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    Top 10 Dangerous Railway Tracks In The World
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    Top 10 Dangerous Railway Tracks In The World

    August 29, 2019

    10 Dangerous Rail Routes You Gotta Travel How many times have you found yourself day
    dreaming about a long vacation? Yea, it happens frequently and there aint
    any harm done! Those gorgeous beaches, sky high mountains,
    cosy resorts and tons of yummy food, who doesn’t want that? Your little dreaming adventure took you to
    places, having fun but there aint a thing about your journey, now that’s totally unfair! You obviously were planning to fly to your
    destination but rail roads have a charm like none other. The scenic views are impossible to beat in
    general but if you have a thing for thrills, we have you covered with these insane routes
    that will get the adrenaline pumping in you! Number 10. Georgetown Loop Railroad, Colorado
    A rail road some 195m high in the mountains has all it takes to attract people from around
    the world. Hundreds of people every year book tickets
    on the train to travel the 4.5 miles from Sliver Plume to Georgetown. This 3ft narrow gauge is located in the Rocky
    Mountains and can set your heart rate flying so think twice before you attempt this journey! But the gorgeous views from that height will
    do their best to distract you from the fear, uhmmm it might just increase that feeling
    also, not sure! Number 9. Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad, New Mexico
    The 64 miles between Chama, New Mexico and Antonito, Colorado host a 3ft narrow gauge
    heritage railroad that you just have to travel! It was built in 1880 as a part of Rio Grande
    Railroad San Juan Extension and since 1971 carries tourists through the scenic mountains! The name of the route is derived from spots
    it passes, Toltec Gorge which stands at 800ft and the 10,015ft high Cumbres Pass which is
    the highest pass in US! If loops, trestles, tunnels and narrow ledges
    don’t scare you, this is where you have to be right now! Number 8. The Death Railway, Thailand
    The 250-mile railway stretch from Ban Pong, Thailand to Thanbuyuzayat, Burma is a famous
    one, any idea why? Doesn’t the name ‘The Death Railway’
    ring a bell in your ears? This track was built after the World War 2
    with the help of prisoners of war and Asian slave laborers. The whole railway line sings the saga of the
    horrendous past of Thailand because during the 16 months that it was being constructed,
    nearly one hundred thousand laborers died! It might offer you incredible views but you
    will never look at it the same way now! Number 7. White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska
    This 110-mile-long track connecting Alaska and Skagway was first opened in 1900 but had
    to be shut down in 1982 due to the collapse of the mining industry. It was reopened in 1988 as a heritage railway
    for tourists who want to delve into the scenic beauty of mountains and glaciers, keeping
    the thrill factor intact! You ask where does thrill and adventure make
    their way here? Well, it escalates to a height of 3000m so
    hold your breath while you are there, looking outside the window might be scary! Number 6. Tren a las Nubes, Argentina
    You know the route is special when it is called the ‘Train to clouds’, uhmm you don’t
    come across many trains taking you there, isn’t it an airplane’s job? That might just not be true because hello,
    this track is 4220m above sea level making it the 5th highest railway in the world. Going from the Argentine Northwest to the
    Chilean border, Tren a las Nubes was built originally for economic reasons in 1948 but
    now acts as a heritage railway for tourists. You’ll be mesmerized by numerous zigzag
    lines, 21 tunnels and 13 bridges that you will pass during your journey! Number 5. Kuranda Scenic Railroad, Australia
    This railway runs from Cairns, Queensland to the town of Kuranda, across the Barron
    Gorge National Park and is more of a tourist attraction than a regular commute up the mountains! The line was built between 1882 and 1891 and
    stretches for about 23 miles taking almost 2 hours to reach the top including the stops
    at the falls. Your journey will be eventful keeping in mind
    the 15 tunnels, 40 bridges, 93 curves and waterfalls that you’ll pass by, even getting
    a bit of sprinkling from them, sounds romantic? Number 4. Chennai-Rameswaram Route, India
    One of the most scenic rail routes of India is also a scary one, double fun! It includes a 1.2-mile-long bridge that connects
    Rameswaram on Pambam island to mainland India. The most interesting part is that it is the
    first cantilever bridge in India and was built over the course of 14 years, completed only
    in 1914! Standing at 12.5m above sea level, the bridge
    can be raised at the center to allow ships to pass. Though it stands strong on 143 piers, strong
    ocean currents and cyclones can cause serious damage to the bridge and train, yikes! Number 3. Narizdel Diablo or Devil’s Nose Train, Ecuador
    The 45-minute ride from the town of Alausi to Silambe is a dreamy one with mountains
    around, cool! Situated at 2700m above sea level, the Devil’s
    Nose section is considered among the most difficult railways to engineer and we can’t
    doubt that! Though the views are mesmerizing, they will
    vanish from your sight once you reach the vertical drop of 500m, the ride might restore
    your faith in God! You won’t want to climb onto the roof of
    the train for fear of your life, not that you are allowed to as it is! But you can still enjoy the thrill that will
    come with this ride unsaid! Number 2. Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway, United Kingdom
    Back in the 19th century, it was difficult for the two towns of Lynton and Lynmouth to
    rise economically due to the high cliffs between them. Therefore, in 1890, a railway line joining
    these two towns became operational, a good move we should say! While on the journey, you get mesmerizing
    views of Exmoor and the North Devon Coastline but don’t get too carried away, the thrill
    is waiting! There is a steep 500ft cliff with a 58% gradient
    that will leave you astounded! So get yourself on any of the two cars each
    carrying 40 people to delve into the natural beauty! Number 1. Aso Minami route, Japan
    Imagine yourself on a train that passes close by an active volcano! That is surely not many people’s dream vacation
    but we can’t deny that the experience would be pure thrilling! Not that the volcano is always erupting but
    being in a close vicinity of one that may just erupt…ooh we got goosebumps! The railroad connecting Takamori to Tateno
    Station in Minamiaso is without a doubt Japan’s most dangerous rail routes and you aren’t
    wandering off there with a weak heart by any means! Which of these railway lines seem the most
    inviting and thrilling to you? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this
    video. And while you’re here, check out our other
    videos and tell us what you think of them. You can also find us on twitter, facebook
    and instagram. Thanks for watching.

    Thomas & Friends | 🚂 Official Theme Song Sing-Along 🎵 | Nick Jr.
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    Thomas & Friends | 🚂 Official Theme Song Sing-Along 🎵 | Nick Jr.

    August 29, 2019

    [music playing] ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ [whistle blowing] ♪ Thomas, he’s the cheeky one ♪ ♪ James, is vain but lots of fun ♪ ♪ Percy, pulls the mail on time ♪ ♪ Gordon, thunders down the line ♪ ♪ Emily, really knows her stuff ♪ ♪ Henry, toots and huffs and puffs ♪ ♪ Edward, wants to help and share ♪ ♪ Toby, well let’s say – he’s square! ♪ ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ ♪ They’re two, they’re four
    They’re six, they’re eight ♪ ♪ Shunting trucks and hauling freight ♪ ♪ Red and green and brown and blue
    They’re the really useful crew ♪ ♪ All with different roles to play
    Round Tidmouth sheds or far away ♪ ♪ Down the hills and round the bends
    Thomas and his friends ♪ [whistle blowing] Find more Thomas & Friends
    on Nick Junior. You can watch more Thomas & Friends
    in the free Nick Junior app.

    Screaming Tunnel | Scary Railroad Tunnel | Niagara Falls | Ontario | Canada | HD
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    Screaming Tunnel | Scary Railroad Tunnel | Niagara Falls | Ontario | Canada | HD

    August 29, 2019

    Abandoned Tube Stations. The Screaming Tunnel. No trains passed through this tunnel, they went over it instead. The Screaming Tunnel is a small limestone tunnel, running underneath what once was the Grand Trunk Railway lines, located in the northwest corner of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The Tunnel, constructed in the early 1900’s, is 16 feet in height and 125 feet long. A local legend says that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl. A local legend recounts that the tunnel is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, who after escaping a nearby burning farm building with her clothing ablaze, died within its walls. All stories involve a claim that a match struck within the tunnel;s recesses will produce the sound of a young girl’s deathly screams. Like, Share and Subscribe. Thanks.

    電車 西武 救急車 サイレン 緊急走行 子供向け踏切動画 railroad crossing japan
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    電車 西武 救急車 サイレン 緊急走行 子供向け踏切動画 railroad crossing japan

    August 29, 2019

    Saitama western Fire Department ambulance is urgent traveling. And it is a railroad crossing waiting. Something accident occurs? I became worried. Seibu Railway 9000 series (Yellow Train). Commuter-type train. Seibu Railway 20000 series. Commuter-type train. Then, ambulance will sound the siren. Ambulance cross the railroad crossing. At Higashimurayama seventh Railroad crossing in Ikebukuro Line and Shinjuku Line. This is just south of Tokorozawa Station.

    電車 東武 第54号 踏切動画 railroad crossing japan
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    電車 東武 第54号 踏切動画 railroad crossing japan

    August 29, 2019

    This is the No. 54 railroad crossing in the Tojo Line of TOBU Railway. This signal is located on the northwest side Shimo-akatsuka Station. TOBU Railway, 50000, 30000, 10030, 10000, 9000 series. This is a movie that commuter train passes through the railroad crossing. 51005F TOBU Railway 50000 series 51001F TOBU Railway 50000 series 31615F+31415F TOBU Railway 30000 series 31602F+31402F TOBU Railway 30000 series 11644F+11448F TOBU Railway 10030 series LOCAL Ikebukuro 11661F+11441F TOBU Railway 10030 series LOCAL Kawagoeshi 11005F TOBU Railway 10000 series 11005F TOBU Railway 10000 series RAPID Ikebukuro 9101F TOBU Railway 9000 series EXPRESS Ikebukuro 51002F TOBU Railway 50000 series 11004F TOBU Railway 10000 series LOCAL Narimasu 31603F+31403F TOBU Railway 30000 series 11643F+11439F TOBU Railway 10030 series 31610F+31410F TOBU Railway 30000 series 11638F+11446F TOBU Railway 10030 series LOCAL Narimasu 51002F TOBU Railway 50000 series 51008F TOBU Railway 50000 series 31605F+31405F TOBU Railway 30000 series 51003F TOBU Railway 50000 series 31603F+31403F TOBU Railway 30000 series 11641F+11445F TOBU Railway 10030 series LOCAL Ikebukuro 31612F+31412F TOBU Railway 30000 series 11031F TOBU Railway 10030 series RAPID Ikebukuro 51009F TOBU Railway 50000 series Shimo-akatsuka Station direction Narimasu Station direction I am glad to be able to share with you Japan Level Crossing Videos.
    Thank you very much. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

    Our Big Alaska & Canada Adventure – July 2020
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    Our Big Alaska & Canada Adventure – July 2020

    August 28, 2019

    If you’ve been thinking about taking a cruise to Alaska… What would you think about coming along with me
    for an Alaska cruise in July of 2020? Let me be your tour guide! Let me tell you what I’ve got planned. We’ll be cruising on the Royal Princess… And we’ll board the ship in Whittier, Alaska, on July 18th. The nearest big airport is in Anchorage,
    so that’s where you’ll fly in to. My advice would be to fly in the day before the cruise. Our cruise will be a southbound 7-day cruise
    from Whittier to Vancouver. Let me take you through the itinerary. On embarkation day in Whittier
    you’ll get settled in to your cabin… And of course,
    there are a wide range of cabin types
    that you can book… Everything from an inexpensive inside cabin
    with no windows… All the way up to big fancy suites with huge balconies. On the day after embarkation the ship will do
    “scenic cruising” at Hubbard Glacier. That means that you don’t get off the ship,
    and there are no excursions… You just enjoy a great view of Hubbard Glacier
    right from the ship… Which will linger there for five hours. You might be thinking
    that a cruise in Alaska will be cold… But there were actually some days that were
    surprisingly warm when I did a very similar Alaska cruise with my siblings in 2014. There were a couple of afternoons that were
    so warm that many of the kids on the ship were swimming in the outdoor pool! On the third day of the cruise, we’ll do “scenic cruising” within Glacier Bay National Park. This was the highlight of my 2014 cruise,
    with absolutely incredible views
    of the mountains and the glaciers. It was an incredible treat to just sit out
    on the deck of the cruise ship and take in all the amazing sights we saw in Glacier Bay. Really,
    this is one of the most spectacular places on earth,
    truly something that should be on your bucket list. And besides all the beautiful
    snow-covered mountain peaks and the glaciers… There is always a lot of wildlife for you to see, too. A lot of whales spend their summers up here,
    and in 2014 we had some really nice whale sightings. On day #4 of the cruise,
    the ship will dock in Skagway… And this is going to be a big day
    for any train lovers who are in our group! It’s an opportunity to ride the White Pass
    & Yukon Route Railway, if you’d like to… And I can tell you based on our
    2014 excursion on the White Pass railway
    that this is going to be a lot of fun for our group! A trip on the White Pass railway is
    absolutely the #1 most popular excursion
    for cruise ship tourists in Skagway. The train picks you up right at the cruise ship dock. From there, you take a little bit more than
    a hour and a half ride up the mountain. It’s a really beautiful ride,
    with so many interesting things to see. The tracks follow the Skagway River for a while… And things get really interesting and especially
    beautiful as the train starts to get in to the mountains. The further up the mountain you go,
    the more beautiful it gets! For me, as a train lover,
    it was a train ride I’ll never forget. And I hope a lot of the folks
    in our group for the 2020 Alaska trip
    will come along with me on this excursion… Which I should point out
    is not included in the base cost of the trip… But it will be well worth the price of the ticket
    to ride this historic railway. Because we’ve got a good number of people
    in our group… We actually have some negotiating power
    with the White Pass Railway… To arrange some special activities for our group
    that probably wouldn’t be available
    to the average cruise ship passenger. We’re still working out the details on that,
    so I can’t make any promises about it yet, but… Let’s just say that as a member of our group… I think you’ll have a better vacation
    than if you had just cruised to Alaska on your own. And by the way, there’s a financial perk, too… A $50 onboard credit,
    just for being part of our group. On day #5 of the cruise,
    the ship will dock in Juneau,
    the capital of Alaska… And there will be numerous optional shore excursions
    for you to choose from. In 2014, we did a whale watching excursion
    on a very rainy day. On day #6 we’ll be docked in Ketchikan. Again, there will be all sorts of
    shore excursions that you can book. What you’re looking at here is some video
    I shot the day our ship was in Ketchikan in 2014. This was a shore excursion on a smaller boat,
    to a beautiful place called Misty Fjords. On our group cruise,
    you are welcome to come along with us
    on whatever shore excursion we end up choosing… Or you can totally head off on your own
    to do whatever you want to do.
    It’s totally your choice! The cruise will end in Vancouver, British Columbia,
    a very beautiful city I visited earlier this summer… Where I shot this beautiful little video clip
    from the balcony of my hotel. And hopefully, right now
    you’re thinking that our July 2020 Alaska cruise
    sounds like it’s going to be a pretty great trip! But believe me, there’s a lot more to it
    than what I’ve told you so far! We’ll take a short break,
    and then I’ll come right back and tell you about… Two additional parts of this trip,
    in addition to the cruise,
    that you’ll have the option to come along on. Before the break,
    I told you all about our plans for the 7-day cruise
    we’ll be doing in Alaska next July… But the cruise is only one part
    of a 3-part adventure that we’ve got planned! Before the cruise,
    some members of the group will be coming along
    with us for a five-day land tour of the Alaskan interior. We’ll spend one night at a hotel in Anchorage… And then the next morning we’ll hop on a bus
    for a three and a half hour ride to the
    Mt McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge in Talkeetna. I stayed there with my family in 2014,
    and it was really great! The lodge is very close to Denali,
    the highest mountain peak in North America. If the weather is clear,
    like it was for us in 2014… You’ll have a heck of a view of Denali
    from the Princess Wilderness Lodge. There will be a number of optional excursions
    in the Talkeetna area that you can participate in,
    for an extra fee. During our 2014 visit to Talkeetna,
    we visited Sun Dog Kennels… Where they raise and train sled dogs for the Idatarod. After our time in Talkeetna,
    we’ll board a bus for a slightly more than two hour ride
    to another Princess Wilderness Lodge… The one at Denali National Park,
    where we’ll stay for two nights. There will be a number of optional excursions
    in and around Denali National Park
    that people can choose from. In 2014, I signed up for a
    helicopter sightseeing excursion of Denali
    where I shot the video you’re seeing here. If you don’t feel like paying extra
    for any activities in Denali… There’s a natural history tour of the park
    which is included at no additional charge. Following our two nights at
    the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge… We’ll do what I consider
    the highlight of the land tour… A 295 mile ride on the Alaska railroad
    in an amazing glass-domed rail car
    with incredible views! The train ride will last
    a little more than nine hours… And it was just a fantastic part of our 2014 land tour… So I am really excited about
    this part of our 2020 journey! This is a photo I shot of my sisters after
    we rode the Alaska railroad in 2014. Notice the two-level rail car
    on the right side of the photo. You spend most of the journey on the top level,
    with the big glass windows that give you
    an amazing view of the Alaskan scenery. But when it’s time for lunch,
    you head downstairs to the dining area. Now the cost of lunch is not included in your fare… But don’t worry, it’s not outrageously expensive. The train will take us all the way from Denali
    in the interior of Alaska to the coast… To meet up with our cruise ship at the dock in Whittier,
    where our 7-day cruise will begin. If you need to keep the price of the trip down,
    just join us for the 7-day cruise. But, if your vacation budget will allow it,
    join us for the full Alaska cruisetour… Which is the 5-day land tour
    followed by the 7-day cruise. And there’s actually a third leg of the
    trip that you can come along with, if you’d like. We’ll take another short break,
    and when we come back… I’ll tell you about
    the spectacular land and rail tour of Canada
    that we’ll be taking after the cruise. It’s a five day tour of Canada,
    including two full days on the Rocky Mountaineer! So far, I’ve told you about
    two of the three legs of the Alaska trip
    we’ll be leading in July of 2020. The first leg is a land and rail tour of the
    Alaskan interior… Including a spectacular ride on the Alaskan Railroad. The second leg of the trip is
    the 7-day cruise on Royal Princess… Including a day in beautiful Glacier Bay… As well as a day in Skagway,
    where some of us will ride
    the historic White Pass Railway. The cruise will end in Vancouver, British Columbia. And after the cruise,
    most people in our group will
    call it good and fly home from Vancouver. But if you’re that affluent traveler that can
    afford to spend big for a big adventure… Think about joining us for the third
    and most expensive leg of the trip… A five day land and rail tour of Western Canada. We’re going to spend
    two nights at a hotel in Vancouver… So that we have some time to have fun
    in the Vancouver and Victoria areas. But before checking in to the hotel for the first night… We’ll spend the day
    on a very extensive tour of Vancouver… And the cost of that tour
    is included in the base price. We’ll see Gastown… And Chinatown… And spend some time at
    the world-famous 1000 acre Stanley Park. Plus, Granville Island,
    where you’ll have some free time
    to explore on your own. And then the next day,
    we’ll do a day trip to Victoria… And again, that’s included in the price of the trip… As is breakfast each day we’re in Canada. Our daytrip to Victoria will include
    a 90-minute cruise on BC Ferries. We’ll tour the world-renowned Butchart Gardens,
    and you’ll have lots of free time to explore there. After a second night in our hotel,
    the most amazing part of the entire vacation begins! We’re going to get aboard a very famous train,
    the Rocky Mountaineer… For a rail tour from Vancouver to Banff,
    on a spectacularly beautiful route. From your seat on the Rocky Mountaineer,
    you’ll have a fantastic view through big glass windows
    of all the amazing scenery. And a host in each car will offer
    fun and educational commentary along the way. On this train, breakfast and lunch are included
    at no additional charge. About a month ago, I took
    the Rocky Mountaineer from Seattle to Vancouver
    and I enjoyed that trip SO MUCH. It really got me excited about the much longer
    and even more scenic trip we’ll be doing next summer… As part of our big Alaska and Canada adventure. Now, it’s such a long distance from Vancouver to Banff
    that the train ride on the Rocky Mountaineer
    can’t be done in just one day. So, the train will stop and let us off
    in the town of Kamloops,
    where we’ll spend the night in a nice hotel. And then we’ll get back on the train the next day
    for the rest of the ride to Banff. And that’s way better
    than having to sleep on a train! The second day on the Rocky Mountaineer,
    from Kamloops to Banff,
    will really be the most scenic part of all… Because we’ll be travelling through
    the Canadian Rockies. I am so looking forward to
    sitting up in the top of that rail car,
    taking in these amazing views… And having some long conversations
    with any members of our group who have opted
    to join us for this final leg of the big adventure. By this point,
    I imagine will have a very special camaraderie
    after doing such a cool trip together. We’ll spend two nights in Banff
    so that we have time for a sightseeing tour
    in to Yoho National Park… As well as a full day tour of
    lots of points of interest in Banff,
    including a ride on the famous gondola. All this is included as part of the package… As well as bus transportation for us
    from Banff to the airport in Calgary on July 30th,
    for our flights home. Join us for all three legs of the trip… The Alaska railtour,
    the Princess cruise,
    and the Canada railtour, or… Join us for only the parts that interest you.
    It will be totally up to you. Spend as little or as much time
    with the group as you want… And feel free to head off in your own direction
    and do your own thing at any point you’d like to. Earlier in the video I mentioned that there’s
    a $50 onboard credit for you on the cruise,
    just for being part of our group. You can use that during the cruise
    to pay for drinks, specialty dining,
    gift shop purchases, and things like that. But, here’s even better news:
    if you book the cruisetour… Which is the cruise
    plus the Alaska land tour before the cruise… You’ll actually get a $75 onboard credit instead of $50. So, if you have any interest in going on this
    Alaska adventure with me and my wife, Kellyn… Plus our travel agent, Caitlin, and her family… Contact Caitlin to book it right away,
    if you already know that you want to join us… Or just get in touch with Caitlin to get
    some more information to help you decide. Caitlin can make all the arrangements for you… Including all the cruise details,
    the train arrangements,
    setting up transportation to and from the airport… And assisting with your flight arrangements,
    if you want her to. There are multiple ways to contact Caitlin. Pick which ever you’re most comfortable with! Visit her web site, give her a call, or send her an email. I’m sure you’re wondering
    what the heck this is all going to cost! Well, that’s complicated because there are
    quite a few options for you to choose from… Which will have a big effect on how expensive
    of an adventure this ends up being for you! Besides the choice of whether to join us just
    for the cruise, or for either of the optional rail tours… There will also be choices regarding what
    kind of stateroom you want on the cruise ship. If you need to keep the cost down,
    just book a cheap inside cabin with no windows… And go up on deck or to any of the lounges
    when you want to enjoy the views. So far, most people in our group, though
    are booking a balcony cabin… That way they’re able to enjoy the great
    views right from their private balcony,
    or from the warmth of their room. Caitlin can explain how
    all the options affect your final price. And be sure to ask her
    for help in picking the right cabin. You don’t want to be in a cabin
    directly above or below some noisy part of the ship
    such as a restaurant or music venue. Caitlin can help you with that. For those joining us on the Rocky Mountaineer… You can do it less expensively
    in their “silver leaf” class… Or step up to the “gold leaf” class
    that Kellyn and I will be in. Caitlin can explain the differences to you. If you’re not quite ready to call Caitlin,
    but you want even more information
    about the trip than what’s in this video… Visit my web site at
    Look for the section about upcoming cruises… And you will find even more details about
    this group trip to Alaska in July of 2020… As well as another group trip we’ve got planned:
    A Caribbean cruise in 2021. Here’s Caitlin’s contact information one more time,
    in case you want to copy any of it down. So far, we’ve got 44 people signed up
    to come along with us for the cruise… And I am absolutely sure that
    we are going to have a ton of fun together… And that this will be one trip
    that will really stand out when
    I think back over all the great cruises I’ve been on. So, I encourage you to come along! Will we ever have another opportunity
    to cruise to Alaska together? I don’t know. These opportunities sure don’t come along real often. I hope you’ll decide that
    this is a trip you don’t want to miss… And you’ll be very welcome to be part of our group.