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    Ukraine Train Ride (1st Class) from Kiev to Lviv travel vlog

    October 19, 2019

    Well hello hello. It is almost time to check out of our apartment
    here in Kiev (Киев). Our host is going to be coming any minute. Any minute. So we have to finish packing up. Yeah, like what happened to the what we had
    9 nights just boom. Oh my gosh. We had over a week here. Crazy. Yeah. That is one of the fastest stays we’ve ever
    had anywhere. The time just flew by. We were tired, we also had a lot of work to
    do and we also just really enjoyed being here so. Yeah. So it is time to get going. Sam has been. I’ve actually been responding to YouTube comments. Youtube comments. Yeah, getting caught up. I’m way behind on that too. Sam’s favorite thing. Favorite thing. I love when you guys leave us comments. I try to get back to all of them. Yeah. I know I’m really behind because of last week
    but. I read them but Sam answers. Yeah, that is true. Um but yeah anyways I need to finish packing
    so we’ll see you guys in a bit and yeah we’ll be heading to the train station soon. Beep noise. Update. Nice and sweaty because there are no escalators
    or elevators in any of the metro stations we’ve seen. At least not to get into the station. Yeah. But anyways we’re at Tietrana. Two stops to the train station. Let’s go. But there is going to be a nice long escalator
    ride to get to the platform. Yeah. These escalators here in Kyiv (Київ) are
    epic. Absolutely epic. Train sounds. Made it to the train station. We sure have. Now that we’re leaving Kiev (Київ), I
    want to talk about my favorite experiences here in this city. That is riding the metro. Metro. First reason I like it is that it is so cheap. It is only 5 in local currency which is actually
    less than 20 US cents per ride. So you’ve gotta love that. And then the other thing that is really cool
    is just like how deep it is underground. You have these epic escalator rides to get
    there. And then but the third thing that is kind
    of cool is just how busy it is too. Like all times of day that we’ve taken rides
    it has been packed. Like people really use it and you can see
    why. It is affordable and it is just a great way
    to get around. And it is also very rustic and noisy and makes
    a lot of you know. It makes a lot of noise while you’re on it
    and you also like it has very abrupt stops and sometimes if you don’t brace yourself
    you actually feel like you’re going to get like tossed over. But it is really cool. Definitely take the metro if you’re in Kiev
    (Київ). So we’ve made it to the train station. Tickets in hand. And we’ve just looked at the departure board. I would like to point out that is the worst
    departure board I’ve ever seen in my life. First of all the letters are like bright red
    and neon green. And you stare at it for like 3 seconds and
    it starts blinding you. So not very helpful but we did find another
    old fashioned sign that actually announces our train so we’ve got a bit of time. Going to get some lunch and yeah that is the
    update. Hahaha. What do you got? We are having a McDonalds lunch just because
    it was convenient. Yeah. So large french fries, orange juice, chocolate
    muffin for the road and I’m water fasting so I get to watch you eat. Sam is on one of his fasts. Yeah. Anyways, sometimes McDonald’s is actually
    not a bad place to hang out if you’re at a busy station especially if you’ve got time
    to kill. Because you know like you kind of you’re getting
    reliable food, you know what you’re getting anyways. The other thing too is like you can sit down
    for a while and like you can stay you can kill time. And the other thing that is kind of cool is
    that you get access to decent washrooms too because you don’t know if you’re always going
    to get those in certain stations. So we have all of that and we have quite a
    bit of time to kill. Our train leaves at shortly after 2 right? Yep. And right now it is only 12:54. Well someone has picked up a new talent. One of my many talents. Learning to read Cyrillic. I know the first one says muffin chocolate. That is my chocolate muffin. This one says free which is my fries. And the next one is juice. So yeah. And you know what? All of that food came to less than $3 US dollars. That is like about two seventy five or something. Pretty cheap. How are them fries? Crispy. Crispy. Maybe double or triple fried. Seriously? Okay, so we’ve killed all the time we needed
    to. And so our train is leaving in about a half
    hour so we’re back in the station. We are platform 2. Now we just have to find that. And it is quite a grand station I must say. It is beautiful. Okay, so we’ve got our seats. And what is really cool is we upgraded to
    1st class. It wasn’t that much more. We’ll let you know the price of the ticket
    a little bit later on. But if you take a look over here you can see
    how it has different classes. So if it was second class there would be 6
    people but because it is only first there is 4 of us and that gives us lots of rooms
    for our baggage. We’ll show you as we go in. Check out that. And that is where we are sitting. We have basically those 3 seats on the bottom. Right there. Alright, so now would be a good time to talk
    about the tickets. And it is noisy. The train is just taking off. Anyways, we paid just over 500 which is about
    roughly $20 US dollars and this is for the fastest train possible to Lviv (Львів). And it takes about five hours and forty minutes
    so we’re going to be on here for a little while. But it is quite comfortable. I’m glad that we paid for 1st class because
    we’re going to be able to get some work done. Apparently, there is tea service so hopefully
    we get that too. What are you having? Chai. Tea. Complimentary? I think we paid for it. Haha. This is so hot. And we in case you’re wondering we are moving. English breakfast. I like the cups. They are nice and fancy. Look at that. I think it is just a glass of fancy cup. Sam has been sleeping the whole time. Train station noise. And just like that we’ve been teleported to
    our apartment here in Lviv (Львів). Um, so yeah we arrived right on time. Our AirBNB host was waiting for us at the
    train station. We hopped in his car and he drove us here
    which is so rare. No one has ever picked us up. Which was super awesome. Um but yeah we’re really really hungry so
    we are going to save the apartment tour for another day. Another video. Right now we need dinner. Let’s go. We’ll take you along for food though. Street noises. So we are staying in a super residential neighborhood
    so there are not a whole lot of restaurants around but we found a hotel and they have
    a restaurant. So we’re in here. Right now we are the only guests. The last couple just left but they have like
    all of these animals. Looking at me everywhere. Look. There is a cow looking at you. Cow. And where is the other one? There is goats and sheep. Where are those? Okay, let’s get a tour. Hi, cow. Over here are the goats and sheep. And last but not least we’ve got a bird. Food is here. Food is here. I’m so hungry. Like I said I was water fasting earlier on. 24 hours without food so I’m ready to eat. So this is varenyky. Varenyky. Sorry and these are like the dumplings. The Ukrainian dumplings. They are delicious. We’ve been eating them a lot since we’ve come
    to the Ukraine (Україна). What filling did you get this time? I got potato and cheese. Ooh. And let’s take it for a swim in the sour cream. Sour cream. Everything tastes better with sour cream in
    the Ukraine (Україна). You know the food came really fast. I’m impressed. It is so good. I honest can’t give you a very truthful assessment
    I’m so hungry I think anything would be tasty to me right now. It is all wonderful. It is all wonderful right now. And for myself I ordered the potato pancakes
    with chicken and a mushroom cream sauce. Mmmhmm. It looks pretty good. Sam is already eating out of my bowl. I haven’t even had any yet. It is good. It is like a stack. It is a stack. That is a huge stack of potato pancakes. It is really good in a creamy sauce. Oh my gosh. The creamy sauce is awesome and it also has
    mushrooms too. Chicken. Mmmm. Isn’t that awesome? Oh my gosh. Wow. This place is good. This is a hotel restaurant. We may be coming back here. It is a hotel restaurant. I think it is the only restaurant nearby our
    apartment. Hahaha. We’ve just finished our entrees. What are the options now? What could happen? Well, we’ve been waiting a little while. It is either going to be chicken, a cheque,
    chicken and cheque or none of the above. Chicken steak. Oh, wonderful. Thank you. It came. It came. It came. Wonderful. Wonderful. A second ago it came and they offered us a
    cheque so we thought maybe they just didn’t get the main. They forgot the chicken. But now it is here. And it is a lonely chicken. It is not bad. It is cooked with barbecue sauce. Nice. Mmmhmm. I’m hungry. And this is it. We’re ending off the video. We’re tired. We’re well fed. Ready for bed. I don’t know why but traveling by train it
    always just makes me so sleepy and like leaves me all groggy. I think it is the rocking back and forth. Um but yeah Sam is waving goodbye. He’s going to watch some Youtube and go to
    sleep. I’m so tired. And that is that. We are really excited to be in this city (Lviv)
    and we look forward to sharing some videos with you guys soon. But for now goodnight. Goodnight everyone. Bye.

    Seoul to Busan KTX Train Ride (Economy Class Review) + Delicious Korean Breakfast
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    Seoul to Busan KTX Train Ride (Economy Class Review) + Delicious Korean Breakfast

    October 19, 2019

    good morning good morning guys greetings
    from Seoul South Korea you know what time it is it’s 5:00 in the morning it’s
    pretty crazy so we’re standing outside of Seoul station what we’re doing today
    is taking the KTX all the way down to Busan so we’ve got an economy class
    ticket and man this train is like a high-performance gazelle man this
    thing’s goes at 300 kilometers it only takes 2 hours and 20 minutes so I can’t
    wait to get on board we’re gonna arrive in Busan like really early morning nice
    and fresh that means we have the whole day to do stuff but what we’ve got on
    our minds right now is breakfast so let’s go get some Korean breakfast
    before we board the train and it’s crazy before we even walk in the station with
    a lady a fan she selling hand rolls (gimbap) right behind us
    so get some and some kimbap street gimbap amazing don’t believe it we got
    breakfast early before we get in that’s the hustle right there yeah 5 am all right so we’ve got gimbap for
    breakfast we found a lady selling it outside for 2000 Won each 2 Cheon Won it’s
    crazy that’s like less than two US dollars so good to take a look at this
    comes wrapped in tin foil and you kind of like as your as you’re kind of
    unwrapping it here you can see the seaweed the outer layer in terms of what
    we’ve got in the middle it appears that there’s some kind of like a ham looks
    like we’ve got egg maybe some radish some greens and carrots not entirely
    sure enough to take a bite totally loaded though I hate when it’s mostly
    rice and you don’t have the ingredients in the middle this is the opposite it’s
    mostly ingredients mmm I feel like she made it just like five
    minutes ago or something I did go front we started an inside of the station
    there are plenty of options to eat hope to see what’s open at this time of day
    oh man sounds I love my Korea yeah street foods cheap yeah well it’s not
    cheap it’s affordable it’s really affordable it’s super fresh and it’s
    always available man oh the level I mean get it at 5:00 a.m. you can get any time
    in Japan this would have happened everything’s closed till 6:00 Wow Wow go
    good are those flavors the radish got the carrots get the ham so coming into
    the station you see that it’s already surprisingly busy like there’s the
    Dunkin Donuts that’s open there’s a convenience store just over to the left
    that’s open so there’s plenty of options to grab some stuff once you get into the
    station so when you walk into the station the ground level is mostly like
    grab-and-go type of items you’ve got convenience stores we notice that Dunkin
    Donuts over there so it’s just like grab something quick and go but on the second
    level if you want more of a sit-down type of restaurant that’s where you can
    head and yeah let’s mention the price here so we are taking the economy class
    oh lucky Joe got this ticket because it’s on the weekend like if you book
    last-minute like there’s like no seats available like
    from like let’s say from 7:00 in the morning until the late afternoon there
    was literally no trains available so we grabbed one of the last at 6:00 in the
    morning we leave at 6:05 arrive at 8:54 and the price of the ticket was
    fifty-nine thousand eight hundred Won so I believe that’s O Man Gucheon Pal Baek Won one
    plus something like fifty five US dollars what a deal man like basically
    cross the entire country from Northwest to Southeast that’s a really good price
    in my opinion so up here on the second level you’ve got KFC which is right
    behind me and over on that side Burger King and both are open this time of day
    which is kind of crazy like I’m gonna head to the story way and maybe grab a
    little snack we ran out of time it’s like 15 20 people in line we have time
    of 50 people in line this is oh so much yeah we don’t want to cut it close so
    we’re just gonna get on the train when we arrived in Busan we’re gonna eat
    probably right at the terminal have a nice proper breakfast we’re looking at
    the schedule and every single train is leaving right on time right outside
    right on the minute there’s like a zero minute delay for the next live train so
    we really need to get there so we are looking for cart 18 and I have to say
    that this station is super organized like for anyone coming here as a
    foreigner there’s lots of English signs it’s just a very clear system come down
    to the platform and the only thing you really have to worry about is finding
    your carts dude I just found out something really cool I was wondering
    like how do you know which platform you go to some Texas up we got to just walk
    a little bit walk a little bit walk a little bit right there tells you that is
    18 we need to get on 18 last thing to do is actually get on this
    beast KTX and you do not have a second to spare like these KTX trains leave precisely
    and we’ve got like left in five minutes let’s get on this only people here yeah
    man this is actually a very nice economy class oh there’s gonna be like more like
    ya know but it’s really good very very nice you can see nice seats I
    mean it’s not leather no but it’s fine a recline your seat you have your little
    magazine here is this KTX yeah the destination you know a little worked you
    got a little workstation it’s pretty cool I think there’s even places to
    charge your electronic and there’s Wi-Fi there’s Wi-Fi Wi-Fi everywhere in South
    Korea everywhere that’s the most I believe it’s the most connected country
    in the world so guys right behind me this is a
    section for big luggage David and I are taking a like half of it but there’s
    three different racks and wrong I mean it was his like it was
    604 second of ten 605 close the doors and we’re out
    I mean things off I know it’s like on time on time on time no matter what and
    yeah we’re just zipping through Seoul right now as you can see beautiful skies
    Cooper’s a little overcast today luckily we’re leaving a was gonna be like
    completely pie and it’s not it is empty up here like we have the entire cart
    yeah like the second a second divided I don’t why they divided car 18 but this
    section of car 18 empty so it’s like first class for us right yeah where’s
    the wine where’s the caviar aside yeah where’s
    the caviar told you soju where’s the yeah where’s the oh man let
    me look over to River look at the Han River I just like being deep sleep unavoidable sleep like
    I could barely anyways the trip is called so fast the
    time has been flying by in terms of a scenery which you see on this trip you
    tried to start off in Seoul to the big city
    then you make your way out to the countryside a little bit it’s kind of
    combination of do to pass by places like rice paddies you
    see hills three as such as Daejeon and Daegu along the way probably like 10 or 15 minutes from
    getting there terms of like train it again
    what I found on the KTX is that people are sleeping in the dude just leave I
    slip a lot that’s a lot like she’s a lot more know you’ve someone I have a gift
    we get up and see your you were like you were like worried I was gonna drop my camera so we’re here in Busan bro we needed to
    Busan we made it to a legitimate yes yeah we’re hungry to get the food Arvind
    get some food I’m beyond hunger we made it we made it we made it and we’re
    starving so we’re having Korean breakfast we came to a cafe
    that’s called Bon Juk and bibimbap and those are the two things I specialize in
    so if you don’t know juk is korean porridge and bibimbap is probably the
    most popular rice dish you can get in korea it’s basically rice with a whole
    bunch of vegetables mix it around and the one that I ordered for you dude is
    gonna be amazing it’s called dolsot bibimbap involved it’s in a stone pot it’s a
    king of bibimbap and I’m having a oh gosh what am i having I’m still half
    asleep I am having sweet pumpkin porridge which is called Hobak Juk
    and it should be arriving soon foods here check out what we got
    so over here I went with the it’s called a Dan Hopak Juk which is a sweet
    pumpkin porridge this is my favorite Korean porridge that’s very colorful as
    you can see it’s orange I’m gonna show you what it looks like guys you have the
    rice balls in here and you can see how sticky and thick it is I’ve also got
    some beans some red beans checked out oh man
    so basically what you do if you want to serve yourself did you grab it with
    these rice balls you just plop it into your bowl just like that like I’m making
    sure I grab a couple of those it’s super hot like I don’t know if you can see the
    steam but the steam is coming off I’ve got a
    number of little different side dishes kimchi this is meat and something spicy over
    here and I think that is like a pink radish soup
    doctor what is a little bit solid anyways and start of his meal it’s
    obviously the pumpkin porridge so I’m gonna try that right now try a bit
    without the rice ball and then with the rice ball grabbing in here oh my gosh
    just like I remember I haven’t had this in like three or four years so sweet so
    smooth to reach pumpkin tastes oh man I love this man this is so tasty
    hurry up you have a chance eat Juk I highly recommend it it just goes down so
    smoothly it’s really tasty food raw what do you think of your first bibimbap oh
    my god I’m in love not good I might have this every day from nobody
    that is so good yeah the burnt rice makes the sauce the tuna with spicy
    kimchi with all these other vegetables seaweeds this is really the ultimate korean
    breakfast I can live with that I love how it sticks all together yeah
    yeah good good so good do really filling meal I highly recommend getting it only
    what ten thousand so ten bucks I actually you know what yours yours is
    even cheaper mine I didn’t know my mother nine thousand yours was seven
    thousand five hundred with a thousand works usually eight bucks dude what a
    deal in America you can’t find this no no you know the first time trying it I
    think I’m gonna try a lot it was like I think these are the options yeah yeah
    egg and everything yeah you can get with a you can get with me
    you can get it with bulgogi yeah I like just so many variations of it you can
    get with mounted vegetables it’s like such a good meal dude it’s unreal unreal
    dude that was a good breakfast amazing breakfast you like it oh my god first
    Bob first time that Bibimbap it won’t be our last yeah we will seek that out
    again I need that like five more times before I leave this country yeah I mean
    what a trip we got up at 4:00 this morning can you believe that 4:00 in the
    morning mantle it was so hard to get up but by the time we got to the train
    station like I had a little bit of energy
    we slept most of the train ride woke up we were in Busan it only took just over
    two hours and now we’ve got a great city to explore yeah so we’re gonna be here
    for several days we’re gonna be doing tons of stuff eating lots visiting
    attractions so stay tuned for that and we’re gonna have a lot more South Korean
    episodes coming to you soon if you liked the video give it a thumbs up comment
    below subscribe both of our channels will see you with more adventures soon
    peace peace

    LEGO Train Track Incline Info and Answers!
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    LEGO Train Track Incline Info and Answers!

    October 19, 2019

    Hey Folks! Welcome to this video, this is
    the Info video regarding the inclines including the curve that was on the incline. A few people
    have asked about it. The basic build of this was taken from an
    idea from Mardisgrasman23 for the main slope but I’ll show you that in a minute. As always
    the builds that I do aren’t necessarily the perfect ideal builds I’d like, I build with
    the parts I have, the elements that I have and just try and get something to work and
    do what it needs to do at the time. So, this is not the last, final version of inclines
    and curved inclines etc. This is just what I did in order to get the video to work and
    in order to get a train from the ground to the magazine shelf on the coffee table. So, without further ado let’s have a look
    at how it’s all done. So here is a slightly closer look at the incline.
    As you can see it does slope and the pieces that the track is connected to is sloped as
    well. This is possible because I have rockers under here. Here’s one that’s taken off of
    the track and you can see these rockers here, these just allow the top plate to slope to
    the right angle and it just means that the bottom plate can stay on the ground. I’ll
    put a link to Mardisgrasman23’s video on that because he’s the one who came up with it and
    tested it originally on YouTube so, it’s his idea in operation here and it works rather
    well. I don’t know whether I’ll keep doing this
    it’s not the sturdiest and it’s not very scalable I suppose, it’s a bit tricky to put together
    but it certainly works and it does the job, and it did the job really, really well in
    the latest video. So now on to the curve. So this is the curved slope. Here you have
    the normal Power Function curve going on in the inside, the inner curve. On the outside
    though there is a power function curve and also a bit of flexible track in between each
    curve, and that’s how I get the wider turning circle. This, though, doesn’t actually stick on the
    pillars it’s actually lies on top of it which isn’t the best but it’s the only way it would
    really stay. It also if you look under here, take this piece off. I’ve got these two by
    two tiles with the studs in. That helps to keep the track in place and also it helps
    with a slight camber so that when the train’s going around it it is actually leaning into
    the curve rather than just being flat. It can help to catch on the track as well. It’s
    not the greatest solution, I’ll try and work on something a bit better but it works, that’s
    the thing it does actually do the job. So that’s the curve, the gradient on it is actually,
    Shantanu asked the question on my original Slope and Bridge video, the gradient is actually
    one brick for each piece of track. Which is actually fairly severe but the trains just
    about manage to handle it so it does the job and it gets the height I need it to without
    needing to use too much track. The pillars underneath the curved pieces of
    track, they don’t have rockers on them they are just plain bricks on plates basically
    with more plates supporting them. There’s nothing special about these I was basically
    running out of pieces to build the railway with so, these are the supports for the track.
    They’re pretty simple to make and they kept the curves up, the slope up and worked wonderfully. So there you go, that’s the quick look at
    the inclines, the curved incline as well. As you can see the curved slope is not that
    pretty but it does the job on the video you can see the Heavy-Haul Train and the Blue
    Cargo Train pull, well, it was twelve cars they were pulling around those corners so
    even though it’s a bit, it’s not the smoothest of corner it still does the job. Those engines
    of course have two motors in them so they can pull a bit more. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video, click like,
    click the thumbs up if you have, subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in
    the next video. Bye!

    Trains for Children | Fun Train Song by Blippi
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    Trains for Children | Fun Train Song by Blippi

    October 18, 2019

    ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ It’s rolling on the tracks,
    going to get there fast, yeah. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ I can spend all day
    watching you go choo-choo. ♪ ♪ All across the country there are
    many train tracks ♪ ♪ and so many trains that
    roll on through. ♪ ♪ I can only imagine how much fun
    I’ll be having ♪ ♪ if I was ridding on the caboose ♪ ♪ That’s the back of the train ♪ ♪ I tried to count all the train cars,
    but there are so many flying by! ♪ ♪ One ♪ ♪ Two ♪ ♪ Three ♪ ♪ Four ♪ ♪ And there is even more! ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ It’s rolling on the tracks,
    it’s going to get there fast, yeah. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ I can spend all day
    watching you go choo-choo. ♪ ♪ Some trains are made
    to transport people. ♪ ♪ I’ve been on one, how about you? ♪ ♪ Some move cargo for miles and miles ♪ ♪ Some move oil or fruit ♪ ♪ Every time a train goes by,
    I wonder what could be inside! ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ It’s rolling on the tracks,
    going to get there fast. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ I can spend all day
    watching you go choo-choo. ♪ ♪ Trains are powered by a locomotive ♪ ♪ Now let’s do the
    locomotive locomotion. ♪ ♪ You pull all the whole train
    all by yourself ♪ ♪ and you only have to say one thing! ♪ ♪ Chugga-Chugga-Chugga-Chugga ♪ ♪ Chugga-Chugga-Chugga-Chugga ♪ ♪ Chugga-Chugga-Chugga-Chugga ♪ ♪ Chugga-Chugga-Chugga-Chuggaaaaa ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ It’s rolling on the tracks,
    it’s going to get there fast, yeah. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ ♪ I can spend all day
    watching you go choo-choo. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, choo-choo,
    here comes the train. ♪ ♪ Choo-choo, here comes the train ♪ That was so much fun watching,
    singing and dancing to the train song with you! Hey, if you liked my show and you want
    to watch some more of my videos all you’ve got to do is type in
    my name into the internet. You know my name. Yeah, it’s Blippi! B-L-I-P-P-I. Good job! Now you know
    how to say and spell my name. Blippi! Until next time kids.
    Bye bye.

    First ‘Seoul-to-Pyongyang’ train departs from Seoul Station
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    First ‘Seoul-to-Pyongyang’ train departs from Seoul Station

    October 18, 2019

    It’s been over a month since the leaders of
    the two Koreas hugged it out during their first summit at the inter-Korean border village
    of Panmunjom, promising efforts for a more peaceful Korean Peninsula. And with that positive mood trickling down
    to regular people,… a special event has been put on to allow South Koreans to buy
    train tickets from Seoul to Pyongyang. Unfortunately — for now at least — the train
    had to stop short of its stated destination, but it did take passengers right up to the
    border. Our Ko Roon-hee tells us more. A temporary ticket office opened Sunday at
    Seoul Station selling tickets to a special destination — Pyongyang. It was an event sponsored by the national
    railway operator Korail and the Ministry of Unification. Although the train only goes as far Dorasan
    station, the northernmost stop on South Korea’s Gyeongui line, it marked the first time an
    ordinary passenger train has carried a group so far north. Those making the trip expressed hope for the
    two Koreas to reunify. “I’m very excited today. I hope the day will come when everyone can
    actually go to Pyongyang and buy their tickets at Seoul station.” Notable guests were there, including officials
    like Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon , who emphasized the city’s role in bringing peace to the Korean
    Peninsula. “Seoul station will play a big role in the
    future. It will be the starting point and the ending
    point of a trans-Eurasia railroad.” More than five-hundred people got on this
    train,… leaving behind those who unfortunately couldn’t get a ticket. “Usually, the trip north is on a small sightseeing
    train with room for fewer than 80 people. But on Sunday, this full-size passenger train
    was rolled out to make room for hundreds.” The hour-and-a-half trip to Dorasan station
    offered some rarely seen views. “I am so happy to be taking part in this event. I love the beautiful scenery outside. It’s even more meaningful because I’m heading
    north.” After arriving at the station,… only two-kilometers
    away from the Military Demarcation Line, participants were taken on a short tour. They also enjoyed musical performances dedicated
    to the reunification of the divided Koreas,… and to stability and peace on the Peninsula. The event’s organizers say they will work
    to run the trains on a regular basis… so more people can make the symbolic trip. Ko Roon-hee, Arirang News.

    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC
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    Work In Progress: New custom LEGO passenger train MOC

    October 18, 2019

    everybody this is a quick look at a very
    very very incomplete very new work-in-progress will custom passenger
    train that I started working on just because I randomly got inspiration that
    popped into my head to work on another passenger train I’ve been wanting to do
    something that looked a little bit slower than my others for some time
    possibly something flat-fronted but I didn’t want to get too boring and basic
    with it this is not based on anything that’s not intended to be a replica of
    anything I did not base this off any reference materials whatsoever I just
    went to my multiple drawers full of windscreen pieces and especially the
    larger ones both six wide and four wide and brought out as many of them as has
    appeared to be decent candidates for win screens for this for the front of the
    the canopy of a a passenger train and I went through all of them and this is the
    the best-looking one for me that I came up with for just my own personal
    interests so I’m using it for now but this is like I said just a work in
    progress I’ve only worked on this for two building sessions so far so
    absolutely everything is subject to change absolutely everything should be
    considered completely a temporary the next time you see it I’m sure there will
    be many things different but then maybe I’ll just be happy with my progress up
    to this point and won’t change too many things we’ll just have to see this is a
    two car DM you will be permanently coupled with a Jacobs bogie in between
    I’ve got to figure out something to do for the wheel pants back here because
    they just they need a lot of room to go through turns and especially inside
    turns like that I don’t think there’s enough space there to to let that
    actually work out so I’ll probably need to have even more of a gap unfortunately
    I’m really not looking forward to having a gap there possibly I can decrease the
    vertical gap a bit but that may actually look worse if if I do like half of a
    plate less vertical gap and then have to have a longer horizontal gap and I try
    to do something back here maybe you turn this
    in or turn it out or something to allow that room but it’s just it’s just
    difficult because of the scale of things and I don’t know I just I just don’t
    know it at this point but like I said it’s it’s a new project so maybe I’ll
    come up with something interesting maybe I won’t this used some tricky building
    techniques for some of the stuff at the front actually it’s been simplified down
    quite significantly since my first attempt at this at this front I had all
    sorts of headlight bricks attached rotated and 90 degrees on two axes and
    you know stuff moving all around in different directions and its really been
    simplified down quite a lot I don’t like this right here I might try to fill that
    in from the top or something but it’s not too bad I mean you know things look
    much worse on on camera up close in HD than they do in person when you’re
    looking at little stuff I’m going to have some form of humps on the on the
    roof not sure if they’re going to be shaped exactly like this that’s
    something I’m continuing to iterate on not sure about this little dip right
    here I’ve done a number of different attempts of different things with the
    edges of the doors and the doors themselves and might I would like to do
    something better for that but when you look at the the scale of it the doors
    actually go up to here you see I’m using that the one and a half wide plates up
    here to make up some of the space but scale wise yeah I’d like to have a
    little bit a little bit more height there but it does need to to come up to
    my station platforms which are at exactly this height for sake of
    compatibility with my other trains you know everything has to go together
    everything is interdependent so it’s not just as simple as making it look exactly
    how you think it it should if it was real life you know gotta compromise a
    little bit for the actual Lego stuff in the scale but that’s pretty much all
    there is to to show at this point is really not all that much going on with
    the whole thing a little bit of detail on the top kind of needs interior
    obvious we’ll have a operator Oh it’ll be double
    ended and mirrored so the other the other I recall that train plate at the
    back will be identical it’ll just be facing towards the rear completely
    identical I’ll probably even put a nine volt motor back there as well even
    though it it won’t need it at both ends just to have the consistency of the
    metal wheels which I think look really really good they they kind of look to me
    like the thing has disc brakes you know like like a real one would and I like
    that look so it might be a little bit of a waste of a 9-volt and in the sense of
    you know a 9-volt motor in the sense of how much power is required but I think
    it’s I think it’ll be worth it so yeah work in progress very incomplete just
    wanted to show what I’ve done up to this point after just two building sessions
    hopefully things will get much better from here and obviously it needs a lot
    more detail on the inside things need to be mirrored left to right I’m only
    showing you one side the other side is at a different stage you know as I go
    along I’ll make changes on one side and then
    I’m happy with something then I’ll copy them to the other and then maybe I’ll
    work from that side a little bit just to kind of change up my brain a little bit
    keep from getting locked into one one view you know looking at it from one
    side versus the other so yeah I go back and forth and then eventually try to get
    it all consistent and sometimes I miss something and that’s just how it is
    anyway just want to show that up to this point and I’ll show you more progress as
    more becomes available thanks for watching tactic in sir

    Switzerland Glacier Express Train St. Mortiz to Zermatt Review: Is it Worth the Money?
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    Switzerland Glacier Express Train St. Mortiz to Zermatt Review: Is it Worth the Money?

    October 18, 2019

    Hey everybody so today I am doing a review
    of the Swiss Glacier express train that goes from St. Moritz all the way to Zermatt. It’s
    an eight hour journey that crosses 291 bridges as well as 91 tunnels and we paid we were
    in first class. We paid about 250.00 dollars roughly Canadian a person so it’s a little
    pricey but it’s all relative in Switzerland. Ear buds are provide to you throughout the
    journey and basically there is this narrator that basically tells you all these stories
    along the whole journey with different interesting facts with how they built the trains as well
    as the landscape. And you’re probably watching this wondering well is it worth the money
    to go on the train. Well in short answer yes and no. My wife and I are both from Canada
    so seeing mountains and snow is pretty common. We weren’t blown away by anything we saw.
    And all the footage you see is everything I shot myself. The first thing I am going
    to say is that the weirdest thing is that it shouldn’t nbe called the Glacier Express.
    That title is super misleading. When in fact on this whole 8 hour journey you only see
    one glacier and that’s at the tale end in the small town Randa. You only see that one
    glacier for a minute or so and the rest of the train trip you’re basically just seeing
    mountains as well as snow as well as streams as well as small towns and villages The other thing is that the service is not
    very good on the actual train ride. They do serve different meals that you can buy but
    they’re quite expensive and you’ll be waiting for your food for quite a while. You’re probably
    better off bringing your own food and water. The other thing too is that eight hours is
    such a long journey that we thought we’d see so many different things along the way that
    after a while things got really repetitive like you’re seeing the same mountains over
    and over again and seeing snow everywhere. It didn’t have the same impact as it did maybe
    in the first hour of the journey when you’re in hour 8. So I felt like the train ride could
    have maybe been condensed to maybe 3 hours and I would still be happy with that, but
    8 hours just felt too long and even for first class it felt pretty cramped. Like we were
    sitting with another couple and it was pretty cramped in there up that we had to get up
    throughout the journey and stretch our legs. And it just wasn’t as comfortable as we thought
    it would be. The other thing that you’ll notice from watching this video is that the windows
    are absolutely terrible. They reflect everything so getting decent photos is really difficult
    as well as recording decent video cause you can see everyones reflection in all these
    windows. You think they would invest in anti-reflective glass for the amount of money they charge.
    The other thing is that if you’re well traveled and you’ve been all over Switzerland you’re
    really not going to see anything new here. You’re going to see what you’ve previously
    seen. The other thing too like I said before is that it’s extremely expensive. And I will
    recommend something to you as an alternative. We took a train ride from Milan, Italy to
    Zurich, Switzerland. That was only 3 hours and it was only a fraction of the price and
    it was so much more prettier and so much more scenic. I think honestly I would not go on
    this train ride again. I think it was overhyped and misleading and the service was not very
    good and maybe we could have done something more interesting, but you know we did it and