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    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!
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    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!

    January 17, 2020

    The UPS guy brought me something interesting today. It’s a very inexpensive G scale model train set.
    One of my YouTube viewers told me about it. Now, if you were to buy a G scale starter
    set from a company like LGB… That would typically set you back three or four
    hundred dollars, but this set was under a hundred. That’s so cheap, I figured what the heck!
    Let’s just order one I’ll make
    a video about it for YouTube. But there is, of course, a catch.
    In fact, there’s several catches! So, let’s just unbox it. We’ll take a look at it
    and see what kind of compromises that they had
    to make to get the price under $100. This is a Polar Express train set.
    You know, the classic Christmas story…
    started as a book in 1985… And then became an animated
    movie with Tom Hanks in 2004. Now I’m pretty sure that Lionel didn’t design
    this for a 60 year old guy like me to add to
    his collection of G scale model trains. I think the idea was more that a 60 year old guy like me
    would buy it for his four-year-old grandchild as a way
    to introduce them into model trains. I didn’t even know that Lionel made G-scale stuff at all.
    I thought they were just in to O and HO. But since they say that this is G scale,
    I’m hoping that I can get it to run on my big layout… That’s made up of LGB-brand metal track.
    Let’s see if it works! So, what comes in the box is the locomotive and
    a tender, and then two of these passenger cars… A remote control to operate it,
    and a whole bunch of this plastic track. Now this is one of the big compromises
    that they’ve made.
    It’s plastic. It doesn’t conduct electricity. This kind of locomotive doesn’t get
    electricity through the rails like a
    normal G scale train would get. This has a bunch of batteries inside of it.
    Six C cell batteries to run it… And then two more AA batteries in the
    remote control to operate that. So, it’s not getting power through the track
    like a regular G-scale locomotive would. Now, speaking of regular G-scale locomotives, OK… This may look good here by itself,
    but when you put it up against a
    real LGB-brand G-scale locomotive… You can see that we’re talking
    about a big difference in size. And I don’t know if it comes across on camera,
    but a huge difference in quality. As you would expect…
    This being a hundred dollar set,
    and this being about a $900 locomotive on its own. But this is like toy quality,
    and this is the genuine article right here. But the question that’s killing me…
    and especially more so now that I see
    the size difference between these two locomotives… They say that this is a G-scale set.
    I’m really wondering…
    Is this going to run on my LGB track?
    Let’s find out! Here’s the locomotive.
    Let me line it up with the track. Oh no!
    Oh, it looked good on this side
    when I lined this side up. But it is totally hanging off the side over here. This is not standard G scale width.
    This is wider than regular G-scale. It doesn’t fit on that track.
    So, I’m not going to be able to lay my…
    I’ve got hundreds of feet of LGB track… I’m not going to be able to
    run this on that.
    It’s… it’s just a different size. That is a big problem, because I was really hoping
    to be able to run this under battery power
    on all my existing track. So, now I’m going to have to
    put this plastic track together
    and run it as a whole separate thing… Independent from the rest of my G-scale stuff.
    That’s too bad, and that’s a disappointment. OK, I’ve got it all set up.
    We’re going to make it work. The true test for me of whether
    something is designed well… Is whether you can make it work without reading
    the owner’s manual and without any tools. And unfortunately, this failed on both counts.
    I needed a Phillips screwdriver… To be able to open the battery compartment on
    the locomotive and also to be able to open the
    battery compartment on the remote control. And the other thing was
    I couldn’t figure out how the batteries
    went into the locomotive. So, I did have to read the owner’s manual
    to figure that out. So, that was a fail there. But now it should be all set to go.
    So, we’re going to power it on. There’s a power switch on the locomotive itself,
    and also on the remote control. If you turn on the power switch on the locomotive,
    it beeps like that until you turn on
    the power switch on the remote control. Now, the fun part! OK, on the remote you’ve got some controls. (bell clangs) A bell. Nice sound effects! (steam whistle blows) A steam whistle.
    Another good sound effect! And check this out! (Conductor announcement)
    That’s fun. Now we can either turn it to forward or to reverse. And there’s not enough room on my kitchen table here
    to make a full loop… So, I hope it’s very responsive after I start it and
    then try to stop it before it runs off the end of the table. (Sound of steam train chugging) OH! (laughing)
    For a minute there, I thought it was going
    to go right off the end! When I turned it to off,
    it didn’t immediately stop.
    But it stopped in time. All right, here’s reverse. (sound of steam train chugging) Nice steam train sounds there.
    All right, so I like that. So, I guess the next step is we’ll set it up on the floor.
    I’ll use all the track that came with the set. It’s enough track to go around
    a Christmas tree at Christmas time.
    I’m pretty sure that’s what the whole point is. (Conductor announcement)
    THIS IS THE POLAR EXPRESS! (sound of steam train chugging and whistle blowing) Even though I’m disappointed that I can’t run
    this supposed G-scale train on my
    existing G-scale tracks… I have to admit that once I put the Lionel tracks
    down on my living room floor and started
    running the train, I had fun. For less than $100, it’s certainly a tremendous value. The working headlight on the front of
    the locomotive is a nice touch. The best part is the sound.
    The “all aboard” announcement is fun and
    the bell and whistle sound effects are even better. (Sound of a steam train whistle) Also, the chugging sound of the train in motion. Now you certainly get much better sound effects
    on a real G-scale setup,
    but at this price what you get really is impressive. One other feature I haven’t mentioned yet
    is that the locomotive can operate at
    your choice of three speeds. I’ve been running it at the low speed, so far. Here’s the medium speed. (Chugging sound is faster than before) And now here is the highest
    speed setting for the locomotive. (Chugging sound is even faster than before) Of course, you use the remote control to set the speed.
    Once you’ve picked the speed you want… You can set the remote control down and
    the train will just keep operating at that speed. I have no idea how long it would go
    on one set of batteries. I would definitely look into
    buying some rechargeables if I was you. One negative thing that jumps out at me
    is the way the train lurches to a start
    when you first start it moving. (Sound of a steam train whistle) That’s a very unrealistic start up.
    Too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to get it to
    gradually start moving from the stopped position. That’s a problem you wouldn’t have
    if you had spent three or four times the cost
    of this set to get a real G scale starter set. Now, because running this train around and around
    this oval over and over again
    gets a little boring after a while… Be aware that you can buy
    more of this plastic track and even switches. And it’s all pretty affordable
    since it’s all made from plastic.
    It seems pretty durable, too. (Sound of the train’s bell) You know that it’s just a matter of time
    before any kid you give this set to
    will stage a train crash on purpose! So, for my big finale…
    let’s do a train crash! I know…
    that wasn’t a very good train crash. Seemed like a funny idea.
    Maybe it would be funnier with music… (Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” plays and repeated
    train crashes are synchronized with the cannon sounds) 20 years of experience editing videos
    and I think I finally nailed one! Well, in the end, this inexpensive little
    toy train set did win me over . If you’ve got a budget of $100
    and want to give a really great gift
    to some four to ten year old kid… I think you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this. Now, I think it goes without saying…
    but I’ll say it anyway… Don’t buy this for an adult
    and don’t buy this for anyone that
    already owns some real G scale track. But if you’ve got a kid, or a grandkid,
    or a niece or a nephew in that
    four to ten year old age group… Or even if you don’t,
    but you like the idea of running
    a train around the Christmas tree… …without investing three to four hundred dollars
    or more in a real G scale setup… I think I really can recommend
    Lionel’s Polar Express train set to you. I just refuse to say that it’s G scale,
    because it really isn’t. Now if you want to buy
    one of these Polar Express train sets,
    just click on the link that should
    be on screen right now Or if you don’t see a link on the screen,
    look below in the description or the comments. Also, if you know someone that you think might be
    interested in one of these bargain-priced train sets… Click on the “share” button
    and share this video with them. The “share” button is the one that looks
    like an arrow with a goofy hook to it. Of course, I’ve got many more videos planned
    for the coming months, so subscribe to my channel
    if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any. I’ll continue to make videos about model trains… But I’ve also got some really interesting vacations coming up on cruise ships.
    So, there’ll be some new cruise videos coming this Fall. For now, I’ll leave you with
    four suggested videos to take a look at… Three about model trains, and one about an amazing vacation we took on a cruise ship earlier this year. I’m Jim Zim.
    Leave a comment in the video, if you’d like.
    I read them all! It’s always interesting to hear what
    people have to say about these videos.

    Trains and Regional Transit by bsquiklehausen | Modded Tutorial | Cities: Skylines
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    Trains and Regional Transit by bsquiklehausen | Modded Tutorial | Cities: Skylines

    January 16, 2020

    Hi everyone! My name is bsquiklehausen. Thanks to Paradox Interactive, I’m here for a third video to talk transit and
    how you can use it best in your cities in Cities: Skylines A few previous videos
    on this channel have focused on different types of transit in your
    cities. So be sure to watch Some Fairlife Milk’s video on vanilla and console
    transit, and my previous two videos on low and high capacity transit, all right
    here on this channel. Links will be in the description for all of them, and
    they’re probably in the top right corner of this video around now as well. For the
    last part of this transit mini-series we’re gonna be mostly be talking trains.
    By default, trains have the largest capacity of any single vehicle in the
    game with each holding 240 riders But with custom trains that number can get much higher. The downside to all this capacity is the land that trains take up.
    While you could tunnel under much of your city to avoid knocking down too many
    buildings, train stations have an enormous footprint even for just the
    small one that only serves two tracks this makes it really hard to get really
    good service coverage with trains alone Train lines can also share tracks with
    freight trains and regional trains while both of those can have enormous benefits that could also clog up your rail network So separate systems or careful
    planning is essential Of course, separate systems take up even more space which makes this disadvantage of trains even more clear. Where trains are most useful
    though, is regional transport Trains should make limited stops almost
    entirely beyond the range of your city center and metro network with each train
    station at the center of a small, low-capacity transit network to serve the
    neighborhood that surrounds it Using the massive multi platform train stations
    from the Mass Transit DLC makes this kind of network even easier since you
    can easily make a hub between the different branches of your commuter
    system, with each service getting its own platform, helping to alleviate train
    traffic on the lines. The sheer size of them is mitigated somewhat by the number
    of connections, but it’s still a huge piece of infrastructure to design your
    city around. Commuter trains are great for high-density, transit oriented
    development around the stations, but make sure there’s at least some sort of noise
    barrier between the tracks and some people’s houses, or it
    can get too noisy to live close to the station If your outlying areas aren’t
    really suited for full high-capacity train service, you could take a lot of
    these principles and swap the vehicle out for a bus, transforming it into a
    commuter bus. While sacrificing a lot of capacity-competitive trains, a commuter
    bus is the distinct advantage of being able to make multiple stops both in the
    town it’s coming from and the city it’s going to The best stop layout for this
    is a short line of one to two stops in the originating town and then a couple
    stops in the destination city as well with very few or no stops between the
    two at all. These express buses can use your highway network for movement, or to be
    more efficient, can use a dedicated road making them basically teeny tiny little
    trains that drive around city streets at the ends of their routes. The best way to
    make sure that an area is set up for regional transit is to build the transit
    network out first and then zone higher densities nearest to the station. It’s
    how we built a lot of these towns in real life and it’s very effective for
    letting people get to where they need to go without a car. With trains or commuter
    buses serving the furthest reaches of your map metros, and rapid surface
    transit linking your urban areas, and local buses and trams serving your
    suburbs, you’re very well set up for a transit focused city with little car use.
    But these systems don’t work well unless they work together. Making sure that you
    have good, close transfer points between your different systems and
    different lines is an incredibly effective way of making sure that your
    transit systems are used. Having a set of separate systems can be just as bad as
    not having any system built because when nobody’s riding your buses they
    just add to the traffic and cost you money Creating good transit is both an
    art and a science and the optimal network and layout can often take the
    form of many different things. Using the data views and the route query to find
    out where your sims are coming from and going to can help make sure that you
    serve them with the transit network that can rival or even exceed what we have in
    real life. So now that you’re a transit expert I want to thank you all very much
    for watching these videos. Be sure to subscribe to the Cities: Skylines Official
    channel for more tutorials from all sorts of creators, me included. And if you’re
    interested in transit, come on over to my channel bsquiklehausen as well.
    Thanks again and happy building!

    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!
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    TRAIN PARK in Kalamata!

    January 15, 2020

    Me: This is the famous… frappé… cold coffee Enjoy! Kalamata has a number of green and open spaces… There’s the beach… which everyone knows… …the castle, 23rd of March, the Main Square… …various parks …and the orchards on the outskirts of the city One of the most unique is the Kalamata Municipal Railway Park It contains a number of old steam locomotives… …trains, and passenger carriages, right in the open I’m walking in the train park… …where they have… kept the old trains as a sort of monument Once an important way to connect Kalamata’s port to the rest of the Peloponnese… …these days the trains do not run Instead the park is about recreation… …with activities throughout the year… …a place for clubs to meet… …volleyball, basketball, and some fitness equipment It’s free, you don’t pay anything for it… …and I think it is very cool This is a stepper For children there is also a playground… …and for adults, the old station houses a café …where you can pick up a lovely ice cold frappé (among other things!) You enjoy the trains… and have your frappé It’s certainly nice to just wander around these beautiful old trains and relax in the shade #Steam train noises We are Birba, Annie & Me… …and we are creating videos of our home… …and treat-sized stories from friends all around the world! You can find more of our videos by subscribing on YouTube or Facebook… You can also join the adventure by supporting our work on Patreon… …for behind-the-scenes footage, and nice little rewards!

    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races
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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races

    January 15, 2020

    Mystery Wheel races! Look at this crazy cuckoo track, William!
    Is that super dangerous? I’m sure our trains will be fine. Team Thomas; Thomas,
    backwards forwards Thomas, olds Thomas, snowy Thomas. Team Hero of the Rails;
    Spencer, Hiro, Diesel and Gordon. Team Splendid Red Engine; James, Victor, gray
    wheels James, backwards forwards James. Team purpley pink; Salty,
    Lady, Rosie, Charlie. Team Green Percy, backwards
    forwards Percy, Toby (the greenest engine on Sodor), old Percy. And
    team kids toys play; Big Red Engine, Brio Freight train, Metroliner and Jet Engine. I think you should pick Thomas, okay! Who purple Charley in
    the world this yes Thomas. Well a couple of Thomas is picking up on Charlie here.
    Well joke’s on you Charlie, because you’re going up against backwards
    forwards Thomas and mattel Thomas. Are you ready? They’re off! It looks like,
    whoa, looks like old South part of this, Oh Charlie on the bridge now. It’s a
    bridge to start tipping it looks like backwards forwards Thomas definitely in the
    lead, but he gets stuck up on the hill after the tunnel. Charlie comes in second
    no problems on the hill whatsoever, he’s going over to Sodor Bay Bridge. Liam can
    you help out backwards forwards Thomas a little bit of push? But Charlie looks
    like he’s ahead of new Tomas, that says he’s going up the second bridge.
    Backwards forwards Thomas again with a little bit amazed you, but who’s gonna be
    the first off? Oh no! Charlie stuck in the tunnel! It’s gonna;
    Thomas has both these engines are having problems on the final Hill! Thomas the
    Tank Engine definitely having a two-to-one advantage to win comes
    through in the end. Green three Percy’s or Toby? What’s it
    gonna be who’s it gonna be? We’re getting Wow Thomas again are you
    fixing this? Thomas seems to be rather popular here.
    Oh, learning curve Thomas. Oh kids toys play! Big Red our big red locomotive;
    learning curve Thomas; and Toby the tram. Who’s gonna take the bridge first? Looks
    like Thomas is stuck. Can’t be helped about that’s Big Red it’s the first to
    go through the tunnel, and he’s getting stuck up on the bridge. Toby now coming
    up and climbing the hill, as Thomas gets a little help from the driver, and it’s
    now on the way, but it doesn’t matter. Toby is fun, well I had at this point is
    he’s entering up the second hill. If you will going through Dustin’s, Oh does he get
    stuck? Does he need a little bit of help? Just a little bit, of not just Toby comes
    through, and he’ll go on to the next round. big dragons lots of help
    apparently on these hills and burning Kurt Thomas also seems to struggle a bit
    Toby seems to be the best engine suited for this heli track which is just
    wreaking havoc on the engines ooh purple let’s see how salty does rat I think this would be good for old
    backwards forwards James and hero of the rails longest and best I pull the
    Express backwards for James Gordon the big number four engine and everyone’s
    favorite dockside diesel salty and they are off and it looks like riding the
    lead wow what a three-way tie here who’s going to be the first to knock over the
    bridge it looks like a tie between James and Gordon and assault he’s coming at
    third going into the tunnels but who’s gonna have problems and it looks like
    James might need a little bit of a boost going uphill if Gordon Tao takes the
    lead he’s taking the lead and he’s with salty James is coming up fast after that
    little boost and it looks like Gordon now needs a little bit of help and James
    it’s Gordon that salty go neck-and-neck but who will be the first off the leap
    of faith outside Gordon who need a little bit of a salty gets stuck a
    little bit in the time line James also having problems in what’s turning out to
    be our toughest track of all time Gordon out wins the third race purple lady or
    Rosie let’s go with Rosie a past champion green and mean you choose Percy
    okay let’s choose this Percy kids toys play we have much love these three
    engines do you think we should take I think does metroliner is actually like
    the quietest engine we have rosie is red unless she’s purple Percy and the Brio
    metroliner should we leave this guy enough for the race Liam who do you
    thinks gonna win out of these three I think Metro ladders can’t do well – are
    you ready they’re off and here they go and it looks like Metroliner is time wow
    he’s actually tied but dude give me the first to tip the bridge Rosie followed
    by Percy who pulls up let’s get it back on track folks but it looks like
    metroliner actually the basket climbing the hills is now climbing the hills with
    Rosie it’s hecka but he’s stuck up there it’s Brio guy Ryoga
    that’s how she got stuck on the bridge are you got stuck again look it is it
    because of that rosie has now taken the lead and she will go ahead with Brucie
    and second in Metro minor a third will it be enough for her to go over and it
    looks like her see what we raised Metroliner with his driver and because
    of that he kept getting stuck on the bridge and Percy wins he rode the rails
    I think this is a job for a hero green let’s see if learning curve and come
    back with Percy purple lady makes a return to the Raceway learning curve
    Percy lady and here altar rails William who do you thinks gonna win this race
    you’re picking hero I’m gonna pick hero as well I think you’re allowed the best
    chance hey off and it looks like lady is tied with hero right in the front with
    Percy coming and suck it all but hero seems to be able to take the pinch down
    first but lady is definitely ahead at this point it’s use cut button on the
    hell up won’t you make it low you don’t take the lead lady makes it up there
    Percy needs a little bit of help it looks like they’re going over the bridge
    out Lindy now it takes leave when it goes downhill when they’re going uphill
    it looks like it’s here on when you’re coming downhill Oh looks like it’s lady
    and what’s happening here oh you know needs a little bit of help so does
    landing it’s gonna be so close it was Lady vinegar Percy he has so many
    problems that he can just fall into a ditch lady a bad favorite here on kids
    toys play is the first learning curve an engine to make it to the next round
    hero the rails diesel team Thomas looks like snowy
    Thomas is gonna be in the race rad let’s get one of the James engines in there
    snowy Thomas Mattel James and friendly helpful diesel Liam which one of these
    three edges do you think is gonna win this race Diesel you think Diesel’s gonna win I’m
    gonna pick James Tim are you ready they’re off and it looks like diesel is
    actually in the lead with James coming in second James Kevin getting a little
    bit snug up there oh he’s stuck he stopped folks
    James is really stuck he actually needs a hat has both diesel and Thomas have
    made it through James now comes through but he’s still having problems diesel
    needs just a little bit of help up the hill
    let’s see if Thomas can do any helping Thomas out there you go James coming in
    third diesel definitely in the lead though as he is going through and uh he
    needs a little bit of help but no help needed for James and Thomas now is there
    going through will diesel go on to win and he makes it Paul snowbound Thomas is
    just spinning his wheels it looks like James is actually stuck nothing oh there
    he goes diesel definitely being devious to get
    the help that he needed to win the race here oh the rails
    Spencer everyone’s favorite visitor on the Island of Sodor kids toys play let’s
    go with Brio what do you think real can do it okay and team red gray wheels
    James himself folks we’ve got learning curve James Spencer the private train
    and briault the freight train remote control William who do you thinks gonna
    win this one you’re going with Spencer I’ll be honest with you I’m gonna pick
    Briana freight train are you ready they’re off and of course Brio goes
    right ahead he’s got Q bodies as opposed to one and he’s going big and fast
    looks like Spencer might need a little help on the bridge this James makes it
    past the bridge but the big story here is Brio all the way at the Sodor bay
    branch as he is just navigating these tracks up and around and he has done
    folks the fastest time Spencer and James both need a help they’re both on the
    soda or bate bridges now as they go back down into the valley looks like James
    having a better time going down the hill Spencer definitely having a better time
    going up and he goes through the man in the hill
    comes out will James come out of the treasure ship with a slice on it looks
    like it’s stuck this is turning out to be the perfect Hill for Brio freight
    train remote control this track is just doing good on him final race of the
    first round will put jet engine up against Victor and backwards forwards
    Percy we’ve got Victor backwards forwards Percy and jet engine but jet
    engine is gonna be pushing and car this is the safest trade ever Lee if you have
    any predictions about who’s gonna win this race
    you think cotton cars gonna win I’m gonna go with Victor I think Victor’s
    gonna do a good job handling this one well are you ready they’re off a jet car
    of course goes as fast as you can with that bad rail will he make it up the
    hill you might need this a little bit of help as five foot sports Percy now it’s
    going up the hill with Victor and it looks like jet engine being the boss
    that he needs a little bit of help if he’s going through and he goes on to win
    backwards for it Percy needs no help neither does Victor here as bacala
    sports comes in second and Victor will he finish yes you guys okay Liam are you
    ready for the second round yeah these are the engines making them
    in the second round interesting to note most of them are new Thomas actually
    except for what one Brio one learning curve and jet engine here all the rails
    which of these here on the rails are we gonna race buddy hero diesel purple lady
    of the rails hey nice kids toys play pankkar and jet
    engine here’s the classic combination of jet engine and hand car native and super
    friendly diesel liam who do you thinks gonna win this race diesel you know what
    I’m going with pan car off it looks like jet engine definitely in the lead here
    go through the tunnel and up the hill though you use a little help there’s
    waves coming in second and diesel comes in third it looks like coming over now
    jet engine is pushing a little bit more help will it be enough to come out of
    this track it looks like he’s stuck lady is coming at second far in a way it
    looks like you needed a little bit of help lady they need any help whatsoever
    and diesel needs a little help too ladies getting stuck in the man with the
    health track jet engine continues to impress here on Sodor clean person
    everyone’s favorite green engine Percy here all the rails looks like it’s gonna
    be big strong Gordon and kids toys play Breo
    Gordon the Express engine Percy good to see you
    and briault Liam do you have a prediction son who’s gonna win this race
    I think Brio is gonna win as well he is just awesome at this track ready off and
    brilliant definitely in the lead right off the bat is they hit the bridges will
    it be enough that he stays on track as he goes down the tip bridge Percy in
    second looks like Gordon’s coming at Tara but the big story here’s briella’s
    he’s already on Sodor Bay look how far ahead he is of his competitors here
    folks is he’s going up the second hill and he’s at Dustin and he will fall like
    Dustin person coming in second as he is going up the hills with Gordon hot on
    his tail at the pink will be enough will he go through the matter with the hells
    and he comes out unscathed as Gordon gets stuck in the shaft
    griot the freight train doing absolutely excellent here today for our final race
    in the second round it looks like we have Thomas and we have Toby but we need
    a third engine William so how will we spin the wheel and see what color comes
    up and we’ll take one of our eliminated and eliminated engines and put them in purple we have out of these four
    eliminated engines who should get a second chance
    rosy cast happy and rosy with that light let’s get her in the race rosy Toby and
    Thomas Willie who do you thinks gonna win this one you think Toby Thomas you
    think Thomas I’m gonna pick Toby I don’t think rosy has what it takes this looks
    like a three-way tie looks like rosy is now in took place they’ll be coming in
    first and he’s the first attempt to bridge Thomas coming in second rosy
    definitely in third as they’re going into the tunnels will Toby be able to
    climb the hill he’s having absolutely no problems whatsoever Thomas still in
    second the roads he’s still in third is Toby takes a commanding lead over the
    Sodor Bay Bridge it looks like you got a little bit stuck to ever work right
    through it it’s he’s already on the second hill still in second place with
    Thomas coming up over his hell and Rosie in turn and it looks like Toby will go
    on to win this race as Thomas comes in second and Rosie has no problem going to
    the ship we are down to the final race here folks as a three-way kids toys play
    team is definitely doing good with two entries as remote-control Brio freight
    train and jet engine pushing that ham car both in there Toby the tram engine
    representing Team Green is the lone contender William I have an interesting
    idea for this race how about we take this track and race backwards that’s not
    like fun real freight train Toby and jet engine
    hand-carve William any predictions Breo I think Brielle’s gonna win as well
    let’s see what happens they’re off it looks like jet engine oh he needs a
    little bit help up the hill at 300 now in the lead with Toby at second jet
    engine is hot troubles going up – held on this time he
    is rushing but brios definitely a big league is route going up the bridges
    here goes Fiona can you catch up what do you got do it for you a little bit he
    will go on and Brio always jab did having problems Toby can’t open ago she
    ate this Oh jet engine what happened there as here comes Toby on track and on
    time Henrietta would always be proud and here at the man in the Hills truck mr.
    Percival hiding the trophy over to Brio hewn state’s toy train race on the
    weirdest track I think we might have ever done hey guys click here to watch
    another video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    1,100 Jobs With 65 New Trains Built In Victoria, For Victoria
    Articles, Blog

    1,100 Jobs With 65 New Trains Built In Victoria, For Victoria

    January 15, 2020

    After a 12 month international competitive
    tender process, I am very pleased that these high capacity Metro trains, 65 trains, $2
    billion worth of work, that work has been won by the consortium led by Downer. And that
    work will be undertaken in this workshop right here. Those 65 trains are an extra carriage
    long. They have a 20% increase in the overall capacity. What does that mean? Well on the
    Cranbourne-Packenham line, where they’ll run from the beginning of 2019, we will see
    39,000 extra passengers able to travel on that our busiest line. These are the trains
    that will service the Metro Tunnel when we connect the Dandenong line with the Sunbury
    line. And they’ll have the latest technology, the latest design. There’ll be better information
    for passengers within the trains themselves, contributing overall to a better public transport
    experience. So we’re not just getting new trains made proudly in Victoria by Victorians,
    we’ll also breathing new life into the rolling stock industry here in this state. The overall
    job number on this contract is 1,100 jobs. 15% of those jobs will be apprentices, trainees
    or cadet engineers. This is all good strong news. Trains for Victorians built by Victorians.

    Why did they build a railway for the dead?
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    Why did they build a railway for the dead?

    January 14, 2020

    Between 1801 and 1851 the population of London
    more than doubled. With the growth in the number of people living in the city, the number
    of dead quickly grew too. The usual burial sites in the local churches
    were so full that even recent burials were being exhumed to make space for new ones,
    scattering decaying remains around the Graveyards. This overflow of corpses ended up contaminating
    the water supply, contributing to outbreaks of disease and even more deaths. Some entrepreneurs saw a money making opportunity
    and in 1852 the London Necropolis company was formed. They proposed a huge cemetery in the Surrey
    countryside. Far enough from London’s expansion to protect the living. Which would be accessible
    with the fairly new technology of the steam train. The first train for the London Necropolis
    Railway ran in 1854, you were able to buy first second and third class funeral services. The railway operated for nearly 90 years up
    until 1941 when the London terminal for the railway was mostly destroyed in a World War
    2 air raid. The London Necropolis company decided not
    to rebuild but the first class entrance to the station, and the office building above
    it survived the bombing and is still standing on Westminster Bridge rd near Waterloo station


    Brazil Railways – Narrow gauge steam, Broad gauge freight

    January 14, 2020

    Brazil Railways – Sao Joao del Rei, August 2006
    Brasil Ferrovias – Sao Joao del Rei, Agosto 2006 São João del Rei a city in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. The colonial city is home to 18th-century churches like the São Francisco de Assis, my focus is on The Estrada de Ferro Oeste de Minas (EFOM) a 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow-gauge railway. The tourist railway operates between São João del Rei and Tiradentes. Enjoy shots of doubled headed steam on two photo charters taking advantage of evening and morning light. A brief stop at Joaquim Murtinho, Minas Gerias to observe broad gauge freight action of MRS Logistica Trem da Vale Ouro Preto a 18km, metre gauge line from Ouro Preto to Mariana. The train is powered by a 2-10-2 built by Skoda in 1949.

    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport

    January 14, 2020

    I think we’ll build an airport what do
    you think Hey look at the blimp and we have this piece of Airport nor so it all
    looks the same that’s kind of weird how they did that
    uh blimp see if it’ll hit the building don’t hit the building don’t hit the
    building oh so close and then we had this piece look at this the sword or
    airport or yellow things yellow one sort of airport here’s the runway nice
    nobody is some helipad – where are those helipads I think they’re in here – you
    know what I think we can use this as an airport tower and then we’ll use this
    helipad daughter use that one – okay let’s use this whole piece Oh looks like
    we’re missing the yard hold on there you go you know this is the Sodor search and
    rescue center but we use it for the helipad and the helipad and a helipad I
    knew one of our bridges had an airport sign on it you wanna use the transfer
    station okay this big tunnel this big Brio tunnel and I want to use this Mart
    I know it’s the mindset but I like this we haven’t used this piece in a while
    then the players can take off from the airport and hit the mountains okay we
    got the snow-capped mountains we’re gonna do that and I think this battery
    charger all work for the airplane what do you think Liam I’m owning a train
    station I think this’ll do nicely what do you think guys we can build a
    chocolate of this I think these are the right pieces I have an idea for the
    mountain set I’ve been up bring these pieces and put a roundabout over here as
    well what are you gonna do on the airport part it looks like you
    have the length of the table or you sure you wanted to go that direction all
    right we got the snow-covered mountains over here I think we put the big Brio
    tunnel right here got a curve coming off the mountain set and I think we’re gonna
    build this out right here and add it to there somewhere okay Liam what do you
    think of this you come through the mountains over tops you like this we’ll
    have the four way out of there so we’ll have to figure that out it’ll do more
    Airport stuff over here coming out of the Brio tunnel I think we’re going to
    hook it up to this side but we’re gonna go kind of through here and up on that
    side and then maybe we’ll come back and go underneath with this one that’s a
    little bit too close to there we’ll have to expand that out you know what we’re
    gonna have to put the same piece in there’s not enough you know what let’s
    make it even bigger that’s too much okay a short piece there then we’ll put this
    in and now we can look at that splitting the uprights yay put that down we’ll
    probably come to a t-intersection off here putting the end of the runway right
    here the plane takes off and hits this help are you sure
    cuz there’s the grass at the end of the runway I think yes put the hanger Oh
    Jeremy oh no it hurts Jeremy we might I don’t think this will be the final place
    that we put the hanger okay but you can’t go over the runway I don’t think
    it’s a good idea to make a bridge over where planes are landing Omega dot
    that’s gonna line up right there perfect oh I don’t know this is going to be do
    you think this is gonna be enough right here it’s happening Jeremy hey Liam what
    do you think of this setup you like this yeah this is a little bit weird but
    we’re gonna have fun with this well show you put a destination or a
    building in there someone you think oh maybe okay you order the front transfer
    station in here I think we’ll put this right like that
    oh nice and there and then we can do another male-to-male here’s a little bit
    longer one that works out real nice I think we’ll put the hanger for this here
    welcome to Sodor we had the plane Jeremy goodbye alright I think this side of the
    table is done but we have one two three four outlets left hmm this is gonna be
    interesting especially with a runway right there
    with the plane get off all right Liam we got a problem here pal
    this can go to there but I don’t know if this is gonna be in the way and if we
    put a special three in one there what are we gonna do with that this is
    confusing hmm I’m gonna have to think my way out I
    don’t know if a t-intersection is gonna work there or not I don’t think it will
    hey I have an idea maybe we’ll use I know which ones to use let’s get all
    this out let me see you let me see let me see
    we need the opposite of this there’s one there’s two
    okay so we’ll put that there and we’ll have that go into there what happened
    over here we have a different Jeremy don’t we this is the old Jeremy do you
    have the new Jeremy got him we’re sure we do you like more that one I like you
    know what I like about this one is he had he fits on the fits on the traps
    this guy does he fit on the trucks I think yes maybe he’s back we’ll steal
    and now is had no go for takeoff okay so I think we’re gonna have to put the
    airport over here the control tower cuz we need a place to put the helicopter
    and then we have the bleb which is right in front of the runway with the tundra
    this is a big mess I don’t know how planes are gonna come and land on this
    Airport well I think that we’re kind of done the ability we can actually move
    this out a bit more now that we have all this room you know what you know what we
    can do let’s put this right here and then we’ll have room for the helipad and
    then we have the runway we can put this control tower right there maybe and then
    put this big Airport right there what do you think of that I think I might get
    hit by a plane what do you think okay let’s see what happens takeoff oh no problem with takeoff okay
    I did not expect that on this channel we’re gonna put a station in here I
    might put such a type of station right here maybe I’ll have to figure that out
    cuz I don’t like we have now but just a big empty space here we’ll do something
    with it were you thank Lee and we’re we done let’s take a look at the track your
    belt well it’s doing its job so we have the runway at the hangar control tower
    there’s the plant oh it merely misses the hangar folks looks like we have
    Harold up there a good thing he’s got a helipad you can hit this oh oh oh gee
    then we have the is another airport control tower is it there’s a weather
    tower good thing we only have three we have the airport junction tunnel here’s
    an electrical charging station for I don’t know why nice
    we got the transfer station and then over here we have this big piece coming
    up the hill and it keeps going to the dad that’s where trains get dizzy here’s
    the big Brio tunnel let’s get some motorized straight to see if they can go
    on this track what do you think which one do you want to use oh thank Gordon
    can do it we’ll have them start up at the station should he be pulling
    anything okay Oh gets caught up but he goes through early night he’s lifting
    the truck yeah it keeps going get the tender back on oh look it’s quick quick
    quick quick quick quickly Oh ball again let’s do that over let’s try this again
    are you ready yeah go shooters ease on gentle gentle no has go
    go quick quick oh you missed do you watch i filming well valetroy sit ah
    okay ready he’s gonna go dad’s gonna try this come
    on yeah coming through it let’s see you can hand out the camcorder as he goes
    through yeah oh here’s Gordon coming around and Oh Jeremy flies right over
    him he’s walking by the airport folks ain’t nothing goes on here going through
    the tunnel and up the hill and he’s flying by Harold the helicopter he loves
    get dizzy what’s gonna happen I don’t even know which way he’ll go
    probably straight Thanks here we going back on track will it be
    enough to go through the tunnel go go Gordon is this what’s going on how did
    you get caught there how does he go is he just you wide I don’t understand oh
    it’s a plastic it’s the green plastic is that where he gets caught yeah look at
    that and he gets a little hung up and he’ll do it again you know you’re
    trained really well there Liam Gordon coming over top of everything he’s
    coming down it’s gonna clear what’s gonna happen whoosh oh the blimp just
    misses Emma’s he’s going up and that is the track good job Liam!