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    Construction Approval Along Chennai Metro Rail  – Steps To Follow
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    Construction Approval Along Chennai Metro Rail – Steps To Follow

    October 13, 2019

    Chennai’s latest infrastructure development is metro train The latest infrastructure development in Chennai is Metro Train Everyone is looking up to this latest development in Chennai. If your property lies along the metro train alignment then this video is for you. Hi I am Mothish, Managing Director of Stepsstone Promoters And the author of the book Reality Of Real Estate Many of your will be aware that phase 1 & 2 of metro train is completed and the trains are operational. And the central and state government have taken steps to initiate the next phase of metro rail project and have started land acquisition. If your property lies along the metro rail alignment i.e within 18 meters then this video is sure to help you. If your property is within 18 meters to metro rail track or station in that case, if you are planning for any development in future then the development will require a NOC from the CMRL department the reason why this system has been implemented is that in many places the metro rain stations are under ground and the foundation of these stations are present hence, in order to avoid your design affecting the structural stability of these foundations your plan, structural drawing everything needs to be submitted to CMRL for obtaining an NOC And then only you can proceed with your project. So, in future, if you planning for any development along metro line or metro station and within 18 meters from there then you must obtain NOC from CMRL also, before metro, we have had MRTS line from Park to Velachery MRTS had an advantage MRTS had provided on either side, within 500 meters upto 2 FSI for certain survey numbers. But, for metro, no such special provision has been given. it may be provided in future. In addition to that, the state government is providing 2 FSI for all areas across Tamil Nadu. So as such there is no special criteria for developments along MRTS and CMRL lines the benefits or further developments in future are based on decisions of the government of Tamil Nadu. If your found this video informative kindly share the video with your friends. I will meet you in the next video. Thanks and regards.

    Chennai Metro Rail Overhead Phase | Indian Railways Video
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    Chennai Metro Rail Overhead Phase | Indian Railways Video

    October 11, 2019

    (Escalator at St. Thomas Mount Metro Station) Get down here (the coming station) to change to Blue Corridor (Famous KATHIPARA FLYOVER) (That’s the BLUE CORRIDOR – one could see a moving train) (That Fresh Green Fields ->Battle Field 1759 Chennai) (One could see CHECKED ROOF so that pilots don’t confuse it with runway strip of Chennai Airport, very near to that) Next Stopping is St. Thomas Mount Metro. Doors will open on the right. Change here for MRTS and Suburban EMU Trains (ORU MELLISAANA KODU ) (Could you see a small line? That’s the metro train) The next train to Shenoy Nagar is entering platform #2 (Check-in)


    Kashmir to Kanyakumari | Indian Railways Short Film | Himsagar Express full train journey

    October 7, 2019

    This journey- a tireless game
    The destination- with no, one name Swings of the morning
    Transcend into gentle pats of the night sky Travelers who once were strangers
    Turn friends, in the blink of an eye Laden with the echo of the hills
    Begins our train safari From Kashmir we go on, on to Kanyakumari Beholding the folds of the snowy blankets we go on Sipping the cool breeze in warm mugs that we hold on North to south
    Numerous noons and many moons Had merry banters with open fields Were engulfed by a dark cave And at times trembled with a tricky wave This story unfolds on the tracks of the rail One voice narrates, through the memories
    of people, their tale Endless scenes for the eyes to greet Every second a new town to meet Packed in boxes
    these sumptuous treats Shops prancing all around
    unlike ones chained to the streets Here, childhood cheer knows
    no age or bound, Plenty to play with,
    for everyone around. Entertainment to heart’s content.
    Tricks for the eyes, fortunes made,
    with a roll of the dice. A new character,
    a slip of paper assigned. Ennui my friend,
    you might as well have resigned Melody in this chaos, this noise. Change the wagon,
    for the channel of your choice. Be as may,
    The words or the tongue unknown, Matters not
    when music sets the tone. There sets the sun,
    and the day just flies by. All around, hard at work,
    there’s the red uniformed guy. Engine’s whistle,
    sacred as the morning prayer, like an account of dream castles,
    all its facets and layer. From life, a moment’s respite
    Every meet a sweet, a little closer, a little light. Every face, with a story of its own. Some friends of few words, And some still unknown. Searching this crowd,
    yet many are found. With just one look, a promise of friendship,
    each town took. Some leave you with a smile,
    even as they part… Across borders and towns,
    may keep rolling on our safari, From Kashmir we go on, on to Kanyakumari.