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    AUDIO: Queens native Awkwafina voices the No. 7 subway train
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    AUDIO: Queens native Awkwafina voices the No. 7 subway train

    January 20, 2020

    – [Awkwafina] The next stop is: Hudson Yards, 34th Street. This is Hudson Yards, 34th Street. Hope you like weird architecture! The next stop is: Times Square, 42nd Street. This is Time Square 42nd Street, where New Yorkers go to relax. The next stop is: Grand Central 42nd Street. This is Grand Central 42nd Street. Go for the trains, stay
    for the large clock. The next stop is: Fifth Avenue-Bryant Park. This is Fifth Avenue-Bryant Park. The New York Public Library is here! If you enjoy books. This is Vernon Boulevard-Jackson Avenue. Hey fellas, stop manspreading! Thanks, and have a great day. This is Hunterspoint Avenue. A friendly reminder that
    seats are for people, not your bags. This is Court Square. Please remember, poles are for hands only! This is Queensboro Plaza. Stand clear of the closing doors, please. That means, get your entire
    body in the train, now! This is 33rd Street. In other news, the number
    33 is a palindrome! Wait, can numbers be palindromes? This is 40th Street. I don’t wanna say it’s my favorite street, but it’s definitely in my “top 40.” This is 46th Street,
    which is a lucky number! I just learned that on the internet. Also learned that pigeons and doves are the same thing, what!? This is 46th Street. A friendly reminder that
    if the train is crowded, keep your dance routine to yourself! This is 52nd Street. If this is your stop, and you’re asleep, well, that sucks. This is Woodside, 61st Street. Please help us keep the subway clean! Just the inside though, don’t go crazy. This is 69th Street, which is definitely, definitely
    not funny in any way. This is 74th Street-Broadway. Please remember to use headphones
    when listening to music, even if your playlist is straight fire. This is 82nd Street-Jackson Heights. And please remember, a train car is the worst place to clip your toenails. This is 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue. This is Junction Boulevard. This is 103rd Street-Corona Plaza. And no, this is not
    where the beer is made. This is 111th Street. That’s a lotta one’s! This is Mets-Willets Point,
    home of the New York Mets! This is Mets-Willets Point, home of the Mets! I love the Mets, cause I’m from Queens! And you’re riding the 7 train. The next and last stop
    is: Flushing-Main Street. Please exit the train, unless you wanna go back
    to where you came from. This is a Manhattan-bound 7 train. This is a Manhattan-bound 7 Express train, as in, the opposite of a local train! This is a Manhattan-bound 7 Local train. All the stops, baby! This is a Queens-bound 7 train. This is a Queens-bound 7 Express train, as in, the opposite of a local train! This is a Queens-bound 7 Local train. All the stops, baby! This is a 34th Street-Hudson
    Yards-bound 7 train. Transfers available to
    the E, F, M and R trains. Transfer to the Q47 and
    the LaGuardia Link Q70 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to Q53 Select Bus Service. If you’re transferring to a bus to LaGuardia Airport, good luck! I hope you make your flight. Transfers available to the 7 Local train. Transfer to the LaGuardia Link Q70 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to the Q53 Select Bus Service. Connection is available
    the Long Island Rail Road. If you’re heading to
    LaGuardia Airport, good luck! I hope you make your flight. Transfers available to E, F and R trains. Transfer to the Q47 and LaGuardia Link Q70 Select Bus Service
    to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to the Q53 Select Bus Service. If you’re transferring to a bus to LaGuardia Airport, good luck! I hope you make your flight. Transfers available to
    the 7 Express train. Transfer to the LaGuardia Link, Q70 Select Bus Service
    to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to the Q53 Select Bus Service. Connection is available
    to Long Island Rail Road. Or just go get a coffee. You didn’t have to transfer anywhere! I still love you. Transfers available to
    the LaGuardia Link Q70 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to the Q53 Select Bus Service. Connection is available
    to Long Island Rail Road. Listen, I can’t help you once you get to Long Island, that’s on you. Transfers available to the E and F trains. Transfer to the LaGuardia
    Link Q70 Select Bus Service to LaGuardia Airport. Transfer to the Q53 Select Bus Service. Tell them Awkwafina sent you! You won’t get a discount or
    anything, I just miss ’em.

    (Amtrak/MARC Test Train) Metro North & Amtrak Saturday Railfanning at Philipse Manor
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    (Amtrak/MARC Test Train) Metro North & Amtrak Saturday Railfanning at Philipse Manor

    January 20, 2020

    Train #8713 : This station is Philipse Manor This is the train to Croton-Harmon The next station is Scarborough Train #8720 : This station is Philipse Manor This is the train to Grand Central The next station is Tarrytown. Train #8715 : This station is Philpse Manor This is the train to Croton-Harmon The next station is Scarborough. Train #8724 : This station is Philipse Manor This is the train to Grand Central The next station is Tarrytown. Train #8723 : This station is Philipse Manor This is the train to Croton-Harmon The next station is Scarborough.

    مذكرة النقاط | تخطيطي للعام الجديد | Bullet Journal Set up 2020
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    مذكرة النقاط | تخطيطي للعام الجديد | Bullet Journal Set up 2020

    January 19, 2020

    Hello again in this new Bullet Journal video This is the 2020 Bullet Journal set up I’m starting with the key After trying different combinations these are the symbols that work best for me The theme for this set up is an Art Deco theme to celebrate the twenties Next the index I usually have many collections in my Bullet Journal I need an index to keep track of them The future log I’ll keep all my appointments and events in this log This page is empty for now it’s either an affirmation page or a quote page My goals for the year 2020 I divided my goals into six sections The monthly expenses 12 boxes, one for each month They’ll work as tick boxes And the savings Thank you for watching

    DELHI TO KARTARPUR CORRIDOR IN 200 Rs : My Train to Pakistan
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    DELHI TO KARTARPUR CORRIDOR IN 200 Rs : My Train to Pakistan

    January 18, 2020

    To reach Kartarpur corridor (Dera Baba Nanak) from Delhi There are many modes of transportation including direct flights and buses (to Amritsar) But I am going to travel on a train The reason behind is… I got the ETA (or permission to travel to Kartarpur) just 2 days back Then I started searching for seat availability in trains There was only one train left with a few seats available in the ‘II class’ coach This train runs between Delhi and Amritsar It takes 8 hours and Rs.190 I don’t think there is any cheaper way to travel between Delhi and Amritsar than this I was initially planning to travel in an AC compartment but because only 2 days were left for the journey there was no seat availability in AC trains Today is Friday and trains towards Chandigarh and Amritsar are usually full in the weekends These two friends have brought me to this place They are sharing important information about this place They are locals from Amritsar They are Indrajeet and Manbeer I am enjoying their company I wanted to start my Kartarpur’s trip from Amritsar Because here is the most prominent Gurdwara of Sikhism I’m talking about the Golden Temple or the Harmandir Sahib It’s just in front of me Mr Manveer is going to drop me somewhere on his two-wheeler He will help me in getting an auto-rickshaw That shared auto will take me to Verka railway station in just Rs.10 This is the speciality of our country Thanks for being a part of this video I don’t know how to do vlogging in such situations! Sometimes I get nervous because of such people staring at me That’s with the Golden Temple behind me and here is my hostel I got a discounted price of Rs.202.50 through Otherwise, it was costing Rs.250 Location of this hostel is quite good Jallianwala Bagh is hardly a 100 metres away from this place And Golden Temple is almost 200 m away There are many hotels in this location SIR, WHAT WOULD BE THE COST OF THIS CAMERA? 150 g of Roasted chickpeas costs Rs.20 Okay! this is 160 g (not 150)! The train ticket from Verka to Dera Baba Nanak cost Rs.15 Next train will depart at 1:40 PM This is Verka junction railway station If you are also planning to visit Kartarpur from Delhi Then you should know that the nearest major city for Kartarpur Sahib is Amritsar There are many direct flights, trains and buses for Amritsar However the most comfortable and budget friendly way to travel is a train If you also want to take a train Then prefer a train which arrives Amritsar at 3 or 4 AM Because you can catch another train at 4:15 AM from Amritsar which will take you to Dera Baba Nanak this direct train to Dera Baba Nanak will charge you Rs.15 so basically you are doing a night journey from Delhi to Amritsar By 6 AM you will reach Dera Baba Nanak from there you can start your journey to Kartarpur at 8 AM There are only 4 trains to reach Dera Baba Nanak 1 is available from Amritsar and the rest 3 are from Verka now its 1:20 PM and the train behind me will depart at 1:40 PM (to Dera Baba Nanak) So the first train to DBN from this station leaves around 11:30 AM Second departs at 1:40 p.m. and the third around 4:30 PM It takes one and half hours to reach Dera Baba Nanak from Verka Total distance from Amritsar to Verka is 8 km You can travel by road or trains to reach here from where this train has arrived? oh! This has come from Amritsar The best things about train journeys are You can see the real countryside and meet locals I prefer trains over flights for a more authentic travel experience there are very few people in this train It’s 3:15 PM and I am about to reach Dera Baba Nanak this one and half hour long journey was very comfortable and scenic I wish there is a direct train from Delhi to Dera Baba Nanak Even from Amritsar, there is only one direct train to Dera Baba Nanak I suggest these three trains starting from Verka should be extended to Amritsar This will be convenient for the visitors travelling to Kartarpur Now let me introduce you with Mr Surender Can you please come here? He is a local from Dera Baba Nanak He has shared a very important piece of information there is a free bus service from Dera Baba Nanak railway station to Darbar Sahib Gurdwara that is a yellow coloured bus There are two major gurudwaras in Dera Baba Nanak First is Chola Sahib According to him a robe of Guru Nanak is kept at Chola Sahib Gurudwara Besides that, there is another Gurudwara called Darbar Sahib Gurudwara You can get rooms in Darbar Sahib Gurudwara It is also closer to the border Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us we have reached now Mr Surender has shared another information This railway track earlier used to connect with Pakistan Towards Lahore “This station was built during British rule” The gentle policeman asked me to rush as the yellow bus is going to leave now This is the free bus service which connects the railway station with Darbar Sahib Gurudwara It took almost 10 minutes to reach the Gurudwara Mr Yogendra shared that this bus also takes you to the border point at 8 AM It comes back at 2:30 PM And then again it goes back to the railway station From there you can get a train to Verka So this is indeed a good initiative for people travelling to the railway station and the border check post Visitors can also get rooms to stay For single visitors like me, they provide a hall instead of a room “You can store your luggage in the cloakroom” This is an open Hall And here are the rooms Yes I am a YouTuber “I am one of your subscribers” “I am happy to meet you here” I am even happier that you recognised me “I have come from Anandpur Sahib” “Tomorrow I am going to visit Kartarpur” I will also go with you “She is my mother” There is a famous and historical Gurdwara in Anandpur Sahib The world will become a better place if people from all the religion stay together in harmony I have started experiencing the positivity here which I am expecting from Pakistan tomorrow You people are so positive “Even we are going to visit tomorrow. let’s go together” I’m so happy now it’s 5:15 PM and I have come to visit the local market Suddenly, I heard someone calling me This gentleman has come all the way from Kota to meet me He is Manish “I just came to meet him” “I am one of his greatest Bhakts” I don’t have any Bhakts. They belong to someone else “After my parents, I love him a lot” Thanks a lot for this honour (Random chitchat) Let me share this this is room no. 30 also called “the hall” Single male visitors like me, Manish or sir are usually allowed to stay in such halls However, if you’re travelling with your family Then you can get a private room However, this isn’t bad. In fact here I can interact with a lot of people If you can come out of your comfort zone then you can enjoy such travelling experiences If you don’t like this then you are always welcome to stay in the hotels In most of the Gurudwaras in India, you might get to stay in such halls if you’re travelling solo If you’re okay with this then you are always welcome in the Gurudwaras its 10:30 AM. another new day I’m still in the same Gurudwara The first day I stayed in the hall for free. The second day I got a private room for Rs.200 after I got up I was going to refill my water bottle There is a water cooler for filtered water in this premise While I was going I saw someone waiting for me “I have come here especially to meet him” The way he met me was very overwhelming After meeting him I just kept thinking about him People like him always makes me realize that I am one of the most blessed ones in this world who is liked and loved by so many people “I planned my trip to Malaysia just because of him” “His videos inspired me to travel” “He is the only reason behind my trip to Malaysia” “He told in his videos that knowing English is not mandatory to travel the world” “After Malaysia, I visited Singapore just because of him” Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that my videos helped you He also surprised me when I was visiting the market He suddenly came to me and said that I have come to meet you from Kota But now Manish is leaving for Kota I’m happy to meet him as well Thanks to all of you for meeting me in such a lovely way These ladies are now preparing food (Langar) Is this Gurudwara Chola Sahib? its 5:30 PM Time to finish this trip I have refilled my water bottle And now these people have offered me a ride to the bus terminal “Brother, where are you from?” I am from Delhi “But Delhi is a city!” Yes, it is a city ok. bye Sat sri akal This gentleman is although going to Amritsar But I cannot travel on his bike with this trolley That is why he is going to drop me to the bus terminal lets see how will be the journey from Dera Baba Nanak to Delhi! I am paying Rs.1,110 from Amritsar to Delhi in this Volvo bus “I wanted to meet you” He’s from Hyderabad Today he visited Kartarpur How was your experience? “It was truly amazing” What a pleasant way to finish this trip!

    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!
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    I Crashed My Lionel Polar Express Train Set!

    January 17, 2020

    The UPS guy brought me something interesting today. It’s a very inexpensive G scale model train set.
    One of my YouTube viewers told me about it. Now, if you were to buy a G scale starter
    set from a company like LGB… That would typically set you back three or four
    hundred dollars, but this set was under a hundred. That’s so cheap, I figured what the heck!
    Let’s just order one I’ll make
    a video about it for YouTube. But there is, of course, a catch.
    In fact, there’s several catches! So, let’s just unbox it. We’ll take a look at it
    and see what kind of compromises that they had
    to make to get the price under $100. This is a Polar Express train set.
    You know, the classic Christmas story…
    started as a book in 1985… And then became an animated
    movie with Tom Hanks in 2004. Now I’m pretty sure that Lionel didn’t design
    this for a 60 year old guy like me to add to
    his collection of G scale model trains. I think the idea was more that a 60 year old guy like me
    would buy it for his four-year-old grandchild as a way
    to introduce them into model trains. I didn’t even know that Lionel made G-scale stuff at all.
    I thought they were just in to O and HO. But since they say that this is G scale,
    I’m hoping that I can get it to run on my big layout… That’s made up of LGB-brand metal track.
    Let’s see if it works! So, what comes in the box is the locomotive and
    a tender, and then two of these passenger cars… A remote control to operate it,
    and a whole bunch of this plastic track. Now this is one of the big compromises
    that they’ve made.
    It’s plastic. It doesn’t conduct electricity. This kind of locomotive doesn’t get
    electricity through the rails like a
    normal G scale train would get. This has a bunch of batteries inside of it.
    Six C cell batteries to run it… And then two more AA batteries in the
    remote control to operate that. So, it’s not getting power through the track
    like a regular G-scale locomotive would. Now, speaking of regular G-scale locomotives, OK… This may look good here by itself,
    but when you put it up against a
    real LGB-brand G-scale locomotive… You can see that we’re talking
    about a big difference in size. And I don’t know if it comes across on camera,
    but a huge difference in quality. As you would expect…
    This being a hundred dollar set,
    and this being about a $900 locomotive on its own. But this is like toy quality,
    and this is the genuine article right here. But the question that’s killing me…
    and especially more so now that I see
    the size difference between these two locomotives… They say that this is a G-scale set.
    I’m really wondering…
    Is this going to run on my LGB track?
    Let’s find out! Here’s the locomotive.
    Let me line it up with the track. Oh no!
    Oh, it looked good on this side
    when I lined this side up. But it is totally hanging off the side over here. This is not standard G scale width.
    This is wider than regular G-scale. It doesn’t fit on that track.
    So, I’m not going to be able to lay my…
    I’ve got hundreds of feet of LGB track… I’m not going to be able to
    run this on that.
    It’s… it’s just a different size. That is a big problem, because I was really hoping
    to be able to run this under battery power
    on all my existing track. So, now I’m going to have to
    put this plastic track together
    and run it as a whole separate thing… Independent from the rest of my G-scale stuff.
    That’s too bad, and that’s a disappointment. OK, I’ve got it all set up.
    We’re going to make it work. The true test for me of whether
    something is designed well… Is whether you can make it work without reading
    the owner’s manual and without any tools. And unfortunately, this failed on both counts.
    I needed a Phillips screwdriver… To be able to open the battery compartment on
    the locomotive and also to be able to open the
    battery compartment on the remote control. And the other thing was
    I couldn’t figure out how the batteries
    went into the locomotive. So, I did have to read the owner’s manual
    to figure that out. So, that was a fail there. But now it should be all set to go.
    So, we’re going to power it on. There’s a power switch on the locomotive itself,
    and also on the remote control. If you turn on the power switch on the locomotive,
    it beeps like that until you turn on
    the power switch on the remote control. Now, the fun part! OK, on the remote you’ve got some controls. (bell clangs) A bell. Nice sound effects! (steam whistle blows) A steam whistle.
    Another good sound effect! And check this out! (Conductor announcement)
    That’s fun. Now we can either turn it to forward or to reverse. And there’s not enough room on my kitchen table here
    to make a full loop… So, I hope it’s very responsive after I start it and
    then try to stop it before it runs off the end of the table. (Sound of steam train chugging) OH! (laughing)
    For a minute there, I thought it was going
    to go right off the end! When I turned it to off,
    it didn’t immediately stop.
    But it stopped in time. All right, here’s reverse. (sound of steam train chugging) Nice steam train sounds there.
    All right, so I like that. So, I guess the next step is we’ll set it up on the floor.
    I’ll use all the track that came with the set. It’s enough track to go around
    a Christmas tree at Christmas time.
    I’m pretty sure that’s what the whole point is. (Conductor announcement)
    THIS IS THE POLAR EXPRESS! (sound of steam train chugging and whistle blowing) Even though I’m disappointed that I can’t run
    this supposed G-scale train on my
    existing G-scale tracks… I have to admit that once I put the Lionel tracks
    down on my living room floor and started
    running the train, I had fun. For less than $100, it’s certainly a tremendous value. The working headlight on the front of
    the locomotive is a nice touch. The best part is the sound.
    The “all aboard” announcement is fun and
    the bell and whistle sound effects are even better. (Sound of a steam train whistle) Also, the chugging sound of the train in motion. Now you certainly get much better sound effects
    on a real G-scale setup,
    but at this price what you get really is impressive. One other feature I haven’t mentioned yet
    is that the locomotive can operate at
    your choice of three speeds. I’ve been running it at the low speed, so far. Here’s the medium speed. (Chugging sound is faster than before) And now here is the highest
    speed setting for the locomotive. (Chugging sound is even faster than before) Of course, you use the remote control to set the speed.
    Once you’ve picked the speed you want… You can set the remote control down and
    the train will just keep operating at that speed. I have no idea how long it would go
    on one set of batteries. I would definitely look into
    buying some rechargeables if I was you. One negative thing that jumps out at me
    is the way the train lurches to a start
    when you first start it moving. (Sound of a steam train whistle) That’s a very unrealistic start up.
    Too bad they couldn’t figure out a way to get it to
    gradually start moving from the stopped position. That’s a problem you wouldn’t have
    if you had spent three or four times the cost
    of this set to get a real G scale starter set. Now, because running this train around and around
    this oval over and over again
    gets a little boring after a while… Be aware that you can buy
    more of this plastic track and even switches. And it’s all pretty affordable
    since it’s all made from plastic.
    It seems pretty durable, too. (Sound of the train’s bell) You know that it’s just a matter of time
    before any kid you give this set to
    will stage a train crash on purpose! So, for my big finale…
    let’s do a train crash! I know…
    that wasn’t a very good train crash. Seemed like a funny idea.
    Maybe it would be funnier with music… (Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” plays and repeated
    train crashes are synchronized with the cannon sounds) 20 years of experience editing videos
    and I think I finally nailed one! Well, in the end, this inexpensive little
    toy train set did win me over . If you’ve got a budget of $100
    and want to give a really great gift
    to some four to ten year old kid… I think you’d be hard-pressed to do better than this. Now, I think it goes without saying…
    but I’ll say it anyway… Don’t buy this for an adult
    and don’t buy this for anyone that
    already owns some real G scale track. But if you’ve got a kid, or a grandkid,
    or a niece or a nephew in that
    four to ten year old age group… Or even if you don’t,
    but you like the idea of running
    a train around the Christmas tree… …without investing three to four hundred dollars
    or more in a real G scale setup… I think I really can recommend
    Lionel’s Polar Express train set to you. I just refuse to say that it’s G scale,
    because it really isn’t. Now if you want to buy
    one of these Polar Express train sets,
    just click on the link that should
    be on screen right now Or if you don’t see a link on the screen,
    look below in the description or the comments. Also, if you know someone that you think might be
    interested in one of these bargain-priced train sets… Click on the “share” button
    and share this video with them. The “share” button is the one that looks
    like an arrow with a goofy hook to it. Of course, I’ve got many more videos planned
    for the coming months, so subscribe to my channel
    if you want to make sure that you don’t miss any. I’ll continue to make videos about model trains… But I’ve also got some really interesting vacations coming up on cruise ships.
    So, there’ll be some new cruise videos coming this Fall. For now, I’ll leave you with
    four suggested videos to take a look at… Three about model trains, and one about an amazing vacation we took on a cruise ship earlier this year. I’m Jim Zim.
    Leave a comment in the video, if you’d like.
    I read them all! It’s always interesting to hear what
    people have to say about these videos.

    Strange Japan: Unexpected Travel Stories and a Train Trip to Nagoya 変なニッポン:思いがけないこと
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    Strange Japan: Unexpected Travel Stories and a Train Trip to Nagoya 変なニッポン:思いがけないこと

    January 17, 2020

    this is a first for me
    it’s a bunch of kids in here they’re all looking at me this really cleared out I think they wanted to say hi. Hi this is
    Anming here and a lot of strange things happen to me on a daily basis like you
    just saw maybe it’s because I’m from Maybe it’s because I’m from Michigan or maybe it’s because I’ve been a grad student abroad I kind of lived in Tokyo and Shanghai at the same time so
    I’ve been on a lot of trips and one thing I’ve come to know is you can’t
    control everything so expect the unexpected and I did some research in
    Nagoya I bought these expensive bullet train tickets and after the research was
    done there was only one thing I wanted to do see the castle it’s the only thing
    to see in Nagoya and that was what we wanted to do so this is our story of
    trying to see this darn castle. This is really anticlimactic
    I thought it was gonna come right away It’s gonna come like this second I turn the
    camera off it’s usually how it works it’s coming You gotta get on and you have to get on
    fast or it’s gonna leave without you. now it’s time for a on the Sinkansen. And we got something really special today. this is a Pikachu doughnut it’s really
    cute you can eat you can have a bite of
    Pikachu’s little butthole. I’m sorry, that was a terrible thing to say. But that’s really what it is. Here, you can have a Pikachu butt. This is my Pikachu butt. Your Pikachu butt is inside. What happened to your guy? It’s broken. And as usual, I’m eating it like a child. And I got it all over. my gosh how I just made such a mess I
    can’t even eat like a normal human being You know they don’t make this easy to eat. There’s pieces falling all over this is an eyeball We are stopping at Nagoya Station. Welcome to Nagoya. This is where we are. Right now and it’s cold. Here I am at Nagoya castle. Which is basically the only thing to see in Nagoya. That’s right. This big of a city only has one tourist attraction. And this is it. So once you see this you can go home. Because there’s nothing else. But it’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of castle’s in Japan. I think this is the third one I’ve been to. I went to Osaka Jo, Odawara Jo, and this is the third one Nagoya Jo. So
    pretty nice day too got lucky By this point my expectations for this castle
    were like sky high was like Nagoya this is gonna be a really sexy trip but then
    reality hit in We came here just before closing time. Can we still get in? Better late than never. maybe they’ll let us in out of pity apparently we’re too late well that’s
    what you get for not making it on time Now we know. You cannot enter it at this time. It’s under construction. This was a total flashback to other trips in Japan that
    went in an unexpected way like kiyomizu temple in 2016
    closed due to construction couldn’t see anything and Shuri castle in 2019
    caught on fire burned to the ground absolutely destroyed so how do you turn
    a fail into a win in this situation I suggest you gotta stay positive it helps We’re having fun. I think there’s some greenery. today the guy from National Geographic
    is following me again he brought his camera you’re getting
    paid for this right you should be paid You’re doing a lot of work. At the end of the day I did not get to see inside that castle but that’s okay I’ll live
    that brings us to our comment for today what unexpected things have happened to
    you on vacation leave your comment below and thank you for watching
    see you next time

    Frozen River| Harbin| SonghuaRiver|Ice&Snow Festival 2020| ZhongyangStreet| China
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    Frozen River| Harbin| SonghuaRiver|Ice&Snow Festival 2020| ZhongyangStreet| China

    January 17, 2020

    Hello all, welcome all to HA Couple vlogs Ha ha , don’t get confused, we are here and we dressed heavy to survive -30 Deg C Its so cold, even we dressed very thick but still feel cold So, today we are going to see the frozen Songhua river As we discussed in last episode, the river is completely transformed to ice in winter season We are going to jump inside that frozen river so … Ok…. This is “中央大街” / Zhong yang da jie / Central Street, constructed like Russian streets This street starts here towards a big river at the end of the street that is a big river and is wider more than 1 – 1.5 Km approximately the length of the river makes her position to top 5th longest river in China. The main specialty of this river is, on winter season it is transformed to frozen river music!! The train made of ice!!! These ice are taken out from that frozen river All this ice are cutout from that frozen river Aiyyy!! Did you get any idea about this thing This is a Snow sculpture, fully made of snow, very big snow sculpture So, lets jump to river ok?? So cold, its freezing guys Hey girl!! do you feel cold? (laughing) we are totally frozen !!! We can get to riverside through this underground way music !!! We are crossing the road using this underway here we can see the supermarkets and shopping mall they are mostly selling branded items, we can see all if we walk over this way But we need to walk out this way to reach on riverside We can see see the activities inside the river, but i cant handle camera well because my hands are freezing We are on the way and near to river side Ice sculpture !! there are lot of ice sculptures built on sides of this street We cant walk well because of the heavy dressing ohhhhh We wear 4 layers inside this jacket There is another cap inside this winter cap That day we came in this shopping mall to watch Chinese remake of Malayalam movie “Drishyam” We are going to catch back our ICE throne (ordering like a king ) My queen come here, please come to our throne just kidding last time when we came here the constructuin of this ice sculptures was on progressing that day (2 weeks ago) now !!! music !!! Ha ha We are standing in front of a big ice sculpture Did you gays remember, in our last episode we see the progressing and details of building this sculptures now it becomes so beautiful how do you feel all this ice are cutout from the frozen river so lets go and see that river come on !! We have planned to directly jump inside the river if possible we can have a swim and bath in river so ready to dive into river These are snow sculptures, fully made of snow these are the activities on riverside take the ticket and slide down to river ayyyeee, do you wanna jump in to river we can take soap, towels and a bucket She: “bucket” !! for what ??? (laughing) step down, step down …. where are you going ?? music !!! woooooowwwwwww here is how do you feel ??? this big river get frozen.. our eyes can’t reach across the river She: I am going place my legs to river music !!! we are now inside the river Ice, (water in river turned ice) I think he is sleeping there Polar bear, bear, bear !!! ohh my goodness, we re seeing a river dear friends can you see the activities inside this river music !!! It is made like a dolphin swiming inside the waves [laugh] can you imagine, we are walking in a river we just start from there and now we even not walked 25% of this river did you ever think about, in winter time the rivers are frozen so how does the living beings in the river can survive ?? examples; fishes and other living things inside water do you know what happens to those livings we need to know such facts !! We know, ice is solid state, but we cant say this river is in solid state because the density of ice is lower than water So the ice always float on water so we can say, in winter time, the water transformed to ice and float on upper layer of this river its approximately 6 feet ice layer is floating over river consider if we put some ice cubes in a glass of water, we can see ice always tends to float on water Same theory is here for this big river also the upper layer of this river is covered with ice with a layer of ice with a thickness of maximum 8 feet (aprox) so the living beings of this river are protected and happily living in water beneath this upper layer of ice in my childhood I thought in winter the fishes in river will suddenly transformed to ice and they will die. no !!! It was wrong .. actually they all are leaving happily and safe under the upper layer of this ice. we are just standing on a layer of ice that do not allow further freezing of water under it [snow bike riding on frozen Songhua river, Harbin, China] [sound of snow ride] [motor car/bike] Hope you enjoyed this episode if you are still not a family member, join our family by subscribing to this channel so dear all, please watch video, like the video if you liked it, comment your reviews and She: Please do subscribe, yeh also please do best ti support us we can meet in next episodes with more more more beautiful scenes Wish you all a wonderful life, Thank you all…

    Austin F1 COTA Track Preview – /DRIVEN
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    Austin F1 COTA Track Preview – /DRIVEN

    January 17, 2020

    SPEAKER 1: Two years,
    ago admit it. You never thought this place
    was actually going to be built, a new FIA Spec Formula
    One racetrack that sprung up in the heartland of Texas. This is the Circuit of the
    Americas, the newest and most modern motorsports facility in
    North America, and unlike Korea or India, it’s actually
    done weeks ahead of its inaugural Grand Prix. MIKE MUSTO: We’re very lucky
    because we’re actually one of the first crews allowed on here,
    to not only experience the circuit to some extent,
    but to bring it to you guys at home. STEVE CARPINO: Today,
    we’re here at this Circuit of the Americas. It’s a new racetrack in Austin,
    Texas, really designed for Formula One racing. Now, Pirelli has got a really
    close link to Formula One for many years, particularly in
    the last couple years. We’re actually the supplier
    of the tire that’s run on all the cars. MIKE MUSTO: And so the facility
    itself is just simply mind boggling. If you look at the grandstands
    the grandstands alone are going to hold 9,000 people. All the temporary seating, up
    and around that you can see over here, you’re talking
    upwards of 100,000 people, and this thing’s going to be
    packed on race day. MIKE MUSTO: So we’re standing
    at pit exit. We’re also standing at the
    end of the straightaway. Now, this straightaway is almost
    3/4 of a mile long. I believe it’s 0.64 of a mile
    if I’m not mistaken. Guys are going to be coming
    up here at speed, on the throttle, braking really hard,
    diving into that first corner. This is going to be commonplace
    at this circuit, and we’re looking so forward
    to seeing this stuff on a weekend basis here. OK, so here we go. This is actually our first lap
    ever, at the Circuit in the Americas, down in
    Austin, Texas. Now heading up the hill, left
    hander turning in, of following the pace truck, but
    that’s absolutely OK. Dropping it down into
    a downhill right. Now, the great part about this
    track is the visibility. You can see everywhere you’re
    going and you’ve got loads and loads of run-off. The other part is, you’ve got a
    lot a real estate out here. You can actually use this track,
    where there are some tracks that are somewhat,
    well, small and you feel confined. You don’t get that here. You can go in, you can turn in,
    you can see where you’re going, and the track
    feels great. This is also a very, very
    technical track. This track is 3.4 miles
    with 20 turns. That’s a lot. So you’re wheeling this track. It’s not like it’s
    a Sunday drive. And you’re not going to learn it
    after one, two, three laps. It’s going to take you time
    to master this track. That’s going to be the coolest
    part about the F1 season. Think about that. I actually have more seat time
    on this track than some of the F1 drivers. SPEAKER 1: This year, Driven’s
    been fortunate enough to gain access to behind the scenes in
    Formula One thanks to Pirelli. They’ve been one of our biggest supporters behind the scenes. With their reemergence into
    Formula One, the brand has made huge investments into
    new tire compounds. Those black things around your
    wheels may look unattractive, but as car technology improves,
    the weakest link in the chain will always be
    the limiting factor. And unlike many things in
    the auto industry, the trickle-down technology
    from race tire to street tire is real. MIKE MUSTO: OK, so we’re down
    here in Austin, Texas right now filming on Pirelli’s new P7
    Cinturato All Season tire. This is an all season tire,
    which means it’s got a 700 treadwear rating. So should we be on a
    track with this? Well technically it’s not
    the most ideal place for this tire to be. But let me tell you something. It’s not doing bad, and that’s
    the most surprising part about this car. The wet weather traction on
    these tires is fantastic. In fact, it’s one of the
    best wet weather tires I’ve been on. I’ve got a lot of miles on a
    Conti BW, which prior to this, I thought, was one of
    the best wet weather tires I’ve been on. This, to be honest with you,
    eclipses that, which is quite impressive. OK, so what we’re going to do
    right now, is we’re going to do a relatively high speed run,
    up to about 45, 50 miles an hour and go onto a wet zone,
    slam the brakes, and see how well the tires actually
    disperse the water underneath this. We’re going to see if the car
    slides around a little bit or if I can control it. Let’s see how this works, OK? So, hard on the gas,
    bringing it up. Well, I’m just doing about
    45 miles an hour. To the cones, slam on the
    brakes, no problem. We’re coming up to another
    one up here, which is on a left hander. We’re going to do
    the same thing. We’re going to bring it up to
    about, let’s see, oh about 50 miles an hour, go in if
    I can see the cone, hit the brake, turn. Now, just because you don’t
    think you’re going to have a panic stop situation,
    that doesn’t mean you’re not going to. Accidents happen because, well, they’re called accidents. You don’t know when they’re
    going to happen. You don’t know when you’re
    going to do a panic stop. But you have to understand that
    the tires that you have on your car make the difference
    between a big repair bill and no
    repair bill. So just try to keep
    that in mind. SPEAKER 1: While we enjoyed
    testing that durability of the new Pirelli P7s on track, we
    were even more thrilled to visit the Circuit
    of the Americas. There’s no doubt excitement is
    building in Austin, and we’re just glad we could bring you
    an inside look at the track prior to race day.

    How to Track Phone Number Clicks with Google Tag Manager
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    How to Track Phone Number Clicks with Google Tag Manager

    January 17, 2020

    In this video, I’m going to show you how you
    can detect a click on a phone number with the help of Google Tag Manager and send this
    on to Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Facebook Ads. All and more, coming up. Hey there measuregeeks, Julian here back with
    another video. Today, we want to talk about how we can detect
    and register if somebody clicks on a phone number in their browser or on a mobile device
    that will then open up their phone app. I’m on a Mac here so it asked me to open FaceTime. But if you would be on a mobile device, it
    probably opened up your preferred phone app. Now be aware with Google Tag Manager since
    it’s JavaScript and installed on our webpage, we cannot detect whether somebody actually
    calls the number. But the next best thing is to know if somebody
    clicks on the phone number. And since this opens up the phone app, this
    is actually a special link. So let’s first look into how this is marked
    up in the HTML. We’ll go into inspect element here. And we see here our phone number. And the special thing about this phone number
    is that it has the extension here in the front with the towel colon. And this actually tells the browser This is
    a phone number, which can be open in the phone app. So if you have the same markup on your page,
    how would you track this with the help of Google Tag Manager? Well, this is all possible with your auto
    event tracking features of Google Tag Manager. If you’re familiar with click tracking, this
    should be easy to handle. So as you can see on this page already, I
    have Google Tag Manager installed. I have a Google Analytics page view tag that
    is firing on all pages. And now I want to fire some additional tags
    that send data over once somebody clicks on this link. So first step is to head over to Google Tag
    Manager. And we go into our variable menu here to activate
    all our built in variables that we will use. Let’s scroll down here to the click variables,
    we want to detect the click. And we’re going to activate all of these. All right, it’s saving, and now they should
    be all activated. And we see them here. Once you click on refresh of our preview and
    debug mode, if you’re not yet in the preview mode, you can click here on the Preview button. And then on our page, we get this little panel
    here. And here in the variable menu, we should now
    see our different variables that we have just activated. Next up, we want to deploy a click trigger. So we can actually detect if somebody clicked
    on this phone number. So go over to Google Tag Manager under triggers
    here, and click on new and simply call this click. We’ll change this later on, and go with the
    just links click trigger. Click on this. And for now, we’ll just save it. And again, click on refresh. Go back to our page, reload that and now we
    need to activate our click trigger to see what happens here in the menu so I’m just
    going to click on the link, and cancel this all and we see a link click. So our auto event trigger listens to all the
    clicks on the page and forwards this on to our tool via Google Tag Manager to register some information. What information is registered? Let’s click on the fifth event and go to variables. And here we see our click variables got filled,
    not all of them, but at least some. So we’ll be able to base our filter on particular
    this fifth click because we want to distinguish that our tag doesn’t fire when somebody for
    example, clicks on the blog here. This would also trigger a link click, but
    we want to make sure that we only pick up our telephone clicks. So now that we have clicked on another link,
    we can actually compare what is changing when the user clicks on the telephone number and
    what is changing when it clicks on the blog link or on any other link. Well, the unique thing about this link click
    you can see already is that the click text is this phone number to click URL is actually
    what we saw in blue, the actual HF part of the link. And that is not true. When we go over here, this would totally change. So what we can do is based this of for example,
    the click URL here, because this is very unique to this particular link click, and it would
    actually also remain true if you click on any other telephone links that are may be
    on the Contact Us page. So how would we go about configuring this
    filter into our trigger? Let’s head back to Google Tag Manager. And we have already our click trigger. Now we’re going to refine this click trigger
    to only fire on our phone numbers. So I’m going to put this into the name as
    well and then we’re going to look at the trigger configurations. There are two configurations that you can
    check you don’t have to check which is the wait for tags option. This is an option that would prevent the browser
    for up to two seconds, be redirected onto the phone app. For example, in order for the tracking to
    fire, that’s an option that you have. Or to check validation option. This pertains to the features of JavaScript,
    whereas callback once the link is actually clicked, that’s something that I want to get
    too deep into right now. But you can find out more about these features
    in the help section right here. Once you click these options, you might you
    need to put in a special condition when you want to start listening for this link clicks. And if you use this option, you might want
    to to see just all pages, which would be the page path matches reg ex dot star. So I would urge you to try out these options
    I will leave them unchecked for now because we actually don’t need them always in our
    tags only in special circumstances when they are false negatives. For now, we want to talk about the filter
    options here. This trigger fires on and we don’t want to
    fire on all link clicks. We only want to fire on some links And here
    we can put our condition in and choose our condition we have talked about before, which
    was the click URL contains. And then we can just put in a part of the
    URL, which was this little bit that comes before the phone number. So again, we’re just looking into our click
    variables here. And finding what makes it unique in our case
    would be the click URL. And we choose as a unique point here, the
    tell colon to be included. And every time this is in the click URL, we
    fire our tag. So with that being configured, let’s save
    this. And now we have the trigger configured, we
    won’t be able to see anything in the preview and debug mode. And that’s because we don’t have the trigger
    it’s connected to a tag. So let’s do this. First, go over to our tags. And we already have our page view tag that finds on all pages. But now let’s go ahead and build an event
    tag for Google Analytics which fires on our phone number clicks. As a tech configuration, we choose our Google
    Analytics Universal Analytics and go with an event type right here. And we’re going to type in a category action
    label in our case, it would be a click to our phone number. And maybe we also want to know which page
    this has happened on. So which was a variable here, that is our
    page path. You could change these values around, just
    make them unique to be able to recognize them later on in your reporting. Then we need to choose where we want to send
    this all. I have already a variable prepared with our
    tracking ID right here. If you don’t have that, you can set this up
    yourself, or choose to enable the override settings and put your tracking ID in here. But since we have this already in a Google
    Analytics ID, this should do the trick. Now we connect this all with our trigger. Save this, refresh our preview and debug mode. Go back to our page, refresh that. And let’s try this all out. I’m going to click on the phone number. And we see, we had link click, we have open FaceTime. No, we don’t want to do this. But on the Facebook on the fifth link click,
    we have now our event phone number clicks, to this has been sent over to Google Analytics
    should be able to see this already in our real time reporting. So I’m going to go over here to real time
    reporting on the overview. We see we had a page here, but we also have
    an event. Yes, we have here our event, click phone number. And with our label, or label here is just
    a slash because it’s happened on the homepage. So again, let’s try this out. Let’s go over, for example to this page. So I’m going to completely different page
    I’m going to click this button again, and we have our phone number click that happened
    and Analytics. We now see second phone number click on our
    event label With a completely different URL, so this is also dynamic. The only thing that’s left to do is to also
    check the negative so that it doesn’t fire when you don’t want it to fire. So for example, if you have a blog here, I’m
    going to click on the blog with the command depressed, opens up a new tab, we have a link
    click, but nothing actually fires on this click itself. So now everything is really set up to datacenter. Your tracking because you have the right trigger,
    and we’ll find already an event to Google Analytics. What if you wanted to find an event to Google
    ads? Well, you can just connected with a new tag,
    we go over to tags, and click your new This is gonna be all Google Ads tag. We’re gonna do custom conversion tracking
    for our phone numbers. And as a tool, which was Google Ads conversion
    tracking, then you need to go into your settings of your ads account. And under Tools, measurement, you should find
    your conversions here. Already in here. You can create a new conversion here. We’re going to go with a website conversion,
    this is going to be more like lead. So I’m going to choose lead, give this name,
    which is the same value every time. In our case, just go with one euro, that’s
    fine. Alternatively, you could also use no value. If this is not something you want to choose,
    we want to count every interaction, should leave this unchecked, and just create and
    continue. So we’ll go over to the Google Tag Match option
    here, where we get our conversion ID and our conversion label. This is something we can transfer over to
    Google Tag Manager and the conversion ID field. And let’s take the label over as well. No dynamic conversion value, no order ID. And we just connect us again to our already
    set up click trigger. Again, let’s save this and try this out. Click on the phone number and we now should
    see that Google Ads conversion tracking files as well. This by the way, within Google ads will only
    be counted when there was a prior ad click within the Google Ads system. So don’t worry, that it fires every time it
    will only be counted if the user actually clicked on an ad before it. Now on to our other tool. Let’s go with Facebook ads. So if you’re a new ad manager, you can go
    over to your pixels. And then you can set up a new event here by
    installing a new pixel, I also go with the manually adding this code. So here we get the base code. This is something you normally would put into
    a separate tag. But for now, we’re just going to register
    this one event. So I’m going to give this all a name. This is Facebook ads, again for an event. And this is phone call tracking, will go with
    custom HTML this time because there’s no text template into our Facebook quote here. We don’t need this part on here as it’s a
    no script tag. We don’t want to find a page. On this click but a custom event So we’ll
    go over to the pixel again. And then the second step, we should be able
    to manually add our event code here. And we get different standard events. And I’m just going to go with, well today
    have a lead. Let’s just go with contact here. And here we go, we get the track commands. I’m going to copy that, and put this into
    Tag Manager as well. We don’t need this part. And this part, it looks good. Let’s attach our trigger again and save this
    all refresh our preview in debug mode. And we can actually try this out and this
    new test event mode. So let’s open our website, and this new test
    event mode. Google Tag Manager opens and we click on the
    phone number. And now we see our Facebook ads fires as well. And our facebook pixel in our test mode event,
    we see a recent activity on our contact event that just find it. So this also seems to be working just fine. Now you can add your heart’s content, install
    more tools that would actually get us information about the phone number click if it’s necessary. I just wanted to show the biggest ones here. And in the end, if you are happy with your
    implementation, don’t forget, you need to actually submit this as a version. So it goes live to your users. Because right now, we have just implemented
    this on our browser. And it’s not yet live, gives this all a name
    and then you may publish this to all your users, and it goes live. So this is how you can install phone number
    tracking with the help of Google Tag Manager. Hey, it’s me again. Did you enjoy this video? Let me know in the comments down below if
    you liked it, if you don’t like it, or if you have more questions. And if you haven’t yet, then consider subscribing
    right over there because we bring you new videos just like this one every week. Now, my name is Julian. See you on the next one.

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    January 17, 2020

    Hi this is Darren’s Toys and today we’re gonna go get some railroad ties from the same trail we went before So Darren, and I are going for quite a long hike today. We’re gonna hike down river to the power plant. It’s a several mile journey I had done last year, and he’s going with me this time. So come along with us, and it’s gonna be a great time! This is kinda just like the Wisp a little bit. -Hey Darren, what’s at the end of this trail? The power plant -and what’s the power plant from what lake? Deep Creek Lake That’s right Deep Creek Lake. So the very first stop on this trail is upper Swallow Falls. Check this out. [Music and River Sounds throughout] I have in my backpack.. I have a Rice Crispy Treat. Hey Darren. What which falls are these? These are lower lower Swallow Falls. Yeah these are lower. Lower Swallow Falls. Darren, what do you think of this? It’s so awesome! This is a rock. We’re gonna see some railroad ties and we’re even gonna see the Power Plant. So Darren actually put me up to this. He watched another video that we had done, and he’s been asking me, “Can we go all the way down to the power plant?” Can we see those railroad ties that you saw on your on your hike? So he’s been wanting to go along. And we finally got a break in the weather So it’s gonna be a lot of fun to see how he does. The foliage just gets crazy the further you go the more dense that the rhododendron gets and the trail virtually disappears on you. So this used to be a train track Essentially, the trails there, but like I said sometimes it disappears on you for a little bit you have to fight through that. So I guess we’ll see. Hopefully we make it. We’ve reached another really cool spot on our hike. This is where Muddy Creek enters into the Youghiogheny River and you can see Muddy Creek Falls from here, although you’re on the other side of the river, so you can’t walk up to it, but you can see it in the distance It’s really awesome [splash] [splash] So this is another cool thing that we always see along this trail. We don’t know what it is, but what do you think it is Darren? A house. He thinks it’s a house. It may have been something for fuelling the steam engines. Let’s go check it out! -A train station… So far so good. Darren is quite the trooper I must say. This trail is really brutal and it’s probably not a trail you would normally take your kid on. If it gets too crazy, we’re going to turn back. Right here’s another structure that’s not as visible when you’re walking on the trail Stacked rocks.. When we were kids we used to bring our pedal bikes down this trail. We’d ride our bikes here, and we didn’t really have any other option so. Up until this part of the trail, it’s not too bad, but this is where it’s gonna start to get a little bit worse. I’m sure you may be familiar with Deep Creek Lake. This is Deep Creek the actual creek. Is this the end of the trail? No, this is where a lot of people turn around though It gets.. the going gets tough from here. You sure you’re up for this? I’m wanna do it. We’re still going I just got a cobweb in my mouth. -Ewwww This is so much fun. I can’t believe we’re doing this. Darren keeps asking me if we’re there yet? Are we close to the power plant? and I’m like no we’re not there yet Hey Darren, I think that’s the campsite down there Where? That’s where fires are. Yeah, there’s a fire pit here. Doesn’t look like anyone’s had a fire. Darren look a little beach. Still got a long ways to go. Hey Darren check out what I found. -How did that get there? Maybe this used to be a railroad crossing! Maybe. I think that this probably got washed down the river when the river was really high What do you think? Definitely an old tire. Look It’s even got a tube in it.. weird. It’s some kind of a fossil isn’t it? Nature is so fun! Darren you’re a trooper. I found a railroad tie sort of What do you think of this railroad tie? It’s so cool. Just went through one of the most difficult parts I had to carry Darren at one point Yeah, this isn’t for the faint of heart. whew! Someone tied these orange markers here, and we believe that these are sort of telling us which way to go because it has gotten really thick right here It’s just more more and more rhododendron. We ended up having to abandon those ribbons I had to carry Darren for a little bit. Stick to the trail and don’t follow the ribbons! Gotta say that really wore us out I’m hoping that there’s another way out of here cuz it’s gonna be a long walk back. I see some kayakers down here We have made it to the railroad ties Hey Darren, do you see the railroad pins? Look there’s one right here. The track would have went right through here. or maybe here. Isn’t that cool? Yeah! We just found something else that’s really cool. Wow how deep is it? He’s got a stick and he’s gonna stick down in there. How far does it go? Definitely got a solid bottom. Some kind of steam engine operation. Maybe some water for the steam engines. What is it? – a pocketknife! Finders Keepers That’s a nice one! Somebody lost that. I doubt they’re gonna be back for it. Hey Darren. Do you hear the powerplant? [60 Hz humming] [foot steps in leaves] That is so cool! [loud humming] Darren and I decided to head up the hill and we’re making it. We’re making good progress, but believe me when I tell you this is brutal. We found the We found the pipes to …that… [out of breath] carry the water for the hydroelectric power. Have a look at this. [humming in distance] There still some snow down there! -Really? Yeah, look! Oh my gosh you’re right, Darren! -Alright, you know where to pick us up at? Phone call: I think so yeah. We’re where the cliffs are. We just went up the cliff. I’ll be there in a minute. Okay. See ya bye Yeah someone needs to maintain that trail. It would make it so much better. That’s it for this episode.. peace! [river sounds]