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    Trains In 4K – Lets Run Trains – Tie And Plank Mill lRun
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    Trains In 4K – Lets Run Trains – Tie And Plank Mill lRun

    February 18, 2020

    the Leakin Creek Tie and Plank Mill
    are due for delivery of logs this morning and will pick up that delivery
    from Smedleyville coming up the line up the mountain to Leakin Creek what we’re
    looking at right now is the outskirts of Rockwood which is right outside of
    Leakin Creek which is a rural town in southwest Pennsylvania turn your
    resolution up as high as you can get it because this is coming to you in 2160p
    I’m taking this with my Samsung Galaxy S8 again not too much going on in
    Rockwood right now but that’s kind of normal for this town it’s a quiet town
    in southwest Pennsylvania so let’s go take a look at Smedleyville where we
    could see the logs coming through on the way to Leakin Creek

    The Little Red Lost Engine! Brio Trains and Ferries on the Train Lab | Toys trains videos for kids
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    The Little Red Lost Engine! Brio Trains and Ferries on the Train Lab | Toys trains videos for kids

    February 15, 2020

    One day, in tidmouth sheds, every thing was great Diesel, which is remote controlled, went out, one day. to collect a special delivery. But he didn’t notice it was the wrong way He’s a slower engine. Until he came to a stop. and jumped aboard a boat. He did not realize he was in a boat. And he sailed across… back. …over here. and he says… what? And he was like… Hey which way this way or this way? This way or this way? And he thought it was this way… and so he went off. But what he did not realize is, the
    special cargo was here not this way! Definitely needs help on this. He can make the rest. And he stopped. And asked Cranky. “Cranky, is it is my special delivery here? no. So he went off. and leading them back to Tidmouth sheds. What? I went the wrong way! Great! So…he… So he got out again, in
    the points changed. So we went again. [upbeat music starts] And on his way home he’s gonna take
    a ferry. But so he stopped Because the gates were open because of the water was going through [Eric making water rushing sounds] [bridge sounds down] [Bridge sounds down] Here’s the collapsing bridge And the Thomas engine…. the other engine noticed the the bridge was collapsed. [Cody] Thomas is stuck. and then the engine fixed it. [Cody] And Thomas got in. And just kept on going. Through the track he was on. And turned his car around and couple up. [Cody] and Thomas is ahead. Cody always has is own stories to tell, right Dad? uhh, hmmm.. [Cody] Right Dad! So he went to the ferry, and Cody was too late. [Cody] And I was too late… to get on the ferry. and brought him back to Tidmouth Shed Special Delivery for Thomas! Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe for more! Train Lab.

    Tomy Drag Racing on the Train Lab!  Percy, Streamlined Thomas, Rocket Stephen and Action Chugger!
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    Tomy Drag Racing on the Train Lab! Percy, Streamlined Thomas, Rocket Stephen and Action Chugger!

    February 3, 2020

    Go! And they’re off! Oh my gosh this is neck and neck! Oh no! TrainLab So what are we doing today? Another Race… It looks like
    you’re going to do some drag racing! straight down the middle the see who’s
    gonna be the fastest one? [Eric] uh hmm… An who we have lined up here already? Action Chugger… Yeah, and Action Chugger is going to defend his title, huh? And Racing Percy and Rocket and Streamlined Thomas. Oh! and guess what! What? And the reigning champion right now, the
    Shinkansen is over here in the crowd Alrighty folks, here we are and we are
    going to be racing all four engines at the same time. It’s going to be a
    spectacular shootout Are you ready TrackMaster? Ready… Setty… Go! And they’re off! And… Oh my gosh, Stephen… Stephen’s ahead…
    and Percy’s… Op! Stuck! Stephen wins, Percy second. Streamline Thomas to third and action
    chugger is stuck. And here we are, round two We just switched up the track a
    little bit Ready… Set… Go! And they’re off! Oh! oh my gosh this is neck and neck… oh no! Runaway Stephen is in the back and Action Chugger is first by a long shot coming in second is Streamline Thomas and Percy And of course Runaway Stephen came in last. And the crowd goes crazy here! Percy in lane one, Runaway Stephen in lane two Action Chugger three and Streamline Thomas on four Are we ready? oh Action Chugger is really ready to roll here…. They’re at the starting gate Ready… Set… Go! Oh they’re off and it’s neck-and-neck Action Chugger is inching forward followed by Runaway Stepen And Percy! It’s Action Chugger! And the Shinkansen comes out and the crowd is crazy for their most favorite, the Shinkansen and look at that sleek bullet train. Isn’t it beautiful! it’s just going to be so fast today… [music playing] And the first… And the first head-to-head is going to be… Rocket Runaway Stephen and the Shinkansen Are you ready engines? Ready… Setty… Go! Oh here they go! And the Shinkansen is off like a bullet and just and just smokes Runaway Stephen oh no! Crashes at the finish line but has some technical help. and Runaway Stephen also needs a little bit of help from the technical crew whew! and he finishes as a distant third… The Shinkansen… really smoked him that time, didn’t he? uh hmmm… The runner-up contender Action Chugger he’s going to retry his attempt to
    claiming the world championship title against the bullet train right here on
    TrainLab. uh hmmm. Ready? Set… Go! Oh! Here it is, neck and neck And the bullet is pulling forward! And the bullet train outraces Action Chugger again! For the World Championship Title Thanks everybody for coming to
    the train lab 500 today It’s a beautiful day. Thanks for watching just don’t forget to subscribe and thumbs up if you like this video yeah alright
    thanks again everybody! TrainLab

    Thomas & Friends™ Super Cruiser and Cave Collapse | Our Longest Track Ever!
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    Thomas & Friends™ Super Cruiser and Cave Collapse | Our Longest Track Ever!

    February 2, 2020

    This video is an ad for Thomas and
    Friends by fisher-price. Wow, Liam look at these two sets! Its Stefano, the Thomas and Friends Super Cruiser! And the track master Cave Collapse sets with Darcy, and
    Thomas! Each set sold separately. Let’s open the Thomas & Friends Super Cruiser! Look at all this cool stuff, Dad! Super Cruiser comes with Stefano, Trackmaster push along Thomas, and two Thomas minis, Including Nia and Percy!
    I finally got a minis Nia! The Super Cruiser works with Thomas Wood, Thomas
    Minis and Thomas Trackmaster! Let’s put the drill in this bucket. Nice! Wow, look
    at this Super Cruiser go! You bet son. Super Cruiser looks awesome dad. I can’t
    wait to see what Darcy does. Each set is sold separately. Wow I want to see what
    Darcy that digger does! Oh my favorite! Do you want to set this up buddy? Let’s go! Okay, you want to show me this? Oh I see! This is gonna be a fun set! Cave Collapse set takes two triple A batteries, sold
    separately. Hey Liam, are you ready to show us how
    this works? Yeah! Go go, Thomas! Ah here comes Darcy with that boring
    machine. Darcy the digger, digging and there goes Thomas again. This is a cool
    set! Love the set, Dad! Now that we’ve got these sets, I’ve got a challenge for you.
    William, can you build your longest Thomas and Friends track using Stefano
    and Darcy? Let’s get building! Whoosh and a wheesh. Oh, They’re loading it in the
    Super Cruiser. Oh, he’s got his hook. Ciao Darcy, I am taking the track away.
    I’ll dig some new track up for you Stefano!
    Wow, Stefano has so many accessories. Yeah. Good stuff. Stefano is pretty awesome, don’t you
    think? Hey Thomas, you ready to lay some track? Sure thing, Stefano. Hey what’s
    the Super Cruiser doing? So he’s rockin and rolling.
    Hey there’s Darcy. Liam how are we gonna get these two separate sets and
    make our longest track ever out of them? Let’s go!
    Good work Stefano! Stefano was taking away the track? I don’t know. Do you think
    Thomas can make it up here? Coming up around the bend, what’s gonna happen
    folks? We made it! Well, what do you think of this big track buddy? Is Darcy ready? Is
    Thomas ready? Stefano ready? Come on Darcy you can do
    it! Oh, she goes through a tunnel what’s gonna happen? Yeah! They race about these
    in the elevator. Oh man, he’s had the folders Thomas lot going on here he’s
    coming through he’s going through the why William
    super Cruiser coming around the thing when he comes I wanna see the world and
    you shall my friend what do you think got it worse Nia or Percy Percy
    I like this track set up but let’s see what else we can build what do you say
    let’s build it sounds good to me I’m a little nervous
    about new tracks hey Darcy let’s destroy this cave
    ok Stefano I hope this won’t be too boring get it like boring a hole Nia
    Percy oh good and Thomas is pointing in the Hey
    Go Go Thomas let’s see how Thomas does on this track buddy I’m with you the
    tunnel like he’s going up to the helipad Stefano Oh chuck it on time let’s see how he
    does with this trap last push along you are putting both on Oh piggyback
    here’s Darcy now just boiling away Darcy the digger will just go through a cave
    and uh way to go to the rescue Thomas you want to build another truck oh not
    Thomas okay let’s build another job then okay oh yeah
    Percy won that time there goes to fan oh and the super Cruiser isn’t this a long
    set do you think Thomas can do well on this set Wow look how long it is
    Nora I want to try this time William let’s get Thomas to push along the track
    master push along oh yeah and just to push along pushing it along
    into the cave oh yeah just push do it good Darce a boarding machine she opens
    up and he goes super Cruiser good job Thomas and aren’t the carpet and keeps
    on keeping on whoa William is this the longest set we’ve
    ever done what’s that buddy I think we can make it even longer we might need
    some help from our friends let’s try that Thomas and Friends glow-in-the-dark
    tracks glow in the dark sad sold separately oh yeah here’s the six of one the Builder set
    set sold separately I’ll clear out this tunnel and I’ll raise up of the bridge
    let’s include the hyper glow station and the dragon escape set how about the
    turbo boost jungle set and the potency set set sold separately
    wow you guys this has got to be our longest Thomas and Friends Trackmaster
    track ever I can’t wait to try it out I’m nervous Thomas this is gonna be a
    great are you ready to try this awesome track out Korea is coming up going to
    the super Cruiser helipad here’s the cave collapse at Oh whoosh here he goes
    on to daughter seat he’s going towards the super Cruiser with Stefano coming
    around not super Cruiser bucks awesome oh and he’s gonna go through the cave
    and the cave collapse without Darcy oh let him go he’s pushing these rocks Go
    Go Thomas into the hyperbole station well he’s playing soccer with that ball
    this is a long track coming up what’s gonna happen here folks turbo-boosted
    and right onto the boat and see set I do like to live the touch seaside did it
    going they go to China look at that coming through now on that six in one
    shot this track is long and here’s Thomas
    living his worst fear in the dragon escape set whoosh and a wheesh wasn’t
    that a lot of fun let’s try and get some more trains on here yeah ads per seed ed
    young back should we attack some of these track master push lungs yeah
    Rebecca home a don’t forget Thomas let’s see how many minutes we can put on the
    super Cruiser are you stacking these minis on Stefano hey if I’m infested
    with the minis don’t forget to super Cruiser hello pad Nia pulling Rebecca
    let’s go this isn’t gonna go good for Rebecca why is it always crashes I kind
    of like this we should do this we’ll call a cave collapsed ocker
    we’re back is holding on now whoa what happened near though she is
    honestly she going she’s heading to China
    no no Africa now do the six in one set escape and back up to the super Cruiser
    landing Todd young bow pulling Hong made make sure over the helipad and goes on
    to the cave collapse at I like this she’s pulling away Hyundai’s holding her
    back super Cruiser all lined up with minis playing soccer now this is a great
    game i love estate collapse bones let’s see how Monica pushes OH knocks it off
    the hyper station Oh dump I was going where yes into the six in one side he’s
    taking the high road now who’s gonna dig through this track next Stefano
    hey how about a Percy I’m gonna pull my best friend
    let’s go Percy Percy up on the helipad whew should a wish this collapse hey presently Darcy Lucian
    to eat boom oh he’s got you soccer ball kick collapse oh wow this Thomas made it Thomas made
    it that’s incredible I hope you can make it all the way how’s it good run for Percy Thomas let’s
    see Thomas go one more time sounds good to me Stefano Coco time it’s
    a doozy point Merlin that’s probably true I can’t see Merlin because Thomas
    and he’s pulling something invisible what’s gonna happen here
    woo she’s got the ball from the king coop set my oh it seems to be holding
    off pretty good let’s see if you can keep it up but
    nobody notices because he was invisible anyways back to China for you Thomas I’m
    ready to see the world and here he comes back to his set
    William out of these two sets which was your favorite what do you love about the
    Thomas and Friends Trackmaster cave collapse at my favorite part of that
    doesn’t concern the builders and what you like most about super Cruiser Thomas
    and Friends super Cruiser comes with all you see here track master cave collapse
    that comes with everything seen here both sets sold separately
    thank you for surprised for sponsoring this video person roll-ups check out the
    link in the description

    Huge Thomas and Friends Toy Train Track Build with Train Labs
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    Huge Thomas and Friends Toy Train Track Build with Train Labs

    February 1, 2020

    I guess it’s track build day isn’t it?
    tell us what’s going on here. they’re building a bridge. are they building a
    bridge? bridge that’s not finished yet. oh look, you even have a boat down there!
    wow you got this all figured out !we got this new box from train lab, let’s see
    what’s inside. oh hey it’s a message to us! yay! look at how nice it’s wrapped. look at all this cool stuff! yeah we
    finally have these! I call these bones. these are male to male connectors. we’ve
    got these cool stickers. yeah these are dad’s buttons. what? well this one’s mine
    then. yeah we’ve got nothing but track adapters, so we’re gonna have lots of
    different tracks today. so we can go from any type of track to any other type of
    track. new track master – Thomas wood so we’re gonna do wood, let’s keep going
    with these track adaptors and see how many times we can change tracks. these
    things easier to go together. yep. yeah. you just put them together no problem
    don’t you? can you put these wood pieces in? yeah. and then what are we going to
    adapt it over to? back to wooden railway? all right. yeah it does.
    oh it looks like they were working on the bridge over here. oh we could have
    some fun with that. – I really like what you, how you did this? you have the
    overhead crane built up on stilts, and then the boats underneath. these pipes on
    this truck, so we can finish the bridge. hey guys what do you think of this setup
    over here? what’s the next track that we should put
    on with our track adopters? okay we need to find Thomas wooden railway to Thomas
    Tomy. oh I think I we might have found them. hey it says train labs right on
    these pieces. ah oh look at that oh it has another little look at that for Tomy
    piece. ok so put some Tomy track here. oh yeah, I love how brightly colored these
    are. don’t you guys pop that in right there. go on with the Tomy, I think we’ll
    come around. what do you guys want to use after the Tomy tracks? what kind of
    adapter your do you want to put on these? are really easy to use. you like using
    these don’t you? will track master I’ll get us a big piece of old track master.
    well not just not together easily hey Liam tell us what’s going on over
    here this is pretty incredible looking bridge I have to admit she looks happy
    to have this bridge complete what was Daisy coming up here Oh
    poco oh man I even got my engines mixed up I haven’t seen this old track master
    set in a long time where’s he going – works think he’s gonna make it on the
    shake-shake bridge that’s pretty twisty turny huge let’s go
    back to one rowing you want to go back to one really okay let’s do that
    Emily what do you think of that a track about right there I really like these
    little pieces this is a great wooden railway after we come on down the line
    what do we got a bunch of gold I know I like all these bones I absolutely love
    them and then we’re going through the Brio tunnel oh yeah okay I see you have
    another adopter in there and buying my ticket okay so on what if we can go back to new
    Trackmaster can’t we okay let’s do that do you want to use blue nobody’s right
    let’s open up wait Awesome’s every adopted two new track master let’s
    see if they work with these glow-in-the-dark tracks William while
    you stop tiny there like I was no problem it was
    awesome we’re gonna go right through the construction area yes yes pickets
    what’s event lorry doing what’s up with that they’re making out Road this is
    probably gonna be our weirdest track ever are we gonna put this big set right
    here yeah it’s perfect station right there when you look at it from this
    angle this track is huge dupa dupa do come up here and we’re
    going right up to the station okay boy have you got this figured out we just
    need an adapter to go from there to there do we have one we have so many is
    that oh wow nice Oh floating on the test run look at this I think we do it right
    like there whoosh we’re just gonna need a support beam right there
    do you think we’re done yes adapter adapter
    oh that’s to Otomi adapter then oh and on a buffer nice well
    William here we have it our giant trained lab track so we’ve got wooden
    track Master Thomas would you’re right Tomi and every other piece of track we
    can think of is in this track do you think we can get a chain on it what
    trade do you think we should try – I’ll try one of these battery operated ones
    who’s your favorite is what you Thomas train Labs let’s do this oh yeah okay so
    he is coming through and now he’s on track master when you crash the bridge
    makuu I didn’t know that your trickster Annie Clarabel happy for the ride on the
    rainbow rail if you will he’s coming over and he’s gonna adapt into what the
    new Thomas wood tracks which makes sense absolutely nobody cocoa Thomas oh that’s
    in another adopter where’s he going through he’s going on – he’s a little
    bit of help up the rainbow track this is funny cuz he goes this way it doesn’t
    make any noise with the clicking and he’s going through the Vicarstown it
    looks like folks on the Vicarstown bridge he’s gonna come down and what
    kind of truck we be on oh he loses Annie Clarabel I wonder why and here he is
    coming around the bend going through Henry’s tunnel let’s see
    if he makes her of this track transfer oh yeah going through knapford station
    and coming her out he’s going over the more adopters and he is on he’s all the
    way to Misty Island here what’s gonna happen here will he have enough to power
    through this oh wow Thomas with Annie and Clarabel nothing
    stops a train look at this and he’s over her all this carnage from your earlier
    accident William coming over on the zipline what will happen here
    and the zipline getting root for Thomas that’s okay it was deciphered
    Shockmaster anyway Thomas coming off the zipline bridge and going over the
    rainbow track connectors the going through the Brio bridge and he’s at
    wellsworth station through the water tower gets dumped some coal on him now
    he’s back on new track master these adopters are working out really well so
    far another picture to him is it I wonder if
    he has enough power to climb this oh no not enough come on Thomas
    go finish it emissions coming through you’ll be coming round the track master
    when he comes here he is now on the final bridge what’s gonna happen here oh
    just in the nick of time oh yeah you got it done in the nick of
    time buddy going over this bridge now what’s gonna happen what’s happening
    here Thomas Oh William, remember this train let’s see if
    you can pull on this track are you ready go use your full speed
    okay he’s on house keys coming around the track master ban you couldn’t get up
    on Thomas wood no problem there what’s gonna happen here
    well the card will go in and he goes in and he is off he’s back on what and now
    oh look at this is on the multi-car tracks no problem a little bumpy but
    will he be able to climb the hill folks go go could you put him on speed to his
    climbing is climbing he’s climbing he did it coming down the musical track not
    not making a noise over here now he has switched over to Tommy coming on the
    Tommy tracks coming past the steep so he’s going into Henry’s tunnel through
    the tunnel over the copters boomer absolutely he’s happy through knapford
    station coming around and he’s about to adapt onto old track master coaster than
    that no snow to that time I wonder how he’ll do on the zipa higher on the what
    is it the zipline the supply bridge that’s what it’s called you think he’s
    too heavy for the bridge let’s see how he does come on and he failed miserably
    hey will he be able to catch the chocolate in the chocolate car let’s see
    what happens here’s the wife master train back on track master track pulling
    its cars goes right underneath the bridge we’ll call and be able to climb
    the track master bridge oh it’s p2 maybe should slow down at speed one we’re
    going through the big track master station hyper glow coming down let’s put
    them on speed to carry goes go through all the bridges and he’s
    gonna go through will he break in time no goes right over the buffer Piper go
    Percy let’s see how he does on these adapters oh he pushed him through Piper
    Cole Percy on the – low tracks hyper glowing on now on Thomas wooden he’s
    going through no problem caught right there but that’s okay – well those are
    just filled through here’s an upward railway going down the musical track now
    Percy now on Thome tracks oh that’s actually locked in, is it? this is trucking
    oh he is really just mikoshi a team over these train lab try get out there’s no
    problem whatsoever now will he be able to go on the zip line bridge that’s the
    big question to come down there are we going he is on to the bones through the
    tunnel go go Percy back on his native track master Hyper’s low tracks as he
    comes up through the station and he will come down and go on the bridge will he
    be able to make it through the bridge and we have a problem he will not be
    able to fit through the bridge spokes okay William one last test who do we
    have with I think Sir Topham Hatt good these race goggles because this jet
    engine goes are you ready and a scat take that corner but he is on the track
    master track see these guys are really going William jet engine are popular so
    is that now that on Thomas whoops craps coming on down the line going over all
    the bridges wow this chat engine is really going can they make it up the
    hill go give a little bit of help over the musical bridge that has no music I
    now on – Tommy track this thing is really going through Henry’s tunnel and
    into knapford station it looks like these track adopters are
    really holding together Oh ace makes his way through the snow
    he’s coming up towards the zipline bridge will he be able to make it folks
    we’ve had no luck with it so far but we don’t know what’s gonna happen here
    and we do know what’s gonna happen here he’s not gonna fail can’t he goes
    through it he is on the magical bones through the tunnel underneath the called
    fastball truth and he is da man he’s going so fast back on new track master
    tracks I think these adopters are a big brain
    for our channel what do you think the station and now he comes on down going
    well yeah he’s doing really good these adapters are holding up awesome
    he’s coming through what’s gonna happen I think we already know he’s going on
    the bridge of doom and he is ace is on his face we have more you think of these
    train lab train adapters do you think this is the coolest thing ever
    these mill the middle wooden railway adapters are gonna be a big hit on this
    channel I can tell you that right off the bat
    thank you train lab car zombie shirt y’all like to add a new picture
    nice picture train hey Thomas is beaming

    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Races
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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Races

    January 23, 2020

    mystery wheel races motorized wooden
    railway team Percy new Percy old Percy Percy Express Toby Team James Victor gray
    wheel James new James and James Express team Thomas Thomas Thomas Express Thomas
    snowy Thomas team Hero of the rails Hiro auntie purpley pink – James Express and team Thomas I knew
    you were gonna pick him all of our racers can go forwards or backwards so
    let’s racing backwards Thomas James and the Pennsylvania torpedo racing
    backwards and it looks like the Pennsylvania torpedo is definitely in
    the lead here looks like James and Thomas Express they’re almost nose to
    nose definitely with the Pennsylvania torpedo though I should go to the Hill
    Climb we’ll see if you can climb now backwards don’t table whatsoever ease
    the first time the gold track as both James and Thomas are having problems and
    uh Pennsylvania torpedo having problems they might be a little bit of help here
    and you’re gonna get a little bit of help here we’ll get rapido a little bit
    of help as well oh but he’s having nothing but problems
    oh wow look at him go racing these guys backwards was not the
    best idea let’s get James up here as well going up
    by downwards now will be the first across it is
    this is a trek in a Pennsylvania torpedo it kind of doesn’t eat in one house all
    three engines needing help with the hill climb but Thomas wins over all our team
    for you again daylight you Inc Percy Percy Express you
    got it here all of the rails you want hero you cure all of the rails Percy
    Express and daylight any predictions here William
    you think daylight I’m gonna go with hero One for the Money two for the show
    three to get ready and four two and they’re off and it looks like duck and
    neck-and-neck Wow really close race here I think maybe
    Percy Express has a little bit of leading does now you’re coming at second
    daylight search as Brucie is the first to get the health plan let’s see how he
    does it he’s doing very well he keeps on going on looks like Dale I might need a
    little bit of help it was definitely at second Percy doesn’t struggle up to the
    very top though you will come down will he be the first across the line he is
    hero of the rails will come in second at daylight not needing any assistance at
    all comes in curve a little bit better with the Anton’s going forward but in
    the end it is Percy Express Percy you are Toby James Victor and briault again dubrio
    Metroliner toby victor Metroliner William any predictions
    you think Metroliner I’m gonna go with Toby One for the Money two for the show
    three to get ready and four to go they’re off it looks like bachelor has a
    little bit of a lead over Toby Victor coming in third yeah I definitely say
    the Brio is in the lead here we’ll see what happens once they do the hill climb
    Victor is falling back now folks coming into third most definitely I say hit the
    hill climb it looks like Brielle has told me is shorten the lead it looks
    like between him and Brie Aubry oh definitely a little bit I had though
    Victor in a distant third good hill climbing we’ll see what happens as they
    go downhill Oh brio shoots ahead for the win Toby comes in second and Victor
    needs some more worked out the steamers an interesting race run by Toby here but
    in the end Brio will go on James learning curve Granville Wow look at
    that it’s part of the Thomas though I to
    smoke over Thomas snow cover rosy three learning curve engines as it’s James
    snowy Thomas and Rosie we have any predictions you think Rosie I’m gonna go
    with James I like there with gray wheels of his One for the Money two for the
    show three to get ready and four to there off it looks like Rosie and James
    are having a little bit of a leaf with James coming out ahead of Rosie Joey
    Thomas coming at third definitely looks like great little James is in the lead
    uh-huh a full tray length ahead and snowy Thomas is coming in but James it
    looks like he has a little bit of problem with the hill climb Rosie
    however has no problem we’ll slowly Thomas story thomas is
    having a little bit of issue but he is getting up there rose he keeps on
    keeping on Granville James might need a little bit
    of a push as Rose he’s at the top of the hill already she has tossed everyone’s
    expectations and will go on to win the race
    snowy Thomas good deceleration down the hill comes in second a great will James
    great on the straightaway but he needed a lot of help
    James was definitely in the lead far and away but in the end it is Rosie who was
    able to climb the hills and successfully win the race James I think your choices
    new James team purpley pink charlie Oh 18 Percy you are new Percy you got it
    new James new Percy and Charlie William any predictions you think new Percy
    I’m gonna go with Charlie One for the Money two for the show three to get
    ready and four to off they go it looks like James had a little bit of a lead
    but he is done now Charlie taking a commanding lead over Percy James coming
    in third I wonder what I’ll hop in here once we start doing the hill climb Oh
    charlie is he gonna make it oh he’s struggling up the hill folks but he
    manages to do it just a little bit ahead a perseus James is definitely in third
    we keep on keepin on Charlie makes it to the top will he have enough to
    decelerate before Percy catches up to him and I think he will and Charlie goes
    on first he comes in second and new James will come in a distant third a
    well-fought race by our engines but in the end it is Charlie
    number 14 that moves ahead Thomas who’s Thomas run old Thomas purple bank lady you got it buddy and
    here are the rails you want diesel learning curve thomas lady and diesel
    liam any predictions do you think ladies gonna do it I’m gonna go with Lady as
    well I think she’ll do it One for the Money two for the show three
    to get ready and four – oh wow lady right off the bat just as both of us
    predicted it looks like diesel is coming in second with Thomas coming in third
    definitely lady does well ahead of the competition here will she get stuck on
    that first hello looks like she is struggling and she’s having some
    problems diesel overtakes her oh no now he’s having problems
    Thomas is having problems Leah look at this all three engines are having
    problems why don’t you got that simple give all four you a boost at the same
    time nice and even let’s see if we can just give them all a nice boost at the
    same time and get them out there and see what happens and here we go with lady
    resumed her League will she have problems making it up the second face no
    she’s managed to do it his diesel struggles on Thomas also struggles baby
    manages to make that second hill will go on diesel stuck in second and Thomas
    stuck in third just spinning his wheels what an odd race as all three engines
    got stuck on the first hill lady though managed to negotiate the second hill and
    we’ll go on to the next race team Thomas I know your choice is gonna be new
    Thomas routine purple pink yar the old salt doggie the dockside diesel here all
    of the rails you want Spencer Mattel fisher-price line up here we have Thomas
    Spencer and salty the race nobody asks for William any predictions salty I’m
    going with Thomas I think Thomas will do it this time
    One for the Money two for the show three to get ready and four to
    they’re off it looks like salty has a little bit of a lead what happened was
    Thomas off tractor Spencer’s now taking the lead over salty as Thomas caught
    back on track actually a rather close race all things considered concerning
    these last races have been very one-sided will Spencer have any problems
    going up the hill no he doesn’t salty is coming in second Thomas will be occurred
    as we enter the second Hill it looks like Spencer maintains his lead and gets
    to the top first he will come down salty maintains his second spot will
    Thomas have any chance to overtake him no he won’t
    Spencer goes on salty comes in second Thomas in third
    well neither of us pick Spencer and jokes on us Spencer on to the next round
    final race of the first round has learning curve Percy big red from Brio
    and Gordon and they will be racing against each other William any
    predictions on this race you think Percy’s gonna do it I’m gonna go with
    big red I think big red will do it 512 for the money six for the show four
    to get ready and we on says yeah they’re off it looks like Gordon has an early
    lead none of us picked Gordon big red coming in a slight second over Percy but
    Gordon is the story here folks none of us thought that he would make it see how
    he does on that first hill that’ll be the big tail as he’s slowing down oh
    he’s conquered it as big red is having problems and so is Percy Wow our two
    predictions as Gordon is climbing the second Hill already and he’s going down
    the big long decline and will go on to win learning curve Percy struggling up
    the hill and big rat kind of moving at all
    well it turns out Liam and I are terrible at predictions as the one
    engine we thought would not win totally was the only engine that could make it
    up both hills good job Burton going into the second
    round competitions team James has been eliminated and to senior nope team
    purple pink has three contestants while Hiro the Rails has to the rest of the
    teams only with one routine purple tank Rosie Rio Rio
    Metroliner and team Thomas looks like it’s Thomas Express we have Thomas
    Express learning curve Rosie and briault Metroliner William do you think match
    aligner I think the Metroliner will also do well
    One for the Money two for the show three to get ready and four to they’re off it
    looks like Thomas Express might have a little bit of a lead now it’s a big lead
    Rio coming in second with Rosie and a slight dirt but the real story here is
    Thomas expressed with Z if you can climb this no he’s having problems on the hill
    what a commanding lead but Brio has no problems Rosie now has a little bit of
    issue but she’ll get up high they’re both passed thomas expresses Brio
    metroliner now makes it to the top in a second now
    he is known for his ability to descent well and we’ll go on to the next round
    eliminating Rosie who has come in second and it looks like their mentor Arsdale
    edges are helping out Thomas Express but it’s not enough and he’s always good
    nice and it’s a huge win for Brio with a Metroliner Oh purple which of these
    purple engines you want charlie o hero the rails corner Spencer which of these
    big tender engines William you’re choosing Gordon you got it
    per se I think we all know who the pursuit rice is gonna be here’s our
    three Gordon Percy Express and Charlie run from each era of motorized railway
    William who is your choice I’m also gonna go with Gordon this time he
    surprised both of us last time so let’s see how we touched this time six for the
    money 14 for the show floor to get ready and three two they’re off and it looks
    like that’s neck-and-neck and Matt go looks like maybe first the Express is
    having a little bit of a lead now coming in Charlie might have a little bit about
    Gordon but it certainly first Express you can have any pubs no crime in that
    first Hill Gordon has now come in second with Charlie in third as we go to the
    second house it looks like Bertie is still going on a commanding lead he will
    go on and he makes it into the final Gordon and Charlie now are duking it out
    for second wow that was almost a tie cruci Express climbing the hills like
    neither James nor Thomas could our final race of the second round has Spencer and
    lady but we need a third engine so Liam I have an idea let’s spin the wheel one
    more time and see who comes up and we’ll pick from that house oh and you pick
    James Wow how rare all of team James has been eliminated in the first round as a
    matter of fact who is your pick from team James
    Victor yeah I knew you were gonna pick Victor let’s go narrow gauge you’re all
    silver steam Spencer what’d I do honey who do you I’m a magical engine we never
    really think it’s going to make it to the final order these three engines do
    you think Spencer I’m gonna go with Lady I think that she’s got all the magic and
    she’s got what it takes to win this race lady for the money Spencer – Oh Victor –
    get ready and Liam says off they are and it looks like neck and
    neck connect for lady takes an early lead with Spencer and second and Gordon
    comes or sorry Victor rather than third butch shall pass him with capital but
    here comes lady will she have enough to climb she struggles a bit on that first
    Hill but Spencer has caught off victory in a distant third now let’s see how she
    does in the second Hill will be enough for sponsored over taker it is Spencer
    is overtaking lady won’t be enough in the finish I know Lady does go on finish
    or seconded by Spencer as Victor will come in third what a close race between
    Spencer and lady Lady has problems climbing the hills but she has no
    problems going down Spencer good climbing hills not on the grid on the
    straightaways rather and Victor should probably just stay in the Steamworks and
    here we have it folks the final race Percy Express learning curve lady and
    briault Metroliner this will be for the title Liam do you have any predictions
    you think Brio is gonna do it I’m gonna go with Percy this time I think Percy
    Express will have what it takes to win it all the brawl to subtly at all Percy
    for the money lady for the show Brio to get ready and William says they are off
    and it looks like lady is taking an early lead but you got problems climbing
    those hills much aligner in 3rd is Brucie a close second behind lady maybe
    not connect now I think you might overtake her eyes again to the first
    Hill that is what all that tells until as Percy will go on Metroliner now no
    problems passing lady but the real story here is Percy expressed as he will go on
    and then definitive way to win it all that’s a liar coming in second sir
    Robert normally be and his Horace here with the trophy giving it to Percy from
    the express backwards for its Percy and just an explosive went very dominate
    over all hey guys click here to watch another video and like here to subscribe
    to our Channel bye