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    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan
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    Sam and Anthony Visit Japan

    November 29, 2019

    OK, here we go. Spicy pollack roe and mayonnaise. Is that your selection? Is it this one? Uh, yeah. 3A and 3B. Please move to car number… 22. Oh shit! OK. Domo arigato gozaimasu. Excellent. Oh no! Cool. Let me think about what I want to say first. Well, it’s like one take! So I have to think about it for a second. What is this? I don’t know… There’s a machine at the front door. Holy crap! Was that why- was the taxi driver judging us? I- Yeah, I don’t- I think this is like a sex hotel. What is this? We got a… I mean, this place really isn’t bad. Yeah. There was no, like, reception area… But they had our name on a paper! Yeah, yeah. So, like… So, we have a key. There’s a pancake! I think this is a pancake. Oh, dude! A Super Nintendo?! Is this the bed controls? Some tissues, yeah… And yeah, suspicions confirmed. So we got some vibrators… Make it clear that we didn’t book here because we wanted to go to “Adult Only”! Yeah, this- To be clear… This is the only hotel available… Near the race track Yeah Anyway, so you can get some vibrators, you can get… like… Well, is like another taxi guy not gonna want to pick us up because it’s too weird here? I doubt it Yeah, there’s a lot of Valentino Rossi fans. We’re at Twin Ring Motegi. Uh, you can hear the Moto3 bikes in the distance. Well, he’s right- I wanna watch! Looks like cool fans. That’s awesome. Where are you from? Uh, California. Yeah. Do you know Moto3, Toba Kaito? Helmet… Oh, cool. Paintwork… Yeah, Nice. He painted Toba Kaito’s helmet. Oh really! Like his- like the helmet he wears? Yeah. Oh wow, that’s so cool! Yeah. My Facebook QR. Oh, sweet! Takaragihoncho… Correct? Yeah Hotel Mirano. Mirano. For the love- the love hotel?! Oh, yeah! Haha. We’re at the Honda museum. Okay, here’s our next spot: the Dormy Inn. And it’s pretty tiny, but I actually like- I like that it’s tiny. Uh, there’s Anthony for scale. It’s like the whole room. Yeah, Anthony… pretty much. Oh! Look where I can sit to do my makeup! Haha. That’s- that’s a chair? Yeah! You’re supposed to sit here, and the water goes in here. And you bathe, and you wash yourself like that. I’ll uh, I’ll use the shower. Of course you will! Ah, I forgot to bow. Aww, nice kitty! Japanese GoldenEye! This one’s supposed to be an animal… using… Oh, the urinal? a urinal. Oh, it’s a penguin… and it does come with a urinal. It comes with a baby too! Okay. That’s really cute! Really random. Yeah. Ha, what is this toy? Like, who- who designed this? Alright. That’s adorable. This is the 944 S2. Nice! That’s the best! Alright. This is something I’ve been waiting for – for the whole trip. It’s a weird vending machine alley, and I think we found it. Okay, I recognize this one. This was on Conan, actually. We have no idea what’s in this box. This is fascinating. It’s about a porno actor and it says he’s not good at what he does? Yeah, he can do only one time. Oh, he can only do it one time… What kind of box is this?! This is insanity! What is this? Cookies. Cookies?! COOKIES?! I can barely fit through here. Are we supposed to go in here? It’s really creepy in here, actually. What is this place?! Oh, thank you! Wow, cool! Cool! You’ve got gummy bears in there? Are they squishy or are they, like, hard? They’re, like, hard. Oh, okay… Just wanted to convey how hilariously small this bathroom is. Here’s the toilet, and here’s the door. And like, it’s actually difficult. May I have your attention please: we have made a stop because of heavy rain. Please use car 10, car 11, car 12. Taxis and buses are also stopped. Okay, so they let everyone back onto the train. And I feel like everyone has gotten on, but now it just started raining again pretty hard. Well, let’s get the fricken train going…. Yeah. So… Maybe they’ll evacuate us again. No! Okay, so we got kicked off the train again. We successfully made it to Narita Airport, and yeah we had a good trip. It was really fun. We’re definitely gonna come back Yes. Um, hopefully you enjoyed the video. And… smash that like button! Shut up…

    Matsushima Ichinobo Hotel Tour & Bullet Train / Shinkansen in Japan
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    Matsushima Ichinobo Hotel Tour & Bullet Train / Shinkansen in Japan

    November 22, 2019

    Today we’re taking the train from Sapporo in Hokkaido To Matsushima A small town on the coast Near Sendai We spent one night here To see one of Japan’s top scenic views I’ll show you that in a separate video Today I’ll take you with me on the train Then I’ll show you the fanciest hotel I’ve stayed in, in Japan There’s new Japan travel videos on my channel every Thursday If you want to subscribe First we’re taking the Hokuto Limited Express From Sapporo to Hakodate It takes about 3.5 hours But there were some lovely views along the way This isn’t a bullet train BUt they’re working on one for this route between Sapporo & Hakodate So in a few years’ time This journey will be much quicker They’re aiming to make the whole trip between Tokyo & Sapporo Less than 5 hours It’s not quite as comfortable or spacious as the shinkansen The bullet train But it’s not bad At the moment it’s quite crowded Because it’s Sapporo Snow Festival time This is warm coffee in a bottle From the convenience store You can find it in what looks like a fridge But it’s warm It’s really sweet I think it’s got about 20 sugars! We changed at Hakodate To the bullet train This is the Hayabusa And it’s the fastest one The name means peregrine falcon So it’s named after the world’s fastest bird I think the shinkansen looks really cool I just love how it looks This line goes from Hakodate in Hokkaido All the way down to Tokyo But we’ll be getting off at Sendai To go to Matsushima We just wanted to break up the trip And explore a bit more of Japan on the way There’s actually lots of interesting places in Tohoku along the way I’d love to see more of them Now usually on the bullet train Reserving a seat is optional But on this train you have to reserve You can do it online before you go It’s pretty comfortable on the shinkansen So doing a long journey really isn’t a problem We were on here for 2 hours 40 minutes From Hakodate to Sendai And for a long journey You gotta have snacks Let’s take a look through the shinkansen This is a rest area between the carriages There’s places to freshen up And if you need to make a phone call This is where you can do it You have to be quiet when you’re in the carriages This is also the only rubbish bin you’ll find on the bullet train I had to be quiet Because there were some people standing there Who probably thought I was kind of strange for filming the toilets Don’t make the train cry From Sendai it’s about half an hour on the local train to Matsushima Which is on the coast This was quite a long travelling day We left Sapporo at 10 in the morning And got to Matsushima at quarter to six But this was one of my favourite places from the trip So I’m really glad we went There’ll be videos coming up to show you what it’s like We’ve arrived in Matsushima After about 6.5 hours on the train today On the way from Sapporo It was quite a long journey But we’re here at our hotel, which is the Ichinobo Matsushima And it’s a very big room we’ve got! This is a much fancier hotel Than I’d normally book But I had a voucher So we splashed out For our final night of the trip Ok this was the final night of the trip But it’s not the end of the series I’ve mixed it up, so we’re not in chronological order any more When you first come in there’s this little entranceway This is the same in Japanese houses You have a little area by the door Where you put your shoes Then you don’t wear shoes inside the house They’ve given us these slippers to wear Inside the room We also get these disposable slippers Which it says you can take home with you if you want to It looks like a whole apartment when you’re here It’s a bit of a strange arrangement for the bathroom In here we’ve got the sink Here’s the amenities You a Ladies Set Which is a hair band, some cotton buds & some cotton wool pads That’s what ladies need apparently! There’s some hair brushes What’s this? A hair band A head band Some toothbrushes Then the shower’s in here Let me put the light on & show you The shower’s a separate bit on its own With 2 shower heads That looks good That’s quite spacious in there Then the toilet’s over here In a little cubicle on its own There’s some more slippers here To wear in the toilet Here’s the Japanese toilet buttons This is another quite Japanese thing When you flush the toilet The water comes out here As a tap so you can wash your hands I guess it saves space & water This arrangement for the bathroom isn’t typical of Japanese hotels at all Most of the ones I’ve stayed in Have had really tiny bathrooms Or those bathroom all-in-one pods So this is really different Now let’s go through to the main room Look how big it is! This is massive compared to all the other hotels I’ve stayed in, in Japan But we’re not in the city here Matsushima is a seaside town The whole place seems a bit more spacious so far It’s got a nice traditional Japanese look In here There’s a fridge-style wardrobe The light comes on when you open the doors And they’ve given us pyjamas To wear around the hotel It says it’s ok to wear these outside your room And we also get these stylish waistcoats This hotel’s also got an onsen It’s got an outdoor bath on the top floor So you can wear these as you’re going to the onsen Or to the bar in the lobby There’s a little area with tatami mats Down here by the phone We’ve got a little sofa Phil’s modelling You can’t see at the moment But this view is amazing The hotel’s got a really nice garden There’s a swimming pool out there It’s February at the moment So I don’t think anyone’s going to be using that for a while But you can see the bridges are lit up Earlier on they had flaming torches out there And it looked really pretty I don’t know if you can see, it’s still snowing a bit It’s quite a big hotel You can see the rest of the building going round that side The sea, over there It was dark when we arrived So we haven’t seen it yet But the sea is that way I’ll show you in the morning when it’s light Another unique feature This door here You think it’s a cupboard No it’s not! It’s a mirror?! That’s hidden behind a door For some reason There was a time when I was staying in a hotel I got up in the night Put the light on Hadn’t realised there was a mirror right beside me I saw someone standing beside me And it really scared me So if only I’d had a mirror like this with a door It wouldn’t have been so scary Round this side of the bed We’ve got a sideboard with tea & coffee making facilities And cupboards down here to put stuff in BUt we’re only here for 1 night So I don’t think we’ll be doing much unpacking This is so much bigger Than a normal Japanese hotel room And it’s really nice As I said, this is much fancier than a hotel I’d normally stay in So I’m really looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning There’s a buffet And I think it’s going to be really good There’s also an open air onsen On top of the hotel Now this is February And while it feels warm to us Compared to how cold it was in Hokkaido The temperature’s still just above zero degrees C So we didn’t really fancy it But apparently they also have free ice cream up there The view was beautiful This was such a lovely place to stay You can see some of Matsushima Bay Which is known for hundreds of tiny islands There’s more of that coming up Now it’s the morning And we’re at breakfast I wish I could show you more of the buffet But I didn’t want to disturb other people having their breakfast We felt a bit out of place Because everyone else was wearing the pyjamas & waistcoats from their room We don’t usually have breakfast at the hotel But they had a really good buffet A lot of it was cooked fresh And there was a lot of fish I had udon with sesame dressing I think it was supposed to be for the salad But I love sesames Then we went for a walk outside in the gardens No one else was out there Because it was pretty cold The garden probably looks better when it’s not the middle of winter And everything’s a bit more green But I think it’s still a lovely view Even if I was just there fore 1 night This was a lovely hotel I forgot to mention The other good thing is In the evening, they have free beer in the lounge I can’t wait to show you the rest of Matsushima It was really beautiful Remember to have a look at my designs On Especially when you’re starting your Christmas shopping And I’ll see you next week on Thursday

    Top 10 largest railway network in the world 2017. MUST WATCH!!!
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    Top 10 largest railway network in the world 2017. MUST WATCH!!!

    November 19, 2019

    USA has the first largest railway network in the world . The length of Railway network in USA is 250,000 China has the second largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in China is 100,000 km Russia has the third largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Russia is 85,500 km. India has the fourth largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in India is 65,000 km. Canada has the fifth largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Canada is 48,000 km. Germany has the sixth largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Germany is 41,000 km. Australia has the seventh largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Australia is 40,000 km. Argentina has the 8th largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Argentina is 36,000 km. France has the ninth largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in France is 29,000 km. Brazil has the tenth largest railway network in the world. The length of railway network in Brazil is 28,000 km.

    A Train That Heals: Veterans Day 2018
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    A Train That Heals: Veterans Day 2018

    November 15, 2019

    My name is Spencer Whelan. I’m the
    founder and CEO of Proclaim Advocates. Our company does advocacy marketing and
    Texas Central is our client. Really, really proud and excited to be working
    on something that I think is really revolutionary. I think it’s going to
    change the way that we think about how we do our lives. The things that he went
    through really changed the way he looked at life and he passed that on to me. And
    the system itself is eight generations from what he rode in 1967. I’m just
    excited about this entire project, regardless of it being my client. It’s
    something that I think the state needs I didn’t know about dad’s story until because we started working with the
    freaking on this project it’s an incredible connection I think
    something that I’ve done in my long past just now becoming a reality here in the
    u.s. I never imagined that I would have a grandson happy now that I do I am
    pretty proud that he’s a seer and that my son and his grandson are going to be
    able to see this project come to fruition and be able to experience the
    same things that I experienced when I was 20 years old whenever two cultures
    two countries two economies start to work together on a project the best of
    both amount we have people from Spain Italy Japan the United States the UK
    experts in the field across the high-speed train systems around the
    world coming to Texas and investing in Texas to make sure that this thing gets
    completed and it’s going to be a real thing and to know that he got to see
    generation 1 and we’re going to get to see the final generation with the help
    of all of these international partners I think we’re going to build something
    really unique and special you


    Shinkansen. Japan’s bullet train. 360 video in 8K

    November 14, 2019

    In 1940, Japan’s authorities proposed to
    connect the country’s largest cities by a high-speed railway line. That’s how the project Shinkansen was born. The plan was to launch a train with a top
    speed of 200 km/h between Tokyo and Shimonoseki that is located at the southwestern tip of
    Honshu, 1,000 km away from the capital. Now the railway network has expanded to 2,765
    km with maximum train speeds of 130–320 km/h depending on the area. Over the 50-plus year exploitation, there
    have been no passenger fatalities. Until 2016, Shinkansen had held the speed record, and untill 2011 it had held the passenger traffic record. Let’s have a ride on Shinkansen. The high-speed trains Shinkansen successfully
    assume their responsibilities. They comfortably and quickly carry the passengers from the most distant points to the points of their destinations.