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    Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips
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    Top 5 Motocross Track Riding Etiquette Tips

    November 23, 2019

    – Hello everyone, I am Chase
    here at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and these are my top five
    etiquette tips for riding track. Alright, so, as you guys can see, we are out here to burn some
    laps at a local motocross track and I just want to share with you guys my top five etiquette tips. Whether you’ve been riding for years and you ride track a lot or maybe you’re just getting into track riding
    and you’re new to it. There’s certain etiquette that I think every dirt rider or
    dirt biker should follow when they’re at the track. So these are going to be my top five tips that are going to make you safer, help other people be safer and just make everyone happier at the track. So my first tip is really simple and it’s just ride
    within your skill level. You know, if you’re new to riding tracks. If you’re gonna go out for the first time, you’ve just got to understand
    what level you’re at. So if you’re riding an
    advanced track and there’s a lot of jumps on the
    track, you’re not able to do all the jumps but most of the riders are. If it’s a really busy day,
    you’ve just go to know that you want to be comfortable
    so it might not be the best day to ride on that track. You know, a lot of different
    tracks that I go to, they’ll have vet and beginner tracks, so make sure if they have those
    available, well start there. Those are gonna be
    easier, have easier jumps and then you’re gonna be
    riding with other people at your skill level. If you’re riding on and advanced track and you’re not able to do all the jumps and you’re uncomfortable,
    you can put yourself and you can put other riders at risk. And also, a lot of times
    when you go to a track, they’ll have timed practices. And what you want to do
    is, you want to sign up for the class that’s gonna
    be at your skill level. I see a lot of riders,
    yeah we all want to ride in a class with the faster
    guys and I understand that but if you’re a beginner
    rider, don’t feel like you need to sign up with the
    intermediates or even the pro class, because you
    want to say that you ride with those guys. It’s important, just know your skill level and ride there and once
    you get comfortable, you can work your way up. And I’m telling you that’s
    gonna make you safer. It’s gonna keep other
    riders safer as well. So that’s gonna be my first tip, is just ride within your skill level. So for my second tip, it’s
    gonna be don’t cross jump and hold your line. And this is probably one of
    the biggest reasons I see that riders are getting hurt
    at the track, is cross jumping. When you’re coming up to a jump, you want to make sure you’re
    jumping straight, okay. If you jump across a
    jump and there’s a rider right behind you and he goes off, well if you jump across,
    there a very good chance that that rider could land on you and that’s never a good thing. I’ve seen it happen way too often. So it’s really important
    that whenever you’re going off a jump, even if
    you’re rolling the jump, you want to make sure to
    go as straight as possible, don’t cross jump and
    because every rider that’s out there on the track, if
    they’re right next to you or they’re just behind you
    and they’re coming up off a jump too, they expect
    you to go straight. And if you don’t go straight,
    bad things can happen. And going along with that, the
    other part is hold your line. So if you’re riding, you’re
    coming to an inside corner and there’s a rider behind
    you, and even if you know he’s faster than you, okay,
    don’t feel pressure like you need to dart out of
    the way and move to the outside of the track. Or if you’re on the
    outside, don’t feel like you need to move to the inside. If he’s faster than you,
    he’ll get around you, okay? That’s what riders do. So, just make sure if
    you’re coming to a corner or anywhere on the track
    and you know there’s a rider behind you and you feel
    like he’s going to pass you, just stay where you’re at, okay? That rider’s expecting
    you to hold your line and go straight. So, if you’re on the inside of
    a corner, stay on the inside. If you’re on the outside,
    stay on the outside. That way, the rider can
    anticipate where you’re going and he can make the pass safely and you can just continue on your way. So that’s gonna be my second
    tip, is hold your line and make sure you don’t cross jump. So my third tip is gonna be entering and exiting the track in designated areas. Every track is going to
    have specific locations for you to enter and exit the track because they want you to do it safely. So it’s never a good idea, regardless of where you are on the
    track, even if you don’t feel like there’s any riders around you, when you enter the track,
    enter where you’re supposed to. Make sure you’re watching, you know. Enter at a good time, obviously,
    but exiting the track. This is where I see a
    lot of bad things happen because riders will exit the track early or maybe they’ll be on the
    far left side of the track and they want to exit, so
    they’ll move over to the right, but they’re not looking
    behind them to see if there’s a rider coming up. So it’s really important. Enter the track where it’s designated. Wait for a good time. Don’t floor it and just
    peel out and try to get ahead of a rider. Wait for them to pass. And then when you’re exiting
    the track, same thing. Make sure you’re exiting. You’re not riding all
    the way across a track when you’re doing that. And just exit in the designated spot and I’ll tell you, that’s gonna make you a whole lot safer, and again,
    you’ve got to be predictable. When riders are seeing you exit the track, they’ve got to know
    that’s what you’re doing. Same thing when you’re entering. Riders should know that,
    hey, there’s a rider that’s about to enter, and
    it’s your job to enter safely. So that’s gonna be my third tip, is enter and exit the track
    in a designated area. So for my fourth tip, it’s
    gonna be parking lot etiquette. And I honestly feel like
    I could do a top five just on parking lot etiquette. So nothing drive me more
    insane than when I’m at a track and there’s riders that
    feel like they need to practice doing starts
    and pulling hole shots in a parking lot. When you’re in a parking
    lot, you just slow down. You don’t need to go ripping
    through the parking lot, popping wheelies. It’s not necessary. You know, people are getting dressed up, they’re getting on their bikes. I’ve seen accidents
    happen in the parking lot. I watched a guy wheelie over
    one time and knock himself out. So just know that in the
    parking lot, go slow, especially in a dirt parking lot, when everyone’s parked and lined up. No one likes to get dusted out. So you don’t need to just
    floor it down the parking lot. Now the other part of
    parking lot etiquette that I have and some of you may or may not agree with this, is sound. When I’m in the parking lot, look, we all know your bike sounds good, you’ve got your exhaust on there. We all love to rev our bikes, I get it. But I want to keep my
    hearing as long as possible. So when I’m getting dressed up, I’m getting ready to go out and ride, I don’t need you to do sound testing like you’re getting ready
    for an AMA Supercross race. You don’t need to sit there
    and hit the rev limiter and just floor your bike. You can but for me, honestly,
    sometimes it gets obnoxious and it’s just really, really loud. I want to wait until I’m on the track to start hearing exhaust. If you have a two-stroke,
    I’ll make an exception. Two-strokes sound really good. They’re not as loud. But really, my opinion, you
    can let your bike warm up. You don’t need to sit there and just rev it the whole time. So that’s gonna be my fourth tip, is just having good etiquette in the parking lot. Alright, so for my fifth and
    final tip, it’s pretty simple. We are not here to win practice. When you’re at a track
    and you’re out riding. Everyone’s here just to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. And I see a lot of guys
    that get really competitive and it feels like they have to be the fastest guy on the track. So when you’re riding out there, if there’s a rider in front of you and yeah, he might not be as fast as you and you want to get around him,
    you don’t need to be going block passes on guys. If there’s an 85cc rider
    and he’s faster than you and you get mad. We’ve all been there. You don’t need to try and
    take out the 85 rider, but you know, just have a good time. You don’t need to win practice. You don’t have to be the
    fastest guy out there. If there’s a guy behind you and you know he’s faster than
    you, you don’t need to be a semi-truck and be as wide
    as you can and try and block the lines and keep
    him from passing you. Just hold your line, like
    we talked about earlier, and just let that rider go by. And also, if you’re passing the guy, one of my pet peeves
    is, if I let you by me, because I know you’re faster than me, I’m being courteous, I really
    don’t like getting roosted. Nobody does. That’s why I wear a chest guard. But however, if you’re passing
    a guy, just be conscious of where he’s at behind you. You know, you don’t
    need to just sit there, hold it wide open in second gear and then roost the guy behind you
    if it’s not necessary. If you’ve got to get
    on the gas to get over a jump around the corner,
    I understand that, but if you’ve got a long straightaway or there’s a section of the track where you just don’t have to just pin it and get it wide open. That’s gonna really help
    the rider out behind you because I’m sure we’ve
    all been in that situation where a rider goes past us,
    we start getting roosted, next thing you know we’re ducking our head and we’re just pretty
    much pulling off the track because it hurts so bad. So that’s my fifth and final tip. It’s just know when you
    show up to the track we’re all here to have a good time. Everyone wants to be safe. You don’t need to win practice. Alright guys so there they are. Those are my top five etiquette tips. Those are things that I feel
    that every rider should be doing at the track or
    shouldn’t be doing to say. So if you have suggestions
    or other things that you want to see riders doing more of, or maybe not so much of,
    make sure you comment below and share those with us. Now make sure you click,
    subscribe to us on YouTube. We have a lot of great how-to videos, product spotlights and gear guides. Also don’t forget, orders
    over $75 ship free. And on our website and We have a huge selection of
    parks apparel and accessories, so get over there and get yourself ready for your next ride. I’m Chase here at Rocky Mountain. We’ll see you on the trails.

    Thoughts You Have On A Local Train | MostlySane
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    Thoughts You Have On A Local Train | MostlySane

    October 24, 2019

    Run Prajakta run or else you will miss your train. There is a train to Thane at 9:33 and its 9:27 right now which means I have 5 min to catch the train. Move aside baldy. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Pufft. Got the train finally. One second. I forgot to buy the ticket. There are so many windows but only one is open. There’s such a long queue. Please hurry up. Oh shit! I don’t have change. Again the old guy will crib about it. I’ll do one thing. I’ll smile and tell him that I don’t have change. One ticket to Thane please. Please give me change. I don’t have change. From will I get change. Please give me the exact money for the ticket. I hate monsoons. The trains are always late. It’s come, it’s come, it’s come. Let’s leave this train. We’ll take the next one. The cute guys ia also waiting for the train. Where did he go? Oh man! I have such bad luck. Do I have the time to go and get one samosa? Where did everyone… Oh! I’ve spotted the regular guy. (Nervous laugh) He got his girlfriend with him? Shit! I hate these PDA kind of couples. Oh shit! Did anyone see that? Of course there are no seats available. Look at this aunty sitting with the vegetable bag next to her? No one is willing to adjust. Ugh! Couples. At least I’ll get to sit from Ghatkopar to Thane. My legs were hurting. I think I’ll listen to some music. I was better off standing till Thane. Oh god! The smart ass in front of me is kicking me so many times. Do these guys not understand? People these days have no manners. Should I tell him to mind his legs? No yaa. I don’t think I have the time for a fight. Oh sorry! I hit you by mistake. Didn’t the snack vendor Sangeeta come? I’m hungry. Why is this aunty looking into my phone? Does she not realise that I know that she’s looking into my phone? Do you want to see my phone? Look into your own phone. Oh man! Why do people talk so much? I get a head ache listening to their jibber jabber. Did Rashi board the train? Don’t tell me she missed the train again. Which carraige did you board on? The front or back? What is this Rashi? We’re in Qatar? I thought this was a Thane local. (Devotional music.) (Indistinct chatter.) I’m having a head ache. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. The whole compartment is empty yet this horny old man is sitting right next to me. After 4 stations Thane station will come and then I’ll be home. 3 more stations and then Thane station and then I can go home and sleep in peace. So tired. Did the station come? No Kasara is going to come now. Okay. Kasara???

    Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos
    Articles, Blog

    Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos

    September 9, 2019

    15. Mind the Gap In April of 2017, a man, a woman, and two
    children stroll along a Sidney platform to a stationary train. As the NZ Herald reports, the man and woman
    were the children’s grandparents. But when they turn to board the train, the
    grandma boards with the girl, and as the grandpa and boy step over the threshold, the little
    boy slips from view. He’s fallen through the gap – a mere sliver
    – between the platform and the train. Both grandparents are then seen trying to
    flag the train guard down, so that the train doesn’t take off with the boy below. But with no help and the train’s departure
    fast approaching, the man drops to his knees and reaches between the gap to try and pull
    the boy back out. Luckily, he was successful. He managed to pull the boy back onto the platform,
    where he then hugs him close. A Sydney Trains worker hurries over to make
    sure the boy is okay. The boy was alright, although in a state of
    surprise. According to the Transport Minister, this
    boy isn’t the only one to have fallen through the cracks. 223 children were reported to have fallen
    underneath trains at Sydney stations in 2016, alone. 14. The Exorcism
    This footage shows a woman shouting “devil” among a group of frightened commuters. A man dressed in a suit then proceeds to perform
    an exorcism on the subway, and attempting to free the woman of her possession. But the demon seems to be strong-willed as,
    instead, the woman starts to attack with her umbrella. The man tells her that he forgives her, but
    she remains confused and repeats the word, “devil,” regularly. She then backs away from him toward a corner
    of the car. The video was titled “When you find yourself
    in the middle of an exorcism on the metro” and has been viewed over a million times. Local media claimed that this scene is a regular
    occurrence on the Mexico City subway. Perhaps, it’s real. But then again, maybe the woman was just emotionally
    distressed. Either way, it’s pretty alarming. 13. On the Tracks
    When a man in a wheelchair fell onto the tracks in a Washington, D.C. subway station, many
    rushed to help him. Working as a team, two men were able to lift
    the 54-year-old onto the platform to safety, risking their lives in the process. Others were there to receive him, while the
    men then lifted his wheelchair out of harm’s way. While it’s unclear why he fell off the platform
    in the first place, luckily, the man was alright. 12. Rat! It’s often said that there are more rats
    than people in New York City. But that’s putting it mildly. Approximately 8.54 million people live in
    NYC and, by some estimates, they’re outnumbered by rats around four to one. So it’s no surprise then when folks who
    take the subway find themselves riding alongside passengers of the rodent variety. This video shows a rat scurrying through a
    subway car, dodging between and over passenger’s legs as they, themselves, try to avoid him. Then, seeing an escape, the rodent races up
    what turns out to be the leg of a sleeping commuter. The man wakes up startled, as the rodent bounds
    right up to the guy’s face. What a horrible sight to wake up to. That man certainly had nightmares for weeks. And he likely learned an important lesson:
    never, ever fall asleep on the New York City subway. 11. St. Petersburg Subway
    This disturbing footage shows the aftermath of a horrible subway event in St. Petersburg,
    Russia that occurred on April 3rd, 2017. While most in the footage are calmly exiting
    their train cars, which remain fully in tact, the footage then pans to the wagons that were
    destroyed by the blast, darkened, the windows blown out. Passengers in these wagons throw their bags
    through the broken glass and climb out onto the platform. The event seems to have been a coordinated,
    as another device was found at a different station and was safely defused. This isn’t the first attack on Russia’s
    transport system. There have been at least four since 2009,
    the most scary of which occurred in 2010 in Moscow, when 38 lives were lost in one incident. Another scary thing to worry about. 10. The Outburst
    The woman on this subway has some harsh words for a fellow commuter. While the person taking the video didn’t
    capture the moments leading up to her angry outburst, the footage begins with her pointing
    into the face of a man and having some harsh words for him. She then takes it a step further, calling
    the man a batterer, while screaming in his face. Her display scared passengers so much that
    many cleared out of the car. It’s only when she touches him that he comes
    after her to defend himself, until she backs away. By the end of the video, the entire place
    is cleared out, with only the woman in the red coat standing alone in the car. I guess that’s one way to score private
    transportation. 9. Quake in Subway
    A YouTuber published this raw footage of the 7.1 quake in Mexico in 2017 that devastated
    Mexico City and the surrounding areas. The
    footage shows that commuters remained calm, despite the subway and platform and everyone
    swaying around them. Some chose to get on the train, probably in
    order to sit down and stop feeling sea sick from the swaying. The powerful quake hit Mexico City where at
    least 361 people were reported passed away in the city and the surrounding areas. Nerve-wracking as this subway platform may
    be, I’d rather be there than in the chaos of collapsing buildings above. 8. Subway Fall
    A 52-year-old woman standing on a platform in Madrid patiently awaits her train when,
    suddenly, she faints. She quite literally topples onto the tracks. Fellow commuters gather around the edge of
    the platform, while an off-duty officer springs into action. With the train due to arrive at the station
    any minute, the commuters on the platform attempt to flag the oncoming conductor, while
    the officer manages to drag the woman across the opposite track and, with help from bystanders,
    lift her up to the platform. You can see the oncoming train pull slowly
    into the station just as the officer lifts the woman from the tracks. The train operator is able to stall the train
    enough before entering the station that it didn’t come in full speed ahead. After the woman is lifted onto the opposite
    platform, a doctor who was also waiting on the platform, gives the woman first aid. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just remember
    there are still some everyday heroes in the world. This is but one example. 7. Guy on CTA Train
    Published by Ruben Perez in May of 2015, this man on a subway in Chicago, who appears mentally
    unwell, starts muttering quietly – but audibly – to himself. Then gripping one wrist, he starts shaking,
    shaking his head, shaking all over, muttering more and more aggressively, until he goes
    still and wide eyed. Still muttering, he sits a bit more calmly
    for a while, continuing his monologue. Then he starts shaking alarmingly again. That halts, and he sits calmly, seemingly
    having a heady conversation with the person sitting beside him. Only, there’s nobody there. Passengers don’t interact but simply pass
    him by as they exit the train. He continues having a conversation with the
    invisible person beside him, gesturing and speaking with conviction. While this man’s episode is quite scary
    to watch, the man filming the footage is laughing. Most in the comments find that to be off-putting
    and insensitive. There’s no doubt that man needed help. Let’s hope he got it from someone besides
    the cameraman. 6. “Conductor, We Have A Problem”
    Once you watch this video, there’s one line you won’t be able to get out of your head. “Conductor, we have a problem.” The video footage is filmed by a passenger
    who is pushing the emergency button on repeat to report a “problem” to the conductor. While there seems to be no problem on this
    subway car, other than the man in question repeating this and pushing the emergency button
    like mad, the train never slows and no one comes to his aid. As he repeats his claim while pressing the
    button, one man steps in to stop him, but the man doesn’t cease in his exclamation,
    and then starts hurrying down the center of the train, while dodging some commuters who
    try to intercept him. Once he gets to the other end, the reason
    for his journey is clear: there’s another button at the other end of the car. He starts pushing that one too, repeating
    his claim, “Conductor, we have a problem.” This is when many on the car intervene, sick
    of this guy’s antics. As the train pulls into a station, many try
    to convince him to disembark, saying he’s the one with the problem. But he remains unconvinced and continues to
    press the emergency button to report his “problem” to authorities. Through all the commotion, he doesn’t exit
    the train and his camera is pushed down. It goes dark, leaving us to wonder how this
    confrontation was resolved. 5. Random Encounter
    This footage shows an older woman who doesn’t seem as though she’s all that mentally there. She curses at another passenger, who looks
    like she was just sitting there, minding her own business. Then out of nowhere things get more severe. Thankfully, the people around the young woman
    protest and tell the attacker to leave the woman alone. The older woman calls one of these men a scumbag. Then she squares up with him. When he stands up, she gets up on the seat
    and people around them swarm the situation in an attempt to calm her down. She then gets off the seat and waits by the
    door, continuing to mutter about what a scumbag that nice guy is. When the subway stops, she makes her grand
    exit. Those who currently ride the NYC subway say
    they do feel unsafe and paranoid that they might be next. Unfortunately, many must travel by subway
    to get to work, so there’s not really a safer alternative. 4. Rush Hour in Beijing
    BeijingCream published this bird’s eye shot of a train station on Line 13 in 2013, during
    morning rush hour. Commuters are standing heel-to-toe on the
    platform as a train pulls in. When it slows, they press to the doors in
    an unorderly fashion, not wanting to wait for the next train. Instead of making space for commuters aboard
    the train to get out, which would be more logical and less time consuming, those disembarking
    have to pierce their way through the crowd on the platform as the platform people press
    their way in the minute the doors open. You can almost hear the frustrated screaming
    going on inside commuters’ heads. It’s a crazy phenomenon to watch, and it
    makes you a bit creeped out to think that a stampede could occur at any moment and anyone
    could be trampled and lose their live. Such events, though rare, are not unheard
    of on Chinese subways. Incidents of commuters fleeing fire alarms
    and even emptying a car when a man fainted have been reported in Beijing. In Shenzhen in 2017, fifteen people were hurt
    in a stampede on a subway train, while twelve were hurt in the same city in 2015. 3. “I Don’t Like You”
    The NYC subway is flush with characters, and this crazy lady on the 7 train is one of them. Marcusthegladiator published footage of this
    fellow commuter to YouTube in November of 2012
    In it, the woman, who sits alone, appears to be telling off nearby passengers – or perhaps
    imaginary ones. She insists that she doesn’t like any of
    them, and they don’t like her either. So no one should look at each other. A
    while later, she is seen flinging her arm seemingly unconsciously and making rude gestures,
    then raising her arm while contorting her face. When passengers get on at a stop and sit down
    next to her, she suddenly turns to her right and asks a man if the girl between them is
    his girlfriend, and why he’s looking at her. Moments later, they move, and the lady pats
    the now empty seats next to her, saying she’d be so happy with her own apartment or her
    own house. While this woman’s reality is more sad than
    scary, the unpredictability of her actions is certainly frightening. 2. Electrical Issue
    Smoke wafted through the Yellow Line train on January 12th, 2015. While it filled the train, commuters waited
    over 35 minutes for help to escape. The cause is believed to have been an electrical
    issue in the tunnel. When the issue occurred, it forced commuters
    on the platform to evacuate. That’s when train 302 pulled towards the
    platform and took off again. But it was so thick, the train operator was
    blinded. He pulled to a stop in the tunnel. The train’s fans were pulling smoke inside. And firefighters were only dispatched when
    they received a 911 call about seven minutes later. Meanwhile, the passengers on the train could
    barely breathe and many got down on the floor. In the raw video of the train, you can see
    just how bad it is inside the wagon, and you can hear people cough, while most lie or squat
    on the floor. Over the intercom, they are told to remain
    calm and not to open the doors. Some called 911 to describe where the train
    was located so that rescuers could be sent down. Out of the 380 people who were evacuated from
    the train, 86 were treated, 9 were treated outside the station, and one passed away. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
    and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
    in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
    a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
    beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
    we upload every Tuesday. 1.Blade Encounter
    This video, published by skilduff1122 in April 2013, illustrates that something bad can happen
    anywhere at anytime. Nowhere is safe. The footage shows a man in a black shirt and
    jeans standing on the platform, before he reaches into his pocket and brandishes a large
    blade. He walks determinedly down the platform toward
    another commuter, who starts shouting. A
    couple others put themselves between this man and the man he’s after, seemingly trying
    to block the encounter. It’s unclear if they’re involved in the
    dispute or just fellow commuters trying to prevent something bad from happening. Then the wielding man picks a plastic bag
    up off the ground – that of the man he was chasing. A woman steps in, trying to prevent the man
    from taking the bag, while the other man hurries over to grab his belongings. The wielder is successfully blocked from taking
    the bag, but he won’t be held back. He follows the guy around again but, the guy
    manages to escape and is seen rushing down the platform, looking over his shoulder the
    whole way. A couple moments later, the wielding man is
    following again, but that’s where the footage ends. What did he want from the other guy? How did this harrowing incident conclude? With no further footage or story, this one
    ends with too many loose threads.

    19 SCARY Events Caught on Tape
    Articles, Blog

    19 SCARY Events Caught on Tape

    August 26, 2019

    We live in relative safety from day to day,
    but as these videos show, traumatic events can happen any day, any time. None of us are truly ever completely safe,
    and these videos could have easily happened to anyone, even you. CHILLS 19. “Self-Defense”: When James hears screaming
    and glass shattering in the hallway outside of his apartment, he knows that there is going
    to be some serious trouble ahead. He snaps into survival mode and grabs his
    gun and also sets up a camera to record his door. He opens the door and peeks outside, ready
    to kill if necessary . . . James has been spotted and now has moments
    to react. You’ll never believe the struggle that happens
    next. Imagine minding your business in your own
    apartment and suddenly having to deal with this encounter. That was Twain Thomas kicking through a door
    and then hacking down the rest of it with a machete. Three shots put him down before he can slice
    the couple in their own apartment. Make no mistake about it, this man was intent
    on going on a killing spree. After the action happens, the two have this
    short exchange. But neither man was killed that day. Twain survived and was sentenced to 5 years
    in prison with 10 years parole upon release. He was blacked out at the time and says he
    had no idea what he was doing until after he had been shot. 18. “Ghost Bully”: A lot of children have
    had the misfortune of being been singled out and picked on by their own personal bully,
    but there’s one child in Spanish Town, Jamaica who has the worst luck of all. He says that he is being bullied by an evil
    spirit, and his parents and local town all believe him. Plus there’s video evidence for proof. His face has been blurred out to protect his
    dark secret. One video shows him sitting in a chair with
    his family. After being asked a few questions, the ghost
    decides to take control of the situation. Although he could have been pushing off the
    ground with his feet, you can’t see the floor in this video, so it’s hard to tell. One thing is for sure though: look closely
    and you can see the boy’s hand right arm fly straight up in the air. It’s definitely as if he’s being grabbed
    by the wrist and jerked straight back. If he is faking it, then he is a very good
    actor. Okay, take a look at this second video and
    tell me what you think. He is just standing against a wall in his
    neighborhood when all of the sudden . . . You can clearly see his whole body in this
    video as left leg suddenly shoots up, almost as if someone is pulling him by the foot. Again, if this is fake, then he is a great
    actor with even better balance. It looks like he really is about to fall flat
    on his face until his mother rushes in to save him. If a ghost really happens to be crossing over
    into the material realm and grabbing ahold of his shoe here, no one knows exactly why. Still, the local Bishop has no doubt that
    this relentless ghost bully is real. 17. “The Webcam Ghost”: Two sisters are playing
    in their room when they decide to record themselves singing a Disney musical for fun. Midway through their amateur performance it
    becomes apparent that the two girls are not so alone after all . . . The younger sister simply stares at the pitch
    black doorway in shock while the other continues singing. Then whatever is with them decides to do this
    . . . The video ends with the girls running away
    screaming for their father to come help. Looking at the video a second time, it does
    seem as though the door definitely opens on its own. If this is real, then something must have
    taken a few steps into their room before swiping the water bottle off of their desk drawer. Perhaps a grumpy ghost has gotten tired of
    their singing. Or maybe this was just a prank. If so, it’s a pretty good one. 16. “The Prowler”: This video seems to be
    split evenly between believers and skeptics. A kid is making a video for his school project
    when the camera apparently catches something glaring at him through the window. It’s quick, so pay close attention if you
    missed it. When the dog jumps up to get a tennis ball,
    it pushes the blinds away and you can just barely make out half of an ape-like face looking
    into the window. If you still can’t see it, then other YouTubers
    have slowed the video down and taken a screenshot. As you can see, something is clearly looking
    in on them. If this was just a reflection, then it should
    look like the back of the student’s head, but it is clearly someone’s face. It looks like it could be some sort of humanoid. Another possible explanation would be some
    sort of fake dummy or statue that they’ve placed outside of the window. Other people point out that the dog does not
    look frightened by the face at all, but then again, the dog might have been too focused
    on getting the ball to notice anything else. Also, if this video was fake, then the dog
    would have to be taught to jump up on the back of the couch at just the right time,
    which would be kind of hard to do. Plus, you don’t hear or see any commands
    given towards the dog. Overall, this video has a very natural feel. 15. “The Ghost Experiment”: A YouTuber named
    MichaelDMagee has been conducting paranormal experiments for years without any success,
    but one day his spiritual luck changes for the better. Apparently Michael summons a spirit who is
    willing to move things on his command. To prove this, Michael takes a metal fruit
    bowl full of apples and shows it to the camera. He says that whenever he concentrates and
    asks the ghost to move it for him, it does. After showing that there is no one else in
    the room and no strings on the floor or attached to the bowl, he places the fruit bowl down,
    making sure to keep himself in the frame the whole time. This supposedly is what he was able to get
    a ghost to do. Again, I just wanted to stress that Michael
    insists that this is not telepathy, but rather an actual spirit who he is able to communicate
    with and give commands to. He has since been able to replicate this experiment
    with other objects. What separates this video from others is that
    there are clearly no strings attached. If this is fake, it’s unclear as to how
    he is making these objects move. 14. “Devoured By Bugs”: Imagine letting a
    giant green insect sit on your finger and eat your flesh raw. That’s exactly what a YouTuber named Glenn
    Larson did in a video with a simple description that reads, “redneck wart removal”. Apparently these long-legged grasshoppers,
    known as “Katydids” [“Katy-dids”], have no problem being handled as long as they
    get a chance to eat your skin. In this instance, you can see the Katydid
    work its mandibles deep into Glenn’s flesh as it steadily chews off a thick meaty wart. It probably would have eaten all the way to
    the wart’s core if Glenn had let it go on long enough. Fortunately, he puts the thing down before
    it has a chance to draw blood. 13. “The Winged Attacker”: A group of musician
    friends are jamming out in the woods in Oregon when a tiny creature suddenly attacks one
    of them in broad daylight. The bat hits Derek on his shoulder with a
    dull thud and all of the instruments stop. Everyone watches in disbelief as the tiny
    creature climbs up his body and Derek can even feel its cold snout as it plants its
    tiny sharp teeth into his neck, just inches away from the jugular vein. He throws the bat off and watches it fly up
    into a tree, where it continues silently watching them from afar. They are freaked out at this point, but they
    think it was a freak occurrence and decide to play some more music. After the bat makes two more swipes at the
    man, however, his friend has had enough and shoots it with a BB gun. The group takes the bat corpse back to the
    local health department and has it tested. Sure enough, Derek had been bitten by a rabid
    bat. He had to get rabies shots for days afterwards. 12. “The Spooky Seat”: This video was taken
    somewhere in South America, and it shows a man sitting on a table at a security monitoring
    station. Little does he know that he, too, is apparently
    being monitored, and not by a camera. After a while, this is what happens to him
    . . . Even the people reviewing this footage can’t
    believe what they are seeing. Not only does a nearby chair move on its own,
    but also it moves in his general direction. It’s almost as if a ghost is pulling up
    a seat directly across from him. Unbelievably, the man doesn’t seem to notice
    this paranormal activity unfolding before him, at least at first. He is looking at his cellphone when suddenly
    it happens again. This time he sees it, and his reaction seems
    very legitimate as he becomes startled and tense. He looks behind him to make sure that the
    security camera is recording all of this for later evidence, then he hops off the table
    and stares at the chair before him, obviously scared now. He waits for it to move again, but it doesn’t,
    so he goes over to inspect it more closely. This is probably the most convincing part
    of the video, because he would have seen a fishing line if this was a fake prank. Instead, he picks the chair up, puts it back
    in its place, and then puts a stand in front of it and gets out of there fast. I’m not saying that this video is absolutely
    100% real, but it is certainly a possibility. 11. “The Pub Ghost”: A woman is cleaning an
    English pub after hours one night as a ghost makes a mess of everything behind her. She is mopping the floor when suddenly a sign
    starts to dance back and forth before returning back to normal. She returns and the sign stops moving. But as soon as she’s gone again, this happens. When the cleaning lady returns, she notices
    that the sign has fallen. She appears to be giving her co-worker a hard
    time. You can’t see what they are saying, but
    you can tell she thinks that he knocked it over and is now telling him to cut it out. He insists that he didn’t do anything and
    steps over for a closer look. As he is peeking around the corner, the mop
    falls over. He is terrified now and quickly runs away,
    presumably out of the building and into the night. 10. “Dinner Time”: With two Barbie dolls in
    her hands, this little girl is as happy as can be. Her family is recording what should be a loving
    memory for them to watch over and over again with glee. Instead, if any of them ever watch this video
    ever again, it will be in sheer horror. The girl is in the middle of an improvised
    skit when her father calls something out to her. I think he is telling her to come eat dinner
    or something like that. Based on what happens next, it looks like
    the girl wasn’t the only one who was listening . . . As soon as the girl says something to effect
    of “not right now”, the Barbie snaps her head back and gives her a glare. Maybe the doll doesn’t appreciate the disrespect
    towards her father, or maybe it’s done being played with for right now. Either way, the girl throws both dolls into
    the air and runs away. Of course, this could be a fake video, but
    I’m not sure how you would make the doll’s head turn like that. For one thing, the girl’s hand isn’t anywhere
    near the doll’s head, and for another, you can see by looking at the doll’s hair that
    no string has been tied around its head. Most people in the comments of this video
    think that it’s real. 9. “Fatal Malfunction”: This terrifying footage
    was filmed in an elevator in Chile. Jose Acevedo [“Hose-say” “Ah-say-vey-do”]
    gets on the lift and presses the button. Little does he know that this will be the
    ride that changes his life forever. As soon as the button is pressed, the doors
    violently snap shut and the elevator lurches upwards. Jose knows that something is majorly wrong
    and immediately presses the emergency stop button. Instead of stopping, however, the elevator
    climbs even faster. There’s literally nothing for the man to
    do except repeatedly push the button while panicking as the elevator races up 31 floors
    in less than 15 seconds. Finally he begins to swat at every button,
    adrenaline taking over as he desperately hopes that just one button will work and bring an
    end to this terrible ride. He is absolutely helpless and appears to be
    too scared to even scream. Unfortunately for him, the only thing stopping
    this elevator is the roof itself. The elevator slams into the top of the building
    at full speed, and inside, Jose’s broken body slams against the crumpled walls. He survives somehow, but now he has severe
    head and leg injuries. Also, the damage to his spine means he is
    sadly unlikely to ever walk again. 8. The Broken Reflection: This vintage Japanese
    footage shows a little girl combing her hair while her mom films. She turns around to show off her new hairstyle,
    but when she turns back around, something weird happens. Look closely and you’ll see that this girl’s
    reflection does not follow her movements. When she turns around, the reflection stays
    in place. This footage would have been very hard to
    fake given the limited video editing capabilities of that time, but I guess it’s still possible. Otherwise, this girl appears to have a very
    evil reflection following her wherever she goes. 7. “The Boss”: If you’ve ever had a sadistic
    boss, then you know how bad they can make you feel. Here a manager walks up and throws some papers
    onto an employee’s desk. She sits and thinks for a moment, and then
    she gets up. It looks like she is going to the window for
    some fresh air, but the next thing you know, she has opened it up and flings herself to
    the pavement below. There is no sound in this video, so we’ll
    never know what was said, or even if they were just actors. Despite receiving thousands of hits, this
    footage has never been verified as real. 6. “Bubbles”: “Why are there bubbles in
    my pool,” Craig Lear [“Leer”] thought to himself as he looked into his backyard
    pool. He lived near a golf course in Lakeland, Florida,
    and he figured that someone must have just knocked a golf ball into his backyard, causing
    tiny bubbles to float to the surface of his pool. He opened up the door and went to the pool’s
    edge for a closer look. It had a pebble-stone bottom that made it
    really hard to see into, so he had to stand directly over the water to look down. It wasn’t a golf ball after all. Instead, it was a 300 pound killer reptile. After securing their children and their pets,
    Craig called animal control and had an alligator trapper come to his home. It took them an hour to wrestle the 9-foot
    alligator from the pool, and the whole time they didn’t know how it was going to react. This story may have had a happy ending, but
    who knows how many more alligators are lurking at the bottom of pools in Florida right now,
    or if this one will ever make a return . . . 5. “The Paulding Light”: A group of people
    in Michigan [“Mish-again”] are having a casual conversation outside when something
    unexplainable suddenly interrupts them. The cameraman immediately zooms in on the
    strange intrusion. This is the Paulding Light, an intensely burning
    white hot shimmer that has no explainable source. As the people in the video are talking about
    what it could be, two more lights suddenly appear. The lights fade in and out as they move rapidly
    across the skyline. Sometimes it’s just the red lights, and
    sometimes the single white light grows extremely large. The objects are moving extremely fast and
    even seem to be traveling towards them. Still, the group thinks that they are far
    enough away to be safe, and plus they are right by their cars in case things get too
    crazy, so they keep filming. One person in the group is sure that they
    are watching the headlights of a car, but nobody else buys this explanation because
    of the erratic way that the lights are moving. Now I’m not saying that it definitely is
    or isn’t a car, but the point is, nobody knows for sure what the Paulding Light is
    or how it came to be. With that said, there are some local legends. Some say it’s the lantern of a passed away
    railroad worker who was crushed on the tracks, while others say it’s the Grim Reaper himself. I’m curious to read what you think it is
    after seeing this video. 4. “Dark Skies”: This video was recently
    taken in Malaysia [“My-lay-sha”] on a cell phone. Whereas UFO footage is blurry and far away,
    there’s no mistaking what this object is supposed to be in this video. The UFO passes over a house and then takes
    off in the distance. A short while later, this other footage was
    taken. The UFO turns sideways and appears to be observing
    them through a bright white light in the center. It regards them for a moment longer and then
    the video ends. Overall, it’s hard to say if this is a fake
    video or genuine UFO activity. Most of the comments in the video tend to
    favor that this really happened. 3. “Roadkill”: This video starts off with
    two friends in a car. The passenger is trying to tell the driver
    how to get to a location where he found a creature that’s beyond explanation. He tells him to make a left and they head
    down an old service road that’s normally reserved for heavy equipment. That’s when they see it, a carcass laying
    sideways in a puddle of mud. The creature is bloated and pink with tufts
    of coarse black hair that look almost like quills. You can see two giant front legs and then
    two more sets of smaller, deformed-looking legs, meaning it has six legs total and a
    long tail that is almost as thick as its body. It doesn’t look like anything they’ve
    ever seen before. They touch it without gloves, and you can
    see that its blood has mixed in with the water. Many people have pointed out that this thing
    could have some strange diseases, and that handling it with their bare hands was probably
    a bad move. But as they are touching it, they make another
    shocking discovery. The creature appears to have a stamp of inspection
    on its side, almost as if it had been raised for meat. Judging from the plastic wrapped around its
    head, it probably fell off of a truck, which could mean that this strange species is a
    genetically-modified organism that is being transported in mass quantities. Either that, or these two friends somehow
    managed to create a very realistic-looking prop. Fake or not, this is definitely a very creepy
    video that could very well be footage of something that the public was never supposed to see. 2. “Saving the School”: This video was taken
    on the Seattle Pacific University campus in Seattle, Washington. In 2014, a man went off of his medications
    and shot up a college in Seattle. After taking the life of a 19-year-old freshmen
    and wounding two others with a 12-guage shotgun, the psycho went into one of the dorm halls
    to cause more chaos. Fortunately, he wasn’t able to get past
    the doorway thanks to the school safety monitor, John Meis [“Mays”]. This brave student came charging around the
    corner barefoot with only an adrenaline rush and a can of pepper spray. John sees his chance to attack while the gunman
    is reloading his shotgun. He rushes around and unloads the pepper spray
    straight into the shooter’s eyes, then he takes him to the ground and disarms him. John runs away quickly and puts the gun away,
    then he dives on the man and refuses to let go. What you can barely see is the gigantic hunting
    knife that the shooter was trying to pull out. If John hadn’t jumped on him a second time,
    the man might have gone on a stabbing spree. He was sentenced to 112 years for his crimes. Before we get to number 1, if you’ve ever
    been curious as to what I look like in real life, then follow me on Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt,
    with underscores instead of spaces. I also have Twitter @YT_Chills where I post
    video updates. I’d really appreciate it if you followed me
    and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
    in the future, then hit that subscribe button because I upload a new scary video every Thursday. 1. “Hell on Earth”: According to the YouTuber
    that uploaded this video, what you are watching is the last moments of a scared man’s life. The video begins in a hurry with a man on
    the verge of having a panic attack in his room. When he finally manages to stop shaking long
    enough to film, this is the first thing he sees . . . Arms are literally reaching for him through
    the ceiling. Each hand comes at him from a different angle
    and they all look like they are doing something different. If this is CGI, it’s very convincing. Smaller arms are reaching up from under the
    doorway now as fresh ones extend from the wall. Suddenly an eye opens up in the wall and blinks
    at him once. He gasps and starts to cry. When he refocuses the camera, he sees some
    sort of tree-looking object with him in his room. This is apparently the last thing he sees
    . . . Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because I upload a new
    scary video every Thursday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
    some of my other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!

    4 Disappearances That Have Been Solved
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    4 Disappearances That Have Been Solved

    August 13, 2019

    1. Lula Cora Hood
    In 1970, a single mother named Lula Cora Hood left her home in Galesburg, Illinois after
    a family argument and never returned. She left behind her 15-year-old daughter. Cora suffered from mental health problems
    and was in and out of her children’s lives even before she disappeared. But this time she never returned to her family,
    who believed they would never hear of her again. There were no leads, no tips, no sign of what
    had happened to her. She simply vanished. Then, 15 years ago, mushroom hunters found
    human remains in a Galesburg brickyard. After making a facial reconstruction, detectives
    believed that the bones belonged to Lula. However they were unable to confirm this through
    DNA analysis as testing on bones could not be done at the time. Nonetheless Cora was assumed dead and the
    family buried the remains and held a memorial service to say goodbye. It seemed as if the mysterious vanishing had
    at last been solved. For 13 years that grave would be considered
    to be Lula’s, and the mystery would be case closed, Untill 2009 when a fresh DNA analysis
    showed the remains interred 15 years ago were not those of Lula’s at all, and belonged
    to another unidentified individual. After DNA ruled out Cora as a match for the
    remains, police reopened their investigation with an online database search using her first
    and middle names and her date of birth. Authorities were able to discover that an
    84-year-old woman living in Florida was in fact the long missing Lula Hood, and that
    she had a new family and had eventually had 14 children. Even though Cora did not remember her daughter
    after all these years, they eventually reunited. Incidentally, in 2013, the female remains
    were finally identified as another missing woman named Helen “Ruth” Alps. 2. Wendy Von Huben
    Sixteen-year-old Wendy Von Huben lived in Woodstock, Illinois, with her family. She was dating a nineteen-year-old boy named
    Jesse Howell, who had recently moved into his own home. On February 22, 1997, Wendy told her parents
    that she was staying over at a friend’s house. In reality, however, Wendy and Jessie ran
    away, after Jesse promised to take her around the world. When wendy didn’t come home the next day,
    her parents reported her missing. They later learned from her school that she
    had skipped classes up to a week prior to her disappearance. Wendy and Jesse went on a trip along with
    another couple. During the trip, they slept in their friend’s
    car and stopped in different states. They ended up in Bradenton, Florida where
    they parted ways with the other couple. Shortly after they ran out of money and lived
    under a bridge near Dade City for few days. On March 19, Wendy called her parents and
    asked for $200 for a bus ticket back home for her and Jesse. A few days later, Jesse called his parents
    from a nearby truck stop. He said that they were on their way home. However, two days later, on March 23, Jesse
    was discovered bludgeoned to death near the railroad tracks in Marion County, Florida. He had been struck from behind and there was
    no evidence of a struggle. There was still money in his pocket and a
    half-smoked cigarette on the ground. A small drop of blood on his jacket was believed
    to belong to Wendy. However wendy was nowhere to be seen. Several weeks later, on June 4, Wendy’s parents
    received a phone call from Wendy in which she said, “It’s me, Wendy!” and then hung
    up. She then called again and told her father
    that she was at a gas station in Kankakee, Illinois. However, the conversation was so short, her
    father was not sure that it was actually her. Police tracked the phone to a Phillips 66
    gas station. After viewing surveillance videotape, they
    spotted a teenage girl that matched Wendy’s description. Her parents watched the tape and agreed that
    the girl was Wendy. Police estimated that the tape was filmed
    within minutes of the phone calls. Some local drifters told police that Wendy
    was travelling with a one-legged railroad car rider known as “Bob,” who has since been
    identified as Bobby Ray Taylor. In April of 1998, the drifter named Bobby
    Ray Taylor was located. He denied ever being with Wendy and it was
    determined that he was not involved in the case. In July of 2000, Angel Resendiz, also known
    as “The Railroad Killer”, confessed to killing Wendy and Jesse. He claimed he met Wendy and Jessie on March
    21, 1997, in a large railway yard in Baldwin, Fla., where hobos and the homeless are known
    to live. Sometime that night, they got on a grain car
    heading south. Wendy and Jessie began asking Resendiz where
    they could get jobs without having identification. He told them he was going to work the orange
    fields and told them he could show them where they are. By March 23, they had traveled about 85 miles
    when the train stopped just short of Ocala. Resendiz got off, and Howell followed him. Resendiz then took a rubber hose lined with
    heavy metal that is used to connect rail cars and hit Howell over the head, killing him
    with one or two blows. Resendiz said he got back on the train alone,
    and he and Wendy went on. Wendy didn’t knew what happened to Jessie
    at this point. Resendiz told investigators he and wendy got
    off the train in Oxford, where he tied her up, then choked her to death with his arms
    about 35 feet from the tracks. He said he covered her body with a military
    jacket he was wearing and a blanket. Resendiz led police to Wendy’s remains, which
    were found fifteen miles from the spot where Jesse was found. DNA and jewelry found on the remains confirmed
    her identity. Resendiz confessed to at least nine other
    murders. Police believe he was responsible for at least
    fifteen murders dating back to 1986. He was executed in June of 2006. 3. Pamela Jackson And Cheryl Miller
    ON the evening of May 29, 1971, 17 year-old Cheryl Miller and 17 year-old Pamella Jackson
    were on their way to a high school party in Vermilion, South Dakota, driving in a beige
    1960 Studebaker Lark. The car was Cheryl’s grandfather’s. The girls stopped at the local church and
    talked to some boys after visiting Cheryl’s grandmother in the hospital earlier that day. The boys were going to the same party Cheryl
    and Pamella were. They agreed to follow the boys to the party
    in their own car. However, the boys missed a turn and accidentally
    drove past the party. When they turned around they no longer saw
    the Studebaker’s headlights. They figured the girls had simply lost the
    nerve to attend the party. The celebration went on, but the girls and
    the Studebaker would not be seen again, until 2013. In the following weeks, volunteers and law-enforcement
    officers searched the gravel pit, surrounding roads and even the nearby Missouri River. But their efforts yielded nothing. The mystery persisted, year after year, for
    more than four decades. Authorities had their theories about the girls’
    disappearance. At first, they believed the girls to be runaways
    because of their ages. Other thought they runaway to a hippie commune
    in California. Soon, A man named, David Lykken, already serving
    a prison sentence on unrelated charges was indicted for murder in the deaths of Miller
    and Jackson in 2007. However, the charges were dropped after it
    was found out an inmate faked his confession about Lykken’s involvement in the case. Then, on September 23, 2013, a fisherman who
    was fishing by South Dakota’s Brule Creek noticed two wheels sticking out from the creek’s
    embankment. Investigators recovered the car from the embankment,
    which was caked with mud. The location of the creek is in an area that
    is rarely traveled. It is 30 miles east of Vermillion, almost
    right on the Iowa border. Record flooding followed by a drought is what
    brought the upside-down car into view. Days later, it was reported that their were
    two sets of skeletal remains found inside the car. The remains were later confirmed to be those
    of Miller and Jackson. According to officials, the victims’ vehicle
    was stuck in a third gear, the lights were on, and their skeletal remains were in the
    cabin. One of the tires on the car was damaged. The car keys were found in the ignition. Investigators also recovered Miller’s purse,
    which contained her driver’s license, photos and notes from her classmates. Those factors pointed to an accident and the
    case was finally closed after 43 years. 4. Lucy Johnson
    In 1965 Lucy Ann Johnson, mother to a son, David, and a daughter, Linda, vanished. Her husband Marvin Johnson reported her missing
    from their home in Surrey, British Columbia, near Vancouver, Canada, in 1965, but upon
    further investigation police were alarmed to find that, after talking to various neighbors,
    it seemed Lucy had not been seen since September of 1961. Based on witnesses reporting that Marvin had
    been digging a septic field in the yard a few months prior, the Surrey Royal Canadian
    Mounter police dug up the yard of the home which was located near 103rd Avenue and 145th
    A Street in North Surrey, but found nothing. Lucy Ann Carvell, born in 1935 in Alaska met
    her first husband Marvin Johnson and married in Blaine, Washington, later moving to Surrey. After reading a profile of her mother, considered
    British Columbia’s oldest missing persons case, Linda evans, decided to take matters
    into her own hands. Knowing that had her mother been alive she
    would have been in her late 70s, Linda Evans committed herself to uncovering the truth
    of her mother’s disappearance before she herself got too old. Linda’s father remarried after her mother’s
    disappearance and later passed away in the late 1990s, and Linda’s brother David died
    as a teenager, so Linda knew she was the last chance at finding out the truth. Utilizing the bare bones facts she knew, (Linda
    was only seven or eight years old when her mother disappeared) Linda set out on her own
    investigation. She posted an advertisement in a local newspaper,
    the Yukon News near her mother’s birthplace giving her mothers name, birthdate, birthplace
    and physical description (5’5, olive complexion, dark hair) as well as her grandparents names. Linda hoped to make contact with somebody,
    anybody, who might know her mother’s fate. In 2013, Shortly after posting the ad she
    received a call from a woman from Yukon, in the Northwesten Territory of Canada, next
    to Alaska, who believed that Linda’s mother might be her mother as well. Linda was shocked to find that her mother
    was not only alive but that she had a new family, With three sons and one daughter. Weeks later, Linda flew that 1,200 miles from
    Vancouver to the Yukon Territory where her mother now resides. When asked why she vanished, Johnson claimed
    that her husband Marvin, Linda’s father, deceased in the late 90s, was abusive and
    unfaithful and unscrupulously banned her from the house without informing the children. Linda is not sure if she believes the story
    as it seems highly unlikely that a mother would leave her children so voluntarily. Linda was skeptical at first but she ended
    up believing her mother. Linda, now in her late fifties, is considering
    moving to the Yukon Territory to Live near her mother and make the most of their years
    left together.


    Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera

    August 10, 2019

    Top 5 Scariest Things Caught on GoPro Camera Trainspotting Brian Garcia and 3 friends were exploring
    the train tracks in Chatsworth Park, just north of Los Angeles. Garcia films with his Gopro as they come to
    a tunnel and decide to walk through the dark passage to the other side. When Brian Garcia uploaded his scary GoPro
    video to Youtube, it got a harsh response from many viewers who felt that entering the
    train tunnel was a pretty stupid decision to begin with. The video received over 570 thumbs down and
    scathing comments like “I can’t be the only person who was rooting for the train…” Level 3 Helmet Gopro cameras are not just used for all fun
    and games. Militaries around the world now use the compact
    cameras to monitor training missions, and even to document dangerous real military operations. Sometimes the Gopros catch some pretty scary
    footage. Thanks to his Kevlar helmet, this Marine doesn’t
    even get a scratch from the sniper’s bullet. Tunnel of Terror Youtuber Streetzips decided to explore a winding
    rain sewer with a Gopro camera mounted to his forehead. Now perhaps the most frightening part of this
    footage is that Streetzips is exploring the dark abandoned tunnel all alone. The footage looks like something right out
    of an intense first person horror game, and not long into the video, life seems to imitate
    horror. He climbs a ladder in the tunnel and finds
    a strange abandoned backpack in a wall recess. As he explores further, he begins to hear strange
    sounds and arms himself with a large stick. In the distance, he hears the sound of metal
    being dragged along concrete. As his flashlight battery begins to drain,
    he becomes a bit panicked and starts to run. In one clip, Streetzips claims that he saw
    something large move in the shadows and dashes toward the tunnel exit. Meals on Wheels Du�an Vin��k was riding with a friend
    on a bike park trail in Slovakia. The Gopro mounted to his helmet catches some
    amazing nature shots along the trail. But then they find themselves getting a little
    too close to nature in this scary encounter caught on camera. The Gopro footage was so scary that some Youtube
    commenters questioned if it was real, so Vinzik uploaded a longer uncut version, proving that
    the video was 100% authentic. It’s unsure why the two bikers chose to stop
    their bikes while still VERY near the bear’s location. But it may be because the bear actually seems
    to be moving to cut the riders off further up the circling trail. We Are Not Alone Now what I personally find disturbing about
    Urban Exploration videos is not the idea that the explorers might encounter ghosts, hauntings,
    or anything supernatural, it’s the thought of what strange real-life people might be
    lurking around the dark abandoned buildings. Youtube channel “The Proper People” decided
    to explore an abandoned insane asylum. The old institution was in the middle of nowhere,
    miles through the woods down a dark unmarked road. At first, their exploration was creepy, but
    mostly uneventful. They trekked from room to room, documenting
    the decaying asylum. But then, one of the urban explorers looked
    out a broken window to film an outer staircase. He noticed something very disturbing What looked to be someone using a cell phone
    was walking around just outside the building. Again, keep in mind that this institution
    was in the middle of nowhere. There were no other cars around, and no reason
    for anyone else to be there. The explorers immediately decide to leave. After they’ve made their way outside, the
    guys call out to the person in the dark …but no one answers. They hop in their car and make a hasty retreat
    down the dark unpaved trail.