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    Man pleads guilty to stealing railroad tracks
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    Man pleads guilty to stealing railroad tracks

    August 12, 2019


    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen I am over here next
    to the FEC main along Dixie Highway and I believe thats Taft over there Johnson
    so yeah I’m gonna include a Google map Link since you guys know exactly where I’m at
    but look at what I found today an abandoned industrial spur. Look the wheel
    stops and then we’re gonna walk along these tracks look at those rails They are rusted as rusted can be! wooden cross ties So right now I’m walking North bound, this would be facing south
    this would be facing north So yeah this is near the FEC mainline It looks like on the other side of that street which is McKinney Street it was cut off
    already damn look at this got some friends along for the ride on my shoe
    whatever its a small price to pay not every day you get to encounter 1 of
    these babies it appears that it abruptly comes to an end right here Yeah so as I said Damn look at this This is looking South then im on, just so you know oh wait a second look at what we got
    here he was hiding behind the stop sign little devil! It even has a DOT tag
    still nice alright you guys thank you nice Alright guys, thank you for viewing please subscribe or like
    over and out

    Night Train at Railroad Crossing FEC
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    Night Train at Railroad Crossing FEC

    August 11, 2019

    train horn Shot out to my boy Ameridas 45 for giving me the heads up that this was on the way. He’s headed Northbound This is control point Wilton Manors NE 17th ST crossing on the FEC railroad crossing bell alright you guys Please Subscribe or Like, thank you very much for viewing. Over and out!

    Paint Spacing of Fence and Railroad Tracks-with Marge Kinney
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    Paint Spacing of Fence and Railroad Tracks-with Marge Kinney

    August 11, 2019

    As you drive along you may notice that a fence
    seems to disappear into the distance until there is just no fence left. That is called a vanishing point. And usually it is at the horizon line which
    is right at the center point of your eyeball. The horizontal line there is the vanishing
    point. So, you can see where the fence goes into
    the distance. In this case you are looking at trees. The trees are the same size, but they get
    smaller as they go into the distance. The final one here is the railroad track and
    the rails appear to get closer as they go into the distance. So that is what we are going to learn. Alright the very first thing you need is the
    first two lines, you have got to have the two lines to establish the distances between
    the first two fences. The next thing you need, is to draw the line
    from the vanishing point where your road is going to go, or where we want the fence to
    end up. And that line has to be exact. Your lines have to start from the exact same
    point. If they don’t you will have a wider top and
    a narrower bottom, and you will wonder what happened. So make sure that this point is exact. Now, if the bottom of the first fence is here,
    then you draw your second line from the vanishing point. Now measure between these two points up to
    the vanishing point. Alright, now you are going to take your pen
    and mark from the very corner of the first pole. Come down through the middle line. Wherever this ends up landing shows you where
    your second pole is going to go. That pole ended up here so now you will draw
    the next one here and then draw here so, I am going to show you how that works. I will take my pen, this line came down here
    if I come right through the center of both it comes like this. Well now, how will I get the next line? I will turn this like this and put my T-square
    here so that it is horizontal or parallel with this edge. I go like this
    and that gets me where the next one is. Now I turn it back, now I go to this post. A T-square keeps it square with the edge so
    that you know it is equal on both sides. So we would come here. OK, so these lines will continue to get smaller
    and smaller as it goes on. We are going to try that one more time with
    the railroad tracks. Did you notice we had to put the first track
    down and the second track down and again if the vanishing point appeared to be here, we
    need to have each side of the rail put down first and then we measure between these two
    at the halfway point up to the exact point here. Make sure that it is just a little tiny point. Alright, now we come from the first two lines,
    we take from this corner here through the center of this to the next to where it ends
    up on this line. We draw a horizontal line here and then we
    come from here over like this and that gives us this line the next one, and this, and we
    will be perfectly even. So what do you think? Is that simple? You know I tried to figure it out for many
    years and it is as simple as that. Hope you had fun. Try it yourself, you might like it…. Bye bye.

    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed
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    The Railroad Crossing That Never Existed

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m over here
    at North West 80th Street in Medley Florida and I’m gonna show you guys a
    railroad crossing that was never built okay this is a warehouse complex over
    here was built like early to mid-90s and I remember driving by the Palmetto
    and seeing them built it and I also remember looking and seeing that these
    pavement markings, they paved these roads right and then they made the pavement
    markings RXR you can see here well as you can vaguely see here
    because of paint it’s been chipped away and faded after 20-something years rxr a
    so that’s this is facing west the nearest railroad is over here see I can give you a close-up on that this is a Seaboard Industries um so this railroad i’m certain never went
    past where these wheels are and you can see there’s a lot of
    activity going on here so yeah here is where the wheel stop are and that’s
    where the boxcars come to load right this is a FEC track by the way FEC
    spur so yeah then you see that the track stops right there right okay so NW 80th Street right there
    next to the fire hydrant is where the pavement marking is RXR and then Im going to show you the other pavement marking So I don’t know if like the
    they had an intention to build the spur all the way over here and they never did
    or if these, the person the traffic engineer or whoever it is responsible
    for these placed this in error so here you can see the there comes a
    seaboard marine truck and I don’t know if, here’s the other
    other pavement marking like I said I don’t know if these were placed in error or they just never built the spur out to where it needed to be built to originally planned to be built oh yeah
    and here you can see the address guys I’ll include a Google Maps link anyways
    please remember to follow me on instagram railrol82 and I
    thank you very much viewing please subscribe like over and

    Lego road plates and train tracks – Are they useful?
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    Lego road plates and train tracks – Are they useful?

    August 10, 2019

    Hey there what’s going on Lego fans? Sergio here and today I will be having a look at this, Lego road plates. So if
    you want to see more reviews about Lego and much more don’t forget to subscribe
    to my youtube channel you haven’t yet so let’s start with the video hey Lego fans let’s start with a video
    you might be thinking what is this guy going to talk about? Lego road plates.
    yeah and going to but maybe you have guessed the main topic. It’s kind of a
    discussion topic yeah, cause Lego fans love road plates.
    Especially if you’re building a lego city these packs are great unless you
    want to tile your entire city that is something… it is a bit of a tedious work
    yeah you know but maybe you don’t have the time maybe you don’t have the money
    whatever but this this is nice oh no not right I think it is but one second… Lego sell these amazing packs of two Lego road plates but what if I want just a
    straight road? Why do I have to buy a T road. I don’t want it
    so why do I have to buy it? Okay that’s the main problem we are accustomed to
    because Lego fans love straight roads in Lego cities we have the straight
    roads and long streets so we need more of those but Lego don’t care about that
    they just sell these packs of two they should start creating packs of two
    straight roads. Don’t you agree? so recently I noticed something else
    because this has started happening no long time ago it’s a similar problem
    okay maybe if you like Lego trains you’re familiar with these sets and they
    are just train tracks this set contains eight straight tracks and 16 flexible
    tracks and that’s great. That’s perfect! Cause you can use flexible tracks as straight
    tracks However, Lego has decided to do something yeah that’s what they’ve done and they
    have released a new set with the same amount of tracks + curved tracks
    that’s something that maybe you don’t want. I have curved tracks. Extra curved
    tracks and I if I don’t want to buy them I should be able to to buy just the
    straight ones but I don’t know and what happens at the end that we end up buying
    maybe… second-hand roads just to buy straight roads. So please, Lego if you’re
    watching this video consider creating packs of two straight roads because we
    love straight roads so that’s all for now thanks for watching subscribe you
    haven’t done it yet leave me a comment with your opinion, I’ll read them all
    and leave me a like share the video and thanks for watching again see you soon

    What Are The Bags Next to the Railroad Tracks ?
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    What Are The Bags Next to the Railroad Tracks ?

    August 9, 2019

    so right now I am in Hialeah Florida
    that’s right next to Miami it’s actually to the west of Miami
    Florida and Florida man at any given railroad crossing you will find these
    bags coconuts on the train tracks so I’m gonna include a Google Maps link to this
    location where I’m at you guys can follow along are the bags that I’m
    referring to see you right there you got one two three four a couple coconuts
    five six seven and boom here is your answer what’s in there
    to the dead chicken now here’s another ticket why are there so many dead
    chickens that are given no no Posse in Hialeah Florida or South Florida simple
    answer this is of buidling Santeria Santeria is an afro-cuban religion where
    to put a spell on somebody you go to a voodoo doctor or a parallel and that you
    these people make a killing they pay like they literally make a trillion as
    you can see here but they literally make a killing and aside from that they make
    a lot of money because people pay thousands of dollars to put a spell on
    somebody or to put negative vibes they call it my Dale whole like an evil eye
    on somebody so yeah they paid thousands of dollars
    and then these people what they do is they sacrifice a chicken or a go to
    whatever saying corresponds to the desire that the person is asking for it
    and then when they do sacrifice chicken they put it in a bag and throw it
    trackside so the Train can whisk away the bad spiritual implement when I used
    to walk to the railroad the engineers that had this route didn’t want this
    route because they were weary of the bad spirits are gonna go on the train
    personally I just believe it’s not a mumbo-jumbo I’m not really into that
    kind of stuff I personally believe that there’s no scientific explanation for
    somebody cutting a chicken’s head off or killing a chicken or a goal and then
    that has an impact on my life but there’s some very weak minded people
    that do believe in that nonsense and then the coconut is also it has a
    similar it has a similar effect but what that is coconuts again so these coconuts
    we have a white pinstripe on kind of are used like let’s call it a spiritual
    cleansing of a house so like let’s say you have the back room of a house you
    just purchase the house we move into a house and you want to cleanse it of all
    the evil spirits what they do is they put the coconut in the back room of the
    house and they kick it through each and every
    corner of the house well first of all has to be a dried up coconut and they
    paint a white stripe on it I don’t know why the white stripe but yeah so they
    start off in the back room to kick it throughout the whole house and it’s
    supposed to take away with it all the bad vibes it’s supposed to help you with
    your mentality for your spouse to remain loyal to you for good health except
    cetera again I don’t believe in this nonsense but a lot of people do and
    there’s big money in it like some of these people live in mansions and have
    nice prized because people pay for this nonsense so this is just one side of the
    crossing right this is the west side of the crossing and you saw how many bags
    you counted here right let me take you to the east side of the crossing so you
    can see all the more oh we’re not that busy but gets person traffic okay so as
    I said I’m an East 10th Avenue there’s a really case so these are the
    FCC tracks that’s iris interlocking that’s all
    these tracks run east and west or whether you have the CSX tracks that run
    north and south so here you have more bugs one two three four get all this
    crap and this is incredible and then the smell here there’s another coconut
    there’s another dead chicken more coconuts here chickens bones people this
    could pose our health our health our risk because you know chickens have been
    known to have a B coli Salmonella so yeah that stuff gets into the ground and
    into the drinking water not to mention it’s like people walking by and they
    might touch it or come in contact with it school kids with their book bags and
    whatnot yeah it’s not a very pleasant thing this was actually taken to the
    Supreme Court in 1993 and the Supreme Court ruled in favor of call it the
    animal killings because it’s a religious freedom so these people are allowed to
    continue such barbaric practices which is a shame because I’m an animal lover I
    have dogs and I can’t imagine anybody killing an animal just because they
    think it’s going to better their life or worse than somebody else’s it’s it’s
    truly pathetic but what can you do it’s the world we live in so yeah guys I
    thank you for watching this video please subscribe or like tell me what
    you think down below of this barbaric practice take care the way

    FEC Port of Miami Push and Pull Train at Railroad Crossing
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    FEC Port of Miami Push and Pull Train at Railroad Crossing

    August 8, 2019

    train horn That’s FEC? Yeah, that’s the Port of Miami train Ladies and gentlemen, we’re here at East 10th Ave. Hialeah, FL. We’re going to see the Port of Miami train heading East bound now mechanical crossing bell push and pull Got an engine in the back. train horn mechanical bell Please subscribe or like guys. thank you for viewing. Over and out.