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    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad
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    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad

    August 15, 2019

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wondered
    what the Overseas Railroad would look like and today I’m going to rebuild it for you
    guys. Let’s start by adding rock. Good! It’s looking just like the one that ran parallel
    to US 1 in Miami. Now, we add some rails… Exactly as how I remember it! There is, however, a slight modification:
    because as you guys know, where those cars are currently running on used to be the actual
    railroad. In this example, the Metrorail never got installed
    in 1984 so it allowed the track to continue running parallel to US1 and eventually they
    built it back into the Keys. Let’s see that train! Now that’s what I’m talking about, we have
    a full fledged Overseas Railroad with a train and everything! How beautiful does this look, guys? Okay so now we have the full visual impact
    of what this would look like nowadays. Let’s get the audio version of this example. What would this sexy beast sound like? There it is my friends! Now we got to fully experience what this would
    look like nowadays. Not even the Mona Lisa is that pretty, right
    guys? Truly a beautiful sight guys. I’ll let you takeit in for a second… Who knows, maybe in our lifetimes we’ll get
    to experience this phenomenon again? Ok guys, please remember to subscribe, like,
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    Railroad Crossing Gates Removed Before Hurricane Irma
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    Railroad Crossing Gates Removed Before Hurricane Irma

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today is the
    Friday before hurricane Irma strikes and I wanted to show you guys uh some
    preparations that the FEC took here on northeast 17th court on milepost
    338.8 in Wilton Manors. They decided to bring them the crossing gates that are in
    danger of flying with the tropical storm or hurricane force winds so let me go
    ahead and show you the first one here As you can see, they left it in the down position got a progress Signal base WC Hayes gate
    mechanism right WC Hayes lights all around And may I add that those are not LED lights I like those So yeah we got WC Hayes lights all around 2 tracks and there we see the emergency contact info see FEC Railway so this would be track view South and then that would be where they left the crossing gate they used tie-wraps Here we got the pedestrian crossing I guess they figuered that this they might be LED lights I’m sorry
    take that back pedestrian crosing gate so since its small its it not gonna pose
    as much as dangerous that one would so they left decided to leave this one on
    this is a WC Hayes signal base here WC Hayes gate mechanism and we got
    WC Hayes lights all around also those are my favorite visors by the way we got an
    e bell up top you built up over there too so as soon as this car passes I’m
    gonna go ahead and show you This is the North side of the crossing see the signal there so here we see that
    this one was removed and here we have a progress signal base as well
    WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism WC Hayes lights all around the top emergency
    contact info two tracks and then here we have track view North here we have
    crossing gate was put temporarily for the duration of a
    hurricane Irma you know where we got the relay case and I think this might be the
    control point Wilton Manors on the FEC line I think this is might be the work
    that they’re doing a double track for the bright line and then here we have
    another WC Hayes signal base WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes
    lights all around as well up top and we have a WC Hayes mechanical Bell look at
    that! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful alright guys let me introduce you guys to one of my most favorite, I was going to say
    people on the planet boy to me he’s like a person it’s my dog Happy, Happy say
    hello to the camera My boy Happy Alright guys Give you a shot of the crossing again see the trees? That’s the very outer bands of Hurricane Irma which is 450 something Miles from South Florida
    alrighty guys please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing, please follow me on instagram railrol82 over and out

    Body found on railroad tracks in Paso Robles
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    Body found on railroad tracks in Paso Robles

    August 14, 2019

    Paso Robles police are investigating the discovery of a man’s body found on railroad tracks near Pine and 6th streets police say the 70 year old man was lying across the tracks next to his bicycle they say he had a small amount of blood above his left eye and on his cheek police say it appears he had fallen off of his bike and hit his head you need Pacific Railroad stopped all trains in the area while police investigated the incident police say he was not hit by a train and there is no evidence that a crime occurred the man’s name has not yet been released

    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing
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    Exploring Abandoned Railroad & Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so an
    update on an abandoned railroad crossing over here at Southwest 8th St. and SW 69th Ave so over here a few months ago I filmed this crossing where you can
    see the cantilevers are missing the light and gates, crossbucks. I came to see
    what else had been removed and at first glance it appears that they
    haven’t touched anything else this is walking westward and SW 8th ST Where that Walmart is, that was the sight of Everglades Lumber, until 2008 when it closed. So on that side, opposite side
    which would be the North side of the crossing you had the relay case and then here it
    this would be track view South. And here you have the cantilever and where the
    crossing gate once was. Notice the cut wires there and the four screws that held it
    up this was all a Harmon Cantilever yeah you can see the brackets for the lights there. Nothing else. Track view South This line actually ends four blocks
    South of here home at Southwest 12th ST have a video where I filmed the end of the line. It’s fenced off. yeah you can see this beyond that you
    can see the remnants of the rail bed but nothing else give you a quick
    glance here that there is Voodooo.
    There’s a dead chicken in there. Whoever dropped that off thought that this track
    will still active and that the train was going to take away the bad spirits but
    there’s no train or bad spirits so jokes on them right ha ha ha. Track view South. Give you a walk here… see concrete cross ties one and two
    among all the wooden cross ties. that house has probably been there as
    long as the railroad it’s about the late 1920s or maybe earlier than that. Wow!
    look at that building it’s totally covered in vines oh crap that’s amazing. Oh! Again I got all these guys sticking
    along with me. This here is a mango tree. Been picked clean. okay Mobile home park there. damn I hate when these go inside your shoe, pinch you all over the place makes it uncomfortable to walk Can you see a date on there? hey guys this is all the end of the line
    is about a hundred feet that way getting kind of cloudy and windy so I don’t want
    those oh well you just walk a few hundred feet here and show you the There’s a spur here. Man! Look at this. This is freaking torture. Cheese 2 so this is the FEC track that
    connected to the main along US one in Southwest 88th ST and then led into the
    Oversea Railway but look at this. It’s a Wheel stop by Hayes, old school. so yeah the end of the track is just like I said about a hundred or so feet over there
    where I have a video on so I’m going to head back before the rain guys- feel it
    in the wind now walking northbound and this way it
    went about maybe five or so miles then it went were the Miami International
    Airport is went around the airport into the Hialeah yard which still exists.
    Currently the Hialeah yard is the southernmost point for the FEC Railway now. Oh God! Another one. Those things are ruthless. I don’t know why I find this to be such a beautiful sight you think so? If you agree with me, comment below. I
    don’t know it’s just maybe the history and it’s the potential
    that that there is here or that there was here Or that nature is reclaiming what once belonged to man. take that in for a second look at how
    old that is all in all, this track isn’t in bad shape for something years old right? and here we go SW 8th ST. Our original filming spot. So now, we were facing West. Now we’re going to be facing East. Alright guys, I thank for your accompanying me on that tour. Please Subscribe or Like! Take care, over and out.

    Closed Railroad Crossing
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    Closed Railroad Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here at Northwood, West Palm Beach, FL and I’m going to show you guys a closed railroad crossing I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this location so you guys can see exactly where I’m at. And here as you can see there in the distance. That’s the FEC Again, FEC southbound train there And this is the street in question, 54th ST right So here you see but they closed off the road this road would have turned into I think this Pine Wood Avenue facing South and facing North This might have been 54th Street Then they just put up this railing over here Look at this you even got the old RXR sign over here I was trying to see if they had a date on it, but no there’s no date on it Looks pretty old and the pavement marking seen better days You can make out the X in the middle the R on the left is gone And there’s some what part of the R on the right day Then you got the double solid yellow over you That’s probably the Tri Rail you hear off in the distance then this would have been where you stopped Track view North and track view South Yeah There isn’t even any traces of where the crossing gate was Maybe it was a cross buck And you can see on the opposite side the same thing like there’s a Barrier there and a railing & a pine tree So yeah, it’s been a while since somebody crossed over there And this is what it looks like going out here this is going back West I wonder why they closed this crossing maybe I can’t imagine why maybe it wasn’t a safe crossing, or There’s a lot of accidents here If you know please comment below I’d love to know so, yeah guys This is one last look at the closed railroad crossing over here in Northwood, West Palm Beach All righty guys please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era
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    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen check out this old
    seaboard style crossing this is ancient this is over here on Miller Drive ill
    include a google link so you guys can see where I’m at
    check this out look at the signal base this is a US&S made in the USA, look at the rust on that then obviously on those visors are new so
    are the lights which is are safe fan yeah and then I can’t see if it there’s a pinnacle
    up top that’s from the Seaboard days okay see the lens here no left
    turn that’s a regular led right there so let me go ahead and give you a look at the rest of
    the crossing so over there you have the the median crossing and here you got a
    nice pine tree think that’s Australian pine so this is the CSX s line homestead
    subdivision here you see the pedestrian crossing think that’s a reco on the crossing
    gate up top then safe tran signal base and the gate mechanism is a safe tran as
    well, this would be track view Southwest there’s and there you have the relay
    case, this here is highway 874 You can hear the bad rail over there voodoo track view Southwest again and then let me
    show you what the crossing looks like so right now I’m facing the West this
    is Miller Dr this is what this crossing looks like
    from here so as you can see here’s the emergency contact info CSX s line homestead subdivision mile
    post 45.62 we got safe tran LED lights all
    around here and we got a WRRS bracket look at that patent is in 1937 wow okay
    cross buck and those are safe tran lights overhead too, okay lets see when is a good time to crossover,
    think now is, okay this is track view northeast and then this is a very basic over here
    we got a safe tran gate mechanism, safe tran signal base, safe tran lights. Reco
    lights on the aluminum crossing gate let me go ahead and make a run for it boom okay got it
    I know that’s where I was or I just filmed the cantilever and then over
    there is that old-school seaboard the 1st one ok facing east and then here we got this
    pedestrian crossing this is also a safe tran system signal base
    and a safe tran gate mechanism this one’s actually fiberglass and okay safe tran sorry Signal
    base safe Tran gate mechanism that’s an aluminum
    crossing gate with Reco lights on the crossing gate, safe tran lights over here then
    I was trying to see what kind of signal base this was but it doesn’t have any info on it maybe safe tran I already
    described the card that’s the CSX s line homestead subdivision and then give
    you a look at this crossing yeah it’s a very “high class” area of South
    Miami it’s right on the border of South Miami and Coral Gables, they have some very
    expensive houses here. Alright guys, please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing, over and out

    LONG Train Knocks Down Signal
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    LONG Train Knocks Down Signal

    August 12, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen today we’re going to see FEC heading East and there’s going to be a Tri Rail coming thru here sometime soon but l want to see them knock down the signal, as you can see the signals are in red. There’s the Tri Rail So he should get a green He’s a looks, appears to be fully loaded I think there might be another Tri Rail coming This guy must be pissed He’s over here waiting train horn yeah train horn okay so now they should turn green because had 2 trains there in the last minute and he’s just waiting right there He’s creeping up on the crossing East 10th Avenue guys I’m going to include a Google Maps link to this place But yeah, I came because I want to see him knock down the signal. He still has a freaking red, I wonder why We’re probably going to see another Tri rail train horn yeah crossing activates train horn and he still has a red train horn train horn still has a red LNG tender, that’s liquefied natural gas red E S 44 So this guy is just going to stop here because he hasn’t gotten a green yet. Wow, this is crazy! There you go! He finally got the green on top. Now he’s going to knock it down! screeching screeching Boom! He knocked it down! nice! Alright now let’s see what we got here. screeching He’s probably taking his time to speed up because he’s fully loaded. All these rock hoppers are full of rocks. screeching A long way to go You can see the traffic forming here already. It’s about a mile long It’s like 4 o’clock which is prime rush hour here Just sit back and enjoy the train as these people are stuck in traffic. Oh look, a dirtbike nice the rocks and right here we’re going to see brand new rock hoppers not that 1 We still got double stack intermodal that way Wow double stack intermodal kaboom! auto racks Man, this one has a little bit of everything! And you still can’t see the end! got tankers too wow oh okay the end is near as they say nice way to end it, center beam there you go, gate runner never fails crossing activates alright guys, MP366 railfanner Please subscribe or like, thank you very much for viewing guys. over and out Oh, that’s a fan right there. She recognized me. Yeah, I got groupies all over the place!

    Man pleads guilty to stealing railroad tracks
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    Man pleads guilty to stealing railroad tracks

    August 12, 2019


    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Hollywood Florida

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen I am over here next
    to the FEC main along Dixie Highway and I believe thats Taft over there Johnson
    so yeah I’m gonna include a Google map Link since you guys know exactly where I’m at
    but look at what I found today an abandoned industrial spur. Look the wheel
    stops and then we’re gonna walk along these tracks look at those rails They are rusted as rusted can be! wooden cross ties So right now I’m walking North bound, this would be facing south
    this would be facing north So yeah this is near the FEC mainline It looks like on the other side of that street which is McKinney Street it was cut off
    already damn look at this got some friends along for the ride on my shoe
    whatever its a small price to pay not every day you get to encounter 1 of
    these babies it appears that it abruptly comes to an end right here Yeah so as I said Damn look at this This is looking South then im on, just so you know oh wait a second look at what we got
    here he was hiding behind the stop sign little devil! It even has a DOT tag
    still nice alright you guys thank you nice Alright guys, thank you for viewing please subscribe or like
    over and out

    Night Train at Railroad Crossing FEC
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    Night Train at Railroad Crossing FEC

    August 11, 2019

    train horn Shot out to my boy Ameridas 45 for giving me the heads up that this was on the way. He’s headed Northbound This is control point Wilton Manors NE 17th ST crossing on the FEC railroad crossing bell alright you guys Please Subscribe or Like, thank you very much for viewing. Over and out!