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    Recording audio tracks || n-Track Studio Android Tutorial Series (Beginners)
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    Recording audio tracks || n-Track Studio Android Tutorial Series (Beginners)

    January 21, 2020

    Let’s say we want to record an audio track. All we need to do is tap the “add a blank
    track” icon. Then we’ll choose “add an audio track”
    to actually add a blank track. Before starting to record, we need to check
    the audio track is “armed”. This means it has an input channel assigned,
    and is ready to record. To arm a track, tap on the “arm icon”
    over here. In this case the input channel was automatically
    assigned, but we’ll find this option useful a little later, as you’re about to see. At this point, simply pick up your instrument
    and push the record button to start recording your first audio track. Tap the record button to stop recording. Now tap the rewind icon or move the yellow
    timeline cursor to the position you want to start playback and push the play button to
    listen your creation. If you want to focus on a section, and listen
    to a single part of your take repeatedly, then you need to use the Loop timeline selection. To use it, you need to highlight an area by
    drawing with your fingers on the timeline axis, activate the loop function and tap the
    play button. n-Track will now restart playback from the
    beginning of our selection as soon as the cursor reaches its end. Let’s say we want to record something over
    this track. All we need is to add a new blank audio track
    and arm it, then we can start recording. So, again, tap the “add a blank track”
    icon and choose “add an audio track”. If the track is not armed, just tap over the
    arm button and select the right input channel, in this case the internal mic. Since you want to record a second track over
    the first audio track, you need to be able to hear the first and the second track together
    during recording, but you want only the second track to be recorded, so make sure the first
    track is unarmed. To listen to what you’re recording as you
    play it, you can tap the “monitor live input”, which will let you listen to incoming signal
    through the selected output destination. Make sure you plug in your headphones and
    then push the “monitor live input” button to start listening to the incoming signal. You can now record as you hear what your mike
    is capturing.

    Locally-developed S. Korean space rocket on track for 2021 launch
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    Locally-developed S. Korean space rocket on track for 2021 launch

    January 20, 2020

    ever since South Korea launched his
    first space rocket in 2013 with Russia’s help it’s been working to develop
    Baracus solely with domestic technology art so jung-in tells us more about the
    new D rocket making an ear piercing noise a column of rocket exhaust rises
    into the air over the narrow space center a 75 ton thrust engine blows out
    flames the nuri rocket South Korea’s first locally built space rocket is
    having its 139th fire test the new rocket is made up of three stages and is
    designed to carry a 1.5 tons satellite into low orbit the first stage of the
    rocket is a clustering of 475 tons thrust liquid-fueled rockets and is
    considered the most difficult stage to develop the first stage plays an
    important role in launching the 200 ton duty rocket 55 metres from the ground so
    making the stage stable as crucial once all the tests are done development on
    the projectile can be completed the 45 metre launch pad the supplies fuel and
    oxidizing agents is expected to be completed in October in order to go into
    space and get out of the Earth’s gravity we need Rockets space rockets being the
    means to go into outer space South Korea will now have individually developed the
    ability to send people and objects into space the government has your marked
    over 1.6 billion u.s. dollars from 2010 to design and develop the new rocket
    to place the payload into orbit 600 kilometres above the earth the Institute
    hopes to launch the rocket by February next year and apply the technology to
    its 2030 Lunar Module Teddington Arirang news

    Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman on track
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    Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayman on track

    January 20, 2020

    Back on the throttle, flat out through the
    left over 100mph on the exit. Such a joy to drive this car but can it take on the Alfa
    for pure driving thrills. Alfa Romeo is one of the most evocative names in the world of
    motoring. But for the last few decades the firm hasn’t had a sports car that lives up
    to their illustrious sporting heritage but now they have – this car, the Alfa Romeo 4C.
    With a carbon fibre chassis, dual-clutch gearbox and a mid-engine layout the spec sheet reads
    like a super car, yet it costs less than 50K. But how does it compare to arguably the best
    mid-engined sports car in the world – Porsche’s Cayman. Well, in an Auto Express track battle,
    let’s find out. The stunningly beautiful 4C is a return to Alfa Romeo’s sports car past.
    With its carbon fibre chassis, it weights just 895kg while the 1.7-litre four-cylinder
    turbo engine produces 270bhp and 350Nm of torque. Now into its second generation the
    Porsche Cayman is famous for its perfect handling the 2.7-litre flat-six engine has 271bhp and
    290Nm of torque. But it weights 1,310kg so that’s 400kg heavier than the carbon-fibre
    Alfa Romeo. So we’ve got a very standard Cayman, it’s not a Cayman S just a standard Cayman.
    Hasn’t got an active damping system – it’s just a very standard Cayman. The Cayman’s
    lovely it works on so many layers it’s a fantastic road car, rides relatively nicely, quite comfortable
    on the road so it’s got that element. But the big question is, can it take on the Alfa
    for pure driving thrill? And, so many things about this car just feel perfect – the second
    you drive onto the circuit you just feel absolutely at the centre of the action. Everything’s
    beautifully balanced – you just feel like the car is pivoting around you so obviously
    mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, just absolutely perfect balance in the chassis. There’s a
    little bit of roll in the car but nothing bad, you know it’s just such a wonderfully
    well-balanced car. It’s got a sports exhaust which is really good. Traction is amazing
    – it’s quite long gearing in the Cayman so, and the engine only really starts to sing
    above 4,500RPM so on the road you can sometimes feel like it’s a little bit out of its comfort
    zone but the track when you get it working it really sounds amazing so that’s the first
    lap done, little bit of heating to the tyres. It’s come round and you start a flying lap,
    so across the line, second gear, and again because that gearing is quite short down the
    second here, there’s so much feel through the steering that you just always know what
    the car is doing. Change of direction is amazing there, lots of grip as the car’s loaded up
    with that long long left-hander. Up to third gear, just over 100mph and 110 hard on the
    brakes down to second gear for the corner. Loads of feel through the brakes, ABS doesn’t
    come in too hard. Third gear, amazing traction on the exit of that tight corner. Again, into
    these higher-speed corners the control and the balance on the car is just – you really
    feel what’s going on, it’s such a joy to drive this car. It’s so beautifully balanced, sounds
    great and just communicates so well. Third gear, high speed change of direction here.
    You can feel the weight through here but, still, pretty amazing through there. Right
    up at the top of the revs in third, down to second, really good brakes. Into the apex,
    great traction into the last corner. Such a lovely car and across the line. So the Porsche
    was a joy to drive and lapped the circuit in 1 minute 12.7 seconds the question is,
    is the Alfa Romeo going to be faster? Starting a practice lap the first thing you notice
    about the car is that it doesn’t have power steering. Surely the reason for not having
    power steering is to save weight, but also to give you an uninterrupted purity of steering
    feel – unfortunately, the steering feel isn’t very good. The steering really squirms around
    and kicks back quite a lot. But you can’t really feel what the front end’s doing which
    is a shame because the one thing you’re going to want if you’ve got no power steering is
    good steering feel but it’s a shame. The engine’s quite coarse, it’s not a nice noise like the
    six-cylinder Porsche. It does make itself known in the cabin but the dual-clutch gearbox
    is pretty quick and perfectly suited to the job. The other disappointment you notice really
    is the fact that the brake pedal – it’s very strong and there’s plenty of stopping power,
    but there’s not a lot of feel to the brake pedal and it’s quite hard to brake progressively.
    The retardation is quite grabby and it gets into the ABS very quickly, but the body control
    around that high-speed corner is just amazing. There’s hardly any roll in this car it does
    feel like a really planted track car. So, let’s see if that gives it the advantage against
    the stopwatch. So, coming round now starting the lap – trying to get good traction out
    of it, which is pretty good. Much shorter gearing than the Porsche, so we’re a gear
    up in some of these corners, so change the gear into this first corner here – really
    good through there as it changes direction from left to right. A little bit of understeer
    as you get on the power – there is a little bit more understeer in this car than you probably
    would like and because of the fact with the Turbo power it’s quite hard to dial the understeer
    to oversteer because when you get back on the throttle you have the engines not on boost
    and then it suddenly comes into boost. It’s better now on the track when it’s dried off,
    when the track was damp that made the car quite edgy quite tricky. Now that it’s dried
    off it’s pretty good and through these high speed corners turning and the really stiff
    body control means that there’s lots of grip and it is really planted through here. But
    again just a little bit too much understeer, mighty through here though, little lift through
    the right. Back on the throttle flat out through the left over 100 on the exit hard on the
    brakes squirms a little bit again too much on the braking. Power through the gears, second
    gear, third gear around to the last corner coming up to the line now and across the line.
    Incredibly, given how different they are to drive this pair record an identical lap time
    around our test track. That’s the first time that’s every happened – so what’s going to
    win our track battle? Well the Alfa is beautiful, has loads of grip and fantastic body control
    but unfortunately it lacks the sublime chassis, communication and fingertip feel of the Porsche.
    The Cayman is also more practical, cheaper and better to live with day-to-day. So, while
    we love the look of the Alfa, the all-round abilities of the Cayman make it one of the
    best sports cars money can buy – and it wins this track battle.

    Top 10 Line Rider Tracks of 2016
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    Top 10 Line Rider Tracks of 2016

    January 19, 2020

    Hi! I’m Rabid Squirrel and these are my top
    ten Line Rider tracks released in 2016. Let’s go! 10. Light Fantastic by Chuggers I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced tightly-synced
    modern quirk release from Chuggers. Light Fantastic marries SPL4SHZ0N3-style fling
    quirk to a trip-hop song by way of ultra-precise syncing using stacks and chains of gravity
    wells. The attention to rotation and direction is
    excellent – over the course of the track we see Bosh spin quickly with a piano line, change
    direction sharply with a drum hit, freeze in midair as a dead moment in the music brings
    his rotation to a stop, and collide with a series of kick drum stacks. Light Fantastic shows us what’s possible
    for modern quirkers with the new music syncing tools, when conscious thought is put into
    the the movements of Bosh as well as the lines on the screen, and how those might match the
    feel of a particular moment in a particular piece of music. It also benefits from a song choice that perfectly
    matches quirk staples such as snappy gravity rolls and stacks, enabling Chuggers to use
    the style of track that he’s most comfortable and experienced in, and the resulting confidence
    shows. Overall the track is significantly more intense
    than the song, and that can make for a bit of an overwhelming first impression, but it’s
    a marked improvement from Chuggers’ previous borderline-inscrutable quirk-heavy work such
    as Creation and Campester 3. And while not every moment of the track matches
    the song as well as it could, due to a heavy reliance on flings and stacks, there are enough
    moments where track and song fuse into one that the intentionality of Bosh’s movement
    in relation to the music is quite clear, and that is something sorely needed on the modern
    quirk scene. The ending also provides a welcome, almost
    touching counterpoint to the head-spinning nature of the work. What a gem! 9. Rigamortis by Apple With this track, Apple (AKA shua) gave us
    the first baby steps toward a merger of track and animation. In Rigamortis, dots dance around Bosh, expand
    into lines, push or pull him into a curve or a fling, spin him around, and then recede
    back into dots. Thus, animation becomes track, which in turn
    becomes animation again, in a dance of category-smashing experimental art. It’s not done with a lot of subtlety – in
    fact it’s often so fast-paced it’s hard to keep track of what’s happening at
    all, and thus it can actually be easy to miss the fact that the lines dancing around Bosh
    are actually persistent for most of the track, which is the work’s main claim to cohesiveness. It’s very clear that it was created almost
    entirely on the fly, and besides the occasional key moment where track and song line up, the
    two are only loosely married, despite them sharing a name. This gives Rigamortis an highly experimental
    feel and very little sense of focus or planning, which results in a work that is fun and unpredictable,
    but doesn’t leave much of a lasting impression – which is a shame, because the concept had
    enormous potential for narrative and development. Still, the moments where the track and music
    do line up – the title “Rigamortis” flashing on screen as Kendrick says it, the offsled-inducing
    brick-wall-stop on “he dead” followed by a similar brick-floor stop on “Amen”
    to end the track – are some of the strongest individual moments. Overall, this work opened up a new door in
    Line Rider to some exciting potential for bringing animated life to track lines, and
    I hope someone expands on this brilliant conceptual idea Apple showcases in Rigamortis. 8. Mountain by iPi This track is glaringly, painfully unfinished,
    but it still deserves a spot on this list for both the fantastic aesthetic and exposition
    of what manuals can be. Unlike the previous two tracks, iPi’s Mountain
    has a strikingly polished appearance. The almost bizarrely clean aesthetic of ultra-smooth
    curves and virtually nothing else is an enormous breath of fresh air, to the point where the
    mini-section of tumbling and frame-based lines actually feels odd, even awkward, while still
    being miles more clear in appearance than virtually any quirk. The crisp, clean appearance is also manifested
    in what may be the classiest and most effective introductory title sequence in all of Line
    Rider, drawn into the track so carefully that it looks almost surreal, and placed so well
    to be in view of the camera at the right times, that it feels downright professional. A word must also be said for the impeccable
    control over the balance of Bosh on a line – hands down the strongest showing in the
    manual control department in the history of Line Rider, and the result is a track that,
    just… feels good to watch. This work, like no other, shows that there
    is an elegance in balancing Bosh in a manual that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Nearly every movement of Bosh seems precisely
    determined. Especially with the top notch music syncing,
    integration, barrel rolls, head riding, and even the manuals themselves are all executed
    so well that it begins to feel less like a series of tricks and more like a beautifully
    choreographed dance to the music. That’s why, despite being painfully unfinished,
    this work is worthy of a spot in the top 10 tracks of 2016. 7. The Mountain Will Fall by Apple The Mountain Will Fall is one of those tracks
    that doesn’t hold together as a whole at all, but moments in it are so brilliant and
    beautiful that I can’t help calling it one of my favorite tracks of 2016. This is far and away the most experimental
    work on this list, and that is something that keeps it from feeling like anything more than
    a series of disconnected moments, but it also lends the work an air of unpredictability
    that makes the bits that shine really stand out. The massive clap sounds in the song lend themselves
    beautifully to kramual stops and cannons, as well as vast amounts of open space, and
    Apple’s attention to this potential leads to moments that had me laughing in delight. It’s hard not to experience a rush when
    a massive beat kicks in with a scream as Bosh takes off and flies through the air, or when
    a curve Bosh is riding on suddenly seems to come alive, receding and reappearing to knock
    Bosh into an airtime kramual, moving away and then back again to spin him around, and
    then becoming a kramual stop, all perfectly in sync with the music – and these are just
    two moments out of many in this track that are brilliant and unique. All that said, The Mountain Will Fall suffers
    severely from a lack of cohesiveness, particularly with the dense section at the start of the
    track that has no real significance or relationship to the latter half, and it has no satisfying
    ending like Rigamortis. However, The Mountain Will Fall deserves a
    spot on this list for containing some of my favorite moments in any track this year. 6. HAM by Ride Liner In a move that was essentially the biggest
    mic drop in the history of Line Rider, Ride Liner returned after a hiatus of nearly 8
    years and promptly released a track that blew every power quirk ever released into oblivion. Using never-before-explored techniques such
    as macros and TRK file editing, Ride Liner created a track that is probably what modern
    quirk would have looked like to quirkers in 2007. Which is to say, it’s powerful and intense
    to the point of utter absurdity, which is underscored by Ride Liner’s frenetic choice
    in music. With new tricks such as the wormhole, in which
    Bosh can essentially teleport thousands of pixels in a single frame, and sustained chains
    pulling Bosh’s body parts multiple sled lengths away from each other without going
    off sled, it can now finally be said – probably – that power quirk is dead. HAM is not on this list because it is enjoyable
    to watch, or because it conveys any kind of artistic meaning, but because of the implications
    of this release. HAM smashed all remaining limitations of gigaquirk,
    and thus the track marks an end to the era of elite quirkers trying to outdo each other
    with increasingly difficult and powerful tricks. The question on everyone’s mind is, what
    happens now? I can’t claim to know the answer to that
    question, but I’m damn sure it’ll be more interesting than most of what came before
    this work, and for that reason HAM deserves a place in the top 10 tracks of 2016. 5. Miniature in Blue by FlagCapper FlagCapper’s return to Line Rider with Miniature
    is Blue was a dramatic departure from his previous work. Well-known past releases from FlagCapper such
    as Ideology and Overdrive were often intense and traditionalist, but neither of those adjectives
    could remotely apply to Miniature in Blue. It does bear some resemblance to his 2008
    release Linear Fluency, and could even perhaps be called a spiritual successor, and yet the
    work is dramatically more reserved in both pace and speed, and the whole thing takes
    up very little space. And yet, it still manages to be both impressive
    and fun. Bosh’s slow movement only serves to accentuate
    the impeccable balance of each manual, and the track is full of beautiful, creative recycles
    of those manuals. Tastefully scattered quirk also adds to the
    charm of the track, especially the ending gravity roll. Unfortunately, the nature of the work is such
    that it would appear rather underwhelming to anyone without experience with attempts
    to create blue manuals or manual recycles, which significantly limits its audience. But the significance of this work is its potential
    to inspire other Line Rider artists to explore minimalism. Miniature in Blue is one of the first ventures
    into minimalism using traditional styles of manual and quirk, and this successful marriage
    of the two has enormous potential for the future. That’s why it’s earned a spot on my list
    of top tracks of 2016. 4. The Gorge by OTDE When most people think of the greatest works
    in Line Rider, they think of scenery. Most of us have fond memories of being amazed
    by scenery tracks between 2007 and 2010, a time some have even called the “Golden Age
    of Line Rider”. Surely then, it is lamentable that even with
    the incredible gains in lag reduction over the last two years, we have seen so little
    new scenery? Scenery is faster and easier to make and distribute
    than ever before, and yet it is curiously absent from Line Rider releases of 2016. However, The Gorge is not on this list merely
    because it is a scenery track, but also because, in many respects, it is on the same level
    as the greatest scenery tracks ever created. OTDE’s scenery is through, consistent, and
    creative, and the worldbuilding is exceptional. It even has a light story that adds some tension
    and weight to the second half of the track, and the ending gives me shivers every time! The story was clearly a late addition to the
    track, but it still manages to be stronger than the vast majority of scenery tracks ever
    created. While it does suffer from numerous stylistic
    discrepancies in the scenery, the biggest weakness of The Gorge is the struggle to work
    Cereal’s loop-heavy manual track into the scenery. It’s clearly evident in numerous places
    that the track was being repurposed rather than created from scratch in harmony with
    the worldbuilding. In the future, and especially with the new
    gains in lag reduction, I would love to see more tracks created simultaneously alongside
    and in harmony with the track’s scenery. Despite this, The Gorge is easily the most
    polished, professional, and entertaining release of 2016, if not the most creative or groundbreaking,
    and for that it easily deserves the number 4 spot on this list. 3. The Forest Under the Earth by OTDE The Forest Under the Earth easily stands out
    as one of the most strikingly unique tracks of 2016. This is a very short track, made over a short
    period of time, which makes it easy to write off as nothing special, and yet artistically
    the work is truly a gem. Accompanying the video is some text about
    how Bosh is going to an underground forest to die, which grants it much more emotional
    weight than the typical track, but every aspect of the track and presentation is dramatically
    understated, which lends it a quiet reverence almost unseen in Line Rider. It’s almost bizarrely simple, and yet compositionally
    it’s the strongest track on this list. Two thirds of the track is a speedy journey
    through a narrow underground cave passage, and then the last third was a very slow zoom-out
    on some ending scenery, but it succeeds at holding the same balance of attention throughout
    the video, never overwhelming or boring the viewer. The track is fast while the music is chill,
    but it works because Bosh’s directional changes and rotation are slow. The curves Bosh rides on are smooth while
    the walls of the cave he does not ride on are rough, but it works because it adds an
    air of pre-determinism that fits the in-world premise. The track is not afraid of quirk and manuals,
    and yet it never makes them feel like a necessity. There is a beautiful tension and resolve in
    the work, created by following the fast paced, claustrophobic caves with the slow reveal
    of the titular forest that provides a palpable sense of satisfaction as the video ends. None of the ideas in this track are revolutionary,
    or even particularly inventive, but it pulls together numerous disparate ideas to create
    an artistic work that is as compositionally strong as it is unique, and that easily puts
    it as my 3rd favorite track released in 2016. 2. Seen and Never Heard by Lukking A somewhat absurd follow-up to Lukking’s
    almost ridiculously bombastic 2015 release “Assault”, this absolutely stellar work
    pairs slow-paced quirk with hip-hop music in a marriage so good it can only be described
    as a match made in heaven. Quick quirk stops and pops accentuate the
    drums, manual curves highlight sung phrases, and as the song draws focus from one to the
    other the track moves seamlessly to follow that focus. The track matches the music so well it feels
    closer than ever before to actually achieving the elusive subtitle of Rafael’s Jam, “Music
    Visualized”. There’s a long way to go before we can truly
    say we have arrived that that point, but Seen and Never Heard is a huge step in that direction. Lukking is no longer concerned with blowing
    anyone’s mind – instead, appearing impressive or pulling off anything specific takes a backseat
    to creating what is called for at any given moment. It’s truly a pity then, that the track is
    so short and ends so abruptly, and it’s also a pity that Fly By Night, its spiritual
    successor, struggles compositionally when it attempts to expand upon the themes in this
    work and ends up with an mildly awkward middle section and a somewhat bland ending. Seen and Never Heard may be shorter and lack
    any development or expansion, but the composition is so solid and the central idea so brilliantly
    executed, that it truly does have potential for revolutionizing the use of quirk in music
    syncing, and for that it earns the title of my second favorite track release of 2016. And the number one track of 2016 is: Ragdoll
    by Conundrumer What a juggernaut Conundrumer’s most recent
    release was. I would never in my wildest dreams have predicted
    that the single track that went viral in 2016 would be a minute-and-a-half offsled track
    made in 48 hours. However, Ragdoll is not on this list simply
    because it garnered nearly 500,000 views on YouTube, but also because it is the only track
    on this list that has a clear universal comic appeal, which is part of the reason for the
    track’s success. In other words, this track is downright hilarious,
    and that holds true even if you have no idea what techniques Conundrumer used to make it. And let’s be real, nobody knows how he made
    this track as fast as he did, even including the most advanced quirkers in the community. This track is the ultimate mic drop on anti-accessibility
    quirkers, because it created something that used highly advanced technique that nobody
    understood to create a work that resonated with practically everyone who had ever touched
    Line Rider. The meta-message was clear: This is enjoyable,
    in part, because you have no idea how he made it. In this track, an offsled Bosh moving at high
    speeds in a crawl position begins to actually move his body to the music, before breaking
    into a manuquirk-parody crawl-position section, followed by a section where he actually appears
    to be pulling off real dance moves, followed by some massive music synced “stacks”
    to finish off the track. This track challenges the most basic conception
    of what makes a track worth creating, namely that Bosh should stay on the sled. Few people have ever made anything resembling
    a serious attempt to create an engaging offsled track, and Conundrumer succeeded so thoroughly
    in doing so, in such little time, that he has made it extremely difficult for anyone
    to make an offsled track ever again, without giving the appearance of copying him. This track is truly one-of-a-kind, as well
    as brilliant, absolutely hilarious, and massively entertaining. That’s why, in my opinion, Ragdoll, without
    a doubt, was the top track release of 2016. Thanks for watching my picks for the Top 10
    Line Rider tracks of 2016! You can find links to all of these tracks
    in the description below. Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite
    tracks of 2016. Bye!

    Alfred University Seth Spicer at 2018 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships
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    Alfred University Seth Spicer at 2018 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track & Field Championships

    January 18, 2020

    Uh you know, it’s exciting to watch Seth compete this whole indoor and outdoor season. He’s an incredible young man. Uh super talented and you know, works very, very hard, so it was great to see him become All-American indoors and then with
    last year with knowing that he came up a little short in the
    decathlon outdoors it was great to see him come out here and fight hard and have to
    run an amazing 1,500 to secure that eighth place position and to become
    All-American for the first time outdoors but to become a three-time All-American overall
    so this means a great deal for the program you know I think it helps the
    underclassmen see what is possible with hard work and working hard and how it to take
    you to the NCAA Championships that you can become an All-American like
    Seth Spicer so it’s an amazing opportunity and
    I just love him so much and so I’m going to miss him next year but it gives me inspiration
    to work hard to have the program following his footsteps.
    [Coach Sortore] Well I’ve said it before I feel the University was less and then Seth came to us because his talent could have landed him anywhere. But beyond his talent is
    one of the hardest working kids 40 years of track and field that I’ve ever seen to be
    around either as an athlete, myself, or as a coach. His dedication is ridiculous and it has set
    a standard for uh, those that are following up behind the
    underclassmen so it’s a joy he turns every single
    competitor he’s got into a friend and they’re cheering for him whether he’s
    beating them or they’re beating him. He is just a real blessing to
    the University and I’m proud to of a part of that for four
    years. [Spicer] As far as the meet goes this has been
    one of the longest decathlons and probably one of the most emotional rollercoasters that I’ve been on It’s been hot. Like dreadfully hot
    and again just like indoor, I was tight going into the last event. Contrary
    to indoor, though, with the Top-8 in indoor, some of them had not the best times going into the 1,000 but this time every single one of them had very
    respectable 1,500 times I knew that I was really going to have to grind
    and get after it with it being last my last race to make podium.
    It’s almost symbolic actually. I’ve never had a great decathlon all together
    even in the rough discus the rough few events today really, it was that close and I just had to work hard to get where I wanted to be. It’s weird how it’s all worked out. [Coach White] Yeah well I was pretty a hot day to say the least both of these days we’re lucky
    the rain came just after 15 but for most of the days it was 80 degrees and very
    very humid so first day starts out typically very consistent his first day
    and so we pretty much knew he’d have to make up some points the second day
    second day he had a couple rough spots with the discus and the in the vault his
    javelin was decent but we knew he had to really fight for the 1,500 and when you
    watched that 1,500 you know that he fought tooth and nail for his spot he
    only he secured All-American by eight points which is not a lot that in the
    decathlon so we’re all very very impressed with the Man-Mode of the 15.
    [Coach Phillips] Yeah well Seth is an athlete that is great to watch he’s a lot
    of fun both on and off the track just a great guy personality-wise and just
    watching him can be is just an honor both just today and yesterday you know
    in the decathlon for the 10 events of the last two days it was a lot he was hot it was hot out
    there but he did well and not only today for the past four years
    we’ve got to really see an individual grow both in you know in the sport of
    track and field but also as a person and that you know really hits home
    you know both as an alumni but also somebody who enjoys track and field and enjoys athletics
    just to see a kid like him grow and truly, you know, a respected adult so to speak, it’s just an honor.
    I’m happy to be here. [Caitlin] Seth is a great guy he’s a great
    competitor I definitely think that being an athletic trainer himself helped him
    he knows just what to do who knows what to do in the heat, he who knows what to do
    when he’s tired so he actually makes my job a lot easier but he just has the drive
    he has what it takes to be a great athlete be a good competitor so he knows
    what he’s doing he knows his stuff he’s going to go out there and get it done, do whatever he needs to do.

    Classic track vs Audi R8 LSM – The Red Bull Terramar Race
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    Classic track vs Audi R8 LSM – The Red Bull Terramar Race

    January 18, 2020

    The human being is the one that sets the rule and the engine replies The car has to have the soul of the human being, otherwise, it is a machine that does not vibrate The man gives soul to the engine This circuit was built at the beginnings of 1922. It was opened on October 28TH, 1923. Here, in TERRAMAR, took place the first Formula 1 GP, of what is the actual GP in Spain. See it reproduced in history, takes you to times you have never lived, it is something spectacular. In the beginnings of the past century, races were absolutely sport, we are speaking of the year 1923… If we’re speaking about motoring, Spain was the first in line that moment. There were 60 brands of motorbikes and 40 of cars. In their route and in the driving, the pilot’s skills came out. The present circuits have lost humanity In the 20´s people use to push the cars in order to make them start, today this is impossible. The truth is that it has been a big surprise… I know a lot about motoring in Spain and I had no idea that many years ago something like this was built and that there were races of F1 here, in an oval circuit. I am Miguel Molina, I am 23 years old and I am from Lloret de Mar I am an official pilot of Audi in the DTM and I have 2 years on the Red Bull team. In DTM there are very good pilots and quality, it is a championship in which the brands choose their pilots, you have to be at the top of your game to be selected. The past year, things were good enough, so this year we will try to be at the same level. Miguel is the first Spanish pilot who has arrived to DTM, not only has he arrived to DTM but how he has arrived at the top of his game… and I know this year he is going to win a lot of races and he is going to fight for the championship. I had read small histories about this circuit but I never had had the opportunity of being here… I am very excited to feel the experience and what these pilots felt, when they ran in this circuit in the 20´s and I am going to have a good time for sure! The official record of this circuit is 45.8 seconds. Luis Zborowski Miller was the pilot who established this record. I think, it will be very difficult because the circuit has a lot of pot holes… We are going to have to do a lot of “zig-zags”, I think in that moment, pilots drove straight… there are now “chicanes” that did not exist in those times. The circuit challenge has not been beaten for many years. We will try to have a good time and if we can do it, it will be great! We are going to have stop in many places and we have to slow down to pass through the places where there are more pot holes The relationship with a film crew is more than just a working relationship It is absolutely amazing, it is as if you could fly. I have a big curiosity to know how I will feel, I have never driven in an oval circuit… and I have never driven with banking, of course, with a slope of 90 grades, it has to be amazing It is wonderful that we have conserved something so old, that is a relic, because it is a part of motoring history People who had the same passion that we have today

    Project Tracking: How To Track and Manage Your Projects
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    Project Tracking: How To Track and Manage Your Projects

    January 18, 2020

    >>Hi. I’m Devin Deen, Content Director here
    at [Music Intro]>>How to Track and Manage Your Projects. Now
    here are six things that I do in all of my projects. First off, project meetings, very important
    way of getting your entire project team together. Whether physically in the same room or virtually
    through a web conference, it’s really, really critical to get the entire project team together
    at the same time, talking and sharing ideas, sharing frustrations, giving each other updates
    on where they’re at in their various tasks and dependencies between the project team
    members, and also bringing them together to illuminate any additional issues or risks
    that you need to track and manage, get actionees, and ensure that those risks end up not getting
    you. Now, whether you have them weekly or on a
    daily approach, like you do a daily stand up for agile, it doesn’t matter. The important
    thing is that you’re having a time on a periodic basis where the entire project team gets together
    either in the same room or on a conference call or a web meeting. Next, individual catch ups with the team.
    Vital. You got to do this as a project manager. Take the time out during your week to go and
    interview each of your project team members. From 5 minutes to 15 minutes, it doesn’t matter
    how long it is. It’s important though that you do reach out and touch each and every
    person on a one-on-one basis. Get them to share with you how things are going from their
    perspective. You’ll be quite amazed at how many things come up one-on-one as compared
    to that group meeting when you’re doing your project meetings. Make sure you take the time
    to meet with each of your team members one-on-one during the week. Next, collaborative contribution to issues
    and the risk registers. If you’ve got a risk register and issue register online, where
    people can continuously add to that and update what’s happening in the issues or risks in
    a online fashion either through GoogleDocs or if you’re using, got
    a great issues and risks register in that one, it’s a really important idea for your
    team members to, throughout their day and throughout the week, start updating and sort
    of giving you the status of each of those issues and risks. It’s important for them
    to collaborate and share information about that together. Online form is the best way
    to do that. The next thing I do is ensure that I’ve got
    timely completion of timesheets. Now, this takes a bit of discipline from the project
    team to get into the swing of things of getting their timesheets done, either on a daily basis,
    if that’s what you are asking, or at least on a weekly basis. But it’s important discipline
    for them and behavior to actually do that on a routine basis. An indication that you
    might have a little bit of a quality issue in your project team or maybe having your
    task slip is if you got your project team members who are routinely not getting their
    timesheets in on time. Once again, it’s a leading indicator that you might have some
    issues, and that’s why I ensure that all my project team members complete their project
    timesheets on time. The next thing is timely updates with the
    tasks. So at the same time that they’re doing their updates on the timesheets, they should
    be updating you on the tasks, where they’re at, what issues they might be having, and
    where they need some help. They can do this on a daily basis, maybe through an email to
    you, or in the individual timesheets themselves. When they do it, you might have a little comments
    box. I know on, you’ve got that feature. But it’s important that
    they do timely updates on tasks. Once again, those that aren’t updating you,
    it’s an indication that they might have some quality issues. They might hit some frustrations
    or obstacles that need your help and need you to look into. So ensuring that the behavior
    in the project team is such that the norm is completing a task update on time will give
    you an indication where there might be a problem when that task update doesn’t happen on time. Lastly, weekly status report. Now, you as
    a project manager doing that weekly status report gets the opportunity to reflect back
    on the previous period and think back on the things that have gone wrong in that week or
    they have gone right in the week and how that might influence and impact the tasks ahead. It’s important for you to make the time to
    do that status report because you get to reflect back on the project. You get a chance to reflect
    back on the scope, on the deliverables, on the dependencies budget, and it’s a great
    opportunity for you just as a project manager to think about the project. Many times we’re
    out there always executing, executing, executing and don’t have time to think about the future
    and what we’re doing on a project. When you’re taking the time to do that status report,
    that’s your time to think about the future of the project, what might come out to get
    you, how do you avoid those obstacles and proceed on that project. When you finish your weekly status report,
    guess what? Time to start again. Back to your project meetings. Now, an important thing to remember is you
    get what you inspect, and by using these steps, it allows you to inspect and reflect on your
    project, help you monitor and control it to achieve the outcomes that you and your stakeholders
    are expecting. Use our software to apply these techniques
    on your project. Come try us out at

    Sidemen Beef – LET’S BE HAVIN’ YOU (DISS TRACK) Official Video
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    Sidemen Beef – LET’S BE HAVIN’ YOU (DISS TRACK) Official Video

    January 18, 2020

    Jersey is my city Behzinga: Are you upset Simon, Josh & Vikk are making more P? You made the other guys, but you didn’t make me So I can stand here on my own two feet Now it’s time for me to cause a little bit of mayhem Boys, Boys. I Need a way in I need something, I need a way in I’ve got no beef with anyone I’ve got to do something Alright, Lets get up to date first Right, So I’ve been spending the last few days looking down social blade and there’s only so long you can make respectable videos Right, So I’ve been spending the last few days looking down social blade and theirs only so long you can make respectable videos Right, So I’ve been spending the last few days looking down social blade and theirs only so long you can make respectable videos Right, So I’ve been spending the last few days looking down social blade and theirs only so long you can make respectable videos Of where everyone is making 50k subs a day so here we are with a reaction video Harry is here and Cal is here they came over for my birthday No we came over specifically for this video Alright so we’re gonna be looking at Simon’s and JJ’s I’m thinking about Harry’s fall apart. Arrrr have you seen mine? I’ll be back in 30 seconds, i’m gonna get a glass of water s Sorry, he’s been here for twenty seconds his name’s in the title Not, not me? Genuinely the content he makes is the cancer of – *Laughing* I can’t believe someone stopped the uploads….He’s disgraceful Ummm….okay, solid How the *beep* did your video cost 4k? Oh jeez, oh my god, wait wasn’t that from when he had like an accident or something No he burnt tried to sniff a fire or something Harry there’s no one in your league right now Right so, moving on, next Simon’s came out Ohhhhh……8 and a half *grunting* I’ve seen various Twitter polls and there’s yours and Simon’s at the top I saw that Simon’s was actually above you I don’t know why Actually I do know why, it’s a better tune I’m convinced they have like a group chat and they just like pass around the girls Oh that’s really bad In Guernsey it happens, people just bang them to bits Like there’s the whole of the UK Oh my god Ok, you’ve got some competition Shoutout to everyone reacting to this for views, I would too Especially you Deji I know your reacting to this right now That’s us, that’s us Ohh more dabbing He actually spat some bars there That was the whitest thing I’ve ever said So we’ve got JJ’s up next and it’s all set up for him to smash it and take the crown He’s very ugly isn’t he? Ok Harry just keeps dropping Someones gonna react to this for views You know they paid this uhhhh… In Ricegum’s vlog he’s like “I just put up a picture of Ethan and looked for someone on Craigslist And paid him $200 to turn up for the night Hang on a minute, go back a bit Why is Ricegum rapping JJ’s bar’s, it doesn’t work like that I have no idea How dare you The whole point isn’t to get to the point of where someone takes the joke too far I’m pushing the boundaries a bit It’s gonna be Harry It’s already too far This guy’s talked about his Mum, his girlfriend and his brother Fair enough It’s coming, it’s coming Alright so that’s…. iv’e gotta have a thing….that’s what i’m getting into There’s gotta be a way For the views, look myself up on the social blade Okay so here’s my plan I don’t have beef with one person, or anyone. so i’ve just gotta fire shots at as many people as i can Allright it’s flawless I just need something I need a little way in, just something Yup that’ll do