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    My Daughter REACTS to my DISS TRACKS
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    My Daughter REACTS to my DISS TRACKS

    January 14, 2020

    New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum And I haven’t eaten anything this morning I really feel like having some pizza. And he definitely has a lot of money. 💲💲💲 Aw, dude he’s asleep! He’s asleep! Yo, look this is why Rice is paying for this. Look at that!! Gotta find his wallet Not in there. Ah! 💲💲💲 I’m about to call up pizza I think just some pizza place in Hollywood. And order one hundred pizzas, dude! New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum Hi! Hi, how are you? Ah, yeah. Could I order a take away please? Yeah, yeah thank you. Oh! No, I already know my order. Can I get 100 pizzas? ಠ_ಠ New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum ಠ~ಠ No– Yeah–No– For real I’ll pay credit, I got credit. I can pay credit. Oh yeah, the address is LazyTown. Oh yeah! Card number 1337- (JAKE PAUL HACKING THE SYSTEMS) Oh My God. Alright, thank you so much, see you soon! No way dude! I think the pizza’s here! Hey!! Pizza for you guys- wait is that Kenny Knox? Aye, where should I put it? Uh.. bring through here man, the elevator. This way. We’ll take you upstairs. Yeah, thank you. Rice is sleeping. I’m gonna have to carry all of these into his room. Okay. I think i’m gonna set them up all around his bed.. Wtf? Yo, why does it smell so cheesy in here? What’s this? Poor confused rice. Pizza m8. Oh mah god Ugh, my room smells like AAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! Why’d you wake me up? Bruh I took your card and ordered 100 pizzas. My card? No sommer’s card You’re lying No im not even trolling, bro How’d you get my wallet? I came in here and stole it while you were asleep. I’m calling up bank of America. Dude, my subs have been not as high as yours recently. So I just took- Yeah but you could’ve ordered one why did you order.. how many did you order?? It said 600$ Yeah I know it was 100 pizzas. But I got small ones trying to save some money c: ;-; Not even pepperoni, bruh? Come (Cash me) outside, bro. Why do I have to come outside ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) Come outside, bro. What did I do? I don’t understand how a bruise could like- if anyone thought my bruise was fake I would be scrubbing at that You can’t just be coming in my room and be doing that shit (TRANSLATION: NOW IM MAD) (inaudible) Yo, what happened? Yo that was just stupid bro. New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum Yo he went in my room, used my card and ordered pizza in my room, bro! New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum Come outside bro! Are you guys- are they being serious right now? Yo, yo rice will beat yo’ ass! New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum Yo you guys need to chill dude! Don’t do that again bro I’m serious as shit! K.O-OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! (Rice beating his pizza scented mattress.) I’ve never been so mad in my life (What about the Gabbie thing?) New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum MY WHOLE ROOM SMELLS LIKE CHEESE! HE’S WASTING MY MONEY!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO WAKE UP, HAVE A GOOD LONG PRODUCTIVE DAY! BUT WHEN THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN MY WHOLE DAY IS RUINED!! MY WHOLE VIBE AND MOOD IS JUST RUINED! HONESTLY I’M JUST DONE WITH THIS MAN I’M JUST OVER IT!! I’M OUT! THERE’S NO WAY I CAN BE IN THIS HOUSE WHEN I’M GETTING DISRESPECTED! I JUST HAVE SO MUCH THINGS IN LIFE GOING ON THAT THIS IS NOT OKAY I HAVE A DAUGHTER 👶 I mean, I didn’t want you guys to figure out this way, but I have a daughter! It’s just.. things happen! I was in the moment pull out and i have a daughter and I miss her! And I’m in this house in LA to further my career to put food on the table for her! I’m building up my career, I’m building up everyone’s career around me! But sometimes, I just miss my daughter! Ya know what! I’m not even gonna vlog today! I’m just gonna spend time with her! New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum New Video Tomorrow! Make sure to follow AfroGum on Twitter @OfficialAfroGum

    Full Jake Paul Diss Track Feat. Ex GirlFriend Alissa Violet (MY BEST ONE YET)
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    Full Jake Paul Diss Track Feat. Ex GirlFriend Alissa Violet (MY BEST ONE YET)

    January 11, 2020

    Damn I really went into the Logan’s video and download the picture down and photoshop VEVO into the corner But look guys This is my best diss track ever I’m so proud of myself and I would never hang on to such fire and leave all my fans waiting man I love you guys way too much to leave you guys waiting So I dropped it instantly Thank you all so much for the nice comments from last video I read all comments So listen to the full song and tell me what do you think And a official music video TOMORROW 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 I can tell that you came with the Disney flow 🔥 🔥 AY 🔥 🔥 Ain’t nobody ever heard about your Disney show 🔥 🔥 AY 🔥 🔥 Got a bitch that remind of my cereal 🔥 🔥 from Britain when I see her I’m like Cheerio 🔥 🔥 Yeah Alissa called asking me if we could win 🔥against Jake Paul 🔥 I said we Gucci like the shirts with the snake on 🔥 ’em 🔥 I just heard the song ‘Team 10′ now I hate y’all 🔥 🔥 Logan that’ll be your last hit like an 8 ball 🔥 🔥nah Wrong Paul yeah it’s Jake like from State Farm🔥 🔥 Get girls? But the hooker said you paid for it 🔥 🔥 Me and Rice in a house with like 8 floors 🔥 🔥 Ride your brothers nuts, you’re a squirrel for his 🔥acorn 🔥 AY 🔥 🔥 You got girls? Where they at? Are you serious? 🔥 🔥 AY 🔥 🔥 Didn’t see ’em, like George I’m just curious 🔥 🔥 AY 🔥 🔥 Alissa said you cum fast like furious 🔥 🔥 ‘Diss Tracks’ you are my reflection like mirror is 🔥 🔥 (HOOYAH) 🔥 🔥 Wanna flex so my wrist I put some ice on it 🔥 🔥 I ain’t wanna make her wet 🔥 🔥 well then maybe put some rice on it 🔥 🔥 Talk shit, now I’m on your head like some Rice on🔥 it 🔥 Heard you use to bully kids back in high school 🔥 🔥 Second part for the kill that’s what Rice do 🔥 🔥 Hit it twice this ain’t Insta I don’t like you 🔥 🔥 Gotta put this rice in this beef like some Thai food 🔥 🔥 You ain’t got no bars no flow like a lake do 🔥 🔥 Rented cars and that Rollie looking fake too 🔥 🔥 Let’s go back to the bully thing listen here 🔥 🔥 Was it back in middle school or was it senior year 🔥 🔥 Didn’t think you’d get caught like an interference 🔥 🔥 Pick on others just to hide that you were insecure 🔥 🔥 How you think they felt when they went home and 🔥they were dripping tears 🔥 You cheated on a good girl, Tessa’s hideous 🔥 🔥 And then you went and got a big head like you 🔥Phineas 🔥 It’s everyday bro with the same bully flow 🔥 🔥 Bully at school now you bullying your bro 🔥 🔥 Diss your own brother I don’t really get it though 🔥 🔥 Stop bragging just accept nobody knows your 🔥Disney show 🔥 It’s everyday bro with the same bully flow 🔥 🔥 Bully at school now you bullying your bro 🔥 🔥 Diss your own brother I don’t really get it though 🔥 🔥 Stop bragging just accept nobody knows your 🔥Disney show 🔥 Shoulda never cheated now 🔥 🔥 Never cheated now 🔥 🔥 Got fame from your brother now 🔥 🔥 from your brother now 🔥 🔥 And he’s a better kisser now 🔥 🔥 better kisser now 🔥 🔥 Now I’m onto bigger things 🔥 🔥 bigger things now 🔥 🔥 Shoulda never cheated now 🔥 🔥 Never cheated now 🔥 🔥 Now I’m f’ing on your bitch now 🔥 🔥 On your bitch now 🔥 🔥 You use to be a fan 🔥 🔥 and you still a fan now 🔥 🔥 They gonna call me RichGum cuz I’m dumb rich 🔥now 🔥 (WA) 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥



    January 5, 2020

    are our microphones on? Didn’t think I’d see you on this couch? Yeah, I didn’t think I would be here again either I thought that would Id be done What are we talking about though, there’s ad revenue you could talk about Youtube going downhill you can talk about you talk about Jake Paul you can talk about team 10 you talk about Charlotte Billy talk about not sneeze you How about there’s so many things we’ll talk about. I mean the diss tracks though the distracting to talk about oh Oh my gosh. See this is this is kind of misleading because the videos called Sorry’s dis track but the very first text sort of Hate the show contradicts what the video is up wait, okay? So clearly for for someone like me IIi actually I don’t know who this guy is you don’t know who this guy is he was just down the street from me do Something about business. I feel shy all the time are there. What’s the back story behind this mean? There’s these two brothers and and and they were like on dude which ones on Disney both of them both of them over I don’t Know one of them. I think this one. He wasn’t a show called Bazinga Bazinga wasn’t kid friendly they said No And so now he’s in some drama with some guys and everyone wants to fight. That’s it That’s really the back story behind this game. Yes that he wants to fight some call of duty phase guy and some other rice guy and then uh Ksi, you remember that guy yeah, so everyone’s just fighting. It’s a disaster are they fighting through music videos. Yeah, oh Okay, that’s kind of unique Like a sprout, that’s a ralph You’re an idiot dude. You’re an absolute imbecile I’m so sorry, you’re ruining everything dude come on What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you have a sledgehammer? My d. Have a sledgehammer I was just a hold the light up cuz it’s falling over oh man killing men yeah Okay Make a wish in me to be my girl Kaley, then I should change me He didn’t make a wish you know that where were you at when he was doing Make-A-wish I mean, I can’t say I recall specifically but I’ve also done Make-A-wish your agging now You’re just fuckin brag. I gonna make a wish what three times. You’re a fuckin bragger dude You’re a big brag or big brag stir. You are once you write a song about it Idiot hate people that brag What there’s more distract well this one this one’s about how ksi sucks cuz he left the seidman I just want to keep you keep you up to date. I know that wait wait wait, wait wait Yeah, I need what’s going on on this ball? You’re so annoying dude keep up with you – I thought he was Gonna Do yeah, but he came back And he was like I don’t wanna be part of the seidman anymore And now the seidman are all like let’s make a diss track But then one of them leaked the sky message where this is all a setup. So it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense This one’s a banger, whoa To be honest actually do you like this one? It’s funny because he’s actually mean and crosses the line of like is this a joke or not There’s a soccer guy right. Yeah, did he play soccer the big feaster? I think they call him? Fifa Fifa, I would have never thought like they would have this level. You know I go a level Beyond this tracks are the new thing today like I’m super saying the Super Saiyan – That’s your own monitor my fun. Why would he do that? He didn’t you just evolved into the first male with it You said you have to get things off your chest so plumbing white epoxy you fill a frack Yeah, you’re leaving the side man, but thankfully make the other guy But you didn’t make me like if I’m here on my own beauty as a black shit about you on the cold scooby Let’s get voidable damn now. Let’s think of it it conclusive I’ve them over how the foxes make you uncle brother. She gave birth to you the truth I have another he’s probable reported and the other oh I mean, it’s good. Yeah, I’m saying Forget this, that’s me his brother didn’t like this, okay? So he made a diss track how far does the rabbit-hole go? Whatever cool wait what no, I think something else today. Yeah, that’s his brother Did you not keep up with what I just fucking told you to I straight up? I waited out for you, all right? He made fun of his brother by calling him retarded all right. I asked his brother. He’s about to Drop a fucking diss on on all those guys in the sidemen because two of those guys made diss tracks and tonight He’s dissing all of them at once at the same time. I think you’re pretty Great, just make the most noise with his Minecraft easy lifting off the process Mike Ross 20 You know oh? My God, this is this is just precious whoo Well, thanks for filling me in on the latest and then KSI also dropped the verse dude Are you little boy wait? This is more? Yes, dude kiss I have to respond dude to all I hate boys really women get a good Product is true I think you just threatened to murder somebody so I’m not sure if that’s if we’re can be vicious or a lot of songs that had to click clack click clack boom But then they stop doing that 50 cent. He got click locked. Yeah, tupac it could put same story. Oh Kurt Cobain, oh he click like himself This is unrelated, but I want to search up nazi look at this guy. You know some people what? Lucky cause the answer Got to be ah see that’s how I drive on my way to work. What it be? One in Virginia. I was under party. What are you doing in the minute? There another better ankle why there’s a better angle. Let’s see it our best angle here This is actually called duck. This is like from the inside of the group. This is going to get flag That was not the better angle. He’s get out finger though the fucking lens Goddammit, Trevor’s, not satisfy the ID number five car attack number five ouu’ Yeah, man. That’s kind of what’s going on. No, you forgot something very very big ah Chris pratt and Anna Faris are getting a divorce dude Yeah, cuz she went funny hold on hold on let me do that again. All right. We can redo that um Did what? Chris pratt dude my favorite actor and and His wife. No way Yeah, well she didn’t fucking star an emoJI movie. Maybe he could have had a longer relationship I have reason to believe because he’s moving up in the world and She’s moved down if him and Jennifer Lawrence Could you look it up the reflux? Chris Brad no that’s not it. That’s the best bloopers. It’s kind of same thing is it not? Are you saying that his marriage was a blooper? That’s fuck. That’s pretty good. I like that. Yeah. Have you seen this? Hello, I’m Scott mills from BBC radio 1 and I’m krista and today We’re here with general Chris pratt about to play another game of playground insults now Jennifer and Chris already here set obviously each other very tense staring each other out don’t hold back What’s in this room is just a game don’t take the insults per I take fucking cute together dude I love them starla this and you can do the results we’ll leave the room when you do all you got to do is try and make one another laughs so the sillier the insult the Better for us and remember the game ends when someone absolutely loses it or delivers the killer insult I think today Jennifer Lawrence deserve, this kind you Are so forcefully strong? If I was give it a choice of you or your wife oh No, too soon. You are so special That your three-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know This is – fun. Do you do you want to do this? you are Not as funny as you used to be That’s true Because I care ten times less than I used to is this Shitty Scott damn, I’m suck dick my how it works is first installed me next oh You’re single

    New Zealand Railway Station’s New Mesh Art Piece Causes Much Hilarity
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    New Zealand Railway Station’s New Mesh Art Piece Causes Much Hilarity

    December 10, 2019

    It doesn’t look much like a cloud – but
    that’s exactly what this new £97,000 sculpture is supposed to be. The phallic mesh art piece has caused much
    hilarity since it was unveiled at a railway station in a suburb close to Auckland in New
    Zealand. One commuter, Phil Wellman, told the New Zealand
    Herald: “Oh my God, it’s a c*ck and balls.” The aluminium art work – called ‘Transit Cloud’
    – was created by sculptor Gregor Kregar, artist wife Sara Hughes and architect Davor Popadich
    and it was commissioned by Auckland Council. Kregar said he had found the reaction “a little
    upsetting” but told the New Zealand Herald: “Art is out there to stir reaction.” Last week a Canadian rail firm was left red-faced
    after customers pointed out that a map of one its stations was shaped like a penis. And in October American artist Paul McCarthy
    caused outrage in Paris when his giant blow-up Christmas tree was revealed – and left livid
    locals comparing it to a sex toy. The 69-year-old was even punched three times
    in the face by a Parisian after it was said to look like a ‘green monster butt plug’

    Teens React to Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly Diss Tracks
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    Teens React to Eminem/Machine Gun Kelly Diss Tracks

    December 4, 2019

    – (raps along) ♪ Give you a career
    to destroy it ♪ Oh my god!
    – He literally was just saying how Eminem is his favorite rapper. And now, he’s just
    completely going after him. – I love it when rappers
    and stuff like that have beef, because they make such great songs. ♪ (punk rock intro) ♪ – ♪ You say you’re affiliated
    with murders, killas ♪ – (squeals softly and giggles)
    Oh my god! I love Eminem so much!
    – Ohh! Wait, I heard this! – ♪ …murderers, killas ♪
    – (raps along) ♪ The people you run with are thuggin’ ♪
    I love this album. – Oh, this is Eminem’s “Kamikaze.”
    – Is this the new Eminem album? – ♪ The people you run with
    are thuggin’ (gang) ♪ ♪ But you just
    a wannabe gunna (gang) ♪ ♪ Like you was gonna do somethin’ ♪
    – I’ve never heard this before. – I hate that I haven’t listened
    to this before the shoot. I kept putting this off.
    – I’m so happy he’s back, bro. I’m so happy he’s back.
    He needs to shred up all these new rappers.
    – I heard someone say, “Em has been back
    but Shady’s back.” And I was like,
    “That’s so true.” – ♪ Rap God,
    spit lyrical bullets ♪ – Ah, he’s amazing.
    Rap God, ah! (laughs) – ♪ …but have guns
    for sure ♪ ♪ You better a strap on ♪
    ♪ Other words if you’re a gunner ♪ ♪ Roll up with your gang! ♪
    ♪ You’re gonna need a arsenal ♪ ♪ ‘Cause this bar is over your head ♪
    – Oh my gosh. – Is this a diss track? – ♪ …you are, Kelly ♪
    – Oh, oh! Machine Gun Kelly. – ♪ But keep commenting
    on my daughter Hailie ♪ ♪ I keep on telling… ♪
    – Wait, someone talked about his daughter?
    That’s pretty crappy. – ♪ …strawberry or pineapple,
    apricot jelly ♪ ♪ I respond rarely, but… ♪
    – He’s going off, bro. – ♪ Let me put a [bleep] silencer on this little non-threatening
    blond fairy cornball taking shots at me ♪
    – (chuckles) Non-threatening blond fairy. – The words that he chooses
    are so unique and just perfect. – Like, this goes hard, though.
    This goes hella hard. – ♪ Only time you’ll ever say I lost ♪
    ♪ You’ll be talkin’ ’bout Fetty Wap ♪ ♪ Better call Diddy ♪
    ♪ Just to try to get me off ♪ ♪ And you better hope
    I don’t call Trick Trick ♪ – Oh, he called off everybody.
    – Gosh, this is so good. – Damn. (chuckles)
    – I’m whatever with Eminem. It’s not like I don’t like him,
    but I’m not a fan. – I’m a fan, so I’ve been listening
    to MGK for eight years now. So, when this came out,
    I was like, “What?!” – I see on Instagram, obviously,
    people have been like going back and forth
    about whose side they’re on. I honestly just know
    that it’s happening. I don’t know any of the details.
    – (FBE) We have more to show you in a second, but that was
    Eminem’s song “Not Alike” off of his latest album, “Kamikaze.”
    – Yeah. He’s had a couple rough last two
    or three years, and I think this album
    definitely brought him back. – I just downloaded the album,
    and I have to listen to everything. I haven’t gotten through all of it,
    but I definitely know about it. – (FBE) We generally don’t
    include subtitles, but we decided to include it
    just so everyone can follow along a little bit better.
    – Thank you. – (FBE) The entire second verse
    is a diss track to rapper Machine Gun Kelly.
    – Oh. I know who that is,
    but I didn’t know they were kind of having a feud and everything. – I know that Kelly
    started talking about his daughter and stuff and the whole family
    and everything, and that’s a little [bleep] up. – I never even know
    who he was before this. But it’s interesting,
    ’cause I’m kind of a cynic. So, whenever I see stuff like this,
    the first thing that goes in my head is who’s profiting from this?
    And it’s both of them. – (FBE) Eminem mentioned that part
    of the reason for his beef with Machine Gun Kelly
    is because of a tweet he wrote about his daughter in 2012
    back when Hailie was 16. – Yeah, I saw that tweet.
    It was kind of messed up. I’m not gonna lie.
    – If you’re gonna diss someone, diss the person, the rap maybe,
    but don’t diss their extended family. – “Okay, so I just saw
    a picture of Eminem’s daughter, and I have to say,
    she is hot as… in the most respectful way possible,
    ’cause Em is king.” – Okay, now that I understand
    what the song is about, I feel like I gained some respect
    for some of the song and Eminem. – That’s just– that’s not okay.
    That’s not appropriate whatsoever. – Eminem’s a little–
    just a little late on responding, you know, six years later. – People can hold grudges
    for quite a long time, especially if it’s
    about someone’s daughter. That’s messed up.
    – (FBE) Reportedly, Eminem was also angry over a freestyle
    Machine Gun Kelly made where he called Eminem out
    for banning him from his radio station.
    We have a clip of that to show you now.
    – Okay, for sure. I’m interested, ’cause I never
    actually saw that whole part of the beef.
    – ♪ Third album on the way ♪ ♪ Y’all know I slay ♪
    ♪ I shotgun pump ♪ ♪ I don’t pump brakes ♪
    – I’ve never heard of this guy. ♪ I’m my favorite rapper alive ♪
    ♪ Since my favorite rapper banned me from Shade 45 ♪
    – I’m not even gonna bop my head to this.
    – ♪ What now? ♪ – (softly) Oh my god.
    His favorite rapper made a diss track on him.
    Okay, now this is all making sense. – I love it when rappers
    and stuff like that have beef, because they make such great songs.
    – Oh my gosh. I love tea.
    I live for tea. I’m, like, all caught up. (giggles)
    – (FBE) Oh. – No? I’m not?
    – No, you are not. – There’s more?
    Oh! Okay, keep it going. (laughs) – (FBE) Shortly after Eminem’s track
    was released, Machine Gun Kelly fired back with a diss track
    of his own called “Rap Devil,” which is a play on Eminem’s “Rap God.”
    – “Rap God,” yeah. – Please play it!
    I have “Rap Devil” on a playlist. I know majority of the words.
    (snaps) Hit me with it. – ♪ Somebody grab him
    some clippers ♪ ♪ His [bleep] beard is weird ♪
    – Oh. – ♪ Tough talk from a rapper ♪
    – (raps along) ♪ Payin’ millions for security a year ♪
    – ♪ “I think my dad’s gone crazy” ♪ – Ooh. (laughs)
    – ♪ Yeah, Hailie, you right ♪ – Don’t bring his daughter
    back into this. – He should know better
    than to name drop her twice. – ♪ I know ♪
    ♪ About to 46 years old, dawg ♪ – Ohh.
    – This is just sad. Like, why are you doing this?
    – ♪ Homie, we get it ♪ ♪ We know that you’re… ♪
    – It’s not bad. – His flow is not as good
    as Eminem’s. – (raps along) ♪ [Bleep] Rap God ♪
    ♪ I’m the Rap Devil ♪ – ♪ Comin’ bare-faced with a ♪
    – (raps along) ♪ Black shovel ♪ – ♪ Like the Armageddon
    when the smoke settle ♪ ♪ His body next
    to this instrumental, I’m sayin’ ♪ ♪ I’m sick of them sweatsuits
    and them corny hats ♪ ♪ Let’s talk about it ♪
    – It’s not bad. – ♪ …bein’ rich and you still mad, let’s talk about it ♪
    – He literally was just saying how Eminem is his favorite rapper,
    and now he’s just completely going after him.
    – He’ll try and diss him, and then the next line,
    he calls him the greatest and his favorite rapper.
    And I’m like, well, it’s not really– it’s like a half diss track. – ♪ They conference called me
    in the morning ♪ ♪ They told me you mad
    about a tweet ♪ ♪ You wanted me to say sorry ♪
    ♪ I swear to God I ain’t believe ’em ♪ – (raps along) ♪ Please say
    it ain’t so ♪ ♪ The big bad bully of the rap game
    can’t take a [bleep] joke ♪ – That’s not a joke, though.
    – ♪ Look what you’ve done to me ♪ ♪ Dropped an album
    just because of me ♪ – There’s no remorse either.
    He thinks what he did wasn’t wrong at all.
    – ♪ I gotta respect the OGs and I know most of ’em personally ♪
    ♪ But you’re just a bully actin’ like a baby ♪
    ♪ So I gotta read you a nursery ♪ – That was good.
    That was a good line. – Kelly’s blowing this [bleep] up
    for views, I think. I don’t feel like he needed
    to make a diss track back at him. – I’ve been seeing so much
    all over Twitter, all over Instagram, and I just wasn’t getting it.
    But now that you explained it to me, all the pieces are coming together.
    – (FBE) After this, Eminem interviewed with music reporter Sway,
    where he went into more detail about the feud and said he wasn’t sure
    whether he was going to release another track against Kelly.
    But he recently released diss track, “Killshot.”
    – Oh. They’re really going
    back and forth. Okay. – (FBE) So, we have that
    for you to check out now. – (chuckles) Yes. Okay.
    I’m excited to listen to this. – ♪ How you gonna name yourself
    after a damn gun and have a man bun? ♪
    – Ha! – Little light shot to start. – ♪ …45 and I’m still
    outselling you ♪ – Ooh.
    ♪ By 29, I had three albums that had blew ♪
    – Dang. – ♪ …talk about somethin’
    I don’t really do ♪ ♪ Go in someone’s daughter’s mouth,
    stealin’ food ♪ – Damn.
    – ♪ But you’re a [bleep] mole hill ♪ ♪ Now, I’ma make a mountain
    out of you ♪ – [Bleep]. (chuckles)
    This is so intense. – ♪ Till I’m hitting old age ♪
    ♪ Still can fill a whole page with a 10-year-old’s rage ♪
    – Ooh. – ♪ Got more fans than you… ♪
    – His flow is so nasty! – ♪ Feel like I’m babysitting
    Lil Tay ♪ – Lil Ta– Lil Tay is in this? What?! – ♪ …babysitting Lil Tay ♪
    – Oh my god. He named Lil Tay? Damn. I gotta give him
    a little more credit. – ♪ … your moment ♪
    ♪ This is it ♪ ♪ As big as you’re gonna get,
    so enjoy it ♪ – That’s true.
    – (raps along) ♪ Had to give you a career to destroy it ♪
    Oh my god! – Yeah. Oh. This is so good. – ♪ Had enough of this
    tatted-up mumble rapper ♪ – He’s not a mumble rapper.
    – ♪ He’ll have to [bleep] Kim in my flannel ♪
    – Damn. – ♪ ‘Cause he knows
    long as I’m Shady, he’s gonna have to live
    in my shadow ♪ – (imitates explosion)
    Dude, everybody forgets that Eminem came up
    as a battle rapper. – ♪ …sick of you being whack
    and still using that [bleep] autotune ♪ ♪ So, let’s talk about it ♪
    – Oh! (chuckles) – Damn, he’s going ham.
    – ♪ Need to get the [bleep] out it ♪ – Dang. This is what happens
    when you wanna mess with Eminem. – ♪ …blond hair and earrings ♪
    ♪ Just ’cause you look in the mirror and think that you’re
    Marshall Mathers ♪ – (chuckles)
    – ♪ Don’t me you are, and you’re not about it ♪
    ♪ So, just leave my [bleep] in your mouth
    and keep my daughter out it ♪ – (chuckles) Oh my gosh.
    – Oh. All the tea, man. – There’s a whole movie
    on why you don’t try to rap battle Eminem,
    and he still went after it knowing this would happen.
    – Eminem’s not progressing with the times.
    This is still the OG Eminem, which I’m sure people–
    his OG fans are gonna love. MGK is saying maybe it’s time
    to look into some other ways to make monies and let younger rappers
    who are coming up have a chance. – (FBE) As we mentioned
    at the time that we’re filming this episode, this is as far
    as the feud has gone. If you had to pick at this point
    who had the upper hand, who would you say?
    – Probably Eminem. Even if Machine Gun Kelly responds, I don’t think he can
    do better than this. – I’d say Eminem.
    I think he’s definitely got– he definitely had the harder shots.
    I think he had the better flow. – Totally Eminem. Hello? Machine Gun Kelly is off the table
    at this point. – MGK for sure. For an OG rapper,
    you’re either gonna create a new wave or ride the existing wave.
    – 100% Eminem. All of his disses
    towards Machine Gun Kelly have just been…
    I wanna say more thought out and just so much better
    and more intense. – (FBE) So, rappers have been
    having beef with each other for years. Even notably now, we’ve got
    the Nicki-Cardi beef. Even Drake and Pusha T
    have been kind of feuding a little bit recently.
    – Yeah. I’m sorry. I don’t keep up with this.
    I don’t care about it, ’cause it’s just to make headlines. – (FBE) Some of these
    have even resulted in deaths as is the case
    for the East Coast/West Coast feud between rappers Tupac
    and Biggie Smalls. It seems like the feuds
    in the hip-hop culture seem to be the most prevalent
    and mainstream. What do you think it is about
    this genre of music in particular that has led to
    so many feuds like this? – I feel like you can’t diss someone
    in a hip-hop song or an EDM song, but rap, you can say–
    you’re literally just thinking what’s on your mind.
    – Hip-hop is the only type of genre where you could actually talk bad
    about another person, whereas with a different genre,
    you’re not able to do that. – Rap originated from, I don’t know,
    hardship, and I feel like that’s the reason why most people
    do start rapping is because they wanna rap about themselves
    and through just different words constantly.
    And they wanna, you know, get it out there
    about their lives. – Some rappers come up
    just because of their talent and stuff, but then you have
    people like Eminem that come up straight
    from cutthroat rap, like from battle rap.
    So, it’s kind of in the culture. – The genre itself calls
    for you to be tough or give a tough appearance,
    whether it be in your music videos or in the lyrics themselves.
    So, you have to sort of be really defensive.
    – (FBE) So finally, after listening to the diss tracks
    and learning more about why the two rappers have beef,
    where do you see this feud going from here? – I see Machine Gun Kelly
    not making anymore music. – It’s gonna peter out eventually,
    but for now, I think they’re gonna just take shot after shot
    after each other. – I want it to be over, you know,
    end with Eminem, because (giggles) I just
    want him to have the upper hand. – I really hope it just ends.
    I’m all for more songs from Eminem, but I just… you know,
    just stop giving Machine Gun Kelly more notoriety.
    – Eminem, I know that he’s angered. But for Machine Gun Kelly,
    I feel like he’s just gonna try to squeeze as much
    out of this to get his name out there. – MGK has gotta come back.
    If MGK was able to put Rap Devil out that fast, he’s gotta
    be sitting on– Come on! – I hope it doesn’t go any further,
    but I feel like Machine Gun Kelly might release something
    attacking Eminem. But if he was smart, he wouldn’t.
    Just end it at this, honestly. – Thanks for watching Teens React
    and shoutout to Inferno_Gaming. – Subscribe so you never miss
    an episode. And shoutout to Rayray21.
    – Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments.
    – Hey, guys. Ethan here from FBE. Thank you so much for watching
    this episode. If you wanna see reactor
    and staff Q&As, company updates, and so much more,
    you gotta check us out on Twitter. It’ll be @fbe. Bye, guys.


    Little Girl Drops Racist DISS TRACK (She Roasted Me…)

    December 4, 2019

    stop watching this please just stop now stop watching this I found out I was i was dropped as a child, dropped so hard i think I’m black! this “Black Girl”( NOT BLACK) This spoiled rich girl who only has like 100K subs made a professional music video, (No about of auto tune could fix that voice of hers) about me. And my peasants supported me. The her singing was so bad people had to take the “music video” down. Anyways, I got to hear this shit of a music video and lets hope I still can hear after this. ***Why TF is her phone cracked*** White kid:WHA WHA WHA *Kill Me She Forced Me To Do This * Rice: that is by far the most cringiest acting i’ve ever seen Bruh I’m shitty at acting but, dam at least I’m better that. Bro that Was so painful to watch. Like you trynna diss me, at least put some effort into it. white kid dressed like a girl: HELP!!! HELP!!!! *MOAN* OK WHAT. Why are they moaning. THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS, I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON, like you kids are underage. Why is this kids shirt bigger then your girl? You think with all the money she got she could get her friend a shit that fits. WHAT ARE THOSE?!?!? Boy change your girl looking ass shirt. where she was trynna pronounce things in her house. *noise* “NUT”!!!! (just a thought, WTF is with that face tho) IT”S TRUE THO HAVE U SEEN “NUT” LIKE DAM MAYBE THATS WHY SHES CALLED NUT. SHE KINDA LOOKS LIKE ONE. If you gonna dis me than you, best be sure your people don’t look like a nut and boy wearing a shirt way to big for him. Sorry, not sorry. Sure Everyone Watching This is probably Thinking Wtf is wrong with this girl. sorry nor sorry. WHAT THE FUGE IS THAT THINK VIKKI. IT LOOKS LIKE FREDDY KRUEGER’S SISTER. *FLASH BACK* Was That One guy that Was like chocolate chocolate and there Was that One grandma in the wheelchair all fucked up looking wanted chocolate. They LOOK SO alike. WTF did i just seen. Do i have to watch this whole video? HELP! I can’t see anymore of this! You Guys i really don’t wanna watch this. i literally replayed this 4x and still don’t know wtf she’s saying. Basically If you’re a Duck Viewer Stick=GUN?!! This Shit LOl>IM tired so if u want more caps from me comment down below Really tries to portray like She’s Like Gangster look at me i rap about guns i’m in the hood my Homies are locked Up Just Like in a gang or Whatever but Like The Cameraman pans over to like her squad her crew and it’s like What is this Your Whole Crew Just Looks like a Bunch of high schoolers That all Get Bad grades But They look like They have Good Parents That care about them and like These Kids in the music video on This video But Like If you’re Watching this you can change your life right Now What vicki is a Bad influence like all This gang Stuff is not Cool stay in school and don’t do drugs you know no gang Stuff or Just you know Drop Out of School and do YouTube Fails i Mean That’s the Way to go You Just Say erielle Made My asian Ass What are you Saying dude my mom made my asian Ass at first i didn’t know What She was telling i was like with area What are you Tom and i Check on her instagram she took a picture with baby area on for other Viewers that day Now like a Year ago i took the baby Aerial dish track and It Was One of my Early Meals That Kind of Started My Channel and It did so Good i got so much news about it in a day all my videos Get so much view so she didn’t make me how dare She even say They Know Just who she said that Let’s Play back That Baby Aerial dish People Said erielle dissident Roaster After This dish track Your career is over I’ma call You Shrek Because you look like an ogre Heard you got accepted for the next World as Joker There Good ol times man okay back to the video Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching Cha-ching chime Believable Is This even Real Like no wonder the People got Taken down well this Girl’s Races that is literally her hung Ching Chong Ching Chong Ching Chong a Bitch and She’s Over here flexing all This Money Bitch Go fix your Phone streams but Actually Slow Down to the video and these were actually all twenties these are all $20 bills you Guys Heard My song god church you Guys Know how i feel about $20 bills Nice twenties i need blue on My Bills oh we were Halfway through The song right Now and i really don’t want to listen to the rest of It It is awful this is It Doesn’t get worse Than This Guys This is the worst mister never Change i change i change I’ll Get paid enough to do this and You can look deep did i Just Get Exposed you know that caught me soft but i was not Expecting that and like That line is one of Those Lines Whereas Like Like You Know the Elisa said you come fast like the furious Type of line i Mean we’re Just like Like Like It’s a Burn Lane i Mean Know about wait did summer She’s Saying That about me Because I’m Just Curious i Just want to know you know i’m Saying only did she say that oh I’m Just gonna text it i Mean I don’t want to come off Weird or anything I’M Just gonna text it did you talk to okay i Just Texted her i mean i’m Just curious What’s it She’s Already Typing back okay hold on We’re waiting right Now for the response oh? Yeah, no, she Doesn’t know what i’m talking about nothing don’t Worry about. It yeah so we’re chilling yeah we’re chilling Cha-ching Cha-ching Chime Bitch I’m done i’m Exit Now this is all Just Chicken Chong ching Chong She Just being Raised Just Basically Spinning in My face Right Now me my agent told me all my asian Viewers at home are Just like Man This Girl’s Wagon This was Really Whacked i Mean come Quick he made another video about you Um so i Just want to let you know if anyone took offense to my Rice gum video AnyWay in the ag community took offense It Was Only to rice gum so so if you took offense i Just wanna let you know Please don’t please don’t take a Piss and Thanks for Watching okay What i let me get this stretch This Baby Said yo Guys Guys you know i’m not being racist to agence guys Everyone That’s offended Stop it’s not about you Guys Guys I’m only being racist to one asian and One asian Only and That’s Rice Gum What about me man Felix Too But Yeah Guys it’s gonna wrap up for a day Man i was away from YouTube for a Bit and the day i Come back I’m gonna come back to this Type of Show like come on man but iF you’re Wondering if I’M gonna Drop a Diss Track back to vicki prime not Just cuz She’s Like Really Irrelevant i Mean You Wouldn’t do anything but like Just get her name out There more Just Because i’m talking about her whatever the little vacation IS done i’m back on YouTube Ground posted Tomorrow and Guys It’s everyday Now i’m telling us i’m back before you Guys click off i want to take Myself you Guys see this shirt that i’m Wearing is? This Flannel and Then The Shirt Basically My Homie Bakes My roommate Man You Guys Know him he’s basically starting Up a Clothing line and This Is one of The Pieces it’S free too if you guys Want To check Out all the Pieces Link in the description but Basically he’s Been a Pop-up shop in la Tomorrow? I’m gonna be there unless They’re gonna be there banks Is gonna be there basically you show up it’s a shot There’s a Lot of Closer if You See anything you like you can buy the clothes and if you do buy something You’d Go to the back and meet Me banks Alissa hang Out with us whatever Whatever Whatever and yeah It Should Be a fun time all the details? follow your daddy @crypserbx on twitter doe doe doe doe doe da doe doe doe do do da do do do do da do do do doe do do da doe doe doe do do