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    BMRCL Recruitment Notification 2017–jobs for Bangalore Metro,Govt Jobs, Exam dates & results
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    BMRCL Recruitment Notification 2017–jobs for Bangalore Metro,Govt Jobs, Exam dates & results

    October 18, 2019 all this is Devyani from welcome to our youtube channel on jobs and careers today i am bringing you the methods in which you can apply for BMRCL “BMRCL (Bangalore metro rail corporation limited)
    is a joint project undertaken by the Government of India and the government of Karnataka.
    This project is for special purpose execution of metro rail program in Bangalore. BMRCL
    recruitment happens throughout India and those who have the minimum criteria for the vacancies
    posted by BMRCL can apply through the official site.
    All job vacancies have to be applied through the official site of BMRCL. The candidates
    have to fill the application form online based on the instructions provided to them. In case
    of any queries, they can contact the BMRCL helpline number provided in the website and
    also in the annexure of the application form. The application form should be submitted before
    the last date mentioned, in the job advertisement. Engineers, diploma candidates and post graduates
    are usually sought for higher positions. The low level cadres are filled by semi and unskilled
    labors. A candidate can apply for only one position in a category, even though he has
    the qualification to apply for all. All the positions in a category would have a common
    question paper in the written exam session. Those who are selected in the written examination
    would be called for an interview. Based on their performance, they would be posted in
    one of the BMRCL jobs in that category. A candidate being selected in the interview
    and the test does not ensure them to be selected for the position. The final decision is reserved
    by the authorities in BMRCL. The selected candidates may or may not be put on training.
    Most of the positions posted by BMRCL are contract jobs for 2-3 years. In case of contract jobs , the candidates have to give a security deposit or execute a bond if needed Reservations are made in BMRCL careers for persons with disabilities, SC, ST, OBC and
    ex-servicemen. Female are also welcome to apply for the positions in BMRCL. But, it
    is important to know that there might be odd time shifts, arduous job duties and might
    have to work away from headquarters as and when needed.
    No matter what position it might be, the selection process is through merit system based on the
    written examination and the interview (85% and 15% respectively). Those who are selected
    in this level would be called in for an aptitude test or a skill test and psychological test.
    Shortlisted candidates would be called in for the final interview and should bring all
    the original documents with them. For some positions, a physical test or a medical test
    would also be entertained before the final interview. The written examination includes
    general knowledge, general English or general Kannada, general arithmetic, quantitative
    skills, analytical skills and technical questions.. the questions would be in bilingual and the candidates would be given 2hr 30min to complete 150 questions Jobs in BMRCL are not very common and at the
    same time do not come in regular intervals. You need a site which would notify you the
    upcoming vacancies, the selection process, interview dates, selection criteria and other
    details. Stay in touch with Freshersworld to ensure that you get all notifications.
    ” we will be back with more such jobs so stay connected with us

    Why are train rails banked? | Make Science Fun
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    Why are train rails banked? | Make Science Fun

    October 16, 2019

    G’day! Jacob from Make Science Fun. Here I
    am in Shizuoka, Japan. I’m at a rail line crossing and i’m really interested by
    this crossing. Morning! I’m loving the angle that the track is on. What it does
    is it helps exert a force, as the train comes along it’s going in a circle,
    so it’s undergoing circular motion and it’s accelerating that way, towards the
    centre of the circle. Now to accelerate it that way you need a force you need
    something pushing it and so by having the train at a bank that actually helps
    push the train towards the centre of the circle and the train’s able to go a bit
    faster! Let’s check it out when the train comes! This has been Jacob from Make Science Fun, I’ll see you guys later! Japan! Okay here comes my train now, I’m
    going on this train Here it comes! Ooh what a rocketship. Maybe I’m not going on that train…

    SkyTrain Canada Line Timelapse | Waterfront → YVR-Airport [CC]
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    SkyTrain Canada Line Timelapse | Waterfront → YVR-Airport [CC]

    October 16, 2019

    This train is for YVR-Airport. The next station is Vancouver City Centre. The next station is Yaletown-Roundhouse. The next station is Olympic Village. The next station is Broadway-City Hall.
    Exit here for the 99 B-Line. The next station is King Edward. The next station is Oakridge-41st. The next station is Langara-49th. The next station is Marine Drive. The next station is Bridgeport.
    Change here for trains to Richmond-Brighouse. The next station is Templeton.
    Exit here for YVR Airport parking. The next station is Sea Island Centre. The next station is terminus station YVR-Airport.