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    S. Korean researchers develop method of powering trains wirelessly

    December 10, 2019

    South Korean researchers have recently
    developed a way to run train so more or less electricity now this method would
    use only 30% of the energy trains need currently and could be applied to
    Korea’s high-speed trains as soon as in 2022 our joseon reports wireless
    charging technology has changed the way we use our electronic gadgets now it’s
    found its way into transportation thanks to researchers at the Korea railroad
    Research Institute who succeeded in applying the technology to trains the
    developers have built wire free electromagnetic rails and trains that
    run on them have devices that automatically collect and harness the
    energy the devices use batteries that deliver the electricity needed to propel
    the train forward and they store any power left over using this method the
    developers were able to operate the Train at a maximum speed of 50
    kilometers per hour plus it only uses 30 percent of the energy needed by existing
    trains the train takes energy from the rails when leaving a station saving its
    battery power in those intervals so there’s no power leakages when the train
    stops the power doesn’t run out even though it makes the whole trip it also
    costs less to install the technology since it doesn’t need wires or other
    infrastructure developers say if applied to Subway’s it could reduce tunnel costs
    by 5% we could drastically cut down the cost of building tunnels for the subway
    since we wouldn’t need any wires this technology will take the railroad
    business to another level researchers will continue polishing the technology
    before applying it to high-speed trains including the KTX starting in 2022 total
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    Clarence Falls in Love with Miami’s Metromover

    December 8, 2019

    Hey everybody, I am in Miami and I have discovered Metromover So what do I like about it first of all, it’s free and I’ve been on it dozens of times already They are small tiny cars. They come often. They’re usually very clean. It’s controlled by robots So there’s no physical driver in the pods It’s twisty and turny and really kind of fun I have a three-year-old and sometimes he gets his train sets out and designs the Coolest little loops to play on and in a way this reminds me of it It arcs through the sky You can shoot some of the greatest footage Of the city from it. As a filmmaker you appreciate some of the unique angles you can get that you normally don’t get Now more than willing to admit the cars and the whole system looks like something out of a Logan’s Run movie Or a 70’s 80’s science-fiction film Or I’ve never come to take the system and found it broken down and that some people complain the stations are less than a minute apart All these things I realize are true, but there’s a certain charm in this system I’ve never ridden anything like it anywhere and I am in love with it

    RTL Aktuell: G2K Maximizes Security at German Railway Stations  – Interview: Karsten Neugebauer
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    RTL Aktuell: G2K Maximizes Security at German Railway Stations – Interview: Karsten Neugebauer

    December 4, 2019

    How safe are German railway stations? This discussion has intensified since the last 6 weeks. End of July, a man had pushed a child in front of an arriving train at Frankfurt main station. The child died. Could early warning systems prevent this? Minister of the Interior Seehofer discussed the matter today with representatives of the German Railway. The technology for it already exists. Frankfurt Central Station this morning. Commuters, travellers, trains going in and out. Only six weeks ago, an eight-year-old boy dies here because a psychologically disturbed man pushes him onto the tracks. Since then, many passengers have become insecure. When I see my grandchildren, I often think of the disaster. I now find myself staying a little more behind when a train comes in. So far, however, not much has happened at railway stations. Minister of the Interior Seehofer meets today with representatives of the German Railway to discuss new safety concepts. We will discuss how we can prevent such incidents by more video surveillance and more technical security on the platforms. The technology already exists. This safety system detects situations that are or could become dangerous. This can be suspicious behavior, such as vandalism, i.e. someone walks over a platform and kicks against the garbage cans. Or someone has been loitering on the station premises for some time. The system e.g. detects a weapon and sounds an alarm, the same with a person who has been pushed into the track bed. In fractions of a second, an emergency brake can be initiated to prevent accidents like the one in Frankfurt. I assume that we could have detected and prevented this with a probability of over 90%. The system is currently being tested. In addition, it is discussed to open platforms only after the train has stopped. Tomorrow Seehofer wants to inform about first measures.

    Metro tests a new subway security system
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    Metro tests a new subway security system

    December 4, 2019

    – Every day thousands of people take the
    Metro, and to keep the passengers safe, the Transportation Security Administration partnered with the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority to test a new high-tech passenger screening technology. – It’s designed to detect weapons that may
    be concealed in riders’ clothing, such as suicide vests, improvised explosive
    devices or weapons. – And this is how it works… – We have a portable screening device that will measure the waves that a body naturally
    emits as customers are coming into the station itself. So if they spot an
    anomaly, the people that are monitoring the laptop computers can call upon law
    enforcement to provide an additional screening to see if that person does in
    fact have an item that could be potentially an explosive or a weapon. The technology is non-invasive. In other words, it screens passengers remotely as they walk in or
    out of the metro station. With a plant, it was put to the test. – So as you can see, we
    have this individual coming down the escalator right now and she’s gonna
    approach this black box, which is generated by the technology. It’s gonna
    end up doing a full-body scan of her as she enters that box and we have a lot of
    passengers coming out of the station right now but you can see in the middle
    of her abdomen area is a black bulky item. That’s a cue to law enforcement
    that they need to follow an established protocol to determine what that is, if
    that’s a threat to the system. -The technology generates a generic avatar of the person that looks like a ghost with a black spot in the area of the body
    where a potentially dangerous item is concealed. No radiation of any kind is
    emitted by the unit and no anatomical details are displayed. – So it’s an extra layer of protection that is added to what we are already doing. – This obviously
    kind of makes me feel a little bit better. – This test in addition to previous
    tests that we’ve done are really helping us keep our eye on the technology
    and help us to make sure that we’re employing the right technology that’s
    going to keep our customer safe in the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the Purple Line
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    Happy Thanksgiving from the Purple Line

    December 2, 2019

    I’m thankful for another year of life I’m thankful for being a part of this project and being with the Purple Line And thankful for being with my family this year. And have a great Thanksgiving I’m thankful for my health, my family and for the opportunity to work for the Purple Line. I want to thank God for the project, for my job, for life, for my family, for another year. May God continue to bless me. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving! On this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for all the men and women who work on the Purple Line for keeping the project safe for all the traveling public and their families. I’m thankful for working for Purple Line. This is my second family, so I’m thankful for working with them. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    November 28, 2019

    We are in Hong Kong ! near South Horizons subway station And we are going to do the world’s longest journey by metro. If you have already crossed Paris from east to west with Line 9, it’s long, isn’t it ? Here, it will be way longer ! CHINESE CURIOSITIES THE WORLD’S LONGEST SUBWAY JOURNEY We start from an island south of Hong Kong we’re going to use the same transport as a person crossing a neighbourhood or going to the next neighbourhood The world’s longest subway journey means the world’s largest city. that’s what’s happening in Guangdong province huge cities are developing their metro systems one by one when these cities are side by side the metro lines merge it is therefore possible to cross the entire region by metro This morning we start from here oh no ! and we’re going up to Futian Checkpoint That region is becoming the largest urban agglomeration in the world surpassing Tokyo, Japan The urban grid is dense our next destination is Shenzhen then we’ll go to Foshan via Canton and Dongguan We are quickly crossing Hong Kong Hong Kong’s transport is very efficient 80% of the population rely on it everyday To switch from one system to another, from HK to the city of Shenzhen in mainland China we need to cross a border. Then we will reach the Shenzhen metro system. We’re crossing a border in the same country. Let’s go ! Here we are in the Shenzhen subway system security guards pass through the trains. People use Chinese social networks that I don’t know at all In HK people use Instagram, WhatsApp… Beijing is the old city Shanghai is the adult city and Shenzhen is the teenager city that is developing at high speed Shenzhen is increasingly attracting the financial world It is a city that will surpass HK in the coming years For example, this brand new CBD, under construction built on reclaimed land everything will open at the same time there. The line 11 has a business class coach, when you go to 123 stations by subway might take the opportunity to do some of them in business class It’s amazing, we are in the same subway but there you can see the crowded train and here the business class passengers ! The Line 11 links the airport to the city center A business class coach avoid building an airport line so that those who fly do not disturb everyday travellers This mega city is also connected to the rest of the world by 3 state of the art international airports. We finished with the Shenzhen subway. 24 yuans, 3,42 USD for this business class trip. the line that connects to Dongguan metro is still under construction We may have to take the bus. I should have waited a year before making this film…. It’s pretty rough, huh? Dongguan, a city renowned for its industries there are factories all over Dongguan In the future, several lines will go down to Shenzhen We are very far from the centre of Canton We’re going to take the line… watch out… The line 21 ! The journey is very long We start from there We have to go there ! Guangzhou Metro is crazy. In a few years only, they built hundreds of kilometers of tunnels Sometimes very far from the city center It’s pleasant and easy to move with those lines, as easy as in the city center, especially here in the countryside. Metros are partly financed by the Rail+Property method The construction of new lines increases the value of land around stations on which the Metro company already owns Last transfer to reach Foshan ! I’m tired, it’s been two days I’m in the Metro ! That’s it! 124 stations! If we had to return to the starting point we would have to drive 3 hours on the highway We may be crossing the future largest megacity In the future, we will hear about what is happening here! CHINESE CURIOSITIES A WEB SHOW BY MATTEO MARTINO ALL THE EPISODES AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE

    * THE FLAM RAILWAY * | Trains For Kids | Things That Go TV!
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    * THE FLAM RAILWAY * | Trains For Kids | Things That Go TV!

    November 28, 2019

    Hi everyone.
    Today we are in the mountains. And what slides through the mountains like a snake? A Train does! And there is a train station, and look there
    is the train. And away it goes. A BIG GREEN train.
    Along the rail, and past a little village. The green train gently begins to climb the
    mountain. Looking out the window is fun. Now you can
    see the village way down in the valley below! The train winds through the mountains — higher and higher it goes! Where do you think it is off to? Over the river now and past a waterfall. There are LOTS of people on the train. All
    of them are looking out the window to see the beautiful countryside. Would you like
    to be on this train too? High up in the mountains there aren’t many
    buildings or cars – just the green train. Ahead is a tunnel! Is the train going to go
    into the tunnel? Yes in it goes. To the right, you can see out of the tunnel
    to the valley below. TOOT TOOT as the train is comes out of the Tunnel! There goes the conductor, checking the tickets.
    Looks like we have a quick stop, what’s this? What a pretty waterfall! The train is on the move again. Climbing high up in the mountains once more.
    It looks very small against the big mountain. I think we can see our destination.
    The green train pulls into the train station, high up on the mountain. Everyone unloads their gear; some of the people have bicycles. While others are getting on the train now, to catch it down to the bottom.
    Do you think they want to see the pretty countryside and waterfall too? The train is off once more. Bye bye train bye bye boys and girls.

    Station Focus | Rideau (O-Train Line 1)
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    Station Focus | Rideau (O-Train Line 1)

    November 26, 2019

    Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today,
    we’re going back up to Ottawa to check out Rideau Station, a central station on the O-Train
    Confederation Line tunnel. Rideau is the Easternmost station on the O-Train’s
    downtown tunnel and is also the deepest station in the entire system, sitting under the CF
    Rideau Centre and Ottawa’s iconic Rideau Canal. Let’s take a look at what makes this station
    so special. [Intro] Before we get into today’s video, I wanted
    to tell you about our Ko-fi creator page. Buying us a coffee or a transit token on Ko-fi
    is a great way to help support us in making new videos for you guys, and you can also
    commission us over there if you would like to see a certain video being made! Also, we’ve got a PO Box! If you would like
    to send us anything such as your transit cards or any other fanmail, please send it to this
    address using your national mail service, and we’ll open it up in the next episode of
    Catching Up with Reece in December! Now, back to the scheduled content. Located deep under Rideau Street just North
    of the CF Rideau Centre, Rideau Station is a deep underground station located 26.5 meters
    or roughly 7 and a half stories underground. The station is the second busiest in the entire
    OC Transpo System owing to the numerous attractions and workplaces nearby such as the CF Rideau
    Centre, the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, the temporary Senate located in Ottawa’s old central
    train station, and the National Art Gallery among others. This is definitely one of the stations you’ll
    be using quite often to see the sights if you’re visiting Ottawa as a tourist. Arriving at the station on its side platform,
    we take into view a long concourse that looks very similar to the other two underground
    stations on the line, one of them being Lyon, which we visited before — you can check
    out that video in the description. The platforms are quite wide: enough to handle
    the heavy passenger flow through the station, and equipped with standard platform amenities
    such as a transecure waiting area, tactile ground indicators, and lots of good vertical
    access. Definitely not the worst place to wait for
    a train, and to look at these beautiful Alstom Citadis trains, even if they have been experiencing
    some problems. And if you look up, you’ll see the ceiling
    opens up to show the two different concourses of the station, which we’ll check out after
    this. [Music] As we’ve already seen, the station actually
    has two concourses on either end of its platforms, one on the east connecting to the William
    Street/Byward Market entrance, and the west side concourse connecting with the two entrances
    in the CF Rideau Centre, which is our next destination. Heading up to the west concourse, we can see
    the blue color scheme of the station running through the walls and ceilings here, as well
    as on the walls down below at platform level: I really love this detail in all of the downtown
    Confederation line stations. This is where you’ll be able to find a part
    of the first art piece of the station: This glass screen overlooking the platform
    below, along with its counterpart on the other concourse, together make up FLOW/FLOTS, an
    art piece by Geneviève Cadieux, giving a unique flair to an otherwise pretty standard
    concourse. And although we weren’t able to get footage
    of it, there is also another art piece in the station by Toronto artist Jim Verburg
    titled The shape this takes to get to that, which is a set of murals on the walls of the
    staircases. Each of the concourses are of course equipped
    with lots of Presto fare gates, as well as Presto machines and maps right nearby for
    convenient access. [Music] But on this west concourse is something quite
    different and unique to it even in the whole system, and that is this long corridor right
    here. This is an exhibition area called “Corridor
    45/75”, comprised of glass display cases along this 25 metre long corridor. The 45 and 75 comes from the longitude and
    latitude of the city, a pretty neat way of naming a unique existence in the system. [Music] Walking down the corridor, and we soon arrive
    at a set of stairs and escalators connecting us to the CF Rideau shopping centre above. Fun fact: This is actually Canada’s longest
    escalator with 181 steps, beating out Toronto’s York Mills station by 33 steps, and it really
    looms over you with its presence. [Music] After passing through a set of doors, we take
    another set of escalators up, thankfully much shorter this time, and arrive inside of the
    shopping mall. There are two entrances to the station here
    at one of the main shopping malls of the region, one closer to Rideau Street at the intersection
    with Sussex Drive, and another inside the mall near the Shoppers Drug Mart. Outside on Rideau Street, this busy thoroughfare
    is occupied by pedestrians and cars, but most importantly by the litany of buses traveling
    through the corridor, with more than ten routes serving the station at one of 4 bus stops. [Music] And across the street further to the east
    is where you’ll find the last entrance of the station, fit snugly beside a Scotiabank
    on William Street, right where the Byward Market area begins. This east entrance and concourse of the station
    doesn’t have any fancy exhibits or long elevators, but it is more spacious, and has
    the same beautiful glass screen overlooking the platform, great for some casual trainspotting. [Music] Alright guys, that’s about it for our short
    tour of Rideau station, which has definitely claimed one of the central spots on the O-Train
    Line 1 roster of stations, and is a great place to visit in its own right, if not for
    all the different sights to see around. Like, subscribe, and leave a comment down
    below to tell us what you think about Rideau station, and what your favourite station on
    the Confederation Line is. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and support
    us on Ko-Fi if you’d like to help us keep making great videos. Thanks for watching guys, and we’ll see
    you in the next one! [Music]