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    Owen Klinger Update: Student Researched Train Hopping
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    Owen Klinger Update: Student Researched Train Hopping

    October 19, 2019

    Facebook Owen Klinger  Owen Klinger, the missing University of Portland freshman, who seemingly vanished without a trace on October 6, 2019, had researched train hopping and watched the movie Into the Wild, Portland police said in a press release and video interview  That has led police to believe that it’s more likely that Klinger left on his own, a theory that the college lacrosse player’s family has pushed back against Portland police released the new details on October 17, 2019 as searches for Klinger continue with multiple volunteers There’s been little to go on, just an ATM withdrawal and a photo showing Klinger leaving campus  “Investigators believe Owen had been watching videos about hopping freight trains The direction he was walking was an area where freight trains are commonly staged He had also watched the movie Into the Wild in which a young man leaves to go to Alaska to ‘go live off the grid,’” police wrote in the news release  Police now point to two additional clues in arguing that they now think Klinger did not meet with foul play, at least initially; they say he misled his roommates about where he was going and turned off his cell phone  “Members of the Detective Division have conducted interviews and have reviewed video evidence concerning the disappearance of Owen Klinger This is a coordinated effort with the University of Portland and Owen’s family and friends,” police wrote  The IMDB profile for 2007’s Into the Wild describes this way: “After graduating from Emory University, top student and athlete Christopher McCandless abandons his possessions, gives his entire $24,000 savings account to charity and hitchhikes to Alaska to live in the wilderness Along the way, Christopher encounters a series of characters that shape his life ” It’s based on a Jon Krakauer book. Here’s what you need to know:Owen’s Family Is Pushing Back Against the New Police Report  The Finding Owen Klinger Facebook page responded by saying, “Today’s police press release caused some confusion, but one thing we know is Owen is still missing! Bring him home ” Portland police Sgt. Brad Yakots said in a video interview with KGW8 that there’s a “few things we do know…Owen walked away from the University of Portland campus…we haven’t really had any leads since then ” Klinger’s parents Dustin and Mary have given numerous interviews and posted videos about their search They say that Owen was getting good grades, was athletic, and no one noticed any signs of trouble Owen’s mom, Mary Klinger, told Fox12: “This is not like him at all, he’s our middle child, he’s the peacekeeper and doesn’t rock the boat In his friend group, he gets them all together and gets things going, he’s a great kid ” Owen’s family is not convinced by the train hopping theory. “He did watch the movie ‘Into the Wild,’ so that’s one of the police’s theories, he also watched ‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ but I don’t think he’s hijacked any art in the last week,” Dustin Klinger, Owen’s father, said to KGW8, which added that Owen’s parents believed he would not have left cold weather gear back in his dorm  In a video, Mary thanked people for continuing to search for Owen. “We don’t know where he is There are different theories. The police made a release on their favorite theory but also in that press release there were errors ” She stated: “We don’t know that Owen turned off his phone. We just know that his phone is off It’s terrifying.” “We don’t believe he hopped a freight train to Alaska and so we’re a little frustrated with Portland police who have promulgated that theory, but they assure us that they’re also looking into other leads and issues they have,” Dustin Klinger said to the television station “We just tell people we’re not done searching for Owen. We haven’t given up on him ” “We will pretty strongly that he knowingly left on his own will. We don’t know yet whether something unfortunately additionally happened to him,” Yakots said, adding that it’s illegal to travel on trains  Klinger withdrew money from an ATM on campus “and then walked away. We have video evidence of him walking away from campus ” “Owen is 6’1″, 165 pounds and was last seen wearing light-blue hooded sweatshirt, jeans and a drawstring backpack,” police wrote previously “The picture of Owen facing away from the camera shows the actual clothes he was wearing Sunday evening School officials say it’s unusual for him to go more than a day without contacting loved ones ” “Owen Klinger, a first-year, student has been reported missing by his schoolmates and family,” the university wrote in a statement “He was last seen leaving Christie Hall on UP’s campus at approximately 7:30 p.m on Sunday, October 6. Any individuals with pertinent information should contact UP Public Safety at (503) 943-7161 ”Police Now Say Klinger Told His Friends He Was Going to a Lacrosse Team Meeting But No Such Meeting Was Scheduled  FacebookOwen Klinger  Portland police now say that Klinger, 18, “left the University of Portland campus on Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 7:50 p m. Owen told his friends that he was going to a team meeting. Detectives were able to confirm that Owen did not attend any team meeting nor was one scheduled ” In addition, there’s proof that Klinger did withdraw some money. “Based on the investigation, we know Owen withdrew money from an ATM on campus He then turned off his cell phone before leaving campus. He is observed walking on North Willamette Boulevard at North Portsmouth Avenue towards North Lombard Street Investigators believe he continued north towards North Columbia Boulevard on foot ” Police also revealed, “The investigation continues into the disappearance of Owen Klinger Detectives assigned to the bureau’s Missing Persons Unit have interviewed family and friends of Owen Detectives have also worked with TriMet to establish Owen’s last known location in North Portland, near the intersection of North Portsmouth and North Lombard They have collected video from surrounding businesses and residences in this area as well ” Police added: “At this time we do not know where Owen is. We will continue to work with the family and will follow up on any additional leads Bureau investigators and University of Portland officials are still working in a coordinated effort however Detective Lori Fonken is the lead on this case She can be reached at 503-823-1081 and at [email protected] Sergeant Joe Santos is the supervisor in charge of this investigation and he can be reached at 503-823-0406 and joseph [email protected]

    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!
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    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!

    October 19, 2019

    Hey guys, we are on the shinkansen tracks right now we are heading to Kyoto and we are taking the Nozomi and we have reserved seats so basically we are guaranteed a seat and I guess I will show you guys what it looks inside of a shinkansen! There are two types of cars, the green car and the normal car. You can tell by that sign in the left corner. So we took the green car to Tokyo and rode the normal reserved car to Kyoto. The normal cars consist of free seating, which is the cheapest and reserved seating, which is a little bit more expensive or you can ride the green car, which is a basically like business class on an airplane. In both cars, someone will check your ticket and stamp it. I guess the only difference is for the green car a female will come? and for the normal car, a male will come? lol In both cars, there will also be somebody to serve you food and beverages if you want to buy them. In the green car, the lady will give you a wet towel… One thing you have to buy is a shinkansen bento box. A little overpriced but such good food. In both cars, you can relax nicely and don’t worry about your battery, they will both have outlets! Snapchatting on a Shinkansen! Or you can just piss off your little sister… We are facing each other. I have to look at this girl now. Look at this girl. PISSED! lol The biggest difference between these two cars are the chairs. Can’t recline much on the normal cars, which means unconformable sleeping… She seems like she agrees. But in the green car, your chair can recline about 70% as seen here. And you can face each other! Look how smooth the train rides… Look at this material. It’s all like furry furry, fluffy fluffy. nice cushion… Since we turned our chair around there’s no back side of a chair obviously… so there’s no table but there’s a table right here, a portable table that you can take out like an airplane awesome! We also have a light switch like an airplane right here… So if you click this button, Oh snap! if you push this button, this light on the chair goes on…sweeeeeet All right guys, we are right now in this little area where the bathroom is and we are going to check out the bathrooms because the bathrooms here are really high tech! So it looks like…like a circle and over there it says “vacant”…right? so if you press the green button automatically opens…and look how big this bathroom is! but but in order to close this door… so now we are inside… to close it, press the red button if you don’t, it closes on its own… and boom! Automatically closes… So this is a normal bathroom… open it up and just like an airplane kind of bathroom look kind of small too automatically goes down, if you press that and up there…automatically flushing… The green car bathroom area is also nicer as seen here! Did you hear that song? This is the song you will hear when the shinkansen is coming to a stop. Make sure to check above the door to see where the shinkansen is stopping in both English and Japanese.

    200系新幹線ラストラン Bullet train Shinkansen 200 series Last running
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    200系新幹線ラストラン Bullet train Shinkansen 200 series Last running

    October 19, 2019

    Today is March 15, 2013. Change of timetable of a railroad will be performed on tomorrow. Many old model trains will be abolished in connection with it. Notable among them is the 200 series Shinkansen. 200 series is the train which wore the lovely face of the round nose. It is the same face as 0 series that used for Tokaido Shinkansen that was made in 1963. If 200 series is abolished, all the trains of a face with a round lovely nose will be lost. This is a very unfortunate event for the railway enthusiast. I came to the train base of the Tabata. But it stopped behind that train, it is hard to see. A little can be seen from here. It has stopped. Shinkansen shooting is difficult. Because it running a high place like that. This wire net, a high place, and a wall are obstructive. The last train will come at night. I think I’ll try to shoot in different locations. Tokyo station now. “Toki 347” bound for Niigata is the last train of the 200 series. “Toki 347″… Oh my god! Ticket was sold out! It is very crowded. I can not shoot. Platform crowded with journalists and many enthusiasts. It is great! It is original color. It is very crowded. I can not shoot. The popular reason in 200 series… Although a style is also one reason. Probably, another reason is the derailment accident which occurred in case of the earthquake in 2004. By the big earthquake which occurred in 2004, the 200 series Shinkansen caused the derailment accident during the run by 200km Speed. It was the first big disaster in the history of the Shinkansen. In spite of having been the worst ever accident, dead or injured person was nobody. The safety of the Shinkansen of Japan was proved under those circumstances in the world. I think that 200 series is loved also from such a reason. Since it is very crowded, there is no telling whether it can ride or not. I will try it. A lot of people! It is only said that I ride on. It arrived in Omiya station.

    Sydney Metro Education: Noise minimisation innovation at Martin Place
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    Sydney Metro Education: Noise minimisation innovation at Martin Place

    October 19, 2019

    Hi. My name is Joe Davis. I’m a site engineer
    with the Sydney Metro tunnelling and station excavation team.
    I’m here to tell you about the demolition happening in the city to help build Sydney
    Metro – and how we made things better for the community.
    To make way for a new Sydney Metro train station in Martin Place, six buildings had to be removed.
    The biggest was 23 storeys high! People live, work and play in the city, so
    we wanted to make the least amount of noise and vibration that would impact them.
    We set a challenge for the contractors to find an alternative to using jack-hammers…
    have you heard a jackhammer? It has a really repetitive noise and, when
    it echoes, it has a higher pitch which can uncomfortable.
    Companies explored many different demolition solutions and did lots of research to understand
    what was good and not-so-good about each one. To help minimise impacts, the contractor used
    giant pulverisers and concrete shears attached to diggers to grind away buildings, and that
    makes it much less noisy. The result of this innovation is less interruption
    for people living and working in and around the city.

    Mega Hängeschrank aus Restholz mit Beleuchtung #DIY
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    Mega Hängeschrank aus Restholz mit Beleuchtung #DIY

    October 19, 2019

    Too much residual wood in the basement? In this video, I’ll show you how you can easily build a wall cabinet with waste wood! Nice that you have turned back on, when it says Time for Practice Do you know that, too? Many small pieces of residual wood from previous projects that you really can no longer use? It does not have to be thrown away. You can easily build new things with it, just like I have a wall cabinet! For this cabinet, I need larger wood panels. To get these I glue smaller woods together on the front side. So that the stability is maintained, I recommend you to use dowels. It’s very easy with the Meisterdübler! Look in the video description. For the first wooden plate, holes are placed in the center, at the ends. Then the master doughler is adjusted to the thickness of the wood. And the plate to be glued flush with the counterpart. Now put holes in the piece to be glued. Make sure that the holes are not too deep, otherwise the dowels will slip too far into the wood. Now wood glue on it, glue the dowels and put together both wooden boards. Now you have made a larger wooden plate from two small pieces of wood. Once the glue has hardened, you can saw the wooden plate to size. All the parts you see in this video I made with this method. The back wall also consists of several wooden parts. Now let’s create the corpus. Side, floor and ceiling panels are glued and screwed. Now insert the back wall into the carcass and also gluing and screwing. This creates a stable connection. Since I want to build a cabinet from several compartments, I use partitions. In the interior you can see how the individual woods were glued to a larger plate. Now we let the doors emerge. Since the doors are not exposed to any mechanical stress I have waived in this case on dowels. After the glue has hardened the paint follows. The first coat consists of a wood primer. The doors are painted in blue and the carcass in gray. If you like the color look in the video description. There I linked the color. The doors are connected to the carcass with simple metal hinges. In the meantime, I have mounted the cabinet on the wall. I used four dowels of size 8mm Insert shelves. The right lighting is provided by an LED strip, that is mounted with a U-rail to the bottom of the hanging cabinet. You can also find these parts in the video description. LIGHT ON! And you have the perfect lighting for your workbench or desk. Just leave a thumbs up and a comment if you liked the video. Do not forget to watch my other videos Subscribe now Have fun when rebuilding! Thank you for turning it back on when it says Time for Practice!

    Metro. Russian movies turkish, english subtitles.
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    Metro. Russian movies turkish, english subtitles.

    October 19, 2019

    What will I tell him? Nothing. He already knows. Leave him. Easy for you to say… Andrei Borisovich, emergency! Tilt his head. – It took what?
    – Huh? – The drugs?
    – Of course not! – Allergies?
    – No, nothing. I found in the kitchen
    mouth foaming. The ambulance was unable to do anything. – An endoscope, fast.
    – Is broken. Help me to recover. It’s stuck… I see nothing. Clip! Inspire. Breathe. Breathe, breathe! What is your name? – I’m Gena.
    – Gena? Your mother did not teach you
    chewing, Gena? This was the soup. Vlad … Go, go ahead. What is the problem? Ksenia already left alone. Indeed, and I’m not proud. Sit. We recover the morning. What do you mean “we”? ‘s Father Ksenia like it. I have to go. Andrei Borisovich? What? Go away in. I wanted to thank you. Nothing. Go away in. Andrei Borisovich, without your help… Here Klokov rail splitter.
    Hello everyone! Here electromechanical operator
    Shevchenko, hello. Sorry for the delay. Sergeyevich! Something wrong? Your service is completed. Valery Petrovich,
    there is a problem: Water in the tunnel. Probably groundwater. It rained yesterday, right? Exactly… The water level is normal. The drainage system is not half full. This water does not tell
    me anything worthwhile. Must… Must do something. Okay, Sergeyevich. Go and do something. Which is odd,
    is that you’re sober. This water may be vodka. Or beer. Come on, be nice. I spent the night in the tunnel. Okay, Sergeyevich, sorry. We will take the necessary measures. This is it, take it. File, we’ll deal with it. Goodbye. “If a collision is imminent, ”
    Driver must not leave his post “without trying to prevent it.” Okay. 1, 2, 3, test! You know, like that. Alexei Petrovich,
    What do you know about the bunkers? I know you think
    there is one in the subway! There is a bunker
    near the Park Kultury station. Hello, Sergeyevich.
    Do you hear? My father helped build
    Park Kultury there 50 years. He never talked about bunker. This is a military secret. I’m looking for since I was 15. And the ventilation shafts to Borodinskaïa
    ? It was walled,
    like the rest of the station. They spend it
    to a pipe. I’ll tell you one thing. There has water in the tunnel.
    Water leakage. This water does not tell
    me anything worthwhile. Dad, there is no water. Where’s Mom? Put ​​your shoes on. I saw on the Internet
    his plane landed yesterday. Go and brush your teeth. It is cold. Our continuous emission
    stay with us. So, you have chosen? From vodka Putinka. Why all this water? Whatever. Why mom does not call? She did the same last time. Did she say where she was going? Even candy… Your patients can not offer you
    sandwiches? I’ll make you a sandwich. I’ll do it. You’ll take me to school? I just arrived. Mom is not there,
    I have to take the subway. Dad, where is mom? I do not know where is your mother! Have you eaten? Thank you, it was very good. What is this? A gift. I have to go. 2 minutes, no one has water. – This is a mess.
    – Young man! I’ll see you when? For a business trip? Or when you will end sooner? Just an hour or two… Irina, okay? Vlad, do not rush me. I have things to deal with. – What things?
    – Full. You rule things last year. Call him and tell him to come down. I do not know where he lives. Dad, this stuff only happens
    you! Stop! Princess! Vlad, please… Patient a little longer. Monday, I have made my decision. And I do not work Thursday. Stop! Let’s go. – Please, not now…
    – Allons-y! If you do not go, I go. So? They’re gone. From the great Andrei… Let me guess. Flowers for 12 years? For him. – From you?
    – From his patients. Andrei is a great surgeon. A great surgeon in a public hospital. Fantastic… – What is he doing exactly?
    – It does not concern you. Well, I’m going. I will not miss my tender
    because of this melodrama. Yes, it would be a shame. Come on, disappear.
    Go to your bidding. I offers in spades. – Come on file.
    – Okay. But I will. How to get out of this mess? Terah, do you think that? You should have a donkey,
    not a car! I’m on my way! I’m already there. – Hey, it’s release!
    – Shut up! – Excuse me.
    – Now we’re friends. Try with another. Everyone has his own destiny
    and especially its poison. I, is Galina.
    Call me Galochka. Sergeyevich. You smell that? Smells vase! True, the mud! This is what it felt there
    Mud! What are you doing? It was not the rain, but
    of the river water. From the river! Good day! Hi. What was he? It is illegal to drink in public. Where is the problem? Before my eyes! Remember Chernobyl? I was a nurse there. I have alcohol-dependent diabetes. She escapes!
    Aside! – Go!
    – Go, go… Bitch! No running in the Metro escalators! – I can charge my phone here?
    – No. Ni buy truffles or a yacht. Excuse me. Are you crazy or what? Sorry! Moron… Can I call someone? Yes, your lawyer. No, my work. You said you were out of work. Have you lied to a police officer? – Sit there.
    – Thank you. Sorry. Number 42!
    Good appetite, Boris! I make noise while eating? Everyone complains
    banana peels as you leave. This is it! They are jealous, yes! You know the quicksand? You’re right in it, Grandpa. Sign here. I have to call my boss. I work in the subway. – Name of God!
    – Cause forever. The dog is cute. – What’s his name?
    – Tyavka. – Want to buy one?
    – Come on, you. IDIOT Do a little careful! Sorry. You do not know how lucky you. I am a rare professional,
    a single specialist. I got it. – A flirty?
    – No, a guide. I make visits between
    Sadovaya subway and Park Kultury. Your attention, please! We are approaching the legendary
    station Borodinskaïa, built in 1948. This is a secret part of the metro. This station directly led to Stalin’s dacha. Thank you. In 1950
    work resumed on the station, to integrate the circular line of metro. This station is now closed, because it is in an unstable area. Above Borodinskaïa
    is the bed of the Moscow River. The station has no end. Drivers crossing
    at full speed. It is visible
    than enlightened by another subway. You now have the opportunity to see this ghost station! Here, look. In six months,
    I stop eating meat. What kebabs
    and vodka? I forgot kebabs! Dad… Lord! Move over… What… Outta here! Holy Mother of God! Sainte Marie! Ksenia… Ksenia! What do you want now? Ksenia! What has happened? An explosion? – Are you a doctor?
    – No. Come on, follow me! Go on, get out! Natasha! Let’s go. Can you walk? Out of here. My Bag… Up! Come on, get up! Up! I have a sore arm! Come on, get up! What do you do? Come on, get up! Ksenia… Get out! Stop!
    Have you lost your mind? I’ll… Mom, is Dad? Do not touch! Ksenia? – Dad…
    – Do not move. – Do you hear me?
    – Yes. Move your fingers and your toes. It hurts? – No.
    – Good. Well, take a deep breath. It hurts? Arise. Come on, get up. Straighten up. Go, go. You dizziness? Okay. What has happened? Relax, go.
    The train stopped. I want my mommy. I know. You? Me. Your correspondent is unavailable… He was arrested in the tunnel? Number 42?
    Number 42, RSVP! Number 42, you hear me? What is happening between
    Borodinskaïa and Park Kultury? The 42 is stopped in the tunnel. I can not reach him. Name of God… Valery? The three pumps operating at full capacity. Number 42! Boris! Why does not he answer? He had to go to the rear cabin. To turn around. Water in the tunnel… – Coupons electricity.
    – How does it come out? When he reaches back
    be asked him what was happening. Number 42! Answer! What happened to 42? Someone had to pull the alarm signal. Number 17? I listen! Go to the back and return
    to the station Sadovaya. Roger, return to Sadovaia. – Alexei Petrovich…
    – What? Watch. There has water! I know, I know! Exit the tunnel quickly,
    we will have to cut the power. – Done!
    – Roger! – You got the key?
    – I forgot. Do you hear? Courses, quick! What’s going on? Hey, open up! Quick! Ldiot! You waiting for? Course! Do not push me! Number 17 position, ready to go! Go. – They’re going in the wrong direction.
    – Raving! Calm down, calm down.
    It will be out soon. I would not recommend. Why? You see the light? The rails are still powered. But what will happen to them? Lls may be lucky. – Warn them.
    – No! What happened to your arm? Approach. Is broken.
    You need a splint. Your tie. Why I broke my arm? I’ll never stop working. I have a lot of work to do. I can not redo the node. This is my wife who does. Your wife is yours? Daily. She always says that without it I could not even hang me! This is his way of joking.
    It has humor, my wife. Your wife too? Yes, too. – Hello.
    – Hi. What is it? 4 shampoos, 2
    scrubs and baby cream. 30% discount for one million units. This is his fault. What? I leave my husband, that’s all. – Are you a doctor?
    – Yes. This is great. – Your name?
    – Andrey. Mikhail delighted. You will not stop asking? No. Come on, let’s go. Mom, the train is broken? They let us out! – And the brakes?
    – We’ll go slowly. What mess! Shevchenko! With the arrival of 17, cut the power. Roger. Imagine what happens there… That’s the adventure, young man! Klokov, where is the 17? This advance. Wait for my signal. Done. Number 17
    why do not you go ahead? There are plenty of water! This is a joke? I can not, I can not breathe!
    Let me out! Mom, we’re all gonna die? Number 17… move slowly. – Go ahead.
    – Acknowledged. Do one in the tunnel.
    They électrocuterait. Open the doors! – Should reassure passengers.
    – How? Follow the instructions! Dear passengers! For technical reason, return
    Sadovaia. Great… It is 100 meters. Accelerate. 90. 80. 70. 60. 50. This is good! 40. 30. 20. Faster! It’s dry here! 10! Shevchenko? Shevchenko,
    you cut the power rails? Yes. So why the hell
    emergency light flashes? I do not know. Do not climb! Stand back, he goes to deposit! So, your story bunker? This one? This is madness! Should perhaps go. A moment… Maybe we can get. Let’s go. It… I need… My bag. This? Wait. Here! Nice dog… Nice doggie… Nice cushy… What are you doing? Calm! Calm down! Do not panic. Come here! Come here! Come here! Here! Lls cut the power.
    Can go. This dog is like Laika,
    first dog in space. But it will help us to explore the tunnel
    . Dad, I can not go to school? We’ll see. Thou emmèneras to your husband the weekend? Where is the certificate? You already. No. I asked you to send it to me by email. He could get home. Is! I can not stand this life
    to “Santa Barbara”. Do you think he knows nothing? He knows it and the turmoil. But he dares not do anything or say. He remains silent. Mute as a fish. I can not stand it. Do not walk along the subway.
    If it moves, we’re dead. So what do we do? We must move from car to car. Catch the railing. No, it does not work. I have not moved. I know. Grips on to me. Go, go! Not … I’m stuck. Go alone. Begone! Go alone, I’ll catch up. The car will move and I’ll catch you. Begone! Pars! Get out of here! Come on, try again!
    I do not go alone! Can I have your number now? I do not give to strangers. Dear passengers, for technical reasons,
    station is closed. Please leave the station. Sadovaia The subways are
    temporarily suspended. Please leave. I’m gonna be late for work. It a document I need to justify it. Exit the station immediately! I’m not leaving here until you have had your name and Number! Your attention, dear passengers. For technical reasons, Sadovaia metros are
    temporarily unavailable… Help me, please!
    Take my child! There are plenty of water! Full of water! Dear passengers, trains are suspended. Please leave the station. Caution, there is an incident between
    Sadovaia and Park Kultury! People panic! – So?
    – Sorry. Damn! Attention all stations
    the circular line. Close the watertight doors
    of the Park Kultury station. Close the watertight doors
    of the Kiev station. For airtight doors Sadovaia,
    please wait for instructions. The situation remains the same
    until further notice. I repeat: The situation remains
    the same until further notice. Traffic in Moscow prevented
    a rapid response. Of the 18 units sent Sadovaia,
    only 6 increased. We have a helicopter… But it is not enough. – Do you mind?
    – Sit. Our division is all that is in his power. All roads downtown
    are blocked. I remember it’s Friday. The situation is complex. The third transportation center
    is paralyzed. The whole town is bottled. Time
    an emergency vehicle arrives on site… It takes at least three hours, minimum. Alexander Nikolaevich. How long do we have? The situation is unpredictable. The metro blocked the tunnel. This slows the flow of water. But it could drop at any time. A huge volume of water
    then invade the tunnels. All the ring would be flooded in 3 minutes. In the worst case scenario, the
    entire metro would be flooded… 10 minutes. What a mess! Your ministry is a mess,
    Alexander Nikolaevich! Half the city
    could collapse! This is not our fault
    if there are too many buildings. All weight caused disruption of groundwater. The subway tunnels date back to 1935.
    They will not hold. Hopefully this leak is an isolated case. What do you have? There is a plan specifically for that. Phase 1: Evacuate everyone. Phase 2
    Locate and repair the damage. What does that mean,
    “find and fix”? What do you do specifically? What dictates your action plan
    after evacuation? It is time to move on to phase two. You do not know where we’re going? This is your job! – It is the right place.
    – Was lucky. By this quickly! Filming it! This guy! – Filme cops.
    – Where? They leave a corpse. I’m alive! Oh, over there! – There!
    – Stop! There! Where is my mother? We RTV journalists. Behind the fence. If we need you, we’ll call you
    . Let’s go. Moment. Come, chief… You do not understand? Why are you smiling?
    Huh, why? You do not have to do anything! And that then? This is the key to fame, Nazimov. I exchanged hard drives. He did that last shot.
    The rest is here. Sergei, you’re better
    David Copperfield! – This is true.
    – Many thanks! You tell the viewers? Course. Bizarre… Andrei is unreachable. Call Ksenia. – It is at school.
    – And he, in the subway. There are only two stops
    and captures the subway. This is true. Where is it? Give me your hand. I can handle. Lord, there are so many people… – You got a phone?
    – Yes. The mine has no battery. It works. No network. Get off me! Off my leg! Shut up! Name of God…
    What is this mess? You have a phone? No, I… I forgot it in my jacket. Sorry. I have no credit. Great… Where can he be? That is really
    live life to the fullest. Sleeping with one,
    call to another… They love you and want your babies. Are you kidding? Why?
    In fact, I’m jealous. Very funny. This is good, I’ll get there. This is the last car. This mail. We will return. We all tell mom. Ksenia! Okay! Mikhail, after you! I do not know how to swim. The water we arrived at the knees. Regardless, I can not. Okay, those who want
    can stay here. Wait, what does that mean? I have told you:
    I want, but I can not! “I want, but I can not.”
    This is a guy… Do not talk to me like that! Calm your joy! My guy was like, I left. Wait… I was not scared at all! It’s like the water park:
    It’s scary, but it happens. Believe me, it will be fun. Ksenia, do not be afraid. – I have no fear.
    – Good. Why did I have to go to Kiev? – Are you mad?
    – No. – You’re having a bad day?
    – My day is going well. Watch what happens. – The picture is bad!
    – I bothering you? I give you 2 minutes. An incident took place between
    Park Kultury station… There is always something. There are a hundred injured. The future remains uncertain for many. We were in the last car, when suddenly
    there was an accident. I understand your desperation. Can you describe
    what happens in the tunnel? This is chaos. My God, no… Irina,
    you knew someone in the subway? After stopping traffic to 8:20
    , passengers have left the station Sadovaya. Frightened, injured… Hello! – Hello!
    – Yes? Svetlana Vladimirovna? Here the mother of Ksenia Garin. Tell me, is it Ksenia
    at school today? – Can you hear me?
    – Yes. Ksenia is not there,
    but do not worry. She will call on arrival. Our team has turned these images
    near the scene of the incident. Where is my mother? – God, no!
    – Irina! – Water!
    – I do not want that… – I do not want that!
    – Irina… – Never!
    – You mean Ksenia? I do not want that… – I’m alive!
    – Lord! She skipped school! I never asked for it! Do not you understand? I did not want that. Irina, wait!
    Where do you like that? – Vlad unresponsive.
    – Irina… Idiot! Vlad will help me.
    He ​​has contacts everywhere. According to the relief
    official, Anatoly Tsyganok , valuable time is lost
    because of city traffic. Gets worse every minute,
    the water level rises. The chances of finding
    survivors are almost zero. The number of victims is heavy. Rescuers back of the body… – Water…
    – The Moskva… Just look where you’re going! We ask
    all motorists to let ambulances and rescue. The fate of victims is in your hands. Sergei Nazimov, RTV News. So? I wonder who that is. Mayor? No, this is not the mayor. Bad. Do not worry, it will eventually happen. For dinner. It leaves open the watertight door. Alexander Nikolaevich. The 18th unit of which I spoke. Do we know how many there were people? Not yet.
    It was rush hour. We will make a list with the names
    missing. I’m Burov. Captain Seliverstov, 18th unit. Lieutenant Titov. Lozitski.
    I am a doctor in civilian life. – You are the best.
    – No. You must approach the breaking point identify remaining passengers treat the wounded and evacuate them. Anyone alive
    must leave the tunnel. Everything goes through me.
    Do you understand? – Yes.
    – To work. Loans? We go. Seliverstov! Yes? We should have already closed the door. The
    tunnel may collapse at any time. This will be achieved on time. Why it gives us orders? Tanya became pregnant.
    We had a boy. – Dad, I’m cold.
    – Be strong, Ksenia. – Here.
    – Thank you. This is haute couture. The boys love their mom… And girls, their dad. This is it. – And it looks like the grandfather?
    – I do not know. Besides, I like my father. This is your dog? Yes. Dad, you know? Yes, it is… Wait! Come on, faster! – What was that?
    – I do not know. Water moving cars. My God, what a nightmare! Do not piss on,
    is already soaked. – Stop!
    – OK, I loop. Well, now
    I’ll have to marry you. – Wait for me.
    – Advance! Do not drag! Go! We wanted to teach me to swim
    the hard way. It pushed me into the deep end. It seems that instinct
    must take over. But I have no instinct. I am a man, not an animal. – You came a long time ago?
    – 6 months. – You’ve been gone 10 years?
    – 12. It made noise at the time. Like ice it? Are you afraid of the ice? Why are you kidding me?
    What have I done? Hi. – You work in what?
    – Building. I respond to tenders. There is land to build? If you want, you can. You’re married? Ksenia I had with my wife, Irina. Do you remember it?
    A blonde in college. Do you remember? Come on, young people, it is active! It’s not a walk! What is it? A everywhere! You’re wasting your time. Do you dream?
    Keep your shirt for another! I have never been married
    and it will not change. – Got it?
    – I can see why. Huh? Okay, Princess? I’m not your “princess”. Come see what you’ve done. – Your car was new.
    – Asshole… What?
    Git is the one who gave you the license! Wait! Who will pay for it? Another woman who goes running… Dad, I’m hungry. Ksenia… Galina
    help me to open my briefcase. – Press these buttons.
    – There? Yes, open.
    I sandwiches. Beware of paper! – Close the case.
    – We do not care of these papers. Out well here sooner or later. And life will continue. We trinquera to celebrate. That’s it! – Tell him thank you.
    – Thank you. Nothing. Give me that! Sale mutt! Did you see that? This is delicious! My wife Tanya made them. I am often on the road, I’m
    courier. I do not have time
    ask me to eat. I’m addicted to fast foods. Tanya says it’s bad and that’s why I
    reflux. Stop! I have reflux since I was little, and I did not eat at fast food. Mom prepared me a sandwich and soup. I was the only kid
    bring broth… Shut up. Come on, quickly! We’ll get there. Dad saves Tyavka! I’ll buy another one! – Speak for yourself!
    – Idiot! – Over here!
    – No, over there! You waiting for?
    It is here! – Where will we?
    – In there! Quick! – Not there…
    – Mikhail! – No…
    – Come on! You have to go here! You’re wrong! For there! Come!
    This is not a water park! – Think Tanya!
    – My God… – Go!
    – Mikhail! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid! Do not be afraid, do not be afraid… Why? I see nothing.
    Does anyone see anything? You see… – What is it?
    – Just rats. I’ve had one for three years. He knew his name
    and train schedules. – What?
    – Commuter trains. He lived at home.
    When I came, he was there. He loved cat food. It’s like a black ass… – Shut up!
    – Okay! Close to all! – Ksenia, where are you?
    – I’m here. – Do not worry, Princess.
    – Dad? Ksenia, I’m here. What was your rat? Mickey. You got it where? Dad, I’ve told you:
    Mom was told. Do you like it? You? Me. According to an unofficial source,
    the leak has not been located. Sealed doors of the Moscow metro Were locked for safety. The only remaining open is
    that of Sadovaya station so that emergency access to the tunnel. None of the teams at work in the tunnel has located the epicenter of the accident. A government who wished
    to remain anonymous told the open door Sadovaia
    could flood the city center. – Move your body!
    – Fuck you! Just look where you’re going! Dad. Ksenia, be not far from me. You’re sitting in the water. It feels bad. I am an allergy. What does he, Dad? An allergy to subway! – Dad, let’s go.
    – A moment… Wait here. I come. Wait here. Mollo, Romeo! Let’s go. Beware of Dog! Tyavka! Tyavka! Ksenia, do not go without me. Princess, sheds some light here. Dad, there is a door! – Behind?
    – Another door. – What’s the point?
    – None. I can do! Go, go, go! Dad? Come here.
    I told you to stay close to me. It does not move. Someone is looking out? Ksenia! Come here.
    I told you to stay with me! Included? Hey, you up there! Mom! Help us! There someone? – Dad, we’ll get out of here?
    – We’ll see. Finally, of course, yes. It works. ? No network. – Should be higher.
    – How? – Higher!
    – Can the grid blocks. So? – Nothing!
    – We must break the grid. – Take that!
    – I remove, hang! If you removed the bolt, it could release
    . Should be a ladder. Yes, or a crane.
    Let’s find something. Come. – Here.
    – Dad, I’m going. Ksenia, wait here. Dad? Let go! My husband and daughter are there. Tell me what you know. There are older.
    The injured are in hospital. – Which?
    – Several. Check out the lists. My son is in there! Lls are not over. They are updated.
    You have to wait. Will he dead?
    You can tell me? – I have no information.
    – How? Why not? I really do not know. What are you doing? I’ll take care of them, you know? Asshole… Looks like a bunker.
    Aficionados metro speak. Someone knows it’s there. They might be sending
    relief here. Where are your fans now? They’re home,
    watching TV. Where are the others? There were lots of people there! Have you found a man
    named Nikolai Kirsanov? He phoned me.
    I know it’s there. I can not tell you anything. My son is there,
    he was only 12 years old. I’ll pay you… I can not do anything! I have more water. Fucking… Strike under the nut! Go, go! The water will rise much longer? Until the river level. The communicating vessels.
    Course of Physics 6th. – You studied it?
    – No. Good. It is lower than the river? Probably two meters below. Now, doctor, do not hide
    diagnosis. The water will rise at least
    7 meters, my friends. While above the grid! We must follow Mikhail. A courier has the sense of direction! Tanya must be in the process
    of drying the papers. My contracts… My tender… Why is this happening to me? Let! Girls, step aside! Come on, Dad! Move, bitch! Come on guys! Okay, how? I knew better! Dad! Are you hurt? This is nothing Princess.
    I Will Survive! – So?
    – No network. This is weird. This phone market already?
    He ​​has already served? Give it to me. This is my fault! Stop, it’s mine! This is the time to forgive you… This was our last chance! Well, we call that? Galina Dergach,
    national handball team. If they had not fired me
    team in 1993… The Germans would never have won the World! The subway passes by without stopping. – Where are we?
    – To Borodinskaïa. – You lean on?
    – A watertight door. This is in case of flooding,
    like a submarine. – Never worked in a submarine…
    – You’ll lead you. – My legs…
    – Here 18th. I listen. It is in paragraph 235,
    to Borodinskaïa. I send a team, continue. Roger, over. Sanya, expect the team here
    then turn around. – Are up.
    – Ivanic! Lvanic! Come on, let’s go. Do not worry, we will join! What? Yet? Good God, no! When did you use your inhaler
    for the last time? Where was it? Downstairs, near the stairs. Your lamp is water resistant? Yes, this is the best. Stop. You’ve lost your mind? I’ll feel better in a moment. A moment… A deep breath! Okay. We no longer see the light. Take small. Come. – A lighter!
    – What? A lighter! Wet. What’s your name? Alisa. Denis. I got kicked out of college. I’m server.
    It asks you problem? And that poses you problems? The list of victims has been released. There are wounded… Wait, we repeats. I patient. Do not touch that! Hello! Have you seen
    Andrey Garin and his daughter? Her name is Ksenia. Calm! I call that? The list has been updated. Many families left
    for hospitals where the injured are. Fuck again! Again. 18th unit, what do you see? – Water!
    – Where are you? After Borodinskaïa,
    to Park Kultury. Turn around,
    is catastrophic! Nobody
    reached the scene of the accident! We go, finished. Amateurs… Enough. Dad, we will float to the top? From network! Do not move! Do not move! Shut up. They are still unconscious
    and can not speak. So? Super… I already called there! Hello! Andrei? Irina? Andrei, where are you? In the bunker! Ksenia with you?
    Andrei, you hear me? Damn! Where are you? We took the tunnel Borodinskaïa. Included? Okay. I do not understand… Who is it? – Vlad, is that you?
    – Yes, that’s me! Where is Andrei and Ksenia? Ksenia is with me. Where is Andrei? Warn relief, understand? It is in the bunker, hurry up! – Species of silly!
    – Do not shout! We do not panic! I do not exist, right? You never existed. You were close to the accident? Yes. Approximately 400 m. – What did you see?
    – A red light. I received a call,
    they are in the bunker! There are still survivors! Let me go! – You said “bunker”?
    – Yes, to Borodinskaïa. Let us go. Shit! – Hold on, Princess.
    – Help me, silly! I do not know of prayer. I had to miss my bidding. This woman holds important information. She spoke to survivors. Should contact the manager. My child is there. She is alive down there. She died drowned if you do nothing. I understand
    ask the manager. I beg you… Are you deaf?
    Ask the… Special Forces. – What?
    – You will go to court martial! No camera! Go to court. Hold on, hold on. Two teams went there
    and found nothing. – Nobody has reached the epicenter.
    – The bunker is there. Show us well. I’ve never seen the bunker,
    but I know where it is. – Are you sure?
    – Yes. Ivanic! This is worse. Ksenia! Breathe, breathe! Come on, breathe! The radio is broken. As my ribs. We gotta get out.
    They will close the door. Not while we’re there. So what do we do? – 18th unit.
    – I listen. Is fate. Denis! I’m here! Well, well. Do not ever leave me again
    and I will never leave you. A deal, okay. Of Love and fresh water… Where is Galina? What? I have to find Galina? Galina! She does not answer. We’re going. Are you crazy? Where are you going? Home. Come on, remove it! Hang hooks. Put ​​me down! Hold on to me! Will he survivors here? You have 10 minutes
    before it was condemned. – Let’s go.
    – There’s someone? Answer! There is no one. Now? – This is well then?
    – Yes. – Are you sure?
    – Sure. The bunker was flooded to the ceiling
    . No one could survive
    there. Dad! Where is Vlad? We lost. Do not cry. They will save us.
    They are looking for us! Nobody’s looking for us! Why? Why say that? Well… It’s you… the tour guide. Tell us what they do
    when a tunnel is flooded. So, you do not want? Well, I’ll do it. Dear visitors of the Moscow metro! This station is now
    a danger to the whole city. If it continues to fill with water… Part of the capital of our dear nation collapses! It will sink into the ground. You know the procedure in such a case? – I’ll tell you…
    – Shut up. If that does not interest you,
    you can go away. Well, resume! The danger zone will be
    sentenced on both sides tunnel and everything is
    filled with liquid nitrogen. Soon this place… No longer… A block nitrogen. True! Mom looking for us! Of course, Princess. What I can be stupid… I’m really stupid. Andrei ! If you knew that these
    12 years have cost me… You do not know.
    You can not know. I ruined my life trying
    to get out of this mess! Finally here… It was not supposed to happen like this. This is not my life!
    This is not me! Why he say that? This is because your mother
    I was in the subway. Is it worth it? This is you need to ask. Is it worth it? Shut up. Fuck. Ksenia, will see Alisa. Go. You’re not ready to die?
    Do you have any contracts to sign? My wife is waiting for you in tears. My wife cries because of you. You slept with my wife and… I can do anything. She loves you, asshole. And cry for you She’s lying to me. She cries every night, 2 pm to 4 pm. So what? Does it matter? It will recover and she will find another. Tell me one thing. When did you hit
    for the last time? There are 5 years?
    Maybe even more? Now
    anything that makes you see the upset. You made her like this,
    with your job and your principles! This is a young and beautiful woman! If it brings a man in bed,
    it is ruined. It was me who got screwed. She did not need me.
    She just wants a guy other than you. And I’ll die because you are not able to… Stop! Dad! Do not get involved! Dad, do not do it! Daddy, stop! Yields, Ksenia! Stop! Wait, they are in the bunker!
    Do not do it! There is another access
    relief to find it. They called me the bunker! Relief to find,
    calm down. It was really scary. You promise not to fight? My God… Lord, help us… They found us. Gosh… They found us! Lvanic! Ksenia! Here the unit 18, you get me? Hold on! Water flows again!
    Close the door! Are you crazy? – There are people!
    – Shut up! – There are people here!
    – Close the door! Where are you? Close the door, dammit! If they say! Close the door! Unit 18 answer. Where can they be? If they were told to close the door,
    is that they have spent Borodinskaïa. They emerge by Sadovaia,
    if they are not injured. Are you sure? Unit 18, you get me? Unit 18 answer. Here Burov, answer! Unit 18! Unit 18, you get me? The leak was located and isolated. The tunnel will be completed
    liquid nitrogen. This method was used
    in 1974 in St. Petersburg. Workers had touched
    underground arm of the Neva. The subway was filled with water but the Russian chemical industry
    had prevented any disaster. From nitrogen
    arrived from across the country. Mayor think it the only way to prevent
    central Moscow apart. It can not happen to me, those things. Unit 18, you get me? – Alexander Nikolaevich.
    – What? Contact the mayor. We need to make a decision about the
    tunnel. What? Go! To work! There are still people? Yes, 6. Your attention is
    output unit 18! Novodevichy Street, 6 people. So, eh? So? Mom! – What luck…
    – Go ahead shoots. Come on, Dad is there.
    Daddy’s here! Continue!
    How many people is he? – Get out!
    – Not very polite… – Do not touch the camera!
    – We did our job! – Close your eyes.
    – This is good. I said do not shoot. Hi, doggie. Welcome back, girl! – I stopped, papi.
    – Give me that. There. It warms. I told you we could do it. Miss, sit. Alisa! – Young man…
    – We are together. Really? – Yes, Mom.
    – Another underground? No, I promise. Dad! Ksenia, come here! Dad! Come with me to the hospital. Andrei… Andrei Borisovich,
    you should go to the hospital. Dad… Go. Stop! Tyavka! Tyavka!

    Aerocity Express….IGI Airport to New Delhi Station Metro Service
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    Aerocity Express….IGI Airport to New Delhi Station Metro Service

    October 19, 2019

    The Aerocity Express is the ideal way to travel from IGI Airport upto New Delhi Railway Station A small part of the journey is overground while the major part is covered underground till we reach the New Delhi Railway Station The blue panel indicates an approaching station on the right side. An extremely comfortable a/c ride in ultra modern coaches. The train is spick and span and runs at a high speed of 100 kmph covering the distance in no time

    Sydney Metro: Cherrybrook Station update, May 2018
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    Sydney Metro: Cherrybrook Station update, May 2018

    October 19, 2019

    [START] [MUSIC] these have been lifting all of our
    construction materials in and out of station box, supporting the construction
    on both the station and the truck works the canopy is 56 metres long and it is
    36 metres across at its widest point. [Music] [END]

    AzMERIT Test Results, Mesa Light Rail Extension, AZ Artbeat
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    AzMERIT Test Results, Mesa Light Rail Extension, AZ Artbeat

    October 19, 2019

    >>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon” — the state’s new AZmerit test shows two-thirds of students come up short in reading and math.>>>Also light rail extension in Mesa will soon be in operation and we’ll check out a skateboarder turned photographer. Those stories next on “Arizona Horizon.”>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of 8, members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Good evening. Welcome to “Arizona Horizon.” I’m Ted Simons. Former president Jimmy Carter who appeared on “Arizona Horizon” just last week announced today he has cancer. The 90-year-old former president released a short statement indicating only that the cancer has spread and that he will be receiving treatment at Emory health care in Atlanta. Doctors say his age should not be a barrier to any possible treatment.>>>Unofficial results in for the new AZmerit test and they are not good. Two-thirds of the students who took the test did not meet proficiency standards in reading and math. Joining us is Pearl Chang Esau, president and CEO of expect more Arizona. Good to see you again.>>Thank you.>>First of all, defining terms here, what are AZmerit tests?>>AZmerit has been used statewide student assessment that kids took this year from grades 3 through high school. The first year they took the test, and really it was a part of a series of setting high expectations for all children. An important move in the right direction for Arizona.>>this replaced aims?>>yes. It’s a different kind of a test. It really has set a higher bar for how we define proficiency for our students.>>public school students only? No private school kids?>>Public schools. District charters.>>how come private schools don’t take these tests?>>it’s not required by law.>>okay. So for the public school kids, tests are not mandatory, are they?>>they are.>>They are mandatory. Okay.>>Yes.>>I thought that parents could opt out.>>Not right now, no.>>okay. Well, we’ll move ahead, then. Results as we mentioned for reading and math don’t sound that good. 59% men ale and partially proficient in reading, 67% in math. What’s going on?>>Well, certainly the preliminary results show there’s opportunities for improvement and ensuring all of our children have a chance to be successful but this is a really important moment for Arizona to step out and take a look at the big picture. Because the realty is that we have taken so many steps to move education in the right direction in this state, and there’s been a recognition for some time now that we needed to raise our expectations for all of our children. So back in 2010 Arizona adopted a higher set of standards and standards that were more meant to be reflective of the skills and knowledge that kids need in the world today. The realty is that the world is changing so quickly around us we’re preparing kids for jobs that don’t exist. We need to be thinking about how to help kids become critical thinkers, problem solvers. To be able to be flexible and adapt to new situations. We have taken so many steps in Arizona to take a look at our standards, raise them to that expectation to make sure our kids are nationally and globally competitive. This is one more step as part of that bigger picture designed to measure that level of proficiency.>>so still these are lower scores than aims. Should they be lower than aims?>>I think you can’t even compare the aims test to this test. Aims was really built to measure minimum proficiency. So it was designed around a floor. Are our students meeting basic skills. The results of that test were a little bit misleading at times because when we called students proficient a lot of the students at the proficient level were having to leave high school and retake high school courses. The AZmerit is designed to address some of that in that the bar is set at a higher level. It’s meant to show that kids are on track to be ready for their future for college and for careers, and as a parent and a taxpayer, I want to know where our students actually stand.>>so with that in mind are these results really a surprise?>>they are not. This is where I think we have to commend Arizona’s many of our policy makers are educators who have been working so hard. We have recognized for some time we needed to raise expectations. We having known for a long time that the results of the aims test wasn’t anywhere on par to results of the national standard like the NAPE test. The results are pretty similar to national assessment data that we have been receiving from tests like that for years. I think we have to acknowledge that our educators have been working incredibly hard and our students have actually improved. If you look at the trajectory of aims data leading up to this year’s test, which is just a different test, our students were dramatically improving on the aims test, evidence that Arizona teachers have been able to move students in the right direction.>>As far as now the ramifications of these results, I know that in the past there was talk that third graders would have to be held back if they didn’t get to a certain level. There would be letter grades for schools that reflect the result of the tests. Is any of that happening now or is that on hold?>>Last legislative session there’s recognition of a lot of change. We want to honor this transition that teachers are making. That we have adopted new standards, we have raised the bar, we have a new assessment and we wanted to honor that time period. As a result legislation put the letter grades on hold. So that is not happening this year. Student test data will still be released but not assigned to a letter grade or used for those purposes.>>when does that start?>>it’s a two-year transition period. The state board is on Friday taking a look at what we’re going to do with move on when reading. That’s another question. But I have to say the most important thing we can possibly do is make sure that we are recruiting and retaining the very best teachers in Arizona because without a high scarlet teacher in place we don’t get anywhere.>>how do we attract these teachers, how do we keep them?>>we need to do a better job of creating a culture where teachers feel supported, respected. Funding is an issue. We have had a resource challenge in the state for the last few years. Salary is a part of it. I think the best we can do is look at what our effective educators are doing, especially in low income communities, and learn from them.>>the initial results not the best, especially when it comes to reading and math. Just a change in the test is going to affect the scores, but when can we start seeing improvements or not having caveats for nonimprovement?>>Well, the first year is always a transition year. Whenever you have change. I would say even looking at the second and third year, the second year there might continue to be readjusting but as soon as we have more time to look at the trend data I think that will be really helpful for us. but what we would advise for parents and educators if they are seeing this is not to be alarmed. To embrace the information that this test is giving us as an indicator of how our students are doing in their readiness for the next grade, for college and career. We want the most accurate information we can have.>>Good to have you here.>>thanks so much.>>>Light-rail is scheduled toe be up and operational in downtown Mesa later this month. The extension means changes in mass transit schedules and changes in Mesa. Here is the city’s vice mayor Dennis Kavanaugh. Good to have you here.>>Thank you, Ted.>>when will this extension actually open?>>well, believe it or not it’s opening seven months early, ahead of schedule, on budget, on August 22.>>August 22. Now where will the new track go?>>The new track will be extending from the existing station at Dotson Sycamore station over to just past Mesa drive, about a 3.1 mile extension.>>3.1 miles. How many more — four more stops there?>>four new stations, yes. They will be at Alma school, country club center and Mesa drive.>>how about park and ride areas?>>We’ll be adding — we have a large park and rite at Sycamore station, about 800 spaces. We’ll be adding one at Mesa drive with 500 spaces.>>500, huh. These park and rides basically anyone and their brother can park there, jump on the light-rail, spend all day, come back and go.>>Makes it easy.>>new readers, how many?>>About 5,000 per day. Based on our existing demographic a lot of students, a lot of people going to events downtown, Tempe, Phoenix. People just going to work. Commuting. People going to doctors’ appointments. During the day is really very consistent even outside of rush hour. That was a big surprise to us in analyzing the ridership throughout the years. Very good cross-section of society.>>as far as the cost?>>it was $199 million.>>so just below 200.>>just plow.>>How funded?>>Combination of federal and state funds. This particular project was 60% federal and 40% local money.>>the importance to Mesa in general, but because we hear criticism, it doesn’t make that much of a difference. The businesses that are there suffer through so much construction they can never survive. I know what you want to see. Realistically are those criticisms valid?>>not really because what light-rail does throughout the country, what it’s done in the valley, for Mesa, it increases connectivity. For us in Mesa particularly it increases connectivity to our arts and cultural institutions in downtown Mesa, the three museums, the art center. For college in downtown. It creates connections to our Mesa convention center, adds additional support and connection to go to spring training. For us, it really opens up a lot of possibilities for connecting people from the rest of the valley to downtown Mesa.>>in addition we always hear when light-rail is discussed development and development plans are always a factor there. What do you think?>>economic development is really a key factor on any light-rail line. I think we just released analysis here in the valley showing about 8.2 billion of investment along the original 20-mile segment. We have anticipated now about $90 million of new investment along the central Mesa extension. We think that trend will continue. We’re looking to see new housing. We already have new housing coming in in downtown. Hopefully other kinds of businesses occupying space that’s vacant or under-used. We think it will strengthen our historic neighborhoods there as well but housing is one thing we expect to see happen.>>in Tempe and Phoenix they have learned that it really helps to get residence near light-rail in the downtown area. Can we see construction relatively soon?>>right. You’ll see we had new housing opening last year in downtown at center and 1st avenue that’s already undergoing an expansion. We have had a lot of interest from other developers on sites downtown that are vacant. For example brown and brown Chevrolet is a very large pal sell that’s vacant now providing opportunity for new housing there. You’re getting interest in rehabbing the houses in the historic neighborhood. The area just south of main street I think offer a lot of opportunities for new housing there. But we’re getting inquiries from people doing loft housing, that typical urban type of housing with retail and offices.>>what are you hearing from the businesses down there?>>well, we learned a lot from the first 20 mile extension. We learned that you really have to have rapid response teams to work with businesses that might have a driveway blocked or power off. We engage them from the very beginning on where the station should go, what the design should be, so I think a lot of them took ownership interest in the project and over all I think if you ask them they have survived. They are looking forward to the opening. This have had a lot of say in how the construction has gone. I think that’s helped. That’s going to help us for further expansion.>>let’s talk about that. What’s in the plans? What’s in the cards?>>well, light-rail always takes a long time. The segment we’re opening on the 22nd took eight years but we have been working on yet another expansion to pass Gilbert road and that is under way on that. That should be complete by the end of 2018.>>another three miles, five miles? How far is that?>>About another two to three.>>for those who say and again we have so many debates on this program about light-rail and mass transit, they will say it’s wiser and less costly to use buses over light-rail. Just use buses. They are more portable, you don’t have to build all this concrete, this infrastructure. It would make more sense economically and serve citizens better to emphasize buses and quit spending so much on light-rail.>>light-rail works really well when you have dense operations. You can’t have a successful light-rail without a very strong bus system as well as a circulator system. We have seen that at Sycamore station in Mesa. Really it’s as symbiotic relationship between bus and rail. Oftentimes what you’ll See in communities is the bus service will increase, your population will get denser. You may have buses going guide ways and ultimately as your population grows you can replace that much easier with light-rail.>>last question. You have been in Mesa a long time. You’ve seen that city in a variety of ways. I would say 15 to 20 years ago Mesa would be the last city in the valley people would think would even want or consider light-rail. Are you surprised?>>About 15 to 20 years ago I was one of those advocating for light-rail. I am pleasantly happy that it’s come this far. We have had kind of a great community energy involved in mass transit. A lot of millennials have become engaged in the process. A lot of people like baby boomers have suddenly realized for whatever reason I may not be able to drive in the future but I’m still going to be working and being active. I have to have ways to get around. A an interesting combination of forces that have moved it ahead.>>The grand opening, the 22nd of August. Good luck and congratulations on getting a vibrant downtown back up and operational.>>thank you, Ted.>>>Tonight’s edition of Arizona heartbeat looks at a young photographer with a unique look at the streets of Phoenix. Producer Shana Fischer and photographer Langston Fields introduce us to John Carbis and his odyssey.>>Photographer John Carbis has put his heart and soul into his work.>>this is basically about the last two years of my life and my exploration through the city in striving to create artwork that is original and different than anything else.>>His journey has culminated in his very first exhibition. 2015 a Phoenix odyssey captures the raw, gritty underbelly of Phoenix.>>I’m inspired by the city, being in the surroundings of the city. That’s where I feel at home with everything happening around me.>>Carbis was discovered by curator Nicole Royse, curator of the Bokeh Gallery. She loves to feature up and coming artists because while the work is good it’s not as polished as more seasoned artists.>>I love that it’s showing that raw beauty that Phoenix offers. He’s looking deeper.>>the photos are all captured at the Golden hour and create a pallet where you could almost feel the heat of the sun.>>for me to get the — color in these images the lighting is very important and basically all of these images are created within probably the last 20 minutes of sunlight, and that is incredibly important to bring out the color that you’re seeing.>>he’s also employing a technique most photographers are not, leaving the image untouched by post production process.>>my camera has multiple exposure functions so I can put it into this motor where I can take two or three photographs in succession and they are come binds into one image immediately.>>using that double exposure, that triple exposure option and really working with the current light situation, his subject, and he’s able to do that successfully because the pictures are showing excellent color, shadows, pattern, texture. Really well done photographs.>>Carbis is self-taught and much of what he photographs are buildings he would see while skateboarding around the city. He purposely looked for areas most people would avoid.>>Instagram is a good way to just show my work without anything else. It’s just very image driven as opposed to maybe Facebook where there’s so much going on. It’s very blunt and to the point. That’s what I like about it most. It’s a good way to get my work out for other people who I might not know to see my work.>>>>she says it’s easy to connect with photographs because they show what’s around us at that moment.>>When I think about the art that moves me most it’s something different and original, music, painting, photography. What moves me is originality. I think that speaks volumes to a person’s soul, really.>>his work is on display through August 30 at Bokeh gallery on Roosevelt row.>>we want to here from you. Submit your questions, comments and concerns via e-mail at Arizona”Horizon” at ASU.EDU.>>>Thursday we will find out how police have helped clean up a crime ridden Phoenix area. on the next “Arizona Horizon.”>>>That is it for now. I’m Ted Simons. Thank you so much for joining us. You have a great evening.>>>”Arizona Horizon” is it made possible by contributions from the friends of 8, members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Arizona Art Beat made possible in part by the Flynn foundation, supporting the advancement of arts and culture in Arizona.