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    Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway
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    Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway

    February 25, 2020

    Hello, I’m Danny chambers and I’m standing to be the next Liberal Democrat MP for North Cornwall. We were really excited to have Jo Swinson, who is one of the leadership contenders for the Liberal Democrats, to visit us in North Cornwall, And spend a day looking around the area with us. We introduced her to Leigh Frost, who is one of our Cornwall Councillors, who has secured funding to connect Bodmin steam railway up to Bodmin Parkway so finally North Cornwall would be connected to the national railway network. “I’m here with Leigh Frost who is a Cornwall Councillor. It’s quite interesting to note that although we’re at a steam railway station, nowhere in North Cornwall is actually connected to the national railway network is it? So what are we doing about that?” “One of my key priorities for the area is better infrastructure, so I reached out to the railway and together we put in a bid to GWR and we managed to secure the largest ever award they’ve given to a steam railway of £140,000, and then went to the council and convinced them that we should be match-funding that because it is a priority And they agreed so we’ve got a £295,000 project for a second platform to, hopefully in the very near future, bring a passenger service right into the heart of Bodmin.” “That’s fantastic work Leigh, so that is nearly £300,000 from the Lib Dem council to connect North Cornwall to the national railway network.” “It is indeed, yes.”

    The Future of Rapid Transit in Vancouver [CC]
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    The Future of Rapid Transit in Vancouver [CC]

    February 25, 2020

    Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! Today,
    for a return to our Transit Future series, we are heading west, and taking a look at
    rapid transit from the past into the future for our second home of Metro Vancouver. Being a region of about 2.5 million people,
    Metro Vancouver’s rapid transit has evolved with the region as it has grown, and it now
    consists of three SkyTrain lines, a Seabus route, 5 RapidBus express bus routes, as well
    as the commuter railway the West Coast Express. Let’s go and take a look at the city’s
    mass transit history, and its future as the system continues to expand and develop along
    with the city. [Intro] Our first order of business is to take a trip
    down memory lane, and explore the history that has led us to the rapid transit system
    we love today. The first line in the current system to begin
    operation is the Seabus, all the way back in 1977. This is a passenger ferry service that crosses
    the Burrard Inlet to connect the city of Vancouver with North Vancouver, between the terminals
    of Waterfront and Lonsdale Quay. The 3.24 km, or 2 mile long route is served
    by 3 ferries, and it takes about 10-12 minutes to make its journey, carrying around 18 thousand
    passengers every single day. After the SeaBus came the 80s, and with the
    80s came the first iteration of the SkyTrain, which, as a lot of you may know, is the main
    transit service in the system. The first SkyTrain line to open was the Expo
    Line, with its first phase opening in 1985 just before Expo 86. The 21.4 km, or 13.3
    mile long route consisted of 15 stations, and it connected Downtown Vancouver at Waterfront
    to New Westminster towards the eastern end of the region. The line was extended with two more stations
    Columbia and Scott Road in 1989 finally bringing rapid transit South of the Fraser River. The
    Expo line was further extended to Surrey City Centre in 1994 with 3 more stations and 4
    Kilometers or 2.5 miles of track. The next SkyTrain line to be built was the
    Millenium line, which opened its first substantial phase in 2002, from Commercial Drive horizontally
    across to the east then turning Southwest to connect with the Expo Line at Columbia. The arrival of the Millennium line also brought
    with it a weird service pattern, with the line starting at Waterfront station, sharing
    tracks with the Expo Line, then travelling all the way around the loop to Commercial
    Drive, where the line terminated after phase two was finished late in the same year. Lake City Way station opened in the following
    year due to delays, and the line was then extended from Commercial drive to VCC-Clark
    in 2006, which meant that the line passed by the combined Commercial-Broadway station
    twice on the same route stopping on different platforms, and creating an interesting pretzel
    setup. The most recent line to open was the Canada
    Line, which was constructed and opened in anticipation of the Winter Olympic Games in
    2009. This line finally filled the void that is
    a north-south connector down to the suburb of Richmond, and more importantly, it also
    connects to Vancouver International Airport Canada’s most important Airport west of Toronto. The 19.2 km, or 11.9 mile long route consists
    of 16 stations, and it forks just past Bridgeport to go to both the Airport and further into
    Richmond. After the Canada Line opened, the Millennium
    Line was extended to Lafarge Lake in Coquitlam with the Evergreen extension in 2016. As part of this extension, service of the
    Millennium and Expo lines was finally adjusted to get rid of the nasty loop, with the Millennium
    line now continuing past Lougheed Town Centre station onto the Evergreen extension, and
    the expo line taking over Braid and Sapperton stations as one of its branches. Besides these lines, there is, of course,
    also the West Coast Express, but we won’t be including it in our discussions much today,
    as it is only a commuter service that doesn’t run for the whole day, and doesn’t quite
    fit our definition of rapid transit. And there you have it, the current structure
    of rapid transit service in the Metro Vancouver Area. The SkyTrain lines alone carry more
    than 500 thousand people daily, with rapid year over year ridership growth driven by
    smart development around stations. Now that we have gone through the current
    system in place, let’s take a look at what the future will bring to the region in terms
    of improvements and extensions. We’ll first look at the extensions that
    are the furthest along – most, if not all of the planning and studies have been done
    for these two extensions, the funding has been secured, and they are currently in procurement,
    with construction scheduled to start in the coming years. First up, we have the Fleetwood Expo Line
    extension, extending the line from King George to Fleetwood in Surrey. This line started out as a light rail project
    that would have connected the system to Newton and Guildford, but that idea has since been
    scrapped, and the funding that would have been enough for that whole line will instead
    go to this extension, which will be a full Skytrain extension. This means that the funding initially enough
    for the light rail line wouldn’t be enough to finish the whole extension to Langley,
    and so this first phase will only have 4 stations, terminating at 166 Street in the Fleetwood
    area of Surrey. The business case for the full Langley extension
    will be completed very soon in early 2020, with construction possibly starting in 2022,
    and revenue service to Fleetwood beginning in late 2025. The other line currently set to start construction
    is the Broadway extension to Arbutus, which extends the Millennium line west from VCC-Clark
    to Arbutus street along Broadway. This is the first step to completing the eventual
    UBC extension of the SkyTrain, which we’ll talk about in more detail later in the video. The Arbutus extension will include 6 stations,
    including an upgraded Broadway-City Hall station at the interchange with the Canada Line, which
    was originally designed with knockout panels in place for this eventual extension. The planning has been completed for the line,
    and they are looking to select a contractor by April 2020, with construction to begin
    late this year, for an expected completion date by 2025. One extra addition to the system that is not
    an extension, but has already been funded and will be commencing construction soon is
    the Capstan Way SkyTrain Station. This is an infill station on the Canada Line,
    located at No.3 road and Capstan Way in Richmond, right between Bridgeport and Aberdeen stations. The way this station was funded is quite unique:
    the city of Richmond collected funds from apartment developers that were building nearby,
    and now that the city has the funding necessary, they are able to finally build the station. The project is still in the design stage,
    and the station should be constructed and begin operating within the next few years. The next few proposed projects are currently
    under study by Translink, and funding isn’t in place just yet, but they are very likely
    to happen in some shape or form in the future. First up, we have the Burnaby Mountain Gondola.
    The main campus of Simon Fraser University is located on top of the mountain, and has
    a significant demand for transit from students. The business case is strong with this project,
    considering the significant development on the mountain, the surprisingly low cost of
    a gondola, the removal of polluting diesel buses, and creating a reliable and rapid connection
    up the mountain, which the buses are not right now particularly in snowy weather. The project is currently under study, with
    3 possible routes being studied, but we think the best route would be direct from Production
    Way-University station to the transit exchange at the top of the mountain. Next up, we are following up the Fleetwood
    Expo Line extension with the full Expo line extension to Langley. As we mentioned before,
    there currently isn’t enough funding for the whole extension to be built, with another
    2 billion dollars needed to build the whole line. However, it will be studied and planned
    alongside the Fleetwood extension, and it’ll be ready to be built when the funding does
    materialize. The next extension is probably the most anticipated
    future extension of the SkyTrain system, the Broadway extension to UBC. As we mentioned
    earlier, the extension has been approved, but the funding has not yet been secured. UBC is one of the largest transit destinations
    in Vancouver, and the university itself is advocating for the line very hard, and is
    even willing to pay for some portion of it, but the logistics for the long extension haven’t
    been sorted out yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more progress
    on it in the near future. And finally, the last project under study
    right now is the YVR International terminal station on the Canada Line. With the expansion of the International terminal
    of the airport (you can check out more details on that in our future of YVR video), the airport
    will be extended far enough to the east to warrant the construction of a new station. This project is being studied right now, and
    is very likely to happen in conjunction with the airport expansion. The next few extensions we’ll talk about
    are likely to happen, but they are not currently under study, and there aren’t any plans
    for them to happen just yet, but they still make a lot of sense and would be valuable
    additions to the system. The first of these is the Millenium line extension
    to Port Coquitlam. When Coquitlam Central station was initially built, a spur in the
    tracks was put in in order to facilitate future development, and this extension would utilize
    that exact spur to extend further east into Port Coquitlam, with a possible stop at Kingsway
    in the middle. Beyond that, an extension to Maple Ridge is
    also possible as well, but that’ll be a long way into the future. The next possible extension, or extensions
    rather, is extending the Expo line down to Guildford or Newton. Either of these could
    happen as skytrain lines or light rail lines depending on the situation, and these two
    urban centers are both good places to connect to the network. The SeaBus route might also get an upgrade
    in the form of what we’d propose to call the Burrard line to Lonsdale Quay, which would
    be a high capacity underground rail shuttle to replace the SeaBus. This would be constructed in a tunnel under
    the Burrard Inlet, and the depth means that they won’t actually be able to cut straight
    across, and instead it’ll have to take a more circuitous route to the other side. And finally, the last route in this category
    is the Arbutus Light Rail. This is a possible line along the Arbutus Greenway, which is
    a historic rail corridor converted into public space for walking and cycling, and it would
    make a great north-south connector through the city, connecting with the Arbutus station
    on the Millennium line extension. The last category of possible lines we’ll
    be looking at are really just fantasy lines, and they are based on the current routes served
    by RapidBus. The three lines in question are the Hastings
    line, the Marine Main line, and the 41 Ave line with a potential connection to Hastings. These will probably not happen too soon as
    the ridership isn’t currently there on these routes, but it’ll be a good way to bring
    even more capacity and comfort to these corridors, especially as major developments such as those
    at Oakridge come online. Alright guys, so this is what the future of
    rapid transit in Metro Vancouver could look like, with all of these being either SkyTrain
    or Light rail lines, tying the region together
    efficiently. We’re really excited to see what the future
    will bring to the region, and we’ll be there along the way to give you guys updates on
    these new developments in the system. If you enjoyed this video, make sure to like,
    subscribe, and tell us down in the comments which new line or extension you are most excited
    for, and if we missed anything important in the future of the system. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and support
    us on Patreon or Ko-fi if you’d like to help us keep making great videos for you guys.
    Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next one! [Outro]

    Thomas and Friends Season 22 Full Episode Compilation
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    Thomas and Friends Season 22 Full Episode Compilation

    February 24, 2020

    RosIe is Red. hello Edward
    there seems to be more mail than usual tonight
    a lot more that’s because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day what’s
    that it’s when people send cards or flowers or give gifts to the ones they
    love and who’s that oh that’s Cupid he represents love and affection why’s he
    got a bow and arrow well when he shoot you with his arrow you’re supposed to
    fall in love fall in love after getting shot with an arrow that’s silly I mean
    that’s just beautiful the next morning down at the docks
    diesel was up to his old tricks Rosie water yet do it
    it wasn’t Rosie’s fault diesel shunted her is that right Thomas
    or are you just sticking up for Rosie because she’s your favorite no Thomas is
    sticking up for me because he’s my friend
    Oh Thomas and Rosie sitting in a tree kis s ing well here we are sitting in a
    tree oh wow palm trees well this isn’t so bad
    yeah this is kind of nice man I wish this dream sequence would never end huh what a lovely dream what later on at
    the washdown hey Thomas I just wanted to say thank you for sticking up for me
    down at the docks I didn’t stick up for you at the docks hey everybody look at
    Rosie she thinks something happened when it didn’t
    haha silly Rosie we should probably move Thomas that’s
    not very nice well actually Henrietta I agree with Tom quiet Toby yes dear Thomas I need you to go to Ofsted Castle
    and pick up some very important passengers you’ll take them to
    Vicarstown where you’ll meet Rosie but I don’t wanna meet Rosie you will do as
    you are told no yes no yes no very well fine I’ll meet Rosie good Rosie it’s very important you take those
    trucks to Vicarstown where you’ll meet Thomas Thomas no by my order no yes no
    yes no very well okay I’ll do it very good mother let’s go for lunch come on
    come on what’s the hurry Rosie I don’t want to
    bump it to Thomas he was so rude to me this morning Thomas was rude and I
    thought he really liked you good thing I wasn’t hauling dynamite hello slow little Tank Engine you’ll be
    pleased to know rosie is running along right behind me Thomas what are you
    doing I don’t want to see Rosie first you’re rude to Rosie now you’re avoiding
    her oh you know Henrietta I actually agree with Tom be quiet Toby yes dear
    that evening at knapford station oh I’m very nervous Rosie could you turn around
    please now where is Thomas now I just need
    topham ah my dear lady hot hi Rosie oh hi Thomas I’m sorry I was rude to you
    I do like you Rosie but no more than the rest of the engines Thomas I feel the
    same way besides I kind of like someone else I know I know
    Billy, right no Ryan really Ryan why Ryan he’s just so original My dear lady hot roses red thomas is
    blue and my dear lady hat I love food perhaps I’m not expressing myself
    properly ahem whiff is quite dirty James is quite neat
    and My dear lady hat I love to eat try changing your tactic Sir Topham Hatt
    very well videos mean Charlie is funny you wanted a kitten instead here’s a
    monkey Oh Sir Topham he’s beautiful special delivery for Sir Topham Hatt dennis is lazy harvey is handy you keep
    the chimp I’ll take the candy hey I’ve got one rosy Nia is orange henry is
    green don’t forget to subscribe that would be me go away Ryan the waterwheel
    is this it yes Thomas this is the one okay if you say so it’s Thomas hello Thomas what’s wrong
    with you today you don’t look very happy that’s because
    I’ve been given a silly job look what they’ve given me to take to to Z Kwan oh
    wow that’s their new waterwheel that’s really important the old water wheel A
    to Z Quan is broken and they need it to bring water to the paddy fields but it
    doesn’t look strong enough to be a proper water wheel I pass a water wheel
    every day back on Sodor it’s big and it’s made of wood and it looks really
    soft but I don’t know what this water wheel is made of it’s not heavy at all
    it’s made from Spinjitzu Thomas spin Jitsu Spinjitzu is strong
    and tough but light enough to float on water it can be used to destroy almost
    anything and it comes from the elements all around us Wow look up ahead Thomas
    they’re using Spinjitzu to destroy that building and look over here Thomas
    they’re using Spinjitzu to destroy a forest Wow
    can anything be made out of Spinjitzu Hey look at me I’m made from Spinjitzu
    I’m so strong and so light I can do anything Thomas you’d better stop daydreaming and
    deliver that water wheel the villagers need it Thomas right I’ll take a
    shortcut and then though I didn’t quite realize
    it there was trouble hello Thomas where are you off to in
    such a rush oh hi young Bao I’m taking this water
    wheel to Zhu Zhi Kuan it’s very important what water wheel Thomas you
    need to get it back great you are young now good luck Thomas Oh No spider-sense tingling I chased the
    waterwheel all over the railway yard I’ve got to stop that waterwheel finally I’ve got to catch that water wheel oh no
    it’s gone at least it didn’t cause any damage later on A to Z quad hey Thomas
    where’s the water wheel I lost the water wheel I tried to take a
    shortcut and if the look the water wheel what’s it doing
    it must have found its friends the Lightning wheel and the ice wheel Wow
    look how happy they are Wow Spinjitzu can do anything
    Thomas’s animal art it was Christmas eat and get was really cold hello zookeeper jack it’s everything
    okay not really Thomas the boiler and the animals winter house is broken down
    shuttle an a diesel generator we need that boiler to keep the animals warm
    especially the ones that come from hot places like Kilimanjaro and three van
    antapuram I can’t believe you pronounce that hmm there must be some other way to
    keep the animals warm I just thought of a great way for the
    animals to get their exercise well they’re supposed to be another boiler on
    the way Emily went to collect it from Brendam docks hours ago but I’m still
    waiting I’m on my way to Brendam docks I can find out what happened meanwhile
    at Brendam docks but the ship carrying the boiler should have been here by now
    oh my god your boiler right here it’s the weather Emily there’s nothing we can
    do but sit and wait I don’t think that boilers gonna get here till after
    Christmas Oh guys it’s right here someone just needs to unload me
    Christmas but those animals need to be kept warm now then you should unload me
    Thomas did the zookeeper send you here yes was he holding a monkey yeah he was
    holding a monkey how weird is that could someone unload this boiler please
    you two are taking up too much space Emily you stay here and wait for that
    boiler boots right here guys Thomas you got someplace better to be
    okay cranky that Thomas sure is helpful to you Emily
    you’re right Carly he is say did you notice you two look rather similar what meanwhile at knapford station just a
    little hiya sir you’ve almost got it Sir Topham Hatt I
    love decorating Christmas Thomas the Tank Engine what are you playing at
    sorry sir but it’s an emergency the boilers broken down at the Animal
    Park and the animals urgently need a place to stay
    oh no this is terrible news but where is a warm place for the animals to stay how
    about the ironworks the smelters yard is hot sir topham hatt oh oh what about the
    volcano wait I know the animals can stay in my oven Sir Topham Hatt you’re not
    trying to eat the animals are you very well what about the Chocolate Factory
    Hey look at this it’s a chocolate mousse what about the Steamworks fine take them
    to the Steamworks Thomas yes sir Sir Topham Hatt Oh Christmas tree
    I wish the animals could have stayed with us at Tidmouth sheds I’m glad
    they’re not do you know what kind of mess they make well I could clean up for
    them good thing you’ve got a snowplow so Thomas loaded up the freight cars and
    had it got to the Animal Park you can load up the animals zookeeper jack thank
    you so much Thomas we’ll hold them up two by two so the animals were loaded
    two by two into Thomas’s train um maybe we should keep the lions and tigers
    separate good idea Thomas oh no we’ll never make it through that
    tunnel huh time for Plan B the bad weather made it difficult to travel
    hold on Rebecca the tunnels blocked ahead Rebecca look out for deep
    snowdrifts ahead thomas thomas continued on oh no I’m stuck the animals are
    getting really cold Thomas well we put them in open freight cars in the middle
    of winter how could they possibly be cold wait I have an idea when I was in
    India I came off the rails and an elephant helped me get back on the
    tracks hey what what’s going on stop at you to
    stop it oh it’s not working maybe we should let the Lions out well how would
    that help it’s working it’s working winter on at Tidmouth sheds oh I do hope
    the animals are okay what on earth are those things
    it’s the animals they’ve come to stay with us oh the indignity it’s an
    emergency Gordon these animals are freezing our boilers can keep them warm
    it’s my Christmas wish come true the next morning Sir Topham Hatt arrived
    merry Christmas everyone hmm what’s that smell Merry Christmas
    sir lions tigers monkeys oh my I couldn’t make it to the Steamworks sir
    so I had to bring the animals back here but Thomas where are the rest of the
    animals they’re inside the cat I tried to tell them this is what life is like
    in Africa this is an outrage now what am I going to eat for Christmas dinner what
    Rebecca does looking good James I know you still look splendid James Percy you
    derailed me anytime Rebecca causing train derailment is just something I do
    and you do it very well Percy so kind and so helpful I’m glad
    he’s my friend Oh No a fire what should i do what
    should I do a fire I’ll save you I’m a hero where’s the
    fire it’s right in front of you ah so it is Hey look the roof is on fire
    you know you’re lucky I’m here fires can be very dangerous you should never try
    to fight a fire by yourself you should leave fire fighting to the
    trained professionals professionals like me Flynn shouldn’t you be putting out
    the fire right you are here I go ready to save the day
    water cannons ready aim my hosts burnt down is the fire out there’s nothing left to
    burn you’re welcome I’m a hero Wow Flynn that was amazing you are amazing
    I’m a really red fire engine Wow a construction site hey it’s a steam
    shovel now that’s amazing oh why yes it is amazing it’s amazing for digging and
    for playing my favorite game what’s in my shovel I love games how do you play
    well you just have to guess what’s in my shovel um okay I’ll guess a 17th century
    pirate hey how on earth did you know that I
    read the script where on earth did you find a pirate Oh words is digging for
    treasure and he was guarding it send him to Davy Jones locker what an incredibly
    ridiculous game I love it well I like her she’s fun this is a your fault bill no bill this
    is your fault oh hi Rebecca
    hello you too oh my what a mess however will it get cleaned up oh what
    an engine with a crane how cool is that oh it’s great fun I just think the
    trains up toss them to the side no Harvey no we’ll be good we’ll be good bill
    what happened welcome Stanley so you see Rebecca the tracks being cleared in no
    time Wow Harvey you clear the track in no
    time I wish I had all those incredible things the other engines had then I’d be
    the coolest engine around but there’s nothing special about me nothing at all well Percy you look incredible
    thanks Emily I got all blinged out at the Steamworks those guys can do
    anything hmm the Steamworks later on at the
    Steamworks Victor could I get a crane or something
    no and maybe a steam shovel no and a bell no and a water cannon no I heard
    Percy said you could do anything we can Rebecca I just don’t want to oh okay sorry to bother you Victor hello
    Rebecca how’s it going today well I’m really quite sad Thomas I think I’d feel
    better if I just had someone to talk to that’s nice oh I wonder what’s wrong
    with Rebecca what are you back to guess what’s in my shovel No thank you Marion
    you seem sad Rebecca what’s wrong it’s just there’s nothing special about me
    Flynn’s a hero that watches houses burned down Harvey’s got a crane that
    can derail trains from far away and you have a steam shovel that can dig very
    silly things but Who am I I’m just a steamy a steamy
    among Steamies you’re more than that Rebecca you don’t have magnets for
    couplers you’ve got a tiny tender and you’re not made from wood at all I’m
    made from wood go away Ryan yes sir and more than that Rebecca you see the good
    in everyone no matter how many crashes accidents and derailments we have you
    keep thinking we’re all unique and special you do do that Rebecca out of my
    way squirt wow you crash Thomas really fast I’ve never seen anyone cause an
    accident so quickly is that so well maybe I’ll just derail you last see you
    later ladies you see you just made Vinnie feel wonderful about himself I
    did didn’t I hurray for you so how about another game
    of guess what’s in my shovel um okay let me think is it spider-man sword
    fighting a monkey you’re right again this channel is getting weirder by the
    season you’re telling me

    Travel By Train Dangerous Mountain Khojak Pass Journey 2020
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    Travel By Train Dangerous Mountain Khojak Pass Journey 2020

    February 23, 2020

    I’m traveling Pakistan by train, In this video, Pakistan Railways Passenger train Chaman Mixed is passing through the snowy Khojak Pass Balochistan. The train stops at Shela Bagh Railway Station before entering 3.9 Km Long Khojak Railway Tunnel. My journey on Rohri Chaman Mainline 3. Its railway track was laid in the 19th century by the British, as a part of the Great Game. The Great Game was all about expanding powers in Central Asia by two forces the British and the Russians and controlling natural resources in the region. During the late 19th century, the British Raj in India had begun to worry about Russia expanding its power in Central Asia. Fearing that the Russians may enter the region from Afghanistan via Kandahar, the British decided to lay their railway tracks all the way to Kandahar so they could send their troops to counter Russian forces. In order to do so, the British had to pass the famous 2,290-metre high Khojak pass of Toba Kakar Mountain, which has been crossed for centuries by soldiers, merchants, and conquerors. The 3.9km tunnel was constructed from 1888 to 1891 under the Khojak Pass, and the tunnel was named after it, Khojak Tunnel. It is located 1,945 m (6,381 ft) above sea level. It remains one of the longest Railway tunnels in South Asia and the longest in Pakistan.

    The Death Railway Museum, Thanbyuzayat, Myanmar
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    The Death Railway Museum, Thanbyuzayat, Myanmar

    February 23, 2020

    The Death Railway Museum
    Thanbyuzayat, Myanmar
    13 September 2019 Hello. Meet the THAIRAIL Channel. Now, we are bringing to visit Myanmar. We are taking a car to see the Death Railway Museum. Which is located in Thanbyuzayat, southern Myanmar This railway line, the Japanese Army has been building since The World War II era, 1942 With the beginning from the Nong Pladuk Junction Railway Station Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province in Thailand Passing through Kanchanaburi to the Three Pagodas Pass and entered the border of Myanmar at Payathonzu. until connecting with the Southern Railway Line of Myanmar at Thanbyuzayat. Currently, this railway can only be used partially is from Nong Pladuk Junction to Sai Yok Noi Railway Halt. which is located only in Thailand as for the Myanmar side, this railway has been discontinued The Myanmar authorities have therefore built a museum to record the history of this railway. In the meantime, we will take a look at the route from Mawlamyine to Thabyuzayat. Going to cross the southern railway line of Myanmar, beginning from Yangon. The former capital of Myanmar through Mawlamyine and Thabyuzayat to the destination at Dawei. The Death Railway Museum, Thanbyuzayat In front of the museum The museum has 2 floors of exhibit space. The 1st floor has 3D drawings of Death Railway. A picture of a prisoner of war that was conscripted to build a railway. 2nd floor, showing historical photos of the death railway on the Myanmar side. The reason why this railway is called the Death Railway is because many prisoners were used in the construction to allow the Japanese army to transport weapons and troops into Myanmar until causing tens of thousands of prisoners to die from various diseases and food shortages. Painting of General Aung San, Hero of Myanmar The garden outside the museum building There is 1 steam locomotive on display The C56 Mokul steam locomotive is made in Japan. Number C-0522 One of the many steam locomotives that have been used on the Death Railway between Thailand and Myanmar and is a brother to the steam engine numbers 713 and 175. of Thailand that is still maintained for use today. The railway shows the use of prisoners of war in the construction of the Death Railway. To the point where the Death Railway joins Myanmar’s Southern Railway Line. This is the end of this historic railway. Brought pictures of the museum together Thank you all for watching. See you in the next episode. Don’t forget to click SUBSCRIBE! Thank you.