten-free bread for all those that cannot have wheat or gluten. Oh and they’re Good Sandwiches this big. Yeah, we can share a sandwich cuz they’re so they’re huge. Yeah, plus your side that you Share that. Yeah, we’re full cuz then if we share there’s room for pie But she eats he gets a couple bites. I gotta come over tonight suffer the consequences Not excited at all. Can you tell But I will admit Brian is our cook or chef very very good card But I don’t cook. It’s just that he’s like it’s good. He likes to cook and I’m like, okay. Yeah Oh, he’s a very good cook He’s good at just making stuff up and I’m more of a I’ll follow recipe Yeah, I measure things the Italian like it. Yeah Sometimes we do pretty good during the week though, I mean Fix has our meals and we try Try really hard to stay Okay, no low carb is very hard, yeah, if you do know that coconut cream pies Well, then there’s cheetah days, you know cheap days right You can that cream pie. Yeah, okay, and hopefully we’ll share some more recipes for ya. Those low carbs out there We’ve got some pretty good ones. We got we still have a few keto recipes that we use but um, Not really on a keto diet anymore. We just try to stay We have four data plans right now she has one for her work that is through her company She has her own personal one. She uses we’ve did some research on and it’s called visible. It’s through Horizon you get unlimited data truly unlimited and the speeds are limited at five megabytes per Second which has been plenty. We can actually watch YouTube videos. Of course, you can’t watch it in a high quality Anything over? 480 or 720 p but we don’t have that now we use our hotspot through Verizon You don’t have to sign a contract or anything. It’s just Monthly pay five months and it’s forty dollars. It does limit you to Some areas where you get cell service, but you still get those yeah in there we’ve we’ve traveled from Texas to California in California to Nevada and there was only one little spot I’m gonna say probably Another thing we should mention is working. How do we work? I have to have more of a Designated desk area because I use two monitors for my work No half to I can just work off of a laptop but my particular work It is a lot easier to use two monitors on our traveling days. I’ve worked from a laptop She sits here at the dinner desk and I rotate from chair over by the TV One of those left top corners. Yeah And then I come to the kitchen table where I’m like two feet from her And then every once in a while in one of these chairs just to change it up a little bit It’s kind of funny though because sometimes a little you work in yet. Does it last Friday or something? Like hours went by and we hadn’t even talked to each other So focus and ingrained in our work is like like two feet from each other and we haven’t said a word for hours Time flies. I mean I I have an a dedicated Schedule that I have to abide by So, it’s Monday through Friday. I work 40 hours and Brian works that Plus And really it’s only the weekends that we have to be able to go Sightsee, yeah, do whatever you need to get even then we’re trying to do. That’s when we take all of our footage. Yeah so kind of working then to Actually, but it’s more enjoyable yeah because we work so much how to stay focus no Flexible like because we sit so much It’s really hard once you’re focused and ingrained in your work and you’re busy and time is flying by and it’s been like Three hours and you realize you having stood up That’s probably one of the biggest downfalls I’d say is because we we both are the same type we’ll just keep working and working and working and not so we’re trying to get better at that whether it’s just One person standing up and then saying to the other one. Okay, come on, you know like let’s stand up for a little bit Let’s you know do some Exercises get the blood flowing in I guess you could say that’s a challenge really is to try to stay Trying to stay healthy with our lifestyle from the weekends exercise You know, I know It’s hard to do a lot of outdoor activities can wintertime it’s too cold. Nobody wants to be outside much Summertime, it’s muggy Or when the temperatures noisy the windy and all over are the humidity is really high So there’s very few times when I mean a perfect. That’s how we we just didn’t careful the weather’s I Don’t know that was a squirrel moment That being said as far as working, I’m sure a lot of people have questions about working Is it hard to work from the home or when you’re in those views? Is it hard to work when you got all that going on? Yeah, it may be hard. But if your Medications ernight both are very dedicated We we can’t start something without finishing balance the three months that seemed like it went quickly But yet it seems like it’s been longer. I don’t know. Is that possible it went fast, but yeah, it seems longer So if anybody has any questions that we haven’t cover there, please by all means Make a comment down below in the comments section and wolf will answer you as soon as we can the main purpose of doing this is to Help others. We were inspired by other YouTube creators And we want to pay it forward do the same Pull over and get more vintage footage footage footage footage video footage of That’s a new word. You can say that when you go to the store and you’re gonna try something on get some footage That’s high and large We share oh man, I gotta to see if this still going we’ve about three minutes of this Quick exercises get the butt blood flow in and get the Buffalo get the buck flowin and No, you don’t You’ll edit that, right? Oh, we had a empty the tanks that reminds She’s Extremely afraid of bees It was a friendly one, otherwise your composure if you see me, I May get a black eye. Oh, yeah He’s on here, but just don’t move He is not. I don’t hear a buzzer coming back They blocked that for my brain anyway, such a time but It’s my train of thought there timeout a Ferrari or a Guinea this one boss Lime-green okay time in okay game on Gabe are the things that we have enjoyed so far Each other. Yes You stealing we are not frozen Anybody does that’s all folks Huh you guys tell us how do we end this? It’s always hard to end the video. Oh, thanks for watching know so Stay tuned or will they change? Or will you stay on the same path? Alright Until it’s for watching Is that all right, but subscribe follow us on facebook instagram twitter and Our website. Yeah go pages, we’ve got on there still part of it is under construction, but we’ve got Couple pages that are better live right now. So check it out and like she said I’m afraid of her. So I’m just telling you better. Do your asses subscribe

    Los Angeles Metro Behind the Scenes Tour: Traveling with Kids
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    Los Angeles Metro Behind the Scenes Tour: Traveling with Kids

    October 15, 2019

    [Stephen] Take your left hand, and press the close button. [Stephen] See. Now look to your left. [Stephen] Look to your left. [Stephen] Crank your head out and look to your left. [Stephen] Do you see any of the lights? Did they all turn off? [Stephen] That means all the doors are closed. I think, I think the train’s gonna move. [Stephen] No. Hehehe. Today we’re going behind the scenes at the Metro. We’re catching the Green Line to the Willowbrook Station. All aboard! I met Mr. Stephen who was waiting for us. He’s going to be our tour guide for the day. Our first stop is the Metro control center. I was greeted by a Metro police officer. We’re going in the building. I’m tapping Mr. Stephen’s tap card to go in. Oh look! There’s a picture of the Gold Line train! Mr. Stephen is telling me the history of Metro. [Stephen] In 1990, the Blue Line was the very first line to open. It’s today, it’s now, the second busiest light rail line in the entire country. Then we went to the rails operations room. We are at the Metro Control Center. This section is where the CCTV observers monitor the cameras in the stations. And this section is where the rail controllers keep the trains on time. Now I’m going to put on my Metro vest. We’re going to take the Blue Line to Downtown LA. Here comes the train. Then Mr. Stephen gave me a big surprise. Now I’m riding in front of the train. And the way we go. There are so many buttons for the engineer to press. We’re on the fast track to downtown. We have arrived at 7th Street/Metro Station. Mr. Stephen is showing me where the Regional Connector will be. Now we’re going on the Purple Line. We have arrived at Union Station. This man is driving us to the Red Line Train Yard. This is where they keep the trains. Now we’re going to the control tower. There’s a great view from up here. This man at the Train Yard Controls dispatches trains. And our tour continues. We’re at the Metro Red Line Yard. This is where they keep all the trains when they are not in service. This is where the trains get washed. This is what connects the trains together. Oh look! An Amtrak train is passing by. Now we’re going inside one of the trains. We’re at the cab of the Red Line. I’m going to press the whistle. (honk honk) I am turning the dead man’s switch. This train is going to service. It’s heading to North Hollywood. Now we’re at the shop. This is called The Pit, where they can work underneath the trains. This man is going to give us a tour of the shop. These are the wheels and the axis. And when you put them together, it’s called the truck. This machine makes the wheels round. The man presses a button, and it raised the train. And lastly I’m riding in the cab of the Red Line. Wheeee! Thank you Mr. Stephen for giving us a tour. I had so much fun going behind the scenes at the Metro. Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Visiting Disneyland Park via LA Metro (Disneyland Vlog): Look Who’s Traveling
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    Visiting Disneyland Park via LA Metro (Disneyland Vlog): Look Who’s Traveling

    October 14, 2019

    [Car screeching] We’re at the Fullerton Park and Ride, and today we’re taking the 460 bus to Disneyland. Here comes the bus. This is an 18 minute ride that cost only $1.75. It drops you right off in front of the park. $20 parking fee saved. Instead of going from the front entrance, we’ll be taking the Monorail in. We’re going through Downtown Disney. This is our third and final time using the SoCal 3-Day Pass. Today we’re going on rides that we didn’t go on the last time. Disneyland Monorail is a historic, high-speed “green” transportation system that rockets along a single rail throughout the Disneyland Resort. First we’re going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. This is the 50th anniversary of the swashbuckling attraction that sets sail on a voyage to a long-forgotten time, when pirates wrought havoc on the high seas. Watch out for the tentacles! Dad, you need to get a better camera so you can shoot in dark settings. Johnny Depp is sad because Pirates 5 bombed at the box office. Next is the Astro Orbiter. I’m piloting my very own rocket ship high in the sky above Tomorrowland amid a gleaming constellation of orbiting planets. Time for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. We’re going to journey by submarine through a subaquatic world populated by characters and settings from Disney·Pixar’s Finding Nemo. And here we go. Look, there’s a girl snorkeling. Why is there a fish inside the giant clam? Now we’re diving deeper into the ocean. Then we found Nemo and Dory. Then we encountered some eerie eels, an explosion, a scary fish, and a volcano. We’re returning to the surface. Click on the card to watch us ride in a real submarine in Hawaii. Now we’re going on Autopia. I’m driving my own car on an unforgettable road trip along this amazing miniature motorway. I’m going to try to pass this guy. This is probably my favorite ride of the day. What is your favorite ride at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments below. Tunnel approaching. Not bad for an Asian driver. Let’s check out the Star Wars Launch Bay. There are many movie props from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Hello BB8. Now we’re listening to the Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet. Next is the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. We’re going to watch Abraham Lincoln come to life through the magic of Audio-Animatronics. I wonder if Mr. Lincoln knows the true meaning of #covfefe? Fantasyland is next, and the first ride is Alice in Wonderland. Down the rabbit hole we go. We’re exploring the curiously wondrous world of Walt Disney’s animated classic aboard an oversized Caterpillar. This is getting too loud for me. I can’t wait to get out. Time for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. We’re zig zagging in a motorcar during a manic drive through the English countryside. This ride was too loud too. We’re watching Mickey and the Magical Map, a live musical show that takes you to exciting worlds of imagination! Finally it’s Mickey’s Toontown. First up, Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. I am steering and spininng a runaway taxicab through the wacky streets of Toontown. When are they going to update this ride from taxis to Uber? Now we’re going to Chip ‘n Dale Treehouse. This is the home of the nuttiest duo around. What a view from up here. Lastly we’re going inside Mickey’s house to meet Mickey. I’m watching a cartoon while waiting in line. Finally we got to meet the mouse himself, who didn’t talk to us because he’s not allowed to. We had so much fun at Disneyland, and we didn’t even get pooped on by geese. Purchase your tickets at Please hit the subscribe button so you won’t miss a video. Also like and share this episode with your friends.

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    October 14, 2019

    Thank you very much Please ride the train over there Hi guys! We’re finally here at Shin-Kanaya station Uhm… We’re waiting our train going to Senzu I think that’s the one the orange one We still have to wait for two hours and I’m so excited!! Hi guys! We just got our tickets But we still have an one to go So… yeah, we’re just waiting here and….. What’s cool about this place is that they have a small museum about steam trains and…. busy so cute! we’re here at Senzu
    – we’re here! yey we missed the train we didn’t realize the time since we were both hungry it took us time to finish our food so we’re gonna wait another an hour i think? or more and Jim went to the restroom and now I’m left alone He’s back! We’re coming! we’re going to transfer …
    – do you want to buy ice cream? ice cream!!! you want?
    – yes! Ice cream Ice cream!! there’s a long queue okay, never mind the line’s too long Thank you very much let’s go!
    – let’s go next train! one hour ride again but definitely worth the wait guys, the door is manually you need to open it by yourself so you can get off the train were stopped here in the middle of no where …and there’s a station its called Domoto Station I don’t know what you can do here but it’s cool and a bit scary like the movie ‘Wrong Turn’ this is also a platform of a station the putted another train a while ago to push us up because this train itself cant go uphill and since we reached the top they are going to detached it the one at the back say hi! were here!
    – Rainbow bridge Rainbow bridge this is actually the first Rainbow bridge in Japan how did it become a rainbow bridge? why do you think guys? cause I don’t know why Hi guys if you want to go….. somewhere… to relax this is the kind of place you should go you can relax in then nature you can walk around and burn fats too its better to go to these kind of places instead of malls – true hey at last! it took us …3 to 4 hours train ride right? yup it was a long ride but worth it guys try it next time super beautiful nature!!! – the trees are beautiful the trees are beautiful the water is beautiful the train is beautiful beautiful like me! its so high guys, this is the adventure you can call good for the health – oh my god can you see how long is that? youre going to climb that i mean, we’re going to climb that what are you doing? hey! can you help me? hiking guys were so tired are you okay? its good for your health …. but you cant do it just don’t cause it too tiring guys you see that? i quit. but i cant do anything no more since this is the only way we came from that bridge and now, we’re here on top can you imagine? I’m so tired! after hiking … a bit got a bit tired were lost in the middle of no where joke! guys
    – guys we’re st…. we’re in the middle of..
    – lost in the middle of no where no where we’re going back down there’s so many stairs oh my god the view is amazing guys. – picture me here! hey stop! -come on No!! i can climb down here No!! do you think you can jump down from here?
    – no? so you just let yourself get killed? how? for example some is trying to kill you and the only way to survive is when you jump then i have no choice but to jump okay guys, this is like our Japanese hotel… let’s go inside – is this really a hotel or a house? I’m not sure say hi! Hi!! We’re here at the hotel Our hotel is like a big house that has plenty of rooms and then they let customers stay like a hostel basically but as of now, we’re the only ones here this pillow is so hard Day 2! [singing] one hour -walk walk
    – an hour walk going to the suspension bridge yes! tunnel! its so cold in here
    – so cold I cant do this oh? lets go! we’re going to the suspension bridge, guys. 1.4km walk just to go to the bridge …and there’s a lot of people i think these people are waiting in line to cross the bridge because only 10 person at a time can cross the bridge I’m hungry guys. oh my god am i making people wait? the bridge is so shaky as in my grip is too tight I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay wooo! – your GoPro is empty bat huh? – low bat – are you okay? wait, wait, wait. we’re done with the bridge now we have to climb … 304 stairs going up okay [ Japanese ]
    we have to climb 304 stairs [ Japanese ]
    for us to go back on top [ Japanese ]
    and I’m getting really, really tired. hi little one you can do it look over there I’m tired did you count how many stairs we climbed?
    – no i didnt rest time tired. lets go this is what you call a walk to remember you’re gonna remember this place and never come back My partner left me I think we could see the hanging bridge from there yeah we’re back on this coldest tunnel i know right wow, your really into this vlogger mode today – stabilizer stabilizer! go by! were almost there were going back to the town were going to eat some delicious Soba walking back is so tiring yes! I’m so hungry this is the coldest tunnel I’ve ever been what do you call these? Thank you very much please change it to 500 yen coin here’s your change
    thank you food trip! getting our tickets going home 800 yen for one total of 1,600 yen sky diving next sky diving next if i go insane okay, aren’t you done yet? – I cant get the tunes I can only play it until there Platform number 1 Thank you very much We’re on the train again going back to Shin-Kanaya going home – going home sad. wake up [ See you again ] [ Welcome back ] Thank you very much standing ovation Shinkansen! going home – going home did you enjoy our trip? – of course I did next time again Bye