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    Trams in Prague
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    Trams in Prague

    February 1, 2020

    Tatra T3R.P double-set in Újezd A Ringhoffer motorcar from 1930 and a trailer from 1920 (also a Ringhoffer), on the museum line 41, near Národní divadlo. One of the most interesting “tram spots” in the city is this interwoven section near Malostranské náměstí, where trams traverse between and under houses. The train consists of a low-floor mid-section T3R.PLF and a normal (high-floor) T3R.P. And that’s a Škoda 15T from 2015. 15T meeting at Národní divadlo (National Theater). These sport the new livery, with white instead of silver under the window … … but the yellow nose is a more distinctive feature of them 🙂 Another “yellow-nose”, this time in Vodičkova. Once again a T3R.PLF + T3R.P train, at Újezd. And this is a 1915 Ringhoffer motor car. Here’s another T3R.PLF + T3R.P assembly. And now a pure T3R.P + T3R.P assembly! The End 🙂


    a suitcase, the tramway and archiTEXTURE

    November 6, 2019

    “I was supposed to get shot dead this morning at 6, but since I’ve got a good lawyer, the platoon won’t be here until 6:30am” – Woody Allen “I’ve never fallen inlove. There was always too many of us.” “Smoking kills.
    If you get killed, you lose a huge part of your life” – Brooke Shields Kiss me ! (It stings a bit. Close your eyes and think about your nan) Kiss me again ! (And if you’re really at ease, you can :
    – get UV tanned with me
    – call me daddy
    – walk me on a leash) “In sickness and health, till diabetes do us part” WOAH THAT’S WAY TOO LONG TO TRANSLATE I’M SORRY, plus there are too many french puns i just can’t deal with it now lol

    1000. VİDEO ÖZEL!
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    1000. VİDEO ÖZEL!

    November 5, 2019

    Hello Everybody, I am Orkun! There is a challenge abroad, called “Race The Subway”. In this challenge, after you get off the tube, you start running and trying to catch it at next station. And I will try this in Istanbul. One minute and one second. I can’t catch the tube in a minute and a second. There is just no way. Our train is much more faster than the other train in that “Race the subway” challange video. So, it will be more hard to do. I’m starting right now! I will wait a bit front of the door and will start after the door is closed. Yeah come on. I’ll wait a little bit in front of the door. I’ll get out when the door is closed. I won’t get out as soon as it opens. I will let other people go first. Come on, I’m going. I’m standing here. Run Run! Is he coming? This was much difficult than I expected. Oh, I feel dizzy. That was so fun. I never thought I could catch the train! Yes, here we come to the end of this video. If you like the video prees on like button and if you’re still not subscribed to my channell, don’t forget to subscribe below. See you all in next video. Goodbye. Subtitle:Mehmet Durmuş
    “Subtitles by” “Seyyahun” pleace check my channell too. Thnx.

    World famous BEST BUSES in Mumbai ||  Public Transport History
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    World famous BEST BUSES in Mumbai || Public Transport History

    October 23, 2019

    The Bombay Tramway Company Limited was formally set up in 1873. We can say it provides a systematic gateway to transportation in Mumbai city. . The Government of Mumbai enacted the Bombay Tramways Act, 1874, under which the Company was licenced to run a tramway service in the city. The tram-cars were drawn by horses in these days. In 1905, it became The Bombay Electric Supply & Tramways Company Limited. As regards The supply of electrical energy started by erecting its own generating station with a total capacity of 4,300 KW. Soon the Company operated Electricity powered tram-car in Mumbai’s roads in 1907. The passing years aggravated the problem of rush-hour traffic and to ease the situation, double decker trams were introduced in September, 1920. As Mumbai city population growing with exponential rate so Company introduced Bus service in the city. Mumbai saw its first bus run on 15th July, 1926. For several years, it was looked upon as transport for the upper middle classes. As those were the days when the tram was the poor man’s transport carried one all the way from Sassoon Dock to Dadar for a mere Anaa and a half, that was nine Paise at that time . The bus fare for the same journey was four annas, that is 25 paise. Later, the Company extended its bus services to the northern part of the city in 1934. Also double decker buses were introduced in 1937 in order to cope better with the growing traffic. In the days of Independence Brihan Mumbai Mahanagarpalika acquired B.E.S & T Company Ltd on 7th August,1947, the assets of the combined Undertaking, namely the operation of tramways, distribution of electricity in the city as well as operation of the bus services. Thus, It became the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company after its municipalisation. Now it know as Brihan Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking, popularly known as ‘BEST. When the BMC took over the Company in 1947, there were 242 buses in operation on 23 routes and these buses carried 2.38 lakh passengers per day. In earlier years 2011-12 there was the time where BEST have 4700 buses. and had served 45 lakhs passengers per day But nowadays it came down to 3337 buses and 28 lakhs passengers in a day. If you are Interested to know more about B.E.S.T then You can visit The B.E.S.T museum. Which is situated at the third floor of Anik Bus Depot at Wadala and refreshes the memories of BEST history until now. This museum gives us the highlights of various stages through which the city’s transport system evolved. Things to see in Museum: Old bus tickets collection various miniature models Display of Vintage buses from the horse pull Trams to Double Decker buses until now. Every vehicle which used under BEST you can see there There is no entry fee so you can visit there and enjoy the History of Glorious BEST If we talk about Bollywood then we going to realise that b.e.s.t. played A Remarkable role at certain Times. So many movies of Bollywood cannot be enjoyed their best without the role of B.E.S.T. in these films. I am naming 2-3 movies here. Choti si Baat – A movie of 1976 Shaan – A movie of 1980 102 not out- A recent movie of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor If these movies didn’t have the part of B.E.S.T. then we will not going experience the best of these movies BEST also gave the historic actor Johny Walker. Who played a important role in Bollywood history.