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    CareerSeekers Program – Meet Hassan
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    CareerSeekers Program – Meet Hassan

    November 21, 2019

    I’m originally from Syria in the Middle
    East. I’m a civil engineer, since 1998. Awfully in 2011, the civil war in my country
    started and that caused my work to stop completely within one year. In that time, I lost my house, lost my car,
    lost my work. I got a chance for a humanitarian visa with
    my wife and two kids. I arrived in Melbourne in May 2017. It was hard times, until we made a settlement. Then I did some professional courses to facilitate
    evolving in my industry which is construction and management and projects. I was so confident in my abilities, in my
    experience, but I just searched for an opportunity that would help me reach a good project. That came by CareerSeekers. They prepared
    for me a three-month paid internship. After finishing 12 weeks, CYP management informed
    me that I got a permanent role in the project. It’s something that’s made be proud probably
    for a lifetime. I’ve got a position, as a Site Engineer. It’s a new task for me in my career history. I’m working now on this iconic project. My younger boy, he is thirteen years old.
    He became so proud of me. So proud of his family, and the same with my younger girl. The second day she declared to all of her
    teachers and school colleagues that “my father, he is working on one of the biggest
    projects in Melbourne.”

    Breaking Ground: Parkville Station deck construction
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    Breaking Ground: Parkville Station deck construction

    November 21, 2019

    Today we’re at Parkville Station, situated
    in the medical and education precinct of Victoria. At Parkville we’ve been working for about
    18 months, we’re now in the excavation phase of the project. We’ve installed a deck. This deck provides noise-suppression and dust-suppression,
    whilst facilitating the delivery of the construction works, specifically the excavation. Excavation includes two key phases: The first phase utilises the deck with a ramp,
    where trucks drive below the ramp to get loaded, before returning to the surface. The second phase includes gantry cranes, with
    mucking buckets. This takes place for the balance 40% of the
    excavation. Trucks are loaded at the deck level before
    heading off to a tip site. The station box on completion will be approximately
    270-metres long, 30-metres wide, and approximately 30-metres deep. Excavation at Parkville will take about 8
    months. We’re about 25% of the way through excavation,
    and expect to finish by Christmas this year.

    Metro Tunnel Creative Program: The Huxleys
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    Metro Tunnel Creative Program: The Huxleys

    November 21, 2019

    We were asked to be involved in the Metro
    Tunnel Creative Program which was really fun for us because what we do, avant garde, androgynous,
    luxurious, glamorous work, does not really sit side-by-side with the world of construction. It was a really fun challenge to brighten
    up and beautify construction sites, and give people an escape from all the work that’s
    going on, and make a magical detour. One of our favourite things is actually walking
    down the street, as opposed to a performance or something in a gallery, is walking down
    the street in costume. So it’s an extension of that, that contrast with daily life. So we are involved with the Melbourne Fashion
    Week, this year and we’re doing a pop-up runway which is runway six, devoted to maximalism
    which naturally suits what we do. We’ve done a work called “Wrap your troubles
    in dreams” which is to go on the hoarding on Swanston Street. We’re calling it the Huxley family portrait,
    and it’s a series of our creations that we’ve made over the years, different costumes photographed
    on glitter. It’s very bold, and for us it’s really beautiful
    to see all of our work over the years come together into one long portrait. The idea of our costumes is about celebrating
    anonymity, and something that doesn’t give away gender or race or class, it’s just about
    being a beautiful silhouette and pushing the boundaries of fashion and gender and style. We have been asked to brighten up the Metro
    HQ on Swanston Street, and we’ve popped a costume of ours called “Tea with Liberace”
    in the window. “Tea with Liberace” was a tribute to the late
    great Melbourne performance artist Leigh Bowery. When you look at the costume it’s like you’re
    sitting down for tea with Liberace, it’s quite literal really. We just like to confuse people a little bit,
    and I think that costume was pretty confusing. “Pink Fit” is a work we did for Scott Alley,
    and the idea behind “Pink Fit” was we were eventually going to perform in front of it. It’s just the most loud, colourful thing to
    brighten up the city when all these works are happening, so we just wanted to do something
    extreme and ridiculous to make people laugh. The costume the Pink Fit just keeps getting
    more ridiculous so we’ve made something else especially for today and it just keeps growing. *”Pull Up To The Bumper” by Grace Jones plays* Too much is never enough is our motto, so
    this is perfect for us.

    Roadheader breakthrough at State Library Station
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    Roadheader breakthrough at State Library Station

    November 21, 2019

    Today was a fantastic achievement and a real
    milestone for the project. We’ve had the road header on the A’Beckett
    side breaking into the Franklin East cavern… where we’ve got everyone stationed to be
    part of this momentous occasion. It’s a lot of hard work over the last almost
    year to get here. We started excavating in November last year
    and to be the first breakthrough on the Project today is very exciting. A tunnel breakthrough is always a momentous
    occasion. It really does culminate a huge effort for
    our team and a really large amount of energy and dedication has gone into what we’re
    seeing in front of us today. The team have done a magnificent job. The work that’s gone into the design, into
    the planning and the execution – nothing but praise for everybody involved. It’s a big milestone for the project and
    also for the team and we’ve finally arrived. A big thank you to everyone. The breakthrough itself is a really significant
    milestone. The workers love it. They’re working here really hard, 24 hours
    a day. It’s very complex work they’re doing, the
    conditions are challenging. And to achieve a milestone breaking through
    like that really lifts the spirits of the whole team.

    Breaking Ground: TBM Assembly
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    Breaking Ground: TBM Assembly

    November 21, 2019

    So we’re here at the site of the new
    North Melbourne Station. We’re 20 metres below ground in the TBM assembly area.
    Behind me we have Joan our first TBM, where we’ve just recently lowered the
    cutterhead. The cutterhead is the heaviest piece of the machine, it weighs
    approximately 100-tonnes. It’s a very important piece of the machine. It’s
    where all the tooling that actually excavates through the ground is housed and
    that tooling is going to be installed next. So the tooling for the cutterhead
    it does vary depending on the ground conditions. For the launch, we’ll be
    installing disc covers, now they’re tungsten carbide tip disc covers. There’s also
    some secondary tools, so scrapers that are used to pull the material in through
    the openings at the cutterhead. Once those tools are installed on the cutterhead, we’ll be pushing the TBM into the steel bell. The steel bell is an
    innovative way of launching the machine in the ground conditions around the
    North Melbourne Station. We’ll then install the thrust frame behind the shield of the
    TBM. That’s required to resist the thrust forces required to push the machine
    forward. Once that’s completed we’ll then move onto commissioning all the
    systems on the machine and that’s required to ensure that the machine is
    fit for purpose for tunnelling. The machine’s been manufactured and
    assembled overseas. It’s been factory tested, but it’s been dismantled then we
    have to reassemble it obviously on site again and then we have to go through the
    process of testing and commissioning to make sure it’s fit for purpose. So we’re getting ready to obviously
    launch the machine and that will start the tunnelling phase of the project and
    we’re also assembling Meg our second TBM. Meg will work alongside Joan to
    construct the twin tunnels. It’s an exciting time for the bored tunnel team.
    It represents a milestone where it’s a combination of years of planning, years
    of travelling overseas following the development of the beast behind us and
    all the systems and equipment you see around us as well. It also represents a
    transition from a phase of TBM assembly to tunnel operations. authorised by Victorian Government 1
    Treasury place Melbourne

    International Railway Summit – Conference Programme
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    International Railway Summit – Conference Programme

    November 21, 2019

    The level is high, so we’ve seen talks about everything from the new Hyperloop being developed in the States one of the most interesting things we’ve heard about to the Fourth Railway Package and lectures about Big Data which I participated in myself. Some really high profile speakers. Some familiar ones from the UK for me, but also learning about how we do things in different countries so it’s good to have that exposure, see some good examples but also get under the skin of the some of the real big debates across Europe.

    Paw Patrol ? 7 in 1 Roll Patrol MEGA Track Lookout Lighthouse Railway Mountain || Keith’s Toy Box
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    Paw Patrol ? 7 in 1 Roll Patrol MEGA Track Lookout Lighthouse Railway Mountain || Keith’s Toy Box

    November 20, 2019

    Wow! Look at that giant Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Set. There are actually seven different sets all combined into one big set. It’s like one big Adventure Bay. Let’s start playing! Hi everyone and welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Today we’re going to combine all seven Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets into one big track layout. Our very own Adventure Bay. These seven sets are the Launch and Roll Lookout Tower Track Set, Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue, The Adventure Bay Railway Track Set, Rocky’s Barn Rescue, Marshalls Pet Rescue, And the newest sets, Rubble’s Mountain Rescue, and Marshall’s Town Rescue. Let’s put them all together. First, we connected the Railway Track Set to the Launch and Roll Lookout Tower Track Set. Then we connected both of them to Skye and Zuma’s Lighthouse Rescue set. Nice! It’s getting so big already. Next, we’ll connect Rubble’s Mountain Rescue set. And Marshall’s Town Rescue Set. Then finally we connect Rocky’s Barn Rescue set. And Marshall’s Pet Rescue set There it is! Isn’t that awesome? It’s so big! We have all seven sets connected already. I can’t wait to try it out. This is going to be so much fun. Roll Patrol track sets are made just right for your Paw Patrol racers. So you can use your racers across different sets. Here’s the Railway Track Set. Watch the motorized train go to the platform. Then we can pull up Tracker’s racer up the ramp, and load him onto the cars. Watch them go! There’s even a railroad crossing. Oh no! Some rocks are blocking the way. Don’t worry! Rubble will save the day! Rubble on the double! Here comes Robo-Dog! He’s on his way to the Lookout. Paw Patrol! We’re on a roll! Marshall! Oh no! The bridge is broken! We need to rescue Marshall. Rubble, I need you and your digger to pull up Marshall. There you go! All done! No job is too big! No pup is too small! Paw Patrol! We’re on a roll! Rubble is on his way to the Mountain Rescue Set. There’s a baby polar bear that we need to rescue. Going up! And slide! Weee! This is so much fun! Hang in there, baby polar bear! Yay! That was fast! Good job, Rubble! Oh look, it’s Marshall. He’s on his way to the Town Rescue set because a building is on fire. Let’s collect some water from the water tower. There’s the burning building! Hurry! Yay! Marshall put out the fire! Oh look, it’s Skye and Zuma. Wallly’s trapped in the net! We need to rescue him. Let’s dive in. Awesome job, Zuma. Oh look, It’s farmer Al and Rocky. They’re on their way to the barn because Bettina escaped from her pen again. Green means go. Bettina’s safe and sound again. Oh, it’s Marshall again. He’s on his way to save Cali, who got stuck on top of Katie’s pet parlor. I’m fired up! Yay! Good job, Marshall So that’s all seven Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Track Sets combined into one big track layout Hit the thumbs up icon to see more videos like this or tell us what you think in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos. Remember, always be kind to others and share what you have.