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    Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Erin
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    Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Erin

    February 13, 2020

    Hi, I’m Erin and I’m the Communications
    and Stakeholder Relations Graduate. What attracted me to the Grad Program was
    the idea of working on a live project. It’s definitely something
    different and definitely gave this program an edge, particularly from a
    comms perspective. Working for the Metro Tunnel and on the wider rail project, it’s just really exciting, like every day is different, everything chops and change
    so quickly working for government and sometimes it’s challenging and sometimes
    it’s frustrating, but mostly it’s really enjoyable. At the moment I’m working
    in the Regional Rail Revival team so with the regional rail it’s a bit
    different, I get to work a lot more cross-functionally with the team so a
    lot more kind of just project support as opposed to being pigeon-holed into a
    role, and then next rotation I’m hoping to move into the marketing team
    to do a bit on the tunnel. My biggest takeaway so far is kind of
    how large the project is you kind of think of it as this big engineering-based
    organisation but there are so many other parts to that. The best part of the program for me so far is probably just the kind of different
    people you get to work with. I think there’s not many situations or many work
    environments where you’re working with engineers, lawyers, accountants,
    program managers, roles that I didn’t even know existed before coming
    into this and I think especially from comms that’s a really rare occurrence
    in the workplace and that’s really fun. For any grad considering this program
    I’d really think about why you want to work for a government
    organisation and how you think that this will kind of propel your career. For me I
    really like working in government and I see myself staying within the public
    service sector for a while, so if you want to be in that sector this
    is a great really great place to start. As well as if you want to get a chance
    to kind of do a lot of different things this program’s definitely for you, with
    the rotation base it gives you the opportunity to do that.

    HS2: Boris Johnson gives go-ahead to high-speed rail project
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    HS2: Boris Johnson gives go-ahead to high-speed rail project

    February 12, 2020

    So today, Mr Speaker, the cabinet
    has given high-speed rail the green signal. We are going to get this done
    and to ensure that we do so without further blow outs on either cost
    or schedule, we are today taking decisive action to restore discipline
    to the program. I will be appointing a minister whose
    full time job will be to oversee the project. A new ministerial oversight group will be
    tasked with taking strategic decisions about it. There will be changes to the way HS2
    is managed. We will, in line with Mr Oakervee’s
    recommendations be interrogating the current costs to identify where savings
    can be made in phase one without the costs and delays that would
    be associated with a detailed redesign. Some have suggested delaying or even
    cancelling HS2 in order to get Northern Powerhouse rail done more quickly. But I want to say to you, Mr. Speaker,
    to the House, this is not an either or proposition. – Hear hear. Both are needed and both will be built
    as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. And to make sure that happens,
    we will, working closely with northern leaders, explore options for creating a new delivery
    vehicle for Northern Powerhouse rail, and we will start treating HS2,
    north of Birmingham, Northern Powerhouse Rail and other
    local rail improvements as part of one integrated master plan,
    high-speed north. Once again, we see the government taking
    ideas from the Labour party, [laughter] adopting language but falling very long,
    way short on the substance of it. Today, the Prime Minister is selling his
    announcement as a prize for parts of the midlands and north. I simply tell him this: people in those regions
    to whom he promised so much in the general election are going to be
    sorely disappointed when they see what actually happens. Take HS2 for example. The Labour party supports HS2 as a
    means to boost regional economies and reducing climate emissions. It’s essential for boosting rail capacity
    and freeing up other lines for increased freight use, etcetera. But we don’t see why the government
    should get a slap on the back for announcing it’s going ahead. After all, it’s only because of the abject
    failure of successive Conservative governments to keep on top of the costs that the
    project’s future was put in doubt in the first place.

    Getting banned on Stepford County Railway
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    Getting banned on Stepford County Railway

    February 9, 2020

    [intro music] [ECOSCRATCHER is displayed] [Intro music continues] [SCR Trolling is displayed] [Please turn on Closed Captions for commentary is displayed] SCRTrackwalker has materialized into the cruel world known as Stepford County Railway He is now displayed running away from the ruins of Stepford Town (side note, the video is sped up 5x) There are some HRs here which are Al_Vids, RailDesign, Thewelsh1 and Mattyx2013. Some of them would definitely not ban me, the rest probably will be flexing their powers. And we get killed for no particular reason. Note down admin abuse. I then run away from Newry, not knowing what to do next And Then I Die Again (TM). Note down again more admin abuse I then spawn at Benton, hurrying away from the crowds below, presumably waiting for a train to Winstree Maybe they realised the truth and stopped watching me? Well that was predictable, wasn’t it [You were kicked from this game: trackwalking] (And no, as you have clearly seen I was not trackwalking) Rejoined the same server. Decided to spawn at West Benton because it was Matty’s place and was fitting because he was (still!) here. I also asked why I was kicked in chat, to seek no answer. I was bored so I decided to explore the bare shell of West Benton Station OH [censored for monetization] IT’S [censored for monetization] MATTY! I now decided to run away Matty, who has switched to Security, has found me. I run around in circles, desperate to escape And here I am at Greenslade. Whatever gets swung on me, I cannot fight against. And I now run into the field [footage then cuts of suddenly, thanks editing program] GG SCR! (unfortunately, editing software wanted to cut the actual ban out, link for the bean in the description) Just screenshotting this… just to check because they might not pban you which is odd because they always pban you DUN DUN BANG BANG thanks y’all enjoy my outro


    Ballarat Line Upgrade’s Women in Construction program

    February 9, 2020

    I am an apprentice in civil construction, labouring with Coleman Rail, here on the Ballarat Line Upgrade. Been in employment services, recruitment, HR, social procurement side I totally changed my career and became a blue-collar worker at the age of 50 champion for women on the Women in Construction Program on the Ballarat Line Upgrade and
    absolutely loving it. I come from a background of working in the courts so pretty much in the office in high heels so when I was asked to do this position
    I didn’t really think I could do it I’ve been here for four months now and yeah I don’t think I’d go back to an office now I love it, except the early starts I’m
    not gonna lie that’s not easy! In school I thought I wanted to be a mechanic so I did mechanics and then I did panel beating and then you know as I got older, I learnt more and more about construction and it’s just so much fun,
    just playing in the dirt. I’m lucky that Coleman Rail and a lot of the other
    employers on the Ballarat Line Upgrade are looking at adapting the workplace that women can be part of it and what we can do and what we’re going to be good at. The boys actually like it, because they say it just changes the dynamics up a bit. Just having that mix, makes so much difference to the whole
    environment I think it’s good for everyone. One of the things I love is
    that I come here and I learn and everyday is different. A lot of women coming into more the engineering side which is fantastic, but there’s also the opportunities as the labourers and being the machine
    operators getting into the safety side that sort of thing that I think a lot of our young women are unaware of. You’ve got to start somewhere
    so just get in there and do it that’s what I say. Honestly if you think you
    can’t do this you can, a hundred percent. Just give it a go keep the right
    attitude and you’d be able to do this. These young girls are going to be aware that, if they want to work on the line, they can we’re breaking the barriers for
    them so they need to step up and start applying. Authorised by Victorian Government 1
    Treasury Place Melbourne.

    Australia’s first fully accessible railway
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    Australia’s first fully accessible railway

    February 8, 2020

    Sydney Metro –
    it’s a whole new way to move and it’s fully accessible
    so everyone can use it, whether you’ve got luggage,
    a bike, prams or a wheelchair. For the vision impaired, there’s
    tactile flooring at stations and braille on help points. And with level access
    between platforms and trains, getting on and off is easy. Our customer journey coordinators
    are always available and help points are also there
    for assistance. And if you need extra help
    moving from train to train, simply use the video help point
    located at each station to ask the control centre team
    for assistance. Find out more at


    STEM education program supported by Ballarat Line Upgrade

    February 6, 2020

    I’m here at Melton South primary school
    we’ve been using I guess train-themed activities to be able to build some
    knowledge around how the train works so the infrastructure, the signaling, the
    controls. So to do that we’ve actually been using Ozobots which is a very small
    robot. This sort of program creates an opportunity to work with the local
    schools give children exposure to the type of career opportunities that they
    may not have had sort of the exposure to so that STEM program is one that we can
    align with very naturally. Rail Projects Victoria is working on the
    Cobblebank Station which is part of the Ballarat upgrade and culminating in the
    opening of the station we wanted to engage with the school that’s closest to
    Cobblebank Station, and that’s Melton South Primary School. When the opportunity came up it was like “yes we want to be a part of that” They haven’t had a STEM program, so this year the grade fives and sixes have been involved in
    STEM so STEM being so hands-on it will definitely benefit the type of children
    we have here hands-on learning, really super engaging, life-based skills.


    Job Done: Track Renewals

    February 6, 2020

    With railway track
    stretching up and down the country, from Thurso to Penzance, it’s important to keep it in tip
    top condition. But with the network busier than it’s ever been, closing down tracks for
    repairs can cause disruption for passengers. That’s why we’ve got
    state-of-the-art tech that can, in the space of one
    night, replace up to a mile of track whilst still keeping the line
    next door open for services. The track renewal train arrives
    and transforms into a factory. Old rail is safely removed, as
    are the old sleepers, which are carried away for recycling. We make sure the ground is leveled
    before brand new sleepers are lifted in and shiny new rails laid on top.
    The new track is then firmly secured while specialised
    machines lower it into the right position. Engineers then double
    check everything’s where it should be before we
    make sure it’s stabilised and ready for trains. The factory then folds up
    securely and it’s on to the next job.