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    Cern Revelation 9 Warning – The Key To The Bottomless Pit?
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    Cern Revelation 9 Warning – The Key To The Bottomless Pit?

    August 19, 2019

    it’s been called the age of wearable
    technology things happen when we merge technology with our body path in our
    pursuit of progress if we undermine the morals that define us what good is our
    beloved progress then neural control this is happening the only question that
    remains how far will be allowed to go in one of
    their collisions then colliding these particles together they saw things they
    were apparitions they didn’t expect to see there’s gonna come an Armageddon there’s
    coming an apocalypse I hope you’re ready I hope you I hope you are hope you’re
    ready to meet the Lord here’s what I worry about coming out that place
    there’s all this spirit deception using it to deceive people they connect
    spirituality and science together they’ve got what they want when that
    happens father in Jesus name and there may be somebody sit in this house this
    morning that’s awake now they’ve wakened uh they’re alarmed and they’re worried
    do something about it in Jesus name and for Jesus sake everywhere in the world our days begin
    with light light you see is everywhere light is life light connects us with
    others near and far it entertains and inspires both young and old light
    enables us to see things never imagined it will drive economies of the future
    with light we can diagnose and treat disease it helps protect and secure our
    communities light will be key in discovering
    solutions to society’s most pressing problems and as the lights go down
    around the world and our day’s end and as the lights go down around the
    world and our days and and asteroids caitlyn around the world our daughters
    and our future will continue to be enabled by light and the fifth angel blew his trumpet and
    I saw a star fallen from heaven to earth and he was given the key to the shaft of
    the bottomless pit he opened the shaft of the bottomless pit and from the shaft
    rose smoke like the smoke of our great furnace and the Sun and the air were
    darkened with the smoke from the shaft then from the smoke came locusts on the
    earth and they were given power like the power of scorpions of the earth they
    were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any green plant or any tree but
    only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads they were
    allowed to torment them for five months but not to kill them and their torment
    was like the torment of a scorpion when its team leader someone and in those
    days people will seek death and will not find it they will long to die but death
    will flee from them they have as king over them the Angel of the bottomless
    pit his name in Hebrew is a button and in Greek he is called a poly on the
    first world has passed behold two woes are still to come and it shall come to
    pass afterward that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh and your sons and
    your daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams your young men
    shall see visions and also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those
    days will I pour out my spirit I was in prayer during the night and I
    got I got the vision of this about him and it was horrific then in the morning
    later on that morning I got the actual prophecy I was hearing at parts of it
    for a few days prepare for the day of abadan he shall rise from beneath the
    earth smoke solace into the heavens he shall be accompanied by his army of
    demons he will have power to cause much pain and suffering but not the power of
    death he shall make men flee in horror and they will not escape this torment
    and pain the army and its king of the locusts shall remain among the
    unrepentant for five months turn from your evil ways you men of the earth I am
    a just God and a forgiving God return to me and escape the wrath to come all
    those that seek me with their repentant heart will enter in come as time moves
    quickly and the days grow shorter the world is changing
    spinning in new directions and ways in both the arts and the sciences take the
    largest machine on the planet the Large Hadron Collider which collides particles
    just under the speed of light for giant detectors which takes snapshots of the
    collisions invisible to the naked eye add over 60 other cutting-edge
    experiments and you have CERN the largest particle physics laboratory on
    the planet then every year select exciting artists any age who want
    to make creative collisions with the minds and imaginations of the scientists
    and engineers at CERN and you have Arts at CERN the laboratories homegrown
    official arts science experiment colliding great arts with great science
    and sound music dance visual arts and much much more
    did CERN in at their agenda in a new video tuber the abyss on earth and
    release the creatures who reside there the Nephilim CERN has a history of using art and film
    to convey their plans one of these films was called symmetry which appeared to
    depict the opening of a portal another film was recently aired as a part of
    CERN’s art exhibit called collide this is an annual exhibition of artists who
    bring together art and science one such piece that aired was a short video
    called black rain black rain is an extremely unusual piece and I will play
    a clip for you based on the author’s notes it’s supposed to be a compilation
    showing the stars on the horizon the orbit of the planets and celestial
    events like CME’s as we have been told CERN is attempting to recreate the Big
    Bang the first moments of the creation to mimic what the universe might have
    looked like seconds after the event happened viewers of black rain are made
    to feel as though they’re falling through darkness and the light is above
    them but they can’t quite get to it in one scene this light seems to descend
    through an Ice Sheet portal and this is followed by a huge coronal mass ejection
    one that would inevitably devastate the earth with radiation so what is black
    rain and what is the agenda behind it why is CERN showing this video at their
    main campus black rain is a substance found in the
    abyss sometimes called black goo Hollywood portrays the substance and
    some of their films for example the movie Snow White in the Seven Dwarves
    and Lady Gaga’s commercial for her perfume illustrate what Black Rain is
    where it comes from and what purpose it serves
    it’s an agent of infection a novel called Black Rain portrays the damaging
    effects this substance has on the human body the novel tells the story of a girl
    who cannot find a suitor because she’s been exposed to the black rain following
    World War two bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki she is sick from the exposure
    she will never recover from it she finds her one objective to find a husband
    impossible to accomplish nobody wants her because she’s been contaminated the
    term Black Rain appears to have been coined during World War Two to describe
    people in Japan who were exposed to radiation when a nuclear crisis happens
    the rain becomes contaminated with radioactive particulate that gets into
    the air this is known as black rain it can be even more lethal because it
    spreads transported to other locations that were previously unaffected by any
    type of radioactive isotopes these isotopes caused mutations in the human
    body on a physical level and can manipulate the genome radioactive damage
    can be swift and extraordinarily lethal it can also cause unusual changes in
    species at a cellular level over time and these mutations can then be passed
    to offspring as you can see the effects of radiation damage can contaminate
    every generation of the human race that follows a nuclear event
    long before the invention of these weapons there was a nuclear detonation
    that happened in the Garden of Eden the DNA of humans was first damaged by a
    fruit that was laced with something the serpent suggested that Eve should eat
    the fruit of the tree and she did the fruit acted like a radioactive isotope
    to her body having ravaging effects on her and her
    husband just one taste of the Apple and Eve’s DNA would begin to pollute to
    suffer to degrade what was in this Apple that was so tantalizing too good to
    resist it contain knowledge and secrets of a world that Adam and Eve were not
    supposed to know about they ingested a slice of the abyss the Apple was a
    stunningly advanced apparatus that the serpent used to bring about the downfall
    of humanity to create an abyss inside of people’s bodies it looked innocent to
    Eve but it was not in Disney’s Snow White
    we see an apple dipped into his substance black rain or black goo and it
    turns the flesh of the apple black Snow White whose name indicates that she was
    ulemas free received the black goo and ate from it
    it contaminated her like a dead eve in the garden what both of these characters
    ate was something that would kill them interestingly Lady Gaga also
    portrayed Black Rain in a commercial for her perfume called Fame you’ll notice
    her perfume is black but she boasts that it goes on clear and doesn’t have any
    residue however in her promotion we see a very different story
    Lady Gaga enters into the abyss through a portal
    there is black rain all over the place and she begins to bathe in it and
    becomes completely covered in it by the end of the commercial it doesn’t dry
    clear it contaminates her entire flesh she emerges from the pit of black rain
    with a crown onto her head interestingly enough women are often portrayed in film
    as the recipients of the black rain or goo could this be because Eve was the
    first person in history to be contaminated and she led her husband to
    receiving this contamination as well black rain is the substance of the abyss
    CERN celebrated this in their art exhibit called collide so is a collision
    coming a collision of two worlds we are told in Scripture in the apocryphal
    literature that something will come out from inside the earth during the end
    times the abyss will be opened this is confirmed in revelation and reinforced
    in the Book of Enoch something was buried deep inside the earth revelation
    9 tells us that locusts with human faces will be released upon the earth and they
    will torment those who do not have the seal of God upon their foreheads the
    king of the bottomless pit will come out as well and his name will be Abaddon
    Enoch reinforces the idea of a pit or an abyss a place where a group of Nephilim
    were imprisoned until they will be let go for the purpose of their own judgment
    their release will happen in the end times their penalty will be brought by
    the yellow heap because they tried to infect humanity by having sexual
    relations with women DNA infection manipulation of the human genome has
    truly been one of the chief ambitions of this other realm since the birth of the
    human would these creatures will use any means
    necessary to contaminate the human flesh and the offspring of humanity they want
    to disrupt human life at its most fundamental level why because Humanity
    was created in the image of the Elohim no animal or creature including the
    B’nai Elohim or the sons of God can claim that they were created in his
    image only humanity is able to claim this did CERN hint at their plans with
    the unveiling of this video called black rain the birth of the abyss upon the
    earth many people have covered various aspects
    about CERN to date I’ve yet to see a video that covers who is funding this
    machine the machine that gave birth to the internet that changed everything we
    knew about technology it changed everything that we thought was possible
    it brought a world together as one trapped inside its web now you have a
    world so addicted to the delusion it has created now you have a world immersed
    into its matrix the truth is CERN already controls you
    just look at your mobile phone open up Facebook and become entrenched in an
    abyss with billions of different directions impossibly difficult to
    navigate they want you inside the matrix trap there forever and ever and ever who
    is funding this machine that has led to depression anxiety mental illness mental
    enslavement who has funded this endless pornography machine who would ever want
    millions of people to fall into the spider’s web a willing victim of a kill
    the answer won’t surprise you when I tell you who is behind this they don’t
    just want you trapped they want you enslaved in a matrix of numbers images
    infinite data to overstimulate your mind then they can control you because they
    can control everything inside the spider’s web the end goal of the matrix
    is really quite simple it’s to keep you inside of it the only
    way out of the matrix is even simpler and that is Jesus they know this and
    that’s why they hate him so much before we discuss the Rockefellers and their
    contributions to CERN I went to start off with some background information a
    lot of the funding for CERN comes from taxpayers in various Western countries
    that’s correct you might have helped to finance CERN simply by paying taxes CERN
    scientists have received hundreds of grants and endowments from governments
    all across the world totaling hundreds of millions of dollars while the price
    of CERN’s annual operation is unknown the entire machines construction and
    upkeep totals billions upon billions of dollars so where’s the money coming from
    the truth is is that while many governments have assisted funding CERN
    there have been several private donors involved as well CERN is constantly
    having to raise money in order to continue operating its experiments as
    they appear to be searching for the dark universe this requires billions of
    dollars CERN has a fundraising arm that collects private donations from wealthy
    contributors all across the world not unsurprisingly CERN is heavily supported
    by the Rockefeller family dynasty not just financially but also through
    scientists who work for Rockefeller University which is owned by the
    Rockefeller family we know for a fact the Rockefellers are actually sending
    scientists over to work at CERN two of these scientists are Robert Tchaikovsky
    and Sebastian white Tchaikovsky zio states that he’s hunting for
    supersymmetry and the dark universe at CERN and has been instrumental in the
    CMS experiment which has discovered several new subatomic particles
    Sebastian white studied under a man named Leon Lederman who wrote a book
    about the god particle in 1993 long before this particle was discovered it
    should be noted that this book written by Liam Letterman appears to be a piece
    of predictive programming for the masses about a discovery that would happen two
    decades after the writing of the book we’re always talking about predictive
    programming found in music videos and movies in many things that Hollywood
    does but very few people talk about predictive programming found in books
    that’s the point of my channel is to uncover the secrets that are contained
    inside of books speaking of books – books document the intimate involvement
    of the Rockefeller Institute in CERN’s experiments one book is called
    quark structure of matter and another is called the history of CERN part three
    both of these books suggest rockefeller scientists have played major roles in
    the discovery of sub atomic particles at CERN more importantly who controls the
    massive amount of money transferred to CERN the Rockefellers do
    in fact they control all of the money that is being transferred from the
    United States to Geneva Switzerland are you surprised you shouldn’t be a
    non-profit charity called the King Baudouin Foundation which is based at 10
    Rockefeller Plaza in New York City funnels all donations to CERN that are
    made by private donors within the United States the founder of this charity came
    Badwan of belgium was a personal friend of Nelson Rockefeller who’s the brother
    of David Rockefeller it is also known that the Rockefeller Brothers fund which
    is a non-profit charity run by David Rockefeller contributes huge amounts of
    money directly to the King Baudouin foundation totaling millions of dollars
    in donations there is an absolute connection between the money behind CERN
    and the Rockefeller family we know CERN is looking for something they have said
    publicly that they are looking for the dark universe though some have doubted
    their claims and think that they’re looking for something else in my opinion
    I believe the term dark universe might be a cloaked phrase with an alternative
    meaning according to CERN it is believed that the universe is mapped out like a
    cosmic tree the universe is shaped like a tree and much of that tree is made up
    of dark matter only the buds of the tree are lit up as light matter the
    researchers here are looking for what they call dark matter thought off as a
    cosmic tree from which our galaxy is shown in pink drew like blossoms so how
    long before they discovered the first hard evidence for it CERN is trying to
    discover the contours of this cosmic tree I believe they are looking for the
    tree of life though they will not find it they’re going to find death
    destruction and ruin they’re going to open up something that will usher in the
    end of days one thing is for certain and I will say
    this in conclusion CERN plans a major announcement this year already
    scientists have come out and said that this announcement will usher in a new
    golden era of particle physics they appear to have discovered something a
    new golden dawn is coming according to CERN and trust me when I
    tell you you do not want to be a part of it you’re lying it was not an earthquake it
    wasn’t a typhoon because what’s really happening is that you’re hiding
    something out there he’s gonna send us back to the Stone Age god help us all drink I said that government is building
    these ships so when we let the people know part
    mission is to assure the continuity of our species
    wasn’t it also decided that people have the right this year the our answer is simply major easily
    have control you’ll destroy it all ooh I have the room is a truck you ever forget Who I am you’re the sky at all the room is a
    trial as a trial run as a truck we awaken something there’s nuclear
    tests in the Pacific notice they were trying to kill it you have no idea what’s coming can you killing the arrogance of man is thinking nature
    is in our control and not the other way around enter the stars sir the birthplace of
    the Internet and it all began around Inquirer a personal database of people
    and software models what is inquire a software project a simple hypertext
    program that was based on a how-to book called inquire within upon everything
    they talked about it was suggestive of magic but not only that it was based off
    of the next cube this is the black cube these are the origins of the world wide
    web next Cube was the very first web server why plates you see black cube as
    a web server the very first web server because this is all about the black cube
    on the North Pole of Saturn for everything that God does it is good
    the enemy has an evil counterpart and just as the New Jerusalem is twelve
    thousand furlongs by twelve thousand by twelve thousand the next cube is also 12
    inches by 12 inches by 12 inches these are the roots of the worldwide web the
    very first server the New Jerusalem will be a golden cube with pearl gates 12 all
    the dimensions that the same height width and length the black cube is the
    evil counterpart you see in 1980 10,000 people working at CERN with different
    hardware software and individual requirements they were doing things with
    email and file exchange working on all these projects CERN being
    ground zero for all of the countries of the world to come together in this
    scientific goal to split these particles and they needed a web system to connect
    all of these various parts but something very strange is going on with this and
    that is the fact that these programs infrastructure and projects are all
    named after pagan gods there’s a reason for this you see the first protocols
    that were used HTTP has deeper and darker meanings hypertext markup
    language HTTP is hotep the Egyptian god yes HTTP is hotep what is hotep is a
    place where things are served it’s an offering just like a server the black
    cube server the food and goods on which a dead soul was supposed to subsist
    during the afterlife and this is the documentary dark truth dark matter all
    of the information we have gathered to this point regarding CERN any origins of
    the World Wide Web we’re gonna look at sir we’re gonna look
    at Cinna globe which is this is the entity that is putting on the film
    festival that is culminating March 29th the 80th day of the year and there’s
    free entry for people ages 8 to 88 so you know that they know exactly what is
    going on the closing filming screening is a documentary called the circle and
    it’s all about the people that live above the Large Hadron Collider
    there’s several communities underneath this 27-kilometer Hadron Collider we’re
    going to take a look at this trailer which is 33 seconds long
    this is sim club’s promotional trailer and look at the screen shot right off
    the bat it’s Antarctica how much controversy has there been surrounding
    Antarctica and it’s curious because look around the edge and then you can see the
    darkness all around the edge here this almost looks like the global warming
    aspect that they’re trying to portray here sinn glow the film festival that
    introduced the film symmetry on the 24th of march ages 8 to
    88 this film festival also includes the circle on the closing day a documentary
    about the people that live above the Large Hadron Collider all right you guys
    we’re gonna decode this real time first we get the Antarctic landscape here ok
    it’s what this looks like and then we get the carousel I believe this
    represents the carousel of life that’s like a clock tower and the ceiling event
    curacao we have the gas masks they had a lot of gas scares during World War two
    clock strikes twelve more antarctica references sprinkled in throughout then
    of course we saw them spraying down Fukushima and here’s more Antarctica
    references supplies being delivery and Lucifer fell like lightning from
    heaven for our borealis North Pole 88 keys on the piano back to the carousel
    time splitting time exploding time the hourglass that’s their whole goal of
    CERN you guys spiral staircase this is representative of time as well the
    tourists feel the Apple the quarry Alice type of a bomb goes off this next scene
    you’re gonna see actual the bees and that’s what we are you guys live in the
    hexagon which is a three-dimensional cube wow that looks like Egypt and we
    also saw the Eiffel Tower we found alignments and this this
    artist’s depiction that’s featured here the same globe trailer shows the Great
    Pyramid here on the right then it shows the Eiffel Tower
    and I’m going to show you that alignment and show you that in fact there is an
    alignment between these two objects look at the Eiffel Tower I put this dead
    center to the center of the Eiffel Tower now we’re going to go to the Great
    Pyramid in Egypt this is unbelievable yes look at this alignment there look at
    this alignment it’s like another planet almost they
    look like a moon the word time backwards actually is Amit and then the cryptic
    closing time app and then this looks like a pyramid this or the letter A
    unbelievable in Antarctica somehow fits into this a big picture so
    they’re going to mess with time and that’s what we saw in this video the Sun
    worshipers okay now the first thing that we need to do
    here is establish that the CERN program in all of its affiliates programs
    throughout the last several decades many of these programs were named after the
    gods so it would make sense then that CERN would Reppert represent sir Nuno’s
    okay we’re going to start with Caesar because he was the first one this is
    Caesar and then obviously you can see that the spelling is wrong when looking
    at this image let’s view this image here let’s blow it up for those you know cell
    phone this is Caesar okay and let’s read the description about
    what Caesar is on December 18 1963 the first being circulated in the CERN
    electron storage and accumulation ring acronym for Caesar now
    December 18th is Saturnalia December 18th is Saturnalia so you’re wondering
    what is Saturnalia have to do with Caesar
    well the two are closely linked this is from the Saturnalia website for
    Wikipedia it says here the day marked the dedication anniversary of the temple
    of Saturn in the Roman Forum in 497 BC when Julius Caesar had the calendar
    reformed because it had fallen out of synchronization synchronization with the
    solar year two days were added to the month and Saturnalia fell on 17 December
    it was felt however that the original day had thus been moved by two days and
    so Saturn Elliot was celebrated under Augustus as a three day official holiday
    encompassing both dates therefore Saturnalia falls on December
    17th through the 23rd and here it says of Caesar lo Saturnalia hailing Claudius
    as the new emperor after assassination of Caligula okay this is central central
    to the theme of Caesar Caesar in Saturnalia are linked and that’s why on
    December 18th the second day of Saturnalia the first beam circulated in
    Caesar this was in 1963 let’s move on symmetry to give an idea of this film it
    was made for specifically for CERN it’s also a message here’s one of the
    captions in the film that people will find in the film as it’s released it
    will ultimately ask if one loves the particle more than himself and then they
    ask what you’ve become one with the particle weird oh yeah and so I of
    course it would take a little more time to punch in the film go ahead the name
    of the film you stated that was a simpler symm ETR one they allowed this
    to be filmed inside of CERN so it’s not allowed you know it’s not just it’s not
    just an ordinary film it’s more of an intention the scientists were very
    collaborative in this film they did work and helped produce this film and it was
    it has an intent it has an announcement if a person and it’s not conspiracy
    theory this is how science seems to edify itself but they haven’t intent
    here and something very real so my god yes you know they’re releasing this the
    same time the third is being fired up yes in that neighborhood CERN itself
    everybody knows about insurance and particle accelerator
    and they’ve already found the explosive particle which is a company which in
    within that field which is a field that is the other realm we can’t see that’s
    in fact evidence that that grown exists what they’re looking for now is what
    powers all the fields which is dark matter
    it is the they call it the god particle now pastor it is it is my opinion my
    professional opinion that they are going to
    cover this person and there’s nothing that will prohibit them from doing so
    CERN is actually in its startup phases at the moment because they’ll be doing
    checks and rechecks there are some byproducts of CERN of course that people
    will likely experience that’s not conspiracy again that too fact and what
    do you mean by bad about demons and demonic entities and pastors I’m worried
    about fresh New York City if it were just demons if it were just demons right
    because we’ve been given power over them that would be one thing but one of the
    problems with certain aesthetics directly affects the psyche of everybody
    you were talking about Isis and the poles in the Arctic when certain started
    up when they did one of the experiments in 2012 that’s also the time that al
    Baghdadi’s moved and shifted from being one entity
    to another in Syria the headings were taking place massive beheading said they
    didn’t tell the public began spontaneously at that same date and then
    when the holes were discovered two thousand thirteen and fourteen well
    that’s when Isis as soon as they broke open Isis really went full throttle it
    did in fact unleash something in the world the effects that CERN has on the
    brain are measurable measurable effect that’s when around so far are you aware that you have awakened a
    lot of people to the dangers of the CERN LHC and how does this feel it’s nothing
    to feel comfortable about dangerous are never something that you feel good but
    you disappeared to them here’s some of the things about this this antimatter is
    also called dark matter and dark matter has energy attached to it and the energy
    affects people it affects them and remember when you’ve produced antimatter
    you got to contain it because if you don’t contain it you got to contain it
    that’s the biggest problem containing it because if you don’t contain it it just
    goes wild but they do know this from what they’ve experienced so far it has
    an effect on people dark matter has an effect on people it causes some people
    to go screaming mad it controls people it has an enormous leap our fulfill its
    pulling something out of hell that you don’t want any part to do with and
    turning it loose you have to remember our world is made up of matter the
    antimatter is what we can’t see but we can’t touch you can’t feel though we
    interact with it every day a lot of people like to think of antimatter as
    the other dimension which is the opposite of this dimension it’s an
    inconceivable place that is passed on in here it’s not under control it’s very
    hostile so there’s a physical effect to the
    spiritual world and andyman in often demonic entities and all these other
    paranormal things are attracted to any man for every gram of antimatter that’s
    produced and then it’s bought into this maleeh producing in attracts things from
    another dimension coming here what is there I’m going to do to allow humanity
    to produce pounds of antimatter what’s happening that is the unseen portion of
    dark matter of course you have the Angels which govern what that realm
    cannon cannot do because everything is balanced the subject of Lucifer in the
    spiritual sense because God gives everything balance to maintain his
    balance there is dark there’s light there’s good there’s bad
    everything has balance CERN has yielded so many results to keep in your
    definition of paranormal activity it’s just it’s beyond me that God cannot get
    this they get antimatter is being pulled out of nowhere out of this other
    dimension which is nowhere but everywhere in consequence you do that
    they found out any matter has a specific type of energy signature but they can in
    fact the tech missus how they it is part of the process of pulling out well as it
    comes to find out some of the not-so-good consequences of this process
    has to do with the human psyche with all the experiments things they have found
    out why paranormal activity with CERN as they began to collide these protons Dark
    Matters going to be produced in great numbers and in greater and greater
    numbers not only the matter but the energy signature is going to also be
    released into this realm illa that’s going to college is going to cause the
    dark within people you can activate more it’s
    gonna become difficult for people to come there I have vivid dreams the
    darkness with that person absolutely going to begin the service and it is not
    theoretical this is not some theory somebody thought of this is absolutely
    100% quantifiable and it’s happened before it’s going to happen in greater
    numbers this time it’s going to it will take effect I did it I actually did it
    them to see if you it was only the beginning but like a rudimentary
    computer delay took time and development before a new model was born you harness
    a wormhole speed up on end and slow down the other now some of our more more cultured
    brethren some of our more high-and-mighty falutin brethren around
    here they don’t believe in evil spirits had a family come to me one time and
    they said that the spirits are showing up in their house they were having all
    kinds of problems rattling noises apparitions and all this stuff going on
    one woman called me from up in severe can healing time
    she said preacher I was standing before the mirror and she said I looked into
    that mirror there’s something standing behind me how fast would anything there
    I looked back into the mirror there was then all of a sudden it appeared over
    here in the doorway she said I got real interest in what was going on with this
    thing and I checked with the people that live there before I did and they had the
    same thing happened to a modern human thing
    spirits don’t exist evil spirit still exists you’re just you’re just ignorant
    preacher Lord Jesus was ignorant to them because he spoke directly to them and he
    cast them out now I got this email two days ago and this is the first one of
    its kind that I’ve ever gotten and folks I get a bunch of emails listen to what
    I’m about to read to you because some of you in this house today
    may very well be doing the same thing this woman was doing listen to this she
    says last year I had started getting into ghost hunting service and one even
    had a medium that was ghost to do anyway I was watching it constant in one
    night I’m standing in my kitchen I had put my girls to bed was about to go to
    bed myself I hear a voice speaking in the living room clear as day
    I searched I’m low but found no logical explanation this was just the beginning
    she said I had a constant feeling of being watched and an evil presence in my
    home among other incidents I was terrified as well my children so I
    borrowed a Queens aboard used it twice nothing happened and I put it away now
    this lady’s sincere she was ignorant she’s not ignorant now she was ignorant
    then she says I put it away which I now know not to touch I had recordings with
    heavy deep breathing this was the start of my awakening I would also feel
    something climbing in bed every night that’s got to be a harrowing experience so finally it came to me to pray and to
    pray for angels of the Lord to come down protect us as long as I prayed every
    night the activity stopped I have grown so much and have a relationship with
    Jesus and it continues to grow I’m reading the Bible of which I tried
    before but couldn’t understand it but now I read it every night and I love it if I can’t I understand the Bible
    preacher Holy Ghost Holy Ghost he is come he will guide you
    through all now these ghost shows are all over the
    Internet they’re all over the cable TV and is
    more of them popping up all the time they’re everywhere
    here’s the thing about a demon demons are very vain when you start talking
    about them they come around if you give place to the devil he’ll step right
    through that door he will bring he will come into your
    home some of you may have already had this happen and out of pattern fear of
    ridicule you don’t people to talk about you don’t say anything about it
    but some people get hooked on these ghost stories these ghost TV shows and
    what you’re doing is allowing something to come through your mind remember the
    mind remember that if the mind which is the thinking capacity of the soul if
    it’s being fed by the Holy Ghost you’ll walk above them you’re walking victory
    you walk in power you shout hallelujah but if the mind is being influenced by
    the god of this age by the spirit of this world it’ll suck you right down and
    it’s world a lot of Christians live in a in what we call a denial while the
    Christians believe this can’t touch me because I’m a Christian a preacher told
    me one time that a Christian cannot be possessed with a devil you can’t be
    possessed in the classic sense that it can take complete possession of you but
    it can flat take your body and influence your soul and it can put you in a state
    of bondage and the only way to break that bondage is by the power of the
    blood of the Lord Jesus Christ it can’t touch your spirit dear friend your
    spirit is born again you’re following me now than your birth you realize how
    important all that is these things are real and I know the power I’m up against
    this is not a game this is not a joke it’s a real thing so if you’re watching
    this stuff on TV what are you watching what do you put what are you feeding
    into your soul what’s what’s your mind full of what are you what are you
    loading your life with that will kill you in this world
    it’ll take the very life of your heart it will it’ll rock you you’ll get to go
    home to glory as little earn a man that cancer happened to you we have access to
    the Father that’s communion Romans chapter number eight the Bible says
    there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus you
    cannot condemn a sight of God that is born again you tried
    let me tell you let me give you let me ludicrous thought think about this
    reward I can come to you and in the name of Jesus if there’s some demon in you
    some demonic spirit the house are going on in your life I can say to that thing
    in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the power the blood of Christ you were
    defeated at the cross you have got to leave and it’s not between me and that
    demon is between Christ and that demon and it has to go did they fight it may
    hold on but it has to go but if I can’t do you to say son test in the Holy Ghost that’s news
    you don’t catch the holy ghost up in here
    you know why there is no power higher than the Holy Ghost right well as the
    Bible says there’s no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus that
    means that nothing can condemn you nothing can come against you that hasn’t
    already been defeated amen and you’ve got communion with the father the you
    realize folks had not one time from Genesis to Revelation does it ever say
    not one time not one time that anything apart from you can have communion with
    God they’re not amazing and the third thing is this we have protection to the
    blood covenant we are sons of God amen a son of God protection to the blood
    covenant there is a barrier between you and hell cross the blood
    remember the death angel that came to @midnight
    there’s a lot of controversy exactly that Death Angel of that’s a different
    story if they give you something to think about the cetera who wants that
    death age I just took it for granted no that’s the problem we take a lot of
    things for granted but here’s what the death angel could not do it could not
    cross the blood they’re not good
    the Bible said he hath washed us from our sins in his own blood when they wash my spirit that was born
    again has literally been cleansed perfected and sealed by the Holy Ghost
    of God to the degradation and I leave on this house today saying this to you by
    the grace of God I’ll get my soul in check and I’ll do
    the praying I need to do then I come from a high priest and pray for him to
    do what he needs to do for me for my soul to walk in victory and my soul to
    walk in salvation every day of my life by doing that it brings the body into
    subjection the best if you bring it into subjection
    that’s the best you’ll ever get from the flesh
    period get it into subjection you’ll never be holding that will never
    be sanctified just get it into subjection it’s the best thing you can
    do the foot Father in Jesus name I’ve covered a lot of ground lord I hope
    something I’ve said in this house this morning
    help somebody clear up some things maybe bring some conviction maybe help them
    understand the difference between salvation on a daily basis and the new
    birth on an eternal basis I pray this in Jesus name for Jesus sake we ask it a
    man Minerva this is a cern master class
    let’s read about this tool for students to learn from to learn more about the
    Atlas experiment at CERN we’re going to talk about that experiment as well it is
    based on a simplified setup of the Atlas event display Atlantis another name of
    where the gods lived which allowed users to visualize what is happening in the
    detector the aim is to look at Atlas events and try to recognize what
    particles are seen in the detector there are tutorial events then a
    selection of events to categorize and finally a search for the Higgs the
    project is a joint venture between a Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and the
    University of Birmingham so this is an advanced masterclass educational program
    Minerva but Minerva is also a goddess I wrote some notes here because I don’t
    want to leave anything out but Minerva the goddess is the goddess of wisdom so
    it makes sense that the CERN program would name an educational course after
    her name because he these are the people they worship now she’s the goddess of
    wisdom arch trade and strategy born with weapons from the head of Jupiter ok this
    goes on let’s read about Minerva they got pictures of her they’ve got temples
    to Minerva here’s the temple of Minerva in Tunisia now the Romans celebrated her
    festival from March 19th to March 23rd here’s the Bavarian Illuminati the third
    degree of the Bavarian Illuminati was called Minerva or brother of Minerva in
    honor of the goddess of learning cern educational program Minerva
    the goddess of learning later this title was adopted by the first initiation of
    Aleister Crowley the known worshipper of Satan this is our CERN Hadron Collider Minerva is depicted with owls we talked
    all about what the owl means the allies in the night sky being our prison locked
    away from heaven and them worshipping that prison because the owl lies in the
    night sky is the star spin that we see at the equator we’ve shown you guys that
    many times on this channel and look how sick this is Minerva is displayed on the
    medal of honor sacrifice because they that’s their highest degree of sacrifice
    is war that’s how they get the most sacrifice the most bang for their buck
    they make up these false conflicts and then they send men into sacrifice and
    then they have the gall to put a the freakin symbol of this on to the Medal
    of Honor those are the main references we saw with our own eyes Bohemian Grove Bavarian Illuminati it’s right there
    hiding in plain sight let’s continue on with this sickness now this is Atlas
    another CERN project named after a God collaboration the group of physicists
    who built it now run the detector was formed in 1992 it proposed eagle and a
    Scott collaborations merger efforts to build a single general-purpose particle
    detector for the Large Hadron Collider called Alice
    the design was combination to previous experiments and also benefited from the
    detector research and development that had been done for the superconducting
    supercollider the Atlas experiment in its current form in 1994 and officially
    funded by the CERN member-countries in 95 all the countries in
    world are wandering after this beast they’re all giving money to it it is the
    hallmark of their careers to be able to go work for the Beast they even call the
    detector components being shipped to CERN and assembled an atlas in the Atlas
    experiment pit they call it the freaking pit the abyss this is Atlas and
    mythology he held up the earth is the Titan god of endurance and astronomy
    condemned to hold up the sky for eternity
    although associated with various places he became commonly identified with the
    Alice mountains he was a son of Titan next on deck Petra another CERN project
    let’s read about Petro very briefly new 3rd dinner generation synchrotron
    radiation source Petra 3 excited its first beam on April 16th at 10:14 a.m.
    the positron bunches were injected and stored in 2.3 calmer accelerator for the
    first time starting operation of the beam concludes a two-year upgrade they
    converted a storage ring Petra into world-class x-ray radiation source the
    most powerful light source of its kind Petra 3 will offer excellent research
    possibilities it’s all–it’s rush nobody knows that these people are doing here
    they’re firing beams is what they’re telling us they’re doing which is
    ridiculous they’re not firing beams they may be firing beans that there’s a
    reason why they’re firing these beams and it ain’t what they’re telling us
    Petra so what else is Petra let’s read about Petra let’s pull up some notes on
    Petra because this is gonna blow you away you know all this talk about bail
    bail worship and the arch of Palmyra well apparently Palmeira and Petra
    are related because Paula Mira grew in importance and attracted the Arabian
    trade away from Petra and then Petra declined so they’re blaming Palmyra as
    the reason for Petra’s decline and of course palmeira
    has the alt arch of Paul Mira it also talks about a semicircular arch here
    series of two fronts which terminate in a semicircular arch a
    feature derived from North Syria this is where palmera is in North Syria so this
    is Petra this is was in several of the movies this was in the movie Raiders of
    the Lost Ark one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark installments they showcased
    Petra because it’s this amazing cutout right out of the rock so now this brings
    us down to cirno knows now that I’ve established the case now it is not a
    stretch to assume that they could be talking about sir new nose when they’re
    referencing CERN why because her new nose is the Lord of the Rings let’s read
    about her new nose let’s pull this up here so I don’t forget anything
    now I was shocked discover Janus in sir newness description often depicted as
    Jam it’s a simulus type included Janus like God
    Janus was the two-headed God and we showed you the Janus fund and now they
    show the two-headed God Janus is your new nose is bail it’s all related
    together now Serena carries these torque rings they show it
    here let’s blow this up these are the rings can people come by to put on their
    wrists okay this is what you’re putting on your wrist when you do that you’re
    putting this torque ring from the ring of cerny nose which is probably why
    saturn has rings on it okay you guys will recognize that what
    else do we have here let’s look at some more of these torque rings says both
    antlers have torques hanging from them here’s another picture of Sir Nuno’s
    here he is here he’s got these antlers in the early growth stages they say here
    with these rings around his ears Faunus the green man sir new nose the Horned
    God Lupercalia the worship of pan and Faunus Faunus the Horned God Lupercalia
    February 13th through the 15th the pillar of the boatmen depicting the only
    known image of sir newness was found in the bowels of Notre Dom in the island on
    the seine river in France amongst temples and was then moved here we get
    the only images of this Horned God as depicted here but we know who the Horned
    God really is and we know what these rings represent the rings of CERN they
    call these rings hanging from them torques which kind of sounds like an orc
    the wires of CERN twisted into a giant ring
    the word torque to twist comes from this word the Coriolis effect the torque the
    torus you they’re saying that sir new nose is
    related to mercury mercury we’ve talked all about mercury and what that means
    merchant ties mercantilism it’s our money system is mercury you guys that’s
    how they control all of us through money this Pater is also related all this goes
    back to ancient Roman um pagan worship rituals sacrifice and their satanic holy
    days which have become now our modern holidays scholars have sometimes
    compared him functionally to Greek and Roman divine figures such as mercury
    dissipater now this is in king celtic culture as well it says here there have
    been attempts to find the cern root in the name of Kunal sir nach the foster
    brother of the Irish hero in the Ulster cycle in this light of interpretation
    and sir nak is taken as an epithet with a wide semantic field meaning angular
    victorious bearing a prominent growth this goes on because in neo-paganism it
    says here in Wicca and other forms of neo-paganism a Horned God is revered and
    this is our CERN Hadron Collider this divinity syncretized is a number of horn
    or antlered gods from various cultures including Sir Nuno’s the Horned God
    reflects the seasons of the year in an annual cycle of life death and rebirth
    in the tradition of garden Aryan Wicca the Horned God is sometimes specifically
    referred to as her new nose or cur Nuno and to him was given the key of the
    bottomless pit the key of the bottomless pits of the
    bottommost pizza and the kale was given the key of the bottomless pit see and
    the fifth angel sounded hundred when I saw star had not idea of the bottomless
    pit see of the bottomless pit as I saw a star fall from heaven unto the end there
    and he opened the bottomless pit narrows a smoke out of the pit as the
    smoke of a great furnace and the Sun and the air were darkened by reason of the
    smoke of the pages you can’t protect us I’ll find a way I have been waiting an eternity but a man of your strength to arrive
    welcome to your what is it you are seeking I want the
    power to destroy my enemies and save my family we always thought alien life would come
    from the stars but it came from deep beneath welcome to in all that dwell upon the earth shall
    worship Him whose names are not written in the book of life of the lamb slain
    from the foundation of the world If any man have an ear let him hear he that
    leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity he that killeth with the sword
    must be killed with the sword here is the patience and faith of the
    saints and I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth and he had two horns
    like a lamb and he spake as a dragon and he exerciseth all the power of the first
    beast before him and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship
    the first beast whose deadly wound was healed then he doeth great wonders so
    that he maketh Fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men
    and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those
    which had power to do in the sight of the beast saying to them that dwell on
    the earth that they should make an image to the Beast which had the wound by a
    sword and did live and he had power to give life unto the image of the Beast
    that the image of the Beast should both speak and cause that as many as would
    not worship the image of the Beast should be killed and he causeth all both
    small and great rich and poor free and bond to receive a mark in their right
    hand or in their foreheads and that no man might buy or sell save he that had
    the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name
    here is wisdom let him that hath understanding count the number of the
    beast for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred threescore six the orgasm man is thinking nature is in
    our control and not the other way around that is burning by my bed for you here
    now I can feel my instincts here for you the official owners of godhardt based on
    all Swiss Federal Railways did a really bizarre opening ceremony on June 1st
    that by a theater director full could hassle goes to the figures in front of a
    humungous eye and eyes in an eye all-seeing eye people the same-sex
    touching and kissing body parts in a very disgusting sensual way or a
    baby-faced angel with Newt tits and those are tits
    with mill body it’s not a definition of a normal opening this is satanic people
    in white praising the eyes in an eye the all-seeing eye now pay close attention
    you can see here three rows and each row contains six eyes three is the health of
    six times two is six you get six six six please support my war because I need
    your help keep making new videos please visit the donation page make a donation
    and as gift and we’ll make a new video on your request click the level in the
    top right corner now your help is needed and very much appreciated what is so
    special about June 1st June 1st was a very special day on June 1st 2016 the
    planet Saturn was closest to Earth than it was ever ever been before in 10,000
    years and what has this to do with this event everything everything in the field
    of astra theology a Lucifer and Lucifer has Latin origins and means Lansbury
    Lucifer is Venus planet Phoenix and while Satan is a setter
    and Lucifer and Satan are not the same Saturn is named after the Roman god
    saternus while southern is Satan and a cult of Al it is the reason why those
    that were chosen by Al were called elite angels are messengers of God
    but God was elped which while we have the names of the ark angels bearing the
    L such as Raphael Michael Brielle Gabriel and go on and the
    half-man half-goat page in God pen has been associated with the planet Saturn
    well Saturn rules the tape recording tape record is represented by a goat
    fish hybrid here’s another horn diet II who is
    associated with splendid Saturn in the amazing book the secret teachings of all
    ages by Manley P home and Aetna quotes pan was a composite creator at the upper
    part with the exception of his horse being human in the lower part in the
    form of a goat the pipes of pan signified the natural harmony of the
    spheres and the God Himself is a symbol of Saturn because the planet is
    enthroned in Capricorn whose emblem is a goat goat huh based on opening ceremony
    occurred on June 1st yet same day planet Saturn was at its closest position to
    the earth this was a satanic illuminati ritual to honor Saturn
    Satan the second part of the ceremony took place outdoors where workmen drew
    their shirts and stood information and the people came past who wore only
    underwear and looked every day stand three seemingly dead workmen dangling in
    the air which I call very inappropriate because Andria’s and I got shocked
    deploy heiko Buju albert dean singer Andrea Astorino forced and Elsa mum
    Hans commode and joosep values so that during construction and they hung a dam
    by dangling a baby face she mil angel with swinging nude tits while the death
    workers are praising it I think they are a bunch of sick motherfuckers just look
    how the elite betrayed us as stupid zombies because this represents the mess
    sitting in the train while travelling of 35 miles in the tunnel initially workmen
    were replaced by three fearsome those who float for a Giants I own a big
    screen the man dressed as Capricorn did then their entrance and was accompanied
    by people who wore white fails well the men screaming in running around the
    stage appeared on the big screen three skirts for their face and while the man
    in white band for the goat and the eyes looked down on them and now about the
    company credit Susan in the video leader of the Illuminati revealed I explained
    perfectly how their money Network works that runs the world the official partner
    mentioned on their website of the Satanic railway project is partnered by
    the company credit sister group this company is listed 14th in the top 50 of
    the 147 corrupt super connected companies that forms the financial
    structure of the pyramids the opening ceremony of the
    are based on old term in an excellent task of engineering into a religious
    ceremony devoted to bet permit while some what’s really killing the workers
    who sacrifice their lives yes and the masses who will travel through the
    tunnel and so Europe’s most powerful people and I will not be surprised they
    are a bunch of pedophiles stood up and gave a standing ovation to the ceremony
    dedicated to the true ruler of the occult elite Satan through the opening
    ceremony of the world’s deepest and longest tunnel the occult elite tells
    the world that they control the world’s researchers as well as men power in
    other words they are the only ones who are able to make such project happen
    simply because they control politics finance and business aside from that by
    creating overtly occult ceremonies the elite tells a message to the world and
    the message is this is what we have faith in this is what we think of you
    and there is nothing you can do about it in 1954 we awakened something you have no idea what’s coming Democritus was the first philosopher who
    had an atomic theory he said that the human soul should capture the essence of
    things and thereby attain a cheerful serene mood he called it you Fenian the
    highest good of man curiosity is the most important part of our nature
    mankind’s research for foundations of the world and the origin of matter is
    what gets some people to dedicate their whole lives to the question what holds
    the universe together in its core why do we want to find out about things
    mankind is looking for adventure it does research we find new things modern scientists pioneering a new era
    at the beginning of the 21st century the ingredients of the new era are
    discoveries in atomic physics political crises change and transition change and
    transition based on the endless curiosity of man on the threshold of
    further discoveries sarin the European Center for Nuclear Research in Geneva
    Switzerland is one of the largest scientific centers in the world the most
    powerful particle accelerator Large Hadron Collider was built there to find
    the Higgs boson elusive particle that is there to give all known particles their
    mass latest technologies scientific monster machines and the journey very
    young girls to us alone to us latest technologies I want to talk to somebody
    in charge latest acknowledged scientific monster machines the journey
    are young the physical world the journey on the physical world grown to us your light what is it you are seeking I
    want the power to destroy my enemies and save my family
    destroy destroy my enemies power to destroy my enemy awaken we awaken
    something latest technologies or scientific
    amongst wrong sheets and the journey on the physical world won’t to us what is
    one view of thinking the power to destroy my enemies and save
    muslin the arrogance of man is thinking nature is in happened we awaken something the our lizard man
    is thinking nature is in our control no idea what’s coming during research can i true most vegetables
    monster shots mustard sheets the arrogance of man is
    thinking nature is in our control and the journey German philosopher
    physical known to us to us from the journey journey gospel music was wanted
    to ask to us you can’t protect us I have been waiting an intense I have been
    waiting and it I have been waiting and I I have been within the consensus you’re
    lying it was not an earthquake it wasn’t a
    typhoon because what’s really happening is that
    you’re hiding something out there and it is gonna send us back to the
    Stone Age drink I said the government is building
    these ships so when we let the people know our
    mission is to assure the continuity of our species
    wasn’t it also decided that people have the right this year this year the our concern is that you really have
    control your disguise who I have the room is a truck you have a look at who I am and are they
    looking at matter or are they looking at time this is the desi accelerator in
    Germany and back in 1984 there was a 80 cent stamp commemorating this
    accelerator that is in the shape of an eighth or the vesica Pisces one in the
    same and this is the particle accelerator in Brookhaven and it too is
    shaped like a figure eight as you can see here we have a bo part of the 8
    there and another one there and this is Fermilab on the 88 degree parallel and
    Fermilab as you can see here is also shaped like an eight now two of the accelerated rings at desi
    were named after Petra and Hera now Patrick is a church an engraved
    ancient city and in this church are the intertwine accelerator rings in the
    shape of a figure 8 on the mosaic in the floor and ancient Aramaic people called
    the Nabataeans were the ones who inhabited ancient Petra the Nabataeans
    were the ones who made this floor and on their ancient coin we see the vesica
    Pisces and the figure 8 now this is fascinating you guys many of these coins
    were struck in the year of Jesus birth but the Nabataean alphabet contains a
    character that looks like the figure a infinity symbol called sim cath and if
    you look at the root of sin calf it is the Phoenician word for sin or sign so
    now we finally have the link between the word sin and it’s the sign symbol of
    infinity we also see the other symbols associated with this character one being
    the satanic cross ascribing all sin to Satan we also see other infinity like
    symbols and rings and Hera is the wife and one of the three sisters of Zeus and
    on her head she wore a polos which is a ring and who were the Nabataean specifically
    and these myths they they talked about well they worshipped the daughters of
    the law who’sa and manat but not there are also connections with Chronos time
    of Mithra ism which was the father of Hera as we just saw and zhirov in
    mythology and Allah’s other daughter Musa in Judaic and Christian lore who’sa
    has been also used as in an alternative name of angel Metatron the cube of time
    in the sefar hahaaa shock or commonly is referred to as either the Seraphim
    samyaza demon or as one of the three guardian angels of Egypt
    Rahab must Amma and Duma that Harry the Jews during the exodus as samyaza and
    legend he is the Seraph tempted by Ishtar into revealing a specific name of
    God and was thus burned alive and hung dead down between heaven and earth as
    the constellation Orion in the third book of Enoch and in the Zohar II is one
    of the fallen angels punished for cohabitating with human women and
    fathering on Hakeem and finally this is CERN and of course it is the most
    popular accelerator in the world and it is in the shape of a ring of course but
    inside of CERN we see the eight-sided octagonal central feature 8 again the
    8th of time and when we read Daniel 7:25 in the
    original Aramaic language it says and he shall speak out great words against in
    the ayah which is the Supreme God and shall wear out the Saints and think to
    change times and laws and they shall be given into his hand until a time and
    times and the dividing of time you look at the word times in the Aramaic it
    means a set time time or season they will seek to change the set times the
    times and the seasons in the time of the end we’re going to look at hilly effect
    now you know what this ring might mean now you know what this ring might be
    might mean you from hey Leo fent how it’s prominent and
    it looks like a black hole Sun like an eclipse and then they took the dot from
    the eye and they moved it over and now you see how that might be this CERN
    symmetry okay there’s your side by side boom one on the outside one on the
    inside one on the outside of the ring one on the inside of the Ring you but it gets better because we talked all
    about sir new nose being a horn to God let’s blow this up and there’s your
    Horned God with the gold of a God in antlers out here on the wall in this
    2012 animation here is your golden ring with the dot outside which looks exactly
    like this right it’s the same thing there you can position the same and now
    you see how if you take this dot and you draw a line through the center of the
    circle connecting the dot that it points to CERN Uno’s on the wall you see after
    the scene that this girl drops his Apple which is the Taurus field which is what
    CERN is it’s a giant tourist field and it rolls across the floor and it opens
    up into a lotus flower as a hits Obama shoe now that CERN has been in the news
    there was a weasel it weasel that caused an electric short-circuit sixty-six
    thousand volts that went through these wires
    according to CERN and of course the CERN logo looks like a 666 but this goes a
    far far deeper and I’m gonna expose that today and as far as I know nobody has
    been able to identify what the weasel means pop goes the weasel now for those
    of you that don’t know the story about the weasel apparently a weasel crawled
    into the underground CERN labyrinth and chewed through some wires wire
    that were carrying 66 thousand volts of electricity the weasel fried of course
    and then the CERN CERN went down the weasel mentioned in the story of CERN
    Uno’s the weasel mentioned in the ancient story of CERN who knows this is
    a book called the ample branch a path to Celtic ritual we just mentioned the
    Celts in our analysis up to this point but we’re gonna read in here about CERN
    new nose and the weasel okay this is what they were referencing says here the
    stag meanwhile we will place in the South the place of the underworld and
    hidden things we just saw the stag on the wall in Ipek oh – precisely when the
    CERN Uno’s abandoned by the goddess in her flower Maidenform
    enters his own GMOs phase and begins taking on stag like characteristics so
    this is all ancient Celtic ritual okay this is what this book is about there
    are many other stories that confirm these patterns in Celtic tradition in
    Irish mythology the flower mean is called blood nut little flower we just
    talked about the flower right we talked about the lotus flower the shifting
    allegiance of the goddess is as we have explained cyclic as queen of the
    underworld she chooses the CERN Uno’s figure that saw when we talked all about
    saw when and how that’s related into Halloween and the 5th of November but as
    flower maiden she prefers the mapa nose figure on Beltane Bell team is baile
    Beltane festival talk we’ve been talking all about that date of sacrifice Beltane
    clock may hoc of May there’s that May Day again sacrifice
    very explicitly associates the figures with Beltane May first you’re asking
    where’s the weasel fit into all this yet another significant detail may link
    but not with Lauda weds both may have upon relinquish their flower maiden
    status at the end of the same us season taken in animal forms we know that Bluto
    would turn into an owl remember Minerva’s owls it’s all linked in
    together you guys the creature with the prophetic voice from the other world
    standing on the threshold between life and death
    standing at the threshold between life and death the threshold behind the
    spinning stars is heaven but we can’t see them we can’t see heaven usually
    announcing death we have no story specifically recounting godness
    transformation but in modern eyelet Irish boughten aid is one of the words
    for Wiesel black nade is weasel black need which is this character we’ve been
    talking about related into sir new nose the weasel in Celtic tradition as many
    of the same fearsome associations with the Otherworld that the owl has so they
    fried a weasel to depict the underworld and fearsome associations with the owl
    it’s all symbolic you guys it is sorcery of the highest degree the weasel has the
    power over life and death and there are stories from oral tradition about women
    with magical powers turned into weasels as far as I know no one else is covering
    and again this video should go viral but it won’t because people are sleep thus
    it seems very likely that blunt nets story may inversions now lost to us once
    have ended much like boat oh it’s a path to Celtic ritual about this book now
    could this be a reference to the Tree of Life could this be a reference to the
    Apple that rolled across the floor in this image the Apple that the little
    girl is holding the Apple branch I believe is being depicted here this is
    the Apple here’s the branch of the Apple look at this this is nuts
    you know this is just nuts this Apple opens up new flower we just read the
    story about the flower okay it says here in the apple branch
    renowned scholar alexei Kondratiev combines history folklore and language
    of the celtic world and unique guide for understanding spirituality he explores
    the myths legends and cultural figures from Brigid to King Arthur and he
    explains how the ancient Celtic religion survives in the context of modern
    Christianity so now you know why I’m not part of a religion discover how to
    observe the calendar customs from the six remaining Celtic nations of Ireland
    Scotland Wales Cornwall Brittany in the Isle of Man learn the practices and
    rituals of the Celtic tradition including how to organize a Celtic
    ritual group celebrate the phases of the Moon cheese it’s like a guide to
    witchcraft and participate in the great quarterly feasts this is the seminal
    book which presents seekers with dazzling visualizations and the beauty
    and power of vital living paths the Apple branches fire in everyone a new
    way of looking at the world we’re gonna take a look at the film stay tuned from
    1992 the very same year that the first line
    mode browser released from CERN launched in 1992 snatched from the ether
    and slammed that your brand-new 44 inch 900 line resolution three-way expanded
    matrix Dolby stereo TV right here right pop goes the weasel’ 66 thousand volts
    and of course the CERN logo looks like a 666 this film is interesting because
    it’s 88 minutes long now this is all about a game show and it stars John
    Ritter something’s weird on the air it’s what we see on the cover here now John
    Ritter died on 9/11 2003 now first John Ritter refuses the magic remote control
    and as the devil walks out you see the cross of Jesus here with the two thieves
    on either side the crucifixion now I want you to watch this clip and you tell me what was being depicted
    there CERN is in Geneva Switzerland listen I got 24 hours if they survive
    that long we gotta send them back part of our treaty with the other side kind
    of a Geneva Convention in the war for souls this guy plays Crowley Aleister
    Crowley listen I think mr. Crowley it’s time for
    a little field work and so you see we’ve all been sucked into the World Wide Web
    absurd now there’ll be spoofs where they replace the original titles of these TV
    shows with something very cryptic and evil meet the Manson’s mmm 13:13 watch honestly we’re doing something of
    supernatural nature here diamond I mean this thing it did not come from Radio
    Shack yeah so you’re the smart one think of something we see 666 and then the
    building falls watch boy is able to reach his parents through
    this machine e builds and here you see proton proton accelerator CERN listen and hear the quark cuts away at 44
    seconds wow really each of the World Trade Center buildings
    were 110 stories tall for a total of 220 stories 22 years after 1979 the towers
    would fall and the number 79 is the 22nd prime number now I want you to listen to
    this part 10 miles an hour where our driver dummy has the benefit of both the
    seatbelt and an airbag while the other dummy as neither one neither one I can’t watch switch to mom here we see
    driving over a Miss Daisy what was the inspiration behind the making of the
    film actually I had a dream about it I started with a dream I dreamt I was in a
    black hole and I wanted to know where that came from
    and then I I think I read something in the newspaper about the Large Hadron
    Collider it’s a particle accelerator engine you’ve already convened whether
    it can create micro black black holes so for me it was interesting to go and take
    a look there what was it like shooting underground when you were filming the
    particle accelerator now remember this is gonna be viewed on the last day March
    29th oh this Film Festival particle
    accelerator was still open for public so we could go down with it’s really why do
    you think that people have always had this obsession about the origin of life
    and where we come from I think it’s part of mankind if we did not have that
    curiosity sir newness this is CERN and their whole objective was to use the
    Taurus field in CERN to awaken and enlightened
    artificial intelligence what were some of the challenges that you faced making
    the film maybe the most difficult part of about making the film was to actually
    follow the circle because you cannot see where the methodological weather tunnel
    is above the ground sometimes there are tiny landmarks but sometimes there’s
    nothing so you have to imagine you think map and then we take some pictures of
    the map as above so below did you find that your instincts were generally right
    that you are generally on top I think maybe were sometimes on the dangers of
    but not so much large hadron collider and the biggest
    machine ever built by human beings is finally going to turn is finally going to turn align after
    many many years of waiting and theorizing on how matter kind of created
    and what didn’t fundamental theory of nature is all those theories are finally
    going to be tested and we’re gonna don’t know what it’s gonna be I can’t mr. Darnell you realize seeds
    please I can’t let’s leave it at this how does it work how does it work
    you have to understand if I answer that question could rip a hole through
    everything as we know it but that’s why you’re here isn’t it to change the past
    so you’re gonna have to give me something dr. pine I was under the
    impression was never a good idea to force a patient to divulge anything they
    weren’t comfortable with I can’t keep filming all right all right I know this
    must be frustrating I can’t give you everything it just
    wouldn’t be safe unless you say you like science I do to go back and read the
    concepts presented by Hawking Einstein Lewis might speak black hole they were
    so close it was just one small piece missing I’m sure you’re aware or
    somewhat familiar with the concept of hormones sure you have the fascinating
    no wonder about if you don’t mind can you tell me what you’re not there a
    consequence of Einstein’s theory of general relativity a wormhole in theory
    would act as a shortcut or a passageway through space and time the physics are
    even simpler than your definition a wormhole creates a tunnel effectively
    cutting through two locations in space-time yeah yeah therefore
    eliminating the need for three-dimensional travel through space
    no more rocket ships I like Stargate – oh wow Stargate it’s been a long time
    since I’ve seen that movie who was that guy was really good in an old western
    Carosa Russell he was good listen nothing you were telling me is new
    information right the theories about wormholes have existed for a long time
    but nobody knows if they actually exist or how to find them
    I do they’re everywhere just a matter of seeing them honest in them but you
    haven’t explained either how do you see them how do you harness them a machine
    some sort of gateway of course you need a machine to sustain a wormhole but this
    is where I stop I have given you the gun let me keep the bullets please continue I found a way to go back
    I was alone but I found it my old partner was the only one that
    knew but for now it’ll stay that way the only question is did the ripples I
    create be enough to change the future or create an alternate one ripples think of
    the water in that glass as time time move us forward constantly on touches as
    still as the water go back and try to change something and it creates a ripple
    effect change has to catch up with time and everything around it either changes
    or suffers if you’ve ever been exposed to soap operas the music in the
    soundtrack should evoke memories of a long-running show like sands through the hourglass so are
    the days of our lives like sands through the hourglass so are
    the days of our lives that’s the kind of subtlety being leveraged by the
    filmmaker Darnell the time traveler an inventor of time travel who destroyed
    the future says think of the water in that glass as time time moves forward
    constantly untouched it’s as still as the water go back and try to change
    something bang and it creates a ripple effect read between the lines particle
    collision picture creates a ripple effect in time a time impact event who
    is trying to go back or forward to try to change an outcome Darnell is that’s
    why he’s there meeting with dr. Pyatt and speaking so persuasively Darnell
    himself is playing the role of the destroyer of worlds
    the dancing Lord Shiva under the lamp we see an idol of Shiva
    doing the cosmic dance of destruction the miniature the one featured at the
    CERN facility there’s a horned mask on the wall that represents the Horned God
    sir new nose the god of the abyss who is continually being invoked in ceremonies
    where magic circles are cast with salt just like in the symmetry film
    yes sir new nose see er n un NOS also no Daan’s Abaddon apollyon the destroyer
    it’s a clever set the table lamp paints light on the wall in the shape of an
    hourglass hinting of a measure of the sands of time under the lamp you’ll find
    a pitcher of water a reservoir as drawn from the river of time mr. Darnell’s
    pocket watch rests on the coffee table with his time water glass with the
    hinged case being a model of folded time-space the box of tissues on the
    table is a cube think of the cube in the Marvel comic universe which has to do
    with a multi-dimensional binding and the control of vast time-space energies
    again what kind of machine are they talking about in the clip did you see
    the picture on the wall that artfully illustrates the particle
    collisions Darnell mention small pieces like subatomic particles
    he mentioned a gun and bullets and the collider fires protons like bullets from
    a machine gun did you notice a picture of the full moon next to the one of the
    particle collisions that’s a celestial timekeeper the one
    that rules the night according to the foundational cosmological text of
    Genesis chapter one its appointed for signs and for seasons and for days and
    years and to give light on the earth which is a matter of the revelation of
    supernatural insight and the Hebrew MOA deem the prophetic schedule of holy days
    the moon silently affects the tides of the seas on earth and endless cycles
    with that influence due to the interaction of gravity relative to mass
    and with the water in the sea as a metaphor for time that’s a potent symbol
    in the context of the particle collider with its vast array of enormous ly
    powerful ring magnets arrayed in a giant ring sonic energy is also used to
    accelerate the particles so the LHC literally sings as the particles dance
    symmetries opera and dance when Darnell bangs a coffee table and we see the
    imagery of the particle beam collision so clearly Illustrated is there any
    doubt about what time machine they’re talking about with all the clues do they
    really need to say it need more evidence Darnell doesn’t actually hit the coffee
    table with his fist not directly he hits a book that sits on the table which is
    wrapped around with two rubber bands one red and one green the red band
    represents a stream of particles traveling around the LHC and the green
    band is the opposing stream the crossing of the Bands represents the crossing of
    the streams where the collisions occur he strikes the rubber bands at their
    crossing bang what’s in Darnell’s little black book
    notes on particle physics time-space manipulation and time travel are the
    bands made of rubber because time is flexible and influx able to contract and
    expand is there a redshift of the beams relative to one another where he’s
    slowing down one and speeding up the other which Darnell had already claimed
    was a general principle involved with harnessing a wormhole there’s another
    aspect of the rubberband bound book that should be mentioned the two men are
    actually the same man who travelled back in time on a mission to convince himself
    not to make the mistake of building the device that would destroy the world in
    50 years time the rubber bands represent the life of the man where there are two
    at once at the crossing of the future with the past in the present
    Stephen Hawking he called the the god particle could destroy the universe Akif
    warning it’s gonna become difficult for people to stay in the book of Revelation of John does
    speak about a messenger from the upper levels coming down to earth and opening
    up the doorway to the bottomless pit down inside the earth to let things out
    so maybe this is research being done to develop the technology we need here to
    do such a thing I don’t know I’m interested yes right
    and it’s interesting I think that you know it seemed like even in the Old
    Testament whenever there are mentions of high places and things like that it
    required at least for the Fallen entities required some sort of sacrifice
    or some sort of ritual for these fallen entities to come through it seems like
    God’s angels are freely able to you know traverse as they will but the Fallen
    entities require some sort of key if you will you know – for us to allow them in
    so to speak so perhaps this is just a you know a large human project to create
    the biggest doorways to the Fallen entities to come through I mean what are
    your thoughts on that yeah yeah I mean I think we’re going to see some rather
    astounding events in the next 12 to 24 months because other factors in Biblical
    prophecy seem to be coming to play that later this year and that would then
    require the presence of this fake alien landing invasion or whatever but to do
    that they’re gonna have to be a lot of them appear and I’m wondering if God
    Himself isn’t going to open up one of these portals but to cast Satan and his
    minions out of his universe down into ours for the final battle at that time
    of course these beings will appear all over the place and I think technology
    for them to fly around saucers and that kind of stuff have been developed
    already since 1952 or so when we started sharing bases underground bases with
    these fallen ones quote-unquote Grace and aliens but I think this has been
    prepared for the time when the Gateway opens and these beings are pushed out of
    their level two hours how could that play out I mean it seems to me that the
    Obama or whoever you know Hillary or whoever this president’s going to be
    announcing alien presence is not going to be enough
    to really convince the whole world it seems like there has to be more of a
    manifestation in my opinion but what are your thoughts on how that might look
    yeah yeah I’m sure that this will happen the I think the release of their
    presence will be such that the people of the earth will say ah they’re here and
    the government’s for lying in essence it won’t be trusting a government release
    of the thing it will be so obvious they’ll be in the skies you know like in
    the movie V or in the 4th of July you know the the beings and their craft
    big ones will be over major cities or locations that will be on TV worldwide
    and people will go oh they’re here you know are they friendly now I think that
    this will have to come at the height of a global threat so real that people will
    say to anyone help us avoid this or we’re going to be extinct human race continuously colliding protons to
    analyze at the beginning of the Big Bang is why they call it the Big Bang machine
    is the only way to observe these particles which wink in and out of
    existence and I mean a fraction of time they found the force that holds the dark
    energy or the dark matter away from this room they call it the wall there’s
    another name for them a name of which that those particles they’re going to
    find they found pardon they’re going to find the other pieces
    that are in that wall and when they find the other pieces to this wall they will
    then be able to undo that wall there’s another name for that wall the veil all
    of the veil goes back that round they found out what’s holding back the dark
    energy from because it would be absolutely destructive if the two meant
    but they found out now the weapon we need some outside universal threat I
    occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we
    were facing an alien threat so of course this all has to do with Sun and evil
    sounds like I as many exposed as well we’ve got 666 spinning we see CERN being
    used by even heavy metal fans like Megadeth you’ve got super collider there
    and this is servant being shamed on the shown on the album cover and as I said
    this to do with the Transfiguration of the planet it’s the false Jesus Sunanda
    coming off the leaching of the back of Christ because you know as you know some
    of you may know Christ though the Transfiguration was to do with Christ
    and he formed a bridge to the Father in the Bible and this is obviously the
    inversion of that it’s the Transfiguration of their Kingdom is the
    birthing of hell on earth is the bridge from Hell to Earth from the abyss to
    earth to break loose the ones that are imprisoned the spirits the Fallen as the
    Bible describes they know that they could be opening or porting the veil it
    was on the day of atonement that Moses came down from Mount Sinai for the
    second time and he put a veil over his face Moses was there with the Lord forty
    days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water and he wrote on
    the tablets the words of the Covenant the Ten Commandments
    when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Covenant law
    in his hands he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken
    with the Lord when Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses his face was
    radiant and they were afraid to come near him but Moses called to them so
    Aaron and all the leaders of the community came back to him and he spoke
    to them afterward all the Israelites came near him and he gave them all the
    commands the Lord had given him on mount sinai when moses finished speaking to
    them he put a veil over his face but whenever he entered the lord’s presence
    to speak with him he removed the veil until he came out and when he came out
    and told the israelites what he had been commanded they saw that his face was
    radiant then moses would put the veil back over his face until he went in to
    speak with the lord and are not like moses who used to put a veil over his
    face so that the sons of israel would not look intently at the end of what was
    fading away but their minds were hardened for until this very day at the
    reading of the Old Covenant the same veil remains unlifted because it is
    removed in Christ but to this day whenever Moses is read a veil lies over
    their heart but whenever a person turns to the Lord the veil is taken away now
    the Lord is the spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty
    the veil was first put on right on the Day of Atonement I believe this will
    also be the day that the veil is removed the word veil means to cover or conceal
    the word unveil means to reveal in a wedding the veil of the bride is removed
    we are the Bride of Christ and our veil will be completely removed on the
    day when we see him face-to-face first Corinthians 13:12 says for now we see
    only a reflection as in a mirror then we shall see face to face now I know in
    part then I shall know fully even as I am fully known the Day of Atonement is
    known as the face-to-face day because only on this day was the high priest
    allowed to go into the holy Holies and live to tell about it
    and no other day of the year was anyone allowed to ever enter the Holy of Holies
    the high priest would remove the veil and enter into the Holy of Holies when
    Christ died as our atonement the veil was ripped into and we can now boldly
    enter the throne of grace to find mercy in our time of need the day of atonement
    is the day of the unveiling or the day of revealing Colossians 3:4 says when
    Christ who is our life is revealed then you also will be revealed with him in
    glory isaiah 2621 says and the earth will give
    birth to the departed spirits come my people enter into your rooms and close
    your doors behind you hide for a little while until indignation runs its course
    for behold the Lord is about to come out from his place to punish the inhabitants
    of the earth for their iniquity and the earth will reveal her bloodshed and will
    no longer cover her slate so this large hadron collider will start
    it up you say what in the world is something like that have to do with me
    and the Bible it has a lot to do with you and the Bible I cannot and will not
    attempt to speak as a physicist it would make me look like a fool my purpose is
    to try to be a liaison between them and you is to try to take what’s going on in
    that Collider and break it down where I can understand it and I can give it out
    so you can understand it to where it makes an application to your life and to
    this world as we know it today for what is happening in that Collider is an
    astounding thing so I want to read something to you this morning for what’s
    called a theoretical physicist this man his name is Steven Hawkings he’s well
    known throughout the world anyone that has anything to do with
    nuclear energy or has anything to do with physics knows this man and he is
    one that some rate even on the level of Einstein and of that level and so on I
    read to you what this man has to say about what’s happening right now in CERN
    Switzerland listen carefully these are the words of Stephen Hawking’s he
    recently warned the reactivation in March of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider
    could pose grave dangers to our planet the ultimate reality check we are warned
    Hawking has come straight out and said the god particle and this is what you’ve
    heard referred to time and again as the higgs boson particle the god particle
    found by cern could destroy the universe now let that settle in this man is an
    atheist and he says there is no God yet he says
    that what’s happening right now in CERN Switzerland has the potential to destroy
    the universe Lucifer lives in the antimatter he lives in a different
    frequency or a different dimension a spiritual world a spiritual realm but he
    comes in to contact us he Wilma try to manipulate you he will
    try to tempt you by manipulating your brain this is why the Bible tells us to
    put on the whole armor of God and a pasta Paul says the helmet of salvation
    another scripture he says put on the mind of Christ another scripture says be
    not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind
    dr. Lister some rods to teach us all the time that the mind is the battleground
    for the soul so it’s the manipulation it’s of what they’re doing at CERN is
    the manipulating the darkness the dark matter and they’re doing it by the
    collisions of protons it’s more than just a potential mass of earth changing
    universe change in explosion but it’s a manipulation of the frequencies on which
    humans on earth are living imagine if you can take everybody under and
    manipulate the frequency that we all are operating in into a
    different dimension or frequency imagine if the whole world could be dropped into
    this hole into this change of reality if you will four dimensions and that’s what
    they’re trying with the RFID microchip folks and now I’m not a scientist but
    the radio frequency identification device is to not just it’s not just a
    link you to a computer it’s to manipulate your DNA or your mind to
    bring you a couple frequencies down to where you can be manipulated the only
    thing that it won’t manipulate get this folks this is great is it can’t go
    through the blood of Jesus I’m not joking you I mean there’s prophecy teams
    that work for the federal government and they know this that they can’t
    manipulate the mind of Christians because they can’t get through the blood
    of Jesus folks give your life to Jesus Christ we’re
    running out of time we’re in the last days the spirit of the Antichrist why do
    you think these little towers are everywhere radio frequency towers
    they’re not even being used for anything right now
    but they’re putting them everywhere they’re not cell phone towers there are
    the towers that will be used to help change the frequencies to try to control
    the masses but they can’t control us that are saved looking for how God holds everything
    together that’s why they call it the god particle they’re trying to find Jesus
    but they don’t want to find Jesus so they’re trying to find what it what is
    it that holds all matter together however they also believe that there are
    parallel realities around us other dimensions and there could be other
    intelligence there another thing we Christians already know right why not
    just come and ask us you don’t even build a Collider however there’s a
    reason God put them on the other side of that veil and you might not want to open
    the door and here’s the thing they’re on their own director of CERN has gave
    interviews to the British press in which he admits that’s what they’re trying to
    do they want to open the door to another dimension who said when we open this
    door he said something might come trailing actually they built that that
    they have the the God the Hindu god of destruction that destroys at the
    molecular level is right out in front of the offices of CERN and it’s not that
    it’s anybody I’m gonna put on the screen you show him some as I’ve seen it I said
    this is a false god what in this I didn’t I couldn’t find anything about it
    because I I need to get some books and read the right form
    it’s named after a polyak on the gateway to the god Apollo but what does the book
    of Revelation say that an angel comes down with the key to the bottomless pit
    and opens that gateway and guess who is the God down in there the king over the
    bottomless pit of poly on Abaddon the king of the bottomless pit and we’re
    trying right there for open or the jQuery and we was talking back there I
    said you know it sounds to me like you’re describing there kind of open
    to the gate to help button okay well here’s the here’s the thighs God
    literally sealed and locked demons into the earth that would not be released
    until the last days and now we have evidence that man is the one they’re
    trying to open the door and release them be strong in the Lord and in his mighty
    power but on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the
    devil’s schemes for our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the
    rulers against the authorities against the powers of this dark world and
    against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms therefore put on the full armor of God
    so that when the day of evil comes you may be able to stand your ground and
    after you have done everything to stand stand firm with the belt of truth
    buckled around your waist with the breastplate of righteousness in place
    and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of
    peace in addition to all this take up the
    shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the
    evil one take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit which is the
    word of God and pray in the spirit on all occasions
    with all kinds of prayers and requests with this in mind be alert and always
    keep on praying for all the Lord’s people you

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    can take a look at it. But, just again, it’s a way for them to load into the system, keep everything there in their pipeline. We can see it, they can see it. They’ll be on a conversation with a relationship manager
    discussing their pipeline, managing priorities of loans, and solving problems along the way. So, we welcome that. We want people to engage, we want people to upload loans
    as they feel appropriate, and then we’ll respond.

    Abandoned Railroad Spur & Crossing
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    Abandoned Railroad Spur & Crossing

    August 19, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen row row 82 your railroad archaeologist once again Of the CSX downtown Miami spur drag police And then this was that spur that abandoned spur That I showed you in the last video and this is where it comes out to I kept on going that way and I’ll get to that in a few so Here we have a this is a webcoat WABCO signal bass Wcas gate mechanism Emergency contact info Safe translates Ebell up top Rico lights on the aluminum crossing gate and then This was that abandoned line I was telling you about I wonder how long it’s been abandoned for guessing a long time because those rails look pretty rusty Compared to these rails with your polish There’s the emergency right the really case And you we have the other signal Fabricated metals signal police WC haze gate mechanism Emergency contact info safe Tran lights all around for anything I think the gate is actually making – no it is it it almost makes contact with the light there when it goes up But it does it small gap And let me see what kind of bracket that is safe trend bracket ebo So, yeah, because the most interesting we had here was that abandoned spirit All righty guys, please subscribe for Lake thank you for sharing Thank you for viewing and please share Take care over and out

    Live Steam Railroad, Riverside & Great Northern Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin             -1
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    Live Steam Railroad, Riverside & Great Northern Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin -1

    August 19, 2019

    oh come all your father happy fathers day right away we came out of when built in the 1850s for the Milwaukee in the crossroads but now we would be real railroad 448 cafe it was used during the Civil War to transport Union soldiers own but because of that grade you know how slowly coming that something percent great that’s great great for railroad so they abandon his life in 1902 removing is now about 200 feet south of us when fracture be calling on the bottom now where it was left abandoned in the early nineteen fifteen where the government and Janesville was running in riverside park but he was asked to leave town because you near the hospital home making sort boys etc we come up here he puts it 15 pages 39 cars of 19 demons right here and here on the property when he retired 1980 because of illness in 1988 the riverside great northern Preservation Society report started running nineteen nineties now before June eleventh two thousand for that bridge you came over that was not a bridge that went silent lab 200 feet what’s the line boo 20-feet wide there was another track down there well what we have 27 years in the rain and 26 days that we had a fight a storm i’ll remember $MONTH twenty-second we have this one was torn off all the weight on the bridge on august 15 2005b construction company from washing equipment six weeks later the bridge was in we then add volunteers we put the mainline deciding and the tournament but we didn’t do it six weeks and it took us a year and a half but they look old decrepit people like myself some days we worked a little bit with somebody that we did you do that but how we gonna pay for it all well we got money to FEMA but any donation to put that mailbox is greatly appreciate because we gotta come up with fifty percent you okay now we’re gonna run from now after labor day daily then we go back on our weekend’s schedule as you know is beautiful or october October’s our biggest month because we come up we turn we go back to that cabin you also my cabin it’s about two-thirty way back on that side that’s where we’re going to get pumpkins now it’s going to be all four weekends not only one so far as i know we’re the only ones in this area we do not charge for the pumpkins we just chose for the right then hopefully after thanksgiving will have Santa trains why I see you won’t believe because the last two years we got one weekend mother nature took care of his former snow or any questions okay you go back over the bridge there’s a canyon down about 600 feet 700 meet another canyon look down to your right down yesterday there were deer down in there they’re real hard to see all day there’s a mall on going on on down in this okay okie i’ll give you $MONEY a week now we look up and then and then well I even get up ok take it off as we are new party hi baby maybe

    Inside Amtrak’s Dying Long-Distance Trains | WSJ
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    Inside Amtrak’s Dying Long-Distance Trains | WSJ

    August 19, 2019

    (inquisitive music) – [Journalist Voiceover]
    Long-distance passenger routes in the U.S. may be
    riding on borrowed time. Amtrak wants congress to untie its hands and allow it to cut its
    longer, unprofitable routes, essentially halting service
    to rural communities. The company’s management
    sees opportunity for profits and longterm growth in
    shorter distance travel. – Shorter haul, inner-city
    service between big city pairs. It’s the way of the future. – [Journalist Voiceover] In
    the next year, U.S. lawmakers need to reauthorize Amtrak’s funding. Members of congress are
    coming under pressure to preserve cross-country rail services. – I’m afraid we’re position
    rural America to fail. – We’re beginning our journey
    from New York to New Orleans. We’re riding Acela train
    down to Washington first. – [Journalist Voiceover] Acela’s part of the northeast corridor. It runs frequently and usually on time connecting business travelers between Boston, New York, Philadelphia
    and Washington D.C. It’s profitable and Amtrak sees it as a model for future growth. According to a government commission, keeping the northeast corridor
    in a good state of repair will cost $42 billion. And Amtrak wants congress to also invest in new service between
    cities that by train would be fewer than four hours apart. – Dallas and Houston, for instance. – [Journalist Voiceover] We
    spoke with Amtrak’s executive in charge of strategy. – Amtrak’s view is we’ve
    got a big opportunity in these shorter distance corridors. The less that say,
    300-mile distance corridors where we see a lot of our
    population growth occurring. – But is there an appetite in congress to be spending more money on Amtrak? – Congress does recognize that
    trains can play a bigger role and to get there, we have
    to invest in our assets. – You’re talking even larger investments? – I am. Over time we’re gonna need
    to invest more than we have. (train whistle blows) – [Journalist Voiceover]
    The question now is whether it’s executives
    plan to also ask for money to maintain long-distance trains. In Washington, we board The
    Crescent Line to New Orleans. – Pretty narrow hallway here. I guess this is home. It’s a little smaller
    than I was expecting. Oh, this is a folding sink? Look at that. Is this the toilet? – [Journalist Voiceover] As we
    ride south through Virginia, our dinner reservation is called. – What temperature would you like? – Medium, please.
    – Medium? – [Journalist Voiceover]
    Meals are included in the ticket price. – Better than what you get on an airplane. – [Journalist Voiceover] Our
    junior roomette, one way, costs around $500, $250 a person. Coach seats start at around $100. Most Crescent passengers spend the 26-hour D.C. to New Orleans
    journey in this section. Around 2:30 a.m., we stop in
    Charlotte, North Carolina. Last year, this city had the fifth-largest increase in population in the country. – We have one train a day that shows up on a 2,000-mile journey. Maybe it shows up in
    the middle of the night, maybe it shows up on
    time, maybe it doesn’t. – [Journalist Voiceover] Amtrak
    says chronic, long delays aren’t its fault. Outside the northeast corridor, its trains ride on rails
    owned by freight companies. It’s battling some of these
    companies in the courts for priority right-of-way. It’s freight fight not withstanding, the company’s leadership says it’s current long-distance services don’t
    serve enough of a purpose to justify the financial losses. – It’ 8:30 a.m., we
    just arrived in Atlanta, well, a station that’s on
    the outskirts of Atlanta. This sleeper train is
    the only passenger train that services this city. There’s a 100-year-old woman
    who just got onboard the train. – I’ve always wanted to ride a train. – [Journalist Always
    wanted to ride a train? – [Journalist Voiceover]
    Annie Grissom is celebrating her centennial year by taking a day trip to Montgomery, Alabama. – What are you gonna
    do when you get there? – I’m gonna eat. – (chuckling) Your just going for lunch? – Yeah. – Do you fly on planes? – Uh-uh. They’re too high. – (chuckling) It’s too high. – [Journalist Voiceover] Other
    passengers say that for them, this is no joy ride. – I’m too old to drive. – What about the bus? – It’s seats are too
    close, it’s too congested. – You’re seeing a microcosm
    of the type of people that depend on long-distance trains. Their quality of life would diminish without this option. – [Journalist Voiceover] John Roberts is a former chairman of Amtrak’s board. He’s now the head of
    Transportation for America, an advocacy group for
    transportation infrastructure. – You see a lady that’s 100 years old, you think she’d be making
    that trip by car or flying? – She’s going from Atlanta to Birmingham. Let’s say you had more trains going between Atlanta and Birmingham. She’d have more options. – More trains before Atlanta
    and Birmingham is a good idea. – She doesn’t need the
    Crescent if you had that. – There are people sitting here
    going to Slidell, Louisiana. So a train just to Birmingham doesn’t get them to Slidell, Louisiana. – It sounds to me like you’re saying the current leadership of Amtrak doesn’t consider rural
    America to be a priority. – I think that would be fair to say that they don’t understand
    the needs of rural America. – [Journalist Voiceover] In
    response, an Amtrak official says the company believes in rural markets and wants to be relevant
    in every one of them. Roberts helped mobilize
    congressional opposition last year to Amtrak’s proposal for part
    of its Southwest Chief line to replace train service with buses. Company executives said
    the measure was necessary in order to avoid costly infrastructure upgrades and repairs. But senators from western
    states said, not so fast. – Would you ever consider
    the northeast corridor being shifted to buses? – [Journalist Voiceover]
    Amtrak backtracked, promising to keep the Southwest Chief running through the end of this year. – The effectively said, no,
    we are not going to replace trains with buses. – They did and we respect that. I think that we didn’t
    fully have a conversation about the future of the network. – [Journalist Voiceover]
    In Meridian, Mississippi, about three hours north of New Orleans, Roberts invited us to get off at his stop. When he was mayor of this city in the 90s, he said he led the effort
    to get this station built. – It tells our guests and
    our citizens who come home, you’ve come to a special place. – [Journalist Voiceover]
    He wanted us to see Meridian’s revitalization. – See, the question isn’t whether the Crescent or any other
    train is profitable, the question is, does it bring value to the cities that it
    serves along that line and is that value significantly more than the very modest amount that it takes to operate that train. – [Journalist Voiceover] In the mid-2000s, Meridian restored its grand opera house. Roberts, again, credits the train. – What does that have to
    do with this opera house? – [Roberts] This opera
    house existed because of the rail connection we had between Atlanta and New Orleans. – Amtrak’s not talking
    about abandoning the south. To the contrary, it would like to have more than one train a day
    stopping in cities like Atlanta. – Atlanta is sort of the poster child of what I’m talking about here. When you think about all of the corridors, Atlanta-Macon, Atlanta-Charlotte, Atlanta-Chattanooga-Knoxville,
    Atlanta-Birmingham, none of which are served
    effectively by Amtrak. – [Journalist Voiceover] Company
    officials aren’t saying yet whether they want their future network to include smaller cities like Meridian, but if Amtrak gets its
    way, cross-country routes, some more than a century
    old, may be split up. – I can’t guarantee results. What I can guarantee is that at Amtrak, we’re doing all we can to
    make these things happen.

    #WeAreYourMTA Kevin Hartman A-Repairman/Lineman
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    #WeAreYourMTA Kevin Hartman A-Repairman/Lineman

    August 19, 2019

    my name is Kevin Hartman I am an A Repairman Leadman. We maintain the tracks that the trains run on so whatever needs to be done to the
    tracks we take care, third rail, running rail, ties, switches we take care
    all that. So the day light shift does daily inspections and the night shift, which I’m on is the ones that actually uh go out and make the repairs as
    they’re needed night shift starts at nine o’clock and runs till
    5:30 in the morning with this job every day is different
    because there’s so much things that you do it’s not, everything’s not the same
    everyday so it keeps you interested we have snow our job kinda gets diverted
    from track work to snow removal then we do plowing salting clearing of all snow. During the blizzard uh we were shut down for a week
    trains couldn’t run we spent the whole week in the dead of winter in 3 foot of snow, clearing snow on the track just so the trains could run I have been totally with the MTA 28 and half years when I first started here I came
    from a trucking company that was going out of business. When I had the opportunity to come here I was looking for job security and the perfect spot would be with working for the MTA yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t
    imagine working somewhere else and being as satisfied as I am that I am am working here. I had the
    opportunity to do mechanical work on the buses and I went from that to the rail department. I made a nice
    transition learned what I need to do the job and improved as a years went on to the point
    where I’m at now yes most definitely proud to be a member of the

    I Pulled Over Just To Walk On The Train Tracks to Make This Ad
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    I Pulled Over Just To Walk On The Train Tracks to Make This Ad

    August 19, 2019

    Hey you! You! Yeah you. Stop What you’re doing. I want you to pay attention to this ad. I’m spending a lot of money on it, and I want to make sure that you hear me loud and clear. My name is Paul Argueta. I’m a real estate broker and I have had the opportunity to sell some of the most luxurious homes that you could imagine, BUT I’ve also had the opportunity to sell a lot of really, really ugly homes. Homes that didn’t look good. Homes that didn’t smell good. Homes that you really didn’t want to have your name associated with. If you have a home, that is too ugly to sell, it has too much work for you to repair and you just want to get rid of it, Click on the LEARN MORE button now. I’ll reach out to my buyers to see who can match the price that you want for it. We can do an all cash, uh sale, close in as little as 3 days. So, Click on LEARN MORE. We’ll talk about getting that ugly property sold for you.

    Would you sacrifice one person to save five? – Eleanor Nelsen
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    Would you sacrifice one person to save five? – Eleanor Nelsen

    August 19, 2019

    Imagine you’re watching a runaway trolley
    barreling down the tracks straight towards five workers
    who can’t escape. You happen to be standing next to a switch that will divert the trolley
    onto a second track. Here’s the problem. That track has a worker on it, too,
    but just one. What do you do? Do you sacrifice one person to save five? This is the trolley problem, a version of an ethical dilemma that
    philosopher Philippa Foot devised in 1967. It’s popular because it forces us
    to think about how to choose when there are no good choices. Do we pick the action
    with the best outcome or stick to a moral code that prohibits
    causing someone’s death? In one survey, about 90% of respondents
    said that it’s okay to flip the switch, letting one worker die to save five, and other studies, including a virtual
    reality simulation of the dilemma, have found similar results. These judgments are consistent with the
    philosophical principle of utilitarianism which argues that
    the morally correct decision is the one that maximizes well-being
    for the greatest number of people. The five lives outweigh one, even if achieving that outcome requires
    condemning someone to death. But people don’t always take
    the utilitarian view, which we can see by changing
    the trolley problem a bit. This time, you’re standing on a bridge
    over the track as the runaway trolley approaches. Now there’s no second track, but there is a very large man
    on the bridge next to you. If you push him over,
    his body will stop the trolley, saving the five workers, but he’ll die. To utilitarians,
    the decision is exactly the same, lose one life to save five. But in this case, only about 10% of people say that it’s OK to throw the man
    onto the tracks. Our instincts tell us that deliberately
    causing someone’s death is different than allowing them to die
    as collateral damage. It just feels wrong for reasons
    that are hard to explain. This intersection between ethics
    and psychology is what’s so interesting
    about the trolley problem. The dilemma in its many variations reveal
    that what we think is right or wrong depends on factors other than
    a logical weighing of the pros and cons. For example, men are more likely
    than women to say it’s okay to push the man
    over the bridge. So are people who watch a comedy clip
    before doing the thought experiment. And in one virtual reality study, people were more willing
    to sacrifice men than women. Researchers have studied
    the brain activity of people thinking through the classic
    and bridge versions. Both scenarios activate areas of the brain
    involved in conscious decision-making and emotional responses. But in the bridge version,
    the emotional response is much stronger. So is activity in an area of the brain associated with processing
    internal conflict. Why the difference? One explanation is that pushing someone
    to their death feels more personal, activating an emotional aversion
    to killing another person, but we feel conflicted because we know
    it’s still the logical choice. “Trolleyology” has been criticized by some
    philosophers and psychologists. They argue that it doesn’t reveal anything
    because its premise is so unrealistic that study participants
    don’t take it seriously. But new technology is making this kind
    of ethical analysis more important than ever. For example, driver-less cars
    may have to handle choices like causing a small accident
    to prevent a larger one. Meanwhile, governments are researching
    autonomous military drones that could wind up making decisions of
    whether they’ll risk civilian casualties to attack a high-value target. If we want these actions to be ethical, we have to decide in advance
    how to value human life and judge the greater good. So researchers who study
    autonomous systems are collaborating with philosophers to address the complex problem
    of programming ethics into machines, which goes to show that
    even hypothetical dilemmas can wind up on a collision course
    with the real world.

    The Civil War Part 2: Crash Course US History #21
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    The Civil War Part 2: Crash Course US History #21

    August 19, 2019

    †CCUS 21 – The Civil War Part 2
    Hi, I’m John Green; this is Crash Course U.S. history and today we return to…wait,
    what are we talking about today, Stan? Ah, the Civil War! I can tell because Lincoln’s
    here. But this week we’re not gonna talk about
    casualty counts or battles or its generals with their heroic and probably fictional dying
    declarations. Mr. Green, Mr. Green, wait did that one guy
    not really say “Honeybun how do I look in the face?” because that was the best part
    of this whole class. Jeb Stewart did say that, Me from the Past,
    but it probably wasn’t his last words, but anyway today we’re going to try to focus
    on what’s really important. In the end the really vital stuff isn’t,
    like, Pickett’s Charge or Lee saying “It is well that war is so terrible – otherwise
    we would grow too fond of it” or the surrender at the Appomattox Court House.
    That stuff matters and I don’t want to deny it, but the Civil War and the way we remember
    it is still shaping the world today, and that’s what I want to focus on, because it’s the
    stuff that might actually change the way you think about your own life in your own country,
    whether it’s the United States or the Green Parts of Not America.
    intro So let’s start with one of the big questions
    historians still ask about the Civil War: Did Lincoln free the slaves? The answer, as
    with so much here on Crashcourse is yes … and also no. Let’s go straight to the Thought
    Bubble today. So Lincoln’s reputation as the Great Emancipator
    rests largely on his Emancipation Proclamation, an executive order which went into effect
    on January 1, 1863. This order ostensibly freed all the slaves in territory currently
    rebelling against the United States, i.e. in areas where the U.S. government had no
    authority to free slaves. This is rather like the United States announcing that from here
    on out, North Korea will be ruled by Lady Gaga. Sure, it’s a great idea, but it’s
    not really your jurisdiction. In areas where the U.S. did have the authority
    to free slaves, the border states and some of the areas of the Confederacy that had been
    effectively conquered and occupied by federal troops, those slaves were NOT freed. So Lincoln
    didn’t free the slaves that he actually had the power to free.
    Many historians argue that, in fact, slaves freed themselves. How? By running away to
    union lines and becoming “contrabands.” Because this was a time of war and slaves
    were seen as a valuable resource to the enemy, when they escaped and sought refuge with Union
    troops, Union commanders wouldn’t give them back, despite fugitive slave laws still being
    on the books. So many slaves escaped, the argument goes,
    that Lincoln was basically forced to issue the Emancipation Proclamation, because until
    he did so, those contraband slaves were still technically property of their Southern masters,
    and the Union generals were breaking American laws by not returning them. The Emancipation
    Proclamation then had the added bonus of encouraging more slaves to come over to the Union lines,
    many of whom joined the army, which eventually included about 180,000 former slaves and free
    black men. Thanks, Thought Bubble. So Lincoln may also
    have issued the proclamation in order to shift the focus of the war from union to slavery
    to prevent the British from recognizing the Confederacy.
    Arguably the Confederacy’s best chance to win the Civil War was to get some kind of
    foreign patron, and Britain was the likeliest choice as it was very dependent on Confederate
    textiles. But as you’ll remember from all those people
    going to Canada, Britain had already abolished slavery and it was the historic source of
    abolitionist sentiment, and so it was very shrewd of Lincoln to make the war about slavery.
    Off-topic, but if I may put on my world historian hat for a moment. Thank you, Stan. The fact
    that the British did not recognize the South had profound effects on the whole world, because
    it meant that the British shifted their focus to Egypt and India as sources of cotton for
    their textile mills. All that noted, I think Lincoln does deserve
    some credit for freeing the slaves for two reasons.
    First, he pushed for the Thirteenth amendment which actually ended slavery in the United
    States. And perhaps more importantly, he continued
    the war to its conclusion and demanded that the end of slavery and the return of the Southern
    states to the Union be conditions for peace. This may seem obvious today, but in 1864 it
    wasn’t. In fact, there were numerous calls in the
    North for an end to the war that would allow the South to exist as a separate country and
    leave slavery intact. Now, of course, the rest of world history
    indicates that at some point slavery would have ended, but by prosecuting the war to
    its end, Lincoln brought about slavery’s end sooner.
    But the Civil War didn’t just end slavery. If it had gone differently, Me from the Past
    might have been annoying teachers in a different country from the one in which I now live.
    I might’ve need a passport to visit my parents in North Carolina and slavery might have survived
    for decades–Brazil didn’t fully abolish slavery until 1888.
    And the south would be covered in green as part of Not-America. Or, the north, depending
    on where you’re watching this video, I guess. And, the people who lived through the Civil
    War knew it was momentous. In his famous Gettysburg Address, Abraham Lincoln fostered the idea
    that the Civil War was a kind of second American Revolution, or at least a culmination and
    reaffirmation of the first one. “From these honored dead we take increased
    devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion–that we
    here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation,
    under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people,
    for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” We tried to hire Daniel Day-Lewis for that,
    but he was unavailable. That phrase “new birth” of freedom had
    religious significance as well because it was, like, the 19th century equivalent to
    “born again.” So, the Civil War was the first modern war
    in terms of its scale and its destruction. Like, others have waged war on civilians to
    break the spirit of their enemies (STAN! Mongoltage OPPORTUNITY!)
    mongoltage But new technologies made this one of the
    most destructive wars yet recorded. And, yes, I know the Taiping rebellion took more lives,
    and in terms of percentage of population killed, the contemporaneous war in Paraguay was worse,
    but bear with me. Rifles, and toward the end of the Civil War,
    machine guns shifted the way that people fight. It became easier to defend a line, so cavalry
    charges and huge waves of attacks started to be just slaughtery although it would take
    World War I for the rest of the world to figure that out.
    And the incredible numbers of dead and wounded really changed Americans’ relationship with
    death itself. Like, the Gettysburg address was given to
    dedicate a new national cemetery, and the Civil War helped to create a culture of meditation
    on mortality itself that led to cemeteries replacing churchyards as the final resting
    places for most Americans. And the sight of slaughter and the sheer weight
    of it had profound existential effects on a generation of American intellectuals from
    Walt Whitman and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Oh, it’s time for the Mystery Document?
    The rules here are simple. I guess the Mystery Document and usually I
    am shocked. Oh my gosh, today’s Mystery Document is on an iPad!
    This appears to be a photograph of wounded soldiers in hospital. I’m gonna go ahead
    and call it as being by Mathew Brady. What? I already got it? But I didn’t get
    to say the name… Oh, it’s called Wounded Soldiers in Hospital.
    Thank you for an easy one, Stan. So, Mathew Brady was a prolific photographer
    during the Civil War, although, like a lot of prolific people, he often took credit for
    work done by his employees. And Brady really changed the way that people thought about
    war. He and his staff created some 10,000 images
    during the Civil War. And it was the first time that an event had been photographically
    documented so thoroughly. By the way, lest you think that the unreliability
    of images began with Photoshop, many of Brady’s photographs were staged.
    He would move bodies, sometimes soldiers were apparently told to act dead.
    But of course, at the time, photographs felt inherently authentic and written accounts
    of battles could now be accompanied by actual images of the fighting and its aftermath.
    But, perhaps the most important impact of the Civil War was the new nation that it created.
    Like, the American Civil War fits right in with the global phenomenon of nation-building
    that was happening. Soon we would have places on the map like
    Italy and Germany, and older places like Greece would be re-born as nation states. And then
    all of these places would be known to Americans as Not-America.
    But, by the way, congratulations to Italy on the recent election of their 732nd Prime
    Minister in just 180 years of existing. By far, the most successful of these new nation
    states were the ones that embraced industrialization and modern ideas of organization and centralized
    government. Northern victory in the Civil War meant the
    United States would follow the path that the North laid down. It would become an industrial
    rather than agrarian nation, with a national government pre-eminent over those of individual
    states. It would become a nation. And its not a coincidence that over the course
    of the 19th century, people stopped pluralizing the United States; they stopped saying, “The
    United States are a great place to live,” and began saying, “The United States is
    a great place to live.” The Civil War helped singularize what had been until then a plural
    nation. And Abraham Lincoln was the first president
    to truly expand the power of the executive. He ordered blockades and suspended habeas
    corpus, in addition to emancipating the slaves. But the Republican dominated congress played
    a role in this federalization too. Congress passed the Homestead Act in 1862
    that encouraged settlement of the west by basically giving away land to anyone who had
    $18 and was willing to live on it and farm it for five years.
    Downside: you have to live in Oklahoma. Unless of course you’re an American Indian in which
    case, downside: you don’t get to live in Oklahoma anymore.
    You may be wondering, how were we able to sell all of this land so cheap? It’s because
    we stole it! Meanwhile, the Morrill Land Grant Act financed
    colleges to offer training in new scientific agricultural techniques. The Department of
    Agriculture was created to generate statistics and share best practices in farming.
    Congress also helped unify the country with the massive land grants in the Pacific Railway
    Act of 1862. And during the war the Lincoln administration
    gave away 158 million acres to railroads to tie the nation together. Get it? Tie? Railroad
    ties? The nation toge-? I’ll take my coat and go.
    Plus, as you may have noticed, wars are expensive. And in order to finance the Civil War, Congress
    passed the first progressive income tax in American history, as well as floating huge
    bond issues to the public. And when that wasn’t enough, the administration
    began printing federal money on green paper called “greenbacks.” These, along with
    notes issued by banks under the National Bank Act of 1863 became the first national currency
    in the United States. Altogether, the total cost of the war for
    the Union was $6.7 billion. Interestingly, if in 1860 the federal government had purchased
    every slave and granted a 40-acre farm to each family, the total cost would have been
    $3.1 billion. But a) it would have been hard to get that
    bill through Congress, and b) at the time the federal government had no way to raise
    that kind of money. The federal government also actively promoted
    the industrial economy that was to become dominant in the United States after the war.
    In fact, industrialization was so healthy that visitors to cities in the North during
    the Civil War would have been hard pressed to notice that they were even in a war.
    So, ultimately, the Civil War was a victory for Alexander Hamilton’s federalist vision
    of what America should be. I mean, Thomas Jefferson could never have
    imagined the United States that emerged from the Civil War, a government that supported
    an army of a million men, carried a $2.5 billion national debt, distributed public lands, printed
    a national currency, and collected an array of internal taxes. It sounds like Britain!
    So, the Civil War wasn’t just a victory of North over South or of freedom over slavery.
    It created the nation that the United States of America has become. Thanks for watching.
    I’ll see you next week. Crash Course is produced and directed by Stan
    Muller. Our script supervisor is Meredith Danko. Too far! Our associate producer is
    Danica Johnson. The show is written by my high school history teacher, Raoul Meyer,
    and myself. And our graphics team is Thought Café.
    Every week, there’s a new caption for the Libertage. You can suggest some in comments
    where you can also ask questions about today’s video that will be answered by our team of
    historians. Thank you for watching and as we say in my hometown, don’t forget to be
    awesome. Civil War 2 –

    Film Theory: Spiderman is DEAD! Web Swinging’s Tragic Truth (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
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    Film Theory: Spiderman is DEAD! Web Swinging’s Tragic Truth (Spider-Man: Homecoming)

    August 19, 2019

    Back in 2012, scientists at the University of Wyoming designed, get this, Spider Goats. No joke! By splicing together the genes of spiders with actual goats, they created barn yard creatures that could spin their own webs! I mean Batman has his Batcow, Let’s give Spiderman his Spider goat! [Spider Goat]: Baaawaw *Intro theme* [Goat]: Screams [MatPat]:First screaming goats, then fainting goats, now spider goats. Seriously, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Hello, Internet! Welcome to Film Theory, the show who’s intro starts with a topic I have yet to cover, in the two years of this channel’s
    existence. Simply because I was so confident that we’d actually get to covering it. And today we’re finally going to talk about radioactive Spidermans. Now before we get into today’s theory, let me just say the new movie looks incredible! Though of course I can’t say for certain, since, ya know, I wasn’t invited to the previews… Unlike literally every other movie youtube channel out there. And also Smosh Games… for some reason who I love ya guys but… (Annoyed grunt) And uh… I don’t know man Mickey Mouse is just trying to grind my face into the dirt with his over sized, cartoonish, yellow shoe. *Extremely bad Mickey laugh imitation* *imitating Mickey* “You suck Mat!” Aaaaaanyway enough about me and the chip in my shoulder about being one of the largest film channels on YouTube but still not getting invited to events like that… Today it is time to whip out your theory shooters because *get this*, Peter Parker, (Your friendly neighborhood spider bro), yeah, well, he is, without question, totally dead. OhOhOH, nonono, not in a “he’s dead and symbolically making his way through the phases of grief Majora’s Mask” kinda way. More of a “Hey, have you ever really stopped to think about what the fatal ramifacations of a human pocessing spider powers might be?” Because here’s the thing, forget Rhino and Lizard and Vulture. Spiderman’s biggest enemy is gonna be his own anatomy, every time he steps out the door to do some web swinging. Now, you’ll notice in most versions of the story Spiderman got his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider which alters his DNA and gives him awesome powers like super strength proportional to that of spider, lightning fast reflexes, climbing walls and Spider-sense. AKA literally being able to predict the future. Because I don’t know about you, but the first thing comes to mind when I’m thinking about spiders is their reputation as nature’s fortune tellers! Why is Spider-sense a thing? Maybe there is an actual reason for it. Come to think of it, Spider-sense makes literally no sense. You’ll notice though one thing I didn’t mention is his ability to shoot spider webs! Because that one is a bit tricky. You see, originally Spiderman made the web shooters himself but also sometimes in the comics he did get the ability to make spiderwebs inside his own body and then the movies gave him the power just right off the bat. So long story short, it’s complicated, alright? But it gets even more awkwardly complicated when you consider that the male spiders’ web shooters share space with *whispers* their reproductive ducts Ugh, whispering it just makes it sound even grosser. So needless to say we are not even touching that one. This is still a family friendly show. I’m not even going close to that one. But all joking aside, it’s that man part of Spider-Man that’s going to get Peter Parker into trouble. I mean, sure. Peter’s DNA might have changed with the spider bite, but he’s still a human. Well… most of the time. What I’m trying to point out to you today is that no amount of radiation is suddenly gonna change the way his body is constructed. The way that blood pumps through his veins or that he has an actual endoskeleton. And details like that, while they may seem insignificant, actually matter a lot, when you’re suddenly subjecting yourself to very non-human, spider like activities like web swinging. These are literally the difference makers between life or death. And Peter… is definitely gonna be on the death side of that spectrum no matter how much spider strength he might possess. For instance, Spiders have what’s called an open circulatory system. *Spiderman theme music* Spider blood! Spider blood! Radio- *music stops Yeah!!! That opening for the ’90’s cartoon was so rad! And so scientifically inaccurate because spiders don’t actually have blood, radioactive or otherwise. You see, a spider’s open circulatory system consists of a big ol’ muscle sack of a heart filled with what’s known as hemolymph. Basically, the fancy word for bug blood. In retrospect, I guess *mimics Spiderman theme song* Hemolymph Hemolymph Radioactive Hemolymph. *returns to normal* wouldn’t have been as big of a hit with the kiddies. Anyway, inside the spider’s body, the heart contracts to put pressure on the hemolymph. Which pushes it out to fill large sacks around the essential organs And that, ladies and gentleman is how oxygen gets to all the important parts of a spider’s body. The hemolymph is kinda free to flow wherever it wants to until the heart summons it back, cleans out the wastes, and then pushes it back into the sacks again. Humans, by contrast, have a closed circulatory system where the blood is trapped inside one continuous loop running through arteries and veins as it flows from the lungs to the heart and around the body. It’s a great system that works really well, until you start having to deal with g-forces. You see, when trapped in a closed circulatory system, g-forces can actually pull blood down and away from the organs they need to go to. Places like, say, the brain. We’re a second or two without oxygen and WHAMO! You have passed out! And guess who’s feeling a bunch of extra g-forces literally all the time? Good ol’ Peter Parker, our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, as he web-swings his way through the city. Just how many G’s? Let’s talk about that. You know how when you spin a bucket of water around, the water stays in the bottom of the bucket and doesn’t fall out when it’s upside down? Well, that happens because of centripetal force, the force that acts on anything moving in a circular path and that force is directed towards the center of the circle. But now, replace the bucket with Peter’s body and the water with Peter’s blood. So I ran the calculations and found that every time Spiderman swings through the city, he’s experiencing, at minimum, 3 Gs of force as his body bottoms out of the arc of his swing, sending blood rushing out of his brain and down to his feet. Spiders, when they swing on webs, don’t have the same problem because of their open circulatory system. They can just contract their heart more to force the hemolymph to spread around their body more evenly. But a human? We’re in trouble. It’s actually a reason why fighter pilots have to wear special compression suits when they’re stunt flying, so their blood can stay more evenly distributed around their bodies as they flip through the air. And call me crazy, but the last thing you want to have happen while flying around on a thin rope of webbing hundreds of metres above the road is the black out and go careening down to slam into the ground. Not very super heroic of you, there, Spiderboy. But lightheadedness is the least of Spidey’s worries. I don’t care how super he is, he’d constantly be rupturing his own internal organs every time he swung around on those webs How? Well, with moments like this: Deadpool: “He’s gonna do a superhero landing, wait for it! Whooo! Superhero landing!” Spiderman: “Hey, everyone.” These sorts of landings are iconic for Spiderman. And yet, they’d also be unbelievably deadly. Take for instance this scene in Sam Raimi’s original Spiderman. Peter discovers that he has the ability to shoot webs, and on his first attempt to swing, he hits a wall like Wile E. Coyote Hilarious? More like hilariously dead. *slam sound effect* After seeing this and running some quick numbers using pixel measurements, Peter is swinging in this scene at over 17 meters per second, or almost 40 miles per hour. And he’s hitting that wall with over 75,000 Newtons of force. That translates to over 100 G-forces of deceleration instantaneously. Remember! Peter isn’t a spider. He’s a SpiderMAN. And even with enhanced super strength and reflexes, he’s still just a guy. A guy who definitely just had all his internal organs slam into his ribcage because, unlike a real sider, who has an exoskeleton, humans have hard bones inside their bodies protecting the organs that are sloshing around inside there. And when you’re swinging at 40 miles an hour and suddenly come to a dead stop, that protection becomes a dangerous roadblock, as your organs want to keep up with their momentum only to crash headlong into the ribcage, rupturing themselves in the process. But hey, if the sudden stop doesn’t kill him well, the extreme falls will. Again, spiders have evolved and adapted to their wall climbing, web-based lifestyle. And that means adapting to avoid fall damage. More specifically, spiders bodies are built in a way that they have high surface area relative to their volume. In other words, this means they have a large surface to act as an aerofoil and thus slow their fall, coupled with a small overall mass. They’re kinda like a natural parachute. They’ve evolved in a way that enables them to fall from huge heights and still survive, because that’s what their life entails every single day. Climbing into high corners, building webs, and yeah, sometimes getting caught by a stay breeze or Swiffer, only to plummet to the ground. They need to be able to survive that and their bodies are built accordingly. Humans, on the other hand, are built to sit on their computers and type. And thus, that means they’re dense. And shaped like walking, talking railroad spikes. Wide spider is wide, but narrow Spiderman is cutting through the air like butter! The way his body is shaped isn’t gonna help him slow his descent at all. So surviving the punishing 600 megapascals of pressure he’s placing on his body with 200 meter dead drop landings like this one is just impossible! But most importantly, remember that chitin exoskeleton that spiders have I mentioned a couple paragraphs ago? Well, they have two, technically. The outer layer is hardened and resistant to puncture forces, and the inner layer is more stretchy, and has a high tensile strength. It’s able to bend and flex, to do things like, you know, absorb the impact of performing landings like this one. But if you’re a dense human rod with dense human rod-like bones inside of you, holding everything together, those things will absolutely shatter and break when you’re putting that amount of pressure on them, spider strength or no! Let’s just say that Tom Holland is gonna lose a few more inches off of his already petite stature. Long story short, Spiders have evolved to the form they are today over thousands of years. To perfect a body type that’s adapted to all of it’s creepy-crawly, weird arachnid needs. Climbing walls, falling off those walls, changing velocity quickly. Those same powers, but without the proper body structures to support those powers is gonna just be a recipe for disaster. Our soft and squishy, not-parachute like, closed circulatory, dense bodies just aren’t equipped to handle it, spider bite or no. Moral of the story is that web swinging is NOT something humans should be doing unless supervised by an adult… In a giant flying robot exoskeleton. But hey! That’s just a theory! A Film Theory!! Aaaaaaaand cut! *outro music*