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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races
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    Thomas and Friends Mystery Wheel Motorized Wooden Railway Toy Train Races

    January 15, 2020

    Mystery Wheel races! Look at this crazy cuckoo track, William!
    Is that super dangerous? I’m sure our trains will be fine. Team Thomas; Thomas,
    backwards forwards Thomas, olds Thomas, snowy Thomas. Team Hero of the Rails;
    Spencer, Hiro, Diesel and Gordon. Team Splendid Red Engine; James, Victor, gray
    wheels James, backwards forwards James. Team purpley pink; Salty,
    Lady, Rosie, Charlie. Team Green Percy, backwards
    forwards Percy, Toby (the greenest engine on Sodor), old Percy. And
    team kids toys play; Big Red Engine, Brio Freight train, Metroliner and Jet Engine. I think you should pick Thomas, okay! Who purple Charley in
    the world this yes Thomas. Well a couple of Thomas is picking up on Charlie here.
    Well joke’s on you Charlie, because you’re going up against backwards
    forwards Thomas and mattel Thomas. Are you ready? They’re off! It looks like,
    whoa, looks like old South part of this, Oh Charlie on the bridge now. It’s a
    bridge to start tipping it looks like backwards forwards Thomas definitely in the
    lead, but he gets stuck up on the hill after the tunnel. Charlie comes in second
    no problems on the hill whatsoever, he’s going over to Sodor Bay Bridge. Liam can
    you help out backwards forwards Thomas a little bit of push? But Charlie looks
    like he’s ahead of new Tomas, that says he’s going up the second bridge.
    Backwards forwards Thomas again with a little bit amazed you, but who’s gonna be
    the first off? Oh no! Charlie stuck in the tunnel! It’s gonna;
    Thomas has both these engines are having problems on the final Hill! Thomas the
    Tank Engine definitely having a two-to-one advantage to win comes
    through in the end. Green three Percy’s or Toby? What’s it
    gonna be who’s it gonna be? We’re getting Wow Thomas again are you
    fixing this? Thomas seems to be rather popular here.
    Oh, learning curve Thomas. Oh kids toys play! Big Red our big red locomotive;
    learning curve Thomas; and Toby the tram. Who’s gonna take the bridge first? Looks
    like Thomas is stuck. Can’t be helped about that’s Big Red it’s the first to
    go through the tunnel, and he’s getting stuck up on the bridge. Toby now coming
    up and climbing the hill, as Thomas gets a little help from the driver, and it’s
    now on the way, but it doesn’t matter. Toby is fun, well I had at this point is
    he’s entering up the second hill. If you will going through Dustin’s, Oh does he get
    stuck? Does he need a little bit of help? Just a little bit, of not just Toby comes
    through, and he’ll go on to the next round. big dragons lots of help
    apparently on these hills and burning Kurt Thomas also seems to struggle a bit
    Toby seems to be the best engine suited for this heli track which is just
    wreaking havoc on the engines ooh purple let’s see how salty does rat I think this would be good for old
    backwards forwards James and hero of the rails longest and best I pull the
    Express backwards for James Gordon the big number four engine and everyone’s
    favorite dockside diesel salty and they are off and it looks like riding the
    lead wow what a three-way tie here who’s going to be the first to knock over the
    bridge it looks like a tie between James and Gordon and assault he’s coming at
    third going into the tunnels but who’s gonna have problems and it looks like
    James might need a little bit of a boost going uphill if Gordon Tao takes the
    lead he’s taking the lead and he’s with salty James is coming up fast after that
    little boost and it looks like Gordon now needs a little bit of help and James
    it’s Gordon that salty go neck-and-neck but who will be the first off the leap
    of faith outside Gordon who need a little bit of a salty gets stuck a
    little bit in the time line James also having problems in what’s turning out to
    be our toughest track of all time Gordon out wins the third race purple lady or
    Rosie let’s go with Rosie a past champion green and mean you choose Percy
    okay let’s choose this Percy kids toys play we have much love these three
    engines do you think we should take I think does metroliner is actually like
    the quietest engine we have rosie is red unless she’s purple Percy and the Brio
    metroliner should we leave this guy enough for the race Liam who do you
    thinks gonna win out of these three I think Metro ladders can’t do well – are
    you ready they’re off and here they go and it looks like Metroliner is time wow
    he’s actually tied but dude give me the first to tip the bridge Rosie followed
    by Percy who pulls up let’s get it back on track folks but it looks like
    metroliner actually the basket climbing the hills is now climbing the hills with
    Rosie it’s hecka but he’s stuck up there it’s Brio guy Ryoga
    that’s how she got stuck on the bridge are you got stuck again look it is it
    because of that rosie has now taken the lead and she will go ahead with Brucie
    and second in Metro minor a third will it be enough for her to go over and it
    looks like her see what we raised Metroliner with his driver and because
    of that he kept getting stuck on the bridge and Percy wins he rode the rails
    I think this is a job for a hero green let’s see if learning curve and come
    back with Percy purple lady makes a return to the Raceway learning curve
    Percy lady and here altar rails William who do you thinks gonna win this race
    you’re picking hero I’m gonna pick hero as well I think you’re allowed the best
    chance hey off and it looks like lady is tied with hero right in the front with
    Percy coming and suck it all but hero seems to be able to take the pinch down
    first but lady is definitely ahead at this point it’s use cut button on the
    hell up won’t you make it low you don’t take the lead lady makes it up there
    Percy needs a little bit of help it looks like they’re going over the bridge
    out Lindy now it takes leave when it goes downhill when they’re going uphill
    it looks like it’s here on when you’re coming downhill Oh looks like it’s lady
    and what’s happening here oh you know needs a little bit of help so does
    landing it’s gonna be so close it was Lady vinegar Percy he has so many
    problems that he can just fall into a ditch lady a bad favorite here on kids
    toys play is the first learning curve an engine to make it to the next round
    hero the rails diesel team Thomas looks like snowy
    Thomas is gonna be in the race rad let’s get one of the James engines in there
    snowy Thomas Mattel James and friendly helpful diesel Liam which one of these
    three edges do you think is gonna win this race Diesel you think Diesel’s gonna win I’m
    gonna pick James Tim are you ready they’re off and it looks like diesel is
    actually in the lead with James coming in second James Kevin getting a little
    bit snug up there oh he’s stuck he stopped folks
    James is really stuck he actually needs a hat has both diesel and Thomas have
    made it through James now comes through but he’s still having problems diesel
    needs just a little bit of help up the hill
    let’s see if Thomas can do any helping Thomas out there you go James coming in
    third diesel definitely in the lead though as he is going through and uh he
    needs a little bit of help but no help needed for James and Thomas now is there
    going through will diesel go on to win and he makes it Paul snowbound Thomas is
    just spinning his wheels it looks like James is actually stuck nothing oh there
    he goes diesel definitely being devious to get
    the help that he needed to win the race here oh the rails
    Spencer everyone’s favorite visitor on the Island of Sodor kids toys play let’s
    go with Brio what do you think real can do it okay and team red gray wheels
    James himself folks we’ve got learning curve James Spencer the private train
    and briault the freight train remote control William who do you thinks gonna
    win this one you’re going with Spencer I’ll be honest with you I’m gonna pick
    Briana freight train are you ready they’re off and of course Brio goes
    right ahead he’s got Q bodies as opposed to one and he’s going big and fast
    looks like Spencer might need a little help on the bridge this James makes it
    past the bridge but the big story here is Brio all the way at the Sodor bay
    branch as he is just navigating these tracks up and around and he has done
    folks the fastest time Spencer and James both need a help they’re both on the
    soda or bate bridges now as they go back down into the valley looks like James
    having a better time going down the hill Spencer definitely having a better time
    going up and he goes through the man in the hill
    comes out will James come out of the treasure ship with a slice on it looks
    like it’s stuck this is turning out to be the perfect Hill for Brio freight
    train remote control this track is just doing good on him final race of the
    first round will put jet engine up against Victor and backwards forwards
    Percy we’ve got Victor backwards forwards Percy and jet engine but jet
    engine is gonna be pushing and car this is the safest trade ever Lee if you have
    any predictions about who’s gonna win this race
    you think cotton cars gonna win I’m gonna go with Victor I think Victor’s
    gonna do a good job handling this one well are you ready they’re off a jet car
    of course goes as fast as you can with that bad rail will he make it up the
    hill you might need this a little bit of help as five foot sports Percy now it’s
    going up the hill with Victor and it looks like jet engine being the boss
    that he needs a little bit of help if he’s going through and he goes on to win
    backwards for it Percy needs no help neither does Victor here as bacala
    sports comes in second and Victor will he finish yes you guys okay Liam are you
    ready for the second round yeah these are the engines making them
    in the second round interesting to note most of them are new Thomas actually
    except for what one Brio one learning curve and jet engine here all the rails
    which of these here on the rails are we gonna race buddy hero diesel purple lady
    of the rails hey nice kids toys play pankkar and jet
    engine here’s the classic combination of jet engine and hand car native and super
    friendly diesel liam who do you thinks gonna win this race diesel you know what
    I’m going with pan car off it looks like jet engine definitely in the lead here
    go through the tunnel and up the hill though you use a little help there’s
    waves coming in second and diesel comes in third it looks like coming over now
    jet engine is pushing a little bit more help will it be enough to come out of
    this track it looks like he’s stuck lady is coming at second far in a way it
    looks like you needed a little bit of help lady they need any help whatsoever
    and diesel needs a little help too ladies getting stuck in the man with the
    health track jet engine continues to impress here on Sodor clean person
    everyone’s favorite green engine Percy here all the rails looks like it’s gonna
    be big strong Gordon and kids toys play Breo
    Gordon the Express engine Percy good to see you
    and briault Liam do you have a prediction son who’s gonna win this race
    I think Brio is gonna win as well he is just awesome at this track ready off and
    brilliant definitely in the lead right off the bat is they hit the bridges will
    it be enough that he stays on track as he goes down the tip bridge Percy in
    second looks like Gordon’s coming at Tara but the big story here’s briella’s
    he’s already on Sodor Bay look how far ahead he is of his competitors here
    folks is he’s going up the second hill and he’s at Dustin and he will fall like
    Dustin person coming in second as he is going up the hills with Gordon hot on
    his tail at the pink will be enough will he go through the matter with the hells
    and he comes out unscathed as Gordon gets stuck in the shaft
    griot the freight train doing absolutely excellent here today for our final race
    in the second round it looks like we have Thomas and we have Toby but we need
    a third engine William so how will we spin the wheel and see what color comes
    up and we’ll take one of our eliminated and eliminated engines and put them in purple we have out of these four
    eliminated engines who should get a second chance
    rosy cast happy and rosy with that light let’s get her in the race rosy Toby and
    Thomas Willie who do you thinks gonna win this one you think Toby Thomas you
    think Thomas I’m gonna pick Toby I don’t think rosy has what it takes this looks
    like a three-way tie looks like rosy is now in took place they’ll be coming in
    first and he’s the first attempt to bridge Thomas coming in second rosy
    definitely in third as they’re going into the tunnels will Toby be able to
    climb the hill he’s having absolutely no problems whatsoever Thomas still in
    second the roads he’s still in third is Toby takes a commanding lead over the
    Sodor Bay Bridge it looks like you got a little bit stuck to ever work right
    through it it’s he’s already on the second hill still in second place with
    Thomas coming up over his hell and Rosie in turn and it looks like Toby will go
    on to win this race as Thomas comes in second and Rosie has no problem going to
    the ship we are down to the final race here folks as a three-way kids toys play
    team is definitely doing good with two entries as remote-control Brio freight
    train and jet engine pushing that ham car both in there Toby the tram engine
    representing Team Green is the lone contender William I have an interesting
    idea for this race how about we take this track and race backwards that’s not
    like fun real freight train Toby and jet engine
    hand-carve William any predictions Breo I think Brielle’s gonna win as well
    let’s see what happens they’re off it looks like jet engine oh he needs a
    little bit help up the hill at 300 now in the lead with Toby at second jet
    engine is hot troubles going up – held on this time he
    is rushing but brios definitely a big league is route going up the bridges
    here goes Fiona can you catch up what do you got do it for you a little bit he
    will go on and Brio always jab did having problems Toby can’t open ago she
    ate this Oh jet engine what happened there as here comes Toby on track and on
    time Henrietta would always be proud and here at the man in the Hills truck mr.
    Percival hiding the trophy over to Brio hewn state’s toy train race on the
    weirdest track I think we might have ever done hey guys click here to watch
    another video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport
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    Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Railway Track Build Sodor Airport

    January 14, 2020

    I think we’ll build an airport what do
    you think Hey look at the blimp and we have this piece of Airport nor so it all
    looks the same that’s kind of weird how they did that
    uh blimp see if it’ll hit the building don’t hit the building don’t hit the
    building oh so close and then we had this piece look at this the sword or
    airport or yellow things yellow one sort of airport here’s the runway nice
    nobody is some helipad – where are those helipads I think they’re in here – you
    know what I think we can use this as an airport tower and then we’ll use this
    helipad daughter use that one – okay let’s use this whole piece Oh looks like
    we’re missing the yard hold on there you go you know this is the Sodor search and
    rescue center but we use it for the helipad and the helipad and a helipad I
    knew one of our bridges had an airport sign on it you wanna use the transfer
    station okay this big tunnel this big Brio tunnel and I want to use this Mart
    I know it’s the mindset but I like this we haven’t used this piece in a while
    then the players can take off from the airport and hit the mountains okay we
    got the snow-capped mountains we’re gonna do that and I think this battery
    charger all work for the airplane what do you think Liam I’m owning a train
    station I think this’ll do nicely what do you think guys we can build a
    chocolate of this I think these are the right pieces I have an idea for the
    mountain set I’ve been up bring these pieces and put a roundabout over here as
    well what are you gonna do on the airport part it looks like you
    have the length of the table or you sure you wanted to go that direction all
    right we got the snow-covered mountains over here I think we put the big Brio
    tunnel right here got a curve coming off the mountain set and I think we’re gonna
    build this out right here and add it to there somewhere okay Liam what do you
    think of this you come through the mountains over tops you like this we’ll
    have the four way out of there so we’ll have to figure that out it’ll do more
    Airport stuff over here coming out of the Brio tunnel I think we’re going to
    hook it up to this side but we’re gonna go kind of through here and up on that
    side and then maybe we’ll come back and go underneath with this one that’s a
    little bit too close to there we’ll have to expand that out you know what we’re
    gonna have to put the same piece in there’s not enough you know what let’s
    make it even bigger that’s too much okay a short piece there then we’ll put this
    in and now we can look at that splitting the uprights yay put that down we’ll
    probably come to a t-intersection off here putting the end of the runway right
    here the plane takes off and hits this help are you sure
    cuz there’s the grass at the end of the runway I think yes put the hanger Oh
    Jeremy oh no it hurts Jeremy we might I don’t think this will be the final place
    that we put the hanger okay but you can’t go over the runway I don’t think
    it’s a good idea to make a bridge over where planes are landing Omega dot
    that’s gonna line up right there perfect oh I don’t know this is going to be do
    you think this is gonna be enough right here it’s happening Jeremy hey Liam what
    do you think of this setup you like this yeah this is a little bit weird but
    we’re gonna have fun with this well show you put a destination or a
    building in there someone you think oh maybe okay you order the front transfer
    station in here I think we’ll put this right like that
    oh nice and there and then we can do another male-to-male here’s a little bit
    longer one that works out real nice I think we’ll put the hanger for this here
    welcome to Sodor we had the plane Jeremy goodbye alright I think this side of the
    table is done but we have one two three four outlets left hmm this is gonna be
    interesting especially with a runway right there
    with the plane get off all right Liam we got a problem here pal
    this can go to there but I don’t know if this is gonna be in the way and if we
    put a special three in one there what are we gonna do with that this is
    confusing hmm I’m gonna have to think my way out I
    don’t know if a t-intersection is gonna work there or not I don’t think it will
    hey I have an idea maybe we’ll use I know which ones to use let’s get all
    this out let me see you let me see let me see
    we need the opposite of this there’s one there’s two
    okay so we’ll put that there and we’ll have that go into there what happened
    over here we have a different Jeremy don’t we this is the old Jeremy do you
    have the new Jeremy got him we’re sure we do you like more that one I like you
    know what I like about this one is he had he fits on the fits on the traps
    this guy does he fit on the trucks I think yes maybe he’s back we’ll steal
    and now is had no go for takeoff okay so I think we’re gonna have to put the
    airport over here the control tower cuz we need a place to put the helicopter
    and then we have the bleb which is right in front of the runway with the tundra
    this is a big mess I don’t know how planes are gonna come and land on this
    Airport well I think that we’re kind of done the ability we can actually move
    this out a bit more now that we have all this room you know what you know what we
    can do let’s put this right here and then we’ll have room for the helipad and
    then we have the runway we can put this control tower right there maybe and then
    put this big Airport right there what do you think of that I think I might get
    hit by a plane what do you think okay let’s see what happens takeoff oh no problem with takeoff okay
    I did not expect that on this channel we’re gonna put a station in here I
    might put such a type of station right here maybe I’ll have to figure that out
    cuz I don’t like we have now but just a big empty space here we’ll do something
    with it were you thank Lee and we’re we done let’s take a look at the track your
    belt well it’s doing its job so we have the runway at the hangar control tower
    there’s the plant oh it merely misses the hangar folks looks like we have
    Harold up there a good thing he’s got a helipad you can hit this oh oh oh gee
    then we have the is another airport control tower is it there’s a weather
    tower good thing we only have three we have the airport junction tunnel here’s
    an electrical charging station for I don’t know why nice
    we got the transfer station and then over here we have this big piece coming
    up the hill and it keeps going to the dad that’s where trains get dizzy here’s
    the big Brio tunnel let’s get some motorized straight to see if they can go
    on this track what do you think which one do you want to use oh thank Gordon
    can do it we’ll have them start up at the station should he be pulling
    anything okay Oh gets caught up but he goes through early night he’s lifting
    the truck yeah it keeps going get the tender back on oh look it’s quick quick
    quick quick quick quickly Oh ball again let’s do that over let’s try this again
    are you ready yeah go shooters ease on gentle gentle no has go
    go quick quick oh you missed do you watch i filming well valetroy sit ah
    okay ready he’s gonna go dad’s gonna try this come
    on yeah coming through it let’s see you can hand out the camcorder as he goes
    through yeah oh here’s Gordon coming around and Oh Jeremy flies right over
    him he’s walking by the airport folks ain’t nothing goes on here going through
    the tunnel and up the hill and he’s flying by Harold the helicopter he loves
    get dizzy what’s gonna happen I don’t even know which way he’ll go
    probably straight Thanks here we going back on track will it be
    enough to go through the tunnel go go Gordon is this what’s going on how did
    you get caught there how does he go is he just you wide I don’t understand oh
    it’s a plastic it’s the green plastic is that where he gets caught yeah look at
    that and he gets a little hung up and he’ll do it again you know you’re
    trained really well there Liam Gordon coming over top of everything he’s
    coming down it’s gonna clear what’s gonna happen whoosh oh the blimp just
    misses Emma’s he’s going up and that is the track good job Liam!

    Thomas & Friends Tomy Train Races
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    Thomas & Friends Tomy Train Races

    January 11, 2020

    first races of the year, and it’s Tomy!
    Thomas, Murdoch, Edward, Rusty, Japanese bullet train, Bill, Lady of the rails, Duck,
    Arthur, Diesel, Toby and Mavis !Veronica do you want to pick first? I know which one
    you’re gonna pick first. and Liam who do you want to have go up against lady Lady
    of the rails versus the Japanese JP 500 bullet train this guy has two speeds
    were only gonna race them on speed number one ready set up and here they go
    on the straightaway they’re going ahead it looks like on speed 1 u JP 500 is a
    little bit slower than lady of the rails is it going to the curve’s
    reporter Bradshaw down the heart-shaped track come around again this is a very
    even match I’m not sure who is going to be winning here it looks like lady is
    definitely ahead here a little bit we’re gonna see what happens when they come on
    through and keep on keepin on and looks like lady who finished first overall
    this was an upset I think everybody had the bullet train ultimately magic
    railroading that magic gold dust goes on for lady rana v pick Oh Mavis Toby the tram engine against Mavis the
    farc or quarry diesel Toby I think does really well in these does doesn’t he
    ready set officer they go come down straight away wild look at Toby here’s
    darling the field that’s here is definitely ahead of Mavis at this point
    in time entering the curve track he will go around
    Mavis coming egg very very very much in second place but the big story here is
    Tobias he keeps on keeping on come through and he will finish up on the
    stop locks may this is eliminate about to the fourth quarter Chloe for you my
    dear Toby once again showing how fast he has eliminates Mavis onto the second
    round William which of these beautiful engines
    do you want to see Edward you know what I’m gonna bring a bill
    into the picture we haven’t seen him race in a while I don’t think Edward
    blue is this beautiful big long engine and bill from the solar china clay pits
    let’s get him on the starting blocks he’s number two and he is blue he’s kind
    of a Magoo till ready set a few batteries in him but he is just slow as
    they go here comes bill coming around that beautiful corner looking like he’s
    avenging his friend Mavis being eliminated he is just going on Wow bill
    you’ll race this guy by maybe we’ll have to race some horse he goes on to the
    second round and adver blue said foo who I am number two and I am blue sorry Eddy
    looks like you’ve been eliminated that’s okay as long as we got there on time
    well you didn’t you are much too slow next race buddy who do you have you to
    someone on as well I think maybe Arthur diesel versus Arthur
    another beautiful pairing here let’s see how they do
    Ready Set slightly ahead of diesel any time he’ll go ahead ahead let’s see if
    he can hold on to a diesel usually a pretty good racer here but looks like
    Arthur’s coming around the corner diesel is slowing down I can come out of the
    heart shape it looks like Arthur definitely ahead now on this
    straightaway on the outside track he is ahead by a full weight at least coming
    in and he will continue on and when score one for LMS railway our third off
    had not seen in the series but he came out big today down to the last four
    enter to the first round William who do you think is gonna go on the Great
    Western Way doc the number eight engine versus rusty that big square head of his
    Nellie HD so let’s get him going ready set go Oh looks like got got a
    little bit of a head start you cop a high but look I lose this race house
    again I think rusty is creeping ahead and he
    is moving ahead our half train lengths I had coming around this beautiful track
    let’s see how they do on the straightaway will it be
    oh yeah rusty now a full trade lengths ahead of duck. duck or and slower and
    slower rusty comes in and he will get up on their person naught will be
    eliminated rusty big square head himself comes
    through and eliminates Duck one of dad’s favorite engines the final race in the
    first round it shows Thomas just regular Thomas not
    extra fast not real steam this regular old-fashioned Thomas versus big Murdock
    let’s see how these guys do ready set defender but these guys are nose to nose
    neck and not Murdock might be a little bit ahead but regular Thomas coming in
    loud and 12 coming around that way he is the first to get out of the loop and he
    is definitely ahead of Murdock at this point in time as he comes through and
    you won’t be the first off the edge and Murdock is eliminated well big Murdock
    can’t get a break we love Murdock who we love showing him off but I mean really
    he just needs to get a little bit faster here Thomas goes on and speaking of the
    second round here they are our second rounders rusty Thomas bill
    Arthur Toby and Lady let’s see how they do is we begin the next set of races you
    love Toby but I don’t want Toby to win I think that bill did very well
    let’s get that race going on Toby takes the workers all the way to the solar
    china clay pits and bill works them so hard that they want to go home let’s
    race them want them to go outside first and then come on the straightaway okay
    that sounds good ready set Oh there officer Gil got a
    little bit of a popper really there from the hand on top but he is slightly ahead
    of Toby at this time he’ll be catching up though definitely as bill comes
    around and they come into the corner looks like Toby now he’ll be way ahead
    y’all right on the screen hello Toby is definitely more ahead of
    Phil and he will go on and he wins Toby I wanted to eliminate him with doe but
    apparently toby is just too fast max race who do you think is gonna do
    good here Liam Arthur I think it’s time for Arthur to get a bit rusty sleek big
    round and standard gauge steamy versus square small flat base big headed diesel
    rusty let’s get him going ready set they’re coming around when
    they come it looks like lucky slightly ahead of Arthur this point oh he’s well
    ad Arthur has slowed right down his brush he’s coming into the heart shape
    and he is going around and Arthur barely makes it I don’t know what happened
    Arthur he ran out of cold and not on the water and run out of something but here
    he comes rush you coming to the straightaway he goes on alright but
    what’s going on buddy hey know why you squeeze the maze already going a bit
    faster with our final race will show us Thomas in the magic railroad as Thomas
    takes on lady and her Goldust let’s race ready set
    they’re off and here they come around the corner this should be a very even
    match lady and Thomas neck-and-neck nose the nose funnel and funnel footplate to footplate bumper to bumper here they come coming around the big hard
    truck and let’s see who’s ahead and barely Wow look at this Thomas barely
    ahead I don’t even know how post this is gonna be but Thomas is ahead now will he
    continue to be ahead and he is and he wins one of the most exciting races
    we’ve had in a long time here Thomas eliminates lady but how close was that
    guys and in the final we have three exciting trains neck and neck and neck
    Toby Thomas and rusty we’re gonna have a 3 Way elimination meaning each one races
    each other train to see who can beat them both Liam, are to these three
    which one do you want to represent you like that Toby hey I’m gonna go with
    Thomas Toby’s going down my friend whoever wins this race goes on to race
    rusty and whoever wins best two out of three ready set Oh Nicole that
    back in there off and here they go around the heart-shaped Rock it looks
    very moving at this point I think Thomas might be slamming ahead which would make
    me happy as a common to the final turn and it looks like they are neck-and-neck
    with Thomas barely ahead at this point look how much it is he’s like a
    full-frontal ahead and he will go on and win Thome Thomas barely beats Toby let’s
    see how he does up against rusty if he eliminates rusty that he will be the
    ultimate winner today ready set Wow off it looks like tom has
    had a little bit of a pop wheelie there they’re going very evenly I think Thomas
    is slightly ahead of Rossi with use ease make me very happy as he comes around
    the heart shape and he is definitely ahead of rusty at this point all those
    cute dream lanes full ahead he goes on and will he finish him yes he does and
    rusty comes in second well here is Thomas the first time we actually raised
    just an actual Thomas not real steamed or not extra fast and he went on and he
    won the whole thing Toby and rusty battle of the squareheads
    let’s finish these guys off see who finishes in second
    ready set off look like Toby slightly ahead of Rossi was fortunately I’m happy
    and he is he slightly ahead they’re going into that heart-shaped drop and
    Toby will come out first and he will definitely be ahead look at this justice
    there’s absolutely got a great length in between them Toby comes in and he will
    ultimately finish second lucky comes in third and folks
    here for no reason is a giraffe hiding the trophy off to Tom as today’s winner
    of the Tommy super racist Tobey finishes in second and rusty comes in third
    thanks for joining us

    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Bridges Galore
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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Bridges Galore

    January 8, 2020

    track build day! looks like we got some
    bridges. what else do you want helpful here buddy?
    Vicarstown you want it right there right off the end we’re gonna do off the end
    oh you’re just gonna have them fall off the end of Vicarstown oh and you want
    tip misjudge you let that tip of shit okay we have kid mesh sheds and we’re
    going over the bridges to Vicarstown for careful oh yes thanks King we have a
    disorder or suspension bridge – this suspension bridge okay so we got the
    track going on here more bridges this is just a big bridge track kind of a loopy
    bridge are you going to this one you don’t want to put it over the gap in the
    tables oh I see what you’re doing you have this off because it’s slightly off
    ah smart okay we got more wraps coming in here perfect fit perfect oh wow look
    at that maybe we should build a track like that upside down more bridges
    bridges into bridges it’s all gonna fit yes oh nice
    you got this all planned out pretty good you’ve got so many bridges going on you
    put that big one on there oh go over a bridge down a hill over a bridge up a
    hill to go over a bridge to go down a hill well we certainly got bridges going
    on the truck today look at all this what’s going on with this stuff here
    why is this a mess upside down it’s ice okay so that’s ice to buffer why are you
    buffers are you done this track build already Wow how many bridges do you have
    on here one to eleven bridges on this really
    short track let’s get some motorized railway on hand see how they do we got
    Murdoch what’s that car he’s pulling that’s a horrible looking car what’s it
    say on there? Kids toys play. Murdoch are coming into victors down and
    he leaves Vicarstown immediately folks who do you have you have Caitlyn it’s
    Caitlyn your favorite or Veronica’s got lady coming down oh here comes Rosie
    going through Baker’s town again nothing bad ever happened to Vicarstown station
    oh good save lady having some problems but she’s back up on the suspension
    bridge I get stopped by a giant baby and he comes and he’s pulling some secret
    cargo now oh he’s falling through hopefully there’s nothing bad in that
    secret cargo dynamite Murdock you Murdoch’s going underneath the trucks
    you like crashes don’t you if you like crashes raise your hand
    oh who’s this guy rocket attracted he’s coming out there’s
    this app Sam he’s repeat oh wow rosie was still pulled in Sam big sound of
    Virginia who you have now you have Victor comes to Sodor we’ve got wooden
    railway Thomas Victor pussy hero most races for engines and see which one will
    go the fastest okay you’re ready to race these four engines start them up Victor
    or Percy Thomas in here oh here they go let’s see which one goes through first
    on this wacky race track oh wow I think Victor is in the lead oh no
    Bruce he fell off the wacky track oh he’ll got caught let’s get him this back
    on track looks like Thomas is coming up at Victor definitely in the lead he’s
    going on will he make the short turns that’s the big question folks and he
    comes through and he gets stuck up on the short turns but it gets handed and
    he’s trying to go off but here comes Tom as the Thomas is going on OH rear ends
    up Percy back on track here comes here oh no it’s gonna happen here and they
    threw tape miss sheds oh look at here oh he goes into a Murphy’s aren’t even on
    track and first he’s falling off he bit discipline here comes hero
    Carroll is coming through and he thinks he’s James you’re right
    Percy let’s have another race with Spencer rosy Charlie and Lady are you
    ready Oh Spencer he’s back on track
    lady looks like she’s out of problems here comes charlie and rosie rosie gonna
    climb that held up the big question folks looks like Spencer’s definitely in
    the lead Oh Charlie falls off track rosy package on Oh Spencer Spencer lost his
    temper folks oh and he’s having a tough time looks
    like charlie is back in the race and back in first place maybe coming through
    Oh Spencer gets caught up again but the big story here folks is Charlie Rose he
    coming in the suspension bridge yeah ladies Kate cheer da but what’s gonna
    happen here Oh lady crashes ed there are roads and this
    is just confusion and away she’s James never before on ditch toys play has this
    many crashes happen folks Rosie can she climb will she do it yeah she does here
    comes Rosie is lavenderish and here this is Henry’s favorite bridge it looks like
    in Vicarstown no Rosie Spencer cups it out of nowhere oh let’s have one more
    race Josie likes James we’ve got diesel Gordon and salty here let’s see how
    these guys do you like Gordon do you think Gordon’s gonna win or salty you
    like salty she thinks someone’s gonna win here folks
    Freddy such gems having a bit of a problem here comes diesel off the
    outside bridge but looks like salty is slightly ahead of their suspension
    bridge Gordon catching up fast as James is climbing a hill this is really going
    on here folks Oh looks like Gordon gets caught up on
    the special track Harold the helicopter up in the air diesel needs a little bit
    of a push salty though far and away our I had out the entire game here Gordon
    needs some more help looks like salty is well ahead at this point Harold is
    crashing he’s so excited about this can we turn the track on time egg here he
    comes folks healthy cuts in 30 gets into one tip it sheds the second place is the
    real race here look at this now it looks like Gordon got caught up a diesel
    that’s smashing and here comes James and they’re fighting and they’re going all
    over the place and there’s a giant hand crushing and diesel thinks he’s James
    but he’s not he’s diesel Gordon and James coming through James now he has
    never crash in timoshev before for the very first time is that James they
    crashed and Harold is flying around the Island of Sodor in many incarnations it
    looks like a harold race as hell has exploded on hit machette and somehow
    lads and another harold is now flying around
    and so is a train Jeremy jetplane now folks flying will be back to the head
    already guys unreal Jeremy Judd plane oh but why did any one of our train stay on
    track is the question thank you for healing me

    Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Train Races
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    Thomas and Friends Motorized Wooden Railway Train Races

    January 7, 2020

    look at all these competitors! Thomas, Percy, James, Spencer, Hiro, Gordon, Lady, Rosie, Toby, Victor, Diesel, Charlie and Salty! then pick
    a nice oh you’re picking Rosie charlie
    and big red I’m amazed that you picked these out by wheels who do you think is
    gonna win you think Big Red’s gonna win I’m gonna
    go with Charlie One for the Money two for the show three to get ready and four
    to they’re off it looks like an early lead for Charlie those are coming in I
    think she’s dead gosh you’re gonna get here with big red
    they are neck and neck but Charlie definitely ahead at this point
    Wow look at how far he is ahead of these guys is this right red raring to go
    I think it’s a piece I think it’s safe to say the heck Charlie’s gonna win the
    red wheel race the big question is who’s gonna come in second it looks like big
    red is not cheap beating Rosie Rosie a past champion we’re gonna have to end up
    switching your batteries Rosie the joke’s on these two as Charlie wins the
    race who will be our next contestants Pennsylvania torpedo Rio Metroliner hero
    Liam why these three engines these are your three favorite engines which one do
    you think is gonna win your radio with the torpedo I’m gonna go
    with Brio metroliner often it looks like Briol Metroliner is definitely a third
    hero cutting in second and the Pennsylvania torpedo is going in first
    look at this big race here though Wow I had rights on forehand that looks like
    hero still holding in a second and Rio is in third but the big story here is
    the Pennsylvania railway torpedo coming in first hero of the rails like losing a
    sponsor and daddy’s pick Brio metroliner does terrible Brio does terrible daddy
    had a bad pick in hero of the rails didn’t go as fast as the Pennsylvania
    torpedo with that light on he did really good
    Oh Mattel fisher-price Thomas Gordon the express engine Spencer he rode the rails
    race who do you thinks gonna win you think Spencer super speedy Spencer I’m
    gonna go with Thomas I think Thomas will do it this time
    Gordon Spencer and Thomas the Tank Engine
    they’re off and who is in the lead it looks like this is a very close race
    looks like Thomas the Tank Engine is dipping down and it looks like Gordon
    might have a little bit of space I had of Spencer this is quite the race the
    classic race if you will Bergen Spencer Thomas at third Gordon pulling off ahead
    it looks like he is a full out so ahead of Spencer with Thomas still in the
    third as we come to the end were passing the
    cold tracks we’re gonna see who’s the first one off as it is board Spencer
    will come in second and goal or Thomas rather comes in third the Express and
    improves why he is fastest and best you want James Express Percy Express and
    Thomas Express Veronica why did you pick these three because they’re all the same
    you guys both pick Thomas I’m gonna go James cuz he’s splendid One for the
    Money two for the show three to get ready and four two
    they are off and it looks like Percy has a bit of a lead but Thomas is catching
    up here I don’t know if Thomas is gonna be able to pass Percy James for disaster
    takers and lastly but you think about God’s sake let’s take the best friends
    are definitely going they were going out of control I think that Thomas might
    actually ahead by just a little bit we’re gonna see who falls off first here
    I think it’s gonna be Thomas and it is a tie but it looks like Percy and Thomas
    tied each other so you know what we’re gonna do guys
    we’re gonna put them both in the second round Oh Veronica picks lady your get a
    big day later and I am going to go with this Percy right here One for the Money
    two for the show three to get ready and four to they’re off and it looks like a
    lighter might be slightly ahead lady in second and you Percy coming in third
    lady ambulant I don’t know it’s Percy gonna catch up the lady looks like this
    probably died now he is way far behind looks like lady is melon debris so is he
    is tossing the daylight knocking the daylights out of the daylight it looks
    like maybe of the rail with her magic dust is ahead Percy definitely in turn
    here comes lady. Will she be the first past the post she is a light comes in
    second and dad’s pick comes in last again lady of the rails Veronica’s
    choice will go on to the next round Veronica which engine do you want for
    the next race snowy Thomas you got it William who do you pick Victor yes I had
    bad luck with the last Percy I’m gonna go with this one
    Thomas Percy and Victor oh they’re off and we’re race it is wall incredibly
    slow snowy Thomas is going the closer than any engine I’ve ever seen looks
    like a real race is between learning curve Percy and Victor here with Victor
    coming in slightly ahead of Percy he is definitely moving ahead so he Thomas in
    the distance er I don’t think he will recover
    looks like Percy might be catching up now to Victor it will be enough to
    overpower some he’s really getting some games now I think that he’s moved up wow
    he has he’s passed Victor he will be the first off it looks like folks the first
    to reach ed he is off at Victor comes in second wow that was exciting
    became a snowy Thomas will come in first Victor was in the lead but ultimately it
    looks like learning curve Percy overtook him and got the wind six engines remain
    Oh Veronica she picks you you like Thomas don’t you I’m boiling with diesel
    right away I think I’m gonna go with this James right here learning curve
    Thomas learning curve James and diesel this is gonna be a fun race One for the
    Money two for the show three to get ready and four to they’re off and it
    looks like a three-way tie Wow what a race this is turning out to
    be I think James might have a slight lead here no it’s diesel diesel hasn’t
    slightly he is breaking away from the pack
    that’s great little James comes in second learning from Thomas hit third
    diesel is slightly ahead as you can see here folks but it would be enough we’ve
    seen an over taking of last race when we thought Viktor was waiting the Percy won
    no diesel is definitely ahead at this point I clear not ahead as James is
    definitely in second and Thomas will finish in third oh no oh wow
    these Oh devious diesel goes on and wins the race
    3d Thomas wouldn’t railway engines remain all of them fisher-price who got
    salty the dockside diesel Toby the tram engine and fisher-price James the
    splendid and two guys any predictions on who’s going to win this race James Toby
    you’re oh they’re off and it’s a three-way no it looks like James is in
    the last camp poor James salty definitely coming in
    second for Toby the tram engine is racing up a storm is James definitely
    goes back into third place all he comes still in second hopefully Toby can
    maintain this awesome leave that he has Henrietta would be so proud of him as
    the dockside diesel trying to catch up to Toby James well in third it doesn’t
    much matter here folks as Toby will go on and be the first one past the post
    salty comes in second and all the James’s have been eliminated
    salty raced a valiant effort as James came in a distant third but Toby the
    tram engine the fastest engine in this race here we are at the second round
    folks interesting to note no red engines are
    here and there’s only one non Thomas and Friends engine
    Oh Liam Liam likes torpedo Pennsylvanian torpedo lady of the rails I’m gonna pick
    Gordon one two three so and they are off it looks like the
    pestle Vina torpedo is slightly ahead of it ladies coming in second boarding
    coming up strong mother’s womb I’m in Pennsylvania torpedo something this hit
    is Edwin threw it must have been something in there can he just turn
    right giant leap forward there ladies still ahead of Gordon for second place
    but don’t think much matters world line now Pennsylvania Scorpio will go on to
    win eliminating Bolton lady who comes in second and the Express engine who comes
    in third Oh Veronica picks Toby diesel I’m gonna take this Percy I think Toby
    backwards/forwards Percy and diesel this is gonna be a fun race One for the Money
    two for the show three already or maybe seven to get ready and four to coming a
    turn but Percy Express is leading away won’t be coming in second easel and
    third it looks like the Express engine is definitely pulling out ahead Wow
    here’s really Florida hat it looks like it is far and away Percy as Tobias help
    full-length ahead of diesel but it doesn’t much matter as long as Percy as
    the first over the and Toby will come in second and that devious diesel he’s full
    of surprises diesel and Toby fought gallantly but
    Percy expressed just blew them out of the water
    we’ve got learning curve Percy Thomas Express and learning curve Charlie
    you’re my best friend Percy you’re my best friend Thomas I have a
    slow start but looks like Charlie exploiting a heavier with Percy coming
    in there but no me Charlie and Thomas are neck-and-neck
    Tom has already tied his first racing cut to this round somehow won’t be
    enough is he just going to be the tie guy or what’s gonna happen personally
    nothing in third Charlie and Thomas neck-and-neck it looks like Charlie
    might be playing slightly ahead we’re gonna see who goes over first here I
    think now it’s Thomas that’s slightly ahead as he goes on it he won’t
    first just ahead of Charlie I’m learning her first people coming turn thomas
    express he tied his first race he almost had a second he’s in the third with his
    old fan Percy again and here we are folks the final these two engines have
    already tied sometime this race and it is Pennsylvania torpedo the only non
    Thomas and Friends engine he has made it right to the very final torpedo Percy
    Thomas are we ready looks like a slightly headed Thomas but
    Pennsylvania’s repeal is definitely ahead Thomas it’s now striking behind
    perseus well ahead of them now but it doesn’t matter cuz that’s the vania
    torpedo it’s falling away in the lead he is going really fast
    Percy coming in second Thomas in a distance earth and it will be
    Pennsylvania torpedo goes on and wins the whole thing Percy
    second and unbelievably he tied in his first race was pretty good in the third
    race Thomas Express but here we out today’s Champion Pennsylvania torpedo
    Sir Topham Hatt in his bathing suit giving the trophy to Pennsylvania
    torpedo interesting to note all these engines go both backwards and forwards
    maybe that makes them faster hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Halloween Track Build
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    Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Halloween Track Build

    January 2, 2020

    We’re building a track! Yeah! What kind of
    track can we build? A Halloween track! We’ve got all our spooky pieces out! We’re gonna do a
    Halloween track with a bunch of tricks and treats! These are for the
    trick-or-treaters. But we’ve also got lots of traps! I won’t bring into here,
    and into here. Let’s do it this! Is this the Haunted mine? Isn’t it spooky? And we have this
    volcano set too! Watch this piece. It shows how this works William. Yeah that’s right
    with a dinosaur. Scary dinosaur made, Wow! Look at that, that is spooky,
    and the Halloween caboose! Let’s get building here! What pieces do you think
    we should include first, my son? You want to do all the pirate stuff
    together? I think that’s a great idea! Okay, what do you want show us? Oh, well
    that’d work real good. There it is, whoa! Dinosaur! Oh, do that again. nice. yeah!
    Wow Liam look at this! You build all this? Look at that. It goes down and into
    the mine. whoo spooky. I like how it goes over and
    under here. In the meantime, what do we got going on over here? We got this
    tricky bridge figured out, and show us how this thing works William. Wow, that’s
    scary. And then there’s this thing what happens when you press the button. Not scary. Okay, I’ve got something for
    the mine I think we’ll put this right here with the closed mine. Put that right
    in there. I think one was a wall what do you think William? We have this going on
    right here. I think this might work. William you want to get a tray? okay yep. perfect that worked out real good. whoo Proteus what’s going on buddy?okay
    show us what you got. Oh shows hold this piece right here son. oh it’s hard to see.
    there dinosaur oh it’s so hard to see. I chose about this piece war and he sinks
    inside there who’s spooky so here’s the actual haunted mine hero goes in Oh top-10. you’re not a hero now you’re a villain.
    going what happens? yeah it falls down we’ve got the Haunted mine. and it comes
    out into the volcano set. goes up to this spooky ship in the middle here. we have
    this haunted little area, and there’s a special surprise here isn’t there
    William? we’ll show them later. don’t show them the end no no we’re not gonna show
    them yes no will show up later oh no one looked over here we got a ton
    of stuff though coming off the ship and we had that opening there and we have
    this opening over here I think you should put this piece in well we got a
    lot of stuff going on here I think after this mountain Ledge and what do you think
    we should put this here where we can drop a giant boulder on and maybe we’ll
    drop it on the dynamite factory that’s kind of scary isn’t it and dangerous
    dynamite this is getting pretty complicated but let’s see what Stephens
    doing here you might have a table with this track
    can you not go through there he bangs his funnel
    hey that’s how it’s funnel got knocked off oh that’s right I remember now we’d
    have to figure something out with this then okay we figured it out we’re going
    over the rumblin bridge and then we’re coming down here and I think we can
    connect there what you think William a little bit Rocky which actually kind of
    matches the decor can you do it you did it
    okay let’s fold this track back and see where it goes you got fix me up Steven
    oh really is he can covered it’s just a little bit
    of a then you can pop this up with something okay so I think we’ve got this
    fixed great here let’s see fix me up Steven comes around
    will you go through yeah whoosh and a wheesh bumble what are you doing down
    here we’re gonna have to build that up be sure this is gonna this is pretty
    flimsy okay are we ready to try this Steven again perfect now we’re great
    didn’t go off real at all whoosh all right what do we have going on here this
    is a train crash it doesn’t look like that yeah that’s a train crash okay we
    have one two three four five six openings we get this surprised yeah we
    saw that surprise for later think we can go through the skull and get into there
    I think we’ll come through here we’ll put this wacky track in here and we’ll
    have it go right to the skull you’ve already built this around to there oh
    you got the trick-or-treat cars in here there’s a lot of Thomas wood stuff Oh
    who’s this dirty James guitar what’s going on
    Oh shows who you have here salted holding back Halloween trip or the
    Halloween train Candy’s going straight on through pasta volcano oh this looks
    spooky speedy McAllister coming through Oh another crash well we are we got that
    special spooky Halloween track built let’s take a look okay what do we have
    here we got builders he goes over the swamp and he’s going through the haunted
    castle where’s going past the volcano up the ship comes underneath hey what’s
    going on let’s see what’s in here we can probably see what’s in there what is it
    oh no it was dad the fireman even talk okay
    we got down the fireman eating chocolate and a super secret hidden spot silly boy
    goes under the collapsible branch through skull back up on the wacky truck
    what happens at the volcano where he’s at oh volcano pops
    you’re the haunted track again oh he crashes in the swamp he’s coming around
    coming up when he comes so where’s he going over the rumbling bridge he’s
    getting shaken up goes to the wacky tracks comes around and he takes out
    fireman and the Chocolate and he’s free now so what he’s going through
    Oh Chinese dragon caught in there secret password Chinese writer who’s always
    stuck well that works oh shit a wheesh now he’s going through
    here what happened to the foot oh there it is and he’s passed out and
    now he’s caught up over a tipping bridge Ellie is part of the summer ghost chases
    there’s a goat there’s a ghost chasing service here comes Billy through the
    tipping bridge again and he’s gone is that Chinese train again spooky Oh Billy
    it’s not that explosive back up Jackie’s getting spooky he’s coming out through
    the haunted ship past the skull over the crush bridge will crunch claw oh wow
    Chinese dragon got collapse in the fridge that’s horrible and Billy takes a
    big dive no try that again sad Joe nice okay so who do we have here
    we got James shunted Wilbur with the Halloween caboose and we got Vinny they
    didn’t make it very far at all fire trucks Stephen leicht this is just
    out of control Proteus I’m not even paying attention anymore we have this
    big beautiful track you just want to race them down here buck fireman dad
    Patrick Bureau and I was lost and found here oh I
    believe okay we’ve got orange Murdock’s versus devil orange versus black
    Halloween Oh in the mire in the swamp I think Murdock is one that way fo Oh
    Neville comes back when trains collide friends oh wow
    I never want to thought that here comes Molly on this crazy cuckoo track past
    the crash of Murdock Molly through echo tunnel Oh Molly get ready for Mavis oh I
    think that cowcatcher version swaddling her out yeah that cow catcher doesn’t
    work oh come on double dude wow that was awesome
    Oh Thomas would Rebecca there that happened
    yeah sir or speech tough man he gets in there this is like this is awesome wreck
    and he may say this is great I like this Oh Proteus doesn’t make it whomp-whomp
    Tarr way videos faster that’s what happens
    wow this big pile of crash oh that worked out awesome look at him
    hey guys click here to watch another video and click here to subscribe to our
    Channel bye


    SuperStation Sodor Storm Rescue! Chuggineers to the Rescue | Toy train videos for kids | Train Lab

    December 30, 2019

    [Dad] What’s happening? Harold is stuck in the Gondola string! TrainLab [Eric] From the island of sodor, there is a big storm coming. [Dad] It is raining cats and dogs Oh [Dad] That looks like it’s the early morning train that goes into superstation. Little do they know that the bridge is out! Here they come… [Dad] Oh no! The bridge is out! [Cody] Don’t go on the tracks! [Dad] They can’t get across to the Sodor Station… …to go into the SuperStation, so what are they gonna do Oh! What’s this? [Eric] A Zip line! What’s a zip line? [Eric] A zip line? Well… A zip line is something that takes you across from one place to another. Wow that’s so cool, so they can get across the bridge? [Eric] Yeah! Across to there… [Dad] Wow! [Eric] This came from the SuperStation Round House. [Eric] Climb in please! [Cody] I’m not climbing in… Eric:It’ll take you to the other side. Do you need to get to the SuperStation roundhouse!? [Cody] I’m backing up… Dad: Oh… Diesel’s gonna wait then… Dad:He’s going to wait for the bridge to be repaired. So meanwhile, maybe we need to take the gondola back so that all the trains over here And the superstation could get down to the docks. [Eric] Emily’s out! [Upbeat music] Dad: She looks a little scared swinging up there in the middle of the air… Is it going to work? [Eric] Emily’s pretty happy. Hurray! [upbeat music] [Eric] Here he goes! [helicopter sounds] [Dad] What’s happening!? [Dad] Harold’s caught in the gondola string! [Eric] Oh no! The SuperStation round house is tipping! [Boom!] [Boing!] [Eric] Ooooohhhh…. Quick! Sir Topham Hatt runs over to the crash scene. “Are you okay, Thomas?” [Eric] Yes… Oh! [Boing, squeak] But we need some trains to come and pick him up and put him back on the gondola [Eric] actually… [Dad] Maybe Harold can do it… Oh Harold can connect him. Hurray for Harold! [Dad] Sir Topham Hatt was coming up to look at the rope… Oh No! It got damaged. So we can’t use it. What are we gonna do? [Eric] What are we going to do? [Eric] I wonder how we can repair the damage, Dad? [Rock music starts] [Dad] Hmmm… Maybe the Chugganeers? [Dad] Oh! Hey it’s Wilson! [Dad] Oh! t’s the Chugganeers to the rescue! [Dad] Here they come… [Eric] Here comes Fletch! [Dad] Okay the Chugganeers are all gonna pull… Pull! [Dad] Look! It’s coming up! [Eric] And another engine! Look they’re pulling… the gondola’s coming up! [Dad] There it is! Sir Topham Hatt is excited! [Eric] I added another one. Hurray! The Chugganeers did it! [crowd cheering] [Eric singing] Skyler’s leading the way… [Dad] What’s the parade for? [Eric] It’s for… for fixing the gondola! [Eric humming. Crowd cheering] [Fireworks exploding, crowds cheering] [Eric] Thanks for watching! And don’t forget to subscribe! more and more… [Eric] Great stuff! [TrainLab]

    Accidents on the Railway | YouTube World Tour | Thomas & Friends
    Articles, Blog

    Accidents on the Railway | YouTube World Tour | Thomas & Friends

    December 20, 2019

    >>NIGEL: Hello and welcome Thomas fans! To
    another wonderful day on Sodor! And welcome too to my good friend Stan! What
    are we looking at today Stan?>>STAN: Well Nigel, we’ll be looking at
    a small selection of the accidents and near crashes that happen on the railway, here on
    Sodor.>>NIGEL: Exciting stuff! You know it always
    amazes me Stan, how so many things can go wrong on such a small railway>>STAN: Well, it maybe a small railway Nigel,
    but it has many engines. It’s like the saying ‘too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the
    broth!’>>NIGEL: And of course too many engines in
    the kitchen won’t be making an omelette without breaking some eggs. Do you like Omelettes Stan?>>STAN: No.>>NIGEL: Me either! Let’s get back to the
    show and look at some of these exciting highlights, shall we? We see Hiro chuffing along with the globe
    on his trucks.>>STAN: Yes, well, here is Hiro working hard
    as usual, totally unaware that he’s picked up some extra cargo in the form of giant a
    globe.>>NIGEL: Yes he doesn’t look happy does
    he Stan? You could almost say, he looks like he has
    the weight of the world on his Shoulders [laughing] [Stan mumbles]>>NIGEL: Oh and the globe has smacked straight
    into the signal box Stan! And there’s young Simon the signalman. That’s
    Eric and Sylvie’s youngest Stan, a lovely lad>>STAN: As I suspected the ball is rolling
    along the mainline heading for trouble.>>NIGEL: You don’t know Eric and Sylvie
    Stan?>>STAN: It’s stopped right in front of the
    tunnel and here comes someone. It looks like James, Nigel!>>NIGEL: Oh My! James has bumped that ball
    with his head. It’s out of the this world!!!!>>STAN: Here Nigel we can see our two favourite
    engines pushing a long line of freight cars, but if we pause the picture for a second,
    can you tell me what is wrong with this set up?>>NIGEL: They’re er…er…er… I don’t
    know…er…. don’t tell me, don’t tell me, don’t tell me!>>STAN: No, sorry…The engines are at the
    top of a hill, with no engine or brake van at the front to slow them down.>>NIGEL: I said not to tell me! Oh! And there they go! What’s going to happen
    next? Well I think we all know what’s going to happen – they’re going to have an crash And poor Stephen will have to move quickly
    to get away from this runaway train! And look at Stephen go! That’s why they call him
    the rocket Stan! Kapow!>>STAN: But now we turn our attention back
    to James, the number 5 red engine on the railway.>>NIGEL: Yes now James likes to boast about
    looking the most splendid doesn’t he? But he does like to messy from
    time to time. And let’s have a look, see what happens here.>>STAN: Oh and he’s approaching that puddle!
    Oh!>>NIGEL: Oh! Strike 1! Oh dear, oh dear
    oh….>>STAN: Oh!>>NIGEL: Strike 2, yep!>>STAN: Oh!>>NIGEL: Oh! Strike 3 and you’re out!>>STAN: Poor James doesn’t know what to
    do!>>NIGEL: Here’s a thought Stan. What if
    we didn’t have any crashes or
    accidents on Sodor, would it be a wonderful world?>>STAN: Well, I, er…>>NIGEL: In my eyes Stan, it would be an
    uneventful world. So as long as noone gets hurt let’s keep those
    crashes coming. Crash bang Wallop! What a picture! What a photograph!>>NIGEL: Goodbye [music]