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    How to MAKE Caterpillar (Tank) Tracks by VOG (VegOilGuy)
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    How to MAKE Caterpillar (Tank) Tracks by VOG (VegOilGuy)

    November 19, 2019

    Caterpillar tracks… let’s make some.
    Hi YouTube, my name’s Geoff and I’m the VegOilGuy.
    Caterpillar tracks – continuous tracks – dozer tracks – tank tracks – whatever you call
    them, I’ve always had a fascination with them; that incredible ability to go places other
    vehicles can’t. When I decided to have a go at making a fairly
    large model I looked around for design ideas but was disappointed at the complexity of
    some of those I found, way beyond the limitations of my basic tools. If I was going to build
    one in my garden shed, I had to come up with an easier method.
    One design I did like was by Matthias Wandel. I loved Matthias’ simple approach and even
    toyed with the idea of using wood myself, but I wanted something a little more robust
    so metal was my preference. Even so, the idea of making all those complex joints from metal
    terrified me. Steel would be incredibly resilient but hard
    to work, expensive and heavy, so I opted for aluminium. Whilst this might seem a soft metal,
    it’s surprisingly hard-wearing. Plus the old engineering trick of using hard and soft
    metals in unison comes to mind. The moment I started thinking about aluminium
    it occurred to me that there were all manner of profiles (shapes). Looking online at one
    particular website, I noted the dimensions of various profiles and had one of those Eureka
    moments. I headed off to the local DIY store and purchased some smaller sections to produce
    this prototype. If you look closely you can see there’s a
    series of rectangular pieces connected together with nuts and bolts. Crucially there’s two
    sizes of U channel involved, one of which fits neatly inside the other. This meant it
    was possible to make a flexible metal chain using off-the-shelf supplies and ordinary
    tools. Not with this stuff… but with something like…
    This… This is what you’re looking for. If you build out of another material or use
    other dimensions, this is what you need to source. Good thick material with one sliding
    neatly inside the other. With these profiles I was able to make this mock-up which became
    my continuous track. It’s still the same simple engineering.
    It’s just two size U sections, the bigger ones being connected by the smaller one. Nothing
    complex… Just simple cuts. And to make it look more like track, I added some L channel
    stock to the sides. But before we can build any track, we need
    a sprocket. If you look at this image of a bulldozer track,
    you can see there’s a sprocket. You’ll be surprised how common the sprocket and chain
    combination is. How about an ordinary bicycle? The sprocket is the bit you pedal and the
    chain drives the back wheel. The teeth of the sprocket connect with the chain to create
    the drive – as you can easily see here. I’m not going to cover the making of a sprocket
    in this video because I’ve already covered that before. But don’t worry – if you
    want to build this exact same sprocket and track, you can download a free set of plans
    from my website here. This will enable you to:
    • Make a wooden sprocket (template) • Produce several foam sprockets using the
    template • Use Lost Foam Casting to cast your own
    sprockets from scrap metal. I took ordinary soda cans and melted them
    down in my home made foundry to make four of these.
    I decided on the dimensions of my sprocket using Matthias excellent gear software. If
    you want to build a sprocket or track system with different dimensions, you’ll probably
    need to buy a copy. It’s cheap enough and well worth the money if you’ve any interest
    at all in making metal or wooden gears or sprockets.
    An important aspect of sprockets is that they need rollers to exist in the chain. The dimensions
    of the rollers in part determine the size of the sprocket. Other factors are the number
    of teeth, the diameter of the sprocket and the gap between the teeth. Matthias’ program
    really makes figuring all this out nice and simple.
    Sprocket chains generally incorporate free-turning rollers. I opted to use ordinary washers as
    they make great, cheap but effective rollers. I had two things in mind, the gap (which I
    wanted to be 25mm / 1 inch for simplicity) and the diameter that I wanted to be roughly
    between 150 & 200mm (6 and 8 inches). The roller size was the diameter of the washers
    which was 12mm (half and inch). The size of the gap is something you decide
    for yourself. I’ve shown this measurement as X here but as I said for me this was 25mm
    (1 inch). The gap between the teeth of the sprocket has to be reproduced exactly on each
    link of the chain. Ready for some boring maths? Well if you want
    to do your own thing you’ll need to determine the size of the links and for this you’ll
    need: X – the gap between the teeth of the sprocket,
    which is your personal preference Y – the diameter of the holes to be drilled.
    Bolts act as pivot points in the links so holes are required
    Z – the amount of material to the edge. The larger the better as strength is needed to
    prevent the material ripping. But we’re limited by the overall size of the links in the chain
    So this little formula will give you your link length: Link Length=X + Y + 2Z
    Now this is garden-shed engineering so getting every single cut to be identical is difficult
    so using a jig is critical. I opted to use a standard electric mitre saw for the cutting
    work, fitted with an appropriate blade. I added a wooden fence to this and a bolt ‘stop’
    to gauge length. I also attached a few homemade clamps to secure the channel whilst cutting.
    The stopping, clamping, cutting, repeating process bored me senseless – but it’s necessary
    to keep all the pieces the same size – so don’t skimp or rush. There’s a few jigs needed
    to complete this project and the ones I’m showing here are really the minimum level
    you should use. Take your time in constructing jigs. Make them accurate and secure. The more
    precise your jigs, the better your results will be.
    Once cut, it’s a good idea to run a file along all the cut edges to remove any burs.
    It’s necessary to drill two holes in every single piece and the location of the holes
    is critical to ensure the chain and sprocket effect works properly. So again jigs are required.
    You’ll need to calculate exactly where the holes need to be drilled and more boring maths
    is needed for this. In this diagram you can see on the left the
    small and large U channel links. On the right you can see how the smaller piece fits inside
    the larger and the positions of the holes. In my design the smaller piece rests on the
    larger piece so we need to know the thickness of material, shown in the diagram as W. We
    already know Y (the size of the hole we’re drilling) and Z which is the distance to the
    edge, so distance A that represents the distance from either edge to the drilling point is
    Z + Y/2. Calculating B is much easier… it’s pretty
    much up to you. As long as you take into account W (the thickness of the material) and leave
    plenty of space around the hole Y then you’re okay. I knew I wanted to add 12mm (half inch)
    washers to my bolts to act as rollers (more about that later) and so I decided that B
    would be 15mm (5/8 inch). I think without a drill press this would be
    very difficult so if you haven’t got one, you might want to hire or borrow one for this
    project. This jig appears pretty rustic thanks to the
    very-scrap piece of MDF which acts as a back rest. The small metal tab which acts as a
    ‘stop.’ As crude as this is it’s still quite tricky to set up and don’t be surprised if
    you waste a few. Once drilled, the piece can be rotated and
    so the drilling point appears on the other side – allowing for two holes to be drilled.
    As long as the lengths of pieces are consistent, this will work fine.
    This jig is too crude if I’m honest. You’ll be drilling a lot of holes and mistakes can
    slip in so the more supportive you can make your jig the better.
    Here’s the same jig again being used for the smaller U channel. To compensate for the
    depth of the material a scrap piece of the L channel is secured against the back rest.
    Other than that, it’s just more of the same – drilling, flipping, drilling again.
    When it comes to drilling the L channel, the same jig works fine for the left hand hole.
    However, if we flip the piece over it cannot lie flat. This means we can’t drill the right
    hand side without structural changes. I kept the existing back rest but positioned
    a ‘stop’ on the left hand side. Furthermore I added a supporting piece to the front. This
    meant that each piece was supported on 3 sides making it fairly stable, though ideally the
    work should be securely clamped. The better the jig, the better your results will be.
    With all the pieces cut, I chose to use a strong epoxy adhesive to bond the large U
    and L’s. Gluing helps in handling for the further machine work that’s coming up, but
    this is still an optional stage. Bolts are used to ensure alignment and the pieces rest
    on a flat block whilst drying to make certain the bottom of each track section is nice and
    flat. Hopefully if you’ve been careful with cutting
    and drilling everything should align perfectly. If, however, some minor imperfection have
    crept in, now is a good time to remove these. I found an ordinary belt sander made easy
    work of this. Make sure the belt is spinning away from you. If you lose your grip and something
    comes flying off, it’s best this goes in the opposite direction.
    To enable the links to wrap around the sprockets, it’s necessary to trim off the corners. Again
    the mitre saw is the ideal tool for the job. I found that an angle of 25 degrees worked
    nicely. This allowed for the level of movement I required whilst not taking away too much
    material. Of course trimming a small piece of metal
    from a piece of already quite small metal is more than a little dangerous when using
    a mitre saw, so jigs are once again essential. When it came to the smaller U bottom edge,
    I inserted a bolt into the fence to secure the work firmly. Two bolts would have been
    better. I decided to assist the glue with some permanent
    fixings. I managed to find some small bolts which were actually advertised as Mecanno
    compatible, so that should give you a clue how small they were. I bored four 3.5mm holes
    into each main section and tapped each hole with a M4 thread. This enabled the bolt to
    screw into the work itself. The addition of a little Thread Lock helped secure things
    nicely. I then decided to round over the corners on
    the belt sander. It’s not strictly necessary but I liked the look.
    Assembly is easy though it can be a little fiddly. It’s simply a matter of beginning
    with one fitting, say the larger link and inserting into it the smaller fitting. A bolt
    and washers secure the intersection and a nylon (locking) nut. Then another piece is
    added (the larger), then the next (smaller) and so on, forming an interlocked chain.
    Inserting the washers that form the rollers can be very fiddly. My fat fingers struggled
    this this. But here’s a handy tip that will save your sanity. Count out the number of
    washers you need and place them on a spare bolt. These should fit comfortably between
    the gap of the smaller U channel. Using tape, enclose all the washers and leave a scraggy
    end to make removal easier. This roll of washers is much easier to insert.
    Slide the bolt through, add a washer and a nut, then repeat the process.
    The washers have a major advantage over rollers. Because they have a little play in them, they
    allow for the slight inaccuracies of garden-shed engineering.
    The nut should not be fully tightened A small gap is required to allow the bolt to rotate
    freely whilst still hold everything securely. This is critical to ensure smooth and free
    movement of each link. If you begin with a large section, you should
    end with a small section, so these two can be connected to form the loop of the track.
    Counting only the larger sections (for convenience), each track in my case was made up of 40 connected
    links. And that pretty much covers the making of
    a very simple continuous track. I made a frame from 1 inch (25mm) square box
    steel, added a couple of wheelchair motors and two car batteries to power them.
    One thing I realised as I put mine together was that the track really did need supporting
    in the centre. As I was keen to test, I quickly produced a couple of wheels from MDF, not
    the best choice of material but it was an ideal thickness that matched the sprocket.
    I will be casting a couple of wheels, maybe four… I haven’t made my mind up. These
    don’t need to be sprockets. Round will suffice. Will these tracks last forever? Of course
    not. If I wanted heavy duty usage, I’d have gone with steel. But with that said I’ve
    probably got 20 hours of play on this already and other than dirt and light scratching on
    the underside of the tracks, there’s no sign of wear.
    I hope you enjoyed this one guys and if you did please give Like it. Remember plans are
    available for free from my website if you want to but one exactly the same. If not,
    reading through the web page will help you calculate your own measurements.
    If you haven’t subscribed yet guys, please do. Look out for my other videos and above
    all, thanks for watching.

    Railway Employees in Jalore up in Arms Against the Government #LokSabhaElections2019 #SadakSeSansad
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    Railway Employees in Jalore up in Arms Against the Government #LokSabhaElections2019 #SadakSeSansad

    November 19, 2019

    This is the office of Abu Road Men’s railway union And today, we have gathered here to speak to the
    railway employees. Railways is the biggest establishment
    of the central government. About 13 Lakh people are employed by it and the number of
    retired employees is about 25 to 30 Lakhs they also have many dependents. This means that the Railways employees constitute
    a big vote bank in this country. We’ll speak to members of the Railway Men’s Union
    present with us. When the 7th pay commission
    came into existence, our basic demand was related to minimum wage and a
    fitment formula. Minimum wage, according to the
    last labour conference and considering the facts therein, we had calculated a minimum
    of Rupees 26,000. Minimum wage is based on the average requirement of a
    person and a family and it is supported by a fitment formula. The government didn’t agree and settled
    the minimum wage at Rupees 18,000 this is totally unjustified. The government had divided
    families into units. We had proposed the definition of a family
    to be a husband, a wife, 2 children and a dependent parent, mother or father. The government agreed, but then divided
    the family into units considering the employee
    and his wife as 1 unit each and the children as
    half a unit each. This time we were given a hike of 14% but we suffered a loss in this agreement. This time the hike is 14%… in 2000… -It was 40%
    -40%? It was fitment of 40% This time it was for only 14.29%… So, there’s a difference of 26%? Yes, there’s a difference of 26%. Our main demand is to change
    the fitment factor. They have multiplied it by 2.68 and our demand is to
    multiply by 3. We will not achieve Rs 26,000 but we will reach at least Rs 21,000 so, a newly appointed class IV staff will get a minimum wage of Rs 21,000. You said that we cannot become Gurjars because we will neither destroy the rails, nor stop the railways. Because this will only
    cause losses to our nation. It is better to resolve
    any matter by mutual talks and if this cannot be done and if our union leaders
    call for a strike, then we are ready for that also. The biggest weapon
    apart from strike… which is gaining momentum is the preparation to vote. How many votes are decided
    from people associated with the railways that will be cast in the next elections? Well, there are 13 Lakh employees
    and their family members. So, it means a vote count of
    about 2.5 Crores. We can assume it to be
    between 2 to 2.5 Crores of effective votes. The railway employees are
    very annoyed right now because… this government has done
    nothing for the railways up till now. Well, there are 2 or 3 issues. The main issues of the railways are that there was nothing substantial given in
    the 7th pay commission by the government and secondly, the issue of privatisation and then… the New Pension Scheme (NPS)… All these three issues are
    throttling the railways’ employees of the nation. In a nutshell, it is of utmost necessity
    to solve these three issues. If these are not resolved, then it will have an impact
    on the Lok Sabha elections. It is a fact, sir. If the government pays
    no heed to our demands, then we may also think of
    changing the government. The main demand is our fitment factor, minimum wages and NPS. The most important one is NPS. In 2013, when
    UPA government was in power, and when FDI was to be introduced, BJP was the major opponent to this. And in 2014… when the NDA government was formed, then the fastest to introduce FDI were they themselves. Isn’t it being two-faced? In politics, the one who
    forms government, they often have said the opposite when
    they were in opposition. And then they change
    their colour after gaining power. The concept of the trade union
    is very clear, that whoever benefits the
    railway employees, who will think
    about their welfare, we will stand along with them
    or else… Let’s see what happens in the elections. -Elections are here, sir.
    -That’s why I said, “we will see.” So, let’s see. The most burning issue
    of the trade union today is the NPS. Our comrades who have joined after 2004, what happens to their future? This is very simple. And so, the trade union believes… that he, who stands by the trade union, stands by the employees, and who benefits the railway employees, will definitely go forward and if not, he will never succeed. Did Modi Ji do good or not? Modi Ji, it is his thinking and he thinks that
    he has done well and in many areas
    he has indeed done well but nothing significant
    has been done for the railways. Our demands have not been fulfilled. FDI is dangerous for
    safety in railways. With safety? How? With the issuance of private licenses, outside contractors
    will come to work. -Have they come?
    -Yes. Now, what is their role? What is their responsibility? As railway employees, we are
    accountable for many things. Charge sheet has to be submitted
    and a lot of formality has to be taken care of There are a lot of formalities and he discharges his duty
    with utmost responsibility. What about the contractors?
    They may or may not work properly. If he commits any mistake
    or causes an accident or anything,
    what is his responsibility? He has no responsibility. Under FDI, loco pilots are
    not recruited. But sir, trains are not only run
    by loco pilots. NPS is a major issue. Employees joining after 2004, the pension of those employees is defined contribution based and not settled as before The second major issue is the implementation of the
    7th pay commission that was passed in 2016, in which, only 16, no… only 14% only 14% increment has been settled whereas in 2006, with the implementation
    of the 6th pay commission, there was a hike of 40% We can very well see
    the difference of 26% and this is the second issue
    and the third is Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). A very considerable question is
    that the country’s biggest organisation that employs 13 Lakh people and whose retired employees are
    about 25 to 30 Lakhs in number, and where over
    1 Crore people are dependent. Over 1 Crore voters are
    associated with railway employees and the government is
    allegedly ignoring them. The reason for this
    may be the notion that they are the traditional voters. The voters of railways…
    a major portion of it have always been in favour of the BJP. But this time, the story
    is likely to change. A new history may be created.
    And in 2019, if these 3 demands are not fulfilled, then perhaps, BJP will have to face
    the consequences. And in Abu Road, while talking to the members of the
    railways men’s union, this is what we understood.

    Sealdah Food Vlog 🔥 | ফুটপাতে ৩০ টাকায় ডিম ভাত খেয়ে দেখলাম | Sealdah Railway Station
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    Sealdah Food Vlog 🔥 | ফুটপাতে ৩০ টাকায় ডিম ভাত খেয়ে দেখলাম | Sealdah Railway Station

    November 19, 2019

    Something said by irritation (Jhund) Must try this Lassi Recommendation from us Forget to pay Went for permission but 500 gm 40 rs I’m not sure where I am exactly But that’s sure I’m around Sealdah station Going towards Sealdah Sealdah station is one of the busiest stations in India But on the outside of that there is a kingdom of Street food situated Forget the lines, Natural Just started walking, can notice fruits, foods already What else do you want? From breakfast to Dinner, you can have everything here With cheap rate So that sometimes the quality is compromised Calling us to visit It’s natural to call us to eat So many hotels here like that If you have any recommendation about the best street hotels here So please comment What is that? Lets ask them Is this sugar-apple ? Imported from Madras We have no plan to star with any particular thing If we planed, so it may seems artificial So we will start with whatever we come across We will show you in a natural way So that you can enjoy the exotic Sealdah vibe What is this? Sattu?(gram flour) How much? One glass for 10 rs We were talking about breakfast Here you can have this for breakfast If you have one glass of Sattu(gram flour) at breakfast It can keep you move on for a hole day This is Kalpataru Lassi Is this famous here? We got public opinion, So, now have to try Just superb Pure Yogurt has been used, Awesome We can easily understand why it is so famous If you come Sealdah, this Lassi is must Our recommendation This Lassi Kalpataru Mitha Lassi This is for 10 rs And it is for rs 20 To show you we took two different sizes Money About to forget to pay the money Started with Lassi, lets see what we find next Not finished yet? Sometimes you have to enjoy slowly Here are some other Lassi stalls And this is Arsalan Biriyani but have no mood right now to taste Tea is getting ready Tea? We will end with Tea Egg roll 25 rs Hotel, rice, egg curry, Dal Is there anything not available here? Exactly, they got everything here I noticed a special thing The Noodles are so thick here Would not find this thick Noodles everywhere Veg rice or Egg roll ? Stone , paper , Scissor Sovon lost the game So we will eat Rice So risky place I am getting tensed, if I fall in the drain While shooting One thing, You can’t think about hygiene here Forget the word hygiene for some time Because this is Sealdah brother Here only hunger matters We will make a part 2 of this, that we are well or not This was the place to wash hands and this is entry They are enjoying shooting They are always in a cheerful mood Egg curry with Rice 30 rs Chicken curry with Rice 60 rs Mutton with rice 70 rs Only veg with Rice 25 rs One Egg roll 25 rs and one plate Egg curry with Rice 30 rs Which is better, tell me At lunch i need some Rice because we Bengali’s like Rice so much And we have to show you the Lunch part Breakfast were start with Sattu(gram flour) Then we have Lassi Now Rice for Lunch, lets see Can i have one Piece of Onion They are working with a big smiling face in this hot weather No one can ask for more, that’s enough You shouldn’t eat here with over attitude Enjoy the food, stay grounded And have it with fun with them then you can get something different What I have got in my Egg thali Dal Vegetable and Egg curry with one Egg Chicken egg This was the last lemon left for me It’s a huge thing that I’m having lunch sitting so comfortably in lunch hour If I had to eat while shooting then I had to eat standing outside Nothing to say about taste My stomach is full, that’s enough In my opinion Egg curry with Rice at rs 30 is better Than a Egg roll at rs 25 What is your opinion? let me know in the comment section So happy to see everyone get happy to be in camera We get conscious on Camera but they behave naturally They should vlog You should stay safe here, got the point? Watch your mobile, money bag You know what generally happened in over crowded place You should extra sensitive Here you can get Kachori 4 pieces for 10 rs What is this?? Uncle is this Dal Pakora? How much? Can we have one just to taste? Our favorite Ask politely ,Uncle can I have one just to taste Got this like that, no need to buy, so nice of him Nice experience, Dal Pakora is good Tastes good Usually a Chutney is served with this But since we just ask one for taste we didn’t get it You will get it when you buy it They are so lively And stay smiling even though work hard all the time The common shops I noticed, is Tea Butter toast, Egg toast And Lassi We are showing Street food but haven’t tried Fuchka yet Fuchka Since childhood whenever I saw Fuchka My Mouth filled with water Straight to Fuchka I think There should be a new pu Can’t wait anymore 5 pieces for 10 rs The size will worth the money If you eat this Fuchka then you need a big mouth Otherwise it will hardly fit in mouth The most impressive thing about here is You can get so much variety of food in such short distance Just unimaginable Uncle which biscuit is this? 500 gm for 40 rs Bombay Toast, 500 gm for 40 rs Its taste is bit different than other toasts Will we end now We were decided that we will end with Egg toast and Tea Lets go, Will end with that Not Egg toast, I will have Butter toast, ok then I’m so hungry now Here it is, Tea is also available here Just wow Super fast service You just name it you get it instantly This is Butter toast 15 rs per piece He will go inside for permission to vlog inside Sealdah station So much rules, you have to get permission before Not allowed Cheers Where are we right now In front of Sealdah station’s gate Bye see you very soon And please comment your feedback You liked it or not So that we come up with another episode on Sealdah As soon as possible So appreciate this as much as possible Thank you very much

    How to track exact location of your family members by using Google maps
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    How to track exact location of your family members by using Google maps

    November 18, 2019

    Sir- I am unwell, I will not be able to come to office What’s wrong with him? Let me call him and find out? Sir – calling? Hello … Hoon… what happened? Sir – I am down with viral, i may not be able to come to office for 2-3 days Are you at home right now? No sir – I have come to hospital for checkup right…. ok sir Let me check his locaiton What is he doing in main market? He said he is in hospital?? Let me call him again oh!!! – sir is calling again Hello Where are you? in which hospital? Arrey – which hospital? Sir – I am in DDU hospital Look at your back sir – are you also in hospital I am in main market right now What are you doing here? You said you are in hospital I will talk about this when you come to office You may want to learn how i tracked this location? I am going to teach you how to do that? Just wait for few seconds, i will be back, till then do subscribe to Digital spot First thing to do is – Open Google play store, Tap on this menu then go to my game and apps You will see list of apps that are not updated Update the apps, in particular – google maps Do that first. After updating apps, enable the location from the top. This means enabling GPS, my phone location is enabled. Along with this also enable the data of your mobile Once you are done with these 3 things we will go to Google maps You will click on this menu in Google maps You need to scroll down and tap on settings option Once you tap there, go to Google location settings Check here, you will see this will be ON Plus location method should be set to high accuracy, many times its on phone only Scroll down, we need to go Google location history You will see the device that you are using here. check that it should be enabled. For some reason if it is not just enable it and go back Go to Google location settings again Here we will enable Google location sharing Use the plus sign to put email id of the person with whom we wish to share our location You may choose to share location for one hour or for more time – like untill you turn this off choose the person with whom you wish to share location For example – Let me share my location with my wife I can put here name or email id or phone number here I will put here name here, i can see here email id as pop up. Please note that the person with whom you are sharing location should have a Google account I will choose name here after selecting it, come to bottom and tap on share button. After doing this, my wife can see my location on real time basis. until i turn this off i can even turn this off, by clicking on this cross button. After performing this step, turn off Google maps and all apps from the bottom. close all apps Open maps again We will go to menu again You will notice a new option here, by the name share location tap on this. Now the steps that i have performed have already been performed by my wife i can click on her profile, location sharing is ongoing Once i click on her profile image, here location is visible here. If i reduce the zoom a bit, this is her Haridwar location because she has gone to Haridwar If i want to see my location right now. I will click on my own profile image, i can see my location here Let’s go back to wife’s location I can disable my location from here, then m wife will not be able to see my location I can use this menu to refresh and see real time location For some reason if there is a lag of one or two minutes you can refresh it. If you want- you can share your location with multiple users from here. share your real time location. You saw how easy it is to share your real time location with any one plus also see someone’s real time location live on your android device You saw how good and useful is this to track location of mobile phone. Finding out location in critical situation, tracking location of family members Girl friend and boyfriend can track each other. Most important, if you loose your phone, you can track that as well. One additional thing you will need to do for that. You will need to disable power button then you can track the location of phone using this process We have made another video that is about how to disable power button and further track location You can see the link of that video in description below If you have not subscribed to Digital spot till now.. then Just click on the red button below We have super interesting videos on this channel for you. That’s it for now, take care.

    *RARE* Scotrail Announcements  – 1A99 Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen (10/11/19)
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    *RARE* Scotrail Announcements – 1A99 Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen (10/11/19)

    November 18, 2019

    This train is for Aberdeen. This train will call at: Haymarket, Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy, Markinch, Ladybank, Cupar, Leuchars, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Arbroath, Montrose, Stonehaven, Portlethen and Aberdeen. The next stop is Haymarket. Passenger safety information notices are located throughout this train. This is Haymarket. This train is for Aberdeen. This train will call at: Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy, Markinch, Ladybank, Cupar, Leuchars, Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Arbroath, Montrose, Stonehaven, Portlethen and Aberdeen. The next stop is Inverkeithing.

    REACTING TO JAKE PAUL’S DISS TRACK AGAINST ME! (I used his full name cuz I’ll get more views)
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    REACTING TO JAKE PAUL’S DISS TRACK AGAINST ME! (I used his full name cuz I’ll get more views)

    November 18, 2019

    You guys ever get bullied? Do you guys ever have people making fun of you? Do you ever have someone call you out? Publicly like in front of everyone It hurts. It really does Specially when it’s from someone that you really love. So, I just wanna say I think a mistake has been made and uh it’s unfortunate that the beast now has to be unleashed Cuz’ this video will be the death of Jake Paul #SubscribeLikeComment #AlwaysPlug Garru good morning Logang whats poppin? Yo so I am amped right now you guys will know why soon but I cant tell you just yet. Kong! Over here. Yeah… Kong: dad Hi buddy. Good morning puppy. Good morning, what do you have in your mouth? Oh Maverick I’m coming hold on one sec. Oh I got to stop you. See you can’t go on this carpet OK thas muh boi A little update had an audition this morning went well got deep all most cried. But hey I’m on that actor life ayyee I’m coming. Hi.Hello.Hello Yeah.Yeah that’s Kong out there Come on buddy you guys are going to bond, come on. No more Tom-foolery dog I’ve got Maverick on my shoulder you guys can bond. I don’t know I’m coming I’m the pickle in the middle right now Hi Kong, you need to chill you need to chill I know, I know You got to stop puppy this is why maverick doesn’t like you yet. You’re trying to bite him He’s just a bird. Like look at him he’s so innocent. Stop scratching me bro I didn’t do anything. Like I don’t know what his deal is to be honest with you, all I know is you’re my boi ok your the O.G. Ok now give me a kiss *Mwah* Yo, ok so this is what I was amped about earlier that I kinda referenced and it’s live now i’m just looking at it Jake released a diss track of saying the Logang sucks Ayla: What?!? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Straight up he insulted the family. Like and I think it’s bad. Arghh ok while I lower this for Ayla. I knew this was coming guys that’s why I was so hyped because you know we gonna hit back harder baby! Ayla: He has no idea what’s coming Yo yo literally its gonna be bad i’m gonna take this way too far. Bro here’s the thing before we play this video: Jake my man you treat your fans like sh*t. Which I think is bad enough Bu but why would you do something like this like like bro you know I’m better then you at pretty much everything except YouTube, you’re pretty good at YouTube i’m not gonna lie But when it comes to creativity, talent, music video making, like what ever it is bro I’m just better. And like now I have to destroy you Before I even watch the video now I have to destroy you. Here’s a warning. We’re only doing this because Of what you did. You tried to come back With another song. We’re going to roast you. And the only way you could come back (Logan: Huhuha!) Jake: Today after you watch this. Cause if you take 2 days to do it then your just a B**** Chance: I agree Ayla and Logan:
    Lucky for you Jake Paul You have a rat on Team 10 Yeah, someone told me you were making the song So I can plan a day ahead Ayla: Ooohhh, that sucks Yeah, you better look at who’s your friends and who’s not Ayla: You guys are salty over there. WOW (Unknown) Ayyee. This beats good (lies jake paulers and team 10 are fu***** bi*****) Ayla: It’s alright But they have more talent then you could ever dream of Ayy! It’s true, it’s true Ayla: You did? (RAGING INSIDE) Logang 🙂 better than Jake Paulers 🙁 I’m like… Yo I don’t get mad Logang this is beyond me! He’s Insulting US!! 🙁 I don’t x2 get mad I don’t (Cheer up Logan) But I’m not gonna lie jake you did good (as in horrible) you x2 you’ve rattled me im not shook but I’m rattled BETTER FACE THAN JAKE’S FACE

    Tank track disassembly (Type 69-II tank)
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    Tank track disassembly (Type 69-II tank)

    November 17, 2019

    Hey folks, great you’re watching again! We’re busy restoring our tank We’re going to disassemble the tracks today This isn’t an easy job, they’re seized Everybody saw that when we pulled it off the trailer It’s was crackling on all sides We’ve noticed something here.. There Some of those pins are broken Because they wouldn’t turn They went like this.. Crack, broken I don’t think they will come out easy How does such a track work? Overhere.. This is the only wheel which is powered This gearwheel catches in those links of the track it rotates it like a chain If we move forward, we see these giant wheels Those are the roadwheels It’s standing on those. These wheels have suspension The front wheel is a tension wheel It has a mechanism to move it forward and backward That way you can control the tension on the track The track itself doesn’t want to rotate anymore That’s because.. see all these links Those are kept together by pins it works as a hinge But those pins are seized up Some of those even snapped and as you can see overhere.. it’s crumpled together like a harmonica The tracks should rest on top of those wheels.. It doesn’t do that I think it will be a challenge to take it apart Let’s start with loosing as much tension as possible With the bolt you see overthere.. We can set it loose and rotate the nut it’s attached to a wormgear it rotates an arm and that’s how the tension is adjusted Lock bolt is set loose We got this wrench to adjust the tension That won’t work Doesn’t fit.. We need a bigger wrench Let’s make it! Tube isn’t strong enough Big ass mother f*cker wrench and it works Tension is released! it’s going down Overhere it’s resting on the wheels A lot of tension has been released, look overhere We can adjust it more, but it won’t do anything We have clearance here I think we should try to get a pin out That’s the one Especially with that WD40.. it must come out now It’s not moving yet Let’s try with the fire wrench it’s stuck on one side in one link Our pin is worn.. This isn’t strong.. such a tiny pin Exorcist pin! No movement.. This pin doesn’t feel like it.. This isn’t working.. not with the hammer I think we need a press Wait a minute, we have a press Look here! Why haven’t I seen this before? This is an official track press This is the way.. but our frame isn’t strong enough I think we need a serious press I think Holmatro can help with that Let’s go! Good morning! Nice material! Cute! His small brother! Goodmorning – Goodmorning How are you? Fine, how’re you? Nice! You need something for your tank? Indeed, we have an issue Yeah? Hinge pins which won’t come out Nice, we have something for it! That’s what I thought! I have a 50 tons jack and a pump and a hose And if that won’t work.. You can throw that tank away Let’s take a look This will be pressing! 50 tons Well, bang! Even that tank can’t stand that This can lift that whole tank awesome hey? We should put it right in the middle Good, success! Great, thanks! 50 tons Now we can see what we’re doing Nice, ey? Look at that Exact the shape of the track links This is where the jack goes This supports the track The pin is forced out through that hole At least.. we hope so We have 100 bar What’s the load? That’s.. 7 ton? I say; more 150 I think it’s getting tricky If a part breaks or is ejected.. We’re not in a safe spot We should find a place which is safer We have a tank by accident That’s armoured Let’s sit in there I hear something The pressure isn’t increasing, something is moving Now the pressure is rising again 300 bar I can drop the pressure to 100 bar so we can take a look to see what happened Our pin is buckling I think we need to shorten that and apply more force A shorter pin! Let’s pressure it! 150 360 25 tons But we don’t have a 50 tons jack for noting I heard something That can be good That’s possible, let’s peek More, more It did something I heard something More sounds Pressure is dropping Pressure is dropping fast There’s something really broken now or… Yeah.. at least something happened I will drop the pressure to 100 bar then it’s safe and it won’t fall apart Let’s see what was moving We could keep pumping and the pressure wasn’t rising That’s a sign something is moving I don’t know what was moving.. not our pin for sure it’s in the same place What we can see; Our pin is yielded Our heavy support tube is deformed as well That’s because the load is of center That’s because of this part.. is bend Take a look; It looks like a piece of bubblegum That was it.. that was the bang we heard Of which we hoped it was the pin moving Not.. We had 400 bar.. let’s calculate 28 tons 28,5 tons was on it almost 30.. But we have a 50 tons jack I think we need to build a heavier frame and try again! Extra heavy rib a solid piece I have a new pin let’s harden it I’m going to heat it and quench it Then it will harden I hope it won’t look like a gnawed bubblegum afterward it should be hardened now If you heat steel like this The crystals are regrouping they’re getting loose from the crystal structure if leave it cooling down they’ll have the time to find their places in the structure the material isn’t hardened If you heat it so the crystals get out of their structure and if you quench it in cold water or oil Those crystals won’t have the time to find their place You’ll get a lot of stress in the material that makes it harder so this one should be harder It should need some tempering now You’ll heat it a bit, so those crystals can regroup a bit We’re not going to do that, it must be really hard It’s finished! Look at this! Our super track press XXL 2000 Bang! So, vlogger move with it! This one is really strong, look at this This is a solid piece of metal That’s extra crude This one, extra heavy H-beam Overhere; extra ribs out of bulb flat and here as well that side was strong enough already but it’s even stronger now! and now.. those pins will fly out bang! Here we go 360.. that’s 25 tons 500 bar almost 35 tons of force pressing on there Something happened That sounded more like our frame Should we look? A bit of the same issue as with the former pin but with more force this time Our frame is strong enough Our pin is not hard enough.. We could get a tougher pin but we applied a lot of force on there We did a discovery We’ve sprayed this entire track with WD40 and see what we found Believe it or not.. This pin is loose but we have another issue now the pin must go out on that side we can cut the head.. but we have a lot broken pins already we would like to safe that pin to get it out.. there’s a tank in the way we’re going to jack it up and see if we can turn the track to get this pin in front or at the back depending on what side is the easiest and then we take that pin out and take that track off! get off you! It can get out! we hope.. Let’s try it Take it! You nasty track! Who’s your daddy now? Look! It’s rolling Look overhere Because we were doing such a nice job we quickly took off the other side as well Quickly… Working our asses off… this side was even harder than that side It’s all bare now we need to make new fenders sandblasting paint it Do you have a company which can do the sandblasting and can you sandblast this tank and put primer on it give us a sign we’ll bring this thing to your place and we hope to get it back painted that would be a good deal we can proceed nice.. we’ll do that next time.. I hope so.. at least.. we’ll work on that for the near future So I would say; subscribe so you stay updated Hey folks, thanks for watching and see you next time

    펜타곤(PENTAGON) – ‘Round 2 (Bonus Track)’ (Choreography Practice Video)
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    펜타곤(PENTAGON) – ‘Round 2 (Bonus Track)’ (Choreography Practice Video)

    November 17, 2019

    [JINHO] Wait, what is this? [WS + YT] Wait, what is this? [JINHO] I am not me [WS + YT] I am not me [JINHO] You and me, him and him – we changed bodies (SWITCH) [JINHO] Okay, now – Yuto, Wooseok – CHANGE [YUTO] Hello [YUTO] WAAH! My voice is so much deeper [YUTO] Then, could it be? *Wooseokida* [YUTO] WAAAAH [YUTO] I really wanted to have curly hair (YES) [YUTO] But why are all my clothes black (NO) [WOOSEOK] “Fool, Fool” (from Shine) [WOOSEOK] Now this is my part! [WOOSEOK] I can’t believe it, I’m so happy (Happy) [WOOSEOK] I have a big voice (Wah) [WOOSEOK] Spicy food is hot (Hot!) [WOOSEOK] I’m Yutoda! [JINHO] Wait, what is this? [WS + YT] Wait, what is this? [JINHO] I am not me [WS + YT] I am not me [JINHO] You and me, him and him – we
    changed bodies (SWITCH) [JINHO] Okay now – Kino, Jinho – CHANGE [KINO] Ah, why am I reading a book? (Yeah) [KINO] Wait, why am I speaking like this? (Hot, sexy) [KINO] Why am I this sensitive? [KINO] Is it because it’s early? [SHINWON] Hyunggu-yah [KINO] Hyung, I’m gonna sleep now – see ya [JINHO] What’s up with my height? (160) [JINHO] Look at these pants, what is this? Is it children’s size? (ya) [JINHO] Since I am the oldest I am gonna do what I want (guys be quiet) [JINHO] But still when I am at broadcasts I will act cute [JINHO] Wait, what is this? [KN + JN] Wait, what is this? [JINHO] I am not me [KN + JN] I am not me [JINHO] You and me, him and him- we changed bodies (SWITCH) [JINHO] Okay now – Shinwon, Hui – CHANGE [SHINWON] There is blood of a rockstar flowing through my veins [SHINWON] I dont like Hip hop I like rock and playing the electric guitar [SHINWON] Long hair, headband, headbanging and getting dizzy because of it [SHINWON] ROCK WILL NEVER DIE (YEAAAH) [HUI] (Huiiing) Yeah the birth of a famous song [HUI] I’ll give Shinwon all the parts [HUI] Today I’ll transfer the copyright of my songs to Shinwon [HUI] What’s up with my bank account? (There are so many zeroes) [HUI] Whatever I write becomes lyrics – Kkik kkung kkit ddaet yayaya [JINHO] Wait, what is this? [SW + HT] Wait, what is this? [JINHO] I am not me [SW + HT] I am not me [JINHO] You and me, him and him – we changed bodies (SWITCH) [JINHO] Okay now, Yeo One, Hongseok – CHANGE [YEO ONE] ASMR [YEO ONE] Hello, I’m Pentagon’s Hongseok [YEO ONE] What? Why am I talking like this? [YEO ONE] Ah, I should check if he flushed the toilet [YEO ONE] Then everyone, GGU Night! [HONGSEOK] Haaah, practice starts in less than 5 minutes (Heutcha Heutcha) [HONGSEOK] I’m late for exercise, I’ve got a great body (Chocolate Factory) [HONGSEOK] I’m sorry to you all, please understand, flag of strength (WAAH) [HONGSEOK] You keep saying I’m Hongseok (Please dooon’t) [JINHO] Wait, what is this? [ALL] Wait, what is this? [JINHO] I am not me [ALL] I am not me [JINHO] You and me, him and him – we changed bodies (SWITCH) [JINHO] Okay now, once again – CHANGE (please love and support Pentagon!) (Remember they’re going on tour soon! get your tickets now=])

    Cities Skylines tutoriel: Railway mod
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    Cities Skylines tutoriel: Railway mod

    November 17, 2019

    Hello everyone, my name is Neguchi and welcome to this tutorial on the Railway Mod. In this video I show you the different possibilities of this mod, as well as the options available to us. This mod was developed by three of the big names in modding Cities:Skylines – of course, I mean Ronyx, Revo and Simon. The first use of this Railway Mod is the change of the railroad tracks from vanilla to the photorealistic tracks of the mod. The basic mode offers you three different styles with two thresholds: Concrete sleepers on simple concrete, concrete sleepers and wooden sleepers on gravel soil. You will find both in a version without catenary and a version with overhead line. Let’s try to create a station by clicking on this field, of course and then get access to the different tracks of the Railway-Mod. Let’s take a closer look at this list and see that each track is identified by a specific code. The letter W indicates the presence of a catenary. The next four letters indicate the style of the tracks you want to move. The first two letters indicate the style of the track bed: “Gr” for gravel and “Pa”for concrete. The next two letters indicate the style of the threshold: “Wo”for wooden and “Co” for concrete. Once you’ve decided on the style of the rails, you choose them and place your station. It is also possible to change the rails at the existing railway station. For this, we use another mod: “Touch it!”, which makes the rails accessible for the upgrade through this specific tool. Then just select the station tracks that you find on the far right of the list of railway tracks. Select the upgrade tool and click on the rails. As far as the rails are concerned, we have one or two way single tracks and one or two way double tracks. In addition, the mod divides the rails into two types: nodeless and standard. These nodeless rails have some little peculiarities, which make them indispensable for the realization of various turnouts and track systems. If you have created your tracks with catenary, you will find that you miss the catenary pylons. In fact, the Railway Mod uses a specific system that you need to activate. To do this, use “ALT+SHIFT+P” to access the control panel. In addition to the catenary masts, you can use the various buffer or signal types and various “Pn” barriers. Unfortunately, there is currently only one available Swiss-style, but others should follow quickly. I will now introduc you to various tips and tricks with the Railway Mod. First we will create a single switch between two double tracks. Unfortunately, as you can see, there is a small problem here with the appearance of a glitch. By replacing this part of the track with a “nodeless” version, everything becomes normal again. The second turnout that I will create is a so called “double crossing switch”. First, I will create four individual routes like this. Then I connect the two outer rails with a nodeless rail like this. Then move the node between the two inner lanes and bend the two segments so that they meet. The next step will be to make the crossings. It is the rails that connect the transition with the inner rails and vice versa. If the central crossing node is to be intact, then you have to lay a small track like this. Finally, thanks to “MoveIt!”, bend these little rail sections, to give them a very natural curvature. Now let’s take a look at this point system in operation: You will notice that in my example, I have only used one-way to two-way tracks. It is possible to use one way tracks but then this type of attachment is referred to as a “single cross”. Here is one of these crossings in action! As you can see, this a relatively simple mod. If used correctly, this allows a very high flexibility in the turnouts. I recommend you watch the episode of my main series “Saint-Martin en Leu”, in which I use some of the possibilities that this mod offers. If you liked this tutorial, feel free to share it and give it a little blue thumbs up. Comment if you have any further questions, I will try to answer them. On Thursday, I invite you here to discover my main series “Saint-Martin en Leu” and I also invite you to subscribe if you don’t want to miss the next tutorial. I wish you a good day / evening until the next video.

    Janakpur Nepal Tour | Mithila Kingdom and Railway Train Station, Dhanusa Dham
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    Janakpur Nepal Tour | Mithila Kingdom and Railway Train Station, Dhanusa Dham

    November 16, 2019

    Today we are heading towards
    Janakpur, Nepal Birthplace of Goddess Sita The Beauty of Janaki Temple
    We will show inner view Electric Museum inside temple Crown used by Sita The Costume of Goddess Sita We Will Show The Exact Marriage
    Place of Ram and Sita Thereafter we will move towards
    Janakpur Railway Station We are informally informed that
    from the month of Ashoj Train service will be re-activad After that we will go to
    Dhanusadham Here the bow broken by Ram
    is kept This looks like a root
    But it is metal The size goes on increasing Beautiful View of Ganga Arati
    Performed at Ganga Sagar Hello Everybody
    Its me Sachin Neupane Today we are starting the
    tour of Janakpur from Itahari We will move Approx 170km west
    from here upto Dhalkebar And then turn towards south
    for Janakpur Now we are at Inaruwa This is the headquarter
    of Sunsari District We are riding on a motorcycle This is a gate of Koshi Tappu
    Wildlife Reserve This is extended in 3 districts
    Sunsari, Saptari & Udayapur This is the place where Koshi
    river changed its route before Whole river flows from here No water was there beneth
    koshi bridge that time Before 10 years, I crossed this
    Place by boat While on a tour from college Koshi river is not far from here A bridge is being constructed
    at this small river Since long time this is not
    completed We are very close to
    Koshi river This is called Koshi barrage Canals are constructed on both
    side to take water to India A mechanism is built to block
    and release water here This is built in 1958 This place is in Nepal but is
    in control under India Here are total 56 of “gates”
    for water This bridge was constructed aftr
    the koshi agreement Between Nepal and India This bridge connects Sunsari
    and Saptari districts Koshi river is the largest
    river of Nepal Its tributories are Arun
    Dudhkoshi, Indrawati, Tamakoshi, Likhu, Sunkoshi
    and Tamar river Barmajiya is famous for “sweet
    Made up of Milk” (Peda) Different names are given for
    Peda Shops We have seen different unique
    names for Peda shops We halt here for a tea break A lady is making Peda there The Peda of Barmajiya is Pure Pure milk is boiled till it
    becomes paste Sister, How long does it take to
    prepare Peda? “Four Hours” Is anything mixed except milk? Its of pure milk. But we add
    some sugar when it is paste “From where the milk is
    Supplied?” “From Koshi Tappu” Is this of cow or buffallo? It is mixed but they say
    this as buffallo milk Chure hills lies towards north Its a bright and sunny day We are riding through this
    straight Mahendra Highway Mango trees are planted on
    both sides of the road The highway is not so busy The vehicles of long route
    passes in high speed We may not feel thirst while
    we are on a long journey Dehydration can cause serious
    problem while in a long journey, even if
    we are not thirsty, should intae plenty of water This makes us hydrated and
    health threats are reduced Moving further, now we are at
    lahan city This is one of a main city of
    Siraha District Dear viewers, please comment
    below your opinion on our video Please subscribe our channel After this, we will upload the o
    of Khotang, Okhaldhunga & Solu If you press bell icon
    you will be updated We are at Golbazar Weather is favourable The sky seems blue even
    it is a rainy season Now we are near Mirchaiya city Previously this place was called
    Ramnagar Mirchaiya The northern route from here
    goes up to Katari, Ghurmi, Khotang
    Okhaldhunga and solu The market area is large
    Even it is extending we are near Kamala River This river seperates Siraha
    and Dhanusa Districts According to previous division
    this river seperates Sagarmatha and Janakpur Zone This bridge used to seperate
    Eastern and Central region Now we are near Dhalkebar From this point we will leave mn
    highway and turn towards south If you are coming from Kathmandu
    or western part, note this place Janakpur lies nearly 25km
    south from Dhalkebar One can also take a flight
    from Kathmandu to Janakpur We are turning south from here That road on the right is Mahena
    Highway Electricity sub-station is
    located at Dhalkebar The road towards Janakpur is
    being constructed One way and divider at center We are near Mahendranagar That bridge got collapsed
    so this new one is made We will drink water at
    Mahendranagar again While moving from Dhalkebar to
    Janakpur, we are in middle This place is called Mahendranar A person is making “Satu” here “What is the Price?” Rs. 25 per glass Please make 2 glasses Is it delicious? Will it be cold? What are the ingredients? Jeera, Jawan, “?”, ?”, salt, chn
    many more are mixed Is this of Barley or Gram? “This is of Gram” “Its Good” Still this is in practice here We are nearby Janakpur city In the middle there is a statue
    of Janak Ploughing field Here is a railway crossing Today we will go to railway
    station also This historical Mithila City
    Janakpur is the birthplace Wife of Lord Rama Now it is a busy city This is Ramananda Chowk four pillars are erected in a c. Our hotel should be nearby here We have booked a room in hotel
    Crown Plaza This is zero mile, we may have
    left hotel somewhere before We will make a turn here We are at Janakpur now. This is
    Hotel Crown Plaza Hotel is perfect, we have
    pre-booked that Dont be anxious about the
    quality of hotel in Janakpur Hotels are clean, well hospitald
    They heartly welcomed us. We will tell you the services of
    hotel and rates also We have given the number here
    you can contact and book Sir, how are you.
    Whats Up Sir where exactly is this
    hotel located? “Durga Chowk” Can you please tell the services
    and charges of this hotel? What type of rooms are
    available? Normal room, AC room,
    Non-AC room Triple bed, double bed
    and single bed What is the rate of AC room? AC room costs Rs. 2000,
    Non-AC Rs. 1250 Is restaurant service available? Yes, we do have restaurant This place is called
    Ramananda Chowk. Janaki temple is towards east
    from here Dhanus sagar is located near
    Janaki Temple At evening, Ganga Arati(Worship)
    is performed at Ganga Sagar now we are going east
    from Ramananda Chowk This road will take us to
    Janaki Temple Near Janaki Temple lies two
    important ponds Now we are at This Beautiful
    Janaki Temple Lets move ahead Temple was built in 1911 by the
    Queen of Tikamgarh, Brishbhanu The more you go near
    the more beautiful it will be The palace of king Janak used
    to be here at ancient time King Janak was learned and
    Saint King Many saints and scholars used
    to visit Janak’s Palace According to my experience, it s
    better to visit here at morning During day time, it is so hot
    At evening photo and video will be destroyed due to
    antilight as sun is in west We are getting inside the templ.
    Another temple is made inside It is so beautiful So beautiful We will put tika in forehead
    from priest Inside the temple there is
    a museum we can find many information
    related to Mithila culture, Sita and Janak Lets get inside Mithila Paintings over the wall These statues are electrified
    and are movalble Statue of Tulasidash Reading
    Ramayana The view of Janaki temple
    from Museum Dhanush Mahayagya Ram and Sita getting Married This is the crown used
    By Goddess Sita This is how the Crown
    of Sita looked like Its dark here so we are
    using additional light This is the crown of Janaki’s
    “Bigraha Sarkar” Its “Chandrika” a type of
    Jewelleries wear on head Here are the costumes Sunday costume Saturday Costume Wednesday Costume This is of Tuesday For Monday, Dress according
    to particular days are kept here Antique jewelleries No information is pasted here
    It looks like jewelleries This Mithila Painting shows
    “Holi” festival Outside the Temple, Sweets are
    arranged here Flower Garland and sweeets The famous sweet is
    “Motichur Laddu” Please Subscribe our Channel After this we will come up with
    Video of Khotang Halesi Okhaldhunga and Solu Which one is the
    “Motichur Laddu?” What is its price? Rs. 10 Per Piece I want to have one. This is Motichur Laddu It is still hot. Is this made
    recently? “Yes” Religious items are kept
    outside the temple for sale Nearby the Janakai temple
    is Ram Janakai Marriage Site Is temple inside here? First take tickets Can we take photos
    here also? Photo studio here This temple is the same place
    where Ram & Sita got married Lets get inside and see A priest is sitting at door
    We should put tika here Ram and sita got married
    here Dear viewers, please give
    your opinion reagarding video Those who haven’t subscribed
    Please subscribe now This is Ram Sita Bibah Mandap This is aside Janaki Temple This is Janaki Temple Perfect Lighting from this
    side, Previously was antilight Tomorrow we will take video
    again for good lightings We are going towards the
    Front side of Bibah Mandap ********* we are at Janakpur Railway
    Station The only one railway service
    of Nepal From Janakpur to
    Jayanagar (India) Now the tracks are being
    changed to broad guage Currently no rail service is
    provided here From Ashoj, Broad Gauge rail
    will provie services If any authorized person are
    there, then we will ask details Lets get inside Dear viewers, please comment
    your opinion below We are getting inside the
    Platform to see the changes A type of vehicle is here Nothing else than tracks Janakpur Dham written here Taking Bicycles and Motorcycles
    is Prohibited inside platform Previously this was narrow
    gauge, now is Broad Gauge What we have seen is, this is
    not for electric train No infrastructure are built
    for electrifying From the month of Ashoj
    Rail service will resumed Now we are going towards
    Dhanusadham This is the highway towards
    Dhalkebar, we will go bit north We should go towars east
    from Baba Petrol Pump For Dhanusadham While you are at Janakpur
    you must visit Dhanusadham It is very important
    religious destination Ram broke the bow to marry
    sita, broken part is kept here Easy access of road Today we will be back again
    to Janakpur for Ganga Arati Dhanusadham is at 20km
    North-East of Janakpur many people just visit Janakpur
    They dont go to Dhanusadham Just 5/6 km north from here
    Main highway is accessible Now we reached Dhanusadham
    Temple That “Shivadhanush” which Ram
    has broken is kept here We will have talk with priest
    also. Lets see Front view of Dhanus Temple Shiva Dhanus that ram has Broken
    one piece remained here This may be the root of tree
    but this is of metal It is undefined This is even not stone
    It is said to be increasing Before 7 years, when i visited
    This part was not there In my view, its increaing
    as well This is “Kunda” (natural hole
    of water) The level of water depict good
    and bad condition of country Today, a group of 200 people
    visiting here from India The next side also got extended I dont think this was so big
    previously This is increasing This is like iron its like metal When i visited 7 years ago
    This was not so big Small area is increased The size of this is increasing This may be a root But it is like metal
    as iron The size used to increase I cant say what exactly this
    is We consider this as the bow
    influence of boken piece We have returned to Ganga
    Sagar Boating is also available We have returned from
    Dhuanusadham Ganga sagar and Dhanush
    Sagar lies side by side Janakpur itslef is a city
    of ponds