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    October 14, 2019

    Thank you very much Please ride the train over there Hi guys! We’re finally here at Shin-Kanaya station Uhm… We’re waiting our train going to Senzu I think that’s the one the orange one We still have to wait for two hours and I’m so excited!! Hi guys! We just got our tickets But we still have an one to go So… yeah, we’re just waiting here and….. What’s cool about this place is that they have a small museum about steam trains and…. busy so cute! we’re here at Senzu
    – we’re here! yey we missed the train we didn’t realize the time since we were both hungry it took us time to finish our food so we’re gonna wait another an hour i think? or more and Jim went to the restroom and now I’m left alone He’s back! We’re coming! we’re going to transfer …
    – do you want to buy ice cream? ice cream!!! you want?
    – yes! Ice cream Ice cream!! there’s a long queue okay, never mind the line’s too long Thank you very much let’s go!
    – let’s go next train! one hour ride again but definitely worth the wait guys, the door is manually you need to open it by yourself so you can get off the train were stopped here in the middle of no where …and there’s a station its called Domoto Station I don’t know what you can do here but it’s cool and a bit scary like the movie ‘Wrong Turn’ this is also a platform of a station the putted another train a while ago to push us up because this train itself cant go uphill and since we reached the top they are going to detached it the one at the back say hi! were here!
    – Rainbow bridge Rainbow bridge this is actually the first Rainbow bridge in Japan how did it become a rainbow bridge? why do you think guys? cause I don’t know why Hi guys if you want to go….. somewhere… to relax this is the kind of place you should go you can relax in then nature you can walk around and burn fats too its better to go to these kind of places instead of malls – true hey at last! it took us …3 to 4 hours train ride right? yup it was a long ride but worth it guys try it next time super beautiful nature!!! – the trees are beautiful the trees are beautiful the water is beautiful the train is beautiful beautiful like me! its so high guys, this is the adventure you can call good for the health – oh my god can you see how long is that? youre going to climb that i mean, we’re going to climb that what are you doing? hey! can you help me? hiking guys were so tired are you okay? its good for your health …. but you cant do it just don’t cause it too tiring guys you see that? i quit. but i cant do anything no more since this is the only way we came from that bridge and now, we’re here on top can you imagine? I’m so tired! after hiking … a bit got a bit tired were lost in the middle of no where joke! guys
    – guys we’re st…. we’re in the middle of..
    – lost in the middle of no where no where we’re going back down there’s so many stairs oh my god the view is amazing guys. – picture me here! hey stop! -come on No!! i can climb down here No!! do you think you can jump down from here?
    – no? so you just let yourself get killed? how? for example some is trying to kill you and the only way to survive is when you jump then i have no choice but to jump okay guys, this is like our Japanese hotel… let’s go inside – is this really a hotel or a house? I’m not sure say hi! Hi!! We’re here at the hotel Our hotel is like a big house that has plenty of rooms and then they let customers stay like a hostel basically but as of now, we’re the only ones here this pillow is so hard Day 2! [singing] one hour -walk walk
    – an hour walk going to the suspension bridge yes! tunnel! its so cold in here
    – so cold I cant do this oh? lets go! we’re going to the suspension bridge, guys. 1.4km walk just to go to the bridge …and there’s a lot of people i think these people are waiting in line to cross the bridge because only 10 person at a time can cross the bridge I’m hungry guys. oh my god am i making people wait? the bridge is so shaky as in my grip is too tight I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay wooo! – your GoPro is empty bat huh? – low bat – are you okay? wait, wait, wait. we’re done with the bridge now we have to climb … 304 stairs going up okay [ Japanese ]
    we have to climb 304 stairs [ Japanese ]
    for us to go back on top [ Japanese ]
    and I’m getting really, really tired. hi little one you can do it look over there I’m tired did you count how many stairs we climbed?
    – no i didnt rest time tired. lets go this is what you call a walk to remember you’re gonna remember this place and never come back My partner left me I think we could see the hanging bridge from there yeah we’re back on this coldest tunnel i know right wow, your really into this vlogger mode today – stabilizer stabilizer! go by! were almost there were going back to the town were going to eat some delicious Soba walking back is so tiring yes! I’m so hungry this is the coldest tunnel I’ve ever been what do you call these? Thank you very much please change it to 500 yen coin here’s your change
    thank you food trip! getting our tickets going home 800 yen for one total of 1,600 yen sky diving next sky diving next if i go insane okay, aren’t you done yet? – I cant get the tunes I can only play it until there Platform number 1 Thank you very much We’re on the train again going back to Shin-Kanaya going home – going home sad. wake up [ See you again ] [ Welcome back ] Thank you very much standing ovation Shinkansen! going home – going home did you enjoy our trip? – of course I did next time again Bye

    A Happier Morning in the Paris Metro
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    A Happier Morning in the Paris Metro

    October 13, 2019

    Hello Paris How are you ? I know, it’s very cold, people are not smiling in Paris so I would like to wake everybody up. The point is you dance, we have fun, we enjoy Paris. Let’s do it !! That’s it! Thank you! Where are you from ? From Quebec. In Paris, we have fun! Thank you Paris. God bless you and “Vive la France” !

    mamachi bullet || मामाची बुलेट || Singer & Lyrics : Pravin Ambekar || Kshemanand Kannade ||
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    mamachi bullet || मामाची बुलेट || Singer & Lyrics : Pravin Ambekar || Kshemanand Kannade ||

    September 5, 2019

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    Celebrating South Farm at The Morton Arboretum
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    Celebrating South Farm at The Morton Arboretum

    August 12, 2019

    -Welcome to the new South Farm at The
    Morton Arboretum. The name South Farm tells part of the story of this special place. What was once a farm, in the south
    section of the estate of Arboretum founder Joy Morton, is now the very heart
    of operations for the 1,700 acres that are the living laboratory of The Morton Arboretum. The champion of trees. South Farm, finally updated to meet the needs of modern times, is home to the arborists, horticulturists, and other workers who care for the Arboretum every day through all four seasons of the year. We need these people and the facilities to sustain and grow
    the magnificent plant collections, including rare and endangered species
    from around the world, support the research of Arboretum scientists and an environment of learning, and provide the retreat that connects visitors more deeply with trees and nature. We need South Farm to keep the Arboretum vibrant
    and beautiful for future generations. We need South Farm for The Morton
    Arboretum to move successfully into the future. -There’s certainly more to do here
    than there is time. The Arboretum now consists of nearly 222,000 trees and shrubs collected from all over the world, many of which are species of conservation concern. With the new South Farm we now have the space and resources to care for these trees, and protect them
    for now and future generations. -South Farm makes collaboration possible. -It will help us do our job better than before. -Our collections give people, whether it’s families or children, an opportunity to explore and grow a deeper respect for
    nature. -Illinois once had 22 million acres of tallgrass prairie. Now there are less than two thousand acres. That’s about one hundredth of one percent of the original ecosystem that remains now. South Farm helps us to restore
    ecosystems like this, like we’re standing in right now. -I support the Arboretum because of its scientific research and collection of
    woody plants from around the world. The Growing Brilliantly campaign will
    enable the scientific research of The Morton Arboretum to get much more into the community, and be much more effective. -We provide support today for dozens,
    actually hundreds, of other communities. South Farm is the operations center for
    the Arboretum, and will really expand the opportunities for our people to do work
    on a global basis. -How should we measure the importance and impact of South Farm? In its plantings or its people? In conservation or discovery? In the roots of experience or the branches of possibility? The answer is a resounding
    “yes” in every way. With your support of the campaign, The Morton Arboretum is indeed Growing Brilliantly.