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    Fitbit Charge 2 Review 2019: Track Your Overall Health
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    Fitbit Charge 2 Review 2019: Track Your Overall Health

    December 3, 2019

    Hey guys the Fitbit charge – I’m so excited. I do have my Fitbit charge HR here And I did do a video a while ago of my Fitbit charge HR I had a purple one and I loved it so much, and I’m I said I was gonna do an update video And I never actually came back into an update video But I did get it in pink because I loved it so much and then it came out in pink and then look This pink just got so dirty somebody asked me. They’re like. Did you tie-dye your Fitbit? No? It’s just dirty and then they came out with a charge – and I’m so excited these have interchangeable bands So you can change the color for your band? so like I have I got a black one because black is it’s not gonna get dirty or Noticeably dirty and the screen look at the screen it looks so nice same price as this one was originally But this one’s probably cheaper now, and it has the heart rate which is my favorite part I love the heart rate it. Also has breathing techniques a guided breathing which is gonna Be really good for my anxiety it has all day activity and sleep multi-sport tracking smartphone notifications and interchangeable fans which means I can get pink and then wear it with a pink or Like with an outfit that matches and then put the pink back, so it doesn’t get dirty You know anyway is that let’s check it. I got this small because they did definitely make this one bigger like the band is like this small is as small as bigger than this small cuz they’re both small and How do we do it aha? Things like oh there it is So we have the band we have this little pack. What’s in here? This is like to set it up even though. I know how to set it up So it’s a little booklet in there and then this must be the charger and the Dongle or whatever that thing is I actually don’t ever know and have not Known, what that’s boring here is the actual Fitbit? I’m gonna go ahead and take off this thing So shiny I love it, and I goodbye pink Fitbit oh my gosh Such, sweet sorrow. I will not miss your dirty dirty appearance And trying to put this beauty on Definitely a bigger band. I’m on the sixth notch on this one I was on like the fourth notch on that one, and then the very first fit But I had I was like on the second notch, so they keep making them bigger like the band’s bigger even though I keep just getting the small So like make sure you Like test it because if you get the large if you think you might need the large you might not need the large because look Grab the small and this is where I like it to sit right here. Oh my god It looks so good, so I have my phone right here, and I’ll go ahead and set it up to my phone Right now I have to deactivate my Fitbit charge To make a hot remove this charge removed it alright set up a device we have the charge to the low Set up your Fitbit charge – oh we’re going to booted great charging cable, okay Make sure your screen turns on it’s not pressing the button. It is on and it is searching Connecting to tracker You guys look at this screen, I’ll look at this screen who enter the number you see on your tracker all right? Connecting to Fitbit oh, I love this look so much better Got a check mark We’re good to go Pair on the Bluetooth keep your tracker close to mobile device during update So looks like I have to update my tracker. I don’t know how long this is gonna take Looks like it might take a long time, but I’m so excited. I love my Fitbit. I love tracking my sleep I love checking my heartbeat when I’m having anxiety and stuff know I’m still alive and then I’m really excited for this guided breathing And I will come back and do an update video for this charge HR as well and also I want to get Some pink bands they are magnetic and I think on the bottom you just like click them out, and then you can replace them But yeah, this is gonna take a minute so So weird this still says updating whereas my Fitbit is already showing the main screen with steps and time and date and heart rate So weird and we’re done you can you? Walk through the basis to learn how to get the most out of your charge Use the button to wake your tracker and go through the menu or he did that? Tap on the clock to cycle just stats pressing it won’t work Not your typical touchscreen guided breathing 5 moments of calm throughout your day with personalized guided breathing session We can’t wait to do that actually all right, so I my Fitbit ready to go. Do you want to add me and Challenge me and daily Fitbit challenges go ahead and leave your email address below, and I will add you as a friend I’m super excited to use this especially the guided breathing I will be excited to come back and do an update about the guys breathing and as well as how well it Automatically tracks my activity because I always forget to press start when I work out So we’ll see but thanks for watching if you want a Fitbit charge – for yourself. I’ll leave a link below scribe

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    December 3, 2019

    the maglev train is a very fascinating science
    project. this has been pre-made by LG in korea. it has magnetic tracks. now these are rubberized
    magnetic strips which are used in the fridges. when two similar strips are put together,
    they repel. now this is the plastic track on which these rubberized strips can be placed.
    magnets should be all in the same orientation. now the track is ready. now this circuit consists
    of a fan, a toy motor, a switch and a 3V battery pad. when you switch on the fan spins. this
    is the train chassis. first you put the magnetic strips. then you take the switch and place
    it in the small switch place, then the battery pad and then place the motor. now this train
    is ready. place the train chassis on the magnetic track. similar poles will repel and slightly
    lift it. on tilting the track, the train will move, because of the tilt, from one end to
    the other. and now you put the switch on. the fan is going to blow air and push the
    train in opposite direction. because of very little friction due to magnetic lifting track.
    this is how maglev train works. once again see this. as the fan blows the train moves.
    because it is lifted so the friction between the train and track is very little. this also
    shows the newton’s third law of motion. you can see that ever action has an equal and
    opposite reaction. as the fan throws the air in the front, it pushes the train backward.
    and this is a very fascinating toy for children. the maglev train.

    Awesome Chennai Metro | Round Trip from Ekkattuthanagal to Airport | Murali’s Vlog | Explore Vlog
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    Awesome Chennai Metro | Round Trip from Ekkattuthanagal to Airport | Murali’s Vlog | Explore Vlog

    December 3, 2019

    Today we have come to Metro in Chennai. This is a metro which is located in Ekkaduthangal Chennai. I’m going to travel in metro from here and will let you know how it is. i have travelled 2-3 times from here, i liked it alot. Thought of sharing the same with you, so i m putting this Vlog. Follow me. we are waiting for lift. once the lift comes we will go up. I’m inside the lift guys, its quite plesant. it is cool and plesant after coming inside because outside it was hot. i hope the same plesant is there inside the metro station as well. lets see. Guys, this is kiosk machine, here you can enter only 10RS, 20RS note. And you can enter only 5rs coin, apart from that you should not insert any other coin. here you can insert only 10 20 Rs note only. After inserting you can buy anything you want. This kind of machine is available in many place. In T-Nagar even in street this is placed. it is there in many Malls, Many in IT park. This will be useful, because instead of buying in shops, you yourself can pay and get it without depending on others. I liked this concept. Tell me your feedback. 208 is the water bottle. i wanted water bottle, so i choose that. I’m waiting for it, let’s check if it comes or not. its been very long. They have written the instructions there on the top. Follow that. if you follow this you can buy the desired item. 204, 205, 206 all these are there, insert the note, then if you press the desired number here. like 206 or 207, then if you press ok. you will get the selected item. I dont know what to do. Guys we have to ticket vending Machine. On that vending machine it is written as Ekkaduthangal. i m standing in this place. it has Normal class and Special Class. i will choose Normal Class. After chosing that, I’m in a place called Ekkaduthangal. i m going to Airport. Ekkaduthangal is in Green line, Airport is in Blue line. where we need to change to blue line is Alandur. So i will choose Airport, because my destination is Airport so i choose that. Here there is the price list, like 10, 20 , 30, 40, 50, 60. Choose the price accordingly. And then book the ticket. Guys this is my travel card. I’m going to use it to book my ticket. Using this travel card you can park your bike or any other vehicle. so buy this, you can use this for buyung the ticket also. I’m using this. if you see here. i m going to travel from Ekkaduthangal to Alandur. From Alandur i need to go to Meenabakkam. so i will demonstrate on how to buy it. Normal Class … Alandur … 2 tokens , confirm. Destination is Alandur. Guys i have got 2 tokens. for me and cameraman. we are going to Airport from here. this is for declining, for climbing this is the place. i learn’t a new tamil word “Nadai Medai” for Platform. look there there is a train coming from there. i think that train is heading to Coimbade / mount road route. So guys if you can see, there might be approax 10-12 compartments. Train that goes to Airport also came. we are going to travel in this train. look on the opposite side its in on the way. we are going to travel in this train. this train is going to Airport. [Host]Ladies Compartment. !! [Cameraman] Ai ya yoo.. [Cameraman] its closing, its closing, Even that is ladies. Guys this the Airport Station, backside you can see it is the International Airport Next to this is the Domestic Terminal. if you are in Mount road / coimbade use metro for a easy transportation. you no need to face the traffic, and you can reach on time. City is facilitated in such a way. if you use metro properly, we can avoid traffic. Mainly you can save time. So guys we are going to reach exit keep watching. Thats it guys we have travelled from Ekkaduthangal – Airport and vise versa. Metro is maintained very clean. Maintenance is perfect. At last we finished our Metro ride. there is one more metro ride that connects Mount road to Airport, Even that ride i will post as another video. Keep watching. i hope you enjoyed, if you have anything to suggest, post it in the comment section. Until i meet you in another video. if you have anything to suggest, post it in the comment box. if there is any hotels / places around you, refer me. i will definitely come and review, so bye.

    15 Practical Desk Gadgets That Keep You Organized and Healthy
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    15 Practical Desk Gadgets That Keep You Organized and Healthy

    December 2, 2019

    – [Reacher] When you
    sit down at your desk, do you ever feel like
    it needs something more? This is Reacher with Mind’s Eye Design and here are 15 desk and
    work station accessories you may not even know you need. But before we begin
    don’t forget to subscribe for more amazing content and ring that bell to become part of our awesome notification team. (electronics whirr) Number 15. This one from Chinese-based
    company, Huanuo can handle dual monitors
    up to 27 inches wide and weighing up to 17.6 pounds each. Each one attaches using a
    C-clamp instead of bolts which allows for easy movement if needed. This also eliminates the need for drilling so there’s no damage to your desk. The gas spring construction is
    made from aluminum and steel. Each of the removable
    arms can raise to a height of 22.6 inches and extend to 22.4 inches. The monitors are easily adjustable with the ability to swivel and tilt, as well as being able
    to rotate 360 degrees. Pricing on this one starts around $70. (upbeat music) Number 14. If you caught our last video
    about desks and workstations then you heard us mention
    this under-the-desk leg swing called HOVR. It’s made to promote active sitting, which to me sounds like one of the biggest oxymorons I’ve ever heard. A steel bar with footpads at each end is attached to a strap which
    is placed under the desk using a floor stand, or mounted
    to hang from underneath. The free range of motion
    allowed by the unit promotes movement of the lower body, without the user having
    to leave their chair. Not only does it help burn calories and increase circulation,
    it requires no concentration or conscious effort to do so. Pricing will run you about
    $75 for the mounted version, or $175 with the floor stand. (upbeat music) Number 13. I’m sure I’m not the only one that cringes every time they see a bunch of wires lying and hanging with wanton disregard. Considering the ever-increasing
    number of gadgets we seem to accumulate, it only makes sense to organize the cables
    in a manageable way. This minimalist solution is a cube made from either brass
    or industrial steel, with a groove cut into one
    side for a wire to run through. Each side of the cube
    measures a centimeter, making it the perfect size to use on a charging cable or headphones. The cubes are stackable and
    weigh about four ounces each, so any cable that you do use it on will definitely stay in place. The pricing on these runs $25 each. (playful music) Number 12. There’s no misleading you
    with the name of this one. It’s exactly what it says it is. The Foot Hammock is
    composed of mesh or fleece, and connects to the underside of any desk using straps and adhesive hooks that can support over 100 pounds. It can be adjusted to
    hang as low as four feet, or pull up against the bottom
    of the desk when not in use. The elasticity of the material allows it to be used in all positions, whether you’re sitting or reclining. And in case you’re wondering,
    it is machine washable, so there is no worries if you have to give it the occasional cleaning. (upbeat music) Number 11. Just like our first entry, this one also promotes active
    sitting, and to be honest I’m starting to love the way
    those two words sound together. This under-desk elliptical
    trainer is called Cubii, and the company claims that
    it’s the first of its kind. It sits on the floor in
    front of the user’s chair, and just like normal ellipticals, it has pedals that drive a
    wheel under protective housing. The ergonomic design and
    eight measures of resistance make it perfect for people of
    all ages and fitness levels. It even has Bluetooth capabilities
    to allow it to connect to a smartphone for activity tracking. It comes in three models
    that range in price from $249 to $399. (upbeat music) Number 10. This one is for those of you who prefer standing when working, and wanna get in a bit of
    stretching while doing so. The TerraMat by CubeFit is another device that promotes health through movement. Each mat has foam-like 3D features that allow over 11 different stances. This helps stretch your leg
    muscles and massage your feet, as well as strengthening your core, which enables you to have more energy and stand for longer periods. The extra-thick design
    and rugged materials allow it to be used with
    or without shoes on. It comes in two versions,
    with prices of $150 and $200. (upbeat music) Number nine. The name of this one is an acronym for a magnetic cable organizer. The simple little strap is meant
    to be wrapped around cables to keep them from tangling,
    using magnetic snaps on each end that allow
    it to stay together. It comes in two sizes, with the smaller one
    intended for use on earbuds, and the bigger one used for cables. There’s also a magnetic cable dock that suctions to most surfaces, so you can leave it attached to the cable and stick it to the dock when not in use. The smaller one comes
    in a three-pack for $18. The bigger one comes in a two-pack, with different styles
    ranging from $22 to $36. (upbeat music) Number eight. These cables follow the
    same concept as a USB hub by utilizing one port to allow
    access for multiple devices. Each one can be used by itself, or in tandem with other cables via a built-in USB port
    in the head of the plug, which allows multiple cables
    to be plugged in to one another yet still be connected
    to individual devices. The company makes
    standard Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning cables, as
    well as offering a full line to accommodate cameras, printers, flash drives, and other devices. Individual cables run $29, or
    you can buy a pack of five, all in different colors, for $99. (upbeat music) Number seven. We’ve already talked
    about cable management, so it was inevitable that we
    talk about organizing the items that seem to be a staple on any desk, regardless of the purpose or environment. This handy little Desk
    Rail is just what’s needed to keep it all in place. The aluminum construction
    weighs in at 2 1/2 pounds and measures 17 inches
    long by three inches wide. A groove running in the center of the rail is lined with foam cushioning to protect and grip anything that is put into it, such as pens, paper, reference
    materials and cellphones. The end panels on each rail are notched, and rotate open to accommodate
    a charging cable if needed. Pricing on this one can be found by contacting the manufacturer. (upbeat music) Number six. This one looks like a
    miniature power strip but a little over eight inches long and almost two inches wide. It plugs into any standard outlet and connects to your PC or
    laptop via, you guessed it, USB. A total of 11 ports are included with four of them allowing smart charging, and seven that are used for
    high-speed data transfer. LED indicators light up to let you know which ports are in use. Each one also has its own on/off button to manage power to your devices without having to unplug them. Pricing on this one
    will run you about $40. (upbeat music) Number five. This one is the perfect laptop desk whether you’re on the go or just lounging on the couch at home. It’s composed of plastic
    and aluminum alloys, giving it a total weight
    of just under two pounds. It measures 14 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches and is just 3/4 of an inch
    high when it’s not open. It offers 20 different configurations, so you can work comfortably whether you’re standing,
    sitting or lying down. The two-tiered design allows the user to double their workspace by
    utilizing the area underneath for such things as
    paperwork or other devices. There’s even a slide-out tray to hold your favorite beverage. Pricing on this one
    will run you about $60. (upbeat music) Number four. This monitor stand from MonitorMate is nothing short of artistic. Each one is made from aluminum and steel with a sleek minimalist design, perfect for the modern office space. Each ProBASE weighs about three pounds and measures 21 by nine inches, with a height of 6 1/2 inches. Port options include USB-C, HDMI, USB 3.0, and a card reader that
    fits SD and Micro SD. There’s also a storage drawer that can hold any smaller
    accessories when not in use. Not only does it function as a stand for your laptop or
    monitor, but it also serves as a fast-charger for all your devices. (upbeat music) Number three. This standing desk convertor
    is the perfect alternative if you don’t have a huge chunk of change to invest in a standup desk. At first glance it looks
    like a miniature desk that sits on a countertop
    or standard floor desk. It measures 27 inches
    wide, 31 inches deep, and has a closed height
    of just under six inches. A handle on the side allows the user to raise it straight
    up to almost 20 inches, with a choice of 12 height adjustments. The FlexiSpot is also compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts. The classic riser comes
    in three size options with prices ranging from $270 to $350. (upbeat music) Number two. Like other devices on this list, this treadmill is made to promote healthy movement while working. It slides under a standing
    desk for the user to walk on. Although it measures in
    at about five feet long and two feet wide, with
    a weight of 88 pounds, it’s easily movable due to
    the wheels on the front. The unit runs at a modest
    two miles per hour, and it’s quiet as a fan,
    so there’s no worries about disturbing your
    coworkers while in use. A desktop console controls the treadmill as well as tracking your
    speed, time and distance. Current pricing on this one runs $899. (upbeat music) Hey everyone, do you
    prefer to keep it simple, or trick your workstation
    out with some useful gadgets? Be sure to let us know in the
    comments what your style is, and which of these
    accessories are your favorite. (upbeat music) Number one. Like our number three, this
    one also allows the user to transform a sitting
    desk into a standing desk. And where this one is a bit more in price, it more than makes up for it in features. The Winston-E can adjust
    up to 18.4 inches in height for the main keyboard stand, and up to 37.6 inches
    for the monitor height. It can fit up to three 24 inch monitors and support up to 40 pounds. The keyboard and the
    monitors can tilt and rotate independently of each other, while programmable
    functions allow the user to save preset heights
    for one-touch control. Pricing on this one
    starts at around $1,200. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, this is Cassie. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Tell us in the comments
    below what you found to be the most interesting and why. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure to hit the bell notification next to the Subscribe
    button to stay up to date with all of our latest videos. Thank you for watching,
    I’ll see you guys next time. (playful music)

    Keirin: Speed Racers – Watch Japan’s Track Cycling Phenomenon
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    Keirin: Speed Racers – Watch Japan’s Track Cycling Phenomenon

    December 2, 2019

    In 1949 the Keirin started
    in Kokura, in the Kyushu island Now they have 47 tracks all over Japan Leaders are always leading
    and you could be leading until the goal It happens a lot One of the best tactics too
    also they don’t crash Leader don’t crash In Japan, those racing is organized
    by municipals the city and the prefecture government The reason is try to rebuild Japan
    after the war they have to find the money from somewhere That’s how they started This is not pure sports I think this very, very important thing
    for understanding the Japanese Keirin This event is for the, how do you say, big money We’re gamblers The sport is very easy,
    you know? The Olympic game They’re looking for
    who is the strongest rider? who is strongest rider? But we are not Gambling is different If the strong rider wins every time
    it’s not gambling I was riding fighting style drafting the best guy
    and fighting with other guys If you fail, you’re going to fall And you’re going to crash A lot of people want to be there It’s pretty hard to get in It took a long time for me
    but I made a pro at the third year and I love this It makes me so excited The Keirin is so deep. Many organizations got involved.
    So many people got involved. So many interested in each organization so many stakes The race itself is really deep Money betting in Keirin
    is over seven billion Yen alone per year If I help this guy, he will help me It sounds like cheating,
    but it’s not You can’t win a race by yourself so even the Tour de France
    is the same thing, right? Of course a strong rider
    yeah, he’s strong but two or three weak riders
    they make some groups and one rider try to, say, pushing and a strong rider
    will be very difficult to win So we would just permit
    that a little bit if legitimate, it means
    we are permit the fighting each other But we make the balance
    for the safety and gamble But this is a very difficult question.
    I think there is no answer

    BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels
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    BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

    December 2, 2019

    – [Andy] Hot Wheels
    finally gets to prove itself on a real raceway. – You’re goin’ down, little car. – [Narrator] A Hot
    Wheels production. Hosted by Andy Riesmeyer – This is Willow Springs
    international raceway. Deep in the California desert. More than just one track,
    it’s a bunch of them. This is where you
    go when you’re ready to prove your skills
    behind the wheel. Oh yeah, when somebody said,
    “Uh, you have unlimited track?” We were like, “Yeah.” And they were like, “Well, can
    you put it on a racetrack?” So for the past 24 hours,
    our production staff has been putting Hot
    Wheels track around the entirety of this
    5,000 ft racetrack. That’s over a mile
    of Hot Wheels track. (triumphant orchestra music) It’s cool, because Hot
    Wheels is now finally gonna get to prove
    itself on the track. Mini machine vs. big machine. And me, I get to drive this awesome race car
    around a raceway. Like, a real one? And it… No. That’s… It’s a mile long. This is the Roadster. It’s got a good weight of metal,
    so it’ll go downhill fast, but it’ll be slower
    in the inclines. It has track spec axles, which
    help with its performance. And this is the 2017
    edition, so it’s brand new. This is a children’s pedal car. Made last night edition. So, the craftsmanship is shoddy. Its got no gears. Finally, its got two leg power. But challenge accepted,
    because these legs are some of the
    best in the world. You’re goin’ down, little car. That little car, not this… This is also a little car. (countdown buzzer) (intense choral orchestra music) Wow, this is hard. (intense choral orchestra music) In this stretch I’m
    gaining a bit of ground, because this isn’t
    your stock pedal car. Its been modified the
    same way, with these hot little legs that take
    me all the way to the top (intense orchestra music) I’m never gonna
    make it up there. (intense orchestra music) Hot Wheels won by just an inch. That was awesome. I mean, that was one
    of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my entire life We put over 5,000 ft of
    track on this raceway. That’s crazy. Nobody’s ever done that before. Anyway, that’s what we did
    with unlimited track today. I would love to see what you
    would do with unlimited track. Let us know, registered
    users can comment below. Like and subscribe, as always. I’m Andy, we’ll
    see ya next time. Bye-bye. – [Narrator] A hot
    wheels production. (upbeat rock music)

    Signals Folded Gates Removed Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Signals Folded Gates Removed Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    December 2, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here on the tour the CSX homestead subdivision so this is the
    second crossing that has been abandoned on this Lane and the bus driver does not
    know that this is the emergency contact info where the gate was removed no oil
    is currently and it smells absolutely lovely over
    here with all the Lulu you got one to several down that way see
    the Flies yep very typical of man so this is track view north east mile
    marker or multiples 56 reading case and now I’m gonna take you track
    Southwest which is a shame because this track built in 1926 by a seaboard it’s
    abandoned we don’t know when the Train or if somebody else is gonna take over
    and it’s gonna be useful again here you have the Gateway was removed and I can subtract you southwest we got more so they leave that so the Train can
    whisk away with it the bad spirits but your there isn’t gonna be any train list
    you’re waiting spirits because there’s no trains coming through here so jokes
    on them right hahaha alright you guys I hope you liked this video this is our
    bio a Southwest one 47th Avenue I’m gonna include a link to this description
    a link to this location on the description below leaving a comment let
    me know what you think please subscribe to be I made that notification ball so
    you can go look to my videos on Wednesdays and Sundays take care bye bye

    Info Video on Lights in High Speed Passenger Train!
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    Info Video on Lights in High Speed Passenger Train!

    December 1, 2019

    Hey folks, welcome to this information video
    about the High-Speed Passenger Train. I’ve now got lights going all the way through the
    train and this is a video just on how I’ve done it. I did get a question asked whether it was
    light bricks in each carriage but I’ll show you how I’ve done it. It’s all power functions,
    so here we go! This is the main motorised unit, this has
    the battery in it. So one thing you’ll notice if you look at this High Speed Passenger Train
    is things are different to the normal, standard one. The IR receiver is now at the back instead
    of the front. The power switch is the opposite way around, the pantograph is now further
    at the back than it is at the front on the normal one. So things have been moved around
    a bit. It’s got lights at the front and lots of cables which you’ll see as we take this
    apart. So, we’ve got the battery unit, this is the
    rechargeable battery, this goes to the IR receiver, this cable is going to the IR receiver.
    This cable which is plugged in gives the power when the signal is turned on. We trace this
    all the way back, it goes to this extension cable here. Basically the extension cable
    is used and all the main cables are at the front now just due to the height of this.
    I wouldn’t be able to fit three of these connectors on without, well I wouldn’t be able to fit
    the roof on afterwards so I’ve done that! So that goes, the connector goes to the front,
    this black block is just the middle block in the lights. Once we do this we’ve got the
    motor, we’ve got the lights at the front and we’ve also got an extension cable which when
    we follow it through, I think it’s the middle one. So this middle connector continues through
    all the way and eventually it goes through the back here. If I uncouple it you’ll see
    the cable going through here. So this then continues on, and I’ll show you one of these.
    I’ll show you this carriage here. As you can see we’ve got lights, a power functions light
    in there. I’ll turn it on, you can see you’ve got the light shining there. Now there’s one
    of these at each side of a carriage, like so. So
    that’s what lights up the actual carriage
    itself but in here we’ve got the light brick has to be connected or the power functions
    lights needs to be connected and then also another extension cable. So these extension
    cables continue on all the way through the train. So it goes all the way along, you can
    see another cable there. another cable there, another cable there until we get to the other
    end. In here originally there was another battery that was driving the motor. So now
    in the second motorised carriage there’s just these, the end of the extension. If you look,
    and some more light connectors, wires, the actual lights that you’ll see in the front,
    or the back of the train and it goes through to another motor at the bottom. And the motor at the bottom has been modified
    in such that it’s been reversed the way it’s going to travel so the soldering has been
    switched on the actual motor inside the casing. If you want to find out how that’s done then
    there is a, I’ll put a link in the cards now as to how to modify a motor. So that means we only need one battery in
    the entire train and it’s all cabled through from one end of the train to the other. So
    one battery gives all the power to all the lights in the train. So there you go, I hope you’ve enjoyed this
    video. Give it the thumbs up if you have. I’ll add some footage of the train running
    in the dark at the end of this video and also a link just to the full video of all the trains
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