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    Volunteering at her local hospital inspired Kate to to train to be a nurse
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    Volunteering at her local hospital inspired Kate to to train to be a nurse

    November 8, 2019

    I was inspired to start volunteering
    because I’ve been reading about the growing issue of loneliness in London
    and I particularly thought about patients who weren’t receiving any
    visitors in hospital. I’ve been volunteering now for about 18 months and I generally stick with bleep volunteering, which is whereby I work
    alongside the pharmacy and deliver discharge medications to different wards
    around the hospital to ensure that the nurses don’t have to leave their busy duties. There are a number of tasks that doctors and nurses can offload on to volunteers, which don’t necessarily require formal medical or nursing
    training and in picking these up I hope that we’re able to allow them to spend
    more time with patients and doing the things they’ve trained so long to do. Anyone can be of use in a hospital in some capacity. Most of the time patients just want to tell you about their experience, tell you how they’re feeling. You don’t have to provide the answer. It’s just nice to have a friendly face to talk to. Every time I go to the nurses’ station and I can see how busy and stressed the team are. And being able to deliver the discharge medications and seeing the relief on their faces that they don’t have to
    spend that four minutes of their valuable time running up and down stairs
    to get them, it’s immensely satisfying.

    How Do Maglev Trains Work? – Christmas Lectures with Leonard Maunder
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    How Do Maglev Trains Work? – Christmas Lectures with Leonard Maunder

    November 8, 2019

    British Rail are developing trains that fly. New wheels. They lift off the rails to a constant gap,
    15 mm, by powerful electromagnets which we can illustrate
    by reference to this little ball. Which is an ordinary beach ball to which it’s been attached a metal cap capable of attraction by this electromagnet
    which I will shortly switch on. And then the ball can be held up against the
    magnet. So if I switch the mains on, the electromagnet
    is now activated and if I put the ball within the range of
    the magnet the magnet will pull the ball up and it will
    actually stay fixed against the magnet. If I try and pull the ball away it’s quite
    difficult, but with a good pull it’ll come. And if it’s too far away it will, it will
    fall. If it’s too near, it will simply bump up against
    the face of the magnet. So it’s rather unstable in any intermediate
    position and what British Rail would like to do would be to have a suspension which held the
    ball or the train at a fixed gap. Now that can be achieved if you have a light
    system here, going from this light to a photoelectric cell, which actually controls the current in the
    electromagnet in such a way that if the ball attracts, goes
    towards the magnet the current has made less and the ball falls
    away slightly. And conversely on the other side. Now if I can start it off in the right position
    it will in fact hold that gap which I hope you can see quite closely and I can turn the ball without any interference. And that’s the principle of magnetic levitation. Now it’s not enough just to get the train
    off the rails of course the train has to move! So how about that? Well for that the proposal
    and indeed the result is to use an induction motor. A linear induction
    motor. But first lets look at an ordinary rotational
    induction motor which is shown here. It consists of a casing. A number of electromagnets are spaced around
    the casing. And alternating current is fed into the magnets
    in such a way that a magnetic field is swept around the
    casing. Rather like a brush with bristles pointing
    inwards. Rotating at a speed determined by the frequency
    of the current. Now that magnetic field intersects elements
    in the rotor and induces currents according to the experiment
    that you’ve just seen. Those two currents interact with certain forces. The forces can’t move the stata, but they
    do in fact drive the rotor around, in pursuit of the electromagnetic field. And that’s the principle of an induction motor. However, the train has to move in a straight
    line. So the next stage is to say, well, we’ll make
    this thing into a linear machine. Imagine that this casing is the stata with
    the electromagnets spaced around it. And if I cut through the casing and lay it
    flat then I have the basis of a linear induction
    motor. The poles are now spaced along the length
    rather than around the circumference and by feeding alternating current in the
    correct phase along the length, then I get a travelling magnetic field which
    drives the rotor or some small object picking up the induced
    electricity in that direction. And professor Laithwaite has kindly provided
    this little demonstration for that. The electromagnets are in fact within this
    little black box. If I switch it on I produce a travelling field
    going to the right. If I put this copper tube in position over
    it. Stop it initially. Then it will drive the rotor round and round. As the forces affect the lower part of the
    tube and put it into quite a fast rotation. However that’s not quite the answer yet. So to get the train to move, then if we put that
    plate on the top, I’ll switch the machine off to begin with
    so everything is nice and stationary. And if I know switch the machine on the travelling field will now drive the plate
    off in that direction. You’re quite safe, it doesn’t go that far. At
    least it hasn’t so far. And it fires away. So that if we had a very long track with electromagnets
    spaced out appropriately, then we could in fact drive the train without

    DIY: 5 Lug Conversion on your Car or Truck
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    DIY: 5 Lug Conversion on your Car or Truck

    November 7, 2019

    Hey guys Chrisfix here and today I’m going to show you how to do a 4 to 5 lug conversion It’s actually really simple to do we’ll be doing it on this Nissan 240. Now this Nissan 240 is not any 240 it is my friends, and fellow YouTuber, Saab Kyle’s! What’s up, everyone! and the reason why we’re doing this is because some cars come stock with a four lug setup You can see we have one, two, three, four as opposed to the more common five lug setup, which we’ll be swapping in. And since the 5 lug setup is so much more common, it gives us so many more wheel options. Such as running a wider wheels for more grip, and larger wheels for more space, since this car is getting a massive six piston big brake kit because unlike other 240s, this 240 isn’t getting drifted, it’s getting restomoded! And Kyle just unveiled his built Turbo RB Twenty-Five engine that’s going into the car. And he also has a large pile of parts that still have to get installed. So be sure to check out his channel for updates on the restoration, and I’ll include a link in the description. So this car is really going to be something special when it’s done! Not only is it can perform amazing, But it’s going to look amazing, and part of the looks are the wheels! So we need to get these wheels on this car, and in order to do that, we need to go from this four lug setup to the 5 lug setup, so let’s get started on doing that! We’re going to be using all common hand tools, so could easily do this job at home in the driveway. Parts wise, you’re going to need five lug hubs. We have five lug front hubs and five lug rear hubs, and because the 240 has a four lug rotor, you’re also going to have to remember to get five lug rotors. And finally we only have four lug nuts now, we need an extra lug nut, so you might as well just buy a whole set of brand-new fresh lug nuts to look good with those new wheels. And that’s all we need, so let’s begin! The first thing we need to do is jack up the vehicle. In this situation our car is pretty low, so it’s hard to get the jack under the front. Not a lot of clearance, so what we’re going to do instead is we’re going to jack the car up from the side. But before we jack up the car from the side we’re going to turn the steering wheel so we can better access the bolts from the back side. Once we get the wheel off, we also want to come to the other side of the car and chalk off the wheels, so the car doesn’t roll now. We could jack up the car from the side, but we don’t want to put the jack right in the middle, because that puts a lot of stress on the frame. Rather, we want to put the jack right behind the wheel, and we want to jack right on his frame rail in the front. As we jack up from the side you can see not only does the front wheel come off the ground, but the rear wheel lifts off as well. Once both wheels are high enough, then we could slide the front and rear jack stands under the frame and slowly let the car down onto the jack stands. With the car on jack stands, we could remove the jack, and what we’re going to want to do is anytime you jack up the vehicle always shake It real good to make sure it’s sturdy. And this car is not moving, so we’re ready to work on the car. So let’s start with the front wheel, and remove all four lug nuts, and the wheel, and slide it under the car for extra protection. All right, so now we’re ready to get to our four lug hub, so that we could replace it with our five lug hub, which also comes with a brand new bearing. In order to get to this hub off, we have to remove this dust cover. That will pop off, and we have access to the spindle nut. After we remove the spindle nut, we could take the brakes off, and then our hubs should come right out. So wedge your screwdriver behind the dust cap and give it a twist. It should pop right off. Now we need to remove the spindle nut. But first, there’s a cotter pin in the way, so pry the ends of the cotter pin so they straighten out, and pull it out with the pliers. And if it breaks, don’t worry. Just pull it out from the other side.
    Now we can remove the spindle nut. And this one is a 30 millimeter. So use a breaker bar and break it free, and unscrew it the rest of the way off. And with the spindle nut removed, we’re halfway done at getting this four lug hub out! It is really that simple! All we have to do now is remove the brake caliper, and then the brake rotor and in order to do that, we need to go behind here, and then there’s two bolts. One up here one down here that need to be removed. We’ll start with the top one. This is a 19 millimeter, break it loose, and that’s the first one. Now we’ll do the bottom. Break it loose, and that’s two. With those two bolts removed, now the brake caliper should slide right out. But before we do that, we want to grab something like a bungee cord and hang it up here. So when we take the brake caliper off, we’re not letting it dangle from the brake hose, which could damage it. Instead, connect the bungee To the caliper and hang it on the suspension that way, there’s no stress on the brake hose. Now we could remove the brake rotor and since we are ready to remove that spindle nut, this four lug hub and wheel bearings should slide right out. So out with the old four lug hub and bearing, and in with the new five lug hub and bearing! One thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you grab any washers or anything that are in the old hub. I also want to show you something really cool. Check this out! This is the original wheel bearing, and look at how much play is in here So not only are we changing from a four to five lug hub, but we’re installing brand-new wheel bearings. We wipe down our spindle surface, Make sure it’s free of any debris. You could also hit it with some brake cleaner to get all that dust out of there, so the wheel bearings last a good long time. Now with the spindle surface nice and clean, we could add our five lug hub and wheel bearing. It just slides right on like that. And don’t forget about the washer! And slides that right in. And make sure it’s seated against the bearing good. Now before installing the axle nut, what I like to do is I like to get some blue medium strength thread-locker, and just put It on the threads of the spindle. And then technically every time you unscrew an axle nut you’re supposed to replace it with a new one, but to be honest with you with a little thread-locker and it torqued to the right spec, I’ve never had a problem with reusing the old axle nut when it’s in good condition. With the axle nut hand tightened, it’s very important that we torque it down to the correct torque spec. In this case, It’s a hundred and thirty foot-pounds. Reason being is this axle nut is pushing up against the bearing so if it’s too loose, or if it’s too tight, it could cause that bearing to wear out prematurely, and then you’ll have to do this all over again. So let’s make sure we torque it down to 130 foot pounds. Good! Now you want to install a new cotter pin. Don’t reuse the old pin, in this case, I can’t because I destroyed it, but even if it’s in decent shape like this, don’t reuse it. These cotter pins are inexpensive enough, and they are just an extra safety item so your axle nut doesn’t back out. With the cotter pin, what you want to do is you want to bend it open, and this one had it wrapped around the top, and you could also bend the other one. And that is exactly how a cotter pin should look. The pin goes through, we bent it around the top, and we also bent it around the back, and it’s set in place and that spindle nut is secure. And with that, the hub and bearing is securely in place. Now we’re going to add our brand new five lug brake rotor. But since its brand new, spray it with brake cleaner and wipe off all the oils they use to prevent it from rusting in the packaging. And look at all that oil! These oils need to come off so they don’t contaminate the brake pads and cause brake noise, or worse, brakes slip! Now, we could install the brake rotor. Then we can unhook the brake caliper and slide that right over the new rotor. Perfect! now all we have to do is tighten up these two caliper mounting bolts. But before that, I like to add a Little bit of threadlocker to each bolt. And the medium strength threadlocker is going to prevent vibrations from loosening up these bolts. But, it’s also easy to remove with hand tools, which is why I use it. Now, with both of those caliper bolts hand tightened we could grab our torque wrench, and we’re going to torque them down. And the whole point of us turning the wheel outwards, is so we have more access back here, which makes these bolts way easier to torque down. And they have to get torqued down to 70 foot pounds. Good! And finally, to finish the conversion on the front, just get your dust cover, push it in, and then hammer it in. In this case, we can’t use the dust cover, because they do not clear the new wheels. And that’s all it takes to go from a four log hub to a five lug hub! The conversion is simple in the front! And now, before we put these volk wheels on, let’s go and convert the rear! Now the rear end conversion is a little bit different, because this is a driven wheel. There’s an axle in here, and this wheel gets the power, so this hub is actually bolted in. Unlike the front hub, which just slides in. So, the process is similar. First, remove the cotter pin by straightening the cotter pin up, and pulling it out. This one came out a little bit better than the front one! Then remove this axle nut cover. And now we’re able to remove that axle nut. But before we do that, if the threads on your axle are dirty, get a little bit of brake clean and Just clean them off, so that you’re unscrewing the axle nut on clean threads, and not dirty threads, you don’t want to damage the threads on your axle. Another little tip is that this axle nut is going to be on there really tight. So when you try to loosen it, the axle is just going to spin. So, a little trick is to go into the interior of the car, Shift the car in the first and pull up the ebrake. Then use a 36 millimeter socket and breaker bar to break that loose! Now we can unscrew the axle nut almost all the way. Don’t remove it, get it so it’s flush with the axle, just like that. Because sometimes the axle gets stuck in the splines of the hub, so we want to hit the axle inwards to make sure it’s not seized up. Just give it a few good taps, and you can see the axle moved inwards. So now, we know the axle is free to move from the hub. It’s not seized up and our axle nut is removed Now go in the car, and put it in neutral, and lower the ebrake, so we could spin the axle. And I’ll show you why that’s important in a second. But first, we need to remove the brakes. So start by breaking the top bolt loose, then unscrew it all the way and remove the bolt. And for the bottom bolt, I’m going to Extend the ratchet to give me more leverage. And that broke loose even easier than the top! And now, we could slide the caliper off and rest it on the control arm, so it’s not hanging from the brake line. and finally get that rotor out of the way. now unlike the front hub, the rear hub has four bolts on the back that holds it in. If we move over to the side there’s one up there one down there and on the other side, there’s one up there and one down there and those need to be removed we could get access from behind and then pop this out Now one way to get to the bolts that are holding this hub in or to come up here and remove the control arms So we could tilt this knuckle forward, but I actually have a better way. That’s a lot easier Which is why we have the car in neutral, so let’s come around the back here. So we’re working on this side We have a bolt here and a bolt here, but you can see the axles in the way so if we try to put our wrench in here There’s no way we could get the wrench to fit So all you have to do is spin the axle, and you can see the axle has a little cutout here So now your ratchet will fit right in so break the bolt loose and loosen it up all the way then spin the axle break the bottom one loose and Remove that bolt as well now with these two bolts removed Let’s go to the other side and remove those two bolts. The only thing is on this side It’s a little bit tighter because we have the coil over, but it’s still completely doable break that bolt loose then remove it the rest of the way good spin the axle to make room at the bottom break that bolt loose and Remove that last bolt completely now with all four of our hub bolts out now We could try pulling on this hub and removing it try to pull it off by hand But usually it’s not going to come off so give it a few tests with a hammer and it’s really getting loose and slide Right off like that Beautiful so out with the old and in with the new but before we install this we want to clean the axle up so remove The dust shield and spray it all down with brake cleaner Then wipe it clean with the towel and with the axle all clean I like to apply a little bit of anti-seize to the splines Of the actual this is going to prevent rust and make it easier for the hub and bearing assembly to come out if it needs To be removed in the future all right So let’s put on the dust shield and slide the new Hub assembly on like that Then let’s Prep the four Hub bolts by adding medium strength Ed locker to all of them Next align the holes in the dust shield and the hub with the knuckle and get a bolt in there the hole It in now, we can hand tighten the rest And that’s the second third and our last one right here good and with those four hub bolts hand tightened now We could use a torque wrench and tighten them down all the way we want to torque these bolts in a crisscross pattern So the hub seats evenly on the knuckle And they all get tightened at 70 foot-pounds good With the four Hub bolts torqued down this hub assembly is in But we’re not going to tighten down that axle nut just yet first. We want to install the brakes so put the new clean brake rotor on and a little trick to hold the rotor in place is to use a lug nut and tighten it down so the rotor won’t move Then slide the brake caliper over the rotor and grab the two caliper bolts add a little thread locker and let’s start by hand tightening The top one then do the bottom one and now we could torque them down to sixty foot pounds Good All right with both of those bolts torqued down our brakes are in and we have one more thing We need to do and that is tighten that axle nut but before we could do that We have to go into the car put it in first and set the ebrake and Now our axle isn’t going to budge when we tighten the nut so first get your old four lug hub and remove that washer We’re going to slide that right on then add a little medium strength thread locker and hand tighten that axle nut Now here comes the fun part we have to torque this axle nut to 200 foot-pounds of torque that is a lot of torque Perfect, and finally we can install our axle nut cover and then get a brand new cotter pin slip it through and open up both Sides of the cotter pin around the axle now We can remove our lug nut that held the rotor in place And we are done and this conversion allows us go from this wheel to this wheel and not only does it look better But check out the difference in width so we have this and then we have that that is going to give us a lot more grip for when he puts that RV engine in here, so there’s a before and After look at how good that looks so let’s drop her down Holy smokes these wheels just set this car off and there you go that is how you do a four log to five lug conversion Even if you’re not doing the fortified conversion that shows you how to replace the rear and front wheel bearing This car looks so good now. It’s going to perform even better. Hopefully the video is helpful If it was remember to give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber consider hitting that subscribe button And as always all the products I use in my videos are linked in the description, so you could easily find them

    Running Through Glass in Slow Motion
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    Running Through Glass in Slow Motion

    November 7, 2019

    – Hello, I’m Gav.
    – I’m Dan. Welcome to
    “The Super Slow Show.” Dan, in your quest to look
    better in slow motion, you told me you want to
    jump through a pane of glass. I did. I think I would
    look bad-ass doing that. – Like an action hero.
    – Yeah. And then what happened
    yesterday? I hurt myself
    trying to be bad-ass. And what does that mean? You have to do it.( music playing )So I’m gonna run through
    a pane of glass. This one is made
    of breakaway glass. I’m just gonna throw my body
    at it full tilt. Hopefully,
    it won’t bounce off. And then after that, why don’t we try it
    with real glass? Oh, man. I like how
    I wanted to do it and you don’t want to do it,
    but you have to do it. If I find out
    that injury’s fake,
    I’ll be livid. Livid. All right. ( exhales forcefully ) – ( laughs )
    – Okay, ready. – Is that your game face?
    – Yeah. All right, let’s do it. You’re already not bad-ass. ( laughs ) – How do you feel?
    – Uh… it feels very unnatural to be
    wanting to run towards this. I can tell,
    because you’re doing this. ( exhales ) – Yeah.
    – Pacing around. I’m gonna run through it
    like this, I’m gonna smash it
    with my elbow. Okay. ‘Cause it would be stupid
    to do it like this. I think it would look better,
    but all right. – All right, you ready?
    – Yeah. – ( inhales )
    – Go on, good face. Oh, bullocks! May have overshot
    the mat slightly. That looked so much fun. Look,
    you’ve left a Gav-shaped
    hole in the glass. Oh, wow,
    it’s like a cartoon. You’re not bleeding out of
    your jugular as well, so that’s good.( music playing )Dan:
    That looks like one of those
    portals in a video game
    where it takes you to
    a different dimension
    or something. – Yeah.
    – ‘Cause it’s like… ‘Cause of the weird,
    sort of, warped-ness –of the glass.
    Went to break
    with the knee and elbow.
    Oh, yeah, that looks good.
    ( Gav imitates shattering )Dan:
    That’s cool.
    Oh, that doesn’t look bad.
    Straight through.
    You look bad-ass for sure.
    Oh, the glass
    looks cool, though.
    You made some spin
    quite high up there.
    If that was real glass,
    I’d be cut to ribbons.
    You’d be in pieces right now.
    Look at the incredibly
    unglamorous landing.
    ( both laugh )On my head, legs spread.Dan:
    You ended up half way along
    the mat when you landed,
    and then you almost went
    off the edge.
    That is
    not glamorous there. – No.
    – Look how your legs are. I’ve never seen Stallone
    land like that. You went from
    looking bad-ass –to completely
    not bad-ass…

    ( both laugh )in about two meters.More bad-ass than you
    in the background. ( mocking babble ) So you’ve done
    the fake glass. – Yes.
    – How was that? All right? Yeah, felt it,
    but it was fine. Yep. Now for the real thing.
    Yeah. Yeah, the other one
    I was sort of nervous
    to even touch because it was breakaway.
    This one’s just glass. This is solid. It’s– It’s tempered glass as well. So it’s not like the glass
    where it gets sharp. It’s the safety glass. So hopefully
    you should be all right. That all depends on if
    our little mechanism works. I’ll just take you
    through it. So, we’ve wired up
    a small detonator. Just before you go through it,
    I’ll detonate it and smash the glass
    just before you get to it. So if you’re too early,
    the shot doesn’t look as good. – Yeah.
    – If you’re too late, – You just into the glass.
    – I run into sheet glass – and bounce off, probably.
    – Pretty much. And then I detonate it,
    and then it just falls down.( music playing )I’m ready on the trigger. Are you ready to run
    through real glass? I think my motivation
    on this one is I’m in a skyscraper and it’s gonna blow up. – I got to get out.
    – Okay. Excellent. Here we go. – ( exhales )
    – I’m ready. ( groans, laughs ) Oh! Oh, my God! – I’m fine.
    – Oh. Man:
    It blew. It didn’t
    break the glass. You good, dude?
    Your elbow okay? – Yeah.
    – Oh, Jesus. – ( muttering )
    – ( laughs ) Oh! I promise I pressed
    the trigger. – I promise.
    – Oh. I did not expect that. – You okay?
    – Yeah. ( laughs )
    That was hilarious! I’m so glad that happened.( music playing )Gav:
    I was so naive and innocent.
    I thought I’d be through.Well, I felt like,
    if I curled up more,
    I would definitely
    go through ’cause I’m focusing more energy
    into a smaller area. That was the theory. –Oh!
    Oh!Dan:That’s such
    a heavy impact.
    Because it’s so clear,it looks like you just
    got stopped by nothing.
    Look at me laughing
    in the background.
    Look at that!
    What is that?( slow motion laughing )Well, how’d that feel? It didn’t feel magnificent. – No?
    – Didn’t feel great. See, now I’m at a disadvantage
    because I knew there was the possibility
    it wouldn’t break, – Yeah.
    – but now I know what it feels
    like when it doesn’t break. – Oh, yeah.
    – So now am I gonna have the same level of beans
    running towards it? Well, technically, you’re not the one
    breaking the glass. So you don’t even need… Well, you can say that again. – Bloody hell.
    – ( laughs ) All right. – You ready?
    – Here we go. Oh-ho! – Man: Freeze!
    – You made it! Keep your eyes closed. All right,
    you got a little– couple of little nicks in you, but nothing serious.( music playing )Gav:
    Oh, there’s the charge going.
    That’s a beefier charge,
    for sure.
    It flew out past me.
    You really tucked up
    this time. – ( laughs )
    – Didn’t you? I really wanted to go through. Oh. Gav:
    It’s like I’m just wearing
    a glass suit coming through.Dan:
    It does look super cool
    ’cause it– like,
    the glass follows
    your shape, doesn’t it?
    Oh, it just looks awful,
    just landing on
    a load of real glass.
    It’s amazing that
    that is real glass.
    Because it’s safety glass,
    it’s, like, all you’ve got
    is a tiny little cut.
    I couldn’t really feel
    the cuts on my face and neck.
    I felt them on
    my finger more.
    Yeah, you could never do that
    through non-tempered glass.
    Dan:No.You got the effect
    that we were after, though,
    where it, like,
    follows your body around.
    Hopefully you enjoyed
    that video. Feel free to subscribe
    to “The Slow Mo Guys,” and we’ll see you
    in the next episode of “The Super Slow Show.” – ( laughs )
    – ( spits ) That’s the sort of hole
    I’d have made.( music playing )Hi, guys. We can’t wait
    to show you more episodes
    from this show. Loads of other videos
    for you to check out. If you haven’t already,
    be sure to subscribe now for the latest updates,
    special guests, and big explosions. So click here
    if you love explosions. – Everyone loves explosions.
    – That’s true. Does that mean
    you have to click there? I think so.
    I’ve already clicked. Yeah, click.

    Historien om Tvärbanan – Lokalbanorna i Stockholm del 2/7
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    Historien om Tvärbanan – Lokalbanorna i Stockholm del 2/7

    November 6, 2019

    Today, we’re travelling on the newest addition to Stockholm’s rail network and somewhat of an infrastructural success story Today, we’re travelling on Tvärbanan Tvärbanan is a high speed tram that was introduced in the year 2000 It was built as part of the so called “Dennis package” and the first stretch were the 8 stops that opened between Gullmarsplan and Liljeholmen Gullmarsplan is a hub for the Metro’s green line in the south and Liljeholmen a hub for the Metro’s red line in the south and this stretch is also today the most travelled part of Tvärbanan In 2006 there was also a commuter rail station opened in Årstaberg Årsta is situated between Gullmarsplan and Liljeholmen An area that has existed for quite some time but had fairly poor connectivity until when the Tvärbanan came here and since then, this area has really had an upswing when it comes to new developments of blocks of flats and this will for sure continue, considering that the Metro will be extended here in 2035 Later, the same year (2000), the first extention opened from Liljeholmen with an additional five stops via Gröndal and Stora Essingen up to Alvik with connections to the Metro’s grön linje and Nockebybanan In 2002 … [bird croaks] Ja, ja, ja! In 2002 the Tvärbanan was extended by four stops down Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla udde When I was a kid, this part of town was a slum – an area called “Lugnet industrial estate” but it was also a slum with a pretty nice seaview so maybe not like a favela in São Paolo but still a slum so the city decided to do something different with this part of town Today Hammarby Sjöstad is a fairly expensive and hip place very close to the city centre But without the Tvärbanan, it would probably have been difficult to get here by public transport In 2025 the Metro’s blue line will be extended here to Hammarby Sjöstad But if you don’t like railways you can always take the ferry instead 11 years later, i. e. in 2013, the Tvärbanan was extended by an additional seven stops from Alvik via Sundbyberg centrum and the commuter rail and the Metro’s blue line towards Hjulsta to Solna centrum and the Metro’s blue line towards Akalla In Sundbyberg, they wanted the Tvärbanan to run like a regular tram, directly in the street This gives quite a cozy town feeling but meanwhile it’s also rather clumsy, since now the tram has to compete with pedestrians, cyclists stop at red lights, and compete with other cars or buses The stretch Alvik-Solna is often talked about as becoming twice as expensive as tram lines in other countries And that’s probably true But the sizing of this tram line is also very generous It is a high speed tram, not a regular tram It has its own embankment, signalling and it is built for speeds up to 80km/h even if the signalling and speed are not fully operational yet In 2014, the Solna-stretched was extended one last time by one stop to Solna station where I am now In 2025, the Metro’s yellow (green) line will open just behind the corner to the left station Arenastaden in Hagalund The last extension came in 2017 when the south stretch was extended all the way to Sickla where it now connects to Saltsjöbanan When the Metro is extended to Nacka in 2025 there will be possibilities to change here to the Metro’s blue line Today, the Tvärbanan has reached 26 stops and 19 km of tracks Each day approximately 90,000 passengers travel with Tvärbanan and that is in fact more than Roslagsbanan, Saltsjöbanan, Lidingöbanan, Nockebybanan and Spårväg City together In many ways, the Tvärbanan is a modern success in public transport But why really? Can’t you run the same stretch by bus? In theory, of course but in practice much more slowly The fact is that Tvärbanan has its own embankment so that it doesn’t have to compete with buses, cars and others and can connect to places like this E.g. Stora Essingen where I am now, which is located on an island Compare that with e. g. Spårväg City that runs in the street, along Strandvägen and competes with buses, cars and cyclists There is also that fact that Tvärbanan doesn’t at all run in the city centre. It circles around the city centre and connects to existing Metro lines, tram lines, and commuter railways and provides cross communication It connects areas that have previously lacked railways This doesn’t necessarily mean that Tvärbanan will always be the quickest way to travel If you’re going from Gullmarsplan to Liljeholmen then you actually save six-seven minutes If you’re continuing to Alvik – then you don’t save any time at all If you’re going from Gullmarsplan all the way to Solna centrum then you actually lose 15 minutes compared to travelling with the Metro But the purpose of Tvärbanan is rather to find smooth interchanges As the capacity in the Metro, especially at rush hour at many places reached beyond full capacity smooth cross communications are needed much more than before Tvärbanan thus relieves the Metro Meanwhile, smaller areas that maybe not qualify to get a Metro station have got a trustworthy railway Tvärbanan normally runs with two carriages of 30 metres each It runs at 50km/h (31mph) even if it is built for speeds up to 80 km/h (50mph) It runs on standard gauge The Depot is since 2014 located in Ulvsunda close to the stop in Johannesfred and there is a railway connection at Liljeholmen and a Metro connection at Gullmarsplan The majority of the tracks have their own embankment and is thus barely affected by other means of transport But there are stretches where it runs in the buslane in the street THE FUTURE In 2018 the next extension to Tvärbanan commenced, the so called Kista stretch and that will go from here at Norra Ulvsunda and nine stops North towards Helenelund and the commuter rail And that also means that the train we’re taking now will be one of the last that depart from this stop at least for a couple of years Tvärbanan will then connect to Bromma Airport, in Rissne to the Metro’s blue line towards Hjulsta in Kista to Metro’s blue line towards Akalla and pass Kista Fairs and terminate at Helenelund by the commuter rail In 2021 it is estimated that the first five stop will open up to Stora Ursvik and two years later, in 2023 an additional four stops up to Helenelund In 2017 the county decided on building a Southern version of Tvärbanan, albeit independent from the existing Tvärbanan This would start by the commuter rail in Älvsjö continue to Fruängen where I am now, and connect to the Metro’s red line and continue towards Skärholmen, Masmo and then turn to Flemingsberg and connect to the commuter rail The plan is to start building in 2026 and be finished by 2034 But now there seems to be political interest to start building a few years earlier than that This stretch would have 17 km of tracks and an estimated 16 stops The names of the stops are probably not finalised yet but this is what’s known so far The cost of building this line is estimated at 4.2bn SEK (~400m EUR), where Huddinge municipality support with 800m SEK, which the anticipate to get back when they sell land for real estate development As part of the Sweden Negotiation in 2017 the government and county will also support There are also plants to connect Spårväg Syd (South Tramway) to Tvärbanan In that case it would extend from Älvsjö up to Gullmarsplan The thing is that the Metro stations at Globen and Enskede gård, where I am now.. (Here’s by the way Spider Man in the ceiling) they will disused when the new Metro is introduced in 2025 and in that case, you already have two stops, as well as tracks What’s missing is then 4km of tracks down to Älvsjö If so, there would be a rail connection between Metro’s red line in Fruängen and the commuter rail in Älvsjö to the Metro’s green line at Gullmarsplan and Tele2 Arena without passing through the city centre As you all hear, I really like the Tvärbanan And the thing is it actually SOLVES infrastructural problems It connects areas that don’t really qualify for Metro It reduces overcrowding in the Metro It is cheaper to build than the Metro and it also shortens travel time between suburbs Why don’t we expand the Tvärbanan even more? Let’s connect the Western suburbs from Rissne down to Spånga and the commuter rail, down to the Metro’s green line in Vällingby Do the same thing in the Southern suburbs Connect the commuter rail in Älvsjö to the Metro’s green lines in the South Bandhagen, Hökarängen, Skarpnäck, Sköndal, and so on. And do the same thing to the Metro’s red lines in the Northern suburbs Continue from Solna station to Bergshamra, Universitetet, Lappkärrsberget down to Ropsten and Frihamnen Why not? With zero nay-sayers and unlimited amounts of money you can of course let the imagination run free But shouldn’t we lay the 4 km of tracks needed to connect Spårväg Syd and Tvärbanan? Shouldn’t we connect the suburbs in the West, South and North? Please comment what stretches you think would relieve the overcrowding of the Metro As always, you’re helping me a lot if you share this video on social media In the next video, we will travel on one of the world’s first electrified railway for passengers I won’t say more than that But, I trust that you’re watching then See you

    73. Disaster Imminent! Saving Toddbrook Reservoir Dam from Collapse and Flooding Whaley Bridge!
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    73. Disaster Imminent! Saving Toddbrook Reservoir Dam from Collapse and Flooding Whaley Bridge!

    November 6, 2019

    It was the most serious incident
    involving a UK down in over a decade. It was very nearly the most serious
    disaster involving a UK dam in over a century. When water started coming over
    the top of Toddbrook Reservoir’s dam, the torrent began to pull away at the
    concrete spillway. Nobody’s died because of an incident involving a UK dam in
    over a hundred years. But on the 1st of August 2019 the worst wasn’t just been
    feared…. It was expected to happen. [Music playing] [Music fading] I’m in Whaley Bridge and this is
    Memorial Park, just behind me is Toddbrook Reservoir, it usually holds about
    1.3 million tons of water. It’s massive, but back in August 2019 about a months worth of
    rain fell in just two days and all that water came rushing down into the
    reservoir, it overtopped just behind me there, came rushing down the concrete
    slabs and it started washing them away you can see the damage behind me.
    Thousands of people in the villages around here had to be evacuated. For a
    few days the thought this might actually burst. Toddbrooke Reservoir overlooks
    the small town of Whaley Bridge, it’s in High Peak of Derbyshire and it’s about
    16 miles southeast of Manchester. The Peak Forest Canal ends here at Whaley
    Bridge, it’s at the basin where the old transshipment warehouse is and it’s
    where goods would be loaded from the canal boats onto the Cromford and High
    Peak railway. The basin here is also where the canal is fed from the nearby
    Toddbrook Reservoir it’s about half a mile up the hill just beyond the railway
    station. Now the reservoir is a hundred and eighty years old, it’s fed from Todd Brook,
    hence the name and it brings water down from the hills. It covers about 36
    acres and it can hold a staggering 1.3 million cubic meters of water. Just a couple of miles from Whaley
    Bridge over a hundred and forty eight millimeters of rain fell in the week
    before the first of August, that’s almost six inches of rain.
    Now the Canal and River Trust have claimed that this amount of rainfall
    flowing into the reservoir in that short space of time was a one in ten thousand
    year event and with so much rain in the days before the unprecedented rainfall
    on the 31st of July was just too much. Early on Thursday the 1st of August 2019
    the reservoir reached its peak, but water was still rushing down from the hills,
    there was nowhere else for it to go and it began to spill over and cascade down
    the concrete auxilary spillway. Concrete spillways like this are designed to
    allow a safe and controlled release of excess water, if the levels get too high
    it protects the otherwise vulnerable parts of the dam, so the problem here was
    the concrete panels began to collapse under the torrent of water and behind it
    was almost 1.3 million tons of water threatening to burst through any weak
    point in the dam and it would have devastated Whalley bridge in the Goyt Valley. By lunchtime on Thursday events began to move quickly. By half-past
    twelve the concrete panels on the right-hand side of the dam were
    beginning to collapse. The Canal and River Trust alerted the dam maintenance
    contractor Kier that there was a major issue with the dam. Less than an hour
    later with the spillway collapsing the emergency reservoir drawdown plan was
    activated and within an hour the Environment Agency issued an urgent
    warning to residents in Whaley Bridge that there was an immediate threat to
    life. Over 1,500 residents were instructed to evacuate the homes
    immediately. Public transport in and out of the town was canceled and roadblocks
    were set up to stop people coming into Whaley Bridge. That afternoon it was a
    virtual ghost town, roads and bridges were closed as they were all the way
    down the Goyt Valley in fear that they might collapse if they got hit by debris
    should the dam collapse. Experiences engineers from around the country were
    racing towards Whaley Bridge. I’ve spoken to one of them who had a police escort
    driving him at 130 miles an hour. By 2 o’clock dozens of engineers were on site, plus over a hundred service personnel,
    police from the Derbyshire Constabulary, teams from Derbyshire Fire
    and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency and the Canal and River Trust and
    volunteers from the community were all swarming towards the dam desperate to do
    what they could to prevent the down from a catastrophic collapse. The priority was to stop the dam from
    bursting and save Whaley Bridge. It normally takes weeks or even months to
    empty a reservoir of this size, but the engineers had literally hours to get
    those levels down and make the dam safe, But there is nowhere for the water to go.
    With all the recent rainfall, Whaley Bridge and the Goyt Valley was already
    flooded, so what were they gonna do. There reservoir has got to sluices that allow
    water to be released either into the Peak Forest Canal down at Whaley Bridge
    or into the River Goyt, but neither of these sluices were anywhere near big
    enough to drain off the vast amounts of water needed to reduce the level of the
    reservoir and ease the risk of the dam collapsing. So the engineers brought in 11,
    12 inch diameter pipes and some huge pumps, each one pump in a colossal 200
    litres a second, that’s like 12 bathtubs every second of water. Over three
    kilometres of pipes were laid each one taking huge amounts of water out of the
    reservoir and Todd Brook was diverted at its source at the beginning of the
    reservoir to stop any more water coming in. So it’s so much extensive damage to
    the concrete spillway and a large hole in the right side of it, why didn’t the
    whole dam collapse. Enbankment dams like like Toddbrook are built from Earth, but
    they’ve got a clay core. Now the problem with this is that if ever the water
    flows over the top of the embankment, if it’s just earth it can be washed away
    pretty fast and that’s why they built the concrete auxilary spillway. Now fast-moving water works in a similar way to fast-moving air. Just imagine an
    aircraft, two wings, fast-moving air underneath it is enough to lift the
    weight of a jumbo jet. Fast moving water acts in a similar way. It creates
    pressure reduction like a suction, so if any of the concrete slabs on the
    spillway weren’t sealed properly the soil underneath could be sucked out as
    the water flowed over it and that creates a void underneath which the
    concrete slabs would eventually collapse into. So part of the investigation I’m
    guessing we’ll look at the inspection and maintenance of these concrete slabs.
    A local residents showed me photographs of the spillway before it collapsed and you
    can clearly see vegetation growing from it. This photo shows vegetation rights at
    the point where the concrete actually collapsed. Luckily the damage
    was mostly confined to the concrete and earth fill underneath it and the vital
    clay core of the dam the strength of it seems to be intact. The next morning, Friday, thousands of people were waking up, if they got any
    sleep, in a local school or friends or relatives houses. There was still
    uncertainty about the structure and integrity of the dam, but engineers have
    been working throughout the night to get those levels down as much as possible. Engineers had managed to pump out over a hundred thousand square meters of water
    in just 12 hours, but the Met Office had issued another yellow warning for more
    floods in the days ahead. Meanwhile an RAF Chinook helicopter
    was deployed and it began dropping one ton bags of aggregate, each one
    containing sand and gravel and stones, into the collapsed void in the dam wall.
    Even though the clay core was intact, the load on the core itself had to be
    replaced to maintain the balance and eventually 600 tons of aggregate was
    dropped along with about 10,000 sandbags. During the Chinook’s operation a section
    of the main ‘A’ road the a6 was closed and it became a holding point for the
    Chinook to pick up bags of aggregate that were been filled by trucks and then
    taken over to Toddbrook. So this is what six hundred bags of
    aggregate looks like. WOW! The orange stuff you can see seeping between them
    is like a waterproof expanding sealant. It looks like some weird industrial melted
    chewing gum, but it’s holding everything together and making sure that the load
    on that vital clay core is balanced and stable. It’s not until you get really
    close up to this that you appreciate the actual size and scale of it, how huge
    each of these bags are on the size of the concrete slabs that have just
    disappeared and the sheer size of the hole in this damn wall. The collapsed
    section doesn’t look that big when you watch it from TV, it’s only when you get
    this close that you kind of realize that hang on this 600 one-ton bags of
    aggregating here and hundreds of smaller sandbags, you kind of get the sense of
    just how much danger this dam was in. Six days after the near disaster began and
    engineers had managed to reduce the level of the reservoir by nine meters, it
    was safe and residents were finally given the all-clear to go home and start
    getting back to normal. Levels were eventually reduced to 12 meters below
    the normal level of the reservoir and the pumps are fitted with monitors and
    watched really closely by staff 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They’re in place to
    make sure that what levels don’t rise and if they do, the pumps will kick in
    and just pump the water away. Now with over a billion litres of water pumped
    out the reservoir a new home had to be found for the estimated 30 thousand fish.
    They were rescued in phases and they were transported in oxygenated tanks to
    other reservoirs, including the Upper Bittell Reservoir in Worcestershire and
    there’s still a few in here and they’re being cared for, air has been pumped into
    what’s left of the reservoir to maintain healthy levels of oxygen and the
    Canal and River Trust say they hope to remove the final few fish over the
    coming weeks. [Music playing] [Music fading] There is a meeting a few weeks ago in
    Whaley Bridge and the Canal and River Trust told residents it could take years
    three more years to repair and rebuild Toddbrook Reservoir to bring it back
    into use. An independent investigation has been launched and the initial
    findings are going to come back to the Environment Agency before the end of
    this year. The public will learn in 2020 what happened. Some people put it down to
    climate change, freak weather events like the ones we saw in July and August are
    getting more common. Other people are more skeptical, saying it’s to do with
    inspection and maintenance. Maybe it’s a combination. I guess we’ll find out.
    One thing that is for sure is the heroics of the Armed Forces, the engineers, the
    police and fire service and of course the volunteers. People from Whaley Bridge and
    beyond who came to help. That typical British stubbornness, the fortitude to
    get in and get your hands dirty, get the job done and I think they saved Whaley Bridge. [Music playing] [Music fading]

    Legislative Update & El Nino Weather Pattern & Light Rail Walkable Communities
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    Legislative Update & El Nino Weather Pattern & Light Rail Walkable Communities

    November 6, 2019

    >>>Coming up next on “Arizona Horizon,” the latest political news in our weekly update with the “Arizona Capitol Times.” Also tonight, Arizona could be looking at an El Nino weather pattern for later this year. And Phoenix tons gather input for walkable communities along the light rail line.>>>Those stories next, on “Arizona Horizon.”>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of eight. Members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Good evening, and welcome to “Arizona Horizon.” I’m Ted Simons.>>>The battle over the budget continues at the state capitol. Here with more in our weekly political update is Ben Giles of the “Arizona Capitol Times.” Ben, it’s good to see you. The battle is a phrase, it’s a term, and we expected some pushing and shoving and fighting and biting, it’s getting ear owe serious down there.>>The battle has come to a standstill portion, I guess, where you have six moderate Republicans in the house who are stalling any progress whatsoever because they don’t agree with billion dollar budget that the senate sent to the house last Thursday. They want more spending in areas like CPS, particularly in education, they object to some of the cuts to education that are — Or rollbacks that is proposed, and they actually came out and had an impromptu press conference to say there’s no deal still, and there’s no negotiating to be done because we’re not going to stand for these cuts.>>Basically the senate had its budget, sent it to the house, that budget a no-go, so much of a no-go that we’ve now got a group of six Republican lawmakers in the house saying we’re serious about this stuff.>>Yeah. And six is just enough to prevent house speaker Andy Tobin from getting the 31 votes he needs from his Republican caucus in the house to send the budget out and maybe back to the senate in something that could go to the governor’s desk pretty quickly. It appears now as long as this group of six moderate Republicans and the rest of the caucus both in the house and the senate can’t come to an agreement, there’s no end in sight.>>So when the senate sent the budget over to the house, did the house look at it and hear the concerns of the moderates and send something, maybe a counter off back to the senate?>>Not particularly. The budget as it was supposed to go to the floor on Monday, no one really knew who was going to vote how. From what we’ve been told, no one in the house is really counting votes, even within the GOP caucus before they sent the budget to the floor to see how it was going to shake out. And it didn’t take them long to figure out that there’s enough of a block of Republicans in their own party that are saying, we can’t go for this, we’re going to vote against this. So rather than have it be defeated on the floor they pulled the plug Monday. And every day since then it’s just been a waiting game to see are negotiations going well, has there been any progress? We’ve been told that the six Republicans sent a counteroffer to Tobin and senate president Andy Biggs saying this is what we want the budget to look like. That was rejected. And now a counteroffer from Biggs and Tobin we’re told was sent to the moderate Republicans, that was rejected. So we’re going nowhere.>>And again, this is a seat that post-CPS, the new child welfare a factor, it sounds like the bigger factor is education, specifically the idea of public K-12 schools starting charter schools in order to get more state money. Talk to us about this.>>Just in the last fiscal year, there were 59 schools operated — Public schools guy districts converted to what are known as district sponsored charter schools. And the benefit they get is in addition to having access to the local districts K-12 education funding, they also get chart school money from the general fund. Senate president Andy Biggs has said that’s an inequity in the funding of schools because the per pupil funding a district sponsored charter school gets is more than a public school student and more than a normal charter school student. So his argument is been if you want to be a charter school, act like a charter school and deal with the constraints a charter school has to.>>I think it’s like a thousand dollars more per pupil.>>Roughly 1200 more, yes.>>And which makes for an interesting argument. You’re hearing the senate president, a very much a conservative Andy Biggs, opting against school choice?>>It was that, an appropriations in the senate on Tuesday, you had lawmakers actually questioning if there was going to be kind of a competition for students in districts as more and more they anticipate opt for district sponsored charter schools to get more funding. And some superintendents who came to testify were kind of aghast because the thought is school choice and innovation in schools, which is what these charter schools are doing, that’s exactly the kind of thing that Republicans always talk about when they say this is how we want to improve schools. So to now have the senate president proposing initially a $33 million rollback of funds for that program, retroactive to July 1st, 2013, that would mean the 59 schools would have to go back to being public schools. But now he’s also proposing just a more widespread change to the funding of that program, that would basically discourage any school from doing it in the future.>>And we should note that one of the major areas that would be impacted here is where a certain lawmaker, her district happens to be. Talk to us about this. Some people say this as retaliation by the senate president.>>In fact, the senate president did say on Monday when he introduced this bill to change the governance, change the funding of district sponsored charter schools, he was doing so essentially as a threat to the house, where you had representative Heather Carter sponsoring a measure to take out his rollback of the $33 million that the president says I’m not sure we want to spend on this program, her amendment did also include a moratorium so that schools couldn’t convert, but — And that would give the schools and the state a time to study the issue. But it wasn’t enough for senate president Biggs and kind of furious that the rollback might be removed, his threat is this bill, which democrats and these moderate Republicans say would be far worse than the program.>>Yeah. So you basically — You’ve got democrats ho are saying, go charter schools, move over to charter schools because at least the district gets more money. And you’ve got conservatives like Biggs saying, no, we don’t need to see more of these kinds of — What — Education establishment, what are they thinking?>>The argument from senate president Biggs too is that this is the fiscally responsible thing to do, and depending on who you ask, there are estimates that more and more schools as you said are going to try and convert to gain access to this funding. Which admittedly they’ve been doing, because for the past three years or so billions of dollars have been cut from K-12 education funding. But as this program grows larger, the senate president has predicted in the next three years it could be a half billion dollar budget item. That is coming from the general fund that he fears Arizona won’t be able to fund without increasing taxes.>>A vague ALT fuels feel from the dim and distant past. Last point, you said six moderate Republicans are a factor. Who are those six Republicans?>>Heather Carter, Kate Brophy Mcgee, Jeff dial, ethan ORR and bob Coleman. Those are our six.>>All right.>>And they say they also have a couple of other Republicans who share their concerns in the house, just maybe not willing to go public in a press conference as those six did this afternoon.>>Never a dull moment. Good to have you here. Thanks for joining us.>>Thank you.>>>Meteorologists are suggesting the possibility of a developing El Nino weather pattern, which means Arizona could be in store for a wetter than normal winter. Joining us now is the state climatologist for Arizona, Nancy Selover. God to see you. And I’m just — I’m happy to hear that El Nino is a possibility. First of all, tell us what is El Nino?>>El Nino is a circulation pattern where we get warmer than normal waters in the Equatorial Pacific, and that allows us potentially to get a stream of subtropical moisture that comes underneath that high pressure and catches the lower tier of the U.S.>>So instead of going above us, and we just get a dry winter like we’ve had, we get tropical moisture during the winter.>>Yes.>>And this is because of what, weaker trade winds?>>The trade winds move from east to west, and so they weaken and we end up getting more of the warm water from the eastern Pacific to move to the central Pacific.>>So –>>Western Pacific to the central Pacific.>>What are meteorologists seeing right now?>>We’ve been in a La Nina situation where we have colder weather there in the Equatorial Pacific and we’re starting to see the development of little bit warmer water, we thought this was going to happen this past winter as well. But about October it just sort of fizzled out and went away.>>I was going to ask that, is it possible we could see an El Nino forming now and then by the time El Nino is supposed to appear, later in the year, it’s all kaput?>>Yes, that’s possible. We’ve had that happen.>>Is it likely?>>I don’t know. Right now the confidence that we have that El Nino is going to form is not real high. The climate prediction center is putting out all their outlooks through the next 18 months, as being equal chances of a wet or dry year for us.>>The idea of an El Nino forming in the southern hemisphere in the next few months, how does that play into what happens to us, again, later in the year? What is that dynamic all about?>>It’s just the ability to tap into that subtropical moisture and if we get that, we still have to have storm systems form, just because we have moisture doesn’t mean we’ll get any rain. So we really need — It’s the possibility of being able to tap into that additional moisture.>>And the rain here in the United States would mean Arizona, California, how far north?>>Kind of the — It’s the lower tier of states. It might catch southern Colorado, southern Utah, but definitely Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and the southeast as well.>>Because these are tropical — This is tropical air, does that mean higher snow level, and is that necessarily a good thing for Arizona?>>If we can get the precipitation at the moment I am not too concerned about whether — Exactly where that snow line is, because if we get a cold enough weather system, we will end up with snow as opposed to rain.>>El Nino, obviously right now, we would take it in a heartbeat. However, if it’s a strong El Nino, you could be looking at some flooding, you could see mudslides, a lot of damage too.>>Sure. Southern California and much of California has that as a big problem for them. We don’t quite have as much flooding here from the winter precipitation.>>As far as Atlantic hurricanes, do I understand fewer of those with an El Nino? Or do we know that?>>I don’t really know that. I’m not an expert on that, so I’m not going to put my neck out there.>>Again, still no guarantee of an El Nino, but it’s worth watching.>>Oh, yes. It’s definitely worth watching, and cross your fingers.>>When will we be more sure?>>September-October when we see, have we really swung that direction. But even earlier in the summer we’ll see if we’re starting to swing towards those much higher than normal temperatures in the sea surface in the Equatorial Pacific.>>Do those temperatures have anything to do at all with our monsoon?>>No.>>Not a bit?>>No.>>Every year I get you guys on and I try to figure out how can we predict the monsoon? And you always say, there’s no way to do it.>>We have yet to find a way to do it there. Are very short-termTELE connections is that happen, but they’re on the order of 30 days out. If we see one of those we can have a good idea we might be getting wetter in that short period, but this far we don’t have a good clue.>>El Nino, La Nina and the neutral in the middle, absolutely nothing, either before or after a monsoon season.>>Right.>>That’s no fun.>>I know.>>That’s foot going to help us.>>I know.>>You can tell us about the next few months in the spring, and it sounds like we’re going to be hot and dry?>>We’re looking like we could be hot and dry. There were a couple models, 23 different models that predict things, and two of them thought we might have a wet may. I’m not going to hang my hat on two of the 23. Because we couldn’t really see why they were saying that.>>So it’s going to be warmer and it’s going to be — Dryer than usual, or just dry period?>>Just dry period. We don’t have a signal of wetter or dryer or normal monsoon. We turned out to be a wet monsoon last year, that was good, because we’ve had this will be our third dry winter in a row.>>Not only that, but did I read this was the second warmest winter on record for Arizona?>>I believe it is, yes.>>So what is going on? In the grand scheme of things, in the 50,000-foot view of our weather pattern, what’s going on?>>Well, this winter we had that huge high pressure that set up off the coast of the — Off the West Coast, and that caused all the storm systems to go over the top, and then they’d come down on the other side of the Rockies, and then they’d sweep through and they would suck in that cold Arctic air. So they were really cold and snowy, yet here we are under high pressure, nice clear skies. Sunny conditions.>>Is that a La Nina or a neutral pattern?>>This was neutral.>>Because La Nina usually ends up with stuff like that.>>Yeah. We’ve had wet La Ninas, we’ve had dry El Ninos, and wet neutrals.>>So a state climatologist, are you — Do you feel more confident every year? Is the science and the research and the data, is it improving every year on this kind of thing?>>We’re discovering more and more little nuances with the teleconnections, so we’ll be able to do a little better at our forecasting, but when there’s no signal there, there’s really no way to read anything into it.>>And as far as the drought is concerned, it continues regardless of El Nino, La Nina, or all points in between.>>Yes. Because we’ve had — We’re somewhere in the neighborhood of the 18th year of drought, and that doesn’t mean all 18 years have been dryer than normal. We had really wet years. But they’re sporadic. A nice winter would be good, but we need several in a row to bring us back.>>Is there any indication that it’s going to end soon? Historically, how long have these droughts gone in Arizona?>>In the mid 40s to the mid 70s was about 30 years.>>Oh, my goodness.>>In recorded history we have had them longer than this. Way before that in the 1900s there was a 60-year drought. So we’re hoping that’s not where we are.>>Indeed. As far as wetter than normal, do those last as long, or is drought usually lasting longer?>>They’re kind of similar. The mid ’70s to the mid ’90s, about 20 year fairly wet before and before the ’40s we had about 20, 25 really wet period as well.>>We’ll keep an eye on El Niño and hope for the best. It’s good to have you here.>>Thanks.>>>Phoenix city officials are conducting community workshops to get ideas and input regarding development along the city’s light rail line. The goal, to develop walkable communities that work in conjunction with mass transit. Alan Stephenson is the acting planning and development director for the city of Phoenix. Good to have you here. Thanks for joining us.>>Thank you.>>This is not necessarily — This reinvent Phoenix thing has been going on a couple years.>>It is. We’re in our second year of a multiyear grant effort from the department of housing and urban development, it’s about a $2.9 million grant to work in collaboration with other community partners to develop a walkable transit and development around our light rail stops.>>I think ASU and saint loops also involved in the process?>>Correct.>>When we talk about shaping development along light rail, what shapes are we looking at and how close to light rail?>>Well, we’re looking about a quarter mile around each of the light rail stops. And we’re looking at a more urban style of development that you would see typical of downtown, and other large cities where they have more urban and walkable development as opposed to our more typical suburban development standards, Phoenix has really been a picture perfect city related to suburban development, and this is a look at creating a new option and more of an urban style of development.>>When people hear about transit oriented development, what does that mean?>>It’s really about creating development style that has a little bit more building height associated with a typically mix of uses, and it’s a much more walkable pedestrian friendly environment that is easily accessible Via bicycles as well, more shade, it’s a little bit easier to provide infrastructure and services from a city standpoint as well.>>And the focus would be what, from downtown Phoenix to Christown and out again to Sky Harbor?>>Yeah. There’s two segments. From downtown to the city’s eastern limits, which encompasses east lake Garfield and gateway areas, and then north of downtown which is three different areas to Bethany home south.>>That one that goes east along Washington, it seems to me there are stretches where there’s note a stop for a long way. How do you get development and especially the walkable communities, bike riding, the whole nine yards when the stops are so few and far between?>>Well, you have to put in infrastructure to make it so people want to walk more. One of the key focus of this effort is to increase walkability. So that’s done natural shade, like landscaping, but man made shade from overhangs and things from buildings, to make it more walkable and create a more inviting pedestrian environment so you have small buildings that break things up, a mix of uses that create some vitality along the street and what seems to be a very inhospitable walk isn’t so.>>So if you’re walking in shade the whole time, there’s a coffee shop here and a restaurant there you don’t ream eyes how far you’ve walked.>>Correct.>>Investment strategies, I know that’s a big factor as well. Talk about the commercial involvement and what you’re looking — You’re basically looking for ideas from everyone.>>Correct. Right now we’re in a two-week planning process. We have our consultant in from out of state, and so we have a number of meetings over this two-week period. Our kickoff meeting was Monday night and we had about 250 people attend. So we’re getting a broad spectrum of the community to participate. One of our key partners is the urban land institute as well as local first Arizona. Both of those groups are focused on business and development, so they’re helping us with that aspect as well.>>What are you hearing regarding concerns from business and development with what can be done and the challenges of getting things done along light rail?>>A couple of the things we’re hearing are some infrastructure challenges related to existing infrastructure that’s there, like water and sewer. Electric, some of those things that will have to work through with them. Some of the other challenges are really getting development — Developers to understand the different style of development here and trying to get them to focus on building something that’s a little bit different. It’s done a lot of other cities, but it’s different here for Phoenix. So we’re working through a lot of those issues.>>You mentioned other cities, are there models in other cities that you’re looking at or that you want folks to look at?>>Yeah, there are a number of other cities that have light rail lines that have been successful. There’s one in San Diego, Denver, Portland, there are a lot of cities that have added those elements to their downtown areas, and then as you extend out, you have some more of that same kind of urban development.>>I asked about the input you’ve heard from the business community and — For investment purposes, what are you hearing from just plain joes and Janes, the citizens who really want to be a part, Burt they’re there are stretches of light rail where there’s not much going on right now.>>Some of the big things we’re hearing, protect our historic neighborhoods, and kind of come up with some compatible design guidelines so you have interface from some of the taller buildings to existing neighborhoods. We’re hearing a lot about making those areas walkable, pedestrian friendly, shade, bicycle friendly in terms of complete streets, that the city is undertaking as well. We are hearing a lot about local first and trying to get local businesses involved and make it successful for them, not just some of the larger chains and suburban shopping mall style.>>And when you talk about residential along the line, how close to the line could that be and what kind of residential are you hearing about? Are you talking about?>>For the most part it could be rental, apartment or condominiums woulds be ownership type of product. There’s also some single-family attached style development that could be built. A little bit off the light rail line, that’s kind of like a row house you might see in other cities, a little more urban, more dense than we see here, but it still allows for an ownership style development.>>Someone has an idea or they want to get involved in this, how do they get involved?>>We have a website, They can go there and find out all kinds of information about this. We also have upcoming workshops, including one tonight. If you’re a resident or property p.m. at the Phoenix financial center, which is the northeast corner of central and Osborne, we have a p.m., if you’re close by you can race over there. We also have workshops coming up on this Friday, again, the same to 8:00 p.m. is the mid term report where the consultants will give us what they came up with for the first week. And a couple other meetings next week on Tuesday, April 1st there’s a local first meeting that’s being put on for local to 8:00 p.m. and the following Friday on to 8:00 p.m. the consultant will unveil their designs for the final two-week process.>>And all that is information on the website?>>Correct.>>Last question, when dot workshops end and the action begins?>>So the workshops will end on April 4th, and then the consultant will take that final about it of input they did, go away to finalize the design and development our walkable urban code and come up with parking strategies to help us, and those things will be brought back to get additional public input, and then adoption by council in the fall end of the year.>>All right. Great information. Good to have you here.>>Thank you.>>>That is it for announcement I’m Ted Simons. Thank you so much for joining us. You have a great evening.>>>”Arizona Horizon” is made possible by contributions from the friends of eight. Members of your Arizona PBS station. Thank you.>>>Hi, I’m Ted Simons, host of “Arizona Horizon.” To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address A. national effort is underway to encourage everyone in America to record themselves on video reading or reciting the speech. Join me in this effort. Take the challenge to learn the address and summit your video at>>>When you want to be more informed, eight delivers news and analysis with multiple perspectives. Thanks to financial support from you and –>>the Virginia G. piper center for creative writing presents the piper writers studio. Offering classes for writers of all levels, taught by experienced writers and teachers. In person and online courses are available,.>>>Hi, I’m Susan linkUS, of the linkus group. Specializing in financial planning, investment management, insurance strategies, and more. Linkus investing for life.>>>Hospice of the valley. A not for profit hospice providing medical, social, and spiritual support to patients nearing end of life. While supporting their families.>>>Later on eight HD –>>Scientists are asking, do plants behave like animals? They don’t have a brain. But they can communicate, cooperate, and even wage war. It’s time to shed light on the secret life of plants. on eight HD.>>>Explore new ideas and new worlds here on eight. Arizona PBS. A community service of Arizona state University.>>>Don’t miss the return of eight’s “Check, Please! Arizona” festival at cityscape on Sunday, march 30th.>>We are having a delightful time, “Check, Please! Arizona” is one of our favorite shows. This is one of the best events in the state, hands down.>>Taste and discover the best chefs and restaurants from your favorite episodes. Your admission includes all foods, drink, and life cooking demonstrations. For tickets visit>>>Coming up on eight HD. Eight life. And eight world.>>>Coming soon to eight HD.>>How do you get from South Carolina to a starring role on broadway? Tony award winner PattiNA Miller shows us how it’s done. Next time on live from Lincoln center. on eight HD.>>>Support for eight comes from viewers like you, and from –>>ironwood cancer and research centers specialize in Porter Goss indicate cancer treatment and is a proud member of the association of community cancer centers. Patients have access to robotic surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and clinical trials.>>>The 37th spring Tempe festival of the arts, march 28th-30th in downtown Tempe. Hundreds of artists, live music and street entertainment. Wine and beer tasting. Crafts for kids, festival food, schedules and details at Tempe festival of the>>>I’m owner of Biltmore loan and jewelry. We buy our loan on upscale assets. We have over 30 years of experience in determining values much automobiles, jewelry, art, collectibles and antiques. For more information,

    Release of Melbourne Metro Business Case
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    Release of Melbourne Metro Business Case

    November 6, 2019

    The business case clearly shows that this
    is a project of great strength. It stacks up even on the most conservative of measures. This is the best part of 4,000 jobs in Victoria,
    39,000 extra passengers able to move through the rail network every morning peak. This is a really significant project and now
    it’s time for us to have a true partnership between our government, the federal government
    and the private sector to be able to deliver this and to deliver it well. We’ve contributed $4.5b to this project and
    we’d like the federal government to consider the business case, to look at the positive
    benefits that come from this amazing project and to be a partner with us. New York, Tokyo, London, Paris, all of these
    cities are making these sorts of investments or already have, so that they can have a turn-up-and-go
    public transport system. No need for a timetable, services are so regular
    that you can simply arrive and get first class public transport where you need to go. As well as being a project that unlocks the
    core of our public transport network, this is indeed a public transport infrastructure
    project for the whole of the state. There are benefits for the outer suburbs,
    the outer suburbs that are growing quickly. For regional Victorians they will have access
    to the Parkville precinct: the important medical and education precinct. They’ll be able to
    catch the train there for the first time. You’ll be able to get on the train in Gippsland,
    get on a train in Ballarat and come into that precinct in a way that people have not been
    able to access, from regional Victoria, before. And these are just some of the many examples
    of why we need to push on with Melbourne Metro to deliver more services but also increase
    reliability across our public transport system.

    Big Model Trains:  Amtrak Passenger Train in G-Scale
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    Big Model Trains: Amtrak Passenger Train in G-Scale

    November 5, 2019

    This is Jim Zim. Thanks for watching my model train video. I hope you liked it! Leave me a comment
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    I post new model train videos in the future,
    you don’t miss them. And here’s some suggestions on other model
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    November 5, 2019

    You can just run and BOOM! train isn’t that awesome it’s FGTV achievers at study and tasting we are back anymore alpha neighbor or hello mommy yeah always being sugar this kid you should share with your granddad hey what it’s healthy if you haven’t seen that part one go check it out it is so awesome what we’re doing here in part two we are why we are continuing the madness and when I say continuing the madness I don’t know what I’m talking about there’s a couple places Oh monitor martyrdom alright there’s a couple places that we can start there’s so many ways we can go up this ladder or we can go up here I’m thinking let’s let’s go up here is there anything new no no no not already not already saw what fuck where are we what never been a bit lacking I catch me fool why was he looking up quickly okay Google okay we’re going haha we kind of know a little bit what to do this time hop on these boxes we can go up there we haven’t done it yet we’re waiting we’re waiting to record all right chase you’re gonna do the honors standing on the box and you got it guys have something to show you my real nose more like my eyebrows or my mustache I tricked you guys you guys were so trick I can open the door oh my goodness whoa what is that thing a washing machine see the kills you go close I did not lose my voice I lost my voice but it clearly hasn’t come back and we shall get around he’ll be good on the master key picker-upper what – you have too many boxes I think well I don’t know trash line we whoa lovely turn off that machine well you can’t think of this either what oh the boss magnetic dude into magnets like a giant magnet it’s creating friction yeah look see it’s tilting towards it that’s a magnet machine all that’s white duct to the wall where we throw something in it to break in like a box I think that would do it try to turn off the power I can’t get all the power right yeah before we turn off the power for the magnet let’s go ahead open our umbrella and let’s just go and start with Oh No oh my goodness no oh my goodness no wait where am I No I want to train train you tell me where should we go cuz look there’s a dummy right there there’s a hole right there there’s a ladder right there and there’s a door right there why don’t try that door sister further in jump no no Alice tell ya all right redo turn off your phone the offices were down here – return of the Pirates okay and power off aren’t now nope still on all just took our binoculars a flashlight so we can’t bring anything metal over here oh my fist machine she really stuck get it Chuck and yes we made it alright let’s hope this door open please door open you try transceiver to open system I hope it keep using question he goes oh oh remove that child at instant throat I love that a little bit of your build warg you might as well get it I would throw it down in the neighbor’s yard so it odd know what’s in it your chair joking that’s an umbrella jump we got it yeah well yeah what’s it sir ah doesn’t open what is that apples so nice rexella apples dude who’s throwing Apple like a ghost for almost in furniture of gross droid something that’s American no more wait what is it opens up this way or we get that box yes open to work almost in which is do a mark did in our last except kicking us okay promises what’s in there oh it’s just a box throwing apples at people can we make it in or is it just like aunty is it yeah okay wait let’s dump this fall down okay we’re falling down and what can I take bit great that no come back to me but what’s down here we want to go in the I don’t yeah yeah yeah unless you’re trans one more time yeah come on hope it I’m starting to think that we just are not supposed to go in it are you go kicked me up the computer goes like something like a shooter right yeah Apple shooter just go down and down and yes I made it remember that room yeah we found the key for already known is saying wait how can we break if I braked it that’s just gonna here then with noise come back and lock whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa yeah what what is it where’s that button Oh got the Train Larry yeah look but we turned off the power in the compressor rats do we have to fall down I think whoa what should we turn on the power their compressors what melted the ice in the last jump okay definitely home where we go I have to go down there am I gonna make it one through Apple yeah oh that’s the room all right let’s see and fall down let’s see we get that train to work don’t want let it out no ha dude when you press this on hope oh listen a viable under disease 1 was ran’ yeah go back underwater to try to hear the side in there stop playing we are about to go chugga-chugga choo-choo how do we get in Oh open a door no reason we can put that in slow motion mm-hmm – we’re about to all avoid this – – should we just go down here yeah Caleb in the Train look at that nice and healthy house we we are riding the track we with an umbrella that’s a berry tree you know they were there waiting that’s not the spot daddy yes yeah what’s this oh this is the other side of the room ah habiliment abana and Zhanna Cara how do they say system his records road roadblocks because robot that’s where okay what is this this is this this is that what was that do it well that’s where we were oh okay cool don’t with the chair escalator oh my gosh Marv is a traitor he has parties on the escalator we have parties in the elevator upon what Oh what can’t get around that do I just turned something on August tells you the track oh look at that never see thing up there um tink what do you think that thing did let’s go down there and sure drops a down those Oh what where are we should we fall yeah you sure are we’re doing it oh this isn’t one where the keycard used to be an alpha sweet sweet don’t keep going near this time would you want to do this pie as well right open up juju Dora oh there’s a flat site yeah yeah the door what oh it’s rotating sweet or just shuts again can we can you block it no no what is this from from our first video okay there’s a key they remember how do we get that key oh we have to go around the house but that’s actually a good thing okay all you want to open it yeah yeah yeah okay so just do just do dip and then run out all that but oh cool anyway this let’s just put the cherry what yeah you know squish me turn-offs push me that she is haha no oh yeah actually did it now I am ready on my armor ella ella ella eh eh with a raise ballin hello Laura Oh Oh Kiki what’s this key oh wait wait a sec so where should I go right now I know you know oh you did they shall treat me we’ll miss about me brother Shi Zhai Kusanagi aileenchen still there I hope so yeah yeah yeah ok we’re coming for you we’re easy change if I was a key and I pull out of that window I would land about there look at that kitchen chase is that keycard tell me from episode 1 it’s due there do chase me shiny you so hard keyed out of the window – Delaney the mailbox oh there it is ha ha ha alright guys well we were just kidding about the mailbox date um but she’s actually lost a row okay I open this key card in amazement yes it worked Tommy needed a crowbar now we just need to croaky the crow ball now I got an idea why I to meet a lie to her I – I – the neighbor has not come to get it maybe the neighbors stop I’m getting a blue key that’s right you forgot about the blue key Parris yep and just go oh my gosh you think we trap the neighbor somewhere I think he gone through the bay smell already you think so this soon yeah you know there’s a glitch cuz the crow is just like should I buy I’m gonna fly I can’t fly object from Titanic ah oh yes I did it okay hello wait wait yo can you do it can we turn that thing off I wonder if we could get that key hold it down there we go put it down grab it alright alright we grab it alright alright we clap are in tweet wait what was it just doing it I just saw something wait what is that wait what okay yeah let’s stuff touchwood here for a bucket there look at that knowledge oh look at that alright no dude Marr is gone which is the blue key Dukey I don’t think there’s anything is even anything they’re doing here and we saw it we stopped what is it in there you sure yeah how do we get in there wait oh there’s no co-wash know what is what what’s that yeah wasn’t there like a little pillar thing here crowbar resemble looked off the coolers a different color then ago what wait hold on if you take that out there won’t be any more electricity what do we have it is all right I take out of the flashing now kit can we get it to where I can’t get off you burned your hand yeah oh it’s hi waited what oh wow don’t we just do things hahahahaha – that is good the crowbar is electric boogie woogie whoop we can’t make it to the door to show you a robot no no that’s isn’t a crouch oh that’s why yeah careful careful careful careful are you a Crouch potato is this worth it still works yeah have a AB allergies allergies have like a cutscene of it you can’t bury stick and if you don’t leave our stick you’ll be very sick how can we get to that door should we knock the dunya yeah that’s a fail are we seriously about this seriously seriously about you open up this basement right now oh no we can’t because we’re work no give us back our zilla’s now probably why how do we just blow let me put it in this thing turn it up yeah what if we frizzy um for guys you can watch this video cuz we know what to do well apparently not we are not I get our thing back what’s in here we still even check out where he’s up here the head no did he coming – he’s been up here this whole time look at these bloody ghost we can compress them nope nope three million circle or doesn’t know how to get it haha or you stuck behind that thing Oh what is that room should I make it open okay that rooms lot I’m making around for it go oh no now he’s not going stuck in all right why not about to go home check mark just want to check on the crow for sure – why there – you should know right okay it’s still hot what is issue I need a flashlight I’ll have a flashlight I drew the flash things are flashed up here I love your job bad thing oh this doesn’t embarrass us can’t see anything it’s actually kind of flying I can’t see anything did it get darker I think that’s what’s making it hot yeah oh no he’d come don’t talk attack why don’t I do the letters to the electricity oh here is then let’s talk about the crowbar cool the bonus okay here is a new mister because my mother crowbar was connected or what goodies for the buzzer allow me to go faster I am of remember the crowbar was collected electricity connected electricity so it was hot but it shouldn’t have let us take it off the wall don’t tell me there’s no way it can be almost no way that if I turn did you turn it off yeah wait let’s check on the crowbar now Oh record out your cobalt no I took all of me killing me Shh do we can get in the basement right now yeah Mars hey Marta listen listen can we just go in the basement together I’m right here Marc what woody Marc he’s such a goon that guys are super nice to it quick quick quick quick quick quick quick quick hey Marc I got your basement always got it no oh my goodness look at that beautiful base now hey Mark hey Mark daddy stop just go and bathe me whoa look this place looks like Christmas I know but anyone to be nighttime because now it’s six more tweets in face the problem mark could have your curl bar back I don’t want this umbrella you can have the magnet gun and the key because we are going to know where is it stinking doors and away get out of here door we need to actually to burn da da da da da da what what what next time on ft TV together fix washing coupons to the bus bus well good job FG TV looks like they got into my basement but there’s a couple things they didn’t show you a few TVs and I’ll show you now so you go over here in this little tiny box there’s a little poop nugget seed and if you grab that we’re gonna bring that outside I’ll show you grab a flower pot fill it with water then proceed outside do a gigantic parkour jump Bob just kidding with you doesn’t glitch now we’re going to make our way to the garden now we got to take out the seed plant it in the ground and then water it and a little tiny poofy tree will grow or some or something like that okay alright now about that room with the shooting flying apples you actually can’t get in there grab a box of like shield or something be careful because if the Apple sent you you will die but anyway you could also use things to block the apples which is really neat and the reason you want to do this is because you have to get into the middle of the floor to grab the gun you can’t turn off the machines so you just have to be quick like super quick Oh like that grab the gun and then boom revenge on the machines just kidding you can’t hurt the machines once you have the gun won’t piece of cake anyways just time mention that too all right next up this is much cooler the Train that’s right if you want to ride the train well this is how you do it red buttons on the left arm are activating then the train will come to you and the doors will open and all you have to do is just jump inside but if you’re doofy and you miss like like this guy playing cool who play who’s doing who’s playing this well then you can try this method you can just run and boom jump straight into the trade isn’t that awesome you don’t even have to let the door open but if you want to do it the right way just be quick once you’re inside go for a drive and enjoy come already trained to and Radek come on ride a train through the toolkit chugga chugga and that’s pretty much it for the train it’ll just take you on over and over and over if you’re really daring you can open up the doors wanna train is driving at the right second jump off onto the platform and goodbye but just make sure that if you’re gonna run into the train get to it really well looking at jump in where you’re not quite in and then you figure in but then you are out and then yeah alright well that’s it for more tips see you next time boo boo boo boo boo boo you going to peace chuckling something quickly mm can’t get in our house and there’s nothing behind house why is our house of tiny it’s not fair that the neighbor