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    UNBOXING! Super Fun BRIO Metro Railway Set! Off to work on the Train Lab!

    September 11, 2019

    – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train coming in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! (baby babble) – [Man] Door’s opening! (train whistle blows) – Train Lab! – [Man] Hey guys! We’re
    gonna do another surprise for Eric and Cody since
    we love Brio so much! This is the Metro Rail Set, and this is the coolest! It’s part of the Brio world set… Eric, Cody! – [Eric] Yeah! – [Cody] Yay! – [Man] What is it? – [Eric] The Brio Metro Train! – [Man] Whoa! We’ve
    been looking at that one for awhile
    haven’t we? – [Eric] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Let’s open it! – [Man] Whoa! Where should we put it? Like right here? I think
    we’ve got a space for it – [Eric] Look what it comes with! It comes with all of this!
    So much! – [Man] Looks like 20 pieces, of like all the metro pieces… – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Is it battery operated too? – [Eric] No… – [Man] I think it is battery-operated. – [Eric] No it’s not – [Man] I think it is!
    It says on the outside of it. Oh! And there’s the beautiful brochure that really really likes Daddy’s wallet! (ringing) Look at that! There’s a
    couple of cool trains, oh we already have one
    of those tunnels too! And that’s the subway station? – [Eric] Where’s the Subway Station? – [Man] It’s in there! – [Eric] Is this the subway? – [Man] Yeah! It looks
    like the subway station – [Eric] I’ll get the subway out.. – [Man] Wow! That’s… – [Eric] Subway! – [Man] Wow I love that subway! – [Eric] Watch this! – [Man] Wow! The doors
    come open and closed too!? – [Eric] Yes!
    And look on the inside… – [Man] (awing) – [Eric] These little things… – [Man] Metro Maps… – [Eric] Ooh what is this? – [Man] – Couple of seats… – [Eric] What is this? – [Man] Looks like it’s the rail map. (high pitched) Ah! I’m going on holiday! – [Cody] And it comes with a suitcase! – [Man] Whoa! That’s so cool! He’s going on a trip! – [Eric] Does this drive? – [Man] It’s battery. – [Eric] The batteries
    are always for the lights – [Man] You think so? – [Eric] Yeah! – [Man] Huh- – [Eric] Because…
    you have to push it around – [Man] You do? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] That’s sound and what? Sound and lights? – [Man 2] (affirmative) – [Man] Okay it’s sound and lights. What’s the sound? – [Eric] Well I don’t know! – [Man] Does it have some sound? – [Eric] No! – [Man] Hmm… it says it has sound. Let me see. Guess that’s
    where the battery goes. Ahh… (music plays) Where are we gonna put it? I think we’re gonna put
    it right in here huh? Put it right there? Oh! We even have a city
    bus in there! Look at that! So maybe we can put it
    right there and then, that would be a cool place… Can you join it in the tunnel, and then it goes straight out? – [Eric] Sure! – [Man] Oh that would be cool! – [Eric] But now we have two metros! – [Cody] That’s exciting! – [Man] Well this is just the tunnel, that will come into the Metro. – [Eric] Hey! – [Man] Oh that’s cool! – [Eric] Hey how’s about we put this, out this sign right here? – [Man] Whoa! Okay! Cool, so it’s got the metro ticket
    dispenser right there, and…
    metro rail map right there. – [Eric] And they can walk in, and we’ll- – [Cody] How about we put this right here? – [Eric] And wait for the metro. – [Man] When’s the next
    metro train comin in? – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Yay! – [Man] Doors opening! (whooing & laughter) – [Cody] We need a seat for our suitcase! – [Eric] Oh that goes front car. Need to put that in later. We put that in when the train backs up. First door closing! – [Man] (engine revving)
    Here comes the bus with more passengers! (brakes squeal) – [Cody] We don’t have
    a place for this one! – [Man] (high pitched) Wait for me! Wait for me! Wait for me! Oh! You’re filled up!
    Okay! I’ll go for the next one…
    Oh! You do have an extra train! – [Eric] (giggles) Yeah! – [Man] Yay! Come on in! – [Cody] We’re busy over here! – [Man] Oh! You have
    another one? Who can ride? The construction worker
    needs to get to work. Here he comes! – [Eric] The construction worker doesn’t need to come. – [Man] Yeah! Cause he needs to get to the Gantry crane area to drive his forklift. – [Eric] Wow! This is
    becoming a long train. – [Man] Whoa! It’s the morning rush hour. – [Eric] (mimics train chugging) – [Man] Boy! That’s a long
    early morning metro train – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Wow! Everybody
    needs to get to work. – [Cody] Sir, get back here. – [Man] Uh oh… might be too long. – [Eric] It can’t. – [Man] Over to the ferry! Might have to take a couple at a time huh? (music playing) – [Eric] Might be… this person is actually too tall! – [Man] He is?
    Oh !I guess he is! Look at that. – [Eric] Oh that’s the end. Can’t hold any… – [Man] Okay go across the ferry. (ferry horn blows) – [Cody] We do it again? – [Man] Here we go! (boy mimics train) – [Eric] Oh the switch is wrong! We want to go this way!
    It sure is a long train! – [Man] Everybody is going to work… A bear who cares… A noob in a suit. – [Eric] Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Chugga-chugga-choo-choo! Rolling into the station! – [Man] Look! We’ve got everybody waiting to get loaded up! (screeching) – Okay let the people get off… Stopped at the work site, hauling all that load for the day! Lots of customers with lots of loads! – [Eric] This guys riding the gentry, this guy getting the forklift. – [Man] Cool (engine whirring) – [Eric] This guys not driving – [Man] Okay! I’m ready for a load! Looks like the ships almost unloaded! There we go! See you later!
    Going for another load! (mimics boat horn) – [Eric] Hey there guys!
    Come on, hop in! – [Man] Is it lunch time already? – [Eric] Yes! – [Man] Oh! Okay! I’m off! Beep!
    I’m off! (engine whirring) – [Cody] (train sound effects) – [Eric] Well I’m heading
    back from the metro. Because the big long
    train is getting ready. And now the driver’s are gonna switch. – [Man] Okay – [Eric] Train ways – [Man] Did you have a
    good time with Brio today? – [Eric] Yes. – [Man] How about you Cody? – [Cody] Yes! – [Man] We love Brio! – [Eric] We love Brio! – [Man] We love Brio. – [Eric] Yeah! Too much! (laughter) – [Man] See you later!
    Everybody’s going home. (train whistle) – TrainLab!

    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor
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    Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Track Build Island of Sodor

    September 10, 2019

    Kids Toys Play William are we doing a track build? yeah!
    what are you building up today? it’s the island of sodor at Vicarstown! I love how
    you’ve got the bridges going between the tables. do want this end to be Vicarstown,
    or what you want to do with it? warning, warning! we’re building tracks! I like
    this. you can catch a train, and get your mai.l and maybe a drink of water.
    you got knapford, and what’s this over here?
    Tidmouth sheds. notice everything on Sodor’s green? maybe there’s have too
    much green paint. hey that’s why Henry’s green. yeah! Oh, nice! double Knappford. well,
    you’ve really got this going on up here. are you building down here? – are you? the
    subway! going on, what other buildings do you want up here? do you want buildings
    down here as well? what’s this, it’s not a subway station. you think maybe this one?
    yes! we’re gonna leave it up top, you know. what, let’s just try to put as many
    buildings up here as possible. okay, well the doesn’t read on the farm.
    no we are definitely not going to put a farm.
    let’s put McCall’s farm right here. what you think? here is the farm. Are you
    gonna keep working on the subway? I’m gonna build McCall’s farm right here,
    right beside knapford station. there’s a farm. that’s a good place for a farm. okay
    you’ll put this, oh man. that’s not gonna work. that’s not gonna line up at all!
    come on, the subway they’re all done the subway!
    Boco! I always get those two mixed up. y-yeah you have that guy, that Brio train. is this one big
    circle route? I think you might need more stations down here. I don’t know. this is
    the soda or subway oh wow! do that again! I want you right up close.
    Oh! what is he? that in slow motion. for that slow motion! I see, what you’re doing
    there? you’re just building up a storm. here, hmm. that’s gonna be a tricky one.
    but what do you think? you’re just you just won’t stop building, will you? look
    at you go! You’re the man, buddy! mmm, that might work. I know, we’ll use that
    train Labs thing right there. maybe you think. what’s your really bad problem? Oh
    what happened there? oh, okay, you need to make it right like that, so we need to
    make that longer. new. you get it? awesome buddy! look at that! well, Billy’s bridge
    is going across. dad is still this frustrated with this! I have no idea what
    I’m doing here! what’s this scene? while racing Gordon.
    Madge has to come pick up Philip, and Butch is there.
    oh, here’s Madge, and fill up off to get repaired. that’s Elizabeth or that Isabela
    Isabel? and there’s Kelly. I really get back with the Jack and a pack ice or
    gave you pretty big here at season 23 well the good news is I finally got this
    track figured out the bad news is is there’s not much I can do with long
    maybe I wonder if I can oh that might actually work
    hmm okay this is like my final of time an that’s not gonna work oh we could fit
    that in there and then we can do you know we could actually make this work
    right here we have you got this track it’s a flying saucer has a darn sort of
    snake trap door brothers on the subway hold on
    so maybe it’s put a buffer you and your buffers no no close
    yeah well it’s fine on here no buffers oh yeah it will work
    right on oh that’s good yeah go on top at the BRIT hey you still like a trade
    no okay that will work that’s not the best fit but it will work we’re gonna
    keep the skeleton truck and maybe come up around here on more paw patrol to get
    the train back on Isis lovely Oh what happened paw patrols out first roll hmm now we just have to get back to
    there okay so this side is done you know what I can put some actual buildings in
    here can’t I hey you know what go good right there sure another station in here
    oh yeah that’ll work good and here we have Ted with Hulk to med ticket office
    and Tidmouth sheds this is looking pretty good on this side William heavily
    what do you want to do over here do you want to maybe put Steamworks and Sodor
    search and rescue center over here oh no I totally forgot about what goes after
    McColl’s farm well now we’re not making a mess of the rumor anything oh
    here’s Jeremy jet plane in the airport okay I thought we were gonna put maybe
    this steamer Xterra burger you put in the airport there instead I can’t
    remember the last time we used this piece what if we put another dredge here
    because we don’t have enough bridges crossing hi Veronica are you gonna help
    us build okay you got it doc oh is he stopping all engines gulping all engines
    stopping all engines I might put a connector in here where you guys think
    we get the opposite yeah something like that
    that’d work okay if we take this out put this in here are you guys already
    playing in here Wow look at all this look how busy this is getting Oh Tom
    it’s what happened Daisy’s going around and around what a busy island stop wait
    for Gordon he’s I think we are going to just put that
    right there okay and coming off this bridge we can
    now get in to Vicarstown Steamworks or shorter such a rescue 70 years now you
    guys what steel works let’s get building this team works then all this mad where
    did you come from go back to the airport we belong
    is he a taxi and like a sea without an air taxi what are you building look at
    you a you’re building up here holy what is this Sodor Steamworks is that a box
    of chocolate car and we’re gonna put that bone right there and now we are
    connected right through here we’ve got one two three four five bridges in here
    now from the store not here oh no yeah we got six seven bridges down here too
    he’s hard to derail there you go tada oh yeah we got this going on now though
    this bridge is in here so we have one two that’s gonna be pretty easy to put
    together and then three right here okay we’ll put this right here and then use
    this big Steamworks piece this is starting to look like a lot of
    Steamworks oh we still have more room look up with it that’s a really tight
    fit more steam look at one big Steamworks here
    oh and should we put a buffer right there oh you want to put the bubble
    machine there so you want yes you know this bubble machine is one of the most
    favourite pieces of our community they love this bubble maker I know they love
    it so much put this right here okay we’re gonna put this piece right here
    and this piece right here and we are done guys what do you think we just have
    to clean up all the spare parts because it’s not like my kids left out any spare
    parts or anything okay William are you ready to tell us about the Island of
    Sodor here show us about mash timoshev intimate yard where most time
    with this orange train destroyed its time tunnel went down here to Egypt oh
    this is Egypt this is tip no ticket booth and tidmouth Holt bridge over
    subway bubble maker oh that’s the most important part of the
    iron we’re gonna build that back to Brio and then over here we have oh no the
    bubbles and then underneath here’s the subway and we have a stop here we had
    two bridges right here and then we have another subway stop
    right here and obviously some form of train accident involving him that’s
    great oh no real train what what what’s going on with paw patrol why are you
    attacking our elbow hello on the subway oh haters that’s a subway please visit
    this blanket take you underground that’s an underground plane is it it can go
    above ground or underground robot that’s a very nice planet you go far under Oh
    crashes operating trains to Africa so and just when you blink and turn the
    camera off folks we have another accident what happened here intently
    we’re trained you guys want to use hey you know who already have oh the new
    ones hey you know what we got big red working again – didn’t we oh they’re also Wow looks like that this
    isn’t gonna be an interesting race are they going good wow they do good on this
    lady where do you come from is money come backwards here’s here Parker right
    there yeah look you go wrong oh wow he’s free now and he gets pushed
    over to my her brain in the bunker I can’t help you
    you ever had one just a position no crashes oh he’s backing up let’s hear
    you guys back it up I’ll be back because why would we make it fun for
    them there’s no sin Sylvain yeah let’s see if you can make it through B ym I’m
    gonna put them on there yeah so I’m back this way now you’re gonna run away from
    William hell are you going this way huh hey you guys get going just eyes here
    come on run away from William wait what are you doing hey Chris oh okay he’s
    gonna make it cheers come on go through bad yes
    bringing it back on track it on time this is one of hit oh come on you can
    climb Oh candy catsup this guy can pass
    helicopters what’s going on yeah yeah Pennsylvania torpedo folks nothing beats
    this guy there’s no way William can ever knock him down mighty rad coming to the
    rescue please coming to our talk not that won’t
    wants to strain that out there you go the top money right here comes to a
    liner now tear an mighty rad let’s see what so seems to do the same thing with
    their money rad good he pushes looks like he’s pushing on cozy oh hey there’s
    how he’s got the total to the camera caught that was buddy right
    hey minor mighty red they’re escaping now going back over to be Nafferton
    aside he dono dayliners he get a home you get derailed Pennsylvania’s revealed
    he seems to be the sauce is going backwards look at him go folks
    oh well get that lined up and we did it and he’s going on y’all with crash whoo
    Oh what’s gonna happen here folks it looks like there’s gonna be a
    malfunction at the junction yeah mighty red getting on you Thomas
    Oh Jeremy just late but you can see you later now look is a carnage my hair
    keeps on keepin on oh whoa
    climb in the walls fashion him now they’re going ahh
    Wow this Islands getting destroyed are they why Sir Topham Hatt is you think
    he’s part of the mail now yes hard eight hundred help what what what Jeremy what
    happened to you look at all this stuff and what’s going on in here
    oh man here’s our name train Li a and spells daddy okay I have a few
    challenges for you what are the challenges you for your audience son
    right sky marshal rocky and rubble they might be hiding somewhere in the subway
    too let’s see if we can find them anywhere
    in this picture okay if you’re watching at home remember to say found when if I
    if you find one of the paw patrol pups now look on the subway I think the next
    one might be on the subway I don’t know where the last one could be try to find
    two upside down trains in this scene – upside down
    trains okay – they have to be trains though that’s not true
    how are the sideways count what Sir Topham Hatt doing okay we’re still
    looking for really hmm that’s a pretty strong cow holding
    up a jet plane hey guys click here to watch another
    video and like here to subscribe to our Channel bye

    Epic Race! Chuggington Action Chugger and Shinkansen race for the fastest train in the world!
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    Epic Race! Chuggington Action Chugger and Shinkansen race for the fastest train in the world!

    September 6, 2019

    [Eric} Go! [Dad] oh! It’s head-to-head! TrainLab [Dad] Woah! What’s going on guys? [Eric] We’re having a race! [Dad] What kind of a race? [Eric] Do you see all the engines we have around? Those are the engines we’re going to be racing. And the Shinkansen! [Dad] And Action Chugger! Racing to see who really is the fastest train in the world. [Dad] And I’ve got Action Chugger ready to go over here. Okay ready, set… [Eric] GO! GO! Okay Action Chugger is off! [Dad] The Shinkansen? What’s going on with the Shinkansen? he’s paused. Oh,
    Action Chugger is catching up! He’s catching up! [Dad] Maybe Action Chugger is faster than Shinkansen… [Eric] The Shinkansen is still not being hit. [Dad] Yeah, but Action Chugger is going to catch him quick! Oh noooo! Ohhh! Action Chugger pushes the Shinkansen off the track. [Dad] And the first round goes to Action Chugger! [Dad] So, to even up the playing field, Shinkansen has a brand new set of batteries. He’s looking pretty fast… and Action Chugger is going to have his cars on. Oh look at that, Action Chugger is fairly slow now… But the Shinkansen is blazing fast! [Eric giggling] The Shinkansen has new batteries! [Dad] Look how fast that thing is! He’s definitely catching up! Oh my goodness, look at that he’s moving so quick! Oh he’s going to be right behind Action Chugger here! Oh! If he doesn’t… he almost derailed! Can he keep going? Oh no! He derailed! Quick! He needs to be fixed! Action Chugger is going to catch up. Quick! Quick! [Eric laughing] [Dad] Action Chugger is going to catch up! [Eric] Here! [Dad] Oh there we go! Whew! He’s back in action, and catching up! [Eric laughing!] Look at that! Shinkansen is looking like he’s having a bit of a malfunction. Oh! Oh! [Eric laughing!] He’s in his review lights! Oh he caught him! but can he be powerful enough to push Action Chugger? off the rail? I don’t know! [Eric] but he’s coming off the rail! [Dad] Yes he is coming off the rail… He’s fast but he’s light! That’s the problem… Oh! No! [Eric] Again! And Action Chugger wins the round. [Dad] Okay, looks like we have a modification to the track there… [Eric] That’s the finish line [Dad] Looks like we have a big long head-to-head track! Are you ready? [Eric] GO! oh no we have a malfunction at the start [Eric] Go! Look at that… look at that! The Shinkansen! [Eric] GO! Yes! The Shinkansen is the fastest train! [Eric] I wish Action Chugger was the fastest train. [Dad] Oh no! Let’s have another race, best out of three… Were you disappointed Action
    Chugger didn’t win? [Eric] so I’m going to make him go faster! How’s that? What are you gonna do? I’m going to make him go faster by putting new batteries [Dad] Ohhh… Even the score! Alright, let’s do it! [upbeat rock music] We’re going to have the full trains race head-to-head [Eric] Ready… Set… Go! It’s head-to-head! But the Shinkansen is moving ahead! And the Shinkansen wins! [Eric] And crashed! Crashed into the stop. [Dad] It’s the world champion… The Shinkansen train. Alright guys thanks for watching! [Eric] Thumbs up if you like this video! Don’t forget to subscribe! TrainLab

    Thomas and Friends Duplo Train Mystery Wheel Races
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    Thomas and Friends Duplo Train Mystery Wheel Races

    August 30, 2019

    Mystery Wheel races! we’ve got our DUPLO
    trains out in here! with bubble makers! team white; Toby and Spencer. Team Blue;
    Gordon and me, Thomas. team red: yarr Salty and James. and team green;
    we have Percy and William who’s this guy? ah I have no idea? you don’t know who
    this is? whose face is it? whose name is it? whose
    crane is it? is this cranky the crane, except he’s a train? cranky the crane
    train. better not tell rocky and Harvey, this isn’t gonna go well. and we have the
    bubble cycle here! make us a bubble, buddy! what’s it gonna be? who’s it gonna be?
    what color? red! which engine you want? James? white! you pick Toby? Toby
    versus James, any predictions? Toby? you guys say Toby, I’m gonna pick James. I
    think he’s gonna be the winner. we’re operating the gazillion bubbles bubble
    cycle, look at these bubbles! the bubbles are everywhere! hey Liam, are you
    ready? oh who won that one? instant replay! and the replay shows James to
    be the winner! How you doin’ cranky? cranky the Train?
    thank you though I don’t think you’ll fall down at all.
    all blue, going Thomas? Thomas versus cranky, any predictions? cranky? I’m with
    you always. okay cause if you look at cranky, is leading and Thomas is
    following. yeah but he landed on his on his wheels. he’s like a cat. Bubble maker,
    we’re getting ready to race get all these bubbles! this is a gazillion
    bubbles. cranking Thomas are we ready set go!
    oh that was definitely thomas who won that one
    I wanted cranky to win two guys but it was Thomas I won that’s for certain
    Josie are you gonna spend Josephine pick pick an engine who are you gonna pick
    who are you gonna pick oh I think she’s picking salty greed is not going to do well that time
    we have salty and Percy any predictions on this race guys salty it’s a sea race
    so I think maybe salty might do good bubble bubble psycho here’s a good
    battle red and green are you ready well that was a good race but salty are
    actually does end up winning that one final race of the first round will show
    the classic battle Spencer and Gordon any predictions on this one guys you
    guys say Gordon Dodds going with Spencer because he’s sleek and strong gazillion
    bubbles bubble cycle ready set go guys I think I was Spencer too I think I was Spencer Gordon gets
    eliminated interesting lineup going into the second round Green has been
    eliminated we’ve got one blue with Thomas all of our red make it to the
    next round and then we have white and Yuma Spencer who’s gonna get the trophy did he break the trophy yeah would you
    do that you can’t eat it blow I wonder who she’s gonna pick folks Thomas so uh one who your choice is well done Thomas
    versus Spencer any predictions here guys I think Spencer’s gonna win – good luck
    Thomas Thomas and spats are ready Warren a
    great race that was but ultimately Thomas comes ahead of Spencer Thomas
    against everyone else’s predictions makes it onto the final good job for the
    number one Tank Engine this means the other semifinal match will be a red
    versus red as salty takes on James let’s get ready to race buh-buh-buh holes look at those bubbles
    wow that’s a gazillion bubbles are we ready team rad James Wang what do you get are you try
    to get salty over there that’s a very salty fish and in the final race it
    looks like James and Thomas will race for the Sodor cop we think that Sir
    Topham Hatt let’s see more bubbles look at those you show your bubble sustain
    game wow look at all these bubbles we’re celebrating the race is here today which
    gazillion bubbles bubble cycle okay for the final are we ready James we might
    have to go do that nice thing goes James – we might have to go to instant replay
    on this one and figure out who the winner is and today’s overall ultimate
    where is James at the Sodor cop and the crowd goes crazy making bubbles forum I
    love this game isn’t it awesome and look at all the bubbles on this cycle either
    makes motorcycle noises much braver love a boat on let’s see it
    oh maybe he’s going to Lake Sodor I’ll get him in the boat Oh
    horsey cranky raise some more he wants to cranky race to work all right why is
    there tophi in the bottom of Lake Sodor going into lakes order to find his old
    and Schulte that you love what’s lost okay good luck finding the golden trophy
    oh he found it all right let’s get up on some wheels and we have him race sir
    topham had in his boat versus cranky the crane train are you ready who’s going to
    find Sir Topham Hatt Oh cranky oh I think cranky why not cruising Thomas are
    you ready for the best friends battle oh I think Thomas won that one oh that so
    here’s a rematch of the tender benders whoa that was fast and furious Gordon coming apart at the seams here
    folks Toby and James are you ready whoa I think I was James had time and it’s
    the seaside battle let’s see how these guys do I am boy they set go oh nice
    supercar I think that boat actually won look it’s day two flow to any way into
    the trophy salty how you doing buddy hey guys click here to watch another video
    and like here to subscribe to our channel bye

    Thomas & Friends | 🚂 Official Theme Song Sing-Along đŸŽ” | Nick Jr.
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    Thomas & Friends | 🚂 Official Theme Song Sing-Along đŸŽ” | Nick Jr.

    August 29, 2019

    [music playing] ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ [whistle blowing] ♪ Thomas, he’s the cheeky one ♪ ♪ James, is vain but lots of fun ♪ ♪ Percy, pulls the mail on time ♪ ♪ Gordon, thunders down the line ♪ ♪ Emily, really knows her stuff ♪ ♪ Henry, toots and huffs and puffs ♪ ♪ Edward, wants to help and share ♪ ♪ Toby, well let’s say – he’s square! ♪ ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ [whistle blowing] Find more Thomas & Friends
    on Nick Junior. You can watch more Thomas & Friends
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    A Model Train Video For Kids (And The Young At Heart)
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    A Model Train Video For Kids (And The Young At Heart)

    August 26, 2019

    What would you think about living in a house
    that was full of model trains? Where you’d have to step over the tracks
    just to get around. I’ve taken over a bedroom
    and turned it in to a train yard. The tracks go down the hallway,
    but there is enough room to walk
    if you straddle the tracks. The dining room and living room
    are pretty well covered with tracks… And there are even tracks going through the kitchen… Out in to the garage… In to our side yard… And the trains come back in the house
    through our patio door, past a little waterfall. It seems crazy, right?
    How can someone live this way? Well, it’s not this way every day. But today I’ve sure got the place covered with
    a lot of track for this layout, don’t I? And you’d probably be surprised to know
    that my wife is OK with it. As long as it doesn’t stay like this for very long! This layout will exist for just two days
    before I put it all away again. And in case you’re wondering,
    what you see in this video is about
    $15,000 worth of model train equipment. Running on the layout today
    I’ve got a real collector’s item… The classic Santa Fe Super Chief Passenger train,
    led by an EMD F7 locomotive. I’m also running one of my newest trains,
    the Norfolk Southern First Responders train… My other Santa Fe diesel locomotive,
    a GE Dash 8, pulling freight cars… The Coca Cola train… Thomas The Tank Engine… Thomas’ friend, Percy… James The Red Engine is sitting on a siding
    really hoping that he might get to run at some point! And finally, we’ve got Emily,
    another of Thomas’ friends… And try something fun while you’re watching this video… Every time you see Emily on the screen,
    just say “Hi, Emily!” OK? Let’s try it, shall we?
    Like this… Hi, Emily! Now, let me take you through the full layout… From the perspective of a camera
    mounted on top of the Coca Cola train. And we’re going to slow down a bit right here…
    as we enter the train yard… Where several of the trains
    that I’m not running right now
    are parked on their own sidings. Back out in the hallway…
    Hey, there’s Thomas down in the living room! And I have to admit that this one is my favorite:
    the Santa Fe Super Chief. In the comments,
    let me know which train is YOUR favorite. Now we’re doing a loop around the dining room table. And we head in to the kitchen,
    and right out in to the garage… Where we’ll make a turn out the service door
    to our side yard. Now if you pay attention to the sound of the engine… You can tell it’s a slight uphill until this pipe here… And then the train speeds up
    as it goes down a very slight downhill slope. Oh!
    I should have trimmed back those leaves there! And we’ll go right in our patio door
    to the living room,
    which is full of trains… Past the book case and behind the couch. Now watch here shortly
    where the tracks cross over themselves. There it is. Sometimes a train will derail right there. Hi, Emily! We’re heading in to the garage now… And approaching the red tunnel. (laughing) Hi, Emily! That wooden structure over on the right there
    is our Puppy Palace. If you don’t know what that is…
    follow the link that should be up at the top of the screen right about now. We’re going past a row of fruit trees on our left there… But they’re so tall you can’t see them. You only see low things… LIKE THESE LOW HANGING LEAVES COMING UP HERE!
    WATCH OUT! And that right there
    is one full trip on the main line through the layout… A two and a half minute ride. But there’s more to this layout than just the main line. There are also a couple of short loops
    with other trains on them. Here’s the view from the top of
    the Santa Fe Super Chief… As she does a short loop around the living room. There’s one place, as it passes the couch,
    where the clearances are kind of tight! And the other little loop
    that goes around the living room… Has Thomas and Percy running on it… But I messed up when I shot this
    and I forgot to turn on Thomas’ steam train sounds. Sorry! Now, my favorite part is coming up here! Watch out!
    It looks like we’re going to crash in to James! Ooh, close call! We’ve got to see that again,
    only this time from the camera mounted on Percy. (Laughing) I love that! And here’s how it looks from a different perspective. I told you that sometimes a train would derail there! Now I’m going to be quiet
    for most of the rest of the video… And let you enjoy the sounds of the trains… As we view the layout from the perspective
    of a camera mounted on a different train… The Santa Fe Dash-8 locomotive… Which is one of my favorites
    because it has a great sounding horn! Hi, Emily! Hi, Emily! Hi, Emily! Hi, Emily! Now we’ll do one more complete run on the main line… This time with train music! If you enjoyed this video,
    there are a couple of things
    you could do to help me out. Any and all of these things
    will be a signal to YouTube… That this is a good video
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    so YouTube will recommend my future videos to you. Click the bell icon if you want to be notified
    each time I post something new. I’m Jim Zim.
    Thanks for watching!

    TOMICA Thomas and Friends Short 50: Magic Railroad Mayhem (TATMR Chase Parody)
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    TOMICA Thomas and Friends Short 50: Magic Railroad Mayhem (TATMR Chase Parody)

    August 26, 2019

    “DieselD199’s TOMICA Thomas & Friends
    Short 50: Magic Railroad Mayhem” Now I’ll get you Burnett Stone No you won’t because the magic you refuse to believe in will get the better of you Wait, I thought he did believe in the magic That’s why he wants to destroy Lady None of the dialogue in this film makes sense DIESEL 10: You can run but you can’t hide Right Pinchy? (laughs) Pinchy’s hungry! (screams) I’ve got you now (laughs) Huh? (giggles) Stop it! That tickles (giggles) (growls) Ow! Okay, okay Come on Lady Coming Puffball (laughs) DIESEL 10: Look out Here I come PT BOOMER: Hey, look! I was supposed to be in the movie Ow! I like my lunch steamed (laughs) Ugh, are you trying to take me down with bad puns now? (growls) Ugh, pretty fast for a Puffball Well Lady, this is your Shining Time too I hope so THOMAS: What’s a Shining Time? Sorry, I haven’t seen the American version of the show Oh my goodness! Well done Thomas Well done (Lady whistles) Ugh, am I really that heavy? Ah! Oh! What’s going on? Oh! Hold it I wasn’t even on this track! (screams) Ugh Wait How did I get back up here? (distant puffing) Huh? Puffball? Teapot? Long live the King (whimpers) Tin kettle Ow Ugh Man that scene was poorly executed Oh Wait So why was the Viaduct crumbling in the first place? It’s best if you don’t think about it Ugh, if you’d like to watch some more videos with that blue Puffball click the video on your screen and don’t forget to subscribe Subtitles by DieselD199


    A Six Year Old Runs This Model Railroad!

    August 24, 2019

    In my previous video,
    I showed you a new layout for my model trains… That took them through my garage… Down the driveway… Up the sidewalk… And over to my next-door neighbor’s house… Where 6 year old Maddox lives. Today’s video is kind of a behind-the-scenes video… About how I made that last one. I want to start by showing you
    the camera setup I used… To shoot a lot of that last video at track level. Thomas The Tank Engine was featured
    in quite a bit of that last video… And the most interesting thing about
    The G-scale version of Thomas… Is how his eyes move from side to side
    as he travels down the tracks. So, to make a good video about Thomas… It’s important to get a whole lot of shots
    that show Thomas head-on. I attached a GoPro on to Thomas’ friend, Percy… And placed Percy on the tracks in front of Thomas. Then I had Maddox run them both at the same speed… With just enough spacing between Percy and Thomas… So the camera would have a nice view of Thomas
    and his moving eyes. It took some practice for Maddox to figure out
    how to keep the two trains travelling together
    at the same speed… And with just the right amount of space between them to get some good video of Thomas. And by the way, look at my completely dead front lawn! We’re in a huge drought in this part of California. Last year, we got about HALF
    of our normal rainfall amount. So, our city has strict water rationing in place… and I had to simply turn off the sprinklers
    for the front lawn… So that I could have enough water to at least
    keep my back yard nice and green. Anyway,
    Maddox is pretty good at controlling the trains… And eventually,
    after a lot of trial and error
    at matching the speeds… And keeping the two trains
    just the right distance from each other… He got some good video for me. Now speaking of trial and error… For the first part of my video,
    where I was running my Amtrak passenger train… I had the camera mounted
    along the right side of the locomotive… And that created a few issues! First off, there needed to be enough clearance
    on the right side of the track… For the camera to get through
    without bumping in to anything. You’ll see here I had to pull the trash can
    out of the way at the last minute… To keep the camera from bumping in to it. The other thing about having a camera hanging
    over one side of the locomotive is that… It makes the whole thing unstable. On straight track, it still ran OK, but… At the bottom of the driveway there’s a curve to the left
    with the cement sloping down to the right. I’m going to pause the video right here for a second. Watch what happens when the locomotive tries
    to go through that curve… With the extra weight of the camera hanging
    over the right side. So, after that I made a few adjustments
    and I got things working… So that the locomotive could successfully
    go down the driveway… And make the curve on to the sidewalk. The rest of the sidewalk portion of the layout
    was no problem because… That was just a long run of flat track. And the trains were even able to make it up the slope
    of Maddox’s driveway. Which is not a given. Slopes are hard for model trains. The real tricky part of the layout
    was the section I had built… To get the trains back from Maddox’s driveway… Around the side of his house… And through the garden in front of my house. Now some guys
    probably would have carefully measured
    the number of inches of clearance they needed… And walked down the entire length of the track… To make sure there was enough clearance during
    the entire route, but… That’s not really my style! I just did a test run and hoped for the best! But that’s a risky strategy
    that can lead to a crash or two… Which it did! Luckily, GoPro cameras are pretty tough,
    so I managed to NOT damage the camera at all
    in that little incident. The final incident that occurred
    because I didn’t check the clearances
    on the right side of the track… Was when the train reached the garden hose. And that impact was severe enough
    to derail the train… But not enough to cause any damage
    to the train or the camera. So, that’s a little behind the scenes look
    at how that last video was made. If you want to see how that video turned out,
    I hope there’s a link to it on the screen right about now… And there will definitely be a link to it
    in the description of this video. And one more thing before I go… Yesterday I was up in the Sierra foothills near the southern entrance to Yosemite National Park… And I unexpectedly ran across a little railway
    called the Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad. In the old days, this was a logging railroad. Now it’s a little passenger train for tourists… That takes them on a one-hour very-scenic tour
    through the redwoods and the mountains. And here is my favorite part! Check out the beautiful sound
    of this train’s steam whistle. That sound is music to my ears. I’m Jim Zim. I’m crazy about trains, and cruise ships. That’s pretty much what my YouTube channel
    is all about these days. Wait until you see my next video! I’m going to show you something
    I’ve never shown you before. I think you’ll get a real kick out of it. Subscribe to my channel
    if you haven’t done so already… So that you don’t miss the next video! There should be a link on the screen right about now
    to another one of my model train videos
    that I think you’d really like. Just click on it to start it playing. And, hey, thanks for watching!

    Thomas and the Magic Railroad – The Buffers – Original Short
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    Thomas and the Magic Railroad – The Buffers – Original Short

    August 23, 2019

    Intro Music (Sigh) In all these years I’ve known him I’ve never seen Mr. conductor so exhausted… It’s as if he loses more hope every day.
    And in all the years we’ve known him, we’ve never seen him in a jam he can’t
    get out of; you should have more faith in him Thomas. It’s not that I don’t
    have faith Annie, I mean this is different. We’ve never seen him in a gold dust
    crisis before. A time of crisis, is exactly when he needs us most. A time of crisis…
    oh goodness gracious, we’re late! But, why is that signal still red?
    Sorry for the bump, didn’t mean to scare you; helps with the intimidation I guess! Oh not you
    two. I don’t have time for this I have a train to pull! If I can just figure out
    what’s going on with that signal… oh don’t worry about that. Yeah we told the
    signalman you were having problems with ya motor. Said you might be delayed a
    little! I’m a steam engine I don’t have a motor? Although I’m a bit concerned the signalman didn’t come to that conclusion on his own. All
    right that’s enough! Let’s get down to business. Yeah! Buffer business! Buffer business… Buffer business? Yeah we know Mr.
    constructor. Mister INstructor. Mr. Conductor! Ah who cares; he gets here on his
    Magic railroad. And we want to take a ride on it! I thought we wanted to destroy it…
    But doesn’t it just sound lovely? We gotta find it first; and you know where the buffers
    are, so. Yeah, so just uh, tell us. Uhhh, I don’t know what you’re talking about!
    Come on don’t be like that. Yeah give it a rest you’re hurting my brakes! Unhand me at once you brute! sorry Clanny, I mean Annabel, I mean Ms. coach can’t do that! The boss needs an
    answer. Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Is there a problem Thomas? More an annoyance than anything Henry,
    they won’t let me go! Well we uh, will let ya go. Just tell us where the magic buffers are. Boss
    wants ’em broken. Served on a hot flatbed! Smashed to smithereens. Magic buffers?
    You’re holding up a train over some silly make-believe? Don’t play dumb big
    green. Big green lima bean! When have you ever seen a Lima Bean?
    Boss eats ’em all the time, good source of copper you know he loves that- That’s
    enough! I’m not going to say this twice, don’t interrupt our work again, or I’ll
    give you some broken buffers to take back to your boss. Y-y-you’ll be sorry! Yeah, the
    boss will make you wish you just told us about the buffers! Yeah and go blow off
    some steam while you’re at it!…That was a good one.. Isn’t that all they do? Figure of speech Nimrod. Ohhh. Thank you Henry, those two are-
    A real bother, I know; I’d like to know who convinced Sir Topham Hatt to
    bring those Diesel’s here. Especially while he’s on holiday! And with Mr.
    Conductor the way he is, I’m worried what they’ll do next… Mr. conductor
    will be fine Thomas, if anyone can get themselves out of a jam, it’s him. We need
    to focus on our work, it’s what Mr. Conductor and Sir Topham Hatt would want
    from us. I wouldn’t worry about those diesels, a giant claw doesn’t scare me
    and it shouldn’t scare you Thomas. Oh uuhh no, uh certainly not… We’ll stick together, like we always have. They
    don’t stand a chance then! Triumphant Music One simple thing… You couldn’t get the
    job done. W-w-we’re sorry boss! It was that uh, big green, tin can. He was very big. And green! And
    persistent there were no magic buffers. We KNOW there are magic buffers. They
    were trying to fool you! You fools!… You can’t get the staff these days. Calm down Pinchy, calm down… Now, they know that
    WE know about the magic buffers; they will be watching our every move,
    guarding every set of buffers we go near. We’ll need to find another way to destroy them…
    Eh, eh, uh, boss? In case you forgot… W-w-w-we need rails to get to the buffers… And it’s like you
    said they’ll block us from every pair- I know what I said! We don’t have to get to
    them by rail… If, we can get to them by road… You’re… You’re gonna give us tires?… Let me go! We will not let you go. Let me go! We will not let you go. Let me go! We will not let you go. Let me go!

    Thomas The Tank Engine : Shed 17
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    Thomas The Tank Engine : Shed 17

    August 22, 2019

    They were the stories that have charmed
    an entire generation from the books to the television series people around the
    world have grown up with the railways stories and all their cheerful characters
    but the truth behind Thomas and his friends was no children’s fantasy the
    truth would be horrifying. It is 1945 and the remote island of Sodor
    off the northwest coast of England has emerged from the fog of WW2 relatively
    unscathed and untouched. The island served as a detention camp for Germans living in England. That’s how the Professor came to be here. Prof. Wilhelm Gotze was born in 1903 in Munich Germany, a doctor in biology he became a prominent adviser to the ruling party in the
    thirties GERMAN DIALOGUE In 1939 as war escalated he, his wife and
    four-year-old son, Hans, fled the country That’s what he wanted people to believe. Fact is, his experiments were hard to stomach, even for his own people. In truth, he had become a prominent figure in
    the government but as his work progressed questions and objections had
    been raised in the higher echelon of the reich. His work with genetics was truly pioneering, the cracking and manipulating the human
    genome. What Prof. Gotze was more successful in was keeping history a secret until his death In an attempt to gain favour among the German hierarchy, Wilhelm Gotze was at the the forefront of the government’s most
    fanatical policies. In 1938 he was influential in instigating the infamous
    “Sägemehl Nacht”, the night of sawdust, but as his experiments advanced he became a much
    less popular figure and soon feared for his and his family’s lives. As soon as he escaped to England he was banged up here. But the locals were nice to them there was no hostility and many of them chose to live here after the war. Following their release professor Gotze and young Hans chose to remain. After studying under his father, Hans left at the
    age of 18 went to university on the mainland studying biology and
    engineering, writing several pioneering papers about genetics and the splicing of
    DNA with mechanical implants. He called it Biofusion. The technique of manipulating genetic material to splice with mechanical attachments. However much like his father
    the British government became more and more concerned with Hans Gotze’s
    proposals so he was forced to seek financial backing from home His Dad left Germany with quite a few bob. so Hans came back. He saw our little island as some sort of refuge where he could work in peace Soon every nutcase and eccentric was coming over. By 1962, Hans has setup Sodor Research a small lab near Arlesborough. But the soon they began supplying medical equipment and machinery, and quickly grew to become a large complex comprising its own links to the
    growing Sodor rail system. Young Abi Collins from the town was working there when professor Hans took a liking to her Soon they were married, and the town was buzzing with news of her pregnancy. Baby Thomas was born in 1968 throughout the early years of his life he would watch the growing railway network with fascination. He couldn’t get enough of the trains. He bought one of the first video cameras cameras and he’d be on the platforms every day. You can see me in some of those tapes. THOMAS : Hiya Mr. Hartley KEITH :Morning Thomas But he was friends with everyone, Even that simple bloke who could only say where he lived. SIMPLE BLOKE : Sodor But his favourite trains were the old steam engines. Steam engines were a dying art on the British mainland But Hans had a fondness for them, and liked to keep them running for our purposes, taking orders from the
    labs to the growing Docks, or to the mainland to be transferred to modern postal express
    trains. But as the Sodor rail system expanded, it found itself increasingly under
    supervision of the new British Rail network, and appointed a new controller TOPHAM HATT: Oi! Get off my f**king platform! Sir Topham Hatt. Born into money, he took his ridiculous name to heart and started to wear a top hat all the time, Of course, we “Islanders” had a different name for him. Fat b*****d, you’ve never met such a cold hearted c**t as him. He banned all the steam engine volunteers, and cut most of the rail employees. Shut down the branch line and smaller stations he was happy to let the railway rust away Just like they did to the mainline. But the fortunes of the railway were about to take a profitable turn A stroke of luck for the island that would
    result from tragedy.43 FAT FRIEND : Come on! We’re gonna be late THOMAS : What’s the time? FAT FRIEND : Thomas! Get moving! Young Thomas loved following the railway. He’d be out all the time, hoping to catch a new train on his camera. Unfortunately, he didn’t take as much notice of the safety signs. FAT FRIEND : I’m not being late again. THOMAS : Have we missed it yet? Wait for the 11:45 FAT FRIEND : Never mind the 11:45 THOMAS : It must be late again FAT FRIEND : Thomas! Come on! THOMAS : It’s always held up. Hans was mortified. He disappeared from public view, and into the labs. Locking himself in, he wouldn’t allow anyone in there. Eventually his father came to see him. In a few days, a major lab had been locked down, followed by an engine maintenance shed. which would become off limits to all. All production was shut down, orders weren’t met, but the two Professors didn’t care. More and more equipment was being delivered daily but no one was
    allowed in shed 17. Questions started being asked. “Where were the Gotze’s? Would there be no funeral for Thomas? And where was the body?” They’d arranged for Thomas to be transferred to a mainland hospital He’d been taken to the complex but was never moved by rail. We all assumed the obvious, he was still in the lab. But if Thomas was still there, was he still alive and what was the purpose of
    keeping him at the complex almost a year after the accident, the doors
    of Sodor Research were opened. In an open invitation to the people of the island Thomas rolled out of Shed 17 It took me a moment to realise what it was I was looking at. When he looked at me and said “Hi, Mr. Hartley” it dawned on me what Hans Gotze and his Dad had done. One woman passed out as Thomas smiled at us. I had to run off round the side of the shed. CAMERMAN : Ey! Are you alright Keith? KEITH : Huuurrrrllll! As news spread across the country the
    world’s media rushed to Sodor island They tried to interview me. I became a bit of a celebrity. NEWSREADER : Controversy on Sodor Island. Questions raised about science ethics. It’s fair to say I was pretty nervous at times NEWSREADER : I’m joined now by Keith Hartley. But I think I put on a brave face. NEWSREADER : What did you think when you first met Thomas the Tank Engine Huuurrrrllll! Most of my mates said I looked pretty good on the telly. The mayor said i’d represented the people of Sodor very well It’s important to show your confident when people are asking you awkward questions. PRESENTER : Good evening. An act of mercy or a crime against humanity? Even when the questions got difficult, I made sure I knew what I was talking about. PRESENTER : What was your reaction when you first met a talking tank engine? Huuurrrrlll! If you can’t make an informed opinion, or if you can’t string together two words on the telly, maybe you shouldn’t be on there. Admittedly the subject matter was a bit bizarre at times. PRESENTER : There are some dark forces at work here. Huuuurrrllll! You were alright as long as you could win over the audience. WOGAN : They’re laughing at you, they’re not laughing with you Hhhhhuuuurrrrlllll! The Gotze family refused to answer
    any questions. Behind closed doors the only question they agreed to answer
    had been asked repeatedly. Would Thomas work on the railway the response was an
    emphatic NO. Thomases DNA had been reprogrammed to adapt to the engines structure. Using the engine’s internal system to
    maintain his organic functions, what no one could be sure of was how much of the
    engine was mechanical and how much was organic material. Thomas had been able to
    move around without coaches but to work on the railway, his engine would need to be
    fired up and operated by a driver and fireman. Since no one could be sure how much of the engine was Thomas, the pressure on the engine could rupture his organs
    from the inside and the incredible heat could boil him alive. Prof. Hans vowed Thomas would never work on the railways similarly the two professors were to
    refuse many requests by people from around the world who wished to be biofused into engines. There were billionaires offering to pay whatever they wanted to be converted into
    an engine or some other transport. Train enthusiasts too, and people with terminal illnesses were desperate to be made into trains. But for some reason, the Gotze’s refused. But there would be other interested parties eager to seize on the biofusion gold mine. The independently wealthy Topham Hatt staged a hostile takeover and within weeks had
    bought a controlling share in Sodor Research Immediately, the policy of the company changed, and so did the ethics. Theme medical supply wing was shut down and work began on mass biofusion operations. Anyone could afford it,
    some handling over their whole fortune were turned into engines. But.
    along with the new policy there would be worse to come. Biofused engines would
    be allowed then obliged to work on the railways. The first one we fired up was James. He didn’t have the money some of these people had, and so agreed to basically sign his life away if they wanted to experiment further, or to take massive risks, like this. As usual, the Fat F**k had everything recorded. all kept classified you understand. These recordings, shown for the first time, reveal the extent of Sir Topham Hatts experiments It was horrible watching these engines work on the railways some days, but the tourists wanted it, they expected it, and, for me, it was work. But, with the new engines work schedule, came more and more accidents Edward was first to have problems. He’d been filming all day for the new TV series, and, for his last scene, he had to pull into Wellsworth station and whistle to
    the kids on the platform RINGO : Peep peep, whistled Edward. “Thank you very WHHOAAARRRGGGHHH!” Sadly, this was only the first in an increasing number of incidents. Harold had an obsession with aircraft, and had paid to become a helicopter. The operation had gone well, but we had to ban him from flying. In an experiment kept secret until now, Mavis the diesel engine was to be the first
    biofused locomotive used on the railway We fuelled her up and everything seemed fine. Then things got out of hand. diesel began to burn her internal organs
    everything organic in the engine was soon burning. Have you ever heard a locomotive scream in pain? We tried rinsing out the fuel tank with water, but by then it was too late. Mavis’ body would be kept under lock and key indefinitely In an unexpected u-turn, Topham Hatt would ban fuelled engines from being used on the railway. Harold was never told why he couldn’t fly, but the decision would keep him alive if only for a little
    while longer. In fact, unknown to the outside world, there had been many
    failed biofusion experiments. That Fat B*****d kept the accidents a secret, and legal disclaimers had to be signed by anyone being biofused, so there’d be no legal action taken if anything went wrong. This footage shows engines being displayed to tourists during the off season. many of these engines were failed biofusion experiments and were too ill to work, or were already dead. They had to put a stop to that though. SCREAMING With all the accidents happening, people started asking the same thing. Why had Thomas, the first engine, worked so well? Despite the problems other engines had, Thomas had worked fine, seemingly oblivious to the other problems and accidents other engines had. Keeping their problems a secret from the outside world Sodor research began selling the
    technology to other countries in multi-million pound deals. These countries would have less qualms about the use of fuel engines and even the modern
    electric trains. Even failed biofused engines were being displayed
    publicly in what would become a kind of freak show to his horror, Prof. Hans saw what this was leading to. Slavery of engines and immediately resigned. His father, Wilhelm, would go one step
    further OLD GERMAN MUSIC MORE TENSE MUSIC Prof Wilhelm couldn’t come to terms with what was happening to his engines, and took the only course he thought he could take. That fat f**k got a load of rail staff over to his house to clean up, after the body was taken away. You should’ve seen it, sawdust everywhere. It took us days. But such attempts to keep the incidents on Sodor a secret were short lived, after a very public accident. Gordon paid an enormous amount to be Sodors first 4 6 2 configuration engine. Much bigger than any engine at the time. We were terrified that fat s***e would make us fire up that huge engine. We were shocked to discover Gordon had insisted on being allowed to work on the railway. So, one night, after the regular staff had finished for the day, Fat *****, some of the rail staff and I, fired up the engine. As usual, these experiments were filmed. This footage has never been broadcast before. Dr. Routh and I filmed it all. It might be a big shaky, it was hand held. At first, Gordon complained about the heat, then that turned to pleas to douse the fire. But that fat b*****d held us back. He wanted to see what would happen. He argued he had put a lot of work into Gordon, and the chance to get him working was too great an opportunity He was literally cooking from the inside By the time we were allowed to act, it was too late. I wasn’t as near as some of them. All I could do was run. I was lucky to get away with some singed clothes. Others weren’t so lucky. The faithful few hours following the
    accident would seal the fate of Sodor Research. The fat ***** stopped us trying to put out the fire, insisting that any evidence would fall back on us. He kept repeating “This is all your fault, you knew the dangers, you’re legally to blame.” He stopped us calling for ambulances or the fire brigade. We told him, these are injured people here. They’re going to die unless we do something. But he kept saying “No one from the outside can see this, no one can come in” Finally, someone suggested we airlift them to hospital. Harold was banned from flying for his own safety, but we thought the risk was worth it. Fuelling Harold was a nervous experience. Would he have the same reaction Mavis had had. We all breathed a sigh of relief and loaded the injured people aboard. Then it all went wrong. Harolds engine had worked fine, but what no one realised was that most of Harolds lower extremities were permanently fused to his propeller system. As Harolds rotor blades began to spin, vital organs would be drawn into the motor, and tear him apart from the inside. Well, now there was no covering it up, the smoke could be seen all morning, and news people were here in an instant We were told to close the gates, and start clearing up the mess ourselves, with some help. Henry Thierry was the only 4 2 0 gauge engine on the island. A large engine, that had been working on the railway regularly he had become popular among tourists and the locals. Henry was called into the yard to help tidy the mess. Working mostly at night, He would cart away the wreckage under cover of darkness. We had to work quickly and quietly. Henry would cart wreckage from the yard, away to the sea. Then, one night, the points were set wrong, and we were diverted to another shed. Henry had inadvertently been sent to Shed 17 where Thomas had been biofused into a tank engine, and had since been declared out of bounds. It was dark and all these shed’s looked the same. I unlocked the doors and Henry rolled in. I didn’t see what Henry saw, cos as soon as he put his head through the door, he bolted and reversed out. Keith locked the shed up, without seeing what was inside, but Henry had seen it all. We wouldn’t even dare talk about that shed. It was more than our jobs worth. But Henry had decided to speak up, and confront Sir Topham Hatt. That night, he arrived at the Railway Controllers office. I don’t know what was said in there. But there were raised voices at times. They had a shouting match for 10 minutes. Then Henry left, back to the shed. By pure chance, he was sent back to the same shed as Thomas that night. And with one sentence, he sealed both their fates. Henry only said one thing to him. Stay away from Shed 17 The next day, that fat b*****d had a new job for him. The Flying Kipper route ran through the night, delivering fish from the Docks to the mainland across the highest altitude line in the country. That old line was treacherous at best. But, when Henry was put on there, in the winter, it was a deathtrap. In 1970, fish had started being delivered by road to the mainland, it was safer and more cost effective. and the line was declared redundant. Dangerous and unnecessary, it came as a shock to the islanders when it was reopened. That fat s***e always hated Henry. He didn’t like his cheerful manner, and he clearly had other…lifestyle choices. Fat c**t wanted Henry away from the other engines, and the Kipper run was a death sentence. On the night of Feb 8th 1983, Henry had only been on the Kipper Run for a week. The following incident would be made into a book and later recreated in
    the television series. RINGO : This is the train the railwaymen call the Flying Kipper Can you believe they put it in a kids story? Of course, that fat f****r changed quite a few of the facts. RINGO : They couldn’t know the points from the mainline to a siding were frozen, and the signal should have been set at “Danger”, but snow had forced it down. As the train approached the most treacherous part of the line, unnoticed to Henry, his driver and fireman, the points had diverted did them to the adjoining siding and right into the path of another train RINGO : Henrys driver and fireman had jumped clear before the crash In fact, Al and Barry died from their injuries, slowly in the snow, the poor b*****ds. By midday, the recovery operation was underway as Sir Topham Hatt arrived. RINGO : “Cheer up Henry, it wasn’t your fault. Ice and snow caused the accident.” These images from a trainspotters camera were taken the evening before and was
    successfully covered up by the Sodor Railway Board for ten years. There was a railway spike in the points. Of course that had disappeared by the time we got there. RINGO : “I’m sending you to Crewe, a fine place for sick engines.” Crewe, we all knew what that meant. RINGO : “They’ll give you a new shape and a larger firebox.” Crewe was, at the time, one of only two scrap metal yards in the UK capable of handling and recycling organic material and engine parts RINGO : “You’ll feel like different engine and
    won’t need special coal anymore.” With those few words, he’d sentenced Henry to death. RINGO : “Won’t that be nice?” “Yes sir” said Henry doubtfully Everyone knew we wouldn’t see him again, and everything was sewn up nice and neat for that fat ****. SCREAMING As news got out about Henry’s accident, it didn’t take Thomas long to realise Henry had been disposed of because of what he knew. The next evening, Thomas had been put on his own for the night. As his driver left, under what was left of his own steam, he set off for the Sodor Research complex. He had a small amount of burning fuel in his firebox but he was mostly moving under his own strength. It took Thomas three hours to get to the complex, the effort to get there nearly
    killing him. Thomas arrived at midnight. With no one
    around he made his way to the shed where he was created. What he found was the answers to his questions and many others. Since Sodor Research had begun producing biofused vehicles, the world had asked “Why had the first biofusion operation worked so well, when nearly every operation since had failed?” Sadly, Thomas found the reasons inside. Thomas had never been the first operation, he hadn’t even been the second. What Shed 17 contained was evidence of several attempts to create a Tank Engine with Thomas’s DNA these had been early tests made by
    people with no experience of an experiment on this scale. Ill planned and unprepared, these procedures had used DNA from human Thomas and had been as much the real Thomas as the Tank Engine the world had come to know and love. To us, Thomas the Tank Engine was the Thomas we all knew as a boy. Part of the family the whole island’s
    population had known and respected since Wilhelm first arrived. In actuality this Tank Engine was no more the real Thomas than all the failed creations made over
    the 12 months before. This Thomas had all the the human Thomas’ memories and experiences. He had learned what Thomas had learned, known who Thomas had known, but so had all the
    previous failures Wilhelm and Hans had to learn
    through trial and error how to bring their Thomas back from the dead. The
    following experiments had not had the same work put into them, resulting in the
    freak engines and aircraft that had developed so many problems on Sodor Island and around the world. In Shed 17, Thomas wouldn’t discover who he was, but in fact, who he wasn’t. NOOOOOO! SCREAMING He had no idea he was only one of many clones, none of us did. But, as time passed, we stopped asking the questions we had at first. We were just glad our friend was back with us. He could work for us. He became our servant, in a way. Someone who drew in the crowds, helped create jobs. Was eager to work. Thomas always thought of us as his friends. Sadly, over time we just came to think of him as just… …really useful. HOWIE SCREAM Next week, Cockleshell Bay. In the aftermath of the “Mr Ship Enquiry” we ask “how much did ITV know? and where next for Robin and Rosie RACIST RANTING of Cockleshell Bay?” UNDERWATER SCREAM