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    Tokyo Metro 8000 Series (Mitsubishi IGBT, Small LCD) – Kiyosumi-s. to Suitengumae 東京メトロ8000系電車
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    Tokyo Metro 8000 Series (Mitsubishi IGBT, Small LCD) – Kiyosumi-s. to Suitengumae 東京メトロ8000系電車

    February 2, 2020

    Do not rush into the train Thank you for traveling on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line This train is bound for Shibuya via Otemachi and Nagatachō continues on the Tōkyū Den-en-toshi Line as an Express to Nagatsuta (Until then,) this train stops all stations to Shibuya Next station, Suitengumae Suitengumae In front of Tokyo City Air Terminal T-CAT (bus airport express) Please mind the gap Doors will open on the right We will soon arrive at Suitengumae

    MAPerformance Goes To JAPAN | HKS Headquarters & Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!
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    MAPerformance Goes To JAPAN | HKS Headquarters & Tokyo Auto Salon 2020!

    January 30, 2020

    alright guys this is Daelen again with
    MAPerformance me and Nate just got back from Japan we traveled over there to
    visit one of our dealers HKS I don’t really think that name needs any sort of
    introduction at all it’s one of the most legendary tuning brands out of Japan we
    went over there to visit their facilities to kind of look at how they
    operate and just kind of see what’s new what’s happening what’s coming up with
    them it just so happened that we got to go to Tokyo Auto Salon all the big
    tuning shops out of Japan all of the actually a lot of the big manufacturers
    so everybody is going to be there keep in mind that we were only there for two
    and a half days I think we had 50 hours of travel time and 60 hours of time
    actually in Japan we are going to show you all of that right now and hopefully
    you enjoy it and it’s everything you could have ever hoped for and it makes
    you want to go visit when booking flights we kind of booked
    this last-minute so like we didn’t exactly get the cream of the crop when
    it came to flights we flew out of Minneapolis at like 5:30 or 6:00 o’clock
    in morning I don’t know if you can tell by looking at me but
    I’m not good at waking up early so I had like 47 alarms set this was gonna
    happen so next leg is a 14-hour flight like
    13.5 14-hour flight from Chicago O’Hare all the way into Narita Tokyo Airport so
    we landed I kind of looked at like I knew what trains we needed to make it to
    and I liked thought I had a plan about where we needed to go and then all that
    kind of like immediately went out the window and I realized it like don’t
    speak any Japanese and I don’t know how to get her on the airport and this is the Narita Express so this
    is from the airport to Shinagawa station get on that train
    totally effortless all of the like stations were announced in English so
    like once again I could figure it out I wasn’t like lost and lost in the water
    or lost in the sauce as the kids say made through got on to our next train
    which was a bullet train which I was super excited for because like I don’t
    know it’s a train goes really fast I like really fast stuff pass through a
    lot of cool little towns as we were kind of headed down I think that two and a
    half hour travel time from the airport each guest met us there they did they
    guided us they were our Sherpas it was awesome like we didn’t have to be
    confused anymore they just they took us embraced us and walked us to our hotel a
    quick little tour of the room all right so next morning we get up body
    clock just wasn’t fully reset so welcome five we had some breakfast that morning
    got up just walked around town a little bit kind of just stretch my legs and
    just look around because everything’s neat I cannot remember the town name I’m
    really bad at this but we’re basically driving directly towards Mount Fuji just
    cool mountain roads to kind of drive through so we’re getting closer and
    closer and finally make a left turn just like small sign says HKS first off the
    complex is just gigantic like I guess I kind of knew this already but like and I
    think they have like six to eight buildings they’re all further
    manufacturing and like warehousing side of it so now we’re starting the tour we
    get brought into a couple of newer buildings and like just casually turn
    the corner and here is there are 34 demo car like I’m not wanting to normally
    drool over cars immediately but this car has a lot of importance for H guests I
    mean this is like the H cos V cam car this has all of their number-one r34
    parts and like this car that we don’t get in the u.s. this is like one of the
    most hyped cars in the world and it’s just like casually parked in a corner
    next stop is the HTS Museum which is I don’t even know whose eum’s a right word
    but like it is a dedicated section of a floor in the top of one of the buildings
    filled with historic engines cars motorcycles and an entire wall of just
    all the stuff about HKS you see these cars they have I think was a Formula
    three car which H guys did a lot of engine development on these chassis is
    back in the day like you can tell that these cars weren’t like prettied up to
    be put somewhere like somebody drove these they got parked and they got
    moving this music you look across your way and you have a
    gt500 Mercedes that H gets developed in the late 90s in an era in which like
    gt500 jg-tc gt300 like all of these series were dominated by the top three
    of the major manufacturers you know Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi and the likes
    given Mercedes like a big Mercedes behind all of that are just engines so
    you have anything from a was a formula not formula anima but like a formula for
    g63 so like rally or develop stuff that worked with H guess that you saw in a
    lot of formula cars with these big sweeping and pick manifolds or super
    neat and then we’re obviously designed to work very well the next step is H
    guesses is that the 300 II the I think I grabbed some video there’s a black
    formula car right in that same area that was actually the Formula one test bed
    for this engine it’s a v12 n/a kind of the rich rich history that is in that
    small area and that gave you kind of a feeling of how diverse HKS has been and
    still still are they have a rich power sports history from airplanes to
    motorcycles to cars to the Motorsports side of Formula One to the Time Attack
    side with the attesa to the street car side with everything else people aren’t
    going to think about drag racing this Inglot H gas but that super o is just
    also seeing everything at HKS and seeing what
    they did and how they do it and how they make their decisions and how they work
    through stuff it was just uh – related back to how we operate it was really
    interesting like there’s some things that for us as a manufacturer we talked
    about gross gross gross how can we how can we do the next best thing how can we
    add this and I would say it’s it’s fairly eye-opening to watch HKS and how
    they’ve made their decisions and how they’ve done everything a lot of stuff
    mirrors how we’ve been operating and that’s really cool to see that a lot of
    stuff is the same stuff that us as a small company that in the relative to
    how long they’ve been around we’re babies there’s a big value add like
    we’re already there we’re already getting seeing everything and to kind of
    affirm some choices that we’ve made as a business we’re just really nice so we
    get back in the vans we’re driving north and that we just take an off-ramp but
    none of us really know what’s happening and we pull into like an alley and you
    look out and it’s just like our chassis is everywhere
    I got like our 34 is covered in dust that like here would be someone’s baby
    that would like be tucked into a corner and then as we park we’re looking around
    and like there’s a couple things that they let us take pictures in video of I
    mean there’s literally just like piles of our 32
    it’s the Midori service center it’s one of each guest is like larger dealers in
    Japan and the service centers are installing the products just to see how
    they operate the skill at which they have and the style at how they build the
    car it was very focused on preserving what the GTR was to them so you’re not gonna see huge million
    horsepower cars you’re not gonna see all the wild everything in fact most of the
    cars there or stock engine with like basic turbos basic tune-up every single
    thing on that car was designed and installed to make it Drive like they
    felt a GTR should with that it was I think we’re like noon
    1:00 o’clock ish at this point and we got back on the road then stopped at one
    of the larger super Auto box which I don’t think I got a whole lot of footage
    because we’re kind of just like running I mean like I keep saying that but like
    we were on a very tight schedule so we’re like we have 20 minutes here a
    half hour here 15 minutes here 12 minutes here and we’re like moving
    through all this stuff we are headed to our hotel in chiba so
    the first night we stayed down near HKS and mount fuji and now we’re gonna go up
    north chiba for our hotel is gonna be for the next next two nights so we check
    in we are now going to go out to dinner with HKS Japan and HKS USA kind of
    everyone that we have with us to kind of just recap the day and it was time to
    sleep because tomorrow we get to go to the Tokyo Auto Salon we get to go to
    this place that we’ve all dreamed of and now we’re gonna walk to Tokyo Auto Salon
    now we walk to some trains having these trains I love the trains we take it to
    basically the main convention center for a while a bridge across kind of one of
    like the main downtown streets and this building in front of us is just like
    incredible the building just look cool so you knew that this was gonna be
    awesome we get inside and we’re just like walking through the hallway and
    like the first car we see is like the HKS like group a r32 just like hanging
    out we make it to the escalator and then we walk in and we like look out and like
    we stand on the escalator and we like look to our left and it’s just a Tokyo
    Auto Salon as a Japanese car enthusiast that’s been
    the mecca auto salon was it like this is the place that I have to go at least one
    point in my life so we hit the ground and like I’m ready to go like I’m like
    darting this way there than that one there like they had to like reel me in
    for a second and we went directly to the HKS booth so now we have the 2j a 90
    Supra we have they’re like street style six-cylinder Supra and then we have
    their street style with the wide-body this booth is incredible like I’ve done
    a lot of automotive trade shows in my life I’ve seen a lot of stuff
    perfect carpet laid out the parts were all in very nice orderly areas and every
    single person that worked there was in like a suit and tie so obviously we’re
    there with age guess so we want to see we want to learn what’s new what
    products are coming up so they show us a bunch of the prototype like a 90 super
    parts they had some installed some out of the car and we’re good to like look
    at them hold them and kind of see what what’s coming up what should we expect
    what can we help get you soon I mean now we shift over they tell us a
    four-cylinder car fact that we’re most likely not gonna get it in the u.s. is
    so sad to me so now I have one in front of me like I need to stare at this and
    now they’ve saved alright guys free rein go wherever you
    want I don’t know where I want to go I don’t I hardly know where I am right now
    so the other building we wander over there we go over a couple bridges so
    first building is like the major companies other building is a lot of the
    tuning shops or the smaller company at the same time there’s an auction
    going on in the center hall so we sit down here in like the top of the stands
    and like the lights shut off more like yes it’s happening no it was like a pop
    music concert with like sick dancing of like light suits we left went back to
    going through cars and then we got word that the auction was actually starting
    we went back watched the HKS r33 sell for like 110 thousand US dollar saw a
    few more cool car sell some like 935 portions like 1.5 million dollars like
    just I mean while I’m over here like can I do I have vending machine money or
    like where am I at right now our ending point was once again H guest so we live
    in me like through everything and like closes at 7:00 at like 658 we’re like
    crawling back into the HKS booth I keep seeing pictures like online of
    like I I walked right there and I don’t remember seeing this like I remember
    that but I don’t remember this so it’s like just a testament to how much cool
    stuff was there no matter if you were facing right or left you saw something
    cool and you missed something cool a couple of like a lot of the group is
    there for like a week a week and a half some even longer and like me and they
    are there for two and a half days so like I want to go to bed like I do so I
    tried to force myself so I went up I like laid down oh my god I’m gonna I’m
    gonna rest I’m gonna be a good boy and like ten minutes in I was like nah I
    can’t I grab my camera grab my fist full of
    change and put them my pocket and I like I’m gonna go find school vending
    machines because they’re everywhere and everything’s awesome I’m just gonna want
    to run so of course initially I’m like wonderful have some
    cool cars and like off in the distance I just hear this like I hear someone
    driving around really fast in what sounds like a cool car
    someone oh alright figured out the direction I’m gonna start walking it’s
    just a dude just like a young kid like probably younger than me just parks on
    the side of the road gets out like walks in a restaurant I think like overall I
    watch out for like 2 or 3 hours just like every nook and cranny that I can
    find like I’m following like the little river that goes through town and like
    watching trains and like finally I’m like okay I think I’m far enough away
    that like I have to find my way back but it’s like 3:00 in the morning I think
    and like we fly out the next day so I’m like okay I should probably get some
    sleep wake up and kind of all of us are packed up checked out we had to like
    check out by like 10:00 or 11:00 and our flight wasn’t till five o’clock that
    night and we finally got on our final train
    ride in Japan it’s a super cool train ride like through the mountainside like
    through the kind of like farmland areas and like once again like it was the
    perfect picturesque way to leave Japan got to the airport now that we were
    masters of the airport and knew everything and how to get around it was
    much easier got checked in our first flight was going to be from Narita the
    same airport into Vegas kind of reminisce on the fact like I’m so
    thankful that as of as an individual the shop was you know how many performance
    was willing to let me go on this trip giving me the tools to be able to do it
    and to make it happen and then HS USA of course making it happen and putting all
    that effort and I kind of just got to sit down and reflect it like how lucky
    we are to have all that I don’t that was that was the trip we went through so
    many things and got to share so much stuff with you guys I you know if you’ve
    made it this far thank you like thank you for caring and if you want them to
    send us back next year to go visit all of this stuff maybe take some more time
    maybe get a little bit more out it maybe visit some more shops visit some stuff
    that we work with obviously like comment subscribe all
    that fun stuff sharing with you guys is such an important part of this entire
    process that if you guys like that tell us you

    First Impressions of Osaka, Japan
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    First Impressions of Osaka, Japan

    January 24, 2020

    I flew into Osaka Airport from Kuala
    Lumpur, before that it was Manila so it was two flights and I got lucky enough
    to get this stunning view of Osaka from the air, now look at how built up it is
    Osaka is the second maybe third biggest city by population in Japan about three
    million people live here Japan’s funny because it’s a it’s
    obviously a very populated country a 130m people live in Japan
    but there are so many cities that they’re so spread amongst the the
    several islands the thousands not hundreds but thousands and the
    population is spread throughout this country very densely along the coastal
    regions because those are the only areas which are inhabitable a lot of Japan is
    mountainous it’s very difficult to build cities and build settlements there so
    lots of people live along the limited flat coastal regions now despite Japan being a very populated place with like I say
    well over 100 million people it doesn’t feel crowded when you’re
    there so you don’t feel like a sardine packed into a can you feel like every
    train station, subway, airport, building they’re all built and designed for large
    populations of people so you don’t get this kind of overcrowded feeling at
    least I didn’t do my time in Osaka it’s it’s quite unique because when you’re in
    London and some of those cities like it’s really quite common just to feel
    like you’re being packed in like it’s overcrowded like you’re queueing for
    ages to get through ticket barriers you’re waiting for I don’t know ten
    minutes to even top up your oyster card and then another ten minutes to just get
    on the platform and and you don’t really feel like that in Osaka so much now that
    might be to do with the fact that Japan’s population is actually on the
    decline we all know that Japan hasn’t exactly embraced globalisation or
    globalism like most other countries have so they haven’t had many
    new people move to the country the birth rates very low so the population is
    declining I mean maybe maybe 20 years ago it was much much much busier and
    it’s just a fact that there’s a decline in population which makes it feel less
    crowded but nonetheless I thought that was quite an interesting
    thing to observe. day one in Osaka Japan just on my bike correction on my sister’s bike
    just left her accommodation at a location undisclosed she works at
    Universal Studios Japan in Osaka I’m on the little known island of Osakako
    and I’m about to ride to the centre of town I was told that you should wait for
    the green man before you cross unlike in England where I just walk across
    whatever the colour I’m gonna abide by the rules here in Japan, respect the culture I’ve been riding along for about 20 minutes now and the first thing that
    struck me besides the general cold weather having come from a much hotter
    country the Philippines is how much or how cycle friendly how bike friendly
    these cities are everyone is on bikes lots of people cycling everyone is very
    respectful of the rules of the regulations people stop for red lights
    even if it’s totally clear and they just wait patiently for the light to change
    that’s not something you’d see in most countries that I’ve been to
    recently so yeah really friendly really clean, everybody’s Japanese you know like
    it’s very (homogenic?) I guess that’s the right word and yeah I’m loving it
    apart from the cold Japan does feel really really safe
    it feels very safe and let me just explain what I mean by that when you’re
    out and about like I was on my first day in Osaka ever I was out riding my bike I
    rode my bike about ten miles into the city and people are respectful to one
    another you can kind of sense in a city or at least I can at least I try and I
    try and keep my eyes open my ears open and I try and pick up the vibe and the
    sense that I got is that it’s very safe people respect each other and another
    thing which kind of confirmed this theory is that you see a lot of children
    out and about by themselves now I can’t speak for the whole world but certainly
    the UK like it’s very rare now to see kids out and about by themselves they’ve
    always got an adult with them they’re always supervised very rarely do you see
    like a child under the age of I don’t know 15 or something out unsupervised
    the world has changed in the last 20 years you know when I was very young
    like it was more common to see and certainly when like my parents
    generation were young back you know like the ’70s ’80s ’90s whatever you would
    see kids out and about by themself no big deal in Japan you still see kids
    just like running down the shop running errands for their parents and then
    like on a subway by themselves you’ll just see a kid on a train like
    traveling home from school by themself and I guess that to me was an
    indicator of a safe country because if you live in an unsafe country then it’s
    very unlikely that the parents would allow the children out like that and
    again just something else which I found kind of interesting so I was lucky enough to visit Osaka in
    April, Sakura season and I got to see all these beautiful cherry blossom trees
    and I’ll tell you what there’s no shortage of how many
    trees there are in Osaka in the city so can you tell me something about
    Osaka that I didn’t already know? ♪ tell me something girl ♪ um… are you a singer by any chance? ♪ how did you guess? ♪ Osaka is known for its amazing food and cuisine It’s like a foodie City, they do amazing little
    traditional Japanese Osaka dishes they’re beautifully placed along roads
    along footpaths along rivers and that brings me onto the landscaping and the
    actual kind of design and town planning city planning that seems to me to be
    quite unique to Japan, there are public parks everywhere, large open spaces I think
    they were funded when the government was spending a lot of money in the late 80s
    just before the big bubble popped and there was a huge crash in 1991 and the
    Japanese government invested so much money in these beautiful public areas
    open parks spaces for people just to hang out, spend time, ride their bikes, go
    and spend time with their families etc etc and you do see a lot of these parks
    all over the city even in the built-up areas you can be walking a couple of
    blocks and there’s a park a couple more blocks and another park Japan feels to me like a country which
    has kind of been frozen in time since maybe perhaps the mid 90s
    so when you go there it’s it’s kind of technologically advanced in in some ways
    like they have a… it’s very developed they have a great public transport
    system of course they have their famous bullet train everything runs very
    smoothly they’re pretty technologically advanced you know everyone’s got
    the latest smartphone etc that’s just an indication of a country which is
    wealthy but then you see things which are reminiscent of the 90s like the hand
    dryers in the toilets are either non-existent or they are like the really old
    kind of rubbishy ones which don’t actually dry your hands very well. When you go
    and pay for something on card the chip and pin machine is like it’s from 1996
    it looks like one of those ancient Casio calculators that you would have got back
    in the day there’s these little kind of indications and hints that Japan hasn’t
    really fully come up to speed with the Year 2019 which is funny because of
    course going back a few decades it would have been one of the most advanced
    countries if not the most advanced country in the world the Japanese people love their rules
    they’re very conformist they’re very conservative in how they behave so I
    understand from my few days in Osaka now an example of this is when crossing the
    road for the green man you will see Japanese people stood at the crossing
    waiting – waiting patiently for that green man to cross now there can be not a car
    in sight not one car not one bike not even one other person in sight but that
    person waiting to cross the road will if it’s the last thing they do they will
    wait until the man turns green they’re very very strict on their rules and they
    seem to like their rules another example when you go to a food market like this
    one you’ll see signs everywhere which request that people do not walk and eat
    so you’ll buy your food in a market in like the side street you will eat your
    food there in the designated eating area you will finish your food you’ll put
    your packaging in the bin and then you will continue to walk through the market
    we’re not talking about New York kind of grab a bagel grab a doughnut grab a
    coffee and then walk to work shoving it down your face no the the Japanese
    people like to sit in a civilized manner eat their food and they don’t like to
    walk and eat and that’s made very clear in these signs something which is I think quite uniquely Japanese is these plastic food
    dishes so if you’ve been to Japan you would have seen these everywhere it’s a
    great way of just showing the person who’s about to buy food what their food
    might look like so there’s no surprises when it comes out and it looks different.
    I think it’s great looks kind of weird and it’s quite colourful and quite kind of
    eye catching at first and I certainly found it very eye-catching which is
    why I took these videos but yeah lots of plastic food to give you an
    indication of the food that you’re going to eat that takes me onto food the
    Japanese food is is good the cuisine is excellent particularly in
    Osaka they have a very famous dish I hope I’m pronouncing it right
    takoyaki – takoyaki and it’s octopus balls they’re kind of baked or… are they baked
    or are they fried? They’re kind of like octopus dumplings so octopus meat kind
    of wrapped up in in like a wheat and dough ball with spices and all sorts of
    things and they cover them in sauce like mayonnaise or maybe green onions maybe
    cheese if you pay extra and go for the full works and they’re really really
    tasty you eat them and they go straight down in one… you don’t
    need to chew them… they’re just really nice comfort food those spring onions look great really hot It was delicious.
    At first they were a little bit hot then they cooled down and you
    basically swallow them whole they’re so delicious they go down so easy they are my favourite thing I’ve eaten yet what did you have on it? oh I had the works I had cheese, onion, mayonnaise, everything nice nice all in one, cheers now this is one for the comments and I would
    love if somebody from Japan could answer this but can somebody please explain this so I was walking down the street you
    know you’ve got a shop selling clothes a shop selling food and I could hear this
    noise and I approach these automatic doors the doors opened and the noise
    from inside just coins… now I don’t know whether Japan is particularly fond of
    gambling or slot machines but this is something I found really kind of *wow*
    like what is going on here so I just had to film it. This is something which I
    would not see in England I can tell you that for sure the Japanese people dress
    really well they dress very smartly they’re well into their fashion, very
    much into their fashion you see a lot of matching outfits matchy-matchy, couples
    dressing they’re not afraid to dress up in fancy dress there’s a whole other
    video which I’m going to make about my day in Universal Studios but just from
    these pictures here you can see that the Japanese people really like to take care
    and take pride in what they wear I have to say unlike me they really make an
    effort in in what they wear and how they dress and it yeah it’s it’s kind of nice
    to see that and it was interesting for me to see the fashion like you get four
    inch stilettos, you get platform shoes all sorts of like really funky outfits
    which I don’t maybe they’re unique to Japan maybe they’re unique to kind of
    the Far East maybe you might include Korea in that I don’t know much about
    Korea but the Japanese certainly do take pride in the way they look they
    dress very smart you got a lot of men in suits on subways and they certainly make
    me feel under dressed we have to talk about politeness the
    politeness of the Japanese people when you are served food, you’re served your
    dinner, you’re brought a cup of coffee there is no limit to how polite the server
    will be now they will smile with a big smile even in a 7-eleven you’re buying
    something and okay I know I’m judging Osaka in like my first few days
    here but this can’t be a coincidence that every single person has been
    incredibly polite and I think it is part of Japanese culture for example on the
    bus the other day I was looking out the window and I saw two not old ladies but
    maybe they were like sixties something like not really old but they were just
    kind of bowing to each other one would bow to the other and the other one bow
    to the other and I think they were basically saying their goodbyes but they
    were bowing and nodding and turning and walking and turning back and nodding and
    bowing and turning back and walking a bit further away and then turning each other
    again then bowing and nodding and they went on like this for what felt like
    minutes was probably maybe thirty seconds or something until they finally
    then like walked away from each other in the opposite directions they’re really
    polite and seemingly very warm people Japanese language I think is quite easy
    there’s no tones the pronunciation for an English speaker is very
    straightforward ‘konnichiwa’ is the traditional hello
    although you hear ‘ohayo gozaimas’ much more you can say ‘arigato’ you can say
    ‘arigatou gozaimas’ for thank you Japanese is definitely a worthwhile
    language to learn given that the English levels are relatively low you’re not
    going to start speaking Japanese to somebody in a shop and then have them
    respond back to you in fluent perfect English like you get in some countries
    so as a native English speaker Japanese is definitely a language which is worth
    your time worth your effort to learn to use and you will get ample opportunities
    to use the Japanese in Japan Dontonbori is like the center of Osaka
    it’s where the tourists go it’s the Time Square of Osaka, it’s like the Leicester
    Square, Piccadilly Circus, it’s where you get people coming who are visiting Osaka not
    just from over the world but of course from Japan as well so you got lots of
    tourists taking pictures it’s a really beautiful place exciting to be – bright
    lights, colourful shops and a cool place to hang out and get some takoyaki in this area there are also lots of second-hand shops I’ve never seen so
    many thrift shops in such a small area you can walk for 10, 15, 20 minutes around
    these shops you can go and like… we went in about 10 I think and that definitely
    wasn’t all of them – buying secondhand kind of designer fancy clothes is a big
    thing here it’s a really big thing which I think is quite cool you know recycle
    clothes – buy some, wear them and then send them on to the next person –
    makes sense right? I’ve made videos similar to this from Prague, Istanbul, Doha, Cairo and
    Manila, Philippines so if you’d like to check out any of those then you can on
    my channel ‘Arabic Mike’ this is my first time back in Japan in almost 10 years
    it’s my first time here in Osaka I really appreciate you sharing these
    first impressions with me I hope you found it interesting and I hope you’ll
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    leave a comment because I do read them hope see you again here soon
    thanks for watching!

    JR Yamanote – Tokyo – 山手線 – 4K Ultra HD
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    JR Yamanote – Tokyo – 山手線 – 4K Ultra HD

    January 23, 2020

    We believe that Tokyo’s iconic Yamanote line does not need any any introduction. Still, if you are not familiar with it, let’s just say that the Yamanote is one of Tokyo’s most important train lines, circling the city and featuring 29 stations for a total length of 34.5km. First opened in 1885, the Yamanote started humbly and slowly, but surely, added stations to reach its current number. While this video may not be the most exciting we’ve ever made, it will give you the chance to experience what a full loop on the Yamanote line feels like. So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

    Lunch Buffet in Tokyo Japan | 30-day Japan Trip Travel Vlog #8
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    Lunch Buffet in Tokyo Japan | 30-day Japan Trip Travel Vlog #8

    January 20, 2020

    In this video, We will enjoy eating lunch buffet
    at a restaurant in Odaiba and tour Aqua City Mall also in Odaiba Before heading out, we ate at Akarie It’s a restaurant in our hotel
    that serves lunch buffet Tokyo citizens dress so formally, don’t you think? They are always in business attire Their attitude is very professional as well Christian: “Can we get hot water? Hot…” Waitress: “Hot water is over there” Waitress: “So, this is poke, tomato and chicken,
    cream pasta, green curry” Christian: “What is this one?” Janelle: “これは何ですか。”
    “What is this?” Waitress: “ポケ魚”
    ”Fish” Janelle: “Fish” Waitress: “Pasta, Chicken, Pork, Beef, Omelette” Janelle: “Thank you! 🙂 Japanese are so nice The waitress translated the whole menu for us Look at the bar,
    it’s so colorful and healthy! We had to choose one main dish
    to enjoy the rest of the buffet We had some salad, soup, drinks and dessert This is the life 😌😋 Christian: “Let’s just eat here lunch?” “And eat enough so we don’t eat dinner anymore” Janelle: “No…. 😂” “I’ll still get really hungry. You know it 😂” Christian: “No!” Here’s our super yummy main dish How’s the food, Christian? Here’s a quick look around the restaurant I went back a couple of times
    to the buffet because, why not? 😛 OMG, what can I do to eat these again? We really enjoyed eating here I made a video about
    this restaurant in a previous video if you want to see more about
    this hotel and restaurant, click the card here A few moments later Later that day, we roamed around
    Aqua City Mall in Odaiba With Japan’s high labor costs, they can’t hire a receptionist So a robot is here at the reception Janelle: “Oh my god so scary! 😂” Robot: “I’m a late riser who doesn’t wake up until 9:00” “I go to bed around midnight” “I really love to sleep” “Oh my god, it’s looking at me 😂” She tilts her head to look around
    and blinks her eyes often imitating natural human gestures There’s a huge 100 yen shop in this mall
    and I roamed the whole thing It’s a popular store called Daiso A hundred yen is
    around one US dollar or fifty Philippine peso They sell a variety of items such as snacks, stationery, utensils, cutlery,
    plates, storage bins and many more Here are a few things I found here I will upload the whole shop tour in the next video You can subscribe to my channel if you want to see it Wait a minute, why are we suddenly in New York? Just kidding! We’re still here in Tokyo! and what you’re seeing is a replica of
    New York’s Statue of Liberty It’s the highlight of Aqua City mall. There’s a viewing deck in front of it
    if you want to get a photo We ate fries from this Hawaiian restaurant
    in the mall right in front of Lady Liberty The name of the restaurant is Kua`Aina Here’s how ther restaurant looks it’s pretty cozy and chill Why don’t we go and have a walk around Many Chinese tourists are here too as you can hear
    from the conversations in the background They came in buses and it got super crowded right away We took the train to get back to our hotel That’s pretty much our day By the way, if you want to see the
    locations I’ve mentioned in this video Check out the Google Maps links
    in the description below That’s it for this video!
    I hope you guys enjoyed it! Here are a few clips from the next video If you want to see the next videos of this trip Click the red button to subscribe Let me know if you enjoyed this video
    by leaving a thumbs up Do you have any questions
    that you want to ask from me? Let’s chat about it in the comment section! Thank you guys for watching!
    See you in the next video!