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    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma
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    KTM Vs Royal Enfield | The Conclusion #2 | Which Is Best ? | Bikers Funny Fight | Sillaakki Dumma

    November 8, 2019

    Hey What does Sillakki Dumma Means? This is RE This is RC Remove Your Glasses In the first part you asked me what does RC means. RC is Race Competition. Hey! Race and competition are the same. What is new in this? You always speak well but don’t forget that you have lost in the race in the first part. Why have you come again to race? Hey.. She is looking at RC. Seat in your bike is a bit far while comparing with my bike. So, I will go romantically. Don’t judge it with your bike seat. Let her decide whether it is RE or RC! When did you get back at him? Bye!!!! Bye???? Oh! Is It a dream? Ha ha ha …. Bye!!! Hey Hey Dude! I need your bike urgently! Why do you need Royal Enfield, now? My girlfriend wants to have a ride in Royal Enfield, dude! One should have the dignity to go in Royal Enfield! Dude! Why do you plead him for a bike? Take my bike dude, you will have a romantic experience. KTM???? Yeah! Look at that! Oh No! I will walk with my girlfriend!I don’t need your bike! Wait! Wait Oh! Today is Sunday! A tall boy is coming on a bike! Let him come! Stop Stop!! Remove your glasses, first! Sir, new RC Sir! Please, Sir! What??? RC means what? I didn’t ask your RC Book. If it is a race bike, ride it on the track. Why are you riding it on the road? Licence… Insurance … RC Book… Road Tax … What? Is the vehicle new? Then take the bill! Don’t you have the bill? At least do you have the bill number? No???? Constable, arrest him! File all the cases against him! Sir, just file the code 69, Sir! Oh! Are you speaking law and order? You have got Rs. 2.5 lakh worth bike and also a gold chain! come here! Wow! Bullet! Bro… stop stop! Welcome, bro! How is your dad? My son is also asking for this bike and I am planning to get one. Sir, License…. RC… Roadtax No Need…. You will have everything perfect. You carry on your work! One second… constable do a water wash for the bike. Do you have petrol… ok ok … you carry on Bike! My son! This is the first time in your life, you have done an useful thing! Only now you look like a prince! Son, Will you take me with you in your bike? Come on, Mom! Let us Go! Hi Gomathy, This is my son’s new vehicle… Hey Kamala, my son’s new vehicle…. Hey Kanaka…. come home… This is my son’s new bike… Son, without thinking twice, I have told about your bike… Everyone’s eye will be on you. Come home, let us break the evil’s eye! Ok Mom! Let this break all the evil eye on you’ especially the guy who has got the ATM bike. Mom! It is not ATM… it is KTM Yes… the KTM bike fellow’s evil eye … Let this break all the evil eyes… spit in this … Bye my son! Ha ha !!! Mommy! This is my favorite bike… my dream bike… my bike is so hot… You will be surprised to see my bike… Mummy!!!! Nice, is it not! Oh My God! My 2 Lakh rupees has gone!!! Why did you buy a plastic bike? How will a mother sit in this bike? Hey Kanaka … my 2 lakh has gone…. Hey Gomathi, look at this plastic box…. What sound is this ????? Your son is like you! Get lost… Mummy…. Mummy…. Take Arati for my bike… Don’t you see the road properly! Stupid guy! Bro! Don’t you have petrol? May I help you? Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro! KTM! Why do you push the vehicle? Let me drop you! Thanks, Bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Bro, KTM… Shall I help you to push the vehicle? Bro, it’s okay bro! The petrol station is nearby! I will manage! Even the pedestrian comes to rescue you! You are a blessed one! Oh, God! I couldn’t push this bike, further! Could anyone help me? The petrol station is nearby… Please help me… At least give me your cycle! Kindly help me! TOW! If my vehicle damages, who will give me the money! I couldn’t push it further! We could lift a bike…. But not a bulldozer! Don’t speak about my bike… Go, brother! Really, it sounds like a plastic! Let it be! Hey dude! Hey, dude! Shall we go for a long drive? Long drive!!! 20 km? Don’t make fun! We are going to Pondicherry now, 300 km! Hey!!! I have to fill petrol for Rs. 4000! I will take care! Let us go and drink! Let me fulfil your wish! Oh No! Lorry… Without thinking, I have chosen a long drive… God, save me! I will give offerings to you, If I reach home, safely. RE!!!! Lovely! KTM! Sexy!!! Why are you groaning! You are just sitting on your bike. but I am just lying on it…. Oh! You are lying on it! It is just 3 Km now… you will lie down completely, soon Hey! Rc is the pride RE is the pride! Grrr… go RC is just like a lover. You don’t know when it will leg pull you! RE is just like the wife. Even if it mishaps, it will save us. Understand this! To drink a coffee, will you buy a coffee estate? Hey! Go away and play! What are you doing here? kids playing REand RC Whether it is RC or RE, our bike is our pride. When the time changes, the style and the mass of the vehicle changes. Buying a costly bike is not important. It is important how we ride it. So, no Rash Driving!

    Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Pride vs Objectivity : PowerDrift
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    Royal Enfield Classic 350 : Pride vs Objectivity : PowerDrift

    October 10, 2019

    Ten years ago I was a teen, still trying to figure what my calling was, still trying to shape my identity and
    that’s when I was exposed to two wheels! It was a small scooter handed down to me
    from my mom and like many others for me too, it was a little embarrassing more so because I wanted something bigger, back then big meant Royal Enfield, because
    nothing marks your graduation into the adult league than the swag of riding one. This is me today, hooked onto
    motorcycles like never before and here’s the motorcycle that partially guilty for
    it. This is the Royal Enfield and it continues to be one of the most
    sought after motorcycles by young and old alike Especially those trying to carve
    out their biker identity B ut before we go any further let’s take a quick trip
    back in time to understand why this is special. In 1953,Madras Motors received
    an order from the Indian Army for eight hundred 350cc bullets These motorcycles arrived from a
    town called Redditch, they were sturdy and simple to maintain and for some even
    a soul mate to live with in the aftermath of these raging wars and wars
    at times create some able allies like the one we knew as Enfield India. In 1967,
    the original Redditch Hewell Road factory was shut. but the Indian arm continued
    to join hands with Eicher and safeguard this automotive interest. But all that is
    history today more than 65 years later Royal Enfield is paying a tribute for this
    legacy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Here’s the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and
    this particular beauty is the Redditch Edition. It is flanked by Redditch monograms an
    insignia that wears battle scars and heritage. With that in context, it’s time to thump it up Nothing brings back the old-school charm
    of riding a classic motorcycle like the Classic 350 even when people don’t
    understand motorcycles they will assume use of your biker at heart when you’re
    riding this. The cast-iron thump might be missing but this is still an experience. However is 2017, so let’s objectively assess this
    motorcycle with what the current generation motorcycles look like. Yes I
    know for me a decade ago, motorcycling meant ease and simplicity, my thrills of
    life was simple – to explore the length and breadth of this country. Three digits
    did not make a lot of sense as it meant theft of the surrounding scenery. I did
    not mind a few loose nuts and bolts. The wrench was teaching me more about my
    machines. All I needed along my side was my kit and I was happy.
    A Royal Enfield then was the go-to motorcycle. But time changes and so do the needs and
    wants. With the current speed of motorcycles that the Classic goes up
    against, well almost every other motorcycle is being upgraded to its next iteration.
    The new technology came to light, manufacturers like Bajaj Honda and even
    Mahindra chose to write the ride the tide. The community saw features like liquid
    cooling, ABS, alloy wheels and fully digital instrument clusters.
    Not only that they accept these changes but appreciated them too. The Classic
    however, well it still carries the vibrations, weight can still be felt and
    it misses out on a rear disc brake, leave aside ABS I mean, the batteries and electricals
    have evolved over the years and yet there is that it’s an amp meter for its form
    but no fuel indicator. These are needs today and not just wants and that is where, that is where the the needs is where the Classic 350 lacks today! Make no mistake
    the Classic 350 is the most selling Royal Enfield till date, in fact it’s the most
    selling motorcycle in the 200+ cc segment. IT averages at almost 20,000
    units per month despite an atrocious waiting period. Now one way to look at it is that the Classic is responsible in making a lot
    more people want to buy a motorcycle. I understand and appreciate that this is
    an iconic tribute and many want it but frankly we would want the brand and
    product to evolve into a lot more something that would make me stay in love with the simplicity of the experience. Now let me tell you this I still love the Classic
    350 but a little more power, more refinement, more reliability on this
    platform will not just help the brand but will also nurture and take care of
    new riders. Allow me to explain it this way I’m a kadak chai fan and I know this
    isn’t the world’s best chai but I still want it!