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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races
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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races

    January 15, 2020

    Mystery Wheel races! Look at this crazy cuckoo track, William!
    Is that super dangerous? I’m sure our trains will be fine. Team Thomas; Thomas,
    backwards forwards Thomas, olds Thomas, snowy Thomas. Team Hero of the Rails;
    Spencer, Hiro, Diesel and Gordon. Team Splendid Red Engine; James, Victor, gray
    wheels James, backwards forwards James. Team purpley pink; Salty,
    Lady, Rosie, Charlie. Team Green Percy, backwards
    forwards Percy, Toby (the greenest engine on Sodor), old Percy. And
    team kids toys play; Big Red Engine, Brio Freight train, Metroliner and Jet Engine. I think you should pick Thomas, okay! Who purple Charley in
    the world this yes Thomas. Well a couple of Thomas is picking up on Charlie here.
    Well joke’s on you Charlie, because you’re going up against backwards
    forwards Thomas and mattel Thomas. Are you ready? They’re off! It looks like,
    whoa, looks like old South part of this, Oh Charlie on the bridge now. It’s a
    bridge to start tipping it looks like backwards forwards Thomas definitely in the
    lead, but he gets stuck up on the hill after the tunnel. Charlie comes in second
    no problems on the hill whatsoever, he’s going over to Sodor Bay Bridge. Liam can
    you help out backwards forwards Thomas a little bit of push? But Charlie looks
    like he’s ahead of new Tomas, that says he’s going up the second bridge.
    Backwards forwards Thomas again with a little bit amazed you, but who’s gonna be
    the first off? Oh no! Charlie stuck in the tunnel! It’s gonna;
    Thomas has both these engines are having problems on the final Hill! Thomas the
    Tank Engine definitely having a two-to-one advantage to win comes
    through in the end. Green three Percy’s or Toby? What’s it
    gonna be who’s it gonna be? We’re getting Wow Thomas again are you
    fixing this? Thomas seems to be rather popular here.
    Oh, learning curve Thomas. Oh kids toys play! Big Red our big red locomotive;
    learning curve Thomas; and Toby the tram. Who’s gonna take the bridge first? Looks
    like Thomas is stuck. Can’t be helped about that’s Big Red it’s the first to
    go through the tunnel, and he’s getting stuck up on the bridge. Toby now coming
    up and climbing the hill, as Thomas gets a little help from the driver, and it’s
    now on the way, but it doesn’t matter. Toby is fun, well I had at this point is
    he’s entering up the second hill. If you will going through Dustin’s, Oh does he get
    stuck? Does he need a little bit of help? Just a little bit, of not just Toby comes
    through, and he’ll go on to the next round. big dragons lots of help
    apparently on these hills and burning Kurt Thomas also seems to struggle a bit
    Toby seems to be the best engine suited for this heli track which is just
    wreaking havoc on the engines ooh purple let’s see how salty does rat I think this would be good for old
    backwards forwards James and hero of the rails longest and best I pull the
    Express backwards for James Gordon the big number four engine and everyone’s
    favorite dockside diesel salty and they are off and it looks like riding the
    lead wow what a three-way tie here who’s going to be the first to knock over the
    bridge it looks like a tie between James and Gordon and assault he’s coming at
    third going into the tunnels but who’s gonna have problems and it looks like
    James might need a little bit of a boost going uphill if Gordon Tao takes the
    lead he’s taking the lead and he’s with salty James is coming up fast after that
    little boost and it looks like Gordon now needs a little bit of help and James
    it’s Gordon that salty go neck-and-neck but who will be the first off the leap
    of faith outside Gordon who need a little bit of a salty gets stuck a
    little bit in the time line James also having problems in what’s turning out to
    be our toughest track of all time Gordon out wins the third race purple lady or
    Rosie let’s go with Rosie a past champion green and mean you choose Percy
    okay let’s choose this Percy kids toys play we have much love these three
    engines do you think we should take I think does metroliner is actually like
    the quietest engine we have rosie is red unless she’s purple Percy and the Brio
    metroliner should we leave this guy enough for the race Liam who do you
    thinks gonna win out of these three I think Metro ladders can’t do well – are
    you ready they’re off and here they go and it looks like Metroliner is time wow
    he’s actually tied but dude give me the first to tip the bridge Rosie followed
    by Percy who pulls up let’s get it back on track folks but it looks like
    metroliner actually the basket climbing the hills is now climbing the hills with
    Rosie it’s hecka but he’s stuck up there it’s Brio guy Ryoga
    that’s how she got stuck on the bridge are you got stuck again look it is it
    because of that rosie has now taken the lead and she will go ahead with Brucie
    and second in Metro minor a third will it be enough for her to go over and it
    looks like her see what we raised Metroliner with his driver and because
    of that he kept getting stuck on the bridge and Percy wins he rode the rails
    I think this is a job for a hero green let’s see if learning curve and come
    back with Percy purple lady makes a return to the Raceway learning curve
    Percy lady and here altar rails William who do you thinks gonna win this race
    you’re picking hero I’m gonna pick hero as well I think you’re allowed the best
    chance hey off and it looks like lady is tied with hero right in the front with
    Percy coming and suck it all but hero seems to be able to take the pinch down
    first but lady is definitely ahead at this point it’s use cut button on the
    hell up won’t you make it low you don’t take the lead lady makes it up there
    Percy needs a little bit of help it looks like they’re going over the bridge
    out Lindy now it takes leave when it goes downhill when they’re going uphill
    it looks like it’s here on when you’re coming downhill Oh looks like it’s lady
    and what’s happening here oh you know needs a little bit of help so does
    landing it’s gonna be so close it was Lady vinegar Percy he has so many
    problems that he can just fall into a ditch lady a bad favorite here on kids
    toys play is the first learning curve an engine to make it to the next round
    hero the rails diesel team Thomas looks like snowy
    Thomas is gonna be in the race rad let’s get one of the James engines in there
    snowy Thomas Mattel James and friendly helpful diesel Liam which one of these
    three edges do you think is gonna win this race Diesel you think Diesel’s gonna win I’m
    gonna pick James Tim are you ready they’re off and it looks like diesel is
    actually in the lead with James coming in second James Kevin getting a little
    bit snug up there oh he’s stuck he stopped folks
    James is really stuck he actually needs a hat has both diesel and Thomas have
    made it through James now comes through but he’s still having problems diesel
    needs just a little bit of help up the hill
    let’s see if Thomas can do any helping Thomas out there you go James coming in
    third diesel definitely in the lead though as he is going through and uh he
    needs a little bit of help but no help needed for James and Thomas now is there
    going through will diesel go on to win and he makes it Paul snowbound Thomas is
    just spinning his wheels it looks like James is actually stuck nothing oh there
    he goes diesel definitely being devious to get
    the help that he needed to win the race here oh the rails
    Spencer everyone’s favorite visitor on the Island of Sodor kids toys play let’s
    go with Brio what do you think real can do it okay and team red gray wheels
    James himself folks we’ve got learning curve James Spencer the private train
    and briault the freight train remote control William who do you thinks gonna
    win this one you’re going with Spencer I’ll be honest with you I’m gonna pick
    Briana freight train are you ready they’re off and of course Brio goes
    right ahead he’s got Q bodies as opposed to one and he’s going big and fast
    looks like Spencer might need a little help on the bridge this James makes it
    past the bridge but the big story here is Brio all the way at the Sodor bay
    branch as he is just navigating these tracks up and around and he has done
    folks the fastest time Spencer and James both need a help they’re both on the
    soda or bate bridges now as they go back down into the valley looks like James
    having a better time going down the hill Spencer definitely having a better time
    going up and he goes through the man in the hill
    comes out will James come out of the treasure ship with a slice on it looks
    like it’s stuck this is turning out to be the perfect Hill for Brio freight
    train remote control this track is just doing good on him final race of the
    first round will put jet engine up against Victor and backwards forwards
    Percy we’ve got Victor backwards forwards Percy and jet engine but jet
    engine is gonna be pushing and car this is the safest trade ever Lee if you have
    any predictions about who’s gonna win this race
    you think cotton cars gonna win I’m gonna go with Victor I think Victor’s
    gonna do a good job handling this one well are you ready they’re off a jet car
    of course goes as fast as you can with that bad rail will he make it up the
    hill you might need this a little bit of help as five foot sports Percy now it’s
    going up the hill with Victor and it looks like jet engine being the boss
    that he needs a little bit of help if he’s going through and he goes on to win
    backwards for it Percy needs no help neither does Victor here as bacala
    sports comes in second and Victor will he finish yes you guys okay Liam are you
    ready for the second round yeah these are the engines making them
    in the second round interesting to note most of them are new Thomas actually
    except for what one Brio one learning curve and jet engine here all the rails
    which of these here on the rails are we gonna race buddy hero diesel purple lady
    of the rails hey nice kids toys play pankkar and jet
    engine here’s the classic combination of jet engine and hand car native and super
    friendly diesel liam who do you thinks gonna win this race diesel you know what
    I’m going with pan car off it looks like jet engine definitely in the lead here
    go through the tunnel and up the hill though you use a little help there’s
    waves coming in second and diesel comes in third it looks like coming over now
    jet engine is pushing a little bit more help will it be enough to come out of
    this track it looks like he’s stuck lady is coming at second far in a way it
    looks like you needed a little bit of help lady they need any help whatsoever
    and diesel needs a little help too ladies getting stuck in the man with the
    health track jet engine continues to impress here on Sodor clean person
    everyone’s favorite green engine Percy here all the rails looks like it’s gonna
    be big strong Gordon and kids toys play Breo
    Gordon the Express engine Percy good to see you
    and briault Liam do you have a prediction son who’s gonna win this race
    I think Brio is gonna win as well he is just awesome at this track ready off and
    brilliant definitely in the lead right off the bat is they hit the bridges will
    it be enough that he stays on track as he goes down the tip bridge Percy in
    second looks like Gordon’s coming at Tara but the big story here’s briella’s
    he’s already on Sodor Bay look how far ahead he is of his competitors here
    folks is he’s going up the second hill and he’s at Dustin and he will fall like
    Dustin person coming in second as he is going up the hills with Gordon hot on
    his tail at the pink will be enough will he go through the matter with the hells
    and he comes out unscathed as Gordon gets stuck in the shaft
    griot the freight train doing absolutely excellent here today for our final race
    in the second round it looks like we have Thomas and we have Toby but we need
    a third engine William so how will we spin the wheel and see what color comes
    up and we’ll take one of our eliminated and eliminated engines and put them in purple we have out of these four
    eliminated engines who should get a second chance
    rosy cast happy and rosy with that light let’s get her in the race rosy Toby and
    Thomas Willie who do you thinks gonna win this one you think Toby Thomas you
    think Thomas I’m gonna pick Toby I don’t think rosy has what it takes this looks
    like a three-way tie looks like rosy is now in took place they’ll be coming in
    first and he’s the first attempt to bridge Thomas coming in second rosy
    definitely in third as they’re going into the tunnels will Toby be able to
    climb the hill he’s having absolutely no problems whatsoever Thomas still in
    second the roads he’s still in third is Toby takes a commanding lead over the
    Sodor Bay Bridge it looks like you got a little bit stuck to ever work right
    through it it’s he’s already on the second hill still in second place with
    Thomas coming up over his hell and Rosie in turn and it looks like Toby will go
    on to win this race as Thomas comes in second and Rosie has no problem going to
    the ship we are down to the final race here folks as a three-way kids toys play
    team is definitely doing good with two entries as remote-control Brio freight
    train and jet engine pushing that ham car both in there Toby the tram engine
    representing Team Green is the lone contender William I have an interesting
    idea for this race how about we take this track and race backwards that’s not
    like fun real freight train Toby and jet engine
    hand-carve William any predictions Breo I think Brielle’s gonna win as well
    let’s see what happens they’re off it looks like jet engine oh he needs a
    little bit help up the hill at 300 now in the lead with Toby at second jet
    engine is hot troubles going up – held on this time he
    is rushing but brios definitely a big league is route going up the bridges
    here goes Fiona can you catch up what do you got do it for you a little bit he
    will go on and Brio always jab did having problems Toby can’t open ago she
    ate this Oh jet engine what happened there as here comes Toby on track and on
    time Henrietta would always be proud and here at the man in the Hills truck mr.
    Percival hiding the trophy over to Brio hewn state’s toy train race on the
    weirdest track I think we might have ever done hey guys click here to watch
    another video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    TuTiTu Toys | Phone
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    TuTiTu Toys | Phone

    January 12, 2020

    TUTITU what’s the new surprise TUTITU shapes in every size TUTITU parts that comes together
    to a new toy and a new adventure TU TU TUTITU is it a plane? TU TU TUTITU maybe a train TU TU TUTITU red green or blue TU TU TUTITU I love you [cheerful piano music] [boing sound] [whooshing sound] [thumping sound] [thumping sound] [wobbling sound] [thumping sound] [thumping sound] [cheerful piano music continues] [thumping sound] [thumping sound] [thumping sound] [whooshing sound] [whooshing sound] [whooshing sound] [cheerful piano music continues] [whooshing sound] [boing sound] [thumping and stretching sounds] [whooshing sound] [whooshing and boing sound] Phone [dialing sound] Phone
    [dialing sound] Phone
    [phone rings] [phone rings]

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    Unboxed! Lego City Train Station Series | TheRempongsHD

    January 5, 2020

    Hi Guys.. Hi Guys.. welcome back with me Owen.. and Ayya.. from theRempongsHD!!!! OK this time .. we would like to open and review LEGO CITY (Train Station) Series 6 0 0 5 0 Yuppp!! OK.. this is the LEGO box! This LEGO series recommended for 5-12 years old Let’s look at the back side Inside this box.. there’s a guy riding a bicycle Conductor.. a guy who sells bread (Baker) 😀 Toys Seller a Taxi and a Train Station Let’s see what’s on the side of the box There are 5 Minifigures The first one is… the Baker.. and the second one is the Conductor.. the third one is the girl.. with a bicycle and two other Minifigures.. and a Taxi car this is the actual size of the conductor.. 1:1 Let’s open it up broooo… Okaaaaay!


    SuperStation Sodor Storm Rescue! Chuggineers to the Rescue | Toy train videos for kids | Train Lab

    December 30, 2019

    [Dad] What’s happening? Harold is stuck in the Gondola string! TrainLab [Eric] From the island of sodor, there is a big storm coming. [Dad] It is raining cats and dogs Oh [Dad] That looks like it’s the early morning train that goes into superstation. Little do they know that the bridge is out! Here they come… [Dad] Oh no! The bridge is out! [Cody] Don’t go on the tracks! [Dad] They can’t get across to the Sodor Station… …to go into the SuperStation, so what are they gonna do Oh! What’s this? [Eric] A Zip line! What’s a zip line? [Eric] A zip line? Well… A zip line is something that takes you across from one place to another. Wow that’s so cool, so they can get across the bridge? [Eric] Yeah! Across to there… [Dad] Wow! [Eric] This came from the SuperStation Round House. [Eric] Climb in please! [Cody] I’m not climbing in… Eric:It’ll take you to the other side. Do you need to get to the SuperStation roundhouse!? [Cody] I’m backing up… Dad: Oh… Diesel’s gonna wait then… Dad:He’s going to wait for the bridge to be repaired. So meanwhile, maybe we need to take the gondola back so that all the trains over here And the superstation could get down to the docks. [Eric] Emily’s out! [Upbeat music] Dad: She looks a little scared swinging up there in the middle of the air… Is it going to work? [Eric] Emily’s pretty happy. Hurray! [upbeat music] [Eric] Here he goes! [helicopter sounds] [Dad] What’s happening!? [Dad] Harold’s caught in the gondola string! [Eric] Oh no! The SuperStation round house is tipping! [Boom!] [Boing!] [Eric] Ooooohhhh…. Quick! Sir Topham Hatt runs over to the crash scene. “Are you okay, Thomas?” [Eric] Yes… Oh! [Boing, squeak] But we need some trains to come and pick him up and put him back on the gondola [Eric] actually… [Dad] Maybe Harold can do it… Oh Harold can connect him. Hurray for Harold! [Dad] Sir Topham Hatt was coming up to look at the rope… Oh No! It got damaged. So we can’t use it. What are we gonna do? [Eric] What are we going to do? [Eric] I wonder how we can repair the damage, Dad? [Rock music starts] [Dad] Hmmm… Maybe the Chugganeers? [Dad] Oh! Hey it’s Wilson! [Dad] Oh! t’s the Chugganeers to the rescue! [Dad] Here they come… [Eric] Here comes Fletch! [Dad] Okay the Chugganeers are all gonna pull… Pull! [Dad] Look! It’s coming up! [Eric] And another engine! Look they’re pulling… the gondola’s coming up! [Dad] There it is! Sir Topham Hatt is excited! [Eric] I added another one. Hurray! The Chugganeers did it! [crowd cheering] [Eric singing] Skyler’s leading the way… [Dad] What’s the parade for? [Eric] It’s for… for fixing the gondola! [Eric humming. Crowd cheering] [Fireworks exploding, crowds cheering] [Eric] Thanks for watching! And don’t forget to subscribe! more and more… [Eric] Great stuff! [TrainLab]


    My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Mountain Adventure Train Set James || Keiths Toy Box

    December 27, 2019

    James: playing music James: playing music James: How many wheels do I have? Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready for a mountain adventure with today’s surprise toy! The My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Mountain Adventure Play Set! Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending this to us! Join Owen at Blue Mountain Quarry! Use the lift to bring the boulder to the top and watch it slide down into the bin! It also comes with a James train James: Hahahaha! James: I am clean and polished! Ha! I don’t want to get a scratch! Choo choo! a cargo car, a boulder piece and multiple track pieces It also comes with four track activation points where you can roll James over to hear sounds, music and phrases that teach about letters, numbers, directions and colors! So, let’s open the box and check it out! There’s all the pieces! Let’s put the stickers and put it together! There it is! doesn’t that look nice? Let’s try the lift on Owen and bring the boulder to the top! Cool! Here comes James! He’s going to pick up the boulder! James: playing music James: playing music James: How many wheels do I have? James: I’m the number 5 engine! Bump the gate to hear sounds and phrases! James: chugging sound James: playing music Here are the four activation points Each one has a unique pattern that presses down on these buttons underneath James James: chugging sound Making different sounds and phrases You can also press down on his bumper in front to hear more James: *music playing* Almost derailed! James: Make way! Hahaha! James: playing music He also comes with a connector at the back so you can connect the cargo car and pull cargo along It also comes with two gates That you can lift up like this or bump James into to hear sounds and phrases You can also connect it other Railway Pals tracks s to make bigger in multiple layouts Here we’re connecting it to the Destination Discovery Track Set Here’s the combined set! James: playing music James: I know a lot! James: playing music James: Oh, Tidmouth Sheds James: My polished paintwork! James: playing music James: singing So, that’s the My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Mountain Adventure Track Set! Thanks to Fisher-Price for sending this to us! Please select this video or tell us what you think in the comments below! Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos! Remember, always pack away your toys after you play!