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    Makurazaki Station, Train just arrived at Final Stop of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line, Kagoshima
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    Makurazaki Station, Train just arrived at Final Stop of Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line, Kagoshima

    April 9, 2020

    MAKURAZAKI Station Lucky! The train has just arrived! This station is the final stop of the IBUSUKI-MAKURAZAKI Line in Japan. This line is the most southern in Japan Many people who like train come here. This station has no staff. This station building was donated by citizens of Makurazaki City. Because of its unique appearance, this building has received a prize. This board says “Welcome to Makurazaki” Train has 2 compartments. City views of Makurazaki City This fish statue is Botani, which is the main production of Makurazaki City.

    Japan Hour: Road Trip On Daiyūzan Line (Part 2)
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    Japan Hour: Road Trip On Daiyūzan Line (Part 2)

    April 8, 2020

    Local lines. Trains travelling through
    the beautiful scenery of Japan that make us feel nostalgic. Season by season,
    we enquire local residents to find breathtaking scenery, delicious
    cuisine, and wonderful accommodations. It’s a journey to uncover recommendations
    only the locals know. All aboard to find the home in our heart. HOME IN OUR HEART This time, the journey takes place
    in Kanagawa Prefecture, on the Daiyuzan Line of Izuhakone Railway. -We’re here.
    -Yes, we’ve arrived. We could’ve walked here. It’s a short line that takes 20 minutes
    from the first station to the last. It’s spring in full bloom
    along the railway. This is incredible! It’s great weather for travelling. Our travellers find cheap
    and delicious seafood. All of this? Yes, 550 yen. I’m taken aback! Gourmet food with large portions
    popular among the locals. -What happiness.
    -There you go. This feels amazing. The water is gentle. Our duo gets excited about
    an outdoor activity with a great view. Even this rugged old man enjoys it. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you. The two are guided by
    the kindness of local residents. We talked on the phone. -Yes, thank you.
    -What’s your name? -Hiroshi Tachi.
    -Hiroshi Tachi? Shimo Shimo! Shimo Shimo! That’s so cute. It almost makes me cry. -That one’s from earlier.
    -Mr Shimoda. It’s filled with wonderful encounters. -Thank you.
    -Thank you very much. Yay, yay, yay. Let’s get started. All aboard
    our journey of enquiry and discovery! -Here’s are the grills.
    -It’s hot, so be careful. -It looks good.
    -It looks great. Let’s eat. Grilled beef slowly marinated
    in home-made miso. -It’s quite thick.
    -Look at that. It’s beef. It’s quite… luxurious, isn’t it? It has a great flavour of miso. I love it. Grilled seasonal vegetables grown locally are served with yuzu and pepper paste. See? -Wow, amazing.
    -Isn’t it? It’s juicy. It’s sweet. -I love the flavour of asparagus.
    -Me too. Also, the yuzu flavour is very nice. -I enjoy it.
    -It’s the best. I love vegetables, after all. Seasonal vegetables. Here’s your pot rice with
    sakura shrimps and clams. You’re very strong. -This is mixed rice with chicken.
    -Great. Ta-da! Mixed pot rice. -This is it.
    -Nice. -I should mix it, right?
    -Sure. -The colour is nice.
    -I’ll mix it. Nice colours. Look how they sparkle. It looks great. It does look good. Careful. It’s hot. That’s the edible wild plants. The rice is amazing. I love the flavour. You do? I love this rice. -It’s so good.
    -Good? -It has the juice from chicken mixed in.
    -I see. -It must have a rich flavour.
    -Very good. They cook rice with soup stock made with
    locally produced dried bonito flakes. Here’s the pot rice with sakura shrimps
    and clams. Let’s see. Look how many sakura shrimps they added. -The clams smell great.
    -That looks good. It’s quite a large dish! It has a lot of shrimps. This is proper… Sakura shrimps are in season right now. I’ll try it, then. I just made eye contact
    with this shrimp. Let’s eat. As soon as I put in my mouth,
    there’s a great flavour that spreads. The rice is incredible. ENTRY 6 The sixth entry, the flavourful
    pot rice and grills from Miyoshiya. -Thank you. It was delicious.
    -Thank you. -Thank you.
    -It was great. -It was all very good.
    -I loved the pot rice. -Thank you.
    -I’ll come back again. -Good job.
    -Good job, sir. -Thank you very much. See you later.
    -Have a safe trip. That was incredible. -It feels nice.
    -Yeah? We eat, take a bath, and sleep. You sleep like this? It’ll be nice to sleep in a place
    that’s so quiet. That’s true.
    It’s usually noisy where we live. We’re back at our home. -We’re back.
    -Hi there. -Are you asleep?
    -No. -It’s too early.
    -No, not yet. -Welcome back.
    -Thank you. I loved their pot rice. You did? I’m glad. -Great recommendation.
    -Thank you. I’m glad to help. -It’s an honour.
    -Thank you for everything. I would like to go see
    the hostess club next door with him. That would be fun. -You should.
    -You’re one year younger than me, right? You’re right. I’m 57 years old now. The year of the tiger. -Tiger?
    -Tiger. -I’m the year of the ox.
    -Really? You two should drink together
    until morning. -The one next door.
    -You guys should go. So you’re a tiger.
    In what month were you born? -September.
    -So I was one year ahead of you. Right, in school. The two quickly became best friends. -Thank you very much.
    -See you later. -Good night.
    -Good night. What a day we had. -I’ll sleep so well.
    -Thank you. It was a great trip. Very nice. On the journey on the Daiyuzan Line
    of Izuhakone Railway, our duo advanced to Sagaminumata Station
    and found six entries on the first day. Let’s hope that they’ll meet
    more wonderful people tomorrow. THE SECOND DAY -Good morning.
    -Why say it from up there? Good morning. I heard you whistling. Good morning. You look pretty as always. Thanks.
    You didn’t say that yesterday, though. I was tired yesterday. You were tired?
    You must’ve been exhausted. Hello, good morning. -Good morning.
    -Sorry, but I have a 10,000-yen bill. Can you change it to small bills? Sorry, we can’t. We’d accept it
    if it was 100,000 yen. What? Really? -What are you talking about? Good morning.
    -Good morning. Take a look at his tie. You have a tie on this morning.
    Last night, you wore a polo shirt. -It’s escalating.
    -I had to. -You had to?
    -You know. You two are staying at my hotel, so I thought I shouldn’t wear
    anything casual. -No worries. Yesterday was fine.
    -Really? It’s perfectly okay. -I’ll drive you guys now.
    -Yes, thank you. It was great.
    I was able to relax very well. It was a great hotel. Thank you. ENTRY 7 The seventh entry in the guidebook,
    Iwashita Ryokan, a hotel owned by a rugged old man
    who’s a fan of Girolamo. -The weather is very nice today.
    -A photo first thing in the morning. -Excuse us.
    -A photo in the morning. NARRATION: FUMITOSHI SANO The owner of the hotel will take
    the two to Sagaminumata Station. TIME LIMIT: 4:00PM This time, the time limit
    is four in the evening. They still have three more entries to find
    to achieve their goal. The weather is even nicer than yesterday. You’re right. The mountains look beautiful.
    Hakone mountains? Yes, Gairinzan and Myojingatake in Hakone. Gairinzan? I feel sad. Soon, we have to say goodbye. The time to say goodbye is approaching. -He always sees you in magazines.
    -That’s right. That’s incredible. Now I’ll collect more and more issues
    of LEON magazine. -Thanks to you.
    -That’s great. Mr Iwashita, you’re very fashionable.
    I can tell that you read the magazine. Very fashionable. -His manners too.
    -Sophisticated. That’s right. Thank you very much. We’ve arrived. They arrive at Sagaminumata Station. 17 MINUTES UNTIL THE 10:48AM TRAIN -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. -Please give my regards to your wife.
    -Thank you very much. -Have a happy New Year.
    -Thank you very much. Merry Christmas. -We need to buy a pass again.
    -Yes, one for today. Let’s do that. -Good morning.
    -Sorry for the wait. One-day pass, please. -Two, please.
    -Two. Two tickets, please. It’ll be 1,080 yen. -Okay.
    -I’ll return this to you. It’s recycling. You return it?
    I’ve never seen anyone doing that. You don’t keep it as a souvenir?
    Thank you very much. I’ve never seen anyone return it. -All right.
    -All right, where should we go now? -Where are we now?
    -Sagaminumata. Okay, this way. Should we go to the next station? -Next station?
    -Iwahara. -Iwahara.
    -Yeah. -Let’s go to Iwahara.
    -Sure. There are five stations left,
    including the terminal. Their first destination today
    is Iwahara Station, the next station. Here it comes. Many people aboard? Here’s my train. -This way?
    -My train. My train. -Nice.
    -This feels nice. It’s very peaceful today. 10:48AM On the journey on Izuhakone Railway, the second day starts now! The Daiyuzan Line of Izuhakone Railway
    that runs through Kanagawa Prefecture is a short local line with 12 stations
    total and a distance of 9.6 kilometres. Their goal is to get recommendations
    from local residents and create an original travel guide
    with 10 entries. IWAHARA STATION We’ve arrived at Iwahara Station. -We’re here.
    -That was quick. So quick. -Cool.
    -Nice. So this is it. Hi there. -Hello.
    -Are you from here? -Are you from here?
    -Yes. Oh, really? Where are you going now? I went to Odawara to have a meal
    with my aunt. You went to Odawara for a meal? -I always see you on TV.
    -Thank you very much. What did you eat? Today? We had coffee and bread. So you went for a coffee.
    That must have been nice. How old are you? I’m 90 years old. You’re 90? So is my mother. You’re 90? You look younger than that. I’m young too. I’m 70 years old. -You’re 70? You both look young!
    -Terrific! -Anything interesting around here?
    -Right. -We just got off at this station.
    -There’s a shrine, but it’s not so great. There’s nothing interesting in this area. -The shrine is nice with cherry blossoms.
    -It can be anything. Any shops? -Any good food?
    -Please. -It can be a park.
    -Have you done this yet? No, not yet. Did you do this yet? You’re very honest. There isn’t anyone monitoring either. -They pay even if nobody is watching.
    -That’s great. -Are there any good sweets around here?
    -Yeah. -Maybe a cake shop?
    -Is there a cake shop here? -No.
    -It can be anything. -There’s a store over there.
    -A store? -Turn right over there.
    -Is it a supermarket? -It’s a 7-Eleven.
    -7-Eleven? There’s also a MaxValu supermarket. -Really?
    -It recently opened. It must make things easier for you.
    That’s convenient. I see. -Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.
    -Don’t worry about it. -Let’s walk around, then.
    -Yeah, let’s go this way. 1 HOUR, 48 MINUTES UNTIL THE 12:37PM TRAIN It feels like there are more people here
    compared to other stations. They look for people to enquire. There’s a signboard
    of a tatami shop there. -Where?
    -Look. -Yeah.
    -It says “tatami.” Should we go take a look? Our duo is curious about the tatami shop, so they’ll make a little detour. -Hello.
    -Hello. -Hello.
    -Excuse me. -Hello?
    -Are you busy? Sorry to bother you. -Is it okay if we film you?
    -Sure. He’s okay with it. I can’t believe this! You’re making tatami mats. I’ve never seen that before. -What?
    -What? -May we?
    -Go ahead. Are you the owner’s son? -Nice.
    -Yes, I am. How many generations? -The fourth generation? Impressive.
    -Awesome. -May we come in?
    -Sure. Let’s go look. -I wanted to see this.
    -I wanted to see tatami mats. I can’t believe this. Wow, this is impressive. -Nice.
    -This is so cool. It’s a tatami shop. -You’re the fourth generation?
    -Yes. -So it’s 100 years old?
    -No. How many years has it been? I’m not sure exactly how many years. But it’s been a very long time. How old are you now? -I’m 41 years old.
    -41? We’re the same age. Yeah! We’re the same age. -You were born in 1978?
    -Yes! Year of the horse. Awesome, and you’re the fourth generation. Shimo Shimo! Cool. Wow, what are you doing here? -We’re travelling along this line.
    -I see. We saw a sign that said “tatami mats.” We wanted to see it. You’re a craftsman. That’s cool. A craftsman. A bit rugged. Yes, a rugged craftsman. Cool. -How long does it take to make a mat?
    -Yeah. It doesn’t take much. About 30 minutes. -What?
    -30 minutes? It’s all done with machines now. -Oh, I see.
    -Yes, it’s all machines. If I did it by hand using these tools, -it’d take 1.5 to two hours.
    -Per mat? -Yes, if it’s all done by hand.
    -I see. Impressive. What is this called? It’s the edge of a tatami. -What?
    -It’s this part here. How many different patterns do you have? There are a lot. I always see tatami mats and think that
    they have cute edges. -Sometimes I do.
    -There are many. A lot of them. Samples? So cute. -These are adorable. Look.
    -Nice. -This one’s cute.
    -Yeah. Are these the latest ones? Yes, they are. These are very cute. I like that. I’d love to have tatami mats like these. Where can I buy these? -These…
    -You order them? I order them from a wholesale dealer. This one is lovely. The tatami culture should be valued more. Can I take a photo? A photo? You want to take a photo of this? It’d be really cool
    if I put them on my jeans. I see. -That’s a cool idea.
    -We have these too. He’s a fashion model after all.
    He has very unique ideas. We can chose the front side too? Within walking distance from here, is there anything you recommend? -Someplace you like.
    -Within walking distance? -Yes.
    -Walking distance… Walking distance… -Grill Toshio.
    -Grill Toshio? It’s a restaurant that is super retro. -Is it good?
    -Not sure if they’re open. Their food is amazing. Do you often go there? -Sometimes, with my family.
    -What’s good there? They are known for their cutlet curry. Cutlet curry. -That sounds nice.
    -The presentation is amazing. -It’s like this.
    -Wow, really? It’s called Grill Yoshio. Do you often go there? Yes, that’s why I look like this. I’ll bring my dad. Your dad? His father, who was taking
    a break at home, comes out. -Hi there.
    -This is Nora. Sorry to surprise you. -You’re so friendly. Thank you.
    -Thank you very much. -Thank you too.
    -Really. Not many famous people visit our town. I’m curious about Grill Yoshio.
    Let’s go see. It’s Grill Toshio. It’s Toshio. Sorry, Yoshio is my ex. Keep walking down that way. -Where?
    -Nice, Dad. That path. -Go down that street.
    -Down the street. -Thank you.
    -Really, thank you. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -Thank you. Take care of yourself.
    -Let me see that. -Two rugged men.
    -Great. See you. -Thank you.
    -Bye. -Bye. Good luck.
    -Thank you very much. Thank you. They’re nice people. Very funny. They’ll now go to Grill Toshio. Is that it? Pork cutlet set menu. Pork cutlet set menu. Yeah, there it is. The restaurant looks cool. Cool, it’s retro. This is going to be good. Hi there. Hello. Hello. We have a camera crew that’s filming us. May we film your restaurant? Can they film us eating food? They said it’s okay. That guy must be Toshio. -It must be.
    -It’s all good. It’s a nice restaurant. -It’s so clean and sparkly.
    -Let’s go. Shall we go in? Sorry to bother you. Sorry. Thank you for having us. -Sorry to show up so suddenly.
    -Thank you. Cutlet curry. Such a big portion. Yeah, that looks like a lot of food. Maybe I’ll try one. What should I get? Our hamburger steaks are very popular. Hamburger steaks? -I’ll get this pork cutlet hamburger set.
    -Sure. Please. Grill Toshio opened 47 years ago. The reputation of their traditional
    home-made dishes, spread by word of mouth. Now, not only the locals but people from
    out of prefecture come to eat their food. Here’s
    your pork cutlet hamburger steak set menu. -Nice.
    -That’s me. Pork cutlet hamburger steak. -Wow, look at that.
    -Awesome. Here’s the sauce for your hamburger steak. It’s tender. Look how easily the chopsticks go in. It’s very old-fashioned. It makes me feel nostalgic. And… -Look!
    -Here’s the cutlet curry. My goodness! Whoa, look at that. Unbelievable. My gosh. Seriously! Our duo gets off the train
    at Iwahara Station. They visit the restaurant recommended
    earlier that serves Western-style food. -Here’s the cutlet curry.
    -My goodness! Wow, look at that. This is crazy. My gosh. Seriously! Oh, dear. For their popular cutlet curry,
    400 grammes of rice is served. On freshly deep-fried cutlet, they pour lots of curry,
    which they spent three days cooking. There’s the cutlet. What happiness. There you go. He’s happy. I love the curry flavour… -mixed with the crunchy breading.
    -Yeah, the breading. It’s amazing. In the kitchen, there is a man
    working hard, cooking all by himself. Could this be Toshio? -It’s very good.
    -Very good. Oh, yeah? Thank you. -Are you Yoshio?
    -Sorry? -Are you Yoshio?
    -I’m Toshio. -You’re Toshio?
    -Yes. -You’re Toshio.
    -Yes, I am. -Can you finish that?
    -I’ll try my best. -The food is amazing.
    -Good luck finishing it. Thank you very much. Are you doing okay with these prices? Yes, we manage. -Yeah?
    -It’s me and my daughter. I see, so it’s you and your daughter
    who work here. I can’t believe these generous prices
    when there’s this much food. ENTRY 8 The eighth entry in the guidebook,
    Grill Toshio, with their huge cutlet curry which has a 47-year-long history. Thank you for the food. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -Sorry to bother you during busy hours.
    -Come again. Thank you. I loved the food. Thank you very much. -That was great, wasn’t it?
    -Yeah. -Yes, it was.
    -Incredible. You can tell by this -that people wait in line.
    -You’re right. They must be very busy during lunch hours. Their food is amazing,
    so that makes sense. Yeah, if people spread the word. What time is it? They’re back at Iwahara Station. What’s next? -Next?
    -Stop at each station? -Where are we now?
    -We’re at Iwahara now. Maybe we can skip one station? And go to Wadagahara? -The next one might be close from here.
    -True. So we should skip
    to the station that’s after that. There are only four stations left. They skip the next station
    and go to Wadagahara Station. Will they be all right? Look. -That’s our train.
    -Here it is. All right. 12:37PM After a while… Look at those clouds. Impressive. Look, it’s Mount Fuji! So pretty! Mount Fuji! It’s very pretty. It looks amazing! I’ve never seen Mount Fuji
    from a train before. If you’re lucky, you get
    to see Mount Fuji like this. After a five-minute ride,
    the train arrives at Wadagahara Station. WADAGAHARA STATION -We’re here.
    -Good. 12:42PM It’s slightly a larger station. Yes, it is. Okay, right now… It’s 12:43pm. We can take the next train
    at 1:18pm or 1:30pm? -Around then.
    -Sure. What’s going on? There’s a square
    right in front of the station. -Yeah.
    -We didn’t have that before. Right, we didn’t have that until now. -This looks nice.
    -There’s a coffee shop. Kintaro Shokudo. Cool. -That’s a convenience store.
    -Yeah. What a nice coffee shop. -Hello.
    -Hi there. -Nice.
    -Hi. -Hello.
    -Hi. -Hello, hello.
    -Great. I can’t believe this. Is there anything
    within walking distance from here that you recommend we visit? Recommendations around this area? -Kohakudo.
    -Kohakudo? It’s behind the train track. Let’s go take a look. They sell aroma oils -and incense sticks.
    -Really? -Can we buy souvenirs there?
    -Yes. Yeah! -Thank you.
    -Let’s go look. Usually, aroma oils and incense sticks
    are not sold together. It’s a very nice store. Great. Let’s go see it. Let’s go. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. Thank you. We’ll be back. There’s a white building on the right. It’s open. I see cars parked. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Thank you very much. I’m excited to look for some souvenirs. -I want to buy something.
    -That’d be nice. Right around the corner… I see something very pretty. It’s in an amber colour. Yeah. -See?
    -Yes. Excuse me. -It smells great.
    -Can we film your store for a TV show? -For us…
    -We’re with a TV crew. We’re on a journey. -They said okay.
    -It’s nice. It’s a very nice place. Please come in. It smells great.
    I’ve never been to a store like this. This is the store manager. -She’s pretty.
    -Not at all. Thank you for having us. Our duo gets off the train
    at Wadagahara Station and visits a stylish store where
    incense sticks and aroma oils are sold. Let’s look inside. -The manager is pretty.
    -Not at all. Thank you for having us. Is this a relatively new store? We opened last April. -Last April?
    -Yes. And before that? -Nothing.
    -Nothing? This building was newly built. At first, the local people here
    didn’t feel comfortable coming in. And not many people
    came into the store at first. So, last summer, I also sold some vegetables and fruits outside of the store
    to make it easier for them to come in. You lured them with food. Exactly. This April will mark
    Kohakudo’s first anniversary. The manager of the store
    is full of great ideas. When she found out
    that the elderly in the area had to travel far to get incense sticks, she decided to open this store. She sells not only incense sticks
    to be lit for home altars but sells incense and aroma oils as well. There are about 800 products
    that have different scents. This one has a smell of coffee. -That’s right.
    -You love coffee. -Impressive.
    -I just had a customer who bought these. Her late parents loved coffee,
    so she got these to offer to them. It was just this morning. -I had no idea there are this many.
    -Yes, there are. Amazing. Let’s find one with a nice scent. -Lily and rose.
    -Lily and rose. -Violet.
    -Violet. I’ll take this. -And this stand. It’s lovely.
    -Great. Nora buys incense with a floral scent
    and an incense stand. This one has a citrus scent.
    It’s refreshing. I smell yuzu. Thank you very much. I’ll take this. This is an aroma oil with a yuzu scent. -I’ll take this.
    -Thank you very much. That one. She also buys some scented cards. Is this new? Yes, it’s new. It was out of stock for a long time,
    and I couldn’t get them. I finally got one here. -How much is this?
    -25,000 yen. It’s very nice. It’s pretty. After much contemplating,
    Girolamo decides to buy this. -I wasn’t planning on buying anything.
    -I know. -I was forced to buy.
    -Not really. You kept buying more and more stuff. Pay in a lump sum? No, can I pay in 10 instalments?
    Just kidding. ENTRY 9 The ninth entry in the guidebook,
    Kohakudo, with various scented products. -Thank you very much.
    -Thank you very much. That was great. We’ve got eight… no, nine entries. -We need one more.
    -One more. They’re back at Wadagahara Station. Where will they go next? 7 MINUTES UNTIL THE TRAIN AT 2:06PM -Let’s go to Daiyuzan.
    -Daiyuzan. Now that they’re happy with the souvenirs
    they bought, they head to Daiyuzan, which is the terminal station. This is the last time they’re taking
    the Daiyuzan Line on this journey. This is the last time we’ll see this. It’s the last time we take the train. -Should we sit here?
    -Where? That way? 2:06PM The scenery outside of the train windows
    will be remembered forever. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. We’re arriving at Daiyuzan, the terminal. Here it is, the terminal. Please make sure to take
    all of your belongings. Great. Daiyuzan Station, the terminal. DAIYUZAN STATION Slowly, the train arrives at Daiyuzan Station,
    the last station of this journey. We made it to our goal, Giro! -Yes!
    -We made it to the goal! We did it! -Cool.
    -This is nice. The station looks different. -Look.
    -It feels more lively. What’s that? -Hello.
    -This is the last time we’re using this. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. -You can pass.
    -Oh, yeah. We can just go. -What’s in front of the station?
    -It’s huge. -Look, Giro!
    -Look at that! Look. It’s Kintaro. Kintaro is from the Ashigara Mountains. KINTARO’S HOMETOWN,
    THE ASHIGARA MOUNTAINS Kintaro is a folk tale character
    that is featured in a nursery rhyme. The Ashigara Mountains
    are also mentioned in the rhyme. It’s a collective term that refers to
    the area near the Kintoki Mountains, including Hakone Gairinzan
    and the Ashigara Touge. It’s also Kintaro’s hometown. This is the waterfall where Kintaro
    supposedly took a bath as a baby. The folk hero supposedly used these rocks
    to do juggling with bears. In this area, there are many places
    related to the legend of Kintaro. I wonder if there are any locals here. I see a taxi driver. We already asked a taxi driver.
    We asked Mr Shimoda. Our duo enquire a flower shop
    in front of the station. -Hi there.
    -Welcome. We’ve been travelling. Are there any places nearby
    that you recommend we visit? -We’re asking people around.
    -I see. -Doryo.
    -Doryo? Do you know Saijoji? It’s a temple. -A temple.
    -We have a temple and a shrine. And souvenir shops? Yes, I think so. You’ll need to take a bus from here. It’ll be about 20 minutes. About 20 minutes. It’s a bit up high. -We go up the mountain?
    -Yes. Would you like to come with us? I have an errand to run right now. An errand. Do you often go there? I do. I recently visited there. It’s a wonderful place. -Is it?
    -Yes. We should go, then. It’s a very unique place. -It’s Sajodera?
    -Saijoji. -Saijoji.
    -Saijoji. Also known as Doryo. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Sorry I can’t go with you. No problem. Thank you. -Sorry.
    -It’s fine. Thank you. Our duo takes a bus
    to a temple called Saijoji. Excuse me. We’re filming a travel show now. Is it okay to film inside the bus? -Sure, no problem.
    -Thank you. There’s something Nora has been meaning
    to ask Girolamo for the past two days. It’s Kintaro’s mountain. What do you have in your bag? -Inside?
    -Yeah. It could’ve been a small bag like this. I saw that and thought so too. Maybe I’m more feminine than girls? What do you mean? -This.
    -What’s that? Our duo arrives at Daiyuzan Station,
    the terminal. They now take a bus to Doryoson. On the bus… 1 HOUR, 24 MINUTES
    UNTIL THE 4:00PM TIME LIMIT What do you have in your bag? -Inside?
    -Yeah. It could’ve been a small bag like this. I saw that and thought so too. Maybe I’m more feminine than girls? What do you mean? -This.
    -What’s that? It’s long. It’s an iPhone charger, isn’t it? Why would you need such a long one? It’s very useful. What else? -What else?
    -We’re looking through your bag. This is it. An iPad. An iPad. I watch TV on this. There was a football
    game last night, so I watched it. -That’s impressive.
    -Also… This is aftershave lotion. I see, for shaving. You don’t need to carry this every day. You can use this if you want. -Hand cream.
    -Hand cream. You’re very girly, Giro. I love this smell. Good smell. -Yeah, I like it.
    -Great. Impressive, as I expected. -Italian men are well groomed.
    -Not really. This is a payslip from my agency. A payslip? I want to see that. It’s not bad. And many other things. Why would you go
    on a trip with your payslip? -I need to file tax returns.
    -I see. What’s this? -That is…
    -A cushion? -Cushion.
    -Something was on it? -Something was on it.
    -Yes. It should be inside here somewhere. 2:38PM You have so many things.
    I wonder what was on this. -I also bring music when I travel.
    -Music, sure. -Bluetooth.
    -It’s so heavy. It’s really heavy. We’re going up the mountain. Yes, we’ll go up a bit. We’re going up quite a lot. The bus advances farther into the woods. We’re here. Amazing. We’ve arrived. We’re here. Look at that. Thank you very much. Incredible. It’s a bit chilly. Yeah. Great. There’s a bridge. Giro and a bridge. -Bridge.
    -Giro and a bridge. PHOTO TAKEN BY NORA HIRANO -Great.
    -Thank you. Giro and a bridge. All right. These steps look nice. I love this. Very nice. It’s beautiful. -It’s very picturesque.
    -It is. Anywhere you look. Look at that bridge. -Nice.
    -Pretty. It has a great atmosphere. The gods are calling me. -Stand over there, Giro.
    -Sorry. Nice. Nora can’t resist taking photos. It’s a fusion of Japan and Europe. Even if they don’t give us
    permission to film, -it’s still worth coming here.
    -You’re right. 57 MINUTES UNTIL THE 4:00PM TIME LIMIT Don’t forget that you’ve yet to reach
    the goal of finding 10 entries. It’s quite a large temple. Will they let us film here? Ready, set… Hurry up and get here. -Hurry, you’re slow.
    -Don’t stand there. Hurry up and get here. Earlier, we were talking to the lady
    at the flower shop. That lady apparently called city hall
    for us. She had asked someone to be here
    when we visit, and he’s here. The lady felt bad
    that she couldn’t come with our duo, so she called someone she knew
    from the Commerce and Industry Division. -Mr Nakazawa.
    -I’m Nakazawa from city hall. -Mr Nakazawa.
    -Yes. -The lady from the flower shop called you.
    -Yes. She told me to get here right away,
    so I did. -You have a nice personality.
    -Thank you. -This way.
    -This place is massive. Yes, it is. It’s equivalent to 27 Tokyo Domes. 27 Tokyo Domes? Seriously? The temple was built about 610 years ago,
    during the Muromachi period. It was built around the same year
    as Kinkakuji in Kyoto. -The same year.
    -Kyoto. About 600 years ago, Saijoji was supposedly built by a monk named Emyo Ryoan. It’s a renowned temple with
    about 4,000 schools across Japan. A RENOWNED TEMPLE WITH
    ABOUT 4,000 SCHOOLS ACROSS JAPAN Here it is. -It’s the main temple.
    -Okay. Please come up. Excuse me. Incredible. THE MAIN TEMPLE This structure is called a canopy. It’s the biggest one in Japan. -The biggest in Japan.
    -I believe! I’ve never seen anything this big either. A canopy. The three stand in line and pray. At this temple,
    there’s something even bigger. -What is it?
    -It’s the biggest in the world. -I’ll show you next.
    -You’re good. You’re a great speaker. -Stay tuned!
    -Exactly. We’ll have a commercial break here. This way. He’s so funny. The temple is also known
    as a temple of tengu. That’s right. We saw a tengu. When a Buddhist priest died,
    one of his monks named Doryo said that he did everything he could
    for the temple. He said that he’d transform into a tengu so he can watch over this temple. He became a tengu
    and disappeared into the mountain. So we have a tengu watching over us. So that’s what it was. Doryo is believed
    to have been a disciple monk who contributed significantly
    to the establishment of the temple. The monk actually existed, and he is believed to have transformed
    into a tengu when the priest died. It is said that
    he is still watching over the temple. Because of this monk named Doryo, Saijoji is also known as Doryo-san. The temple is very much loved
    by the people. I think I saw something. -You saw it?
    -I think so. Hey! -Here it is.
    -Here. -They’re geta sandals.
    -Look at that. There are so many geta sandals. Why are they here? These are geta sandals that are worn by
    the tengu I mentioned earlier. So the believers of the tengu
    bring these here and donate them to the temple. The world’s biggest thing
    that I mentioned earlier is actually this. -It’s huge.
    -It’s huge. It’s gigantic! Wow, unbelievable. -These weigh four tonnes.
    -Four tonnes? Geta? Four tonnes? You know, geta sandals always come
    as a pair of two. So they’re believed to bring luck in love
    or to improve one’s marriage. So that’s what it was. It’s geta. -I see.
    -Walk through and get lucky in love. Why don’t we walk through together? -Let’s go. From where?
    -Lucky love… From the centre. They walk through to pray
    for more happiness in their lives. Happiness, please come my way. -Do I turn left?
    -All the way to the left. -Left?
    -Not there. That way. Yes. This way? Go into the middle part. -Okay.
    -And come out through the centre. -Right?
    -That’s all. Watch your head. I tried to circle many times. All right. We’ll be happy. Now I’ll take you two
    to the most spiritual spot of this temple. Let’s go! I’m so intrigued. With Mr Nakazawa from city hall,
    our duo visits Doryoson. I’ll take you two
    to the most spiritual spot of this temple. Let’s go. I’m so intrigued. So many spiritual sites. -That’s true.
    -Yeah. Mr Nakazawa guides the two farther. -Look at that.
    -Nice. It’s the oldest tree here at the temple. It’s about 500 to 600 years old. -600 years?
    -Back when the temple was built. Amazing. In the spring, when the tree absorbs
    water, you can hear the water running up. The water needs to be lifted
    up to the top. That’s how much vitality this tree has. You’ll absorb energy from the tree
    when you hug it. So this is the spiritual spot? There are three old trees here,
    so there’s a lot of energy here. Incredible. -Three brothers.
    -That’s right. Please try touching the tree. -I feel a lot of energy from these trees.
    -Yeah, me too. ENTRY 10 The 10th entry in the guidebook,
    Doryoson and its spiritual energy. They successfully achieved their goal. -Thank you.
    -Thank you. Please come again. I feel happy now. Me too. 4:00PM -Full of energy.
    -Exactly. Don’t do it too much, or you’ll explode. Boom! You’re so popular. No matter where you go,
    the elderly and kids recognise you. -You should be happy about it.
    -Yes. It’s all thanks to your fans. Yes, it’s all thanks to everyone we met that’s made this journey a great success. -That’s not an overstatement.
    -Right. -It’s fun to travel not having made plans.
    -True. -Busy people usually make plans.
    -You’re right. If you have time, make no plans.
    Pleasant surprises await you. -You might meet someone.
    -That’s right. For every unique encounter,
    there is a special place to visit. This would not have been the same
    if it weren’t for you all. This local line
    was a heart-warming journey. Thank you, everyone, so very much!

    Tours of the Railroad Museum: Episode 11 – Great Northern 400
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    Tours of the Railroad Museum: Episode 11 – Great Northern 400

    April 7, 2020

    This is a behemoth. This mammoth locomotive
    – one of the largest ever built – was built by the EMD corporation in 1966. It’s
    an SD 45, and it was the first entry into a race that the railroads were undertaking
    to out-do each other with more bigger, powerful locomotives to haul longer and longer trains
    across the country. This was one of the first big engines in that race. Welcome to episode 11 of our little get-togethers
    here at the Lake Superior Railroad Museum at the now-closed Depot in downtown Duluth.
    We’re going to take you inside the cab of the SD 45, a working locomotive on the North
    Shore Scenic Railroad. The engine is a whopping 65 feet in length.
    It has a 20-cylinder engine and, as I said, created 3600 horsepower. This one was bought
    by the Great Northern. They called it their number 400 and nicknamed it “Hustle Muscle.”
    In all, the Great Northern got eight of these big behemoth engines. Only 52 were made, so
    it’s kind of rare and we’re very lucky to have it. It worked until 1986 and then
    it was retired by the Great Northern and given to the Great Northern Railway Historical Society
    as the very first SD 45 ever owned by the line. They, in turn, did some work on it – got
    it nicely painted up the way it was with the “Hustle Muscle” on the side, and now it’s
    in the safekeeping of the Lake Superior Railroad Museum in Duluth. As I said, the Great Northern got eight of
    these. This was the first one. They numbered them 400 to 407 and this one got the 400 number
    and that cute nickname, the Hustle Muscle, because of its size and its power and its
    ability to pull freight cars. You know, we normally don’t really have this part of
    the engine open because, well, you know, it’s well, a working engine – it’s not just
    a museum piece. We use this on our North Shore Scenic Railroad, it pulls our excursion trains.
    But in the winter, it’s a real workhorse, doing just what she was built to do, and that
    is pull freight. In the winter, we store freight cars and with at least 3600 horsepower in
    this engine, well they make easy work out of 128-car coal train and plow snow on the
    tracks at the very same time. The engineer sits here at the controls. This
    is the controls in the cab of the locomotive and they’re all here: this would be the
    speed control, forward, reverse, this is the train brake, this is the brake for the locomotive,
    and this is the all-important horn. We use this engine on the North Shore Scenic Railroad
    not only to haul freight, but also passenger trains in the summer. And we would certainly
    like to thank the Great Northern Railway Historical Society. You see, they own this engine. GNRHS
    has granted us the opportunity to use it on our railroad if we take care of it here in
    the museum. It’s a perfect partnership – they get a nice home for their very historic engine,
    and we get to use the 400 to the delight of our guest passengers. We’ll be doing these,
    a different one every single day, so tell your friends and neighbors to tune in and
    watch us, whether it’s on Facebook or our YouTube channel. In the meantime, remember:
    keep your social distance, wash your hands, cover coughs, if you’re sick, stay home,
    and most of all, let’s take care of each other.

    Thomas and Friends BIGGEST TRACK BUILD COMPILATION EVER! Thomas Train with Brio for Children
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    Thomas and Friends BIGGEST TRACK BUILD COMPILATION EVER! Thomas Train with Brio for Children

    April 6, 2020

    trackbill day looks like we got some
    bridges what else do you want helpful here buddy
    Vicarstown you want it right there right off the end we’re gonna do off the end
    oh you’re just gonna have them fall off the end of Vicarstown oh and you want
    tidmouth sheds, you want that tidmouth sheds okay we have tidmouthh sheds and we’re
    going over the bridges to Vicarstown for careful oh yes thanks King we have a
    disorder or suspension bridge – this suspension bridge okay so we got the
    track going on here more bridges this is just a big bridge track kind of a loopy
    bridge are you going to this one you don’t want to put it over the gap in the
    tables oh I see what you’re doing you have this off because it’s slightly off
    ah smart okay we got more wraps coming in here perfect fit perfect oh wow look
    at that maybe we should build a track like that upside down more bridges
    bridges into bridges it’s all gonna fit yes oh nice
    you got this all planned out pretty good you’ve got so many bridges going on you
    put that big one on there oh go over a bridge down a hill over a bridge up a
    hill to go over a bridge to go down a hill well we certainly got bridges going
    on the truck today look at all this what’s going on with this stuff here
    why is this a mess upside down it’s ice okay so that’s ice to buffer why are you
    buffers are you done this track build already Wow how many bridges do you have
    on here one to eleven bridges on this really
    short truck let’s get some motorized railway on hand
    see how they do Murdoch what’s that car he’s pulling that’s a horrible looking
    car what’s it say on there zelicah you can tell okay
    Myrtle are coming into victors down and he leaves Vicarstown immediately folks
    who do you have you have Caitlin it’s Caitlin your favorite or Veronica’s got
    lady coming down oh here comes Rosie going through bakers town again nothing
    bad ever happened to Vicarstown station oh good save lady having some problems
    but she’s back up on the suspension bridge IG get stopped by a giant baby
    and here he comes and he’s pulling some secret cargo now oh he’s falling through
    hopefully there’s nothing bad in that secret cargo dynamite Murdoch your
    Murdoch’s going underneath the trucks you like crashes don’t you if you like
    crashes raise your hand oh who’s this guy
    rocket attracted he’s coming out there’s this app Sammy’s repeat oh wow rosie was
    still pulled in Sam big sound of Virginia who you have now you have
    Victor comes to Sodor we’ve got wooden railway Thomas Victor pussy hero most
    races for engines and see which one will go the fastest okay you’re ready to race
    these four engines start them up Victor or Percy Thomas in here oh here they go
    let’s see which one goes through first on this wacky race track oh wow
    I think Victor is in the lead oh no Bruce he fell off the wacky track oh
    he’ll got caught let’s get him this back on track looks like Thomas is coming up
    at Victor definitely in the lead he’s going on will he make the short turns
    that’s the big question folks and he comes through and he gets stuck up on
    the short turns but it gets handed and he’s trying to go off but here comes Tom
    as the Thomas is going on OH rear ends up Percy back on track here comes here
    oh no it’s gonna happen here and they threw tape miss sheds oh look at here oh
    he goes into a Murphy’s aren’t even on track and first he’s falling off
    he bit discipline here comes hero Carroll is coming through and he thinks
    he’s James you’re right Percy let’s have another race with
    Spencer rosy Charlie and Lady are you ready
    Oh Spencer he’s back on track lady looks like she’s out of problems
    here comes charlie and rosy rosy gonna climb that held up the big question
    folks looks like Spencer’s definitely in the lead Oh Charlie falls off track rosy
    package on Oh Spencer Spencer lost his temper folks
    oh and he’s having a tough time looks like charlie is back in the race and
    back in first place maybe coming through Oh Spencer gets caught up again but the
    big story here folks is Charlie Rose he coming in the suspension bridge yeah
    ladies Kate cheer da but what’s gonna happen here Oh lady crashes ed there are roads and this
    is just confusion and away she’s James never before on ditch toys play has this
    many crashes happen folks Rosie can she climb will she do it yeah she does here
    comes Rosie is lavenderish and here this is Henry’s favorite bridge it looks like
    in Vicarstown no Rosie Spencer cups it out of nowhere oh let’s have one more
    race Josie likes James we’ve got diesel Gordon and salty here let’s see how
    these guys do you like Gordon do you think Gordon’s gonna win or salty you
    like salty she thinks someone’s gonna win here folks
    Freddy such gems having a bit of a problem here comes diesel off the
    outside bridge but looks like salty is slightly ahead of their suspension
    bridge Gordon catching up fast as James is climbing a hill this is really going
    on here folks Oh looks like Gordon gets caught up on
    the special track Harold the helicopter up in the air diesel needs a little bit
    of a push salty though far and away our I had out the entire game here Gordon
    needs some more help looks like salty is well ahead at this point Harold is
    crashing he’s so excited about this can we turn the track on time egg here he
    comes folks healthy cuts in 30 gets into one tip it sheds the second place is the
    real race here look at this now it looks like Gordon got caught up a diesel
    that’s smashing and here comes James and they’re fighting and they’re going all
    over the place and there’s a giant hand crushing and diesel thinks he’s James
    but he’s not he’s diesel Gordon and James coming through James now he has
    never crash in timoshev before for the very first time is that James they
    crashed and Harold is flying around the Island of Sodor in many incarnations it
    looks like a harold race as hell has exploded on hit machette and somehow
    lads and another harold is now flying around
    and so is a train Jeremy jetplane now folks flying will be back to the head
    already guys unreal Jeremy Judd plane oh but why did any one of our train stay on
    track is the question thank you for healing me welcome to trackbill daily
    and tell us what we got going on bridges nice and you’re gonna build this
    underground here and then we have what’s going on here
    so we got Vicarstown because you love Vicarstown and this is one of dads
    favorite pieces the brendon bay shipping company and henry sent a little on the
    other side that’s gonna have to figure out how to get here across to this table
    I think cuz we have already got the drop are you gonna work on the drop now we
    have all these pieces that we just grabbed a bunch of random pieces that
    we’re gonna use okay you’ve got this is really interesting you got this coming
    down to these pieces here and I’ve got this built up but this is kind of
    awkward as well one two three four five six seven eight I got eight stocks here
    wow I don’t know I can’t seem to get this thing straight it’s just it’s off a
    little bit even if I have it stacked on these blocks okay hey are you spilt it
    Oh what and then the only mate with you is one of them well I’ve been outsmarted
    by my seven-year-old thanks Liam how you doing down here oh you’re just
    keep building on don’t shut and you’re having this curve around you’re gonna
    make that curve around like that I see that’s interesting do you think you’re
    gonna stay on track should you take her to fly off I think so to means you
    really got this going on look at this thing
    wow this is gonna be a complete hazard cuz the trains are just gonna fly off
    right there I think we got Olstad signal station and they’re coming off the
    bridge and I think we’ll just build it right back to Vicarstown maybe we’ll put
    a few of these pieces in there Liam you’re really building hey good job
    we bought this soda or paint company I don’t think we’ve ever actually used it
    let’s just put it in oh you know look at I can connect your track let’s play the
    track for it then let’s get this and right here perfect and there’s the paint
    factory right beside this magic turntable oh no whoo where I turn my
    turntable it’s gonna hit the other track look Oh back that’s not gonna work
    oh that’s bad you know what maybe let’s just pull this out and put this we can
    put it this way and fit that in there and then here and put this here and then
    the engines will come off over the edge oh look at that I was out for an
    obstacle it’s not awesome over here look at this this is awesome
    Kolby okay so you get off the train and get
    onto the boat yes we got two bridges right here that you built and that’s
    common off this huge ramp that goes back up to this we just have to figure out
    this side we got a bunch of pieces left to put on okay we’re getting really good
    at building this only a few pieces remaining I just got to connect that did
    it do oh that’s too short oh come on yeah I’m a at work oh why is cold either
    getting beat up today was born hey why are we picking on Colby we’re doing
    really good here all these bridges we just have to figure this out we’re
    almost done okay but I think I can make this fit right oh it does fit yeah nice
    so I have one two three four open ends and we are done this track you want to
    put anything in here wow I haven’t seen this we haven’t used this in a long time
    remember the Clocktower gonna put right there I remembered that this was one of
    our first pieces actually be able to use this in a long time so two o’clock Tyler okay Liam I need you to put this train
    Labs a little bone in here see if you can fit it in there buddy nice okay so
    that work now we just have to get this piece here and not be serving our two
    openings over here you ready okay so I think we have this lined up I’m just
    curious about what to do there I think I might connect this this and this with
    another one of these triangles and have a piece come off to here what do you
    think pal okay this or this that’s the one I want
    okay you’re filming I need another short piece to go there
    over here I think that another short piece will fit in there and then I just
    have to figure this out there’s a fit fit and then we’ll have this one I’ll
    need some curves coming across there you think doesn’t work better
    maybe maybe baby let’s get longer pieces here and see payoff okay and then maybe pump this piece out
    and is this the last piece no it’s not it’s too long womp womp womp sit all
    done okay we are done Lee and why don’t you
    give us a tour hey is this big city engine this is one of dads favorites
    show us where he goes hi Emily good bye Emily oh I know we’re full of
    grain and here at the end of Vicarstown why we got thumper what’s up we’re gonna
    do oh that’s one no it’s sitting engine and now he’s going hot by the paint shop
    going through Brendam and coming over the bridge and all State Council this is
    a big girl oh and they forced the way through this bridge and the bridge is
    crashing into them what’s this the clock tower as we open the door disorder clock
    tower oh we got the tender back us we’re grateful for that
    no we got Rosie and Lady as it goes over there oh wow the collapsible bridge
    collapse Rosie he needs his tender oh wow ain’t getting a swamp and now he’s
    gone to the swamp over the bridge Oh baby blocks up it says here you can go
    into this whoa Oh big city engine coming down
    oh good landing oh and you lift offers a bit yeah they’re back to the crazy
    cuckoo bridge I’m glad we have no oh I mean uh knocks then what happened big
    city and underneath all state castle let’s let’s see what goes on underneath
    how did these engines get underneath double security we’ve got and then after
    that game oh oh that was a bad line Oh BCE buddy oh that was way better
    without the tender yeah that was the best one yeah good job big city engine the bridge there’s all you hit Molly I
    know one way to get rid of two to where you get this shit okay you got the
    remote control Bri oh you’ll be comin round wherever he’s going when he comes
    can he go see these bridges yeah he does arches there we go no shutting green here he goes
    300 let’s open up these hurry hurry hurry Bree oh oh oh he did
    so well for so long here he is back on track and on time when we go over to
    Sodor suspension bridge without problems good job the hill climbing and he pulls
    down no but he’s landed coming up we’ll go over the swamp no problem oh he
    doesn’t even make it either the swamp he knew better nice good timing
    Oh Bree oh here comes Brie oh he’s going through he’ll be coming to Vicarstown
    but the water folks thumper landed on his feet nope oh it’s just not enough
    here he comes to the lights on it’s a better view for Bree Oh
    here’s Thomas coming down the line oh let’s get him back on track
    going over where’s this gob is this Bluffs Cove that’s what it is
    can you climb the hill pulling the green car he can’t folks he’s going through
    let’s hide I’m coming up and here we go Sodor suspension bridge Oh what happened
    oh I bet ya a faceplant Thomas versus Bree oh we’re gonna race them through
    the mine and down the hill and I’m gonna catch it all are you ready down go off
    they go it looks like Brio is coming ahead they’re running in what’s gonna
    happen Oh Bree oh come on things I’m tracking here’s to all this good descent
    on the part of Thomas the Tank Engine he’s coming around and here’s Brio
    racing for the rails Thomas is doing very well
    hey Brit we’ve got stuck on the bridge folks Oh No does he need a little bit of
    a push and Thomas is off the rails come on Thomas
    Bree oh oh I was too late and here he is he’s got big city engine and he fell off
    just in time of that groovy curvy track and here’s Thomas the Tank Engine he’s
    saying hi lady Oh does he look lady that’s good cuz
    you’re there oh wow ladies got him blocked let’s just
    get her out of the way it is just shunting lady now Thanks yup there
    kissing on the way kiss you all the way off the island of

    SOLO Rock, VENEZ JAMMER! (TABs + Backing Track) #BaxMusicConnects
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    SOLO Rock, VENEZ JAMMER! (TABs + Backing Track) #BaxMusicConnects

    April 6, 2020

    Hello it’s Roo! This week i offer a little jam. Everybody join. I wrote a solo that i just played the tablatures are linked in the description of this video on my Tipeee page and you’ll find the BACKING TRACK as well I offer two options: make a cover of this solo! 2nd option is to make your own solo an improvisation or written composition of your own based on this backing track it should be a rock solo and a melodic one! This is not a competition it is not to know who plays guitar the best it is a JAM. Everybody joins regardless of your level, you can come. What i played previously is not a benchmark play whatever you like No rule. No Winner. All proper contributions will be featured… I may receive thing that are not exactly related to this jam… I mean, some people may send me their video link that broadcast their playing on their youtube channel but not related to our topic today so anything relevant will be feature here! open the description of this video, if you want to see your video I count on your contribution I expect your responses and videos with excitement I want to add that this little jam was launched by my friend Martin, who is musician & video producer at who invited me to upload a little jam myself I wanted to do it properly and offer something that i could present with a written guitar solo and a backing track Here we go! Let’s play, let’s jam! See you soon. Take care, stay home, play guitar! 🙂


    Automated Railway Crossing Project by Roboversity

    April 5, 2020

    Railway crossing is largely dependent on risky human operated gates. This project aims to make level crossing safe using embedded systems. In this course you will work on sensors, motors and microcontrollers to automate railway gate control. Sensors detect an approaching train and signal the microcontroller to shutdown the motorized gates. So by making this project, you get to solve a real engineering problem. You can do this course online at your own convenience or register at one of our venues.

    Jungfraubahn: The Highest Railway In Europe (& How It Was Supposed To Go Even Higher)
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    Jungfraubahn: The Highest Railway In Europe (& How It Was Supposed To Go Even Higher)

    April 4, 2020

    Hello and Grüezi! It’s February 2020, back in the days when
    international travel was still a thing, and I’m at a railway station in Switzerland. Now as you may have spotted, two of my favourite things to make a video
    about are railways and mountains but usually I’m forced to choose one or
    the other, because like James May says, trains can’t
    really go up hills. Or can they? Here in Switzerland they don’t really listen
    to me or James May. Welcome to Europe’s Highest Railway. This is Interlaken, a traditional Alpine resort
    town that sits at the bottom of the majestic Bernese Alps, and nestles between two beautiful lakes – which is frankly the minimum number of
    beautiful lakes you’d expect from a town whose name literally means “between lakes”. Interlaken calls itself the Swiss capital
    of adventure sports and you can try hang-gliding, skydiving, and all kinds of other ways to overpay for
    some fleeting excitement, which is why we’ve come to the railway station. Where we’re going to overpay for a whole
    day of excitement. This is the Berner Oberland Bahn, also known
    as the BOB. And while most trains leaving Interlaken head
    either east or west to follow the gentle route along the valley, this one turns directly south and heads straight
    at the mountain. The BOB has been doing this since 1890, when steam engines would fight their way up
    to the terminus of Grindelwald at a height of 1034m. For British viewers, that’s nearly 3 times
    higher than the highest National Rail station; for Dutch viewers, that’s the highest hill
    you’ve ever seen multiplied by 1034; and for Swiss viewers, that’s nothing, so
    we’re going to get off at Lauterbrunnen and change onto a train that goes much higher. And that means getting on the yellow and green
    train of the Wengernalpbahn. This thing does not mess around. I said it was a train but it almost feels
    like we’re taking off. And as you can imagine the views are about
    to get pretty special. Construction work on the Wengernalpbahn started
    in 1891, the year after the BOB opened, and it was completed a year later. To get up these incredibly steep gradients
    it uses a rack-and-pinion system, in other words there is a cogwheel underneath
    the train that engages with the teeth of a serrated
    third rail to give it extra grip and traction, which of course also helps with safety on
    the way back down. It’s a system used by many mountain railways
    around the world; this one is the longest. And one of the reasons the Wengernalpbahn
    is so long is that it doesn’t just go up the mountain, it also goes back down the other side. So we’re getting off in the middle, 2061m
    above sea level, at Kleine Scheidegg, partly because it’s the highest station
    on the Wengernalpbahn, but mostly because it’s the lowest station on the railway that we’ve actually come to see. And this is it. The Jungfraubahn. It’s named after the Jungfrau
    mountain, which is that beast up there, and in the most literal way possible, I think you can see where this is going. The railway was the brainchild of a Swiss
    entrepreneur called Adolf Guyer-Zeller, who received planning permission for it in
    1894, two years after the completion of the Wengernalpbahn. And what he had been permitted to do was completely
    insane. This map of the project from 1903 shows the
    already completed section up to the Eiger glacier, followed by the start of a tunnel as far as
    the temporary Rothstock station at 2520m. From here the plan was to continue tunnelling
    through solid Alpine rock, under the Eiger itself to Eismeer station
    at 3153m where a window would be cut out of the side
    of the mountain just so passengers could stop and admire the
    view. And then the tunnel would barrel upwards,
    underneath the Monch, and through a station at Jungfraujoch, before finally reaching a terminus directly
    below the summit of the Jungfrau, where a lift (or an elevator, for American
    viewers) would pop passengers out above ground at a record-breaking 4166m above sea level. Now I famously love climbing mountains but
    these altitudes are something else. By the time we get to the even first station
    I am already on higher and possibly colder ground than I have ever been before; and these guys are up here building a railway. In a tunnel. Through solid rock. Upwards. In the 1890s. Nothing like this had ever been attempted
    before. Guyer-Zeller was a visionary and a pioneer. Or in other words, he was a man with a ludicrous money-making
    idea and just happened to be rich enough already that he could get other people to make it
    happen even if it was going to kill some of them. In the end sadly Adolf himself went first,
    dying of a heart attack in 1899, and he never saw the completion of his dream. But on the plus side he avoided having to
    face some increasingly dissatisfied employees, who went on strike on 6 separate occasions, and at one point management tried to reduce
    staff turnover among the mostly Italian workforce with a bottle of red wine per worker per day. Progress doesn’t seem to have accelerated
    after this, and money began to run out, and in 1912, 16 years into a 7 year project, it was decided that the railway would be cut
    short and construction would stop here at Jungfraujoch. Which was still, and is still, the highest
    railway station in Europe. And yes, that means Europe’s Highest Railway
    station is, bizarrely, underground. But it would be a shame to come all the way
    up here without seeing the view. *generically epic music* To be fair to Guyer-Zeller, his legacy is
    not just a money-making tourist trap. The railway opened the door for all kinds
    of scientists to come up here and do high-altitude research into important
    stuff like astronomy, meteorology, glaciers and medicine. And even if you are just a tourist, it is
    pretty incredible to experience the mountains in a way that’s normally reserved only for
    serious mountaineers with serious mountaineering equipment. But now I’ll have to leave you there because I’ve got some very important scientific
    research to do. If you’d like to travel on Europe’s Highest
    Railway, and visit Europe’s highest Indian restaurant, or several other of Europe’s highest things, a return ticket from Interlaken costs about
    200€ 200€?! How on arse does it cost that much for a 23km
    train journey? Er right sorry everyone, normally the whole point of this channel is
    to show you things that are free or at least affordable for you to do and I didn’t actually realise quite how
    pricey this was when I planned my trip. Anyway, you can get 50% off with a Swiss Half
    Fare Card which is worth buying if you’re making literally any other trips in Switzerland. I now need about a hundred billion views on
    this video just to make my money back, so thank you for watching, please share it with 1000 of your closest
    friends, and I’ll see you soon.

    Hangzhou East Railway Station: Hangzhou to Shanghai on Bullet Train – D Train 250 km/h [REVIEW]
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    Hangzhou East Railway Station: Hangzhou to Shanghai on Bullet Train – D Train 250 km/h [REVIEW]

    April 2, 2020

    This is Hangzhou East Railway Station. I didn’t see when arrived here, because get Metro in underground the station. Now see behind me, What a great station! I stood here to print a ticket, first time I seen written here, ‘International Passenger Ticket’ counter. Printing a ticket is very important. and I was booked online. Too much crowd. Queue is too long, i was hungry, I thought first the ticket should be printed. Xie xie (Thanks) Finally got printed ticket after waiting 40 or 50 minutes. Train has an hour left to go. let’s go to eat. I am sitting in a shop with a cute child, Let me explain the ticket, how is the seating arrangement. This is a Train no. D 3104 first of all, this is a date, after that, this is price, this is a station name, and this is my station, and this is a departure time of the train, it will depart on 13:39 this is my passport no. and this is my name, Car no. written here ‘No Seat’ and below is written is 2nd Class. Every car has specific no. of standing seats, and this time I didn’t get seat, and I bought standing seat, And this time we will go stand up one thing forgot to tell you in ticket is: this is written in the corner, we need to go to this corner, like airport, we have to wait at this area, How big is a train station? It looks like airport not railway station, This is look like as airport, we have to find ’18 A ‘ area, let’s find out where is it, E- Security checked of chinese peoples, they were security checks done by just putting ID cards, and us passport and ticket check, not for flight, just for rail ticket. Now I know what is 18 A. It is a gate number, use to board the train, 18 A is not a gate, but it is a platform. Now time is 13:28 my train will arrive at 13:37 and departs at 13:39. and we arrived at platform, All peoples are standing here in a queue, not stand like as Hyderabad or in Karachi station, All peoples are standing in a queue, and we know car no. 18 will stand here, and waiting for train, I do not understand what train will come from, I thought that train will come from left to right, because trains are arriving as, Normal and Fast train tracks are separate. In bullet train, including G and D train having same track, Normal train has separate track, Train is arrived, and now time is 13:38, arrive time was 13:37 and arrived on 13:38 First people descend, And then peoples get on. and all staff connected with wireless, car attendant also here, they will get on everyone and then depart. This is the atmosphere inside the train, I have no seat, just have a standing seat, and I stood in car no. 13 Not only myself and so many people are standing. We are standing at West Railway Station. and this area is for fresh. You can extend ticket in the train, like as you came for Hyderabad and …… I am telling you Hi-fi and modern class things, how modern is world! Arrived at Jiaxing south railway station. everyone here up to date, I asked from car attendant, I said next stop is Songjiang south railway station, where I have to get off, She said: NO She opened a book, and told me that, we will reach at 15:00 on a time. We are arrived, It’s been great weather. The clouds are roaring loud, Heavy rain has begun Electricity is roaring very fast. Heavy rain has begun Taxi No Metro station beside train station, Metro is arrived, Great difficulty to arrive here in wet dress, now lets go If you like this video then plz LIKE, comment and do subscribe.

    [VIETSUB]  BTS GAYO track 12
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    [VIETSUB] BTS GAYO track 12

    March 30, 2020

    [BTS Gayo] It’s time to enjoy K-Pop with BTS. Bangtan Gayo! [Noisy and chaotic] Don’t you like it? [Proud]
    It was me, J-Hope. The topic for today is “Learn Children’s Song from a Variety Show!” – [J-Hope] Anyone has a favorite children’s song?
    – I never listen to that. “Deep in the mountain, a little spring~
    Who comes for a drink from the spring~”
    [Lyrics of “Little Spring”] [What should be the penalty?]
    – The penalty…
    – We’re out of ideas. We’ve had too many penalties. [V’s idea]
    Hug all the staff members here… and say you love them. Is there a good one? [Staff] Buy coffee for all the staff members. [Sounds great!]
    Buy coffee for all the staff members. [Must be your credit card]
    You have to verify that the card is yours. Did you bring your own card today? – I did.
    – I brought it. I may look like an old man… [That’s what old men do!]
    I got it right here. It’s always on the back of my cellphone. [RapMon] Then it’ll be coffee for everyone including us. [Penalty’s set]
    Let’s get started! Learn children’s song from a variety show! Bangtan Gayo! [What would be the first game?]
    What do we have to do? [ROUND 1. Today’s BTS Gayo –
    Learn Children’s Song from a Variety Show] [1. Each member will sit down on the chair and wear the headsets to block all the sound] [2. He will listen to the song called “Calf”] [He should correctly sing “Butterfly”] [3. Correct version of “Butterfly”=success] [Off-pitch/wrong lyrics=fail] – [Staff] Are you ready?
    – Yes. – Play the song.
    – Alright. [It goes like this]
    “Come fly, fly~” [“Butterfly, butterfly. Come fly, fly”]
    [Dancing] [“Yellow butterfly, white butterfly”]
    [Bouncing] [“Come here while dancing”]
    [Swag like a butterfly] [Suga goes first]
    You only have one chance. I can’t hear anything! [Smirking]
    Start! “Butterfly, butterfly…” Fail! I’ll do it. [Not understandable]
    Why did he fail? – Is that hard? I think I can do it.
    – Try it! [Speaking clearly]
    “Come fly, fly.” “Swallowtail, white butterfly.”
    [Swallowtail (X), yellow butterfly (O)] [Mission Impossible]
    This is too difficult. Why did you stop? [Impossible]
    This is really hard. Bu…tter…fly… [No way]
    [Members in agitation] [J-Hope] Are you saying that this is really hard? “Swallowtail (?), white butterfly~” “Butterfly, swallow…tail.” [Laughter]
    [He’s being funny] Come on, man.
    Come on, yo! He dressed up as like… “Butterfly!!!!” What is it? He turned it off. “Butterfly, butterfly.” [He fails to cheat]
    Wait! [We won’t let you]
    You can’t do that. He even turned off the speaker! What are you talking about? [No excuses] This is what he was doing. [Why are you doing this to me?] [Suga is kicked out because he cheated] [RapMon] I should go. I’m the worst singer of BTS. I agree. [Dancing] “Butterfly, butterfly.”
    [Soulful] “Come fly…” [RapMon] Is there any rap for kids? “Butterfly~ butterfly~” You’re singing out of tune! [Jimin] That calf is annoying me! I want to sing “Butterfly~” but I’m hearing “Calf~ Calf~” “Butterfly~ butterfly~” “Come fly, fly~”
    [Doing great] [That’s my boy]
    “Yellow butterfly, white butterfly.” [Almost done!]
    “Come here while dancing~” [‘Golden Maknae’ Jung Kook makes it!]
    Amazing! – Wow, you did it.
    – This is really hard. [Suga] You have to know this though. [I’m a rapper]
    I can’t sing. Yeah, I told you. “Come fly, fly.” “Yellow butterfly, white butterfly.” “Come here while dancing~” [Unacceptable] This isn’t right! What do I do? I can’t sing. [Jimin] I think the writers should decide. What do you think about Suga’s song? [Staff] We’d say Suga passed this mission. [After all, Suga made it!] “Yellow butterfly, white butterfly.
    Come fly, fly (?)” “Come here while dancing~” It has to come here while dancing! “Butterfly, butterfly.
    Come fly, fly.” [Warming up] NANANANANANA~ [V did it!] [Suga] You just have to sing as you go. [Another guy who can’t sing] [You didn’t pass]
    – You failed.
    – Did I make it? No, no! – [Staff] We’d say this is acceptable.
    – Really? [Jin made it!!] [Soulful RapMon did it!] [Finally, Jimin did it!!] [J-Hope gets the last place!!] [Jimin] It was really confusing. [I got the last place…] Are you buying us coffee? [RapMon] Aren’t you our vocalist, J-Hope? [J-Hope] I’ll make it up in the next round. You’re right. The second game is “Single Verse Karaoke for Kid’s Song.” [ROUND 2. Today’s BTS Gayo –
    Learn Children’s Song from a Variety Show] [1. Each member will take a turn and sings a verse of the song they choose] [2. One of the remaining members will be the judge] [With the toy hammer, he’ll smack the member who sings a wrong verse] [3. The game should be repeated until there’s one final winner] [Shall we get started?] I’ll pick one randomly. [“Three Bears” vs. “Calf”] [I know that song] [Playing “Calf,” which they’re not familiar with] [“There’s a little calf sitting upon some coal.”] I don’t know this song. [“Mommy~ Mommy~ My bottom feel so hot”] I know the part that goes “my bottom feels so hot.” – I choose “”Three Bears.”
    – I choose “”Three Bears.” [I’m older!]
    I said it first so I’ll take that. – Let’s play rock-paper-scissors!
    – Rock-paper-scissors! Rock-paper-scissors! I choose “Three Bears.” [Cute] [Serious] [Hit!] [What was that?]
    That was quick! [Excited] [Concentrating] [Super happy and bright] [He’s the cautious guy]
    “Mommy~ Mommy~” [1st stage completed!]
    Let’s speed it up. [3rd stage now…] Wrong! [Hit!]
    Wrong lyrics! It’s wrong? Bye! [V] [Agitatedly] They say I was right! [J-Hope] But you didn’t sing properly. According to the video.. you’re wrong! Leave. [V] [Very upset] If I’m right… [Threatening] I don’t know what I’m going to do! Anyone who wins 3 times will be the final winner! 3 times? [No mercy] I’m going to fail Jimin first. [New songs: “My Little Shoes” vs “The Umbrella”] “My Little Shoes” vs “The Umbrella” Hit! Why? I was right..! Oh.. what?
    [Hit!] [Swept away]
    “…when it’s drizzling…” Is that teuroteu? [Confident] Come out! [Delightful] [Hit!] I won twice! Can I challenge him if I want to? Go for it! What.. is it?
    [Hit!] [Suga’s first victory after he won 3 times] This is too hard! [Next songs: “Little Spring” vs “Plop Plop”] [Jin vs V: Their rematch] [Plop plop] [Precarious]
    Daw..n… No, no. Wrong!
    [Hit!] [Gibberish] [Hit!] Don’t rap… [Where do you think you’re going?]
    Sit. I have to hit you. Your punishment.
    [Hit!] Next! [Cute] OK, OK. Let’s go! [J-Hope, let’s go!!!] Ugh… what? – No. There’s more.
    – It’s not over! [Excited] Ugh! I was so close!!! “The rabbits at the break of day,
    Rubbing their eyes when they awake~” “…sitting on the other side, washing sprout.” He was correct! [Suga] But his beat was slow. His tempo was OK though.
    [RapMon wins!!] Rap Monster, you did it! [Wait a minute!!]
    Suga’s super fast counting… is about to begin. 5, 6, 7, 8! 5, 6, 7, 8! 5, 6, 7, 8! “There are three bears in a house,
    Baby bear is too cute!” “Mommy~” 5, 6, 7, 8! “There are three bears in a house,
    Daddy bear, Mommy bear, baby bear!” [Jin won!] I won! [Suga] You’ve got to have a sense of rhythm! 5, 6, 7, 8
    [Trying it again with the new song] Beef! – Beef.
    – 0:1. [Getting serious] People are being distractive too. It should be a psychological warfare. – Oh no!
    – Did I win twice? I won!
    [‘Golden Maknae’ Jung Kook wins!!] OK. Who’s next? [Only J-Hope, V, and Jimin are left] [What?]
    “The rabbits at the break of day…” – Ugh! What?
    – OK! [Disrupting] He won. [V] We should do advance… cyzer (?)… We don’t know what that is. Just have a seat. [J-Hope won dramatically!] [Jimin] There’re only two of us left. Why am I so nervous? [’95ers choosing a song together]
    This one? Or that one? – I’ll go with that one.
    – OK. Rock-paper-scissors! Calf~ [RapMon] Is there anyone who exactly knows “The Icicles”? Stop confusing him. – No, it’s correct!
    – It is? [The final round for the 2nd game begins!]
    5, 6, 7, 8! [Serious] [Concentrating] [1st stage completed]
    [Tension’s increasing!!!] This is great. [V wins after the close game!!] Jimin, you lost! Just as what I expected. [Zoning out]
    Let’s start the next game. – Next game.
    – Next one! – Next round.
    – Let’s go! [What game would be this time?]
    Here’s the third game. – What’s the third game?
    – I’d like to know. [1 One of the members will sing SNSD’s “Gee”] [2 As he sings, he’ll move the screen covering the laptop when the staff gives a sign] [3 He must fill in the blanks of the lyrics to win!] [Suga] Everyone, I’m here to demonstrate. I’ll show you how to play the game. Breathing… [He finally moves the screen!] He can’t even see that. [Pause] You can’t stop! – [Suga] If you stop, you lose.
    – You’re right. You can’t get the lyrics wrong. [Suga] I can assure you that… [Confidence]
    you won’t make it. [I dare you]
    I can guarantee that. [Is he going to fail as Suga predicted?] [What should I do?] [You can do it!]
    Don’t pause! [You laughed at me?]
    I’m telling you. That’s really hard. – I can’t do this.
    – I’ll do it. – You’ll fail.
    – I’ll do it. [V] I was singing the part that goes “bright,” and “twinkle twinkle little star” popped up. RapMon, why don’t you sing the song? Why does he sing like that? I think he’ll fail. [Embarrassed] What is this??? – “I guess I’m a fool.”
    – Get out! Get out! No! I knew the first two songs!! [Sexy] [Elegant] [Energetic J-Hope] [Full of sprit]
    Move the screen! [The screen..]
    Move that!!!! He was so into dancing… [Gibberish]
    “Jijibebe (?)” [He’s finally writing something down!] [But eventually, he fails!] I don’t know the lyrics.
    [I’m not sure what I wrote] I think I can get this. I don’t know this song. What is it? [It says it’s going to snow…]
    [What’s going on…] I’m almost done writing. The answer is “Snow come down.” “Snow come down from the sky.” “[Nochu] angels spread again. [Pure] white cotton.” “Spread again.” Is that correct?
    [Jung Kook failed!] – No.
    – Nope. Nochu… [Too busy to look both sides]
    [What is this song…] [RapMon] The rabbit dance. The fox.. Didn’t he rap? [He eventually wrote “applauding”…]
    OK. It’s over! I don’t know this song. [Suga] Jimin, do you know the song called “Gee”? – “Gee”?
    – Yes! [Suga] How old were you when this song was released? – This came out when I was…
    – Play the song please. – Play it please.
    – …13 years old. When you were 13, Jimin? Do you know “Gee”?
    I don’t think you know. – This is so easy.
    – Easy! “Frangrant.” What?
    OK! – Did he get it right?
    – Nope. [As Suga expected,
    everyone failed] [Finally, it’s decided that Jimin and J-Hope should compete with each other] Please keep dancing. [J-Hope’s first try!] [Dazed..?] [Going crazy] [Frustrated] [How many times have we done this?]
    Please just get it right! [Sweating]
    I’m so frustrated! No, spelling!
    [Jimin misspelled the word] – Spelling.
    – Wrong! Wrong! [I got this!!!!] [Swiftly]
    [J-Hope corrects the misspelled word] [Pit-a-pat][Excited]
    – Is he correct?
    – Correct! [Thanks to Jimin, J-Hope won!!]
    It was the spelling! [Extremely happy]
    Why am I so happy about this? [The penalty’s for Jimin]
    Jimin gets the bottom place! Oh, that one word! I was close.
    [This is not fair] He’s the most unlucky man. – This is amazing.
    – That was really close. You have to know the spelling! [RapMon] We’ve learned about Korean children’s songs. How was it, everyone? [J-Hope] This wasn’t easy. There are innumerable Korean children’s songs. I’ve never imagined. I never knew that these songs sound so similar. [RapMon] Jimin got the 7th place. [Sullen]
    OK then. Coffee is on you! We’ll see you next time. It’ll be another cool, new contents! – Thank you for watching Bangtan Gayo!
    – Yo! [Go, Jimin]
    Just cheer up and buy coffee for us. I didn’t say I’m in the bad mood. I’m keep thinking about the misspelled word. [Still shocked]
    Good job! Bangtan Gayo! [Please join us next time!]
    – Great job!
    – Bangtan Gayo! [Carrying a mission in the middle of shooting]
    Coffee delivery! – Thank you.
    – Enjoy! – I have straws too.
    – Thank you! [Jimin] My penalty was to buy coffee for everyone. I think it was very meaningful. All penalties should be like this from now on. Please support BTS Gayo!

    [Track 17] 박서준이 이태원에 뜬다!(X) 떴다!(O) ‘Park Seo jun’ visits Itaewon (ENG)
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    [Track 17] 박서준이 이태원에 뜬다!(X) 떴다!(O) ‘Park Seo jun’ visits Itaewon (ENG)

    March 30, 2020

    Uh oh, this is ‘the photo of my life”, isn’t it? Wow, how come this is so big? Where’s the next spot? (There’s one more a little bit down the street.) How did you know? (In this age of information, you just search everything.) It’s quite windy. Where is it? Well, there seems to be no place for us to eat. All places closed. I look like Itaewon Tourism District publicity ambassador. All done? Let’s move on to the last spot. Wow, just look at the size. (Itaewon is yours.) It’s not expensive here. Who are you? Watch your step. The bus stop (spot) doesn’t seem to be alright. By the way, where are we gonna eat? (So, where are you today?) I’m here in Itaewon, today. I’m here because I they said that they would make my day. I’m actually here because they said I would make it here! (What’s the progress of the filming?) What’s the question? I guess we have finished up to Part 5. And we’re getting into Part 6. One fourth of is finished. (A short teaser and still photos have been disclosed, and our fans like it.) We started quite early with our project when compared to other dramas. So, there seems to be a long wait time until it gets aired. So, we feel proud as each piece is disclosed. It’s great, great! We’ve done much shooting here, haven’t we? Let’s eat this, and take ‘the photo of my life’. We’ll order about two bowls of rice. What is this dish? Is it available with five pieces? (Six pieces are served in one set.) OK, the, let me get one for this. What do you want for one more? Let’s have crab meat. We’ll call you when we need anything else. Please leave the drink menu here. 5,000 won for 330㎖? Then, just go somewhere to buy it. Hey, guys! Much oil there! I’ll fill my car with this later. You see it, everyone? Oil You see it, everyone? Oil on my forehead. You see it, everyone? Scallion oil Sorry. Let’s go for ‘the photo of my life’! Is this something like good old days sticker image? Should we ask them about the mechanical dysfunction? Talk to them about dysfunction? Sure, you got to have ice cream in winter!