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    Pakistan Railways Train Journey Bahawalpur To Rahim Yar Khan Sadiqabad Travel 2019
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    Pakistan Railways Train Journey Bahawalpur To Rahim Yar Khan Sadiqabad Travel 2019

    November 24, 2019

    Traveling Pakistan by Train, In this video Railway Journey from Bahawalpur Railway station to Sadikabad Entire journey in South Punjab On Pakistan Railways Train 12 D Hazara Express Sadikabad is Last Main Railway Station in South Punjab The Distance between Bahawalpur & Sadikabad is almost 210 Km Main Railway Stations in my Journey Samasata junction, Dera Nawab Sahib in Ahmedpur E Liaqatpur, Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Sadikabad

    Man Clings For His Life On High Speed Train – CAUGHT ON CAMERA
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    Man Clings For His Life On High Speed Train – CAUGHT ON CAMERA

    November 24, 2019

    An absolutely insane video is circulating
    on youtube, that shows a daredevil holding on to the back of a speeding train by its
    windshield wiper. Who is this daredevil, and what the heck was
    he thinking? I’m going to tell you everything you need
    to know, here for you on IO. Welcome to inform overload, where we discuss
    viral content. I’m charlotte dobre. A 23 year old man from perth Australia sent
    to get a psychiactric evaluation after he climbed onto the rear end of a train and held
    on by the windshield wiper. I guess that’s one way to avoid paying for
    the train. The train was going 68 miles per hour, or
    110 km per hour…which is high key really fast . So basically, if he fell, he would
    have been seriously injured, if not killed. Underneith the train, theres rail and concrete
    sleepers. Mix that with the speed of the train, and
    yeah, falling off would not have been pleasant. At around 4:30 pm on Saturday September 23rd,
    Motorists on the road beside the traintrack took the video, which is now going viral on
    the internet. He was spotted close to Glandalough station,
    and it was supposed to stop, but it didn’t. As the train approached glendalough station,
    the man moved back inside the carriage, and would likely have escaped arrest if the trains
    topped. He was arrested when he arrived at the next
    stop, stirling station, by PTA officers. This isn’t the first time someone has attempted
    a stunt like this. Its called train surfing, and usually people
    don’t get caught. The stunt is usually uploaded to facebook
    or youtube after the event, and the PTA doesn’t find out about it until way after the fact. These train surfers want to get on youtube,
    they want mainstream publicity. this was the first time officials were notified
    during an act like this, and were able to act accordingly. After being detained, he was taken to a hospital
    for a mental health assessment, he will likely face trespassing charges. At this time, the PTA doesn’t have a policy
    for dealing with train surfers, but its now considering creating one. Honestly dude, next time, just pay your train
    fare. Alright friends its time to respond to a few
    comments. Wonder women – I feel like charlotte always
    wears the cutest outfits. Aw thanks. Summer Marie Hobson – Who’s to say im
    a potato? I could be a carrot….or a lee. Or a rainbow unicorn..a mermaid. Summer marie hobson, you can be whatever you
    want to be, as long as it makes you happy. I personally am happy being a potato, and
    I should be accepted for who I am. Ok guys, that is all for this video, theres
    a link to our patreon over here, as well as a link to another amazing story about the
    mystery of the easter island statues finally being solved! Definitely click it and I’ll see you in
    that video.

    Cab Ride as Train Driver along Mr. Porsche ’s Superb Model Railway with Austrian Model Trains
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    Cab Ride as Train Driver along Mr. Porsche ’s Superb Model Railway with Austrian Model Trains

    November 24, 2019

    Cab Ride as Train Driver along Mr.
    Porsche’s Superb Model Railway with
    Austrian Model Trains. Pilentum’s locomotive, including a camera,
    starts at a small railway station. After that, the train crosses
    the big railway viaduct or railroad bridge and
    drives into the tunnel. Somewhat later the train
    arrives at the large railroad station, while other
    trains leave the station. Finally, it will be
    exciting for all friends of technology: The train
    passes the next tunnel and goes behind the scenes,
    where the hidden yards, storage yards or fiddle
    tracks are installed. In addition, the train passes
    many track spirals to get back to the normal level of
    the model railway layout. Behind the scenes, you’ll
    see a lot of model trains parking – some made by Marklin
    and some made by Roco. Thereafter, the train is coming back to
    the beginning of the Austria section. Now, you’ll see how the
    track layout is organized. It is a very large
    dog-bone arrangement of a continuous loop where the
    model trains turn around. Enjoy this journey by train and feel like a
    train driver, locomotive engineer, railroad engineer, engine driver, locomotive operator
    or train operator in this miniature world.

    4 Incredible Technologies Inspired by Animals
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    4 Incredible Technologies Inspired by Animals

    November 23, 2019

    [MUSIC PLAYING] Animals are really important
    to the tech industry. And we’re not talking
    about code monkeys. Here are four awesomely
    animal inspired technologies. Number one, the UltraCane
    is inspired by bats. It’s an electronic
    cane for the blind that vibrates if
    objects are nearby. It uses echolocation just
    like bats and dolphins do. An ultrasonic wave is
    emitted from the cane and whatever waves
    bounce back tell the user if large
    objects are nearby. Number two, Sharklet is inspired
    by, you guessed it, dolphins. Sharks, I don’t know
    why I said dolphins. Definitely sharks. Sharks have tiny ridged
    patterns on their skin which stop barnacles and
    algae from glomming on. And it also reduces
    drag while they swim. The product called Sharklet
    was developed in 2002 as a thin plastic applique with
    a similar microscopic pattern. Sharklet is useful on
    boats or in hospitals because it deters algae growth
    or bacterial contamination, aka, bio-fouling. Number three, the
    x-ray machine called LEXID is inspired by lobsters. Lobsters see by focusing
    on a small point. And whatever light is reflected
    back to them from that point allows them to observe
    their surroundings. In 2007, the Department of
    Homeland Security invested $1 million to develop
    LEXID With it, you can see through concrete, wood,
    and up to three inches of steel with low powered x-rays. Number four, the Shinkansen
    bullet train design is inspired by birds. Japan debuted their
    bullet train in 1964. But discovered that when
    it would exit tunnels at high speeds, there was a loud
    boom sound that no one liked. New train models have been
    introduced over the years. And one of the most
    successful designs mimicked the
    Kingfisher bird’s beak. The Kingfisher dives into
    the water to catch fish. And there is minimal splashing. Harnessing the same beak shape,
    the Shinkansen bullet train slices through the
    air without a sound. I’m Ross Everett and I
    want you to check out my show called “The New Show.” It’s got sketches, collabs,
    interviews, and occasionally, Alex in drag and
    Katie being tortured. Hungry for more animal trivia? Subscribe to “animalist.”

    Adtranz/Siemens Modular Metro A1 – Kengkou to Huadiwan (Guangzhou Metro Line 1)
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    Adtranz/Siemens Modular Metro A1 – Kengkou to Huadiwan (Guangzhou Metro Line 1)

    November 23, 2019

    Would passengers who have just boarded, please move towards the centre of the car Next station, Huadiwan (Cantonese) Next station, Huadiwan Passengers for (nearby landmarks), please alight here Please alight on the right in the direction of travel (Cantonese) Please alight on the right in the direction of travel This train is arriving at Huadiwan station

    Dhamaka Express Pakistan Railway Journey Lalamusa To Sargodha
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    Dhamaka Express Pakistan Railway Journey Lalamusa To Sargodha

    November 23, 2019

    Pakistan Railways owns 12,000 kilometres of tracks. All the tracks are ft 6 inch broad gauge barring some industrial railways. Pakistan is a victim of terrorism in last several decades, in these years many suicide bombs blasts and people were feeling unsafe. Pakistan Railway in these circumstances facing security and safety challenges of passengers and Train Routes. A train is running between Lala Musa to Sargodha. Dhamaka Express Dhamaka mean blast a public given name. after listening daily or weekly in the News on Social, electronic or print media a blast in the country. Officially 137 up and 138 Lala Musa Express Lala Musa Junction Railway station is in Gujrat District of Punjab. Karachi-Peshawar Railway line and Shorkot-Lala Musa Branch line trains junction. Our video is on Shorkot-Lala Musa branch line till Sargodha Station. It is zero point where Both Routes Karachi to Rawalpindi via Lahore speed is 50 Karachi to Rawalpindi via Sargodha 15 Lala Musa to Sargodha train route distance is 169 Km Train Travel in Punjab’s 3 Districts Gujrat, Mandi Bahaudin and Sargodha 20+ railway stations on it route between Lala Musa to Sargodha. Pakistan vast farmlands are sustained by the Indus Basin Irrigation System the Largest contiguous Irrigation system in the world. the train is passing over canals and Punjab fertile plains. Indus Basin Irrigation System irrigates over 45 Million acres of farmlands. Which produce wheat, rice, fruit vegetables, sugarcane, Maize and Cotton. in abundance for local use as well as for export. It is Rice Storage and Drying for Shelling. The Sahiwal Cow is one of best dairy breed in India and Pakistan It is tick-resistant, heat-tolerant and noted for its high resistance to parasites, both internal and external. Upper Jhelum Canal and Lower Jhelum Canal irrigate the train routes area. Historically a Battle was fought on Chillianwala in 13th January 1849 between Sikh empires and British East India Company. The Battle was indecisive both sides claim victory. It monument was erected for both armies memorial for loses in battle by Great Britain in 1872 Rasul-Qadirabad link canal has length 47 Km Canal supply river Jhelum water in Chenab river from Rasul barrage to Qadirabad barrage. How to Make Traditional Jaggery in the Rural area of Pakistan Jaggery is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar consumed in Asia and Different countries of the world. In this area people prefer to cultivate rice and sugarcane as cash crops. A farmer is irrigating the wheat Malkwal junction for train routes Malkwal-Bhera has suspended. and Malkwal-Khushab Train Route That is now till Pind Dadan Khan The Train is Passing near Phularwan Motorway M2 motorway is the north south Motorway in the Pakistan, Connecting Rawalpindi, Islamabad to Lahore. M2 Motorway is 375 Km long and located entirely in Punjab M2 completed in 1997 and Opened for traffic the Farmers are transporting the sugarcane to Sugarmill Railway line crossing is risky. this motorbiker was going to die. Sugarcane is one of the important cash crop of the Pakistan It is a key input for sugar production along paper and board industry Pakistan belong to top 10 largest Sugar producer in the world. Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of mandarin Locally call Kinow and oranges in the world, with 2.1 million tons. Pakistan is also the largest producer of ‘Citrus Reticula’ variety (Kinow) this unique variety of citrus is indigenous to this part of the world. According to an estimate approx. 95 percent of the total Kinow produced all over the world is grown in Pakistan.