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    Abandoned Publix Railroad in Miami
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    Abandoned Publix Railroad in Miami

    August 17, 2019

    CSX Publix abandoned spur guys. This here is the Publix distribution center in North Miami right. It’s one of the main warehouses. This is gate 4. You got the military style barbed wire where anybody would slice themselves if they attempt to enter this place. But yeah, here is where I wanted to focus your attention. Anybody that sees this is like Wow! That’s a tremendous spur, tremendous railroad going into Publix right? But look, abandoned. If you don’t see that its abandoned I’m going to take you to where you can really see that its abandoned. Were going to walk toward where it met up with the mainline. Right now I’m walking East. toward the CSX mainline. Back there was Gate 4 where we were. A few moments ago. and walking West, sorry East. We were facing West, now were facing East. Oh you don’t see those of wood anymore. That is throwback right there. and We’re coming up to where it was cut. From the mainline, Right…. on the other side of the street. There it is, you can see some undesirable people decided to litter. I actually have a video on that abandoned spur over there too guys If you want to see it, I’ll include a link for it. See, make sure nobody’s coming ok. So yeah, somebody was nice enough to put a bathtub right where the spur used to be. See you got a dresser there. And this marks the end of the spur. yeah, that used to be the Publix spur guys, but I just discovered something as I was walking over here. Look at this, there’s an abandoned spur here also. That’s old. That wood wow. Thank you very much for viewing the video guys. Appreciate it and pleas subscribe, like, or share. Thanks and bye. bye.

    Railroad Crossing Malfunction Ghost Train
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    Railroad Crossing Malfunction Ghost Train

    August 14, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen what else is new?
    Another crossing gate malfunction here on the RTA this time we’re waiting for a
    ghost train see, that guy’s already starting to
    make a u-turn over there and then here you have this guy and
    there’s some goes back that way. I’m inside the car because outside it’s
    like 99 degrees you know how that Miami weather is. Okay let’s see if these there
    you go right down came up then came down? Yep, yet again. There you go! Come back down now. It was too good to last! gate runner right there If it keeps like this, somebody’s going to break it. like we saw that time remember over
    there in 20th Street? Yeah another ghost train coming through here This is incredible. This happens here it seems like
    everyday. I have three three cases of this happening already oh yeah three
    this is the fourth on the same line maintained by the SFRTA look at that. Wow! truly amazing North West 71st Street and
    they go back up and let’s see how long it is until they come back down again They’re behaving themselves! Wow, it appears the malfunction might
    be over. Give it a few more. the other guys stopping on the tracks
    right there yeah Yeah I think this one’s over guys so
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    Unused Railroad Crossing
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    Unused Railroad Crossing

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen we have another unused railroad crossing here today in Southwest 200 Street This here as you can see this track isn’t in very good condition. It looks like a third-world country around here Right? This place is an agricultural area it’s all full of nursuries, fruits agriculture whatever have you? Those branches there are debris from Hurricane Irma So this here is a Southwest view of the track right. This is the CSX homestead subdivision which was built in 1927 and then here We have a safe tran signal base a safe tran gate mechanism safe tran lights all around, we got one hanging reco light there from Hurricane Irma And lets try to cross the line So this relay case as you can see has power. There’s a light up top And then further down the line you can see that it’s obstructed which makes no difference because it’s an unused line so See what we got on this side so Im going to include a Google maps link so you guys can see for yourself where im at This side it’s same same deal. We got a safe tran signal base safe tran gate mechanism Reco crossing lights the crossing gate We got safe tran Lights all around here too and an E dinger up top See the Emergency contact info here CSX S line homestead subdivision mile post 57.87 And then once again, that’s the South sorry North East view obstructed by the tree there wood SCL crossties and the Southwest view Which looks like a third world country Alright guys, Please subscribe or like Thank you very much for viewing Follow me on instagram at railrol82 over and out

    CSX Historic Railroad Bridge
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    CSX Historic Railroad Bridge

    August 13, 2019

    That’s right ladies and gentlemen. This is a historic CSX railroad bridge in Miami, FL. It was built in 1926 by American Bridge Company and Yaskin Bridge company for the SAL which is also Seaboard Airline the Railroad back then which eventually became SCL and yeah Let me take you on this side of the bridge. That there is the Miami River. Here is the actual bridge. It says no trespassing so were going to obey those rules. and over there you can see the bridge tender’s house. Yeah, as you can see, it’s a pretty nice looking structure. This was used in the pilot episode of Miami Vice. In 1984 I remember This is also facing North This is facing South. Ok guys, let me give you one good look here. As I’m heading out. Ok guys, remember to please subscribe, like, or share this video and thank you very much for viewing. Bye bye.

    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma
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    Blocked Railroad Hurricane Irma

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m here in
    Homestead Florida just north of the 296 street crossing here we can see that the
    city of Homestead is trying to clean up the debris left by a hurricane Irma, in
    its wake and we see that this portion of the unused CSX
    track has some trees on it some down branches even some entire trees this is
    mile post 65 there’s the relay case milepost 65
    Southwest 296 ST, I’ll include Google links Google Maps link then you
    can see the posture here you can see the tree right there either way it makes no difference
    because like I said there’s no trains there hasn’t been a train here for years
    and there’s there isn’t gonna be a train So this is facing North and this is facing South and this track
    was in case you don’t know guys it was built by the SAL in 1927 to promote
    tourism to Homestead. You can see the original wooden cross ties and the
    rusted rails when that would be a nice house to have
    right and then I’m looking here in the meter see
    I don’t think the meter has any… here comes the power truck so yeah the meter does, well it would
    have had power to it had there been electricity here as you can see in the
    distance you’re working to restore power in this area so yeah guys I’m
    gonna leave you with a shot of this the crossing. Please Subscribe or Like. thank you for viewing. over and out guys

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing Missing Sign
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing Missing Sign

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is another abandoned railroad crossing here in Homestead, FL. This is SW 256th ST. Facing West. This is facing East. And here we can see the crossing sign and then the pavement marking. Or what’s left of the pavement marking. You could see the imprint of the X and barely the R. As I walk toward the crossing, you’ll notice that this one on the right side has no cross buck left And this shrubbery is almost overtaking it. In a few more months, it’s going to be completely covered. This is track view South over here. This is a former SAL track that was built in the 1920’s in an effort to bring tourism to Homestead. This is the crossing at 256th St. And off in the distance there you can see Diamond Fertilizer, which was one of the last customers on this line. That’s that white yellowish building off to the left there. Track view South. And then this is Safetran lights over here. cross buck and Safetran signal base I believe This is track view North. facing Miami. And you see the wooden SCL cross ties over here. Here is also a Safetran signal base. E dinger up top. relay case. This is again, Oh! Look at the wooden crossing this is pretty old too. characteristic of the SCL days. Okay guys, please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much for viewing. Take care, over and out.

    Damaged Railroad Crossing Hurricane Irma
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    Damaged Railroad Crossing Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today we’re
    here at South West 88th Street next to highway 874 we’re gonna be documenting
    some more damage caused by Hurricane Irma look at this car here crossing gate
    this is the median crossing on the CSX on homestead subdivision you see that the cross bucks are hanging and they’re upside down and the crossing gate cracked right there, look at that this one was made of fiberglass, look at the fibers right there yeah sorry about the Sun that’s sun’s backlight here is horrible yeah this is the aftermath of Hurricane Irma here and then other than that this crossing
    fared pretty well this is facing north west and this would be facing
    southeast there’s no more I hear that there’s no
    visible trees on the line here either but I think this sign might indicate
    some uh some danger let me see what this gas station is right next to it track
    they parked their cars right here but yeah I know this is the sign that I
    was referring to, lets see what this sign here says for anybody that knows what that means
    please comment below I’d sure love to know think it means might mean that
    there’s some hazardous conditions on the line further up ahead, please shed some light on that so yeah guys this here is the first crossing gate that I was
    showing you the damage that one’s fine and the other two are
    fine too all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era
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    Old Railroad Crossing from Seaboard Era

    August 12, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen check out this old
    seaboard style crossing this is ancient this is over here on Miller Drive ill
    include a google link so you guys can see where I’m at
    check this out look at the signal base this is a US&S made in the USA, look at the rust on that then obviously on those visors are new so
    are the lights which is are safe fan yeah and then I can’t see if it there’s a pinnacle
    up top that’s from the Seaboard days okay see the lens here no left
    turn that’s a regular led right there so let me go ahead and give you a look at the rest of
    the crossing so over there you have the the median crossing and here you got a
    nice pine tree think that’s Australian pine so this is the CSX s line homestead
    subdivision here you see the pedestrian crossing think that’s a reco on the crossing
    gate up top then safe tran signal base and the gate mechanism is a safe tran as
    well, this would be track view Southwest there’s and there you have the relay
    case, this here is highway 874 You can hear the bad rail over there voodoo track view Southwest again and then let me
    show you what the crossing looks like so right now I’m facing the West this
    is Miller Dr this is what this crossing looks like
    from here so as you can see here’s the emergency contact info CSX s line homestead subdivision mile
    post 45.62 we got safe tran LED lights all
    around here and we got a WRRS bracket look at that patent is in 1937 wow okay
    cross buck and those are safe tran lights overhead too, okay lets see when is a good time to crossover,
    think now is, okay this is track view northeast and then this is a very basic over here
    we got a safe tran gate mechanism, safe tran signal base, safe tran lights. Reco
    lights on the aluminum crossing gate let me go ahead and make a run for it boom okay got it
    I know that’s where I was or I just filmed the cantilever and then over
    there is that old-school seaboard the 1st one ok facing east and then here we got this
    pedestrian crossing this is also a safe tran system signal base
    and a safe tran gate mechanism this one’s actually fiberglass and okay safe tran sorry Signal
    base safe Tran gate mechanism that’s an aluminum
    crossing gate with Reco lights on the crossing gate, safe tran lights over here then
    I was trying to see what kind of signal base this was but it doesn’t have any info on it maybe safe tran I already
    described the card that’s the CSX s line homestead subdivision and then give
    you a look at this crossing yeah it’s a very “high class” area of South
    Miami it’s right on the border of South Miami and Coral Gables, they have some very
    expensive houses here. Alright guys, please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing, over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma
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    Unused Railroad Crossing AFTER Hurricane Irma

    August 12, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen so I filmed
    this crossing right before Hurricane Irma you’ll remember this was the unused
    crossing over here at Southwest 280th Street and here you can see the damage
    it yanked it right off of the arm and then this one appears to be still
    intact but as you can see uh the track is
    impassable over there you can see off in the distance uh there’s trees covering
    the middle of it so either way it makes no difference because it’s not like a
    train was gonna come here this track has been unused for years this area, its the Friday after this
    area still has no power so they’re probably not gonna fix this anytime soon
    I’m guessing and this is actually one of the older all crossing gates this one’s
    made out of fiberglass you see the fibers there Reco lights poor guy Alright guys, thanks for viewing this video. Please Subscribe or like over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers
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    Unused Railroad Crossing & Skydivers

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen Today we have another unused railroad crossing here SW 162nd AVE near Cutler ridge Naranja, Homestead area. This is all blurred lines over here. On the boundaries of the cities, so yeah here we have SW view on the track This is the CSX S line Homestead Subdivision Here you can see this crossing which is just wood and cross bucks as i said crossing number The on the bottom you have CSX S line Homestead Subdivision 58.37 milepost There you got the reflective sticker and the cross bucks up top and here you have the old wooden crossing characteristics of an old SCL crossing and then here you have track view NE Here Hurricane Irma ripped off the reflective tape of the wood and cross bucks and you have the emergency contact info there cross bucks and wood just like the other side yeah wooden cross ties too. You can see the rails are really rusted here usually when a track is active its polished this one this was the last time a train came through here and that was a long time ago Where the wheel made contact with the rail so but yeah there voodoo right there, I can smell the dead chicken. So that’s track view NE, OH YOU GOT SOME PEOPLE SKYDIVING, look at that! see if I can find him I can see them I don’t know if you guys can see them if the camera picks them up there he is wow I would never do that Oh he’s going to land, he’s going to land So yeah guys and then track view SW again Please Subscribe or Like! Follow me on instagram at railrol82 Thank you for viewing, over and out