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    New Hampshire Railway Makes Tracks With Biodiesel
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    New Hampshire Railway Makes Tracks With Biodiesel

    December 16, 2019

    JOHN DAVIS: Our success story this week takes
    us to the historic Mount Washington Cog Railway in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Built in
    1869, the Old Peppersass ride takes only about an hour to reach the 6,288-foot peak. Originally
    wood-fired, by 1910 coal was the fuel of choice. Today, over 100 years later, the cog railway
    uses cleaner, cheaper biodiesel to power five locomotives. Processed from local restaurant waste grease,
    the B20 fuel is supplied by White Mountain Biodiesel, a Granite State Clean Cities coalition
    stakeholder. The change is a hit with tourists. WAYNE PRESBY: We have a lot of members of
    the public that are very environmentally conscious, and they just love the fact that we’ve switched
    over. I mean, our ridership has surged since we put the diesels online, just surged. JOHN DAVIS: Some 90,000 people ride the railway
    each year, and while nostalgia buffs will find one coal-fired steam locomotive still
    being used, it’s biodiesel that is the driving force behind this unforgettable alt-fuel adventure.


    Othello Train Tunnels – Hope BC

    December 15, 2019

    hello fellow travelers and welcome to
    Exit Thru the Gift Shop today we’re at Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park to
    check out the Othello Tunnels getting to the tunnels is easy it’s just
    a short walk from the nearby parking area in 1914 engineers blasted five tunnels
    through solid granite to complete the construction of the Kettle Valley
    railway line so just entering the tunnel here now and
    you can see that this is blasted just right out of solid rock four of these
    tunnels are true tunnels one of the tunnels is actually not a true tunnel
    because it has open air windows and light on the side we’ll check that one
    out in a minute they do recommend that you bring a flashlight along because it
    is quite dark in here there’s no natural light at this point and no artificial
    light either so make sure you bring a flashlight if you’re going to explore
    the tunnels so inside the tunnel I’m getting
    hit with drops of moisture makes me wonder about the overall stability of
    the tunnel and whether or not there’s a bit of a rockfall hazard as well just
    emerging from the first tunnel and up ahead you can actually see the next two
    tunnels the next one is blasted right out of the granite and the one further
    down you can see it’s been reinforced with an archway the tunnel lock provides
    spectacular views of the Coquihalla Canyon and the Coquihalla River running
    through it it’s actually a nice cool place to visit in the summertime because
    of the the running water up on the roof you can see the steel
    beams that have been added for reinforcement as well as the wire mesh
    that have been added for safety in case of rock falls the tunnels are connected
    by a series of wooden trestles these aren’t the original trestles but have
    been added as part of the conversion of this area to a Provincial Park the third tunnel has a series of open
    air windows which helps provide light and you can see how these were
    reinforced within the rock wall that had been blasted away also note that the
    tunnel had been reinforced in 1934 so these are some of the original
    structures the tunnels were named by engineer
    Andrew McCullough who was an avid Shakespeare fan and used names like
    Romeo and Juliet and Othello and Lear to name different places in the area it’s
    incredible how quickly the air temperature drops once you get inside
    the tunnel even though it’s quite a hot day outside today it is a little chilly
    inside the tunnel and a nice way to cool off the tunnels and trestles are maintained
    as part of the provincial park unlike the nearby Ladner Creek trestle which
    sits abandoned we recently give that a visit and I’ll post a link to that as
    well so you can check it out so there it is I would highly recommend that you
    check out the Othello tunnels the scenery is spectacular the tunnels are amazing
    and it’s one of the coolest attractions that you can find just outside of the
    Vancouver area the tunnels are closed in the winter time due to ice and falling
    rock hazards but are open during the summer from April to October alright
    that’s it for today please subscribe so you can stay up to date on all our
    latest adventures and check out the interactive map if you want to look at
    the other cool places that we’ve been to until next time it’s time to Exit Thru the Gift Shop

    HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks
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    HOW TO GET BACK ON TRACK | 5 Healthy Diet Tips + Tricks

    December 15, 2019

    – Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I’m gonna
    be sharing all of my top tips with you guys on how to
    recover, or get back on track after eating like absolute crap. If you guys are new
    here, hello and welcome. My name is Becca and I
    would absolutely love if you would subtribe to my channel if you are enjoying my videos. So that was you can join my little family here on YouTube. But today’s video is going to be all about how to get back on track
    after being not so healthy. So in my last what I eat video, I was just totally real
    and open with you guys about the fact that I was
    super off my normal routine. I wasn’t feeling myself,
    I wasn’t eating very well, I wasn’t working out. I talk about why I was like totally off my normal routine in that video. So in that video I kind of
    eluded to how I was trying to get back on track, but I didn’t share any
    specific tips with you guys. And I definitely have some tips up my sleeve that I wanna share with you. So that is what I’m gonna
    be doing in today’s video. But before we dive into
    all of my tips and tricks on how to get back on track
    after not being so healthy. I do wanna start by saying,
    we are all human okay. I may be a registered dietician,
    but there are some times where I eat crappy food, I don’t work out. I am not health minded what so ever. We are all human, and it happens
    to every single one of us. And with all of that being said, I just want you guys to know
    that if you ever find yourself in a situation which, I’m sure you will, cause we’re all human and we all do it. But if you ever do find
    yourself in this situation and you do wanna get it
    together, get back on track, you don’t need to result
    to extreme measures. Lik you know, you ate
    badly for a week so now you’re gonna do a three day juice cleanse. Or you’re gonna exercise like crazy so you can burn everything off. You don’t need to do that. It’s okay. It happens to everyone. We can just you know, get back on track. It’s not that big of a deal. And for those of you that know me, who know that I am anti-extreme. So all the tips I’m gonna
    be sharing with you, are very practical. They’re all very healthy,
    you know, simple tips to administer to just
    kind of help ease you back into your healthy lifestyle and get you back on track. Okay so my very first tip is a simple one, but a very important one, and that is you gotta drink your water. Especially after you’ve had a few days or a weeks or a few months or whatever it is of not eating very well, you have got to keep hydrated. We require water for so
    many different processes throughout the body, so
    if we’re not hydrated, we are just not going to
    feel our best in general. Plus drinking lots of
    water is going to help our digestive system just
    kind of flush everyone out. Just get rid of all of
    that crap that we just ate. No pun intended. And lastly and what I think
    is probably the most important when it comes to getting back on track, is when we are dehydrated, a lot of the times the
    signals that come across to tell us like, hey we’re thirsty, you know we need to drink some water, we need to get hydrated. A lot of times, those
    signals get a little muddled when they’re coming through and they come across as cravings. So a lot of times when we’re thirsty, our body’s actually gonna say like, let’s eat some chips, or I really want you know, X Y or Z food. A lot of times they
    come across as cravings. So when we’re trying to get back on track, we wanna make sure that
    at least at a minimum, at the base line, we are hydrated. So we are at least knocking
    out some of the potential weird cravings that can come across and keep us from getting back on track. My next tip doesn’t really
    have anything to do with eating or drinking at all. And that is just to get busy. This always helps me so much. When I’ve had a weekend where
    I just didn’t really eat very well, and Monday rolls around, I know that I have work to
    do, I have to do, you know, this huge to do list, just
    stuff that I need to get done. I know I’m not gonna be you
    know, layin around on the couch, thinkin about food. I’m kinda bored, I wanna eat that. None of that is going to
    happen when you are busy. Now I’m not saying to
    completely ignore your body and get so busy that you’re not eating. You should still be
    listening to your body, you should still be eating, you should still be fueling yourself with wholesome, nutritious foods. Very important. But if we stay busy,
    it kinda just helps us to like tune out those
    random, unnecessary cravings of foods that we don’t really need to eat, but we’re only craving em because we just ate a bunch of junk. So whether that is you
    know throwing yourself into your work, if you’re at work, or like me, if you work from
    home, just sitting down, and just getting some work done, and really focusing on that. Or maybe it’s just knocking
    out some household chores. Whether that’s getting some laundry done, or cleaning the house. Occupying your mind with
    something productive will just ease into getting back on
    track, and keep you from snacking on things that you
    probably shouldn’t be eating. My third tip is something
    that is very important. And that is, get active. Get some physical activity going. You need to exercise. After you, are eating
    like crap a lot of times, we don’t wanna work out because
    we feel kind of sluggish, and we just don’t feel our best. Maybe our energy levels are really low, cause we just haven’t
    been fueling our bodys with nutritious food. But one of the best ways
    to actually get us out of that slump, is working out. So whether that’s you know, getting yourself outside to go for a walk or a run, or going to the gym, or maybe doing a at home workout. Anything that you can do to move your body and get sweating is going to help so much. Exercise releases feel good hormones, like dopamine and serotonin, which really just helps to life our mood. I definitely find that
    if I’m craving something not so healthy for dinner, like I wanna order a pizza
    tonight, and then I go workout, afterwards, I’m like I don’t
    want that pizza anymore. Like get me some veggies and salmon, like I feel good. I wanna keep this going. I wanna eat well. So is definitely a huge helpful tip. My next tip is to eat lots and
    lots of fruits and veggies. You probably saw this one coming. A lot of times when we
    eat not so healthy foods, whether they contain like refined grains, or added sugars, afterwards
    it’s going to make us crave those foods. After you eat a whole
    pizza, you’re not like, I could really go for
    some roasted asparagus. No, you’re like I want ice cream. So that is just like that
    is just unfortunately how our bodys work. So it is important to make sure that you are really poignant and
    mindful about the fact that like okay, I didn’t
    eat so well over the weekend but it comes to Monday morning, I’m gonna eat lots of fruits and veggies, and whole foods and not processed foods. Because that is really
    gonna help fuel my body and just get all those
    micro nutrients that I need. And just make me feel really good. Also, fruits and vegetables
    contain a lot of fiber. So if you’re having trouble
    digesting all of the not so healthy food that you just ate. That fiber is gonna help
    kind of move things along. And get that going. And the more whole foods you’re eating, for example, fruits and
    vegetables, versus processed foods. The more friend they’re going
    to be to your blood sugar. And blood sugar stability
    is everything guys. Let me tell you. Blood sugar matters so much. When we eat a lot of junk food, or processed food that has
    a lot of refined grains, or added sugars, it’s
    unfortunately most likely going to send our blood
    sugar out of whack. So you’re gonna en up getting
    these really big peaks, and then these really big
    dips in your blood sugar. And we don’t want that. Because every time we hit a dip, even if we just ate like
    some kind of cupcake or something 30 minutes ago, and it’s still practically in our stomach. Our blood sugar’s gonna drop and our body’s gonna go oh no, we’re low on sugar, I need the carbs. Feed me the carbs, feed me the sugar. And then you’re just
    gonna want another cupcake 30, 45 minutes later. So that just gets to be
    ina vicious, vicious cycle. So if we’re eating whole
    foods, that aren’t really processed, and they have a lot of fiber. And if we’re making sure to
    also get in poly proteins and healthy fats, those are
    also friendly to blood sugar. And going to keep it
    very steady and happy, which is gong to keep our cravings at bay, and therefore much easier
    to get back on track. My fifth tip is kind of a fun one. And this is something that I absolutely love to do personally. And that is to go food shopping. So some people probably think I am crazy, cause I actually like to food shop, but it really really gets me
    excited about eating healthy. Especially if I’ve had like,
    an off week, or weekend, or however long it may be. If I go to like Trader Joe’s, or my local grocery store, and I just pick up, some good produce, and I pick up some
    different healthy snacks, maybe like some fruit and nut mix, or stock up on Almond
    Butter, or Peanut Butter, things that I just, like
    healthy little things, staples I like to have on hand. It gets me really excited
    about eating healthy. Cause I’m like, oh, I have
    all this like good stuff that I’m stocked up on. I don’t need to eat that crap, like look at all this you
    know, yummy healthy food that I just got. So that is kind of a
    random tip, but definitely something that helps me get back on track. So those are my five top
    tips to get you back on track or recover after eating like crap. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and learned something from it. Don’t forget to subscribe if you are new, and haven’t already. I would absolutely love to have ya. And of course, if you guys have yet to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, I would love to see you on there as well. But that is all I have for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching it. And I look forward to
    seeig you in the next one. Bye. (upbeat music)


    How to Bounce Individual Tracks As .WAV Stems And Prepare For Transfer: Pro Tools and Logic Pro

    December 13, 2019

    hey everyone this is Mark from the wave
    shop today I’m gonna show you how to bounce your individual tracks as wav files and then prepare them for
    transferring this is useful when you’re working with someone who doesn’t use the
    same DAW as you do so from working in Pro Tools
    and another producers working in logic I need to be able to send the files in
    the usable format so that he or she can work with them now in order to do that they all need to
    be the exact same length we need to have an agreed-upon length
    before the start the song in case it needs to line up to a grid so
    let me show you how to do that the first thing and this is very
    important is to add cross fades if you haven’t already if we don’t do
    this the files that we export will probably contain pops and clicks so
    let me show you how to do that let’s go over here to our group menu
    click on the all group now with the all group selected I’m just scroll across here and select all of the audio files in
    this song says you see they’re all selected right
    now that i’m gonna hit command F this brings up a batch fayed’s menu now
    we’re gonna check the box that says create new fades and create new fate ins and outs to
    leave the adjusting existing fayed’s unchecked in case I have created some
    unique fayed’s before this will use five milliseconds then click OK that creates any new fades so now we’re
    sure that everything is cross faded we won’t have any unnecessary clicks and
    pops so as you can see some of these tracks
    have an audio file that spans the length of the song but others have multiple audio files within the track this is a composite
    track so what we need to do is make it so that
    every single track has one audio file that is the same link
    and starts at the same time so here’s how we’ll do that when
    assuming here using T I’m gonna go to the beginning of the
    song now what I like to do you is turning on mode over here click one measure before the start of
    the song middle zoom out with are hold SHIFT
    click at the end of the session zoom in Center the end with the rare
    okie and make sure that the end of this
    selection matches near the end of the song so we can see that I’ve selected all the
    audio on both ends and when is your back out now here’s the
    trick this is called consolidate now one way
    to do it is to go up to edits consolidate clip but I like to do it
    with the pro to a shortcut so many hit shift
    option 3 now it’s Missy rendering what it’s doing right now is it’s making
    audio files are the exact same length that selection that I just made so once that’s done rendering it’ll look
    like this in all your audio files will be the same link on each track
    that’s exactly what we wanted here’s how to do it if you’re working in
    Logic Pro first make sure you have all the cross fades applied to
    your audio files then got to file export all tracks as audio files gonna create a new folder titled way is with the tempo create and I’m gonna say format as wave and 24-bit because that’s what I
    work in so it’s sporting the tracks now so all of them
    are the same length that’s what we need the rest of the process is the same for
    both Pro Tools in logic sessions let’s take a look at
    it so the next step in the process is to locate these files in your hard
    drive put them in a new folder and then
    compress the folder minute command tab to open finder I’ve got the session right here call
    Devin band makes and if I open up this folder we can see
    within here the audio files folder when open that up
    as well this is actually really helpful that we
    have the date modified right here because we can see when we created these
    audio files so I know that I just consolidated these
    regions at 9:46 p.m. so I know that from here to hear are all the audio files that I just
    created what I’m gonna do is right click copy 18 items known going to create a
    new folder and call this waves for Devin band mix within this folder or paste the audio
    files that we just created now that all the audio files are within
    that folder when you go back one and one thing that’s always good to do
    is to put the temple in the session file I’m gonna go to get
    info and put dot 120 bpm this helps whoever’s receiving the file
    to know what to set their session so now I’m going right click on this
    folder we just created go down to compress this will create a dot zip file this
    file is the one that you would send over the
    Internet to whoever is receiving your session so if you’re sending it to the wave shop
    to get your free mix that’s the file you choose thanks for watching give any questions
    you can get at me at wave shop audio at gmail dot com be
    sure to visit our web site to redeem your free mix thats wave shop audio dot com

    How to track a tornado – Karen Kosiba
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    How to track a tornado – Karen Kosiba

    December 13, 2019

    So, I think all good
    tornado talks need to start with an awesome tornado shot. And this is not that awesome tornado shot. That was the first tornado I ever saw,
    it was really cool, really scary, and I’m showing it to you guys because that’s why I got
    into the field in the first place. So even though it’s a bad photograph, it was really cool
    to be out there the first time. But now I’m taking real tornado footage. Fast forward a few years. This is a few years ago,
    during a field project called VORTEX2, where myself and a bunch
    of other scientists were out there, surrounding tornadoes
    with different types of instrumentation and trying to figure out
    how tornadoes form. It’s a big question
    we’re trying to answer. It sounds like a very basic one, but it’s something
    we’re still trying to figure out. We’re also still trying to figure out
    what the winds are like near the surface. We know what the winds are like
    above building level, but we really don’t know
    what they’re like at the surface and how that relates
    to what we’re seeing above building level. Most tornadoes form from what we call
    supercell thunderstorms. Supercell thunderstorms
    are what you commonly think of as tornado-raising storms. They’re big, rotating thunderstorms that happen a lot of times
    in the midsection of the United States. But the problem is that even though
    they’re rotating up above, it doesn’t mean they’re rotating
    at the surface. And when we look at these storms and at these pictures
    and at the data we have, they all kind of look the same. And it’s really problematic if we’re trying to make
    tornado forecasts or warnings, because we only want to warn
    or forecast about the storms that are going to actually make a tornado. One of the big, critical distinguishing
    features, we think, between these storms, is something about
    the rear-flank downdraft. So these big rotating thunderstorms
    have this downdraft that wraps around the rear edge of it, hence the “rear-flank” downdraft. But we think how warm that is,
    how buoyant that air is, and then also how strong
    the updraft it’s wrapping into, makes a big difference on whether or not
    it’s going to make a tornado. There’s a lot more that goes into it — I’ll tell you about that in a second. Once you actually get a tornado,
    again, the problem that we have is getting measurements near the surface. It’s really hard to get measurements
    near the surface — most people don’t want
    to drive into tornadoes. There are a few exceptions;
    you might have seen them on TV shows. But most people don’t want to do that. Even getting instrumentation in the path
    of the tornado is pretty tricky, too. Because, again, you don’t want
    to be that close to a tornado because sometimes the winds
    around the tornado are strong as well. So getting information,
    that critical location, is key for us because,
    again, we don’t know if the winds that we’re seeing
    above ground level, way above building level, actually map to the surface, if they’re stronger, weaker,
    or about the same as what we’re seeing above buildings. The way we get at answering
    a lot of these questions — and I’m an observationalist;
    I love to get out in the field, and collect data on tornadoes — we compile a lot of observations. I work with this group
    who operates mobile radars, and they’re exactly
    what they say — basically, a radar on the back of a big blue truck, and we drive up really close
    to tornadoes to map out the winds. We map out the precipitation. We map out all these
    different things that are going on in order to better understand
    the processes in these storms. And that bottom there,
    that’s what a tornado looks like when you’re looking at it
    with a mobile radar, and really close. Also, what we do is a lot of modeling, so we do a lot of computer
    models and simulations, because the atmosphere
    is governed by the laws of physics. So we can model the laws of physics and see where the tornado might go, where the storm might go, how strong the winds are near the surface and not actually have
    to go out in the field. But of course, we want to have
    both observations and modeling to move forward with the science. So, I showed you that video earlier
    that went real quick, too. This is what it looks like,
    looking at it with a radar. So you saw it visually, but this is what I get really excited
    about when I see now in the field, stuff that looks like this. The really exciting thing
    about looking at stuff like this is that we caught this storm
    from when it didn’t make a tornado to when it made a tornado and intensified and when it dissipated. This is the one of the rare data sets
    that we have out there that were able to study
    the entire life cycle of a tornado. I talked about how we think
    that rear-flank downdraft is important because it tilts, there’s a lot
    of spin in the atmosphere, but the problem with
    all this spin in the atmosphere is it needs to be oriented vertically, because that’s what tornadoes are doing, and it needs to orientated
    vertically near the ground. So we think this rear-flank
    downdraft just pulses. And these pulses in this
    rear-flank downdraft, we think, are very important
    for converging that rotation, but also getting that rotation
    into the right place. Other things we’ve learned is that we have gotten
    a bunch of fortuitous measurements in the path of the tornadoes
    and very near the surface. And we found out that the winds near the surface
    are actually pretty comparable to what we’re seeing 30, 40 meters
    above ground level. So there’s not a big reduction
    in what we’re seeing above the surface to what we’re seeing at house level. And that was a pretty
    surprising finding for us, because we kind of assumed
    that the winds decrease pretty substantially near the surface. I’m going to end with this real quick. And this is not my last
    tornado I ever saw, but I really like this image, because this was taken with one of those
    mobile radars I was talking about. This is a tornado, not a hurricane, and this is what it looks like
    when you’re really close to it. And I find this amazing, that we can actually take technology
    this close to these types of storms and see these inner workings. And for those of you who look
    at tornado images often, you can see there’s a lot going on —
    there’s rain spiraling, and you can actually see the debris cloud
    associated with this tornado. I look forward to the future
    and future technologies and being able to learn
    a lot more about these storms, as the world advances, as you guys contribute to the science and we’re able to really learn
    more about how tornadoes form. Thank you. (Applause)

    Caring for the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail
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    Caring for the Kalamunda Railway Heritage Trail

    December 13, 2019

    It’s nice. Perfect weather I think I’ve seen a bandicoot What have you been up to today? Bird-watching Looking for all the wildlife like the bandicoot and numbat, spider Now my favourite part was seeing the big bird in the tree, the black one, that was amazing See the sky, it’s so blue and the trees and the leaves are so green My name is Mick. I’m the environmental friends group officer at the Shire, Kalamunda We are looking after the railway heritage trail Which is the bushland around us? We’re doing a lot of stuff about educating the kids on the plants and animals as well as giving them a chance to Assist the Friends group who work along the trail so the students from the high school come along every Wednesday morning And they’re involved in activities that could include rubbish collection they could do some weed identification We’ve given them some interesting activities to do with our wildlife spotting, so we’ve had some animal hunting going on. We’ve just done a Cultural awareness activity and we’re also going to do a little bit of a track maintenance program My name is Fiona Poole, and I’m the Duke of Edinburgh International Award coordinator at Kalamunda Secondary Education Support I’ve been out on the heritage trail and learning about nature and the bush different animals, plants Collecting rubbish and also sweeping up the honky nuts. It’s been a wonderful experience for them My name is Kay, this is my 30th year now I just teach them about the native animals a bit about plants and we have caught a few animals in their habitat Which the kids were very excited about That’s important. We need environmentalists growing up because not everybody is The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about this project is the look in the kids eyes when they’re learning stuff And they’re out in the outdoors classroom I think that really shows me that they’re interested and it shows me that they do have a connection to their country We manage the land we promote the land we know that we can’t do it ourselves We need to do it in partnership and working with our beautiful community groups and our fabulous schools is rewarding for us And it’s also rewarding for the students and the teachers

    Eco Game Rants: Stepford County Railway
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    Eco Game Rants: Stepford County Railway

    December 12, 2019

    Alright, so this is more of a downright bashing
    attempt than a rant, but again, this is Magic that we’re talking about, and unless you
    are a newbie to the Roblox Train Operating Company world, you probably wouldn’t pick
    SCR as a company you would want to drive for but uh oh! That trickery worked. So, here is the long list of dun goofs that
    Magic and Stepford County did. People buying overpriced Gamepasses SCR the game has a majority like-dislike ratio but has a bad Fabrick score Whatever AirExpress, Express and Metro services
    are, they don’t exist and shouldn’t be on these boards Free model seats. Found everywhere. Drivers not knowing how to drive a Driver
    Only Operation train You should be able to track walk at tram stops. And I’m doing it. Driving system is from yrreb trains Clearly heavily monetized game Yrreb trolls SCR Benton, the spawn for all free trains was
    broken Me talking about the standards of Stepford
    and WaterLine being single track to one of the termini. I said termini because I forgot what one of
    the termini actually was called. Apparently it is not needed to shout over
    a train that never runs because it’s a GAMEPASS TO DRIVE LINE Stepford dispatchers clearly going against
    their stance on trackwalkers. Failing to understand the truth of paper trains Fictional Roblox Train Operating Company criticises
    a real Train Operating Company. I think the Roblox ToC is unqualified. Nobody buys the 720 gamepass because it is
    overpriced, unless it is 90% off. Overused Twitter meme. And that’s basically what Stepford is. But if you don’t count that, you get a bare
    shell that most people call a decent game. Shame that I could build something like that,
    so maybe decent is not the word to use. Well then see ya and ban me from stepford

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    December 12, 2019

    Oh, boy, oh boy look at this jelly just dropped his Disstrack and you’re never gonna believe it yep, jelly is actually rapping so after i saw Jelly react to my disstrack my finger i realized, that he was gonna release a Diss track to if he hit a certain amount of length so let’s just save this video hits 50,000 likes i’ll release a second disstrack anyways That’s never, gonna happen, so let’s let’s look at This, guy, look at his face let’s go and look at him let’s go here react to this and let’s see If jelly can actually rap Okay, okay listen we’re two seconds in he’s already flexing jelly really two seconds in we got this? Sad piano going on over here and jellys’ just he just has to drive his car in there okay you you flexing already Jelly, really, you’re flexing already, okay, yeah Yeah, yeah! yeah You’re, not funny, why are you, laughing i’ll say this is where jelly lives in the middle of nowhere just so everybody knows Why, is he laughing, is he laughs because he knows. This song is just gonna be trash Trouble cops logo man you ready for this yeah, oh, boy i’m ready for this Oh, what the hell, okay, that was a cheap, blow, we start off and the first thing he says Is the f word you cobble cup, suck on a red, baby, bottle pop okay, why, why, why a red One went out an orange stuck it on her bed baby, bottle but the truth this, whole like the laughs right Okay, he’s gonna treat me like a lab rat sure hit, me up jelly tin you can zip between an ass okay now i like that one that one was creative Beat him on the game when he still loved tight candle the sims, was miller lite speak of my, case Was it’s a problem, my shoelace clean the, whole damn closet okay, you know i roasted him on k-swiss You know on Jelly’s bad choice of shoes but i do have to say he got me back good you know … cleaner than my closet Still while wearing K-Swiss, which talk that shit like, you rich in profit does that shit to get richer probably You, live with me are you taking a gun, okay fun story when i was living with, jelly He, was the one that, wasn’t cleaning up just so you know, i i just didn’t clean up, my, my office but He didn’t clean up the entire house. Okay, Jelly i know, you’re watching this. Remember that soup that once came back to life, that was your fault You can’t even deal with my hot-ass bars. You don’t have a, license to drive a car with. Your so called Kops rather be on Jelly’s side. Calling 9-1-1 emergency Keep jelly on your mouth Mr. Kwebbelkop, and stick to cryptocurrency Okay, you know, daily that was good you know Again, pulling the cops – Jelly side and roasting me for not having a driver’s license but You, can’t roast me about that sure okay, but at least i don’t have to flex in my video clip with My car look at that you call that a car, boy Even this is nothing compared to my, bike okay, let’s go let’s go to the hook, call a 911 emergency Okay, here we go? fake cop throwing stones, woke up to trash talk, now you got me in my zone Shame i gotta slap you back in your lane trying to swerve mine that’ll get you owned, Kwebbelkop just got powned. Slogoman… man okay go okay, okay, that was it that was a clever hook, not really feelin it i like my hook My hook, a lot better just so you know. Jelly just play it play it … two hoes, Jelly and Slogo Trash in the ozone Two of my children i got two weak links in my crew public restroom, and i’m taking a deuce Anyways, let’s it let’s let’s check it that was my first you know Jelly, Jelly roasted me pretty, damn hard there i have to say i feel like He was holding back a little bit but but still You know it’s it’s it was good it was creative and i feel like i deserve it okay? Especially after roasting him i wasn’t really holding back but Maybe if this if this if this reaction video gets 50,000 likes i might release a second, diss track and you know. That said It’s only if this it’s 50,000 likes and i’ll start writing Beast Awoken, Slogoman you so fat and bogus. you, just called Slogoman fat and their jelly is once again flexing okay i mean i was flexing to a Little bit but this is this is what jelly, makes in 30 minutes okay anyways? (Roasted) Don’t know if anybody, saw that in the vlogs but, josh Broke, jelly’s toothbrush and he just kept on going on like i’m not paying for your, new Toothbrush, jelly’s like send me a hundred dollars or give, me a hundred dollars and and and josh was like No, like that it didn’t, we didn’t break it and to Be honest josh didn’t break his toothbrush he was just ahead he put in the toilet but Still like i would say you know you should you should pay him back even when he broke it… FACTS … Nothing more than an ogre always late you were lazy, bozo, oh no? ya gaming so-so That was a hot one that was hot fire He just said slow mo slow. Go your, game is so-so I mean jelly you’re getting creative over here you’re getting very nice and creative, also, by the way if you haven’t already make
    sure to check out the original Gonna leave a link in the description even though i get roasted i do think he deserves it you know Credit is due where credit is due you know like it i don’t i don’t want to steal Jelly’s moves, some use you know What i mean how, i would do that enough anyway? i would love i like fully at the bully I like that one this slug you pick is a great depiction to rule in slow Always, rate the kitchen say you the best for your breath is kickin Say the best but your breath is kickin, oh? my Goodness jelly i thought gently went hard on me okay not not really hard on me but he definitely went Extremely hard on Slogoman okay, this second verse is harsh, oh the record You, less than lesser hit the floor you might, shake the dresser can fit through double doors on a stretcher and i see you can’t stand by me you can ‘t handle the NYC Have to say Jelly’s lyrics are deep gentiles lyrics are very very deep like You, can’t handle thingy, blah… can’t handle nyc damn Damn this is Jelly’s? Definitely jelly has a bright rapping career ahead of him on the couch where you steady sleeping, why You, gotta, keep your girl a secret, oh? Now what that last that last line man why you got a girl keep your girl, is secret i don’t know Josh i don’t know. Slogoman, why wait, why, do you have to keep that a secret Raise the red, flag for fight fast hey that i just had sports at, ass put a slug like You, but it’s good a stretch you can’t even do basic math… these roasts are are harsh they are good they are deep and i’m pretty sure They, they, definitely they will definitely page Josh i have to say, jelly went easy on me okay He went good he went hard on me but josh he was not holding back Over there, oh, my, goodness let’s let’s listen to the last part of the song let, me just play this jelly that Jelly, that fake cop throwing stones woke up to trash talk, now you got me in my zone Shame i gotta slap you back in the lane trying to swerve mine that’ll get your owned Kwebbelkop just got powned Slogoman go get gone… yeah, oh Okay, just got i got owned, jelly of course called you, yeah, okay? Jellies my dad now, okay? Just eating a cheeseburger mint, oh? Look, at that look, at that shop you know, how This shot, was filmed somebody just stood above, jelly because he’s so small just lay Down on the ground, and they got it okay anyways, what is my verdict on this diss track, like i said if you haven’t already Check it out, links in the description i have to say jilly’s district Was good it was very nice it was deep it was it was it was is like? A rote he, was roasting he, was roasting really nice and good okay, now he wasn’t he, wasn’t roasting me too hard Okay, i thought maybe i’m gonna have to drop a district on his, ass you know If he roasted me too hard 50,000 likes and i might do it just you know Just roasts and jelly but on josh oh my Goodness he went hard on josh so my question is is slow go man going to release a Diss track on me and jilly now that’s the question, is he gonna Do that or is he gonna pussy out and not do it i don’t know I don’t think josh can rap i think he’s just, gonna like he’s gonna, pass on it you know He’s that kind of a little pussy Anyways if you ever watched, josh’s video tell him drop a, diss track Go, and tell him tell him to drop at this rate i want to see josh pop out and do his thing You know josh could definitely destroy us if you really wanted to but that’s, what i think like i said 50,000 likes i’ll release the secret first But until then i do have to say even though, jelly roasted me once again that was a pretty sick this track a video clip Mediocre but then, again, like keep in mind this stuff, is filmed in like two Days, and made in two days i have to respect Jelly, for this i’m gonna i’m gonna call him tonight i’m gonna let him know. You know i mean we like you know Should, we squash the beef or i don’t know, maybe maybe maybe not This, was this, was pretty good this, was pretty good anyways cups thank you so much for watching 50,000 likes and i’ll drop another destroy anyways cups, tomorrow, bye bye Jelly’s actually rapping

    N Gauge Model Railway Layouts – Scenic work and building the Hotel Elvenhome EP54
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    N Gauge Model Railway Layouts – Scenic work and building the Hotel Elvenhome EP54

    December 10, 2019

    Hello and welcome to this episode of
    Elvenhome in which I begin tentatively the work of building the Art Deco hotel
    do some scenic work around the station including a flash of inspiration one Saturday afternoon and also give you a closer look at the
    two streaks that are running behind me with their rakes of Gresley coaches.
    Before we move on to having a look at those a bit more closely I just want to
    mention something which I forgot when I was talking about the inspiration for
    the Art Deco Hotel which is a layout called Franklin which you can see on
    RMWeb or the N Gauge forum and Paul Chapman of Galgorm Hall mentioned that to me when he first suggested the idea of an Art Deco style
    and Milledale on Sea also mentioned it to me in the comments to the last video.
    If you get a chance to go and have a look do it’s a southern region layout
    based around the 1930s the threads in both those forums are really excellent
    there’s a lot of inventiveness around the build
    I think it’s been taken down because of a house move and a new one hasn’t yet
    been built but if you get a chance to go and have a look I suggest you do go and
    have a look at both of those. So on with the video let’s take a closer look at
    these two streaks running behind me before we move on to start talking about
    the beginning of the build of the Art Deco hotel [Music] Time to start work on actually building
    the Art Deco Hotel rather than just talking about it but before I get on to
    what the work that I’ve been doing I’m really grateful to everybody who came
    back with comments about the Art Deco Hotel and in particular to a number of
    people Mark Valentine pointed out that the building of this kind would have a
    fire escape and so I think I will build the fire escape at the rear of the
    building to allow people to get out of the
    building my original thoughts had been that the means of getting out would be
    internally but having looked at building regulations for the 1930s by that time
    they were requiring external means of escape so that needs to be put into the
    hotel as its rear which I will I will do at the end
    Tony Walton gave me quite a lot of ideas having worked in the catering trade
    about the back of the building and just how busy and perhaps quite grungy it
    might be I hadn’t given thought in the design for example where the offices
    would be and they would be likely to be situated at the back probably behind
    where the bar area is I do need to provide access for the kitchens and
    extractor fans and the like I’m hoping and apart from downpipes to take water
    away that’s coming from the roof and on the individual sills all other plumbing
    is internal this is the 1930s by now so all the rooms do have facilities
    but the plumbing for all of those descend into the basement of this
    building where they’re taken away into the sewer so I don’t need loads of pipes
    external pipes for things like laboratories and the rest because all of
    that is dealt with is internal plumbing Rich now Baden I think it’s Baden rather
    than Baden but if I’m wrong tell me Rich also getting some useful ideas
    about how I achieve a look on the interior using photographs
    I am finding it very hard to source things so that I could actually put in
    things like tables and chairs and all that sort of thing but I think with some
    photographs going through the windows that may achieve the same effect and the
    last one from David Fiddler was that the hotel is crying out for a revolving door
    at the front yes I’m sure it is I’m still trying to get in the head if I
    do a revolving door it will have to work and doing that a N-gauge will not be
    straightforward but you never know so you’ll have to watch the space and see
    what I eventually end up doing the work that I’ve been doing so far has been to
    try and start working out how I was going to attach the dowels to the base
    and what how I needed to cut the bases to allow me to achieve that and I’m
    afraid doing that has made me realize I need to go back to the drawing board a
    little what you see in front of you is two of the dowels in place on one of the
    base cards with the cutouts that would be needed to
    take the dowels at the back the dowels sit flush with each of the two walls at
    the front you’ll remember I want the douse to stick out so that the external
    decoration of the building is and a curve is achieved by having strips of
    plastic of varying lengths each one millimeter deep that that provides a
    decoration that gives the impression of curves going in before the tower in the
    center I did glue or fall onto a piece of this card and just let let it sit it
    out for a couple of days to make sure that I was happy with the kind of
    overall shape and look and I think the simple answer is I’m not in the
    slightest it looks much too big and bulky the amount of white space or
    whatever color I choose to build to paint this will be substantial because
    if we that this will be the door here and leaving aside the ground floor on
    each of the floors where there are rooms there are two windows either side
    the center section and the next window is not round until the middle here with
    these being sixteen millimeter in scale size that’s really quite large and will
    look as though there’s huge amounts of wasted space in the building which
    simply wouldn’t be there no developer is going to build a building with lots of
    wasted space so these just look out of scale they’re much too big they’re much too
    bulky and it’s only actually starting to build it and seeing all four sat there
    that made me think this just doesn’t look right at all so I’m having to have
    a rethink there and to take things back to an alternative. The alternative is to
    turn to another piece of quarter doubt that I bought at the same time as the
    sixteen millimeter which this is a small offcut which is nine millimeter quarter
    Dale and I have started with a test piece but I’m not going to cut out more
    of the bases I’d cut all of them out which was a mistake and I can’t use them
    now because obviously the bits that are cut out and too big but the 9 millimeter
    down if I turn this round this way still gives me the curve around the corner but
    I think that all looks more in scale and I will need to go back to the to the
    plan and redraw it because plainly with with a smaller diameter curve I don’t
    need the building to be quite as wide or as long so it will come much back to
    this size I think overall whereas with the change on there it was going to get
    to be a bit bigger so that’s the that’s the next piece of work that I’m going to
    be doing and also starting to build this made me think about the way I’m going to
    construct it if I go back to this version I’ve got to find a way whichever
    dowel I use to put the walls on so I’m going to build it as I said I’ll be
    building it floor by floor and there will be a wall coming up either side
    there will be a gap here because that’s where the wall
    there that’s where the wall that’s where the door goes in and at the back I’ll be
    doing that differently and then there will obviously be walls
    here I think I’m going may have a problem in ensuring there is a nice snug
    fit between the side of the wall and the wall for the dowel which probably means
    using some plaster to fill it in essentially and then send that back to
    make sure there’s a nice neat corner and then I’m also going to make sure that
    these extend above the roof and then there will be a wall joining to cap the
    building off so that because I was a bit worried how I was going to put a roof on
    here and shape it to be the right shape but the simple answer is don’t shape it
    so I’ve been doing some work I worked out which windows I’m going to have I’ve
    worked out that I need to build a fire escape I’ve worked out I think the basic
    means of construction the back of the building is probably that I won’t do
    floor by floor because I want to build the whole building without any windows
    fixed in place so that it can all be painted because I need to get obviously
    the wall and the wood the plastic in the wood to look the same then I can fit the
    windows in on each floor and then the back of the building can be fitted on as
    three pieces probably at the end or maybe two but but certainly I won’t try
    to do it as one piece because cutting out a single piece of card with all
    those windows is asking for trouble that one window goes wrong right towards
    the end and you’ve lost the whole piece of card much better to do it in smaller
    chunks so that’s what scratch building is about that you start off going to
    build and then you can come across the problems of how you build and also the
    problems of how you then decorate and paint the thing at the end I’ve got a
    color scheme in mind I’m not going to share that with you until you actually
    see it so the next section of next time you see this I hope to have made more
    progress in getting the foot at least the first to the ground floor built the
    tower will go on pretty much towards the end as will the fire escape and the
    other detailing on the back so that’s where I am on the scratch build and now
    let’s move on to have a look at the work that I’ve been doing on the layout over
    the last couple of weeks whilst I’ve been worrying how on earth I was going
    to build this Art Deco Hotel [Music] well I hope you enjoyed that interlude I
    made them this way because I just didn’t like any of the Belisha beacons or
    Belisha beacons depending how you pronounce Leslie Hore-Belisha’s surname
    that were available commercially they all looked over scaled to me with too
    thicker stem for the pole and the globes tending to be too big even these the
    globes are slightly oversized the real globes are under a foot in diameter by
    law and this is three millimeters but nonetheless I think overall the
    proportions look broadly right and I quite liked to have had them as
    flashing but all the ones that I could see that were flashing the scale was
    just completely wrong standing between and on the square that the Belisha
    beacons allow access to is the fountain which was the thing that I had had
    ordered when I did the last video it’s a little Faller kit it does come as a as a
    kit of parts that the I think it’s octagonal fountain Bowl is all
    separate little bits that you put together to create the fountain I
    painted inside it a green color because the the it’s basically brown and I also
    picked out in gold around the edges of the relief pattern and obviously painted
    the statue gold because that comes in a green color
    it it is German in style but on the other hand it’s the kind of florid
    Victorian thing that you would have found around particularly to commemorate
    the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria so that’s what I’m taking this to be that
    this is Weathertop’s diamond jubilee statue of 1897 to celebrate 60 years on
    on the throne for Queen Victoria in front you can see the Langley kit
    that I was in the process of building which again comes as a kit of parts it’s
    a white metal kit very easy to put together the water column itself does
    actually move I painted everything separate before I
    put it together the instructions suggest that you put it all together and then
    paint it but I I didn’t really want to gundge-up the movement of the water column
    the base just has primer on it at the moment because until I know what it’s
    going to be sitting in I don’t want to preempt that by doing any painting or
    weathering to the base the base would likely be probably concrete with a drain
    in the center and I’ll probably pick that drain out in silver and then go
    over it with some weathering powders once I know what it’s going to be
    sitting in coming back out a little bit of course it sits next to the coaling
    stage to allow engines to come off the turntable if I come out a bit further
    which you can just about see let me just move you around it’s come off the
    turntable to be to receive coal and water and I was asked whether the the
    orange building might be might be moved to give better sight lines into the
    station and the answer is no and you’ll see that I’ve now put some wood to wedge
    the track to give me an idea of how high I’m going to need the ramp to be able to
    bring it into the coaling stage and eventually that track will extend into
    the coaling stage and about three inches or so to just beyond where you can see
    the water column and I’m getting close to the point where I can actually start
    building the ramp and the walls the retaining walls that will take it take
    that track up and up and in there and it is inevitable as I build the railway
    that some sight lines will disappear but I want to try and make this look
    realistic one final piece of work that has been undertaken in the last didn’t
    take very long is to begin the work of completing the scenic work on the fire
    station and if i zoom in a little let’s just take them up there you will see
    that the fire station now has its garden at the front
    which I’d always intended there to be and it has the paving the only bit of
    paving they’ll be there and I’ll now start work on putting the enclosure
    walls around the fire station itself and I can also begin because I’ve completed
    if i zoom back out again because I’ve laid cork to give me the base on which I
    will be completing the scenic work to allow me to do the memorial garden for
    the War Memorial so that’s that my plan as you know had been to work from the
    back to the front and that’s slowly coming together I still have yet to
    decide what I’m going to do with the space that’s on the wooden board that
    contains the points and double slip for the branch line but that will come to me
    and I do as you know intend for the gasworks now to take up most of the space
    that’s presently vacant between the viaduct and where the road will carry on
    up towards Weathertop station so that pretty much completes this month’s video
    I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and in particular the beginning of scratch
    building the Art Deco hotel and if you’ve got any comments that you want to
    give me please do as you’ll have seen that they they really are most helpful
    to me they particularly the things that I forget if you’ve liked the video
    please do like and if you haven’t already subscribed please do
    subscribe it’d be great to have you along and hit the bell notification so
    you know when I’m uploading but until I speak to you again in about a
    fortnight’s time bye bye

    N Gauge Model Railways Building a Station – Elvenhome Ep39
    Articles, Blog

    N Gauge Model Railways Building a Station – Elvenhome Ep39

    December 10, 2019

    Hello and welcome to Elvenhome after a break of some four weeks I think, almost. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Edinburgh Fringe and at the Edinburgh Book Festival and it’s now time to get back to some serious modeling. This video largely, almost exclusively, actually concentrates on the work to complete the building of Sharky’s End stationdand the scenic work around there. As you will discover as the video goes on, my ambitious plans to complete everything finally there’s much more work in it than I expected but you’ll see how far I got by the time we get to the end of the video. Now can I now just say thank you to everybody that responded to me on the plans for High Elven which I’m thinking about the various suggestions that were made including swapping the station for the goods yard and curved points, and a revised plan has been put together but I’m just cogitating on that so I hope to come back to that for the next video; and can I also say thank you for the fact that I passed a thousand subscribers about the time that the last video went up which is an astonishing number. I’m very pleased and grateful to you all for subscribing and if you haven’t subscribed please subscribe now, and I look forward to doing more of these videos and for you to continue to enjoy the development of High Elven. So let’s return now to a couple of weeks ago when I started thinking about, in-between going to fringe shows, what Stark’s End station might look like, and you’ll see the development of the build to the point where something, at least, appears on the layout. Speak to you again in just a moment. You may recall in my last video that I positioned the area that will be bounded by High Elven; as a consequence of that I could decide where the Bowstring bridge would go; and as a consequence of that I know precisely where Sharky’s End station is going to go. So it’s time to build Sharky’s End station. The station I’ve always envisaged as a halt. It’s not in a heavily built-up area but people would want a quick way to get across the ravine from Sharky’s End to High Elven, and putting a halt there, which was probably almost certainly a request stop, would have been a reasonable thing to do because there really is no distance between Sharky’s End and where High Elven, the terminus of the branch line will be. So I needed an inspiration for the shelter because the platform we’ll have little more than a shelter on it and what you see in front of you is a picture taken from a website called disused- I’ll put a link below in the description. It’s a very dangerous website so be careful, because you go on to try and find something and two or three hours later you’re still flicking through pictures of long-gone stations. But this is a picture of Foggathorpe Station built originally by the York and North Midland Railway, opened in 1864 and this picture is from 1905. I’m not sure whether by then York and North Midland had amalgamated with others it would be before the 1923 grouping of course but it would have come in to the LNER in 1923 and that LNER is the rough area that Elvenhome is broadly set in given that it’s an entirely fictional place and as you’ll see this shelter is pretty basic. It’s really is a box with windows and a door in the front and just a place to keep people warm or relatively warm and out of wind and rain whilst they await the arrival of the Train so that’s the that’s the kind of idea that I have for the building for Sharky’s end and this morning I started work on just fiddling around with a few ideas and I thought before I got too involved I’ll show you where I am now and then you we can follow the the building of Sharky’s end and give I can give you an idea what’s in my in my mind so,, that’s a dangerous thing too, so if I just can bring you back out again and drop you down and round to the table in a seamless movement, right what, let me just straighten you up a bit, what we have here is the results of my morning’s work. This is just a simple metcalfe platform with a bit of the edging on the way I’m going to do this platform I wanted it to be stronger because the metcalfe card is quite bendy and those of you that have made metcalfe platforms will know you use lots of supports underneath to give rigidity to the structure so I’ve stuck it to two pieces of mountboard. Even that was reused because this morning I received something for another project that I’m doing from York model rail and the thing that I received was attached to a piece of mount board and this is all that’s left of that mount board because it’s absolutely half the distance of this platform it must have been its fate so two pieces that have been stuck to the bottom and I also have started making the shelter now this is evergreens sheet styrene I’ll put it in here so you can see which one it is it’s the v-groove if I bring this near to the camera you can see the grooves in the in the plastic in fact I was looking for something else so I really am a model I didn’t know I had this and I just came across it and I thought aha there is my that’s exactly the stuff I want so this morning this shelter in scale size is 10 feet, 10 feet? 8 feet something like that 8 feet deep and 20 foot wide so that’s a decent shelter should keep people out and it stands ten foot high so I think that’s a reasonable size looking at the picture I think those may be slightly bigger buildings but this will do me and as you see it will have a sloping roof so there’ll be a pitch on the roof when we go to the back at the moment I’ve cut out the doors and windows this is quite flimsy card so it’s got two pieces in to brace it and that’s really giving it some nice rigidity I’m not going to lighten this I don’t think so those won’t be visible by the time I finished so the station will need to I’m gonna paint this sort of the L in the our colors so a kind of creamy yellow up here and then again I’ll paint I’ll either put a barge board on the bottom there or paint this bottom one with LNER green and then a felt effect covered roof for the top that is going to sit on the platform and you already see that I’ve cut a bit out in the back this platform is not going to have sloping ends because it’s not intended to give access to the railway line from either end from this end actually it goes straight to where the point motor is the surface mounted point motor and from this end it will go almost immediately if not immediately to where the Bowstring Bridge starts so if you step off this end you’ve got a long drop the way I’m into I have in mind at the moment is that this building is going to sit about there I mean just so I can see it properly rather than just through the screen and there will obviously be the fencing that will run along here and this is going to provide a kind of sloped walkway but out of sight so it will give me access to the platform will be through here more fencing here and obviously they’ll be fencing all along here to bound the area and I’m proposing if I can work out how to do it that this isn’t going to have a brick front but rather will be supported on a series of posts there’s plenty of Stations of that kind around and this is really a very cheap made station it’s not intended to take great weight or great numbers and I think that may work so that’s what’s in my mind at the moment what I’m going to do now is go away and finish painting the building I’ve got a door to fit in it which is again an excess never throw anything away from the metcalfe kit this is a spare of a shop door which is going to go in there eventually and it’s sort of LNER color green so I’m quite happy with that the windows are going to be dormer windows from the houses the the terraced houses I never put the dormers on the terraced houses because it would be wrong for the period but I think that’s going to look quite nice stuck in there and actually give us our building and then I’ve got to make up the fencing for the station I’ve got to make up the name boards the running in boards which we’ve got for Sharky’s end and then we’ll have a look at what we do by way of scenic work around and underneath the station we’ve also got some construction to do to extend the upper level a little bit to get to where the bridge is going to be so we’ll carry on with the station as the next piece and I’ll come back when I’ve got a bit more done on the station speak to you then. Here you see the completed station as I said I would do I’ve put the fencing at my fingers in the right place there we go fencing around so this is all scale model scenery fencing it’s it’s excellent stuff I have to say you’ll have seen it as the fencing from Grey Havens to the church and at the back there I’ve just done a little bit of the fencing going down the ramp mainly because it’s not going to be seen but what will be seen is just that section where people come up and onto the platform the name boards Sharky’s end at some point I’m going to get very fine pointed dob of white paint to put the apostrophe in between the Y and the S so for those of you shuddering at Sharkey’s end missing its apostrophe at some point it will get in and the platform building I put some posters on I only realized when I started doing this video that what I thought were wonderfully straight posters are fact a bit wonky but never mind perhaps the bill poster when he came along was having too much fun the night before so the platform’s built as you see it’s on four… Four? there’s more than four there’s 12 legs that it sits on and when I put it on the layout underneath I should put some scrub and stuff here to block so it doesn’t look look straight through which I think will be okay and I said it wouldn’t be it there wouldn’t be ramp access from the ends I’ve left a small gap I might put a little ladder here to allow access from the track onto the platform I won’t put anything at this end because that’s the one where there’s a very long drop I think it must be in inches terms about four and a half inches so when I get a chance I’ll put up here what that is in real distance but whatever it is if you fell off it you wouldn’t walk away so what I’m going to do now is move this onto the layout so you can see where it’s going to be and get an idea of what other work I’ve got to do in way of building and finishing the abutment and the wall and then once I’ve done that I’ll go and do all of that stuff and you’ll see the finished effect so I’ll just give me a minute to put this on the layout and then I’ll speak to you again shortly here you see Sharky’s End now in position on the layout where it will be and one of the happy accidents from building the platform in the way that I have is that the feet at the right hand side which you may just be able to see largely covers the wires coming out at the point motor hurrah I have checked before I finished building that there is clearance for carriages and trains going through and once the station is in its proper position and stuck down there is and I’ll obviously make sure of that before I’ve finalized everything but trains locomotives and carriages comfortably past the edge of the platform which is good I’ve taken up a bit of cork you’ll see where the track has been taken out that the I’ve lifted the cork there because I want I need a longer section so I’d have to do something there so it was easy just to cut a piece out and be able to put a new section in and where the station ends the there’ll be a platform extending across the abutment which will be supported onto the abutments I’ll show you one of these this is a scale-model scenery canopy support which is 0 gauge OO gauge but I think that will look quite nice as an iron support for the platform as it extends out to meet the the bridge which is very roughly placed about where it where it’s going to be obviously it’s going to be raised up a bit otherwise there’d be something of a roller-coaster ride as you entered the bridge but that’s that’s sort of where everything’s going to be so what I’m going to do now is go ahead and do all the building I probably will also complete the retaining wall around that to the start of the abutment using that thinner mount board that I mentioned I think in the last video so I’ll come back once I’ve completed all this work probably also if I can if I’ve got time before I intend to put this video out next Friday the ballasting around that final point so that would complete the ballast thing on the upper edge and then we can turn our attention to the tracks immediately below so I’ll come back when I’ve completed all that work and show you where I’ve got to well here we are a few days after the last bit was recorded and recorded by the most extraordinary amount of optimism about how much I was going to be able to get through so I haven’t got through as much as I hoped but I’ll take you through to where I’ve got to because I think this video is getting long enough now and I want to not make it too long so what we have managed to do as you can see is that the wall has been extended now right to the end of the raised incline and a bit further forward the abutment is now firmly fixed in place if I can go in a bit on that come round that’s as much as I can zoom but you can see the you can see the support that’s gone in the clear piece of white plastic that was there before obviously been painted grey and cut to size now so it extends out as a ledge on to which the bowstring bridge will sit that’s where the boasting bridge is going to be and then possibly supported by a pier in the middle but maybe not now that I’ve done it like that I’m not sure I need a pier in the middle the bridge had been a very light gray it was just primer but I thought it needed another coat and went for a dark grey and I think actually looks much better like that the bridge supports the canopy supports that I’ve reused a double O gauge canopy supports I’ve also painted a dark grey given this is just after wartime I’m not sure there was much more than that’s all frugality so I did think about having that in a different color and different colors on the bridge but I actually a more neutral dark grade be more likely for that for the period you can see some white filler just above the wall you’ll recall from my elsewhere when I put the wall on when I came to do the ballasting most of the ballast immediately dropped down the back of the wall so this time and I hope I’ve managed to get it all but as I’m working blind where the wall is in place I’ve put filler along that that edge and that’s just curing now and then I’ll I’ll sand it back a little bit where it needs to but most of it will just be covered by ballast anyway the station isn’t yet firmly in place but what I propose to do once I’ve finished the wall is that I will use some more of that Javis asphalt scenic material scatter material to cover underneath where the station is fix the station in place and then put the scrub in that I was talking about that would be between the posts the posts you may be able to see, but equally you may not, I realized when reviewing the last bit of the video that the green post on which it stood some of the painting on that was less than good, in fact it was positively shoddy, so the posts that are visible have been given another coat of paint to give them a uniform color the dots are not in yet to make the apostrophe Sharky’s end but that will be done before it goes into its position firmly so that’s so left to be done now really is to position the station to put some cork down the cork is just the right depth to go level onto the road of the bridge so that will be quite good the bridge itself can’t, I don’t think, I can permanently fix that in place and practice while I know I can’t till I’ve done the upper level which will be a little while but by the time of the next video I will have completed this area and we can come back and see where where that goes and that’s really pretty much it for for this month I hope you’ve enjoyed watching Shark’s End finally get built and this end of the layout built as well and if you’ve liked the video please do like and if you haven’t subscribed before more please do subscribe it’d be lovely to have you along I’m very grateful to everybody that subscribed to to my channel I’m astonished but I’m now over a thousand members now a thousand subscribers which is I’m very very grateful for so until I speak to you again in about two weeks time that’s goodbye from Elvenhome. Bye bye [Music]