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    Sweden. Inland Railway: PERSBERG – FILIPSTAD (2005) Train Driver’s Cab View drom Y1 1306.
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    Sweden. Inland Railway: PERSBERG – FILIPSTAD (2005) Train Driver’s Cab View drom Y1 1306.

    February 20, 2020

    We are now travelling on the track to the mine in Persberg, which is not a part of the Inland Railway. To the right: The closed down Inland Railway from Mora Persberg (Pbg) This line was closed down in 1985. When it was reopened, the entire line Persberg – Filipstad became a part of the station area of Filipstad. Only shunting is aloud. It means a top speed of 30 km/h- We are making a short stop. The guide is switching the turnout behind the railcar. If not . No signals of the station of Filipstad can be turned to green light. FILIPSTAD (Fid) I hope you have had a pleasant journey! Thank you for watching!

    CSR Qingdao Sifang L3 EMU – Huangsha to Ruyifang (Guangzhou Metro Line 6) 广州地铁6号线
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    CSR Qingdao Sifang L3 EMU – Huangsha to Ruyifang (Guangzhou Metro Line 6) 广州地铁6号线

    February 20, 2020

    (Chinese) This train will end at Xunfenggang (Cantonese) This train will end at Xunfenggang Would passengers who have just boarded, please move towards the centre of the car Next station, Ruyifang Please alight to the left in the direction of travel (Cantonese) Next station, Ruyifang (Cantonese) Please alight to the left in the direction of travel Passengers for (nearby landmarks)…please prepare to alight Help keep our trains and stations clean please do not eat or drink onboard trains Please offer your seat to the elderly, pregnant, children and the disabled. This train is arriving at Ruyifang station

    CNR Changchun/Bombardier Movia 456 A3 – Tianhe Sports Ctr to Tiyu Xilu (Guangzhou Metro Line 1)
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    CNR Changchun/Bombardier Movia 456 A3 – Tianhe Sports Ctr to Tiyu Xilu (Guangzhou Metro Line 1)

    February 20, 2020

    Next station is Tiyu Xilu Interchange station for Line 3 (Cantonese) Next station, Tiyu Xilu Interchange station for Line 3 Passengers for (nearby landmarks), please prepare to alight
    [Income Opportunity for Operator – See Osaka Metro for Japanese example] This train is arriving at Tiyu Xilu station Passengers alighting at this station, please prepare by moving towards the door area


    Trans Mongolian Railway | 31hrs from Ulaanbaator to Irkutsk

    February 20, 2020

    – Are you ready ready ready?
    Yes are you going to jump to? – I’m ready when you are.
    – Ok go. One, Two, Three. – [Laughs]
    – That was so out of time! [Music] – We’re going to Russia today!
    – Yes! – We are in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia at the
    moment. We’re jumping on our second leg of the Trans Mongolian and we’re going to
    Russia. We’re going to Irkutsk. Yes! [Music] – Today we’re on the second part of our
    Trans Mongolian journey. We’re traveling from Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia
    to Irkutsk in Russia The journey is going to take about 24 hours
    – Yeah, we’ve got just over one thousand kilometers to travel. – We jumped on about 15:00 so we should be
    arriving around the same time tomorrow. It’s about 16:00 now, we’ve been on
    the train for an hour. We’ve had a little bit of a look around so we
    are ready to show you all around the train. – So let us start by showing you around
    our home for the next 24 hours. Our carriage itself is carriage Number 11.
    There are ten four bed compartments We’re staying in one, so in our little
    berth there are four beds. Two up high, two down low. Down one end of the carriage, I’ll show
    you what we’ve got. We have our lovely hot water dispenser,
    right here. Which is really great if you’re cooking pot noodles or you want to have
    a cup of tea or a coffee. Super handy, if you’re eating in the
    dining car all the time and you want something quick and easy. Here we have our first bathroom. We have
    one here and one at the other end. Here we have a guards compartment.
    Guards waiting room. And that’s all there is down this end of
    the carriage. Today we’re travelling on Train 305. Now
    this train differs just a little bit from the train we travelled on from Beijing
    to Ulaanbaatar on, because this train is a Russian train and not a Chinese train.
    Now already we’ve noticed a couple of differences. We have a Russian attendant.
    Which makes sense given that we’re on a Russian train. This train feels a little
    bit older. For example, there are no plugs in our room. [Sally makes dramatic noises]
    [Sarcastic] How are we going to survive! 24 hours with no plugs! No electricity!
    No, I’m just kidding! In case you did want to charge your devices.
    We do have a plug that’s very inconveiniently located right up here. We also have a bin.
    Here’s the bathroom, that’s very important. Toilet, sink, toilet paper, bin,
    and window! [music] So… it turn out, there’s no restaurant
    car on this train. Not sure why, we tried to go explore
    and got told off by the cabin attendant. She asked us where we were going and she
    said there was no restaurant car on this train! It’s a good thing we bought our own snacks! [music] [groan] It’s 01:30, we’ve just cleared immigration
    and we are so tired! Immigration going from Mongolia into Russia
    Can be a bit of a, bit of a process! Someone collected our passports, a sniffer
    dog came on, our passports were re-checked Immigration official came through
    our bags were searched, the cabin was searched. We were interviewed about where
    we were from and what we were doing. So really a bit of a process. [Screeching window blind] [Glass noises]
    [music] [music] – Welcome to day two of our Trans Mongolian
    journey. – We woke up this morning and we are in Russia, which is so exciting! All in all, it’s been a very different
    from the train we had from China When we got to the Mongolia and Russia border
    One of the guys in our cabin, his friend came onboard with a whole bottle of vodka!
    [murmers and chatter] And these two Mongolian guys with the
    tiniest bit of help from us. I had a swig and Sally had a swig. But these
    two guys powered through this bottle of Vodka. It was the most incredible thing to see.
    A whole bottle of Vodka in 20 minutes! [murmers] This is so much vodka! We were really excited though because we’d
    heard that on this train you’ll probably drink vodka with locals. Tick that item off
    the bucket list. We had definitely banked on having breakfast
    in the restaurant car. We bought snacks for yesterday, we brought dinner for
    yesterday. We were just not not prepared at all. There is a cabin attendant. She does
    have like teas and some chocolates and some biscuits. Not super breakfasty
    food But you know, beggars
    can’t be choosers. We’re still having a great time. We’ll
    definitely be more prepared next time with snacks and water. Yes. Just in case
    there is no restaurant car. [music] So the last time we took a train. We
    took a train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar and that was in Hard Sleeper. Today we’re in
    Second Class. Which to be honest doesn’t really differ that much. In our opinion at least.
    The main difference is this train doesn’t have a restaurant car. Oh [ Fast train noises]
    Do you hear that, another train is going past. I bet the light’s going all crazy!
    There we go. I’m going to show you guys around our berth today. Over here we have
    our seat. During the day this is a seat but at night when you want to go to sleep
    it does actually fold down into a bed. You just use this leaver
    here and it becomes a bed. And you have lots of pillows and blankets
    as well. So don’t worry it’s a comfy, cosy bed. Under here, luggage storage. Oh oh. It’s harder
    than it looks to put down Ladder, for climbing up to the top bunk.
    Light switch. We also have a button for the TV. Which is up here. But to be honest
    with you guys we haven’t actually turned the TV on. We also have a table. With a
    lovely tablecloth. And the best feature of the whole room is our amazing window. [music] So, unfortunately, the window itself doesn’t
    actually open. I’m assuming that’s for safety reasons. But up the top here. If you can
    reach, if you’re tall. It does actually open. So this what the compartment will look like
    during the day. Now Ed’s going to show you what it will look like in the night time. So like we’ve said before, this is a four-bed
    cabin so up the top here we’ve got two beds they’re the even number beds. We’ve got 8
    and 10. And down below we’ve got 9 and 11. When you fold the seat down, this is what
    you end up with. You’ve got a pretty comfy bed. A really
    good pillow. Better than my pillow at home. We’ve got a duvet and duvet cover.
    It’s comfy. But yeah, I really slept surprisingly well.
    It could be because we were up late after immigration, but ah this morning
    the train stopped twice and one of the passengers left and
    we slept right through it. Which either means, the trains incredibly
    smooth or the beds just incredibly comfy. [music] Guys, I think we’re here. Ahh quick pack! Struggle! Pack faster!
    We’ve got to get everything in the bag! Ahhhh
    Goodbye train! We’ll miss you! We’re the last ones!
    We’re in Russia! How exciting!
    Guys we made it to Irkutsk! Yes! And now there’s an announcement
    being made! This always happens! Always!
    It appears to have stopped! We made it to Irkutsk! We are in Russia!
    This is country number 8 that we have traveled to entirely overland! We’re a
    little bit excited because we’re getting closer to Europe and closer to London!
    I just can’t believe we’re finally in Russia! Russia just seemed so far away!
    And now we’re here! And we’ve traveled so far. It’s just exciting! We’ve got the
    next couple of weeks exploring Russia! Right now we’re in Irkutsk! Then
    we’re going to Lake Baikal, Yeketeringburg Moscow, Saint Petersburg! Ah!
    You’ve never been so excited about anything in your whole life! So when we
    planned this trip, one of the things that Ed really really wanted to do was spend
    a couple of days at Lake Baikal and that is next up on our list! So this is his
    excited face! This is the excited face! This is the most excited you will ever
    ever see him! [laughs] But we have spent the last 27 hours on a
    train so we need to go to our hotel We need to check in. We need to shower and
    I think we need a really good meal. Because after no restaurant car for that
    whole time, we are so hungary! Anyways… thank you so much for watching!
    We really appreciate it. If this is your first time here, this is Sally and I’m Ed.
    And as we just said we’re traveling overland from Sydney to London! Yeah so if you
    haven’t already done so please make sure you subscribe down below, give this video
    a big thumbs up and we’ll see you in the next video! Bye! Subtitles by the community


    Lego Stadt (Teil 4) – Die Stadt wird bewohnt [1]

    February 20, 2020

    Hello Lego friends and welcome to a new video! Last week we built that beautiful spiral Actually that was two weeks ago And you guys gave me some advice How we should build that train crossing You guys thought about many different things I should move it , I should turn it But for me it´s important that the train comes in over here Right over here And that it gets out over here There is no other option, as I want the train to disappear in the mountain And to appear later again So this stays here But the train crossing is not topic of this video We will put the first small houses in our city Because it seems a little empty right now After all we try to build a city So we´ll get going namely The first three small houses From the what was then the city set The bicycle shop And the Pizza restaurant And the bank So these three buildings We will wash them a little They are very dusty And then we´ll move them into our city Let´s start So now we have cleaned that I´ll take The Pizza restaurant and put it over here in the middle That´ll do as a start We can still move everything We´ll put the bank next to it That looks pretty slick The only thing that is a bit off are these two lines…they aren´t smooth There are two knobs difference They are not the same size So let´s see if I have this colour So that we´ll be able to heighten it. Then they will be the same size Doesn´t look too good. The only tings I found are These Couple pieces Which would also fit the colour But these aren´t enough I´ll put them back And we will…change the height a different time Another reason why I put the bank here is that I will build the parking lot over here I have a question for you guys: Do you know if there is a plate that has approximately the same colour as the streets which is 32 x 32 because from Lego itself I only know about the blue ones the white and the green ones After all I could also put a blue plate over here And just fill that up with plates or stones or something Do you know if something like that exists, maybe even second hand I only know about Chinese manufacturers But I don´t really want to use Chinese products So if somebody knows about that just hit me up in the comment section below So back to the parking lot and why I would put it there Because the bank has a feature that robbers can enter easily They can get up via this ladder And then they are able to enter from up there That would be my hidden agenda why the parking space would be there So that one could come here with a car and then get up there in the bank Back there I would put the tram This space is pretty much already fixed for the tram, because at first I wanted to do a circle Sadly that isn´t possible I thought everything through I thought everything through and it is just not possible So over here I am going to put the tram The tram goes further over the other side Meaning From back there it will go over the street if it will go in a straight line or diagonal I don´t know yet And it ends here Why here? Because The cable car and the station will be over there For The railway That´s why it will lead to here How I will do that and how it´s going to drive Just from back there to here I still don´t know that, but we´ll think of a way Another thing that I noticed: Lego always builds The backsides So Lego always leaves the backsides of the buildings open So that one can look back there, which is great for playing But it isn´t ideal for a Lego city That´s also why many people use the modular buildings Because their backsides are closed Meaning I will also close the back So that it isn´t too opened up Like it´s right now, because it just doesn´t look too good If one looks at the back But I´ll do that in another video But I don´t think that I have exactly the same colour. I have definitely got yellow I could build that right know But I done´t have enough from that colour What we also wil do in the next video Just heighten the building a little For two steps So that it doesn´t look that weird I hope you can actually see that in the video So one is still missing This bad boy over here We´ll put that over here I don´t really have a place for that one just yet Because Over here I´ll put the mountain. So all this space will be used for that And I thought if we´ll start with the green part over here So these two areas will be equipped with green plates Then we´ll just put the bicycle shop over there or else the skate shop We´ll leave that here I still don´t really know where I´ll put that But now we reach the second question which I can´t really answer Which I can´t really answer: Do you know If one can still buy the old green plates The 32 x 32 knob plates From Lego, because I only know about the light green plates About the light green plates And I think that won´t really fit, because my plan was that we´ll pu the plates here So four times And on that we´ll build the railroad So one track will be over here And the second track will be over here As a reminder this is how the train plan looks like Well you guys can forget the tram That´s impossible But at the moment I´m talking about these two tracks I would like to put the dark green plates over here, but I´m not sure if I can still get those And I just have one at the moment So only one with 32 x 32 node plate So last time we talked about parking spaces That we could erase the zebra crossing And well I´m sorry, but I did just that That´s what it looks like. I tried my best And actually I´m pretty happy with the result One can still see a little white stain But its really small and not even very visible That´s what it looked like before and that´s how it looks like right now And now just imagine if we would build that here Then we could use it as a parking lot Of course these small areas will still be used Also we still need to build the pavement, an then we could park the cars here It would look way better than the car being parked on the zebra crossing And I can quickly show you How I did that Well I filmed everything with my phone That´s why it didn´t look very professional, but I hope you guys didn´t mind I just used nail polish remover And it worked I´ll put the whole thing over here And I left the other three zebra crossings on purpose Because it was fairly hard To remove the zebra crossing I´ll just put it there and let´s see how it´ll look And if this one is better than that Later when we already are a little bit further Then I´ll make some more parking spaces And if not then I can still use this plate Then I´ll just put it under the mountain as a stabaliser Because everybody Who has straight plates and curves Alos has crossings and you just can´t use these crossins all the time And as you see I also have lot And so that you guys don´t get a mental breakdown, because I erased the zebra crossing I´ll put the bicycle shop there So you guys don´t have to see it all the time So as you guys can see there is no space No space for larger buildings of any kind Because everything I show you right now Back here I´ll start building the mountain So that the train gains some height So that we Are able to end here That means the train must reach a fairly high altitude in order to reach the spiral I just got One of my larger buildings Which is the garage for the towing car I thought about putting them over here Not exactly like that, there is not enough space for that But if we take that and place it against the wall And then move some other stuff Just move some things And then put that over here Then we could let the train go over all that Which would look like the garage being in the mountain What do you guys think about that? Tell me in the comment section Because then I would start to do that in two weeks time Today we didn´t really do a lot But Instead we´ll just do a lot in the next video So in two weeks So the plan is putting the trix brix tracks here If they finally arrive until then Then we are able to put all the tracks in that area We can build up there So that we are able to finally put that somewhere I hope that will be possible Just hit me up in the comment section what you think about that. To put this stuff over there So that´s planned and the rescue station or to be more specific hospital And that was the video of today I hope you guys enjoyed watching If there are ideas or some critique you know the drill: just let me know And we´ll see each other in two weeks with a new video Stay fresh and a good lego train bye

    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – with Piano Tipping – Railway Vehicles – The Kids’ Picture Show
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    I’ve Been Working on the Railroad – with Piano Tipping – Railway Vehicles – The Kids’ Picture Show

    February 20, 2020

    I’ve been working on the railroad all the live long day I’ve been working on the railroad Just to pass the time away Can’t you hear the whistle blowing? Rise up so early in the morn Can’t you hear the captain shouting “Dinah, blow your horn!” Dinah, won’t you blow Dinah, won’t you blow Dinah, won’t you blow your horn? Dinah, won’t you blow Dinah, won’t you blow Dinah, won’t you blow your horn? Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Someone’s in the kitchen I know Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah Strummin’ on the old banjo! Singin’ fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o-o-o-o Fee, fie, fiddly-i-o Strummin’ on the old banjo [Music continues] I’ve been working on the railroad All the live long day I’ve been working on the railroad Just to pass the time away Can’t you hear the whistle blowing?

    বাংলাদেশের প্রথম রেলওয়ে স্টেশন এখন যেমন I BD first Train Station
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    বাংলাদেশের প্রথম রেলওয়ে স্টেশন এখন যেমন I BD first Train Station

    February 20, 2020

    Kushtia Jagoti, the country’s first railway station. The railway station has been inundated with witnesses of history for not long reforms In 1862 53.11 km rail line was established from Ranaghat in West Bengal to Jagati in Kushtia. The first railway station of the then East Bengal and Jagati railway station were opened in that year. The railway station, which was once a gathering and profitable, is now on its way to being abandoned. No manpower. The dirt is filled with garbage. There is no place to sit. Stone business is occupying the station. During the night the drug addicts chat. The only local train stopped at this station. With a little rain gets frozen at the entrance. Restrooms are closed, not toilets. The buildings have become vulnerable due to their long age. When it rains, the roof falls and the water falls. In addition to modernizing the three stations of the city including the traditional Jagati railway station, the demand for direct communication with Dhaka .

    Bike the Kettle Valley Railway / Myra Canyon in Kelowna, BC
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    Bike the Kettle Valley Railway / Myra Canyon in Kelowna, BC

    February 18, 2020

    Hi I’m Tim Wohlberg for and when you’re in Kelowna you absolutely have to bike this the Myra-Bellevue Trestles on the Kettle Valley Railway woo woo, the Kettle Valley Railway is 600km long today we’re riding from Myra Canyon to Rue Station this section is also part of the Trans
    Canada Trail, I find the most interesting because it’s got 18 trestles and 2 tunnels you know what they say about tunnels this railway was built between 1912
    and 1914 the last train to pass through was in 1973 but I still get a little nervous going
    through a blind tunnel oh no (laughing) because it was built as a railway and
    trains can’t handle hills the grade doesn’t exceed 2.2 percent
    which makes it a nice easy flat ride speak for anybody but if you don’t have
    a bike you can either walk it you can take a guided tour or you can
    rent a bike at the Myra Canyon parking lot as you ride along the trails you’re gonna
    notice a lot of dead trees, there was a massive forest fire in
    2003 that burned down 10 out of the 16 wooden trestles and
    the two top decks of the steel trestles it took them over four years to rebuild them Kelowna is known for its heat but even here in the South Alpine at a
    thousand meters, it’s still really hot there are no services along the way so
    make sure you bring lots of water this is vodka, but it’s organic so it’s
    okay once you’ve reached the yellow gate you’ve
    reached 11 K and the old Rue Station, now from here you
    have a couple of options you can either head straight back the exact
    same way you came or you can hit the roads which will be a bigger challenge
    because there are a lot more hills if you’re looking for an epic ride you
    can ride from Myra Canyon all the way through wine country and Naramata down
    into Penticton the best way to do that is to grab a shuttle in the morning from Penticton, it will take you all day
    because it’s an 84km ride as for me I’m heading back this way, you
    have a great ride

    中国高速鉄道・420km/hで走る凄いヤツ どんこめニュース第6回
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    中国高速鉄道・420km/hで走る凄いヤツ どんこめニュース第6回

    February 18, 2020

    Hello, this is Doncomet.
    This time, I will introduce an article “Which is the more advanced Japanese Shinkansen or China High Speed ​​Rail?” This article was introduced on February 11 at a site called Searchina, which introduces Chinese news.
    Chinese media Sina on 9th, Japan’s Shinkansen is as long as platypus beak An article entitled Why China High Speed ​​Rail is not long has been published. The following is a summary of a Chinese article translated. In recent years, China has been developing high-speed railways one after another.
    Chinese vehicles are bullet-shaped, while Japanese vehicles are platypus-like. Experts say bullet-type high-speed rail cars generate loud noise when passing through tunnels I point out that there are drawbacks. High-speed railway is built near houses because Japan’s land is relatively small Japan was studying high-speed rail earlier than China, but initially experienced many noise problems in the process To solve this problem, Japan has developed a vehicle with a long nose like a platypus. Some people find bullet-shaped vehicles noisy. In fact, China’s high-speed trains are built relatively far away from residential areas so as not to have a significant impact on people’s lives. apparently Now, China’s high-speed railway is currently expanding its explosive network.
    The latest vehicle CR 400 series is from Canada’s Bombardier The maximum design speed is up to 420 km in a vehicle using the technology of the brand Zefiro. Commercial operation is also up to 350 kilometers. The leading car of this vehicle is a so-called bullet type, which is shaped like a Hokuriku Shinkansen in Japan.
    This time about this CR 400 series I want to delve into it. It commenced commercial operation in August 2016, connecting Dalian and Harbin in Northeast China Introduced to Hadai Passenger Line.
    In Japan it is familiar with the Pasina type locomotive “AjiaExpress ” Some people may have heard of the section where the South Manchurian Railway was located. It has been operating at a speed of 350km since September 2017.
    The total length is 904 km, which is the distance from Tokyo, Japan to Shin Yamaguchi. The fastest driving time is about three and a half hours. By the way, this vehicle is called “revival” It is popular with Chinese people.
    The most notable thing about this vehicle is that the motor output is There will be 650 kw.
    In Japan, such a large output motor is installed only in the electric locomotive class. For example, the EF66 is a DC motor that carries 650 kw. When it became bigger than this, it was called a substation breaker,
    It will be 1000 kw motor class of ef 200. As a reference, the motor of the test vehicle Alpha-x, which has just started commissioning in Japan, is 380 kW. Alpha x has the idea of ​​loading a lot of medium output with motors loaded on all 10 cars, The Chinese high-speed rail CR400 is more like a locomotive towed train, rather than having a large output motor. In fact, the maximum speed was suppressed to about 200 km,
    Power-concentrated vehicles There is also a vehicle called CR 200J.
    In addition, the control unit, the vvvf inverter, was written as water-cooled. An example of equipped with a water-cooled inverter is the Cruise train Mizukaze of JR West. But originally the fans There was an article saying that if it could be installed enough, it was unavoidable to use water cooling due to equipment space. Introducing a water-cooled system on a high-speed railway such as the CR 400 is likely to generate much more heat. In fact, according to the Chinese version of Wikipedia, four 400 A pages There were 15 articles on vehicle trouble on the 400B type page. Fortunately, it did not seem to be specifically written about fatal accidents. The CR400 now has 17-car trains and connects Beijing and Shanghai. Kaikou high-speed railway, 350 km operation by Koshinkou high-speed railway connecting from Guangzhou to Hong Kong via new line I haven’t got on that train yet. Look at satellite images such as Google Maps, Anyway, the facilities were big and I was very surprised. However, high-speed trains deteriorate more rapidly than regular trains, so in Japan these days, they will be updated in about 10 to 15 years. China’s high-speed rail is said to have a chronic deficit. Can I do regular maintenance? I am a little worried. China’s population density is smaller than Japan’s. The population is 10 times, but the land area is 25 times. For that reason, it is said that dollar box routes are also limited, and I am worried about what kind of management will be performed in the future. I often hear about the idea of ​​making a new route. Then this time Thank you for your viewing! I’m glad if you subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching. See you again, bye bye !!