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    Dream Track in Canada |SickSeries #56

    December 24, 2019

    hey guy´s what´s up, it´s us again, Sick Series first day on the big bike here in Canada we are here at the coast gravity park, crazy awesome park, well known from many photos and videos and now we are here – first day and yeah we will check out the park it´s pretty dry because it didn´t rain a long time ago but it´s going to be sick, and we will take you with us have fun guy´s, we will pick out the hardest of the hardest tracks exactly, the double black pro line dude, let´s go Fabio is in front pretty sick because it´s so flowy stop stop stop I guess we have to film it normally they know how to build trails so it´s your turn elias smooth, nice this hip jump is pretty sick pretty sick, but I would say, let´s go ohh nohand landing so guy´s I guess we have to look at it too there he goes inbetween, ohh I´m out of air because of walking back up, but inbetween Elias is trying to do a nohand landing over there and again dude pretty sick dude dude I nearly graped the handlebar again haha haha yeah, nearly so now another try for me so again Fabio with a manual landing to… to 180 backwards so here we go let´s go on longjump haha, it looks like a challenge haha so guy´s, we just found a step up, from here to there and now, short game who will send it longer excited what Fabio will show us, here we go but I don´t know how long you went is this your tire so guy´s, my backwheel was up there yes, so it´s your turn, send it but i guess this one was 20 cm shorter you think shorter? yeah i guess it was over there we just had a look at it, and we don´t know whose jump was longer doesn´t matter, was quite good fun and know we´re sending it again right, let´s check out the next spot can´t do it with this speed did a nose wheelie haha the two biggest jumps in the track pretty sick know we are sending it over this two pretty sick jumps we are doing some whips, Elias will start, so let´s see what he´ll show us let´s go so let´s go on to some other spots, there are some jumps left but guy´s the tracks here are awesome, so here we go nohand riding challenge dude ahh, had to touch my handlebars i still have it dude nearly crashed you haha now it´s time for the senders second part! haha at least there is a skull on it I´m afraid of it haha, let´s go for it I have to give attention because Fabio is jumping so slowly how sick is this step up? I would say we could send some nohands right? guy´s, we´re here at the last step up, at the last jump from the video, and guy´s, have a look at it we have a pretty sick step up right here, takeoff, landing the landing is pretty smooth and you come in pretty fast and now Elias and I we will try us out in some nohand combos Elias tries the nohand to nohand and I will go for the nohand to manual, see if it works dude haha sick this one was pretty sick dude pretty sick first time I tried me out in this trick nohand to nohand is pretty lit worked pretty well, but I guess I holded the first one a little bit too long yeah, you hold it pretty long something with nohand, so I guess nohand to manual landing I wanna do a nohand to manual, so here we go but we have to say, the step up is so much fun pretty sick, so let´s go dude, this one was pretty sick didn´t thought that you will smash it out in first try so guy´s, what a sick first day here in the coast gravity park, we just had a lot of fun yeah, the pro line is so much fun, awesome jumps at least it´s a lot of fun so guy´s, that´s it from the second video here from canada – pretty pretty sick so i would say turn on the next time again, there will be another episode from the coast gravity park this one is gonna be pretty pretty sick so see you then, thanks for watching, cheers

    One Day One Way | Fontainhas |  Ep.1| #Goa #bha2pa
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    One Day One Way | Fontainhas | Ep.1| #Goa #bha2pa

    December 3, 2019

    Apart from its beaches and parties,
    Goa has a unique culture. During Portuguese ruled Goa, the major part of its administration used to happen in Panjim. So, even today, some of the Portuguese colonies
    exist there. I have got today’s entire day to explore the most aesthetic area in Panjim, Fontainhas! The day started at ’31st January Bakery.’ Traditional preparations, splendid retro building, blue china clay tables, and most importantly, a good oven! Reaching there early gave a chance
    to see the morning rush. Everything right from kneading the dough
    to the bakes getting ready for serving. Had a chance to relish some specialties such as
    Cutlets, Prawns Puff and Bebinca, for breakfast. If you visit here someday, do try out the date and walnut cake. After such a perfect breakfast, I had a lot of time
    to explore Fontainhas. Old, colorful, tiled houses, quiet roads, beautiful clay plaques outside every home, classic doors and windows… time flew while feasting eyes with all these things. By afternoon, everything was shut down. Then I realized that it was a ‘Siesta’ (an afternoon nap)
    time for Goan people. And I kid you not… Goans take their siesta very seriously. People here are indeed connoisseurs. I met one of them in the evening – Shiko Fonseca. I even made a couple of friends today – Murli and Maria. They organize ‘Heritage Walks’ in Fontainhas. The name of their company is ‘Make It Happen’. With them, I went to Shiko’s home. and chatted with him for a long time. This ex-banker now enjoys nostalgic talks with tourists and sings Goan songs for them. He has sung this song being played in the background. Maria and Murli’s company at Shiko’s vintage home, classic guitar and a glass of wine to accompany… was a perfect sun-downer. Visiting this area of Goa makes one realize that life here is so peaceful. The wonderful day ended as I accompanied Murli and Maria in Joseph Bar
    for Feni (a liquor). Day-out Diaries – Fontainhas Thank you for watching this video through the end. I hope you really liked it. If you wish to explore Fontainhas the way I did, then Maria and Murli have started a company ‘Make It Happen’. They organize ‘Heritage Walk’ in Fontainhas. We have given their link in the description box. Do visit it. Also, do share and like this video more and more. Subscribe to ‘Bhartiya Touring Party’. Bye!

    WORLD’S FASTEST ZIP LINE! | Wales, United Kingdom  ?
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    WORLD’S FASTEST ZIP LINE! | Wales, United Kingdom ?

    November 24, 2019

    You’re watching Vagabrothers. We’re in Wales, and this is the world’s fastest zipline. 3-2-1 Good morning Vagabuddies. Welcome back to Vagabrothers. It’s day three of our exploration in Wales, and today we’re surrounded by snow-capped mountains and waterfalls in Snowdonia National Park. Mount Snowdon is right behind us. It’s the biggest mountain in Wales, second biggest in the UK, and this whole area used to be historically slate mining, but it’s recently been rebranded as adventure capital of Wales. So we’re going to find out why in this episode. Stay tuned. The way this thing works is that we are in an old slate mine, and Wales was one of the regions in the UK that produced a lot of slate, a lot of coal; there’s a lot of mining in the mountains here, and this is an old slate mine. I’m having DejaVu. This reminds me a lot of our trip last year to Northern England in the Lakes District because we were at Honister Slate Mine, which I think is the last working mine in the U.K. Obviously when mining….. the mining industry kind of declined here in the U.K. , it caused a lot of unemployment and a lot of different shifts in the economy. So this is an interesting way to see how they’re turning something that once was heavy industry into tourism. We were just sitting here looking at the setup and watching these people go down on this little small zipline here. There’s no way that could be like the world’s fastest zipline. You can’t get going fast enough. You totally thought it was, and then we realized that you just take the zipline, the first one like a warm-up zipline down, and then you hop in a truck from there and you drive all the way up this mountain to up there. We have to put on these little jackets like flak jackets, and then we’re going to put on a harness because we’re going to be hanging head first when we go down. This is going to be insane. Number one down. Warmup done. Just arriving now to the top. It’s called the big zipper. The big zipper, man. Soft landing, you know, if you fall off into the water. Oh my god, dude. I don’t even know if I enjoyed these things Why do I do it? You ready, Mark? Let’s do it. 3-2-1. That was crazy fast. We’ve hopped back into the car, and now we’re driving off to another zip world adventure, but honestly that zipline was amazing. I think that’s the closest you can get to wingsuiting without jumping out of an airplane or off a cliff or whatever. For all the anticipation, it was less scary than it seemed because once you got past the ground below, you kind of lost perspective how fast you’re going opened up over the water and you’re able just to enjoy it. Next we’re going to go to Bounce Below ,which is a really interesting amusement park that is built into the underground caverns of a former slate mine. The scenery in this valley is incredible. We’re driving up this huge kind of u-shaped glacial valley. The tips of the peaks are covered in snow . They’re waterfalls cascading down into the bottom of the valley, and we’re on this twisty, turny road that just hugs the cliffside all the way up and over into the next valley. We have zipped over to a different slate mine, and this one’s got a thing called Bounce Below, which I think is like a bunch of trampolines in this underground cavern that used to be a slate mine. This should be fun. In certain respects, this is kind of similar to what miners would have had to do. They’d put on a hardhat; they’d eat a sausage roll; they would walk or take the train down into the cavern and start mining. Mining was extremely dangerous. They would go 500 meters down underground and then once you started working, which usually started in your early teens, you’d work your whole life. It was extremely dangerous. If they didn’t die from explosions or gases, oftentimes a runaway cart could end your life in a second. Now, if you get triple bounced, you could end your life in a second. What’s the best thing about bouncing down here? It’s in a cave, so it’s amazing and it’s different, and it’s unique. This is what it must be like to be a kangaroo. I’m tired. This is exhausting All right guys. We have journeyed down into this little gully, and we’re in this beautiful forest, and we’ve met up with Richard who’s going to take us foraging. Hi guys.What’s going on Richard? Where are we? We’re on the edge of Clocaenog Forest. We’re just outside the market town of Ruthin. So you’re from Cornwall originally. Why come here, and why get into foraging? There aren’t any mountains in Cornwall, for a starter, but the foraging thing started down there with my family, and it’s something that’s always been part of my life, but I… Wales is such a fantastic climate for foraging. Can you tells us about how foraging has evolved in terms of restaurants and the culinary scene in general? It was the first foraging revolution back in the ’70s when people really started to pick up on the idea of living off the land. I don’t know. It’s like there’s the post hippie movement that started that, and it really kick-started this desire to go out and find wild things to eat and have a greater connection with with our food. We work with people to take them out show them how to gather wild food safely, legally, ethically. Just walked down this path for about a quarter of a mile, and we’ve already found something to add to the list. What do we have here, Richard? We’ve got some wild garlic down there. Really common at this time of year; really easy to find; perfectly safe to eat, but there’s a lot you can do with it. Does it bear any resemblance to our non wild garlic? It’s Allium Ursinum, is its Latin name. It looks more like spring onion with longer leaves, but the scent really intense. That is incredible though. It smells exactly like garlic. It is garlic. It’s wild garlic….. mmm. With this you could just chop it and chuck it on top of a pizza or something ,and you’d get the same flavor as garlic. Or a soup….it works actually quite well with stinging nettle in a soup. Stinging nettle? Yeah, you can make that as well Really? Yeah. We found the next little batch What’s this one? This one is opposite leaves, golden saxifrage. That’s quite a tongue twister. This is like a… like a salad plant, so it’s strange but it tastes a little bit hairy. There’s a weird texture going on with it. Yeah, as it goes down your throat, feels like you just ate a mothball, but it tastes good, cucumber peppermint.. Richard here has a pan and some olive oil, so we’re just going to pan fry these mushrooms, a little bit of wild garlic, have ourselves a nice little Welsh natural feast. Welcome to Chef’s Table, Season 4. Looks good. Hmmm. That’s good, but you can just tell that you got good ingredients, don’t need too much to make it taste delicious. Thanks for watching. That was a super fun day. If you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a thumbs- up, share with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you get an update every time we publish a cool travel video. Make sure you stay tuned for the rest of the Wales series. We’ve got a lot more adventures coming at you. In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you Vagabuddies on the road. Peace.

    BMW M135i v Audi RS3: Road, Track, Drag-race. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS
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    BMW M135i v Audi RS3: Road, Track, Drag-race. – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

    November 23, 2019

    [MUSIC PLAYING] This is the new BMW M135i. And it’s a very exciting little
    car because it has 320 horsepower from its turbocharged 6-cylinder engine. Behind me is the Audi RS3. You already know that
    one, don’t you? 335 horsepower, four-wheel
    drive. Now, this is a test with a
    difference, because normally when two Germans get into
    a tussle in the same marketplace, they have quite
    similar numbers. They cost the same. They look quite similar. They occupy the same space on
    the road, and they have the same power output. But BMW has launched this car
    at a fiver under 30,000 pounds, whereas the RS3 is
    the thick under 40,000. Yes, you can spec this car up
    to be a lot more expensive. But as things stand, you can
    have one of these for 10,000 pounds less than the Audi. This is going to be
    a good fight. I’m looking forward to it. Do you remember when a hot
    hatchback had about 150 horsepower? I do. And do you remember the day that
    the Civic Type R came out with 200 horsepower, and
    we thought, where is this going to end? They can’t get any more
    powerful, can they? Well, Audi now sells
    a hot hatchback. I know it costs a lot of money,
    but they sell one with 335 horsepower. Ferrari Testarossa only
    had 390 horsepower. This is an exceptionally
    fast car. Now you just know the next
    word’s going to be “but” though, don’t you? Continuing this theme, during
    2012 we’re discussing what makes a good Audi RS model. I just don’t think that
    the RS3 fits into that category, I’m sorry. I’ll list some reasons why. This is a blunt instrument. It’s not that much
    fun to drive. There isn’t much feel or
    involvement coming back through any of the controls. It’s immensely fast between
    the corners. It has a tendency to understeer when you’re in them. It’s got quite a lot
    of front axle grip. I’ll give it that. But for some reason, if you just
    push a little bit beyond it when you expect the car to
    neutralize, it’s the front that really goes
    away from you. The engine is a masterpiece,
    as is the gearbox– 5 cylinders, fantastic noise. Anyone that loved rallying
    in the ’80s will get that original Quattro 5-cylinder
    noise, 335 horsepower, and massive amounts of torque. So there’s no doubting
    at just how effective and fast it can be. As for the chassis, as I’ve
    said, steering not great, doesn’t want to noseplow, and
    the ride, you’re not aware of how busy this is. I’m in the softest mode
    at the moment. If I pile on the Sport button,
    I get some more exhaust pop, and I get the kind of ride
    that is just unpleasant. Other things to note– this cabin. After the new 1 series cabin, I
    know this is the old Audi A3 model, and there’s a new one
    that’s just replaced it. But we’re not going to get a new
    RS3 for years, so we have to compare it to this. This just feels old. There’s some really hard,
    brittle plastics. It just doesn’t feel
    that expensive. And when you assess the fact
    that they want 40,000 for one of these, I start to wonder
    what on earth they were thinking of. There’s a couple of things
    I do need to acknowledge, though. Being four-wheel drive, this car
    does have an all-weather ability that the BMW
    simply can’t match. Come rain or shine, you’ll stick
    this thing in drive, and it will be one of the fastest
    cars point to points on UK roads. That is not in doubt. The other thing is this
    engine, as we’re now realizing, is immensely
    tunable. A lot of people who buy cars
    like this want to be a bit naughty, invalidate
    the warranty, and give it loads of power. This motor’s running at 450
    horsepower in VLN races and the TTs out there, and it
    does so quite happily. It does the 24-hour race
    in that respect. So this can go a lot, lot
    further, this motor. And that, I’m sure, is very
    appealing to a lot of people. What I find really interesting
    about this car and this test is a genuine mismatch. This is an RS model. This is Audi’s premium
    performance brand, their very best, fastest car, and it’s up
    against a new BMW sub-brand of not quite M car. The M135i is not an M car. And yet, in many areas, it shows
    what should be done. Yes, that’s right. This isn’t an exact rival for
    the RS3 because it’s cheaper and it’s not an M car. And obviously, “M” corresponds
    to “RS” in Audi speak. But you know what? This is a really, really
    interesting car. From the outside it’s nothing
    like as exciting looking. But if ever a car cloaked
    extraordinary performance in disappointingly ordinary
    clothes, it’s the M135i because this is a very,
    very fast car. In fact, I think it might be
    quicker than the Audi RS3, but we’ll find out about that
    later on in the video. It does so many of the
    things right that the Audi does wrong. For example, the driving
    position is multi-adjustable. I can get low. The steering will come
    back towards me. The seat is superior
    in every respect. The steering– OK, it’s electric. It doesn’t have any
    feel whatsoever. And in Comfort mode, you think
    it’s too light initially. But if you spend time in the
    car, it’s very, very accurate, and it’s quick. It’s two turns lock to lock. I found myself finding it one of
    the most intuitive electric steering systems I’ve used. I’ll talk about how you
    configure the chassis and the other stuff in a minute, but
    left in Comfort on a British set of roads, A, B, motorway, a
    mixture like that, this is a very, very convincing
    car indeed. I thought it had a double-clutch
    gearbox until I checked the specification. This has the optional
    1,500-pound, 8-speed Zeta automatic, but it behaves just
    like a double-clutch because it’s so fast when you
    manually shift. And in Automatic mode,
    it’s fantastic. It gives a claimed performance
    of north of 60 miles an hour, 62 miles an hour,
    in 4.9 seconds. It’s a seriously, seriously
    fast car. Now, we all know this fad for
    configuring your car is becoming more and
    more popular. And sadly, the M135i buys
    into it big time. So there’s a button down here
    that allows us to choose between Sport Plus mode, Sport,
    Comfort, and then there’s an Eco Pro
    mode as well. The upshot is that, most of the
    time, Comfort is the right mode to be in. If you go in to Sport, you
    automatically get a sharper chassis, and you get a sharper
    throttle response. But you can actually knock
    either of those back. So Sport can mean sharp
    throttle, soft chassis, or sharp chassis, soft throttle. So you can do that, but it’s
    quite complicated. You’ve got to mess around
    in the sub-menu up here. You can turn all of the slippy
    stuff off if you want to, but that brings us to perhaps this
    car’s most controversial point for keen drivers– no locking differential. There’s not even an option
    of an LSD on this car. Partly, we suspect, that’s
    because they want to keep that kind of stuff for the proper
    full-on M cars. But I can’t help but think it’s
    a bit of an omission. Do you know what, though? Today it’s been greasy, and
    I’ve expected to have more problems with traction than
    I’ve had in this car. Am I missing having a locking
    diff as a road car? I’m not sure I am. There’s a lovely independent
    feeling across the back axle. The car’s not understeering in
    slow or medium speed turns, which you often get
    with a tight diff. So at the moment, I’m
    not missing it. However, let me go to track. That might be a different case,
    but at least we can go and test it. So once you’ve configured the
    car the way you want it, which for me means leave it in Comfort
    and just live with the slightly light steering. Oh yes, sorry. Sport gives you heavier
    steering as well. But to me, it’s just
    too heavy. It almost feels like it
    doesn’t want to move off-center. Once you’ve got it where you
    want it, it’s a really, really pleasant car. If you push it really, really
    hard, you do find that the rear of the car is a bit
    lacking in control. You can get the rear to
    move a little bit. But you’ve got to be traveling
    at about warp speed nine to reach that point. So for me, it’s absolutely
    fine. The interior of the car– OK, it’s complicated. It’s sort of the logic of a
    troubled teenager thrown around the cabin, and I still
    don’t think BMW’s I drive works as well as the other
    German systems. But it’s modern. It’s cool. The displays are funky. It makes the Audi RS3 feel
    very old inside. So as a road device, this
    is a nicer car. To me, it feels as fast, if
    not a bit faster, and it’s 10,000 pounds cheaper. Although, a big asterisk
    at that point– this car, as tested,
    is 37,000 pounds. But I’ve gone through the
    options list of the stuff that I would remove like fully
    electric seats, and folding door mirrors, and some nonsense
    to do with the special screens and all
    the other stuff, the connected drive. You can strip out 4,000 or
    5,000 of that stuff. And actually, the appeal of this
    car is to get this level of performance for just
    under 30,000 pounds. So stay light on the options
    and take the performance. So all that’s left really is to
    go and see which is faster, and try and uncover how they
    behave when you really push them about. Why does the RS3 have such a
    shocking driving position? You’re too high. The wheel is too far away. I suppose at least you don’t
    have to heel and toe anymore. And as for fuel economy, when
    you’re not looking to make time, the best I saw was 26 MPG,
    and that fell rapidly if you pinned what is admittedly
    a very, very special engine. But the BMW’s motor sounds,
    if anything, a little better from inside. And on a long trip using that
    ingenious Eco Pro mode, which holds onto gears longer, I have
    reached– wait for this– 38 miles to the gallon. For a car of this performance,
    that is astonishing. As a road car, the BMW has the
    Audi covered in every area but sort of traction and extreme
    weather conditions really. And even then, the BMW’s supple
    rear axle and subtle electronics give it remarkable
    traction. [MUSIC PLAYING] On paper, the RS3 is the hottest
    of hot hatchbacks– 335 horsepower, four-wheel
    drive, 40,000 pounds before you put a few toys
    on it as well. What’s it like on a
    really fast lap? And is it really 10,000
    pounds better and faster than an M135i? Well, let’s find out. In third gear, we’ll go through
    a couple of things, and then we’ll start
    a flying lap. Crikey. Understeering already. What’s that all about? 7,000, shift up then is DSG
    gearbox, seven speeds as opposed to the BMW’s eight,
    bigger breaking point. Pedals a bit sharper. Only in third here. You just have to use so much
    more steering, and it’s understeering everywhere. I’ve got the system
    turned off. It almost means that I need to
    move my hands on the wheel to get more lock on it. Hooks up reasonably well, but
    at these higher speeds, it doesn’t feel like it has that
    much of a traction advantage. OK. It’s strolling along now. It needs a lift here, I think. It can’t go flat through here. Otherwise, I’ll use all of the
    circuit on the exit like that. Bloody hell. Fourth gear. Oh, it’s just understeering. I know it’s only got a normal
    Continental tire, but even if you back off the throttle, you
    can’t neutralize the thing. Aargh. Oh, look at that rubbish. I’m sure it’s going to be a
    lovely car to live with and a lovely used purchase, but why do
    these cars have to do that? Yeah, sorry. I’m Mr. Unimpressed. I don’t really care if it’s
    faster than the BMW. It’s got so much understeer
    everywhere. A bit of understeer
    is fine, OK? A bit of safety understeer
    is fine, but not that. I mean, that’s just
    unpleasant. A lap of grunting full through
    the circuit in an M135i, trying and carry as much
    speed onto this back straight as possible. Shifting up at 7,000 RPM, how
    good does this engine sound? We talk about non-M engines. Well, this sounds as good as
    pretty much any M engine I’ve listened to in the
    past 15 years. Braking hard at the
    box up here. Six-point calipers at
    the front of this. It’s doing a reasonable
    job as well. It can carry as much speed as
    possible going through here. It’s going wide. I’ve got the system to
    Sport Plus, but I still want to intervene. Just a bit easier
    on the throttle. Car turns nicely. That fast track is a big help. This place is quick. So we’ve got to sort of– oh,
    am I flat-out kinky in here. Is it flat? It is. OK, back down to
    four for this. A little corner here. Watch it’s pace for the exit. Great correct through these. It’s what you find
    in supersports. [ROARING ENGINE] So I brake the car again. It turns so nicely. I really feel like I
    never point to the middle of the car. Lots of breadth. It’s neutral. Bit of understeer,
    and then you get that nice bit of oversteer. For a non-M car, all I can say
    is, what’s the M version going to be like? Because this is absolutely
    stunning. Whoo! [MUSIC PLAYING] Even as a stalwart fan of
    limited zip differentials on powerful rear-wheel drive
    cars, I find it hard to criticize the BMW’s open diff
    family of electronics. It’s not as natural a drift car
    as the 1M, but that’s as much to do with the very fast
    steering as the differential. The way those four-piston front
    brake calipers work, too, means this is at
    last a BMW without brakes made from butter. If the 135i nails the RS3 on the
    road, it kills it on the track for fun. I can’t remember the last time
    I drove a car with a more unpleasant chassis balance
    than this Audi. Understeer, then, yep, some
    more understeer, and then tragic understeer to follow. And after that, chunks
    of rubber falling from the front tires. It went 0.9 of a second quicker
    than the BMW, but frankly, who cares? Now, look, I’m sorry this has
    been reduced to a drag race. But the people that buy these
    sorts of cars tend to be quite punchy and want to know
    which is quicker. So there’s only one way to
    decide, isn’t there? Side by side, two-mile runway,
    M135i versus our RS3. That’s got four-wheel
    drive, and launch control, and more power. It should obliterate
    this thing. Let’s see what happens. My able assistant Neil is
    driving the other car because we couldn’t afford
    anyone else. Three, two, one, go. OK, he gets away at the
    beginning, doesn’t he? But look, I’m already
    picking him. Where’s the power, Mr. Audi? You know what? We’re still– we’re trucking! We’re trucking! And we’re gaining. We are gaining. This little car absolutely
    flies. 140 showing. 145. Now we’re alongside. 150. Now we’re going past. Yeah, baby! Yeah, baby. And that’s 160 indicated. And now the limit
    has called time. Hey boys, M135i is faster
    than an RS3. The Audi has the advantage
    off the line. It creams me to 30
    miles an hour. But then this thing
    just keeps going. OK, it’s irrelevant. It happens over 140,
    but I don’t care. I think it’s dead impressive. [MUSIC PLAYING] Only the Germans could take a
    class of car like the hot hatchback and turn it
    into something as extraordinary as these two. But there’s a definite winner
    here, and it’s the one from the Munich corner. The M135i is a cracking
    little car. And for the money, without all
    those extras on it, at under 30,000 pounds, remembering
    that it does north to 100 miles an hour in under
    11 seconds, it is the bargain of the year. OK, it’s not perfect. But it does take the RS3’s
    trousers down in many departments. I’ve been quite disappointed
    by this car. Some people told me it was a
    good RS model, but I don’t think it is. I think it understeers. I think it’s a bit harsh
    on the road. And where I expected it to
    blow the BMW away in a straight line, it didn’t. In fact, it got beaten
    ultimately. So congratulations, BMW. That is a cracking car. But, of course, there’s one
    proviso here, and that is the Audi showroom factor. That is an object. It’s quite a machine, and I just
    know that loads of people are going to buy
    those instead. But they shouldn’t, because if
    you like driving, that’s a better car. [MUSIC PLAYING]