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    HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks
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    HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks

    December 15, 2019

    – Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m gonna
    be sharing all of my top tips with you guys on how to
    recover, or get back on track after eating like absolute crap. If you guys are new
    here, hello and welcome. My name is Becca and I
    would absolutely love if you would subtribe to my channel if you are enjoying my videos. So that was you can join my little family here on YouTube. But today’s video is going to be all about how to get back on track
    after being not so healthy. So in my last what I eat video, I was just totally real
    and open with you guys about the fact that I was
    super off my normal routine. I wasn’t feeling myself,
    I wasn’t eating very well, I wasn’t working out. I talk about why I was like totally off my normal routine in that video. So in that video I kind of
    eluded to how I was trying to get back on track, but I didn’t share any
    specific tips with you guys. And I definitely have some tips up my sleeve that I wanna share with you. So that is what I’m gonna
    be doing in today’s video. But before we dive into
    all of my tips and tricks on how to get back on track
    after not being so healthy. I do wanna start by saying,
    we are all human okay. I may be a registered dietician,
    but there are some times where I eat crappy food, I don’t work out. I am not health minded what so ever. We are all human, and it happens
    to every single one of us. And with all of that being said, I just want you guys to know
    that if you ever find yourself in a situation which, I’m sure you will, cause we’re all human and we all do it. But if you ever do find
    yourself in this situation and you do wanna get it
    together, get back on track, you don’t need to result
    to extreme measures. Lik you know, you ate
    badly for a week so now you’re gonna do a three day juice cleanse. Or you’re gonna exercise like crazy so you can burn everything off. You don’t need to do that. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. We can just you know, get back on track. It’s not that big of a deal. And for those of you that know me, who know that I am anti-extreme. So all the tips I’m gonna
    be sharing with you, are very practical. They’re all very healthy,
    you know, simple tips to administer to just
    kind of help ease you back into your healthy lifestyle and get you back on track. Okay so my very first tip is a simple one, but a very important one, and that is you gotta drink your water. Especially after you’ve had a few days or a weeks or a few months or whatever it is of not eating very well, you have got to keep hydrated. We require water for so
    many different processes throughout the body, so
    if we’re not hydrated, we are just not going to
    feel our best in general. Plus drinking lots of
    water is going to help our digestive system just
    kind of flush everyone out. Just get rid of all of
    that crap that we just ate. No pun intended. And lastly and what I think
    is probably the most important when it comes to getting back on track, is when we are dehydrated, a lot of the times the
    signals that come across to tell us like, hey we’re thirsty, you know we need to drink some water, we need to get hydrated. A lot of times, those
    signals get a little muddled when they’re coming through and they come across as cravings. So a lot of times when we’re thirsty, our body’s actually gonna say like, let’s eat some chips, or I really want you know, X Y or Z food. A lot of times they
    come across as cravings. So when we’re trying to get back on track, we wanna make sure that
    at least at a minimum, at the base line, we are hydrated. So we are at least knocking
    out some of the potential weird cravings that can come across and keep us from getting back on track. My next tip doesn’t really
    have anything to do with eating or drinking at all. And that is just to get busy. This always helps me so much. When I’ve had a weekend where
    I just didn’t really eat very well, and Monday rolls around, I know that I have work to
    do, I have to do, you know, this huge to do list, just
    stuff that I need to get done. I know I’m not gonna be you
    know, layin around on the couch, thinkin about food. I’m kinda bored, I wanna eat that. None of that is going to
    happen when you are busy. Now I’m not saying to
    completely ignore your body and get so busy that you’re not eating. You should still be
    listening to your body, you should still be eating, you should still be fueling yourself with wholesome, nutritious foods. Very important. But if we stay busy,
    it kinda just helps us to like tune out those
    random, unnecessary cravings of foods that we don’t really need to eat, but we’re only craving em because we just ate a bunch of junk. So whether that is you
    know throwing yourself into your work, if you’re at work, or like me, if you work from
    home, just sitting down, and just getting some work done, and really focusing on that. Or maybe it’s just knocking
    out some household chores. Whether that’s getting some laundry done, or cleaning the house. Occupying your mind with
    something productive will just ease into getting back on
    track, and keep you from snacking on things that you
    probably shouldn’t be eating. My third tip is something
    that is very important. And that is, get active. Get some physical activity going. You need to exercise. After you, are eating
    like crap a lot of times, we don’t wanna work out because
    we feel kind of sluggish, and we just don’t feel our best. Maybe our energy levels are really low, cause we just haven’t
    been fueling our bodys with nutritious food. But one of the best ways
    to actually get us out of that slump, is working out. So whether that’s you know, getting yourself outside to go for a walk or a run, or going to the gym, or maybe doing a at home workout. Anything that you can do to move your body and get sweating is going to help so much. Exercise releases feel good hormones, like dopamine and serotonin, which really just helps to life our mood. I definitely find that
    if I’m craving something not so healthy for dinner, like I wanna order a pizza
    tonight, and then I go workout, afterwards, I’m like I don’t
    want that pizza anymore. Like get me some veggies and salmon, like I feel good. I wanna keep this going. I wanna eat well. So is definitely a huge helpful tip. My next tip is to eat lots and
    lots of fruits and veggies. You probably saw this one coming. A lot of times when we
    eat not so healthy foods, whether they contain like refined grains, or added sugars, afterwards
    it’s going to make us crave those foods. After you eat a whole
    pizza, you’re not like, I could really go for
    some roasted asparagus. No, you’re like I want ice cream. So that is just like that
    is just unfortunately how our bodys work. So it is important to make sure that you are really poignant and
    mindful about the fact that like okay, I didn’t
    eat so well over the weekend but it comes to Monday morning, I’m gonna eat lots of fruits and veggies, and whole foods and not processed foods. Because that is really
    gonna help fuel my body and just get all those
    micro nutrients that I need. And just make me feel really good. Also, fruits and vegetables
    contain a lot of fiber. So if you’re having trouble
    digesting all of the not so healthy food that you just ate. That fiber is gonna help
    kind of move things along. And get that going. And the more whole foods you’re eating, for example, fruits and
    vegetables, versus processed foods. The more friend they’re going
    to be to your blood sugar. And blood sugar stability
    is everything guys. Let me tell you. Blood sugar matters so much. When we eat a lot of junk food, or processed food that has
    a lot of refined grains, or added sugars, it’s
    unfortunately most likely going to send our blood
    sugar out of whack. So you’re gonna en up getting
    these really big peaks, and then these really big
    dips in your blood sugar. And we don’t want that. Because every time we hit a dip, even if we just ate like
    some kind of cupcake or something 30 minutes ago, and it’s still practically in our stomach. Our blood sugar’s gonna drop and our body’s gonna go oh no, we’re low on sugar, I need the carbs. Feed me the carbs, feed me the sugar. And then you’re just
    gonna want another cupcake 30, 45 minutes later. So that just gets to be
    ina vicious, vicious cycle. So if we’re eating whole
    foods, that aren’t really processed, and they have a lot of fiber. And if we’re making sure to
    also get in poly proteins and healthy fats, those are
    also friendly to blood sugar. And going to keep it
    very steady and happy, which is gong to keep our cravings at bay, and therefore much easier
    to get back on track. My fifth tip is kind of a fun one. And this is something that I absolutely love to do personally. And that is to go food shopping. So some people probably think I am crazy, cause I actually like to food shop, but it really really gets me
    excited about eating healthy. Especially if I’ve had like,
    an off week, or weekend, or however long it may be. If I go to like Trader Joe’s, or my local grocery store, and I just pick up, some good produce, and I pick up some
    different healthy snacks, maybe like some fruit and nut mix, or stock up on Almond
    Butter, or Peanut Butter, things that I just, like
    healthy little things, staples I like to have on hand. It gets me really excited
    about eating healthy. Cause I’m like, oh, I have
    all this like good stuff that I’m stocked up on. I don’t need to eat that crap, like look at all this you
    know, yummy healthy food that I just got. So that is kind of a
    random tip, but definitely something that helps me get back on track. So those are my five top
    tips to get you back on track or recover after eating like crap. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and learned something from it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you are new, and haven’t already. I would absolutely love to have ya. And of course, if you guys have yet to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, I would love to see you on there as well. But that is all I have for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching it. And I look forward to
    seeig you in the next one. Bye. (upbeat music)


    How To Ride A Pump Track | Blake Teaches GCN’s Si Richardson MTB Skills

    December 9, 2019

    (upbeat music) – Welcome back you beautiful people and today is all about pump
    track essential skills. Today, I have a very special guest, Simon Richardson, everyone – Hey, thanks mate. – Welcome.
    – You’re too kind. I guess if any of you know me, it will be as a road rider. I am a cross country
    mountain biker, life long, and I’ve got to say Blake, I love pump tracks, I’m just really, really bad at them. – No, you’re not. – No, you wait. – Well, today, it’s your lucky day. I brought my dirt jump bike. You’re probably not very used to it. – I love the look of these bikes and so I cannot wait to try it. Have you got an allen key? I just need to pop that
    seat up a little bit. – No, that stays down, sorry, yeah. Anyway, moving on, I want
    you to ride the pump track, get used to the bike, but whilst you’re doing that, I’m going to scrutinize your riding and I’m gonna pull up where you need to improve on your skills, okay? – Yeah, alright. – We’ll help you improve on those skills. – Thanks man, probably going
    to need quite a big notepad. – So whilst Simon is getting introduced to my lovely hard tail, the Scott Voltage, I’m here with Simon Richardson from GCN. I’m going to help him kind
    of perfect his pumping skill and develop his skills
    within the pump track. This is a great place to
    start developing those skills. How’d you find that? – It’s the fact that
    my front wheel is about six inches further forwards than normal. – Yeah, it’s not underneath you. – No, it’s not. – You’re not holding the
    handlebars past your hub. – Yeah, I think a warm up.
    – I’m gonna scrutinize your riding.
    – Yeah, please do. Be gentle.
    – And then kind of be picky. (upbeat music) What did you think of that? – It’ll take me a while
    to get used to the bike, but it’s such good fun, innit. – But to be honest, your pumping technique, I can’t fault it. – Yeah? – It looks pretty good. – Aw, thanks man.
    – Really good. I think the only thing
    that is your cornering, but I feel it’s a bit
    intimidating when it’s a bit wet. You kind of let yourself
    go around the corner and you let the bike take
    you around the corner. – Well yeah, to be fair, the fact that it is a bit slippery is a bit intimidating, but actually, I suck at riding the corners whether it’s wet or dry. So yeah, if any pointers there, would be gratefully received. – Okay, so the technique
    I saw you doing in a turn, was, like I said, you’re letting
    the corner take you around, so you’re just kind of
    being a passenger in a turn. What you’re also doing is you’re coming and you’re staying quite low in the turn. So, you want to enter high, exit low. So, you’re basically dropping down and getting ready for your straight. – Okay. – Now body position, what I saw you doing was kind of sat back, arms a bit straight. Your knees are bent, but not bent enough.
    – Okay. – You want to bend your elbows. You’re gonna bring yourself down into it, like you would on a straight
    in that attack position. – Okay. – So, not sat back. – So more aggressive? – More aggressive, looking
    ahead, looking at your exit. So, you can pump the turn. – Pump a turn?
    – You can pump a turn. – Whoa. – So, that’s when you want to be on that aggressive attack position. – Okay.
    – Not sat back letting the turn do the talking. – So, you literally, like you’re
    pushing your front wheel in as you’re coming into the apex and then you push with your feet as you’re kind of going through? – Yes.
    – Okay. – Yeah.
    – Alright. – Have a good at that. That’s it, it’ll feel
    weird because you feel like you’re gonna lose the front end. Yeah. There you go. That’s heaps better, well done. Your form look way better
    and you looked quicker. – Cool, well it felt a whole heap better. It’s not rocket science, is it? Taking the wide on the inside. But man has it made a difference. It always felt a little bit like, I’m not sure you can case a berm but it sort of felt like.
    – Yeah. – You know, I’d hit the end of it, lose all my speed, and to roll out of it like a little trickle.
    – Start again. – Exactly, where as now, it’s like oh yeah, I can actually carry a bit of speed through that. – [Blake] Right, recap time. Remember to enter the
    corner central or higher. The faster you go, the higher
    you want to enter the turn, which in tail, will bring you
    to the exit the corner lower. It’s about being in attack position and that’s elbows bent, knees bent, and looking at your exit. Corners can be very
    intimidating at high speed, but the more you ride a
    berm, the easier it gets and you can start to pump in
    a corner to gain more speed. – I’ve got one last favor to ask. – Yeah? – Can you teach me how to jump? – (gasps) Yes.
    – Just quickly. – Yes, I know the perfect straight. – Funny you mention that, yeah. – Can you jump? – Uh. – Have you had air before? I know you’ve done it
    cross country and racing. – Yeah, no, I kind of can jump. Like, it’s not like I’m
    glued to the ground, but I suspect most people would be like pfft, that’s not a jump. I think it feels quite good. The technique, right,
    so you pump, pump, pump. – Yup. – And then it’s literally
    just instead of pumping, you just like woo, straight over.
    – Yeah, you’re kind of need, you bring in that bunny hop technique. – So I am gonna have to like hop it? – Put you on a mellowed
    down bunny hop technique, you don’t want to bunny hop off the lip, you just want to let
    the lip do the talking and then water down that bunny
    hop technique a little bit. So you’re gonna lean back
    – I think my bunny hop technique is pretty watered
    down at the best of times. (laughing) – Well, let’s see it
    and I’m gonna point out where you’re going wrong. – Okay.
    – Yeah? – Yeah, right. If you think I can case
    berms, you watch me jump. – (laughs) I think he
    just wants to show off, ’cause I think he can jump. But I want to see him jump. Okay, I see what he did there. – That nearly made 1000 fails. (laughing) – You did kind of the push through. You kind of thought the lip
    was gonna do the actual lifting of you off the ground. – Yeah. – You kind of went like, like whoa. – It sounds like an excuse, but I think because it’s got such a different position to normal
    – Yeah. – It’s like the front wheel
    kind of feels very different, doesn’t it?
    – Yeah. It takes off before you think it does. Maybe do it again. If you do it again, now you understand where that kind of front wheel is and where it’s gonna take off. Relax a bit more. – Yeah, I think not feeling
    like (beeping) my pants. – Exactly, relax a little bit more. Oh, you had that. – Yeah, I’m pretty sure I left the ground. – You left the ground. Exaggerate a little bit more. Put a little bit more effort
    into that exact technique and you would clear it.
    – Okay. – A little bit faster as well. Yes! Nearly, so a bit more speed, a bit more speed. A little bit more pop. Wah, yes, but as soon as you
    left the ground, you went. You kind of straightened out your arms and that kind of, you
    pushed yourself through. – Okay. – So, you did the pop, but then you didn’t
    continue with that flow, you kind of just went rip. – No, the current flow left
    me when I left the ground. (laughing) – So, bring the bike up
    into you a little bit more. – Okay. – Yes, yes. On a pump track, it’s not
    all about getting height, it’s all about keeping
    it low, keeping it fast. That’s what he did right there. Oh, damnit. Should I demonstrate? (laughing) – No, please do. – So you can actually,
    no, so you can see how, I’ll over exaggerate everything so you can see where
    I’m pulling and pushing. – Yeah, okay cool, that’d be super helpful.
    – ‘Cause you’ve got it. ‘Cause when you’re doing, you’ve got the pop, it’s just when you’ve got the pop, it feels like you’re getting a bit scared, so you’re like, whoa, I
    don’t want to go too high. – [Simon] That’s pretty much spot on. – Forget about how high I go, it’s just the technique of the jump. A bit more speed and you’re like. I’ll show you what you do. – Yup. – With the arms, you’ve
    got to keep your arms bent, not push out.
    – Okay. – Yeah? – [Simon] That looks rubbish. – You see, you’ve got the pop
    to get yourself into the air, it’s just you’re not
    letting your arms continue – No. – Through the process.
    – It’s kind of almost flattening it off. – It’s a short lip but you lean, let the bike come up,
    and then when you do it, you just kind of push forward and bring up your legs
    when you’re leveling out. – Okay.
    – Yeah? – Alright, cool, thanks mate.
    – Try that. – Yeah, I will do. – [Blake] Yes! – Still not there, was it? – No, that was good. Your arms look way better on that one. Maybe the bigger the
    lip, the easier it’ll be. – Okay. – ‘Cause the smaller lip, you kind of, you actually have to do a little bunny hop to get up into the air. Whereas that one, you can actually let it glide yourself over. – Okay, I’ll try and do both. But I’ll try and give it
    a proper one on that one. – Yeah, it’s snowing leaves, look at that. The first one was brilliant. That was good. – Yeah?
    – Yeah, I was like wow, you’re dropping in on a side wind. Jumping is all about being confident and this comes with practice and time. Using the bunny hop technique off the lip can help you get into the air, which is all about timing and
    getting it right off the lip. Next is relax and not to tense in the air. You want to keep those arms bent and panic and straighten out in the air. – Just a bit more practice. – Just a bit more practice. You’ve got the confidence,
    that’s for sure. – I could get used to this bike though. – It’s fun, isn’t it? – Super fun. You know your cables are
    a bit tangled up, Blake? – It’s for tail whips. – You what? – Tail whips. – Blake, thank you so much mate. That’s been super cool.
    – You’re welcome, you’re welcome, thanks for coming over. Definitely improved,
    your pumping is spot on. If you want to go faster, you just have to exaggerate your pump. – Okay. – So be more aggressive.
    – Yeah. – Your cornering, straight away, I saw that you were letting
    the corner do the talking, not you, you’re not making
    the corner work for you. So, by getting into that
    attack position, spot on. Going in high, coming out low – Yeah.
    – Into the straight. – It did feel like it
    made a huge difference. You know, you can tell me how to do it, it’s easy to put it into practice, and yeah, it did feel better. So yeah, thank you for that. – And then jumping, that just comes. You’ve got the pop, you’ve got the skill, you’re comfortable, you could
    relax a little bit more, but that all comes with
    practice and confidence really. – Yeah, thanks man, I definitely feel like I need to practice. But you know, you telling
    me what I was doing wrong, it helps to clarify things and it’s like okay, now I
    know what I need to work on. Yeah, so hopefully mate, I’ll be like taking
    – You’ll be back, yeah? – Landing on another before too long. I still don’t know how you do that. – I’ve been doing it, practice, practice, it’s all about practice. Hopefully this has helped ya. If you enjoyed this video, we got Simon to go around
    the corners, get in the air. If you want to see another
    video on how to jump, click over here. – I’m gonna click on that, mate. – Yeah, don’t forget to
    hit the globe to subscribe and give us a thumbs up like.

    Why you can hear a train in the railway tracks from miles away
    Articles, Blog

    Why you can hear a train in the railway tracks from miles away

    December 6, 2019

    This video will save your life if you
    would ever be in a situation like this: You have to cross a bridge and you don’t
    know if a train is coming or not. So what do you do? First of all I’m not a
    biologist, but I’m pretty sure let your ear aren’t on your hands. But you can
    actually hear the train coming from very far away. If you put your ears on the
    tracks. It do works and it is extremely effective – but do you know why ? Take a
    second to wonder.. Okay I have to warn you almost everyone get this wrong. So what
    is happening? Sound is actually just a pressure wave a disturbance that’s kinda
    pushing to its neighboring atoms to propagate this disturbance wave. As the
    Train is touching the tracks it’s sending a pressure wave down the rail. Now here is why I most get it wrong Sound travel fast and solids slower in
    liquid and slowest in gas. This is because solids is much more dense there
    are many more molecules in solids. There is less molecules and liquids and
    there’s even fewer molecules in gases. We can represent a sound wave propagating
    with dominoes because the molecule / dominoes are very close together they
    can collide quickly and therefore the wave travels faster. For example in air
    the pressure wave is 343 m/s that’s the speed of sound
    but in water it’s actually 1482 meters per second and in steel it’s almost six
    thousand meters per second. So in our setup the sound wave would arrive a much
    sooner, in the tracks than in the air. Because a pressure wave in still moves
    17 times faster than air but that’s not why listening to the tracks is effective. Even the best high speed trains only travel around 17 meters per second
    and you can see here the speed of sound is much much faster than the train and
    so it doesn’t matter that the sound is traveling even faster in the steel
    tracks – sound is fast enough in air. So why can you detect the train on the
    railway tracks the correct answer has to do with dimensions. A speaker produces
    sound that propagates in three dimensions
    – like a sphere and so the intensity drops according to the area getting bigger. In
    3d the area gets four times bigger when the distance gets doubled as you can see
    here.. The intensity is lost like 1/r^2 that’s called the inverse
    square law which you may recognize from the equation of gravity. In two dimension
    – like a rock being thrown into a lake – the wave intensity only drops by 1/r not as crazy though. But in one dimension, like the railway the tracks,
    the intensity never drops! That’s the reason why fiber optics works by the way.
    The area of which the intensity should be distributed around never grows with
    the distance. That is why even spot a train from far away – the only thing
    stopping the sound wave in the railway tracks are dampening, such as absorption
    of the wave or friction. Like this pendulum here one pendulum is in vacuum
    another one are covered with air molecules, causing friction and causes
    the pendulum to stop. The sound waves in the air just dissipates because it’s
    being distributed in three dimension causing the intensity to drop very fast. But you can’t detect the wave in the railway tracks from miles away because
    it’s only dampening that’s stopping the wave. It does not matter at all that
    sound in still is way faster than sound in air. Sound in air is still much much much
    much faster than the Train. But don’t Ever cross the bridge where a train is
    coming *CAKE* So these nice kids should have gone
    away or at least listening to the railway tracks, or just hide here or hang here
    when the train is coming.. That’s it thank you for watching.
    consider subscribing or join me on patreon to support the creation of
    hopefully many more animated physics videos.


    Audi R8 V10 Plus, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Litchfield GT-R. Track, Drag-Race – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

    December 5, 2019

    [CAR ENGINE] These are three very familiar
    looking cars. Here we have the 997 Turbo S,
    for many the definitive all weather performance GT car. But later this year,
    it’s replaced. So is this a farewell
    Turbo S piece? Slightly. It’s also a hello R8
    V10 plus piece. Because it now has a double
    clutch gearbox– a proper gearbox– and 550 horsepower. Now normally at this stage, we
    insert a GT-R and say, look, it’s cheaper and faster, and it
    roasts everything else for performance. But that’s not a normal GT-R.
    We thought we’d add some price to it. That’s been played with by
    Litchfield, and it has 750 horsepower. So we’re going to go to Anglesey
    and go around a circuit for a bit. Then we’re going to go on
    the road for a while. Then we’re going to come back
    here to Bruntingthorpe and have ourselves a bit
    of a drag race. Should be a good day. But before we head to the track,
    a quick look at these three number freaks. The Audi is the newest
    car here. But it’s really a mild
    face lift on the outside, and in the cabin. Even the normally aspirated V10,
    now with 550 horsepower and 398 foot-pounds in
    this uprated version, isn’t the big news. No, that’s the jewel clutch
    transmission, that looks like it might finally complete
    the R8 package. It weighs 1,670 kilograms, quite
    a lot for an aluminum sports car. And like the others, it’s
    four-wheel drive. The Nissan is the odd
    one out here. I figured a standard GT-R was
    so much cheaper than the others, we could allow ourselves
    some sport, and close the price gap, with a
    little after market help. So this car has been lightly
    breathed on by Litchfield, to the tune of 750 horsepower,
    revised suspension, ceramic brakes, and snazzy
    Nismo seats. We all know the cabin’s
    a bit iffy. But who cares when you’re
    smoking superbikes? The Porsche is often the default
    choice at this price. The Turbo S’s combination
    of 530 horsepower, 516 foot-pounds, small dimensions,
    four-wheel drive, and a small pair of rear seats is,
    for many, a clincher. But in my experience, the Turbo
    S can be more impressive than alluring to drive. And with competition like this,
    that might not help. At 1,585 kilograms, it’s
    the lightest car here. Anyways, to Anglesey,
    to wreck the tires– sorry, I mean explore the
    handling characteristics and set a lap time. The Porsche 911 Turbo S, the
    ultimate representation of the four-wheel drive turbo-charged
    911. Here we go then, across
    the line. Just stay in third for this
    bloody fast left-hander. Bit of understeer, and
    then neutralize it. Pretty clever, actually. Do we need second? We probably do for the first
    part of this very tight right-hander. It hooks up nicely there. And then a suggestion of
    oversteer on the exit. This very fast right-hander
    now, understeering through there now. I don’t really want to– [CAR ENGINE] –just in case it does something
    horrendous to me. Now, two turbocharges. That’s fast. I don’t know how fast
    we’re going. I don’t want to look. 130 something. Bloody hell. Stop please. Stop please. Down to second for this little
    flick-flacky left, right. Again, little bit
    of understeer. But not too bad. You just have to over slow the
    car a bit, and then use that boost on the exit. There it goes. Whoo! Love it. What are we going
    to do here then? Slow in, a bit faster out. That was nice. That felt lovely. Four-wheel drive, when it hooks
    up, does feel great. Stay in second here, trying
    to keep it a bit neat– he says. Over the curbs, and
    across the line. Of course, you can just
    skate the hell out of it if you want to. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. It’s interesting, because it’s
    turbocharged and it’s four wheel drive. It’s still a 911. It’s still got that balance. A couple of times today it has
    restricted me from using some of the torque, which is a bit
    frustrating, I have to say. And I thought the dampers would
    be better in this harder mode, but they’re not. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Proper, old fashioned 911. Can’t go wrong, can he? [TIRES SQUEALING, CAR ENGINE] [CAR ENGINE] I bloody love these Audis. The nicest thing I can say about
    the R8 V10 is it doesn’t feel like an Audi. It sounds a bit cruel,
    but it doesn’t. Done through this flick-flacky
    section. What do you reckon? Over the line, second gear? I think we go over the line
    second, then grab third on the exit. We can do that because
    the shift is so fast. Fourth, third for
    this quick one. Can’t take liberties. Mid-engined. Just brushed the curb. Third, second, that’s it. Listen to that. It’s the only normally aspirated
    engine, and it’s just a joy. Put all the systems off because
    it seems the best way. Got the sport button on. You’ve got to have your sport
    button on, haven’t you, if you’re going to go fast? Bit of understeer in the
    quick bit there. I think that’s just the
    engineers being a bit cautious with it. Christ, again it feels
    fast through here. Better get some brake
    on there. And this is where it’s just
    much nicer than the 911. It’s turned in there. It’s giving me options. There is a bit of understeer. We’re on a normal P Zero tire. It’s not a Corsa. Listen to it, guys. Second there to trim it,
    over third on the exit. Ride it out. A little waggle from the hips. Now down through here, this
    helter skelter little carousel-y sections. Lovely. Wide line through here. I love this thing. Over the line. Yes. But it will do that,
    all day long. It’s just fabby. That’s supposed to be
    four-wheel drive. I can give it no higher praise
    than to say it just doesn’t feel like an Audi
    to me at all. And it’s supple. And it revs. And this new gearbox is so much
    better than that old R tronic rubbish that they used
    to tell us was great. No, it’s a lovely thing. You shouldn’t be able to
    do that in a mid-engine DSG-equipped car, should you? Whoo. [CAR ENGINE] [CAR ENGINE] So, the Litchfield MF at
    Anglesey on the short circuit. What’s it like? Well, it’s a little bit
    terrifying, I’ll be honest with you. But it’s [INAUDIBLE] over the line in third gear. With the boost wound up to 1.5
    bar, and with 750 horsepower, actually it oversteers over
    the line in third gear. Take third through here. Get fourth on the way out. You can actually go
    up a gear, because there’s so much torque. So we’ll leave it in
    third through this little tight one here. It’s on a pilot supersport. God almighty, it’s fast. The others are a light there. It’s a proper brake
    in this thing. Let it run out. Now it’s– oh my lord, it’s fast
    through here. I’m going to take third there. I don’t need to stay
    in second. Haven’t got as much understeer
    as the others. And when the boost comes
    in, it’s just savage. Good lord. [CAR ENGINE] Dearie me. I don’t think I’ve ever drifted
    a 750 horsepower car before like that. To be honest with you, I can’t
    talk while I’m doing it. Because it’s pretty full on. [CAR ENGINE] You’ve got to be quick. [CAR ENGINE] On the road, the big surprise
    is the Nissan. Litchfield has completely
    reworked the suspension to make it more supple. And in the softer setting, the
    thing is a revelation compared to the eye-rattling
    standard car. Traction is ludicrous. And the performance– well let’s just say I spent
    most of the time with the boost wound back to one bar. Because it just feels wrong to
    have so much power with the other road lemmings around. No, the GT-R’s main problem in
    the UK is something even Litchfield’s clever
    modifications can’t alter. It’s just too bloody big. The Audi is a revelation on
    the road, easily the most enjoyable if you’re trying to
    bust the space-time continuum. Throttle response is instant. The V10 yowls. The steering is the best here. And it wants to change
    direction. I just loved spending
    time in it. The suspension is supple. It deals with bumps, but the
    car is also flat and alert. In fact, it’s so un-Audi, you
    have to keep reminding yourself that it’s built by
    the people who packaged understeer for the masses. It’s just brilliant. The 911 is nearly as good. But it falls behind the Audi
    in a few key areas. The motor is completely
    lacking in character. It whooshes and chirps,
    but not much else. When the boost does arrive,
    it bends your face. And initially that’s
    great fun. But apart form raw speed, the
    Turbo S is rather mute. It’s a one trick pony. And even though the suspension
    copes with bumpy surfaces, it loses composure sooner than
    the Audi and the Nissan. The thing you notice after the
    Audi is how reluctant it is to turn in after the
    mid-engine car. It’s about respecting the Turbo
    for its speed, rather than loving it for the manner
    in which it covers ground. Then again, speed is kind of
    what these cars are about. So I feel a drag
    race coming on. First up, some individual
    acceleration runs from zero to 60 and zero to 100. The Audi is the most
    disadvantaged car here, so we’ll run it first. The launch control function
    is very effective, though. And before it dumps the clutch,
    you get the most fantastic Quattro-style
    rasp before it scoops. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] 60 takes 2.7 seconds. 100 takes 7.7 seconds. Which is fair enough, given the
    slightly gritty surface. And all the while, it’s filling
    the air with that glorious sound. I like this car. But the 911 takes care of
    it in a straight line. We couldn’t get it below
    3.3 seconds to 60. Again, blame the surface. And the 7.2 seconds zero to 100
    is a little slower than might be expected. But it’s still crazy fast. And it’ll do the same thing 10
    times in a row, with the driver drinking a can of Coke. But everything bows at the feet
    of the boosted Nissan. [CAR ENGINE REVVING] Sometimes it’s so gratifying
    to have the pain exerted on your kidneys explained
    in numbers. So here goes. Zero to 60 in 2.7, and zero
    to 100 in 5.7 seconds. Those are the fastest
    times I’ve ever recorded in a street car. And the gearbox was happy
    doing multiple runs. It’s actually quite difficult
    to explain how fast the car feels. So it’s probably best to show
    you what the 750 horsepower Nissan does to Porsche and
    Audi’s fastest in a drag race. [CAR ENGINES] I know. It’s unfair bunging a tuner
    car into this test. But sometimes you have to
    spice things up a bit. The most interesting aspect of
    the GT-R’s modifications for me is the revised chassis. It makes the car far
    more comfortable. Anyone can make a
    GT-R go faster. But Litchfield has made it
    more usable, as well as stupidly accelerative. Even so, it doesn’t win this
    test, and neither does the disappointingly numb Porsche. The Audi R8 V10 plus is one
    of those genius cars we don’t see too often. It’s involving, engrossing,
    and utterly addictive. For me, it’s one of the
    best cars of 2013. [CAR ENGINE]

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    Pakistani Train – Jhelum Railway Station | 4K video

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