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    February 15, 2020

    Next station: Bukit Panjang What’s up guys, my name is Rainier, and welcome to a brand new series, where I take you around Singapore using the MRT system, To find the best thing to do, eat and see right here in the vicinity. And in this episode I am super stoked! because not only is this the first episode of the entire series, it’s also where I technically grew up. But here today with me, I have a very special guest, She is none other than… Xenia! Yay!
    What’s Up Xenia! Welcome to the show! Welcome to my kampung, I’m here to prove to you that Bukit Panjang is not “ulu” at all We have the Downtown Line, we got the LRT, we got Hillion, we got Bukit Panjang Plaza, we got … Thank God for the Downtown Line I’m really very thankful. It’s super accessible now. Like go to town, takes 30 minutes. Ya, that’s the – You see, got free music also! Your hometown have or not? Don’t have right! Wah! Really loud some more! Okay, so I don’t know why their playing the music here, but let’s just go to the first location and that is, Ke Kou Mian If you’re here at Bukit Panjang, you have to go there. So let’s go! So right now, we are in the first location, which is the Ke Kou Mian stall. Actually, this place is only 5 minutes walk from the MRT. It’s at Block 167 And the reason why it’s so special right, It’s not just any Maggie mee okay The “liao” right, they have pig liver, Really, chunky meat, and the soup is just damn good. So we ordered 2 dishes, This is the spicy Ke Kou Mian, and this is the mei wei Ke Kou Mian. The reason why I like the “liao” right, I’m not someone who likes meatball, but their meatball is different because they “zi ji nie de” How to say in English? Self squeeze. Self squeeze meatball. Okay, so I’m going to try this first, because this is my first time. Very spicy! The reason why they operate at such a weird timing, is to cater to people who just clubbed. Then, you want a really good supper but affordable. So, what’s your rating. Nice or not? NICE OR NOT? 4! Okay can, pass! Okay so right now, we are in Bukit Panjang Plaza, and we’re going to play HeyBox. It works by just inserting a $10 and choosing your favourite number. Grand prizes include, Iphone X Note 8, PS4, and a friggin’ TV and they have photos of people actually winning it. I tried it before, but all I got was a friggin’ soft toy. My lucky number is 7 so I will go with my gut feeling, Number 7 here! I will laugh at you if you get the same soft toy Don’t open first. Your turn No, it’s not this one. I don’t feel the vibe of the vending machine. No, let’s go for the last one. I choose 23. Oh my god Why got weight, is it soft toy again?! Huh? Bluetooth earpiece? This one is the old uncle sell durian, they wear this. Oh my God! What is this? 24K golden rose? It’s IPhone! Is it IPhone? Can I sell this for something or not? You damn evil eh! Next station: Cashew We were on our way to our second location , but we we stumbled upon this very old school biscuit shop. As you can see, it’s super cool, super old school. and they sell a lot of things here. Like old school snacks, childhood memories. This is really just a hidden gem lor While we were exploring the shop right, we actually had a hearty conversation with the shop uncle over here. Sharing with us the traditions and stuff. And now, I’m going to share my childhood snack – I don’t know what it’s called – it’s durian flavour but I can’t wait for you to try. It’s just so fragrant You know what? This would taste damn nice with ice cream. Very nice, very nice. So right now we are Ga-Hock Seafood and this is actually your recommendation. We don’t call it Ga-Hock Seafood We call it “da shu xia” which means, under the big tree – simply because there’s an exceptionally huge tree over there. And my personal favourites here are – Fish head curry Har cheong gai, prawn paste chicken Let’s go for the curry They have a lot of ingredients and it’s huge! Do you eat the eye balls though? No. You should try it. I don’t want! Daddy! So you take one… And if just so happens… There’s only one (eyeball) Damn it! Ready, Go! Nice right? Eager to please sia! I like it because it is super spicy, and they have the crispy bean curd skin. I’m not a fan of very spicy curry but the meat though, it is very tender, very soft and is drenched with the sauce. I think that’s how fish head curry should be. Okay, moving on. My personal favourite also, Nice or not? The taste is the same as all the har cheong gai I have eaten – It’s not! For me, the reason why I like it so much is that, it has this fermented taste. A lot of places don’t have that after taste. Only this one has. It feels like your grandma cooked it, that kind of feeling, and not just some any other zi char stall I love how we are all standing up. This is the complete hawker experience. And then the leg up also. This is how you eat at a hawker. Next Station: Hillview Alright, we are here at the Praise Haven Mega Family Store, and it’s actually a very cool thrift shop. The weird thing is that I always pass by this Salvation Army, and I bet that a lot of the Bukit Panjang people know that Salvation Army exists, but we never, ever gone in. I don’t know, it just never crossed my mind. So I’m quite happy to go thrift shopping plus got aircon inside, Yaas! Actually, I’ve been here once before, but I don’t know how much it has changed, So you wanna go find out? Yes, let’s go shopping! We bought some stuff! We actually got this disco light, Don’t worry about secondhand stuff, you can actually try on the spot, and we bargained! We got this for only $9. Aside from that right, we actually stumbled upon some electronics. They had a kindle for $40 and a film camera for $30! And they have this huge book collection, and there are a lot of books that are pretty new. They have the original price tag like $24 from Kinokuniya, which is you will only read once, but if you buy it from here, it’s only like $6, super worth it leh, in my point of view. So we are here at Springleaf Prata Place, Why are we here, Xenia? Because this is my favourite prata place. They dish out really creative pratas and it’s so good. Today, we are going to try the 2 latest additions to the menu, Actually, they have a release every single year. So this is the 2016 release, the salted egg yolk prawn prata, and the 2017 release, it’s the alfredo prata. Let’s follow the time frame okay, Let’s go with the 2016. After having a bite of this, it reminds me of salted egg yolk chips. If it was my birthday, I would definitely have this as my birthday cake. Oh ya, good idea! The pratas here are very heavy in flavours so, It’s better if you come in groups, so you can share. Now, we’re going to dig into the alfredo prata, So there’s like rosemary chicken, portobello mushrooms, cheese, Alfredo sauce. Oh my God, damn nice! So what I said just now right, basically they changed the pasta to a prata, I think with the oil and the crispiness adds to the texture. I think I am more impressed with this flavour than salted egg, because the flavour is on point. When they say Alfredo means Alfredo. Just opposite Springleaf, there is actually a railway over here, where you can explore and burn off those calories. This place is actually a hotspot for photographers, and instagrammers because of its vintage aesthetics. When you’re here, it feels like you’ve travelled back in time, to when the trains were actually operational. So right now we are in IO Italian Osteria, and what’s so cool about this place is that it’s run by an Italian family, so that’s like as Italian as you can get! And actually right, we only ordered 2 dishes, which are, hold on… Orechiette and Garganelli And they were kind enough to drop us so many starters eh! and these are food from different regions in Italy. Which one should we start first, I’m very excited! This one, I’ve been eye-ing this for the longest time! This reminds me of ‘sio ba’. Yes! Oh my God, it looks so tender. Ya, the skin is super crispy but the inside is super soft. Do you hear that? Wah, it’s damn crispy! When it comes to pork belly, I always expect the ratio of the fat vs the meat to be imbalanced, like a lot of fat lah, but for this is, it’s really meaty, so when you bite into it, it’s very firm and tender. but when it comes to the skin, it’s crispier than the chinese ‘sio ba’, Like once I bite, immediately *crunch*. Okay, so this is fresh seafood. You know usually when you buy fried calamari as a side, this one has everything else that you wouldn’t expect, like salmon cubes, prawn, squid legs. Damn good! Okay, I’ve very excited to try this because I’m a huge fan of olives. You know how when we were young, our parents would hide veggies inside, if olives were hidden like this, I would eat them. Okay next, we have the rice supli, So it’s stuffed with rice and mozzarella cheese. Wah, I’ve never tasted this combination of flavours before, it’s very exotic for me. So we’ve tried all the starters, which is your favourite? Same! This is the best eh! Okay, on to the main dishes! First up, we are going to try the orecchiette, don’t know how to pronounce it but, it’s basically pasta with pork sausage and saffron sauce. Wait, have you tried gnocchi before? It’s basically like potato pasta. Taste like mee hoon kway to me. I’ve never tasted these flavours before, it’s very herby. Actually it tastes very healthy because like you said, herby – very grassy kind of feel. Okay, so we have the garganelli over here and it’s the pasta with lamb ragout Let’s dig in! Wah, they are very generous with the lamb eh, Wah, shiok! And the lamb is so tender and soft right, it’s almost like a tuna consistency that coats the paste super well. I just have to say this right, normally when you eat lamb, it’s very game-y, but this one don’t have leh, it tastes very clean. Speaking of pastas, I have tried authentic Italian pastas before and this is comparable. No need to go Italy lah, just come here! I think our dining experience here is amazing, simply because the food is great, and I can imagine myself celebrating birthdays here. It’s also amazing because the staff here are Italian, so you get the full Italian experience. You know when I close my eyes, I can picture Rome – because I went there before. Show off sia! Let me try to close my eyes I imagine the pork belly. This is our last stop already. so we’ll probably do – Oh my God! Don’t do this to my heart. This is a pistachio tiramisu. Thank you so much! I don’t know if you heard that but they just dropped a pistachio cake in front of us. That says a lot about their service because they actually watched us eat, and they gave us the dessert – Oh my God, another one is coming. Why you like that?! So when you come here and dine right, not only your stomach full, your heart also full I tell you. Okay, let’s end of the meal the best way possible with a dessert. Mine is pistachio with white chocolate, it’s amazing, so you see here, it’s all the cream and they have the sponge cake below. it’s just very creamy, very rich – it’s almost like a cheesecake kind of rich. Alright, this is the pistachio tiramisu, Honestly, I’m not a very coffee kind of person, but this tiramisu has very light notes of the coffee taste, I think the pistachio goes very well because it hides some of the coffee taste to it. Okay just to wrap up the episode, We actually covered Bukit Panjang area, Cashew and Hillview So we went to a lot of places right but has your impressions change about this neighbourhood? Yes, like all the places we went to are all walking distance, so you don’t necessarily have to take the MRT even. What about you? I think my impressions hasn’t really changed so much, but the fact that the Ke Kou Mian operates from 2AM to 2PM, if you want to get supper, forget about Mcdonalds, just come here. Tell you already! #teamkekoumian Out of all the places, which is your favourite? If I had to choose one to recommend to my friends, it would be Ke Kou Mian because it’s so special, ya, the operating hours, and the taste of the spicy ke you mian is just so good. is the kind that you cannot cook at home, so don’t tell me “what come here eat maggie mian” My favourite is pretty obvious, it’s Italian Osteria. Because you get authentic Italian cuisine for affordable prices, right smack in the middle of the neighbourhood, I think that is super worth it. Alright, so for those Bukit Panjang people if you think that we did not do justice to your neighbourhood, comment down below on what we missed out. If you are not from these 3 stations, we are actually covering the whole of Downtown line this season, so if you have any recommendation on things to do, eat and see, comment down below. Thanks for watching this episode, if you liked the video, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe, and watch our other videos over there, bye!

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    February 14, 2020

    *Knocking* Hello! You must be Dylan. I am. Welcome to my 727 home, come on in. sterile procedure Sterile procedure though. Your feet are dirty, but that rug is dirty so your feet on that rug is perfect, but this area is clean and so
    you’ll need slippers. Your pair of slippers there which you’re welcome to use. Hi, I’m Bruce Campbell and this is my home. ♫Music Playing♫ When I was young I didn’t want a
    mortgage. I could have purchased a home and children mortgage like most people
    do, but I was happy enough living in a very humble and very inexpensive mobile
    home and saved money and invested. My intention was to wait until I could buy
    a home with cash. Then I would never be tied down to the shackles of debt. By
    that time I had stopped thinking in provincial terms. Aerospace technology
    seemed like a wonderful option. This is a home which can fly at 900 km/h at 11
    kilometers high in the sky. They retire at the rate of about three per day. My sense
    is that the majority of those probably almost all of them are flown to death
    camps and generally promptly executed promptly shredded and that’s a shame. Hi I’m Bruce Campbell and this is my Boeing 727-200 jetliner home.The aircraft did
    not land here of course. It had to be moved here from a site close to the
    Hillsboro Airport. Wayne Griffin house movers and Swanson trucking managed to move the aircraft from the staging site next to the Hillsborough Airport through
    this path which you can see was cut in by forests up to this site. Deferred for
    a long time is the permanent support structure for the front landing gear. The
    front landing gear will remain intact on its natural rubber and the support
    structure will be made of concrete. It’ll terminate at the top with a ball
    shape but the idea is to enable the aircraft to dance freely in an earthquake. After an earthquake, newscasters never say, “Oh gosh it’s such a shame all
    the aircraft at the airport were badly damaged and there’s so many vehicles
    which are shaken and damaged.” That never happens. These are independent vessels. They’re on their own suspension system. They ride it
    out. It’s no big deal. No damage occurs unless something falls onto them. You can see a stanchion which provides services. This is the normal Boeing service door for water and I expanded its functionality a bit by
    adding an electricity connection as well and a telephone connection which is
    superfluous really in a cell phone era. My water comes from down there. So I have a natural water well, it’s gorgeous water. It’s a real blessing. And you can see the
    well structure. There’s a blue pressure tank. If you look carefully you can see a
    jack point. I’ve removed the cap of the jack point. The aircraft can be
    supported there and in fact that’s probably what we’ll do. We’ll probably
    build a relatively narrow support structure, right about here. We must be
    very careful of course because if the aircraft falls during fabrication it
    could be deadly, probably would be deadly if we’re underneath at the time. This is
    the service door for the aft lavs for both of them. So there’s one sewer
    connection for both lavs and then there’s a large 4-inch round connector. It’s just a
    quarter turn connector. You put it on and twist it one quarter turn it’s
    sealed. This is a gray water drain mast and it just drains out onto the ground
    and when the aircraft was in service it drained into the air. On rare occasions
    I’ve had conversations with people who assume that all the water just is dumped
    into the air. That’s certainly not true. Sewage water is not just dumped in the
    air from jet liners. And my air stairs and the air stairs retract and extend
    but not through the native mechanism at this time. Hopefully I’ll be able to
    restore that mechanism but it was badly damaged by the salvage company and the components removed. I’ve been able to reacquire the components in this case
    via the salvage companies. They were kind enough to replace those after we had a
    discussion. If you go to the Wikipedia 747 four hundred page, you’ll see that it implies that once the engines are removed the rest of
    the aircraft has essentially zero value. The real concept for Humanity to pursue
    is to take just one small step forward from the death camps and turn them into
    aircraft home development parks. The logistics are almost identical. Once they
    land, taxi or tow them to wherever is appropriate for the aircraft. The quarter-turn and the water is connected. Quarter-turn and the sewer is connected.
    Push plug and electrical power is connected. Now then a few minor
    modifications and you are ready to go. So, here it is. This is my shower. My very crude primitive shower and I intended to finish it. Once it became functional as a shower
    then suddenly the priority dropped way down compared to other things.
    My lavatory. Guest lavatory. This aircraft is equipped with three lavs. The toilets
    are only functional in the two aft lavs. The forward toilet is not functional. The
    aft galley my aft galley is filled with all kinds of industrial or construction
    related material at the moment. In the course of the front landing gear support
    structure fabrication I’m trying to keep as much mass aft as I can. At some
    point or other it will evolve into either a laundry room or for some other
    purpose or maybe a little kitchen. I don’t know. I’ll let evolution take its course. This is the aft cargo
    compartment below us. Boeing says if you lose a one ounce sugar packet, well I
    think Boeing says this, I heard this someplace I’m pretty sure it’s true,
    thirty sure it’s true. If you lose a one ounce sugar packet in a seat cushion
    for one year your aircraft will have burned an extra four liters or about one
    gallon of fuel during that year hauling that sugar packet around. The mass is critical. Boeing would never use something as heavy as these acrylic
    floor panels. These are mine. These were something that I just had. My workbench
    which is terribly cluttered right now leaving me almost no actual work area
    and lots of projects. An instrument to repair. ♫Music Playing♫ My makeshift kitchen. My five decade old
    refrigerator. Serving cart, you can see that’s a bonified 727 serving cart
    which is filled with food. Good food and bad food, but filled with food. That’s
    basically all my food storage. That’s enough to last me about four
    months just on my own. This aircraft entered service when Neil Armstrong said, “That’s one small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.” That was 1969 of course and that was the first year of operation for this aircraft so it was a long time ago. This is an original lighting structure. This is original with this aircraft. These are not original of course. These come
    from China. Total power consumption with the original incandescent implementation
    was about one and a quarter kilowatts. These are about 300 watts total so a lot
    of power saving. It’ll get better because eventually I’ll replace these with
    individually regulated LED bulbs. This is my futon sofa. It folds flat if I need
    space for two, which occurs from time to time. A working system which I really
    don’t use too much. My nomad lifestyle. Very crude, very cheap suitcase. This is
    the landing gear, the main landing gear bay. You can see that there are a
    couple of view ports. You can see two red lines which are
    lined up. If the lines are lined up the gear is down and locked. So this is
    basically my living area at the moment again because I’m keeping mass aft as
    best I can until the fabrication of the front
    landing gear support structure is finished, which I hope will be within a
    month. Emergency exit doors. Right wing is a frequent work site and recreational
    site for me. It’s also our concert on a wing site. Forward lavatory. We have water, but the toilet’s not functional and will not be functional because it’s not connected
    to a disposal conduit. And flight deck. And this was a three crew flight
    deck. It’s obsolete now. There are no jet liners I’m aware of in civil aviation, which have a three-person crew. They’re all two-person
    cruiser, but this aircraft had a flight engineer. Things were more complicated in those days. He had his own station. He monitored engines and other
    infrastructure for performance. The display is not native to this aircraft.
    There were no flat panel displays in the age of this aircraft. Flight deck was
    fully skeletonized by the salvage company, but I’ve managed to restore some things. Maybe, very roughly, 35% I suppose and yet I do love my bird with all of
    the flaws and all of the fundamental foundational problems. It’s still a
    wonderful living environment. Just the sheer beauty of aerospace technology. The exhilaration. We trust our lives to these things and generally we feel
    perfectly comfortable doing so. These are sealed pressure canisters. Dust can’t get
    in let alone insects or rodents. Fact that they are sealed pressure canisters means they also float wonderfully. They’re good boats. This is a difficult
    concept for people to accept because our experience is that when jet liners
    impact the water they sink. Usually they do because they usually impact at high speed. They don’t impact the water on purpose so usually there’s a very
    serious problem and for a country like Nippon, like
    Japan, that’s important because tsunamis are a
    simple fact of life there. These are high capacity structures. A 747-400, in an emergency, can hold about a thousand people or as many
    people as can scurry to it will be saved. It won’t save all lives of course.
    Maybe only a modest proportion, but it will save some lives. Any person who survives who would not have otherwise is a big, big victory. So we have this unusual
    situation in which these lifeboats are retired at the rate of about three per
    day, flown into death camps and executed. And, we also have a country
    which desperately needs lifeboats. This is a very valuable resource. It’s an
    exhilarating resource. Let’s not waste it. Let’s utilize it to its fullest
    potential. We’re not doing that now. There’s opportunity here and I encourage anyone who is interested in this to go to and other resources
    and look at the logistics. Consider the vision. Come visit me if you like. You are
    perfectly welcome to come visit.

    We Are Where You Need Us – On the Race Track
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    We Are Where You Need Us – On the Race Track

    February 13, 2020

    Welcome Brainerd International Raceway fans! Today we have a special part to our Deerwood Bank Drag series the funky freestyle class! This class features drivers of all ages and
    cars of all calibers. And with that let’s take it down to the track! YES! WOO! Remember, this is Deerwood Bank We’re Where You Need Us!

    Tutorial // Cross-Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager
    Articles, Blog

    Tutorial // Cross-Domain Tracking with Google Tag Manager

    February 13, 2020

    Hey there! I’m Benjamin from Loves Data. In this video you’re going to learn how to
    track people as they navigate between different websites using cross-domain tracking. I’m going to show you how to set up cross-domain
    tracking using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. If you don’t set up cross-domain tracking
    then you’ll see a new session reported as someone travels from your first website to
    your second website. And you’ll also see the first website show
    up in your Acquisition reports. This can be a real problem if you expect people
    to convert on your second website. Let’s get started… We’re going to be implementing cross-domain
    tracking on my two test domains. So we’re going to track people as they navigate
    between and Let’s start by looking at what happens if
    we don’t implement cross-domain tracking… When we open the first domain we’ll have a
    user reported inside Google Analytics… We can navigate to the real time reports to
    see this… So here we can see a single user reported… Now let’s go back to the website… And let’s navigate to the second domain… Now let’s take a look at the real time report
    again… We can now see that we have two users reported. Both domains have the same Google Tag Manager
    container and the same Google Analytics tracking code, but Google Analytics is seeing me as
    two separate users. So what we need to do is configure cross-domain
    tracking so that we get accurate data in our reports. Let’s head to Google Tag Manager to do this… Now I’m guessing you’re already using Google
    Tag Manager to deploy Google Analytics on your website, so here we can see there is
    an existing Google Analytics tag, so let’s select the tag to edit it… Now we just need to make a few modifications
    to the tag. The first thing we need to do is select the
    option to ‘Enable overriding settings’… This gives us access to additional configurations
    we can make to the tag. Now we’re going to select ‘More Settings’,
    then ‘Fields to Set’ and click ‘Add Field’. We need to enter allowLinker as the ‘Field
    Name’ and ‘true’ as the value. This tells the Google Analytics tracking code
    that we want to automatically modify links on our website so that when people click them
    it will synchronize the Google Analytics cookie on the other website. Now we need to add another field… And we’re going to enter ‘cookieDomain’ and
    then ‘auto’. This tells Google Analytics to automatically
    choose a cookie domain to use when we track users. Scrolling down we need to look for ‘Cross
    Domain Tracking’ and in the ‘Auto Link Domains’ field we need to enter the domains we want
    to track. For our example we’re going to enter
    comma This tells Google Analytics these are the
    domains we want to use for cross-domain tracking. I’ve entered this directly into the field,
    but if you’re likely to reuse this value in another tag inside Google Tag Manager you
    could create a new variable with the value instead. Now since I also have a form that submits
    between the two domains that I also want to track I’m going to set ‘Decorate Forms’ to
    ‘true’. This allows you to automatically track form
    submissions across domains. That’s it! Now I’m going to save my tag… And publish the container. Let’s travel back to the website and refresh
    the page… Now let’s head to Google Analytics… And we can see one user reported in the real
    time reports. Now let’s head back to the website… And let’s click the link to the second domain… You’ll notice in the browser’s URL bar there
    are some additional characters. This is how Google Analytics synchronizes
    cookies for our users between the two domains. It passes the cookie value, which is our unique
    identifier (the client ID) to the other website. This is then seen by Google Analytics and
    used to understand it’s the same user traveling between the domains. Now let’s head back to Google Analytics… We can now see that a second pageview has
    been reported, but our user count is still ‘one’. This means we’ve successfully configured cross-domain
    tracking. So that’s how you can setup cross-domain tracking
    using Google Tag Manager. You’ll now be able to see the original acquisition
    source even if people navigate between your two websites. Are you using cross-domain tracking with Google
    Analytics? I’d love to know! Let me know and leave your tips in the comments
    below! If you found this video helpful, then please
    like it, so I know to make more videos like this. See you next time!

    HOT WHEELS NA CAMA!! Pista Track Builder Corrida de Carros da HotWheels
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    HOT WHEELS NA CAMA!! Pista Track Builder Corrida de Carros da HotWheels

    February 13, 2020

    ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ What’s up, folks!
    I’m here in Maikito’s bedroom, he’s at school and I have a surprise for when he comes home,
    I’m gonna build a frenzied Hot Wheels track right here on top of his bed. Check out all the
    pieces we have to set this track. We have lots of straight lines, curves, loops,
    two boosters that run on batteries, all of this cars that belongs to Maikito, I’ve separated
    these other ones ’cause they are newer, and all of this accessories.
    Then let’s get down to it, crazy fella! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ All set, folks, I’ve finished setting it up.
    Check out this stylish track, crazy fella! I used two loops and two boosters.
    The track starts over there. It starts on that edge, goes down and makes its
    first curve, then through the first booster and into the first loop, then it has a 180 degrees
    curve that leads to the 2nd booster, goes through the 2nd booster, another curve over
    Captain America and the blue bunny, the it comes back in this direction, makes
    another curve before exiting the bed, goes over the cushion and finally ends
    going into Maikito’s toy box, where Doraemon, Marshall from Paw Patrol,
    the blue elephant and many others await. Only but the cars who manage to fall inside
    the box will be considered winners, if more than one car manages that, we’ll have a
    tie break to decide which one is the champion. Now we’ll wait for Maikito to come home,
    Claudia went to pick him up, he’ll be here shortly, Let’s see how he reacts once he arrives. But before that, I’m gonna test one car just
    to check if the track works, I haven’t tested it yet, so let’s
    turn this booster on… [BOOSTER RUNNING SOUND] …now the other booster… …and let’s launch this car as a test lap. [CAR RUNNING SOUND] Wooow! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, this one is out! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Don’t stop! Come on, come on, come on… Oh yeah baby! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Try this one! You think this one will manage?
    Let’s see, go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, rolled over!
    Let’s put it here aside. Go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it hit the curve.
    Another one! Oh yeah, baby! 3… 2… 1… go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, this is a weak one, it seems
    its wheels are getting stuck. Let’s try this green one. ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Let’s try the Corvette now, try it out! The convertible Corvette, crazy fella,
    it’s its time to shine! Go! Uhhh, they are all rolling over after the first
    curve, it’s a very dangerous curve, fella! The Tank Truck now! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it rolled over on the curve.
    Almost, but no. Let’s try the Dodge. Try the Dodge. Go for it, Dodge! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it almost made it through
    the curve, but no. Let’s try the truck now,
    just to be different. Go! Come on! Uhhh, everyone is getting stuck on this curve. Let’s try the Missile Tailgater! Uhhhh! Now this one, check out how stylish it is! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over on the 2nd loop! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now Mario’s car, try this one now,
    it’s a stylish one! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh… ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now we are gonna try this purple Ford Focus.
    Check it out, crazy fella! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhhh! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Pickup truck! Ops, this one doesn’t fit the track.
    It doesn’t work, folks, it gets stuck. Its wheels are too big, they end up stuck, so
    let’s leave it aside and try another one. Let’s try another Pickup truck,
    the black one now. 3… 2… 1… go! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over!
    Let’s leave it aside. Check out the skull, it’s very stylish!
    What’s the sound of the skull? Raaawr! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Now we’re gonna try the famous Lawn Mower,
    folks, this one is a true champion. Go, Marcos! On 3… on 2… on 1… Lawn Mower! Uhhh… he’s not the same as he once was. Shall we try this one?
    Let’s try the vampire car? What’s the sound of the vampire car? Pire! Very good! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Let’s try this one, I find it very stylish.
    What’s its name? It’s Chrysler! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Next up, I’m gonna pick another small one,
    so that it matches the Chrysler. It’s named Rocket Box! Oh yeah, baby! Go! Come on! Come on! Uhhh! Uhhh! Let’s try one of the new ones now, this one. This one is very stylish, check it out,
    the spider car! It’s named Street Creeper! How do you say it? Spidy! Ouch! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Another of the new ones,
    this one is really stylish! Super Blitzen!
    How do you say it? Blitzen! Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah, baby! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, it rolled over on the 2nd loop. Rolled over! Rolled over! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Rolled over! This one is named Camaro.
    How do you say Camaro? Amaio! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Come on! Come on! Let’s give it another chance? What do you say,
    should we push it a little bit? [PRETENDING TO BE MARCOS]
    Let’s stomp it! I’m gonna give it a little push, another chance
    for Camaro, ’cause its really good. Nope. It’s pretty bad. Bad! Now this one looks like a really good car,
    I’ve never tested it before. It’s the yellow Chevrolet! Yello-o! Oh yeah, baby! Looks like I was wrong, it didn’t even pass
    the first loop, Marcos. It rolled over! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Rolled over! Now we’re gonna try the Mercury Cougar! Mec-Cug! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhhh! Now we’re trying this blue one, which
    is named Ford Ranchero! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Uhhh, it rolled over! But since it landed inside
    the track, we’ll give it another shot. Ranchero! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Ranchero! Go! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ No! It rolled over again and it won’t
    be having a 3rd chance. Stay there! Now we’ll try the Radical Racer! Racy! Go! Check it out! Check it oout! Check it ooout! [CHEERING LOUDLY] [CHEERING LOUDLY]
    ♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ Gimme five! Oh yeah, baby! Yeah, it fell into the box! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ Next one up is the scorpion car,
    do you know the Scorpedo? Pedo! Oh yeah, baby! On 3… on 2… on 1… go! Uhhh… this scorpion is more like a cockroach. Cockroach! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Cockroach! Uhhh, little cockroach. [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Little cockroach! This one is named Sting Rod,
    it’s the crocodile car! Say it, ‘Rod’! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Rod! Oh yeah, baby! Go! Uhhh… this crocodile is more like a gecko. Now we’ll try… wait, there’s a motobike here,
    I think it won’t work, but shall we try it? Do you think it will work? I think it’s gonna fall over. Uhhh… let’s try again. Yeah, this Harley is more like a scooter.
    Bye! Now we’re gonna try this Firetruck, but I’m not sure if its
    wheels are gonna fit in the track, they’re too big. Maybe they do, let’s give it a try. No, it got stuck. Another chance! No, it won’t work. No, let’s try and push. It won’t go either. It’s out! Now we’ll try the Wattzup! It’s not your phone’s Whats app, folks,
    it’s Hot Wheels’ Wattzup. Wattzup! [MAIKITO REPEATS]
    Wattzup! Oh yeah, baby! Uhhh, almost! But since it stopped on the
    curve, it’ll stay here grounded. Now we’re gonna try the MJ, Marcos. It’s chrome blue with fluorescent green.
    This one glows in the dark, folks! Fluorescent wheels that glow in the dark! Uhhh, it rolled over. We have three Pickup trucks left,
    Marcos, only but three. Let’s try the yellow one first, but I think it won’t fit.
    Try the orange one, then. Uhhh, way too heavy, Pickups are heavy! The blue one now. See if the wheels
    aren’t too large, see if they fit. It got in!
    No… it got stuck. And the very last one, which
    I don’t think will fit either. It can even get inside of the track.
    Really, no. Folks, I think that only but three cars made it
    to the end of the track, if I’m not mistaken. This blue one here, and this other one…
    wait, we have four! Four cars made it to the end, I think I haven’t
    forgotten any car inside of the box. Four cars made it all the way into the toy box, so now we’ll have a tie break to see
    wich one is the best among them. Maikito is gonna start, let’s go! Pay close attention! Oh yeah, baby! This is the winner! For Marcos, this is the winner, bro! Oh yeah, baby! 2nd contestant for the tie break.
    Let’s go! Way to go, bro! Go! [LAUGHING AND CHEERING] Oh yeah, baby! This blue one is a good one!
    I like it, it’s very stylish, and it matches your coat! Coat! Go! Wooow, this one is reaaaally good, bro! Yeah!
    [CHEERING] Folks, since all four of them are really good, we can see that they won’t roll over for any reason. They are truly awesome! So we’re gonna throw all four
    at the same time and see what happens. All four of them together now, Marcos! On 3… 2… 1… go! Uhhh, they all rolled over, bro!
    All four of them! Let’s try it one more time. Let’s give them some assistance
    up until the first curve. And… go!
    ♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ [CHEERING LOUDLY]
    ♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ We have a winner!
    ♪ with Heavy Metal music in the background ♪ ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪ And the winner is the Radical Racer! Crazy fella, check out how stylish it is, with
    green wheels and chrome purple color. Folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video,
    if you did, please leave your ‘Like’, And if you’d like to see more videos like this one,
    playing Hot Wheels with Maikito, leave a comment saying ‘Stylish Hot Wheels’! Stylish! I’m thinking about setting a track in the kitchen,
    over the sink and all, it will be awesome! If you have any suggestion on places where we can set up more Hot Wheels tracks, leave us a comment! That’s all for today. [BOTH SPEAKING TOGETHER]
    …a hug… …and I’m out! ♪ HEAVY METAL MUSIC ♪

    Slope Instability
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    Slope Instability

    February 13, 2020

    One small section of this image shows boulders that have rolled down the slope of a crater wall. The boulders vary in size with the largest one approximately 6 meters across. Unlike the boulder in a previous image this one is not standing on end. We can tell by using the sun angle and shadow length to figure out the height and then comparing that to its other measurements. We can determine the origin of the boulders by tracing their up-slope tracks. They appear to come from one small part of the crater wall that is less stable than surrounding materials. It is likely that there have been numerous rockfall events from this area, as suggested by the many boulders down-slope of this area, some with clear tracks and others with indistinct or no tracks visible.

    Transport Train for kids Learn Names of Train in English Изучаем поезда и железнодорожный транспорт
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    Transport Train for kids Learn Names of Train in English Изучаем поезда и железнодорожный транспорт

    February 13, 2020

    Hello kids welcome bake to my new video, today we will see a lot of railway trains and there types. lets start there are 4 pictures in this screen do you know where is Cargo train or freight train Wao you are right this is a Cargo train. in this screen there are 4 types of trains one of them is powered by electricity do you know where is it. wao you are brilliant this is a tram that is powered by electricity. there are 4 pictures of train in this screen one of them is a grinding train do you know where is grinding train. Wao good job you did it, this is a grinding train. there are 4 picture of trains in the screen do you know which train of them is powered by coal. Wao you did a good job this is Steam Engine Train. it is also knows as Locomotive Train. there are 4 pictures in this screen do you know which of them is the high speed train. Wao you are right this is a bullet train high speed train. there are 4 pictures of trains in the screen do you know which of them is in snow area. Wao you are brilliant this is a train going into snow areas. thanks for watching my video do not forget to subscribe my channel for more video. please like and share the video.

    Progress of Dedicated FREIGHT Corridors (DFC) || Will They Transform RAILWAYS and Boost GDP?-Part 1
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    Progress of Dedicated FREIGHT Corridors (DFC) || Will They Transform RAILWAYS and Boost GDP?-Part 1

    February 11, 2020

    Hello Friends welcome to our channel Social Life in this video we will talk about Indian railways’ largest project yet that is, about Dedicated Freight Corridor and the question is, after the completion of this corridor will it transform Indian railways? we will answer this surely at the end and also will try to give you every information about this corridor. so watch this video till the end I am Ahaan, you are watching Social Life, lets begin First, let us know what is “freight” Transportation of goods an other products is known as Freight and Dedicated Freight Corridor mean, a special railway track will be laid on which only goods and other items will be transported This project began in 2006 and on 30 october 2006, Govt of India formed a new body which is Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Ltd. that is DFCCIL the work of this company is to build Dedicated Freight Corridor and maintain them and till 2018, 6 Dedicated Freight Corridor are planned in which two are under construction and 4 are on the way the two under construction Dedicated Freight Corridor are Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor and Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Dedicated Freight Corridor’s total length is 3350 out of which Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor’s length is 1850 and Western Dedicated Freight Corridor’s length is 1500 Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor will start at Ludhiana, Punjab and reach Haryana UttarPradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and will terminate at Dankoni city of westbengal Western Dedicated Freight Corridor will start at Dhaadri, UP and reach Haryana and then Rajasthan, Gujarat and then terminate at JN port at Mumbai, Maharashatra Indian Railways has put this project on fast-track and to finish this ASAP, 4 NTC machines are imported from US NTC means New Track Construction Machine if we lay railway tracks using Indian Technology then we can only 300-400m of track per day but using NTC machines, we can lay around 1.5Km of track per day friends, this technology is pretty effective and efficient to lay tracks due to land litigation, single track will be laid from Ludhiana to bulandshahar which will be of 404 Km remaining other lines will be double everywhere This DFC will cover 9 states, 60 Districts, and 2500 Villages of India as of January 2018, 98% land is acquired for construction of this project alongside Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor is being built and Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) alongside Western Dedicated Freight Corridor if you want to know more about the DMIC project then, we already have made a detailed video on it, you can watch by clicking on the card shown on top right In this Dedicated Freight Corridor, new railway station will be built along with 54 major bridges also new logistic parks will be built in which packaging, labeling, retailing will be performed to finish this project fast, Experienced and Dedicated staff are being employed and drones are being used to to survey and monitor and this is the first time ever that in India drones are used for monitoring a project Now let us jump into specifications of this Dedicated Freight Corridor the goods carrying trains’ length till now used to be 700m but on this Dedicated Freight Corridors it will be 1500 meters and these will longest trains of India Only one container used to be placed on good trains till now but on this Dedicated Freight Corridors 2 container trains will run height to send goods was 4.1 meters till now but now on Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor height limit will be 5.1 meters and on Western Dedicated Freight Corridor it will be 7.2 meters tonnage capacity of trains till now was 5000tons but now it will be 13000tons tariff will also be less and station spacing will be 30 to 40 Km instead of old 7 to 10 Km after the completion of this corridor, 70 % of goods which are transported on these routes will be transported on this corridor till now the speed of good trains used to be 20-25 kmph but on this corridor it will 70kmph with a max speed of 100Kmph now lets see the cost of the project total estimated cost of this project is 82,000 Crores in which 42,000 Crores will be spent on Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor and 40,000 Crore on Western Dedicated Freight Corridor Friends, along with Govt of India, JICA of Japan and world bank are funding this project if we consider, Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor the construction cost is divided into three phases first is Ludhiana to Mughalsrai which is of length 1200 Km is being funded by Word Bank World Bank is funding 18000 Crore rupees on this phase. and from Mughalsrai to sonanagar which is of length 130Km is funded by equity funding which will be around 3000 Crores and from sonanagar to dankuni which is of length 540Km will be built on PPP (public Private partisanship) Western Dedicated Freight Corridor is wholly funded by Japan’s JICA and it will be around 38000 Crore rupees and Indian Govt will invest 2000 Crores on this Now lets see the benefits This project will transform India’s transportation Sector very rapidly Till now in India only 36% goods were transported on rail but after the completion of this project it will raise above 50% in a few years apart from this, it will be of low operation and maintenance cost and high efficiency logistic costs will reduce greatly these trains will run on electric power due to which environment pollution will greatly be reduced This project is green energy initiative In this first 30 years, if the goods transported by this corridor were transported by other trains,buses then it would produce 457 million tons of CO2 transported on these corridors all that CO2 is not produced at all and this will help environment greatly It is assumed that this project will partially be completed by 2019 This project is divided in many phases and many companies are building it and the progress is quite complex and to only cover the progress we will make a new video so please stay tuned to us. and share this video so much Thats it for this video if you found the video useful, please leave a like and if you are not our subscriber yet, then please do SUBSCRIBE now Thanks for Watching