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    Peek Inside New York’s Secret Subway Station | Fast Company
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    Peek Inside New York’s Secret Subway Station | Fast Company

    October 18, 2019

    (techno music) – It’s really weird,
    like, we heard this works, and we have read this works,
    but there’s nobody else on the train. When everyone else gets
    off this train we get on. We’re riding the six to
    the closed City Hall stop. I’m Mark Wilson, and you have to see this. (upbeat music) The other thing you’ll notice, there’s no sign for it. It doesn’t say that there’s
    a six train that runs here at all but, as we found out there is. So we just got on the last
    stop of the six train, and we’re about to go see the
    historic City Hall station, which is actually not
    open for people to visit, but starting in the 1990s, the
    MTA actually allowed visitors to stay on the train during this part. They used to kick people off. Supposedly you see the view
    the best from the back cars because the station was
    actually curved, so I dunno, I dunno when, when we see what. – [Cameraman] Exactly. – And I hope we’re on the right side. (Train screeching) Okay, heres the City Hall Station You see the signs. (cameraman groans) We just did it once and it was over before it started almost. We didn’t realize exactly
    what we were looking for. Here comes another six round two. Now we know what we’re looking for. (train screeching) So this is also the loudest
    train I’ve ever been on. There we go, that’s it. City hall, so it’s really. It’s really quite beautiful
    but it is very dark. You know, nobody wants
    to look like a tourist, but in this case, it’s pretty
    cool to look like a tourist. It’s like New York City is your speakeasy and for the price of an MTA
    ticket, you’re one of the special people with the private keys.