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    Rail Nation Tutorial – Bahnhof | Train Station
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    Rail Nation Tutorial – Bahnhof | Train Station

    October 13, 2019

    Hello everyone. Today I’ll show you the train station in Rail Nation. As you can see here, there’s a total of
    11 different buildings in the train station. I’ll just click on the engine house,
    the most important building… …and upgrade it. All other buildings, apart from
    the lottery can also be upgraded. You can see the upgrade starts right away
    and takes a certain amount of time. You can speed up the process with Gold. If you no longer wish to upgrade the building,
    you can also cancel the upgrade. I did just that. Apart from that you can see that you will
    receive prestige for every building upgrade. In return you have to invest cash for the upgrade. The construction time increases with each upgrade. It’s a smart tactic to always upgrade the engine house first. That allows you to own more engines
    that in turn bring you more cash. So whenever you can upgrade the engine house, just do it. The second most important building is the laboratory. The laboratory speeds up the generation of research points. The further you have upgraded the laboratory,
    the quicker you can research the latest engines, which of course are better than the
    old ones and earn more money for you. Also you can store more research points
    when upgrading the laboratory. You can see it here: at level two you can store 7
    instead of the 6 research points you can store at level one. The next important building is the bank. The bank determines your account limit. You can see my account limit is currently set at $100,000. And I have a balance of $68,000. Any income you get after you’ve hit
    the account limit will be lost. Hence it’s always important to upgrade the bank
    so that no money will be wasted. The track production determines how
    many routes you may own in total. It makes sense to upgrade it when needed, but you should always keep
    a little reserve of one or two routes. The next building is the construction yard. The construction yard is particularly
    interesting at the start of an era, when you want to upgrade your
    engine house as quickly as possible. That is because the construction yard
    reduces the construction time of buildings. In this case by 5%. If, in the end, you fully upgrade the construction yard,
    construction times will be reduced by 75%. Then there’s the station concourse. The station concourse’s main advantage is that it
    rewards you with a lot of prestige when you upgrade it. The licence trade determines how many
    goods licences you may hold at any one time. At the start upgrades are not all that interesting,
    since the costs are quite high. As time goes by it will however become worth it,
    since you can generate much more income with many licences. There are also three other buildings with
    collectable bonuses as you can see here. The restaurant, shopping centre and hotel. The restaurant generates a bonus every 90 minutes,
    which can then be collected by clicking on this green button. The shopping centre works in the same way. Just the bonus can only be collected every 6 hours. But it’s a bigger bonus, too. If you aren’t online that much,
    the shopping centre will be more useful to you. Otherwise you should first upgrade the restaurant. At the hotel, you can’t collect cash, but prestige instead. The further you upgrade the hotel,
    the more prestige you can collect. You can collect this bonus every 3 hours. I’ll collect it just now. Now it will be three hours before I can collect it again. In the end your train station may look similar to this. And to make sure that it will do so as fast as possible, it’s best if you go back to the game now
    and upgrade your train station. I wish you lots of fun!

    Peppa Pig Train Station Construction Set Duplo Lego Spiderman saves George Pig with Daddy Pig
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    Peppa Pig Train Station Construction Set Duplo Lego Spiderman saves George Pig with Daddy Pig

    October 13, 2019

    [Music Playing] The toy featured in this video is the Peppa Pig
    Train Station Construction set. Now this comes fully equipped with a train
    station, a train, a track of course, and the Peppa Pig family. With Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig. And this is the only time that you’re gonna
    see the Pig Family really skinny. And you can have all fun with this playset
    while you’re playing with it. Here’s Peppa waiting for the train. Here’s George waving to the train. Watch out, George! And here’s the whole family having train station
    fun. The great part about this set, is that it
    comes in a large box, which makes it really easy to clean up. The set comes with a lot of pieces, including
    the track pieces, we have a front end of the engine right here. We got the back part of the locomotive. And each one of the characters is able to
    move their head quite easily. They’re actually pretty loose, they can move
    back and forth, and even 360. The arms also move up and down, and they twirl
    all the way around. And then the feet, you can bend them so they
    can sit down or stand up. The playset also has a lot of stickers. Right here, we had to place a sticker onto
    the tree. So that we can show some branches and some
    leaves. These Peppa Pig construction sets are actually
    made by a company called Unico, it’s very very similar to Mega Bloks and Duplo Lego. Actually, almost identical, except made by
    a different company. The track pieces link together, but they don’t
    stick together very well. So, they’re pretty loose when you put em on
    the ground. You can see here they don’t really stick,
    but they’re very easy to move. And here we have the whole track set. The train station is back there. We got the track, you have two straight pieces
    so it’s not a perfect circle, a little bit oval, and a couple of signs. One on side, we have a little train gate you
    can open and close to let the train through. And on the other side, we’ve got a traffic
    light and a flag, and the flag is attached by a hinge so it’s able to pivot back and
    forth. We’re also given a lot of little items for
    the train platform. We have some ducks right here, We’ve got a
    parcel of mail, we have a briefcase, and then we have some food. Or maybe that’s just a picture of food. Now if you open the door, you can enter the
    inside of the train station. Now if you turn it around, you can see the
    inside of the train station. Here’s the door that we walk through. We have these benches right here for passengers
    to wait for the train. And we’ve got a table, and a chair, probably
    for eating. And this is sort of the attic of the train
    station. They didn’t finish the roof on the back, so
    you definitely want it to be flipped around when you’re showing it off, or playing with
    it, but you can put stuff up here like, let’s do Peppa Pig. She’s just gonna sit up here and hang out. And then we have the train station and the
    train. Now its easy to get characters in, you just
    open up the tops of the cars, and you can place them in. The only problem is that Mummy Pig, Daddy
    Pig, Peppa Pig and George, none of em can sit in there and close it down. So, if you put Peppa Pig in there and then
    close the top, it doesn’t close all the way, see how it’s angled right there? So you either have to lay them down, or maybe
    grab other littler characters to ride. Now we’re just gonna move the train down the
    track and, wait a second, who’s on the train platform with the Pig Family? So we’ve got everybody here, Mummy Pig, George
    Pig, Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig, and of course, the Hulk and Captain America. Wait a minute, where’s Spiderman? Oh, there he is. Hey, thanks for watching. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe
    to the ToysReviewToys channel. And then click on a picture to watch another
    fun video, or click on the present to watch a surprise video. Have a great day!

    Ride the Las Vegas Monorail
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    Ride the Las Vegas Monorail

    September 18, 2019

    Ride the Las Vegas Monorail Clean, modern trains Get from The Strip to the
    Convention Center in just minutes Seven easy to access stations