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    THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS OFF THE CLIFF group chat texts scary
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    THE CREEPY SCHOOL BUS OFF THE CLIFF group chat texts scary

    November 30, 2019

    phone connection lost U guys still there? phone signal very bad Hi Kaitlin! #Kaitlinismyhero Hello Kaitlin it’s Henry Kaitlin can I speak with Chloe please? Hi Kaitlin send me a photo of the tunnel? omg whats going on? Everyone at school knows you’re on the creepy bus! Hey Kaitlin It’s a big deal. School was cancelled today I just removed them all from group chat Bro don’t add anyone else Or I’ll take you off chat too Sorry Did u catch their bus?? not yet. we’re still behind it but keeping far back langley is staring at me i hate her we’re going up high it’s scary next to me a big cliff drop is by my window i hate heights they r going so fast mr. warren said to hold on tight he has a plan. says he’s going to pretend to be an evil bus driver like them and get them to pull over he is driving behind them and honking trying to make them slow down i think it worked. they’re slowing down yes its slowing down it stopped we stopped behind it protector is barking at it we can’t get him to stop barking and growling. he doesn’t like that other bus You see the kids in it? yeah. they’re at the back window yelling for help mr warren getting out omg they backed up into our bus he dived out the way Omg u ok? all good, yeah. front windshield cracked it took off. we r going after it we see it omg its swerving in front of us we r backing off mr warren says we don’t want to crash its going so fast head hurts feeling faint ? we’re so high up altitude sickness ): that scary drop next to me isn’t helping any Don’t look down too late there’s no guard rail or anything omg they just stopped we stopped behind them i don’t like it. feels bad ): everyone moved seats to other side of the bus that drop is huge even jamie is scared That won’t help if your bus falls down. You’d still all be in it GET OFF THAT BUS KAITLIN! mr warren says he doesn’t like being next to cliff also omg the kids in the other bus r all crying ): we r trying to think of a plan if warren gets off our bus then they will just take off again omg there is smoke in their bus its getting everyone gas? they all fell down because of the smoke i don’t see them anymore warren is asking langley what the smoke is she says its sleeping gas she said she used it on us she used it on you??? if she did i don’t remember she’s screaming again we’re all going to die mr warren threw his jacket over her head Tell warren he needs to DRIVE AWAY NOW! why? because if they’ve stopped they know you’re there They might be telling other evil drivers to come get you. Get out of there! i just told that to mr warren he said you’re right and… omg WHAT??? they reversing into our bus they r pushing us back smoke coming out of our tires warren is trying to drive but their bus is too strong THEY’RE TRYNG TO PUSH YOU OFF THE CLIFF!! we r going backwards they’re pushing us towards the edge omg no the bus dipped down bus gonna drop phone connection lost

    Apaches (1977) – [FULL VERSION]
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    Apaches (1977) – [FULL VERSION]

    November 18, 2019

    [Apaches] Danny: The entire Apache
    nation gather in the hills above the headquarters
    of the US Army in New Mexico, tired of the broken promises
    of the Great White Father, ready to face the Long Knives
    in the fort below. Kim, eight. Eight years and three quarters, she says. That means she’s eight. Sharon, nine. Apache women weren’t just squaws,
    they often fought, too. Michael, wearing a red band. He’s daft. The Apaches never wore red. Me, Geronimo, Chief of the Apaches, great warrior of the plains. Tom. Robert. –Danny: Are we ready?
    –Ready. –Ready, Chief.
    –Ready, Danny. Geronimo! I’m Geronimo! I’m cold. [All ululating] Danny: Mum and Dad
    are getting ready for the party. Veal and ham pie, my favourite. (All yelling) (Tractor approaching) Quickly! Sharon and Kim, on the other side. Down! Klutz. Well, how should we take the fort of the Long Knives? Haven’t you got any ideas? We can’t hear. What was that, Danny? –Who’s Danny?
    –Sorry, Chief. Well, what did you say? I said, “Who’s Danny?” Before that. Oh, Michael, go and tell them. –Me talk to squaws?
    –Tom, you go. –Down!
    –What? –Down!
    –Oh! Some Indians. We storm the fort. We what? What’s that? She means charge it. Right! Danny: Look out!
    The wagon train’s coming. Attack it as it enters the fort. Okay? All: Okay. (Ululating) (Simulating shooting) (All cheering) (Screams) (Indistinct chatter) (Kim, N.) Danny: Dad likes to see
    his face in his shoes. He says he could shave
    in the reflection from them. This is Mum’s favourite blouse.
    Her best one. After all, when you’re having a party,
    you want to look your best, don’t you? Sharon: Someone on ‘Swap Shop’ had feathers. Danny: What, Indian feathers? Sharon: I don’t know. Just feathers. Robert: Some girl was swapping elephants.
    She brought them along. Elephants? Real elephants? Michael: No, I saw that. They were rubber
    elephants. She was swapping them. Tom: What for? Course she was swapping.
    She was on ‘Swap Shop’, wasn’t she? For animals. Elephants are animals. Yeah, but she wanted to swap for
    glass animals ’cause she had too many elephants
    and wanted to get rid of them ’cause her mother said so. If I was her,
    I’d swap something totally different. –What?
    –I don’t know. –Stamps.
    –No. –Guns.
    –No. Action men.
    –Yeah, I’ve got loads of them. –They’re sissy’s things.
    –They’re not. –Yes, they are.
    –They’re not. You girls go all soppy on dolls. –Ha! No.
    –Prams. Oh, come on, I’m not lying around here
    all day. Let’s go outside. Hey, not so fast. Whoo! –Well?
    –Well what? What are we going to do? –How am I supposed to know?
    –Well, you brought us out here. I’m supposed to know everything, am I? Without me, you’d be lost. (Indistinct chattering) Come on! Come on to me! I’ll decide what we’re going to do and we’re definitely
    not going to play football. Coming, ready or not! Danny: Sharon! Got you! Come on, you’ve got to come
    stand in the den. Why? Because that’s the rules of the game. This is near enough. Unless you get released,
    it won’t count. –Come on!
    –All right, then. Help, everyone! I’m a prisoner. You mustn’t shout. It’s not allowed. Why not? If I don’t shout “help”,
    how do they know I’m a prisoner? You mustn’t shout “help”. Robert, Michael! I’m a prisoner. Help is coming! No shouting, I said! I’m not shouting for help. No shouting names. It’s not allowed. No shouting at all. (Softly) Tom! Tom! Robert! I’ll race you. Come on, Tom! Come on! Kick the can! Hey! Hey! (Laughs) Sucker! Come on. How’d you know where I was? –You’re thick.
    –You’re picking on me. Ah, come on. Not fair.
    That’s the second time you’ve caught me. Should be able to hide better, then,
    shouldn’t you? Robert, Michael, come on!
    I’m a prisoner. Where are you? I’m coming, I’m coming! I’m coming, I’m coming! –Come on, quick!
    –Kick the can! (Screams) Danny! Danny! (Tom Newton) Danny: The trouble with grownup parties,
    adults parties, is that they don’t seem
    to enjoy themselves. No one ever brings presents and no one gets a present
    to take home with them. That’s not what I call a party. They just eat and stand around drinking. No one plays games. Isn’t that funny? I sure hope those railroad men
    get through the pass, Sergeant. Those goddamn Apaches
    would never take the train, sir. I guess you’re right.
    Let’s get back to the fort. Okay, sir. Come on, boy. –Come on!
    –Come on! (Simulating shooting) (Ululating) Welcome back, Chief! –Sergeant, note this.
    –Yes, sir. At Fort Sumner,
    scouts are allowed to man the gate. You what? Open the gates, we’re coming in. Enter, good Chief. I’m General Cook, 9th Cavalry. But I thought we were playing Indians. That is because you are thick. You’re bonkers. Danny: All right, men? –Yes, sir.
    –Yes. How is it, Sergeant? It’s all quiet, sir. Yeah. Too quiet. I don’t like it. I want to know when we changed
    from being Apaches. Look, if there were 10 of us,
    we could be the Apaches all the time and the rest could be the cavalry
    all the time. But there’s only five of us,
    so we have to be both. But there’s only four of us. Yeah, four. –Are we ready, men?
    –Ready, Captain? Look, what about Michael and me? We’re still dressed as Indians. We didn’t know we was gonna change, did we? Nobody told us. You can be Indian scouts
    for the cavalry. Every fort has them. I know. I’ll be in disguise. A soldier in disguise
    to fool the Indians. Yeah, me too! Oh, all right. Captain, here they come! (Simulating shooting) Red savages! You yellow-bellied skunks! Gotcha, coyote! You’re all thick! Ah! They got me! Ahh! (Groans) Aah! And me, too! Ah! They’re missing me. (Simulating shooting) I’m going, Sergeant. I’m going fast. I’m gone. (Groans) (All screaming) Hey, Sharon, that was great. Oh, it was nothing. Apaches have taken Fort Sumner! Palefaces are massacred! (All shouting) (All ululating) (Indistinct chattering) This would be a great place
    for a den, this. –Oh, don’t try to change the subject.
    –What are these? They’re my grandad’s. He collects them. Well, what are they for? I don’t know.
    They used to be used on farms. –It’s his hobby.
    –Oh! Hey, what are you doing? In celebration of our victories, we will drink
    the white man’s firewater. Ha! Some hopes. Hey, this would make a great gang hut. Don’t think my grandad would let us. But you could use my Wendy house. Wendy house? I don’t fancy that. Come on, let’s have a drink. Hey, I’m not drinking that.
    We don’t know what it is. Well, just mime it.
    Like we did in the school play. –It might be poison.
    –Yeah, to kill the rats. No, it isn’t poison.
    It would look like it. Smells okay. Here, give me that. Me Geronimo! Chief of tribe. Me have many stallions! Me have many scalps! Me kill many warriors! Ew, it’s horrible! Watch it, Sharon!
    It’s gone all over my jacket. –Mime, you said.
    –I forgot. You all right, Sharon? Yeah, I think so. (Indistinct chattering) Bye! All right, see you, Sharon! See ya. (Coughs) That stuff made a right mess
    on my clothes. My mum’s gonna kill me! –Let’s have a look.
    –Crikey! (Sharon screaming) Mummy! Mummy, help! Mummy! (Screams) Mummy! Danny: I don’t see what grownups get
    out of it, except a lot of drink. And they can get that in the pub. They don’t need to come to the house
    to get it. Mind you, sometimes I like it when they all get drunk
    and dance around with you and give you money. I like that. That’s fun. You go that way, Starsk. Hutch, that way! –You see him, Hutch?
    –No, but he’s sure packing a gun. I ain’t deaf. (Cap gun firing) He’s in there, Starsk. You know something, Hutch? –What’s that?
    –I’m getting too old for these capers. Yeah. –Come on, Hutch, cover me.
    –Gotcha! Run! I’ll bet you guys think you got me, huh? Come out with your hands up, dummy! Ah, don’t make me laugh, Hutchinson. This is Starsky talking. You, too! –Right, Hutch, you rush in.
    –No, you rush in. –I’ll cover you.
    –I’ll cover you. I’ll tell you what. We’ll both go in. –And we’ll both cover each other.
    –Great idea. Hey, you guys yapping or shooting?
    Make up your minds! Don’t you worry about us, dumb-dumb. You just watch your ass. Ah, you guys are all talk. Shut up, sop-head. –Ready?
    –Ready. –One, two…
    –Three. Freeze! Robert, look out! (Screams) Danny: I think they’ve nearly
    all arrived now. Mind you, there’s always someone late,
    though, isn’t there? Just like school. I’m going to scout the land. Yes, Chief. No, you stay here and guard
    the lodge of our fathers. I’ll be gone many moons. Danny: The Apaches have fought well,
    against great odds. Our braves are few
    and the white man is many. We have no food. Winter is coming. Our people will starve. (Screams) We have been robbed of our homeland. But we shall return. We shall survive. I, Geronimo, must gather together
    our scattered people. And we shall survive. Our greatest need is food and shelter. We must have food. We must learn the ways
    of the white eyes. Feed our people his way. That much the white eyes can teach us. We shall cast aside the weapons of war. –Be careful.
    –Oh, great. Danny: This is our land. Our homeland. As long as one Apache remains,
    it shall be ours. I, Geronimo, give my word. Help! Help, I’m moving! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! (Screaming) They’re ready now. Yes. They’re ready. (Reading Psalm 103) “He remembereth that we are but dust. “The days of man are but as grass. “For he flourisheth
    as a flower of the field. “For as soon as the wind goeth over it,
    it is gone. “And the place thereof
    shall know it no more.” We therefore commit Danny’s body
    to the ground. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In sure and certain hope of
    the resurrection to eternal life. Through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Danny: My mum and dad.
    It’s a nice party. Quiet, but nice. My cousin Michael. My granny and grandad. All the family are there for the party. I wish I was. I wish I was there. Honest. What time do you think
    you’ll get home tonight?

    Halloween Ride Song | Spooky Halloween Music + More Bob the Train Kids Rhymes
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    Halloween Ride Song | Spooky Halloween Music + More Bob the Train Kids Rhymes

    October 21, 2019

    Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Who’s that you see A witch with a twitch Let’s all scream together AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Who’s on the bridge A ghoul with a drool Let’s all scream together AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Who’s around the school A zombie on a tree Let’s all scream together AAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Its halloween night
    And the moon is bright Let’s hop aboard on a
    Halloween ride Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug Chug chug chug chugchug
    Chug chug chug chugchug

    Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends – Part 2
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    Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends – Part 2

    October 4, 2019

    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
    Channel on the internet – I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we’re back talking
    about trains! You guys loved the Top 10 Scary Train Urban
    Legends so much that we have decided to make a part 2, and you know what… this makes
    me happy because I love trains! Before we get going, I want to hear what the
    longest train journey you have ever been on is? I got an overnight sleeper train from Bangkok
    to Surat Thani in Thailand and it was awesome. I would love to get a classy overnight sleeper
    on the Flying Scotsman from London to Edinburgh…bucket list for sure. Okay, let’s do this! 10 – Express Train to Hell
    This story is an Urban Legend from Newark Central Station in New Jersey. It seems that a homeless man had been hanging
    around the station for a number of days and the station master had kept trying to move
    him on. One night he started screaming “ “It’s
    coming for me, it’s coming for me….” When the stationmaster reluctantly told the
    man that he was going to call the police, he said in all seriousness – The express
    train for hell is coming for my soul, you’ve got to help me. He confessed to the station master that he
    had killed a man who had cheated him. The stationmaster told him to calm down, but
    sure enough, at midnight, the sound of a steam engine came rolling into the station, along
    with the telltale wind that comes with an approaching train. He held the homeless man back, as he looked
    like he was about to jump in front of the invisible train. Both of the men stumbled back and the stationmaster
    lost his grip on the man. When he turned to see if he was okay, the
    homeless man was nowhere to be seen. From New Jersey to nearby New York, we have
    The Ghost Trains of Hell Gate Bridge at number 9
    There is a genuine bridge in New York called HELL GATE bridge…. Which is disconcerting. Hell Gate crosses the east river, connecting
    Queens to Randalls Island. That isn’t all the bridge connects, though,
    it may well join New York to the afterlife…. According to local lore, the bridge is haunted
    by an old train whose passengers are the cities damned. Those who find themselves on the bridge at
    night report seeing strange lights thundering towards them before they disappear. Others report seeing an old, battered train
    floating over the river. The legend says that the carriages are filled
    with people who have lost their lives in the water…from murder victims, people who have
    fallen short of the mafia, suicide jumpers and historic Dutch Explorers…they all sit
    together on the weirdest ride of all time. 8 – Haunted Connolly Station, Ireland
    Connolly Station is a busy train hub in the center of Dublin and connects rail routes
    across the country. In 2011 Ghost Hunters visited the station
    after a rise in reports of strange goings on in the building and around the platform. The Station is old, dating back to 1844, which
    means it is likely to have seen a lot of action. The station is also near the North Strand,
    which was heavily bombed during World War 2 and it is thought that some of the poltergeist
    activity is from lost souls who were killed in the bombardment. Leading Paranormalist Tim Kelly was keen to
    be granted permission to investigate the station, which is hard to obtain seeing as it is always
    so busy. He said Sometimes the human ear can’t pick
    up the voices and they are only audible once recorded on the audio recorders and reviewed
    ….. he also quoted ghostbusters and claimed that he ain’t afraid of no ghost. Andddd all of a sudden, we’re back in the
    USA as we talk about the Deadman on the New York Subway at number 7
    This legend has been circling the New York Subway for about as long as the subway has
    been running…and has also done its rounds on the Paris Metro, the London Tube, the Toronto
    TTC….and basically all cities with underground train networks. This legend goes that a person is sitting
    on the train minding their own business, but they soon look up to realize the person across
    from them is staring at them with a creepy vacant stare. They notice two people sitting next to the
    starter, seemingly unaware. A man then comes up and whispers in the train
    riders ear that they ought to get off at the next station. They do, and the man says something along
    the lines of “thank god, I didn’t mean to scare you but you had to get off the train,
    the man staring at you was dead and the two people aside of him were propping him up.” There are so many variants on this story – some
    include one person riding round and round on a loop until someone finally realizes they’re
    dead. This story appeared in print in 1933 in a
    newspaper about Manhatten folk tales, leading us to believe this is simply an urban legend. 6 – The Legend of Casey Jones –
    Jonny Cash sings the true story of the legendary Casey Jones, a gallant railroad engineer working
    in Cannonball, the USA in the late 1800s. Jones had a rep for always running his trains
    on time without fault, even if it meant running trains at very high speeds. He began to be known for his efficiency and
    the whistle he would make while driving trains through towns. One day, in April 1900, Jones was working
    a double shift and was tasked with bringing a late train from Memphis into Chicago on
    time. The train was an hour and a half behind schedule
    and Jones sent the train flying at 100 miles per hour. Sadly, as he pulled through Vaughn, Mississippi,
    he realized there was a train parked on the tracks ahead. Because of how fast he was going, he couldn’t
    stop in time. He pumped the breaks and advised some passengers
    to jump. He sounded the train’s whistle as a warning. The collision was awful, but all the passengers
    survived. The only person who died was Casey, who was
    struck in the throat while he had one hand on his whistle and another on his break. 5 – The Baby Train
    Ah, this is a classic urban legend! Why is it scary? Well….because… babies! Babies as a result of train schedule! This urban legend has been told across a number
    of cities and one of the earliest mentions was in Chicago. 1939 a passage in Christopher Morley’s Novel,
    Kitty Foyle read: “The first thing you hear mornings in Manitou is the early Q train to
    Chicago. It’s too early to get up and too late to
    go to sleep again. They have a legend out there that the morning
    yells of that rattler do a good deal to keep up the birth-rate.” The legend also was appropriated to Canberra
    in Australia when the Government supposedly noticed that the birthrate was three times
    higher than in the rest of Australia. When a Government Statistician went to investigate
    he found the place swarming with kids. He realized the town was on the main rail
    line used by the Kyogle Mail train every morning at 4.30am. Apparently, this wake-up call got people frisky. Right! If all it takes is a train horn to get pregnant,
    I’m terrified. Also, that really is one horn that will haunt
    you forever. This story is coming from New Zealand. Yeahhhhh mate. At number 4 we have the Ghosts of Glen Eden
    Railway Station. Situated in Auckland, the Glen Eden Station
    has a rather morbid history. The station in Waitakere City was built in
    order to transport bodies to the nearby Waikumete Cemetery. That isn’t all, either. On January 11th, 1924, Alex MacFarlane, a
    tablet porter at the station, lost his balance and slipped between the platform and an oncoming
    train, severing his legs. He died from his injuries two hours later. Since the station was refurbished, a café
    has been built on site. It seems the ghost of MacFarlane is partial
    to a visit. Café staff has reported seeing a man with
    a grey beard and trench coat walking up and down the platform. Some say they see a man peering at them through
    a window. Other staff members have reported a man in
    a top hat entering the café and asking for a train timetable before disappearing. Is this the same gentleman or are they two
    separate ghosts? Are there more ghosts? I wouldn’t be surprised, given the station’s
    history. Do you want to know what happens after the
    last train leaves Sydney’s Macquarie Fields Station? Find out at number 3
    I read an article online that called Macquarie Fields a small station with a very big secret. According to local reports, after the last
    train departs, crying and wailing can be heard whistling down the station. Those who have been on the platform after
    the last train has reported seeing a teenage girl shrieking, crying and sitting on the
    tracks. Apparently, this ghostly apparition is fond
    of starring into peoples eyes as they walk by her. Some say the ghost is of a girl who missed
    the last train home and was murdered as she tried to make her own way home, others say
    she was a teen who fell on the tracks…whereas others say she is a regretful suicide victim. 2 – The Ghost of William Terriss
    Actor, William Terriss was stabbed to death outside London’s Adelphi Theatre on December
    16th, 1897 by a fellow thespian, Richard Archer Prince. It seems that Terriss had had the man fired
    from a previous production due to his instability….which…considering he later turned to murder him, is a fair shout. Prince was an alcoholic and was declared insane,
    which meant he got off quite lightly. Perhaps this unresolved business is why the
    Ghost of Terris is said to haunt the Adelphi Theatre and the nearby Covent Garden Tube
    station. Terriss’ ghost has been reported at Covent
    Garden station since 1955, over 55 years after his death. Jack Hayden, a ticket taker at the station
    was locking up when he encountered an elegantly dressed man wearing gloves and holding a cane. When Hayden asked the man how he was still
    in the station, he disappeared. When he reported the incident, his description
    matched the late actor. Many other station staff has spotted him after
    hours, too. It seems that the Tube station is near the
    site of Terriss’s favorite bakeries. All ghosts are by nature pretty scary, but
    I have to say, the ghost of Actor, William Terriss, isn’t the worst to encounter…he
    just seems to want a cake! 1 – Time Travelling Train of Zanetti
    This is a popular urban legend surrounding the alleged disappearance of a train in Italy
    in 1911. The story goes that an Italian Rail company,
    Zenetti, had set up a trip to advertise a new train route. They invited 100 high flying members of society
    to board this new train on a show route. The train, manned by 6 crew, left Rome and
    was traveling towards Lombard. As the train approached a mountain tunnel,
    a few of the passengers had a bad feeling. Two of the passengers were so overcome with
    terror, they jumped from the moving train. The rest glided on the train into the tunnel….which
    trembled and closed up behind them. It literally seemed as if the mountain swallowed
    the train, which was never found. The two people that jumped from the train
    were injured but survived and relayed their experiences to locals after they regained
    their health in hospital. The other 104 people on board were nowhere
    to be found. There were some sketchy reports of 100 or
    so people turning up in Mexico speaking Italian and seeming very lost and confused. Okay…so that was that! What an adventure! Which of these did you find the scariest? Let me know in the comments section down below! Also, don’t forget to let me know what the
    longest train ride you have been on is! Comments from part one of the Top 10 Scary
    Train Urban legends. PipsKay Wrote: me who was born, grew up and
    still here in San Antonio, grew up hearing of the train track children, you park near
    the tracks put powder on the back of you car..get input your car in neutral, and your car will
    slowly go across the tracks by itself..when you get over the tracks, you get out and look
    on the back of your car where you put the powder on and you will see small wee hand
    prints?. We had a great comment from BoxCarWillie S160
    who wrote a really scary tale from the UK. They wrote: I’ve actually heard about a haunted
    tank engine. It’s what’s called a “56xx” tank engine, built
    for the Great Western Railway. It’s uncertain why the engine is haunted,
    but it’s said whenever it’s put in steam and left unattended by crew members, it will run
    over people that stray too close to it. One such person was the manager of the company
    that owns this particular tank engine. He managed to survive with just barely being
    hit by the engine, but since then it’s been stowed away in a museum.? That is insane. OOOh, and Jozsef Vikar wrote: Top 10 Urban
    Legends about ghost ships?? I would be so up for that! So….let me know if you liked this list. Like and share etc. I am your host Rebecca Felgate. Stay tuned for more Most Amazing Top 10 videos.


    3 Creepy Cases for Ancient Aliens

    September 30, 2019

    – This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we discuss three of the
    most compelling mysteries that suggest the presence
    of ancient aliens. So, let’s drop some sweet knowledge. – I’m already fed up with
    the folders by the way. Looks too official considering the nonsense that is within. – The existence of aliens,
    or extraterrestrials has long been one of the
    great mysteries of the world. According to a 2015 survey
    conducted by, about 54% of America, 56% of Germany and 52% of the UK, believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life. That being said, history seems to indicate that aliens may have visited
    our world in ancient times, aiding us at the brink of civilization. There are cave paintings
    like this one from Australia that may be up to 5,000 years old that some interpret as
    creatures wearing space suits. Or this painting from 8,000
    BC in the Sahara desert that illustrates what
    appear to be spacemen leading natives in a line. – They’re just people.
    What’re you talking about? – I’m just saying what
    people interpret them as. – That’s a basket of fruit. – How do you think
    that’s a basket of fruit? – It’s just a basket
    of fruit on their head. – There’s two of them
    with baskets of fruit? And everyone else – Why does that one in the
    back also have a little basket? – Maybe it’s a child – No _ Look how small the rest are. Why are these so large? – Here’s a drawing of a Mayan carving that shows a man attached to what some construe as an oxygen source, as he operates controls in
    what appears to be a spaceship. Other fascinating objects
    include this hieroglyph from the temple of Seti I that dates back to the 14th century BC. The glyph appears to
    contain hovering spacecrafts and modern day flying
    machinery such as helicopters. – Why would there be a helicopter? – I don’t know, why would they
    know there’s a helicopter? – Are they time-traveling? – Possibly, I don’t know. Why would they know that unless they were unless there was some kind
    of intelligent civilization that visited them that would
    be able to show these things? – So the aliens show up, show them pictures of
    helicopters, and fly away. – I mean, this isn’t the
    entire, I mean this is what we’ve discovered
    so far, there could be – Well I can’t wait to see the rest of it. – (laughs) Okay. – I can’t wait to see a poster of the motion picture Wedding Crashers – (laughs) Okay. – And well, some lava lamps – Additionally a funerary marker from roughly 100 BC shows a woman presenting what some consider a laptop with UBS ports. – How do they charge it? – I don’t know. – Why are there USB ports on it if they don’t have thumbnail drives? – I don’t know. I’m just
    saying what (laughs) – What are they looking at on it? There’s no internet. Do they have Photoshop? – And finally here’s a hieroglyph from Hathor Temple in Egypt that shows workers operating what appeared to
    be enormous light bulbs. Perhaps explaining how
    artists were able to see when drawing elaborate
    hieroglyphs inside their tombs. – What are you drawing? – Ryan, here’s you with three butt cheeks – (laughs) – I’ve drawn it. Now it exists. – Why do I have little penguin arms? – (laughs) I don’t know, why do you have little penguin arms? That’s a good question. Here’s you with little penguin
    arms and three butt cheeks. I’ve drawn it so it must be real. – But beyond these small
    scattered references to alien and modern technology, there are entire cities, civilizations, and architectural undertakings
    that make us question if we’ve always been alone. What follows are the best
    mysteries that history has to offer in regards to ancient aliens. – The first mystery we’ll discuss
    is the Dogon and Sirius B. The Dogon are a tribal
    group in west Africa, south of Timbuktu in the Republic of Mali that settled sometime between
    the 10th and 13th centuries. In the 1930s and 1940s, the studies of french anthropologist Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen
    revealed that the Dogon knew a surprising amount
    of modern astronomy. According to their
    studies, the Dogon believed these things, all of which
    are scientific facts: The planets orbit the sun. The earth and other planets
    rotate on their axis. Saturn has a ring. Jupiter has four moons. And finally, that the
    star Sirius is actually part of a double star system containing a star called Sirius B
    that has a 50 year orbit and is invisible to the naked human eye. Knowledge of how planets orbit would not require advanced technology. However, to know about Saturn’s
    ring and Jupiter’s moon, would require remarkable eyesight and an extremely clear sky. But what is truly
    astonishing, is the Dogon’s knowledge of the star Sirius B. Especially when you consider the fact that scientists were only able to discern information about Sirius B with the use of quantum mechanics, relativity,
    and advanced telescopes. This leads some to believe that the Dogon were taught about Sirius B by a far more advanced civilization. Dogon mythology reportedly speaks of them being visited by a set of beings referred to as the Nommo, who according to author Robert Temple,
    are amphibious beings from the Sirius star system. – That’s cool. – You have nothing to
    say about any of that? – I will fight you tooth and nail when it comes to ghoulie ghosts, but aliens are a little more probable. – I win. – No you don’t win. – I think I won. – Because I’m sure you have plenty of other stuff on here that’s very dumb. – Though, some people have other theories, such as Robert Burnham, who believes that the Dogon could have known about Sirius B due to extraordinary eyesight. He theorizes that with a ten inch reflecting telescope and clear skies, Sirius B could have been seen. However, if this were true, the Dogon would also been able to see Uranus, Neptune and
    other cosmic observations which they did not. Another doubter is author Carl Sagan, who believes that the
    Dogon’s cosmic knowledge is suspiciously consistent
    with an informed person from the 1930’s and ’40’s. Sagan posits that the
    french anthropologists that visited during that time and broke the story of the Dogon, merely entwined Sirius B into the Dogon’s existing mythology to
    make an interesting story. – Well look, if Carl Sagan
    believes it, I believe it. – But he’s just saying they lied. – Well then he’s probably
    got an informed opinion. He’s Carl fucking Sagan. – But all that said is
    he thinks they lied. – Well then I’m on board with Carl Sagan. – But there’s no evidence
    to back that they lied. – I don’t give a shit, he’s Carl Sagan. – The second mystery we’ll discuss is the ancient city of
    Tiwanaku in Bolivia. A city that was high above sea level, roughly 13,000 feet. The people of Tiwanaku utilized massive monolithic stones that
    weigh up to 450 tons. How the people of Tiwanaku
    moved these enormous stones remains a mystery. Some suggest the stones
    were pulled along logs, but others believe aliens may have aided with anti-gravity methods. Also discovered on the site
    were 200 elongated skulls, possibly the heads of shamans, whose heads were bound to that shape in an effort to amplify their ability to
    communicate with deities. – I can’t imagine that’d be
    a pleasurable experience, also you’d have to do that,
    over like, your lifetime right? Probably? I can’t imagine
    that’s like a quick process. – If I were like 5 years
    old and my mom was like “We’re gonna start doing something now “It’s gonna last a long time, “but, when it’s all over,
    your head will be very long.” – (laughs) – I’d probably say – (laughs) – “I’m good. I’ll just sign
    up of karate or something.” – (laughs) – Conceivably, these shamans
    elongated their skulls to emulate the deities that visited them. Perhaps the main mystery of Tiwanaku, is what instruments the people used to carve their stones to
    achieve such exactness without the use of power tools. For example, there are
    H blocks that interlock in a detailed and sophisticated manner that require no mortar. On site, there’s also a
    caLendar that some believe dates millions of years back, and made by visitors from outer space. For good measure, near
    Tiwanaku’s Gate of the Sun is a wall decorated with heads that some believe could be aliens. – If a thousand years
    from now someone was like “Wow, have you seen Signs? “Signs, the motion picture
    they made back in the day? “They found aliens, it was crazy! “They ruined a kid’s birthday party” – Okay see, you’re talking
    about a civilization that is us now, that is able to perceive advanced art and like expression that way. We could separate
    reality from not reality. – Yeah – What I’m positing is I don’t know if they had that capability back then, especially in the cave paintings one. – You don’t think back then – In the cave painting ones you think that – You don’t think they were creative? My big takeaway here is
    that art is not proof. – Okay, sure. – The third mystery is
    arguably the strongest indicator of ancient aliens:
    The Pyramids of Giza. The three Giza pyramids were constructed between 2550 and 2490 BC in Egypt. They were build as tombs for the pharaohs meant to emulate and honor the gods. The first and largest pyramid, also referred to as The Great Pyramid, was built around 2550
    BC for the Pharaoh Khufu and is around 481 feet tall. Each side of the pyramid was 756 feet, and the area of each side is 5.5 acres. The angles at the base of the pyramid are nearly perfect 90 degree angles. All of this suggests that architects had a high understanding of mathematics. That being said, here are some things that make me question who, or what, those architects may have been. – You’re telling me those
    architects used math? Knock me down with a feather. – (laughs) I’m suggesting, and
    some people are suggesting, that perhaps it was a
    little too advanced based on – That’s so disrespectful. – (laughs) – The Great Pyramid was
    constructed of roughly 2.3 million stones. Each weighing between 2.5 to 15 tons. In order to finish the
    Great Pyramid in 23 years, the workers would have
    to set a block every 2.5 minutes every day of the week. The Egyptians did not have
    wheels, pulleys or work animals. So how could they have
    lifted and transported these enormous stones with
    that kind of efficiency? – Can you imagine if you
    spent your entire life haling around heavy stones? And someone was like “No, they couldn’t have done it, “you know what it must have been? “Space aliens. I seen ’em” – Every 2.5 minutes, one block every fucking day of the
    week for 23 years straight? – Could’ve had hustle days. – I’m saying, it doesn’t matter
    how many slaves there were, if they didn’t have the tools to do it – Well fact don’t matter then – No! I’m saying they
    didn’t have the tools that is facts! – Some have suggested a ramp structure, but it would have had to be massive, and no evidence of this
    construction has been found. – If I’m building a giant,
    mighty, wondrous thing, I’m not gonna be like “Hey, can you do some
    chiseling of uh, the ramp? “We really gotta show off the ramp. “It’s a hell of a ramp.” – Are there blueprints for the pyramids? – I’m sure there is, they had all the mathematics and things broken down. – Are they written is alien language? – Oh my god. – Additionally, The Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with magnetic north. It is unknown how the Egyptians could possibly have known this, though some theorize it had to do with observing the cosmos. The perimeter of The Great Pyramid when divided by twice the height allegedly results in the
    number pi up to its 15th digit. This may also demonstrate a suspicious knowledge of mathematics. The pyramids of Giza are also considerably well-preserved in comparison to other pyramids around the world, despite the Pyramids of
    Giza being centuries older. – Some have claimed
    this is due to the fact that they were upkept over
    the past hundreds of years. Though others believe it is a sign of unearthly preservation. Finally, the three pyramids align with the pattern of Orion’s belt, a fact that some consider
    an impossible feat for the Egyptians to accomplish. Unless of course, they were
    building based on instructions. – I don’t doubt that they
    were mathematically adept. – Well the other two weren’t math, the magnetic north and – Again, magnetic north, they
    could just observe the sun. – I don’t know. – So it was aliens? – (laughs) Yes, so it was aliens. – They showed up, gave ’em Ipads, gave ’em a Zune, built the pyramids left, and that’s it. – Sure, yeah, all those
    things in that order. – And they haven’t been back since. They haven’t been back since. – Yeah, they were like “Fuck humanity.” – What we covered are only
    some of the ancient mysteries that inspire wonder and curiosity of our place in the universe. And as with most stories that deal with the existence of extraterrestrials, the answer is never definite, and always left to
    personal interpretation. Were we visited and aided
    by aliens in ancient times? Do aliens even exist? The answer for now remains unsolved. – I think they lied. I have yet to see any compelling evidence. – I thought that was compelling, unless of course they lied. – You think a lot of
    things are compelling. – I found that very compelling. – Go fuck yourself, have a nice day. – Alright. (spooky music)

    Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends
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    Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends

    September 23, 2019

    Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
    Channel on the Internet, I am your host Rebecca Felgate and I don’t know if you know this,
    but I love a good train! I really do! I am absolutely all about a steam train! My dream is to get the train across Canada! I think it would be truly incredible! Today though, we are getting freaky as we
    rattle down those tracks – we’re talking the Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends. Before we roll into this video, I just want
    to ask you guys if you believe in urban legends …. But also…if you like trains! Also, while you are there, why don’t you
    hit that thumbs up button for me! Also, if you want to connect with me after
    the video, links to my social are in the description box. 10 – Disappearing Train in China
    What on earth is going on at the Bataou Station? Legend has it that a ghost train passes up
    and down the tracks, picking up ghostly passengers and moving forwards through the station. Until March 2018, it was just a rumour, but
    then THIS CCTV footage was captured of a transparent, ghostly looking train moving along the tracks,
    slowing to a halt as if allowing passengers to embark and disembark, and then start up
    again. The footage was uploaded to youtube by The
    Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and has been watched over 2.3 million times. Some critics say that the footage isn’t
    legit, others say it looks like a retaping over old cctv tapes. Some people said it looks like reflection
    in a window while others are straight up going parallel universe. 9 – The White Sari Ghost of Beg-un-kodor Station
    In the Indian Ayodhya hills sits Bengunkodor Station. The station has laid empty and defunct from
    1967 to 2009 reportedly because of the fate that met the former station master! The station employee reported that he saw
    a woman in a white sari dancing in the middle of the night. He thought her to be a ghost of a woman killed
    by a train. He told other people in the village about
    it, and a few days later he and his family were found dead. His replacement at the station also went missing
    just days into the job. With word filtering around the village, people
    started avoiding the station, eventually leading to its closure. Railway officials have always denied the ghost
    story, and the station has been re-opened, however trains stop running after 5pm, reportedly
    so that no one every comes across the sari clad ghost! 8 – San Antonio Train Track children
    Legend has it that once upon a time in San Antonio there was a horrifying crash between
    a train and a bus filled with children. According to the tales in the area, a school
    bus stalled on train lines as the warning lights signaling the approach of the train
    lit up. The driver was unable to start the bus and
    drive off in time and sadly the two vehicles collided, killing all on board the bus. The legend, dating back to the 70s, goes that
    if a car halts on the same piece of track, the ghosts of the children will push the car
    forward to safety. On top of that, many have reported seeing
    the imprints of little children’s hands on their cars afterwards. Freakier still, the road where the ghosts
    are supposed to haunt is surrounded by a set of streets named after children, such as Cindy
    Sue, Laura Lee and Bobbie Allen…could these be the bus crash victims? Snopes said that the movement of the vehicles
    at the crossing is down to a slight incline at the site, which rolls cars in neutral forwards
    and that the street names were of the developers grand children. However with so many ghostly reports, the
    legend of the San Antonio Train Track Children lives on. 7 – the 100 year old missing train
    In 1910, a freight train went missing near the great lakes of north America… like…vanished
    out of thin air. All of its cargo and its three crew members
    were gone, and people presumed the train derailed and crashed near near mink harbour in Onatrio,
    falling into Lake Superior. Locals in the area reported ghost sightings
    along the tracks and around the harbour of confused looking men, who were staring out
    over the lake. Fast forward 106 years and the train wreckage
    was found at the bottom of the lake. The pictures of the wreck are truly incredible. Apparently the train is the only sunken locomotive
    in the great lakes region. Recovery experts say the train cannot be raised
    as it is too damaged and would disintegrate. Sadly, divers could not locate the body of
    the three men who died in the crash. Without raising the train, the souls of the
    three lost crew may be trapped in the lake forever. 6 – The Silver Train of Stockholm
    Ah, the silverpilen, or silver arrow of Stockholm has been the subject of Swedish Urban Legends
    for Decades. In Stockholm, the subway trains are blue,
    they used to be green. One train, however is silver. The story dates back to 1965 when people started
    spotting the silver train every now and then. Sightings were so rare that the train became
    the stuff of legends. There are a whole bunch of legends surrounding
    this train, all of them pretty spooky. Many people say that the train has only ever
    been spotted in abandoned tunnels by construction workers and subway workers. Some say that the train goes around picking
    up passengers that either show up weeks later dazed and confused, or never show up again
    at all. Some people say they have only ever seen the
    train after midnight, going high speed through stations. Eye witnesses describe the carriages as empty,
    save for a few figures. Are they ghosts? The stories about the Silverpilen were at
    their pinnacle in the 1980s, but a lot of people in the city still talk about the legendary
    silver train. The Silverpilen urban legend sometimes feeds
    in to stories about Kymlinge, a metro station on the Stockholm Metro Line 11, which gets
    a whole urban legend point of its very own – and it is coming in to number 5. There are a lot of ghost stories about Kymlinge
    – one says that it is haunted by the Silverpilen, but others suspected a wider ghost conspiracy. Kymlinge is an abandoned metro station – a
    ghost station if you will. A lot of people are baffled by its existence
    and the reason why, even after it was built, transport authorities never opened the building
    for service. It is said that only the dead get off at Kymlinge. 4 – St Louis Light
    The St Louis Light urban legend refers to mysterious lights moving up and down an abandoned
    old rail line in Saskatchewan. It is said the lights vary in colour and brightness
    and can still be seen to this day, Now I think good old Daniel the Spaniel Lurkington Burkinton
    put this one in his Canadian Urban Legends Video… a lot of people say the lights are
    of a ghost train passing through the night, and others say that the light comes from the
    lamp held by the ghost of a drunk headless brakeman who was decapitated by a train passing
    by at speed. He now spends eternity wandering up the track
    looking for his lost head! Canada loves the unsolved mystery so much,
    in 2014 Canada post even issued a special stamp depicting the St Louis Ghost Train. Some people thought the mystery was solved
    in 2009, when two local high school students duplicated the lights using diffraction, leading
    them to conclude the lights came from distant vehicles. That is all well and good, but the lights
    have been noted long before cars sprang up in the area. 3 – The Whitechapel Corpse Train
    According to London Underground folklore, in the early days of the tube, so we’re
    talking early 1900s, there used to be a special train that transported corpses from the Royal
    London Hospital in White Chapel to morgues in the city. Why would they have their own train? Well not only would It be quicker, but it
    also spared Victorian era Londoners exposure to sickness and disease. A train flying by with dead bodies? Creepy. Whitechapel itself as an area is creepy enough
    as it is, what with it being the old stomping ground of Jack the Ripper. Many people say that the White Chapel tube
    station is haunted, and it could be a number of possible ghosts given the areas history. Adding substance to the legend of the corpse
    train, a lot of people swear there is a bricked up tunnel at white chapel, saying it is the
    old entrance to the corpse train route. There is actually an abandoned station near
    by called St Mary’s, on White Chapel Road. Perhaps this has something to do with the
    legend. 2 – Crying Victims at Kings Cross
    In 1987 there was a horrifying fire at London’s Kings Cross St Pancreas station. On November 18th A major fire broke out on
    the wooden Piccadilly line escalator. The flame swept upwards and got so hot that
    the ticket office floor melted and collapsed. The cause of the fire was a matched dropped
    down the side of the escalator and ignited the grease underneath. 31 people died and 100 were injured, The old
    wooden escalator was due to be replaced with a metal one, but sadly for those that lost
    their life, it hadn’t yet happened. Rumours of souls left trapped in that station
    that night have been rife. In 1998 a man spotted a distressed woman crying
    into her hands. When he went to ask her if she was okay, he
    passed straight through her. This is just one of many sightings of the
    crying girl – with some saying they have seen a woman with long brown hair screaming
    with her arms outstretched, and when they go to assist her, she isn’t there. This could be the same ghost, or maybe even
    an entirely different one. Who knows how many of the 31 victims could
    haunt the station. Other people have reported smelling smoke
    in the area of the building the fire broke out. Clearly the emotional trauma of that evening
    has left some kind of paranormal impact on the place. Presidential Ghost Train
    1 – Abe Lincoln’s Ghost Train When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, his
    body went on display on a funeral train that passed through the northern states of the
    USA on a final journey that was to end at his home in Springfield Illinois. The train left Washington DC on April the
    21st 1865 and travelled for days, reaching Columbus on April 29th, where he laid in state
    for 12 hours. People lined the tracks to watch his train
    pass. Legend has it that on late April evenings,
    a spectral train can be seen along the same path the funeral train tool. Some say the see a phantom train, some say
    they hear a whistle and others swear they smell a puff of smoke. People from the towns the train passed by
    make a big deal of trying to spot the phantom funeral train each year. There we have it. That was the Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban
    Legends! How did you feel about that? Do you think any of them are true? Let me know your thoughts in the comments
    section down below. Before I head out, I just want to read a few
    comments from one of my videos last week…. I did a video about Scary Cemetery Urban Legends
    and this is what you had to say. Chyna Lawler wrote: I live in Alabama. Plus I went to Huntsville and I saw that playground
    when I got on the swing I noticed one of the swings was moving by itself then I heard something
    next to me laugh. I got scared and told my mom we left after
    that.? Shepard Turner was a fan of my earings…they
    said: Those earrings look great on you Rebecca. NikAAlice wrote: I love the way that Danny
    is doing a full series of Urban Legends from around the world while the rest of the team
    is backing him up with specific kinds of Urban Legends that may not be covered in his series. I enjoy these stories for various reasons:
    scary is fun, the similarities between stories from different places show a common ground
    with ideas, moral focus, and fears, and when stories that are different from anything you’ve
    heard before crop up, you can appreciate the differences between your culture and theirs
    and learn something new from them.? SO that is that really!

    Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos
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    Top 15 Most Scary Subway Train Videos

    September 9, 2019

    15. Mind the Gap In April of 2017, a man, a woman, and two
    children stroll along a Sidney platform to a stationary train. As the NZ Herald reports, the man and woman
    were the children’s grandparents. But when they turn to board the train, the
    grandma boards with the girl, and as the grandpa and boy step over the threshold, the little
    boy slips from view. He’s fallen through the gap – a mere sliver
    – between the platform and the train. Both grandparents are then seen trying to
    flag the train guard down, so that the train doesn’t take off with the boy below. But with no help and the train’s departure
    fast approaching, the man drops to his knees and reaches between the gap to try and pull
    the boy back out. Luckily, he was successful. He managed to pull the boy back onto the platform,
    where he then hugs him close. A Sydney Trains worker hurries over to make
    sure the boy is okay. The boy was alright, although in a state of
    surprise. According to the Transport Minister, this
    boy isn’t the only one to have fallen through the cracks. 223 children were reported to have fallen
    underneath trains at Sydney stations in 2016, alone. 14. The Exorcism
    This footage shows a woman shouting “devil” among a group of frightened commuters. A man dressed in a suit then proceeds to perform
    an exorcism on the subway, and attempting to free the woman of her possession. But the demon seems to be strong-willed as,
    instead, the woman starts to attack with her umbrella. The man tells her that he forgives her, but
    she remains confused and repeats the word, “devil,” regularly. She then backs away from him toward a corner
    of the car. The video was titled “When you find yourself
    in the middle of an exorcism on the metro” and has been viewed over a million times. Local media claimed that this scene is a regular
    occurrence on the Mexico City subway. Perhaps, it’s real. But then again, maybe the woman was just emotionally
    distressed. Either way, it’s pretty alarming. 13. On the Tracks
    When a man in a wheelchair fell onto the tracks in a Washington, D.C. subway station, many
    rushed to help him. Working as a team, two men were able to lift
    the 54-year-old onto the platform to safety, risking their lives in the process. Others were there to receive him, while the
    men then lifted his wheelchair out of harm’s way. While it’s unclear why he fell off the platform
    in the first place, luckily, the man was alright. 12. Rat! It’s often said that there are more rats
    than people in New York City. But that’s putting it mildly. Approximately 8.54 million people live in
    NYC and, by some estimates, they’re outnumbered by rats around four to one. So it’s no surprise then when folks who
    take the subway find themselves riding alongside passengers of the rodent variety. This video shows a rat scurrying through a
    subway car, dodging between and over passenger’s legs as they, themselves, try to avoid him. Then, seeing an escape, the rodent races up
    what turns out to be the leg of a sleeping commuter. The man wakes up startled, as the rodent bounds
    right up to the guy’s face. What a horrible sight to wake up to. That man certainly had nightmares for weeks. And he likely learned an important lesson:
    never, ever fall asleep on the New York City subway. 11. St. Petersburg Subway
    This disturbing footage shows the aftermath of a horrible subway event in St. Petersburg,
    Russia that occurred on April 3rd, 2017. While most in the footage are calmly exiting
    their train cars, which remain fully in tact, the footage then pans to the wagons that were
    destroyed by the blast, darkened, the windows blown out. Passengers in these wagons throw their bags
    through the broken glass and climb out onto the platform. The event seems to have been a coordinated,
    as another device was found at a different station and was safely defused. This isn’t the first attack on Russia’s
    transport system. There have been at least four since 2009,
    the most scary of which occurred in 2010 in Moscow, when 38 lives were lost in one incident. Another scary thing to worry about. 10. The Outburst
    The woman on this subway has some harsh words for a fellow commuter. While the person taking the video didn’t
    capture the moments leading up to her angry outburst, the footage begins with her pointing
    into the face of a man and having some harsh words for him. She then takes it a step further, calling
    the man a batterer, while screaming in his face. Her display scared passengers so much that
    many cleared out of the car. It’s only when she touches him that he comes
    after her to defend himself, until she backs away. By the end of the video, the entire place
    is cleared out, with only the woman in the red coat standing alone in the car. I guess that’s one way to score private
    transportation. 9. Quake in Subway
    A YouTuber published this raw footage of the 7.1 quake in Mexico in 2017 that devastated
    Mexico City and the surrounding areas. The
    footage shows that commuters remained calm, despite the subway and platform and everyone
    swaying around them. Some chose to get on the train, probably in
    order to sit down and stop feeling sea sick from the swaying. The powerful quake hit Mexico City where at
    least 361 people were reported passed away in the city and the surrounding areas. Nerve-wracking as this subway platform may
    be, I’d rather be there than in the chaos of collapsing buildings above. 8. Subway Fall
    A 52-year-old woman standing on a platform in Madrid patiently awaits her train when,
    suddenly, she faints. She quite literally topples onto the tracks. Fellow commuters gather around the edge of
    the platform, while an off-duty officer springs into action. With the train due to arrive at the station
    any minute, the commuters on the platform attempt to flag the oncoming conductor, while
    the officer manages to drag the woman across the opposite track and, with help from bystanders,
    lift her up to the platform. You can see the oncoming train pull slowly
    into the station just as the officer lifts the woman from the tracks. The train operator is able to stall the train
    enough before entering the station that it didn’t come in full speed ahead. After the woman is lifted onto the opposite
    platform, a doctor who was also waiting on the platform, gives the woman first aid. If you ever need a pick-me-up, just remember
    there are still some everyday heroes in the world. This is but one example. 7. Guy on CTA Train
    Published by Ruben Perez in May of 2015, this man on a subway in Chicago, who appears mentally
    unwell, starts muttering quietly – but audibly – to himself. Then gripping one wrist, he starts shaking,
    shaking his head, shaking all over, muttering more and more aggressively, until he goes
    still and wide eyed. Still muttering, he sits a bit more calmly
    for a while, continuing his monologue. Then he starts shaking alarmingly again. That halts, and he sits calmly, seemingly
    having a heady conversation with the person sitting beside him. Only, there’s nobody there. Passengers don’t interact but simply pass
    him by as they exit the train. He continues having a conversation with the
    invisible person beside him, gesturing and speaking with conviction. While this man’s episode is quite scary
    to watch, the man filming the footage is laughing. Most in the comments find that to be off-putting
    and insensitive. There’s no doubt that man needed help. Let’s hope he got it from someone besides
    the cameraman. 6. “Conductor, We Have A Problem”
    Once you watch this video, there’s one line you won’t be able to get out of your head. “Conductor, we have a problem.” The video footage is filmed by a passenger
    who is pushing the emergency button on repeat to report a “problem” to the conductor. While there seems to be no problem on this
    subway car, other than the man in question repeating this and pushing the emergency button
    like mad, the train never slows and no one comes to his aid. As he repeats his claim while pressing the
    button, one man steps in to stop him, but the man doesn’t cease in his exclamation,
    and then starts hurrying down the center of the train, while dodging some commuters who
    try to intercept him. Once he gets to the other end, the reason
    for his journey is clear: there’s another button at the other end of the car. He starts pushing that one too, repeating
    his claim, “Conductor, we have a problem.” This is when many on the car intervene, sick
    of this guy’s antics. As the train pulls into a station, many try
    to convince him to disembark, saying he’s the one with the problem. But he remains unconvinced and continues to
    press the emergency button to report his “problem” to authorities. Through all the commotion, he doesn’t exit
    the train and his camera is pushed down. It goes dark, leaving us to wonder how this
    confrontation was resolved. 5. Random Encounter
    This footage shows an older woman who doesn’t seem as though she’s all that mentally there. She curses at another passenger, who looks
    like she was just sitting there, minding her own business. Then out of nowhere things get more severe. Thankfully, the people around the young woman
    protest and tell the attacker to leave the woman alone. The older woman calls one of these men a scumbag. Then she squares up with him. When he stands up, she gets up on the seat
    and people around them swarm the situation in an attempt to calm her down. She then gets off the seat and waits by the
    door, continuing to mutter about what a scumbag that nice guy is. When the subway stops, she makes her grand
    exit. Those who currently ride the NYC subway say
    they do feel unsafe and paranoid that they might be next. Unfortunately, many must travel by subway
    to get to work, so there’s not really a safer alternative. 4. Rush Hour in Beijing
    BeijingCream published this bird’s eye shot of a train station on Line 13 in 2013, during
    morning rush hour. Commuters are standing heel-to-toe on the
    platform as a train pulls in. When it slows, they press to the doors in
    an unorderly fashion, not wanting to wait for the next train. Instead of making space for commuters aboard
    the train to get out, which would be more logical and less time consuming, those disembarking
    have to pierce their way through the crowd on the platform as the platform people press
    their way in the minute the doors open. You can almost hear the frustrated screaming
    going on inside commuters’ heads. It’s a crazy phenomenon to watch, and it
    makes you a bit creeped out to think that a stampede could occur at any moment and anyone
    could be trampled and lose their live. Such events, though rare, are not unheard
    of on Chinese subways. Incidents of commuters fleeing fire alarms
    and even emptying a car when a man fainted have been reported in Beijing. In Shenzhen in 2017, fifteen people were hurt
    in a stampede on a subway train, while twelve were hurt in the same city in 2015. 3. “I Don’t Like You”
    The NYC subway is flush with characters, and this crazy lady on the 7 train is one of them. Marcusthegladiator published footage of this
    fellow commuter to YouTube in November of 2012
    In it, the woman, who sits alone, appears to be telling off nearby passengers – or perhaps
    imaginary ones. She insists that she doesn’t like any of
    them, and they don’t like her either. So no one should look at each other. A
    while later, she is seen flinging her arm seemingly unconsciously and making rude gestures,
    then raising her arm while contorting her face. When passengers get on at a stop and sit down
    next to her, she suddenly turns to her right and asks a man if the girl between them is
    his girlfriend, and why he’s looking at her. Moments later, they move, and the lady pats
    the now empty seats next to her, saying she’d be so happy with her own apartment or her
    own house. While this woman’s reality is more sad than
    scary, the unpredictability of her actions is certainly frightening. 2. Electrical Issue
    Smoke wafted through the Yellow Line train on January 12th, 2015. While it filled the train, commuters waited
    over 35 minutes for help to escape. The cause is believed to have been an electrical
    issue in the tunnel. When the issue occurred, it forced commuters
    on the platform to evacuate. That’s when train 302 pulled towards the
    platform and took off again. But it was so thick, the train operator was
    blinded. He pulled to a stop in the tunnel. The train’s fans were pulling smoke inside. And firefighters were only dispatched when
    they received a 911 call about seven minutes later. Meanwhile, the passengers on the train could
    barely breathe and many got down on the floor. In the raw video of the train, you can see
    just how bad it is inside the wagon, and you can hear people cough, while most lie or squat
    on the floor. Over the intercom, they are told to remain
    calm and not to open the doors. Some called 911 to describe where the train
    was located so that rescuers could be sent down. Out of the 380 people who were evacuated from
    the train, 86 were treated, 9 were treated outside the station, and one passed away. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
    and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
    in real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It’s a proven fact that generosity makes you
    a happier person, so if you’re generous enough to hit that subscribe button and the bell
    beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new video
    we upload every Tuesday. 1.Blade Encounter
    This video, published by skilduff1122 in April 2013, illustrates that something bad can happen
    anywhere at anytime. Nowhere is safe. The footage shows a man in a black shirt and
    jeans standing on the platform, before he reaches into his pocket and brandishes a large
    blade. He walks determinedly down the platform toward
    another commuter, who starts shouting. A
    couple others put themselves between this man and the man he’s after, seemingly trying
    to block the encounter. It’s unclear if they’re involved in the
    dispute or just fellow commuters trying to prevent something bad from happening. Then the wielding man picks a plastic bag
    up off the ground – that of the man he was chasing. A woman steps in, trying to prevent the man
    from taking the bag, while the other man hurries over to grab his belongings. The wielder is successfully blocked from taking
    the bag, but he won’t be held back. He follows the guy around again but, the guy
    manages to escape and is seen rushing down the platform, looking over his shoulder the
    whole way. A couple moments later, the wielding man is
    following again, but that’s where the footage ends. What did he want from the other guy? How did this harrowing incident conclude? With no further footage or story, this one
    ends with too many loose threads.

    Screaming Tunnel | Scary Railroad Tunnel | Niagara Falls | Ontario | Canada | HD
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    Screaming Tunnel | Scary Railroad Tunnel | Niagara Falls | Ontario | Canada | HD

    August 29, 2019

    Abandoned Tube Stations. The Screaming Tunnel. No trains passed through this tunnel, they went over it instead. The Screaming Tunnel is a small limestone tunnel, running underneath what once was the Grand Trunk Railway lines, located in the northwest corner of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The Tunnel, constructed in the early 1900’s, is 16 feet in height and 125 feet long. A local legend says that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. A local legend recounts that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, who after escaping a nearby burning farm building with her clothing ablaze, died within its walls. All stories involve a claim that a match struck within the tunnel;s recesses will produce the sound of a young girl’s deathly screams. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks.

    Moonville Tunnel | Haunted Railroad Tunnel | Ohio | USA | HD
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    Moonville Tunnel | Haunted Railroad Tunnel | Ohio | USA | HD

    August 27, 2019

    Abandoned Tube Stations. Moonville Tunnel. Moonville is a ghost town in southeastern Brown Township, Vinton County, Ohio, United States. The town totally disappeared sometime in the 1930s…now all that’s left is the tunnel, the cemetery, and a few old house foundations. Many people consider the Moonville Tunnel one of Ohio’s most haunted locations. The railroad stopped using the tracks in late 1986, and the tracks were torn out in 1988. Possible ghosts, These have all been seen by members of the public. Man murdered at the inn, In 1936 a man was murdered at the inn that sat to the right of the tunnel. Many people claim to see the murdered man standing near the top of the tunnel where the inn used to stand. Ten year old girl, The last death at the tunnel was that of a ten year old girl in 1986. She was playing near the tracks when a train came through and killed her. Today people claim to hear a little girl laughing near the tunnel. Young woman, In 1905 a young woman was walking home along the tracks when she was killed by a passing train. Today people see her ghost walking along the tracks just outside of the tunnel, carrying a lantern and dressed in a flowing white dress or robe. Young man, In 1954 a young man was waiting for a train to pass before crossing the tracks. The Train passed, and he started to cross the tracks, however, one of the cars on the train had broken free and it ran over him. Today many people claim to see a red, glowing form near the tunnel, who they believe is the young man. Make up your own mind… Like, Share and Subscribe Thanks.

    5 Hauntings on the Railroad
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    5 Hauntings on the Railroad

    August 19, 2019

    Railroads made this country. The history of the railroads is deep and,
    not surprisingly, sometimes haunted. Thanks to and
    for helping us come up with this list of hauntings on the railroad. The Albino Tracks
    In St. Clair County, Illinois, a long abandoned set of tracks came to be known as the Albino
    Tracks. The legend goes that in the 1800s a mysterious
    epidemic ripped through the area. The locals, being a superstitious bunch, blamed
    a pair of albino children that lived nearby. Some of the townsfolk took matters into their
    own hands and kidnapped the children. To end the curse upon the land, the abductors
    tied the children to the railroad tracks and watched as a train ran them over. From that time, visitors to the tracks reported
    ghostly activity. Some whose cars got stuck on the tracks said
    that their vehicles were pushed by unseen hands to safety before a train came. The locals believe it was the albino children
    saving others from their fate. Today the tracks are gone, but it seems like
    the ghosts remain. The River Styx Bridge
    With a name like River Styx, it’s no wonder supernatural stories swirl around this bridge. The legend that surrounds the bridge near
    Rittman, Ohio tells the heroic tale of railroad engineer Alexander Logan. A Scot by birth, Logan came to America and
    devoted his career to the railroad, eventually rising to the rank of engineer. One spring day, something went wrong with
    his speeding train and the locomotive jumped the tracks and overturned, crushing Alexander
    to death. Newspaper reports from the time noted that
    he had time to escape the doomed train, but stayed at his post in an effort to save his
    passengers. To this day, if you find yourself near the
    River Styx Bridge at night, you may see a ghostly vision of the fiery crash that took
    Alexander’s life play out before it vanishes and you’re left alone once more. Tara Bridge
    Near Tara, Iowa there is a old railroad bridge that some people have taken to calling Terror
    Bridge. If it is to be believed, the history of this
    bridge is downright horrific. It’s said that a mother took her children
    to the tracks and, in a fit of insanity, threw her children under a speeding train as it
    passed. Today, if you stop your car near the bridge,
    the mother’s ghost appears and drags you out of your car, throwing you on the tracks
    just as she did her children. Another legend talks of a farmer who lived
    nearby. One day, frustrated, he cursed the land and
    suddenly dropped dead. From that time on, people have reported being
    chased by a frightening apparition that some claim to be the ghost of the farmer. Satan’s Bridge
    I mean, the place is called Satan’s Bridge! As the story goes, this now abandoned railroad
    bridge was the home to three mysterious deaths. The first was a man who was struck by a train
    while walking along the bridge, falling to his death. A second story tells of a man who was lynched
    nearby. The third is the story of a homeless man who
    lived below the bridge. One day, he was found dead, a look of terror
    twisting his face. Between these three legends, it’s no wonder
    that Satan’s Bridge is reported to be haunted. The Ghost Children of San Antonio
    The strange tale of the ghost children of San Antonio, Texas has become a well known
    one over the years. The tragic story begins with a nun driving
    a school bus full of children home one moonless night. The bus became disabled upon the railroad
    tracks near Villamain and Shane. The nun tried to get the bus started again,
    but it was in vain. Because of the darkness of the night and the
    burned out light on the locomotive, she didn’t see the train barreling down upon the bus
    until it was too late. The bus was struck and all of the children
    were killed. The nun was thrown from the bus and injured,
    but survived. She recovered physically, but her guilt overwhelmed
    her. One night, she drove her car to the site of
    the accident and parked on the same spot on the tracks where the bus had been. There she sat, waiting for a train to come
    and end her grief. In due time, a train appeared and raced toward
    her car. Then, in the darkness, the nun heard the sounds
    of small children around her. She looked, but the night was empty except
    for her and the oncoming train. To her shock, her car began to roll forward
    on its own and just cleared the tracks before the train roared past. When she got out of the car, she looked on
    her rear bumper and noticed the tiny handprints of children. Overcome by the miracle, the nun devoted her
    life to helping orphans and the less fortunate until the day she died. Today, it is said, and I don’t recommend
    doing this, that you can park your car on or near the tracks at night where the accident
    occurred. After a time, you can get out and take a look
    at your bumper and you may find the handprints of ghost children who are determined to ensure
    another tragedy on the tracks is avoided.