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    Forest Growing on Abandoned Railroad Tracks
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    Forest Growing on Abandoned Railroad Tracks

    August 8, 2019

    hello ladies and germs yeah so I just
    thought this is RailROL82 your railroad archaeologist I just pulled
    this video on this abandoned train here and now I’m gonna show you guys these
    supers over here see I’m guessing by the looks of these trees that it’s been
    years and years since they’ve been in use try see if I can find a date on the
    rail well we do in an organized fashion so
    I’m gonna follow this / great and then I’m way back I’ll follow the one to my
    right if it’s follow ball so here we go 1927 a railroad from 1927 well it sounds like the rainforest so we
    get all kinds of birds and animals this is super fantastic over here so
    riflemen archaeologists up in mud yes I think this would have been the end of
    the line here there’s a hole right there and there’s a pretty dense forest here yeah I’m not gonna be role walk through
    here at least not safety but there you can still see the tracks on that side you’re for accessing so I have to kind of leave this between
    those wheels here okay and then this one yeah see the ties fungus growing on the
    north side of the track longest always blows in the North yeah
    it just goes there’s a pick on and now hear it it’s not gonna step in that
    so yeah just moving more and then that way it’s even more dense Dhar she is look at this
    man those treason was Beach like decades old with Alitalia yeah it’s taller than
    the power lines all righty guys and we’re back here
    where we started from so give you one more shot of the
    abandoned Spurs back here I appreciate you watching this video please comment
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    Wednesdays and Sunday mornings alrighty guys thank you very much take care bye

    Train at One of THE BIGGEST Railroad Crossings
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    Train at One of THE BIGGEST Railroad Crossings

    August 8, 2019

    hey this is RailROL82 here, your
    railroad archaeologist so today I’m going to show you guys one of the
    biggest well road crossings I’ve ever seen I originally thought was gonna be
    an Amtrak train coming through but it was a try rail train so forgive me on
    that but yeah check out this railroad crossing it is huge tell me what you
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    alerts on the videos please leave me a comment enjoy the video yo ladies done we’re all ready to hear
    so today I’m gonna show you guys the Amtrak train headed north at the
    Hollywood Boulevard crossing right there you can see the mile post that’s a CSX
    assign ten 19.8 and this is going to be the crossing where he’s gonna come
    through it’s a little bit cloudy to things so I apologize if there’s a lack
    of light but yeah he’s gonna grace our presence
    through here oh sorry there’s a trail but yeah

    LONG Slow Train at Big Railroad Crossing
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    LONG Slow Train at Big Railroad Crossing

    August 8, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, we’re about to see a train at a big railroad crossing guys this is
    all the tomb Road in hialeah florida and it’s gonna be FCC train 222 so this is like 545 550 and I know it
    doesn’t look like it but it is rush hour the light just turned red right now so
    we’re going to see the accumulation of artists like somebody okay
    so he has the green over there at iris I can see so he’s probably going we’re gonna see some get on this
    probably this is the FBC line goes all the way
    from Hialeah Florida Jacksonville it’s all about 366 miles long and this is
    gonna be a road train it’s probably gonna have an LNG tender behind the lead
    engine LNG is a liquefied natural gas they run on a hybrid of a liquefied
    natural gas and diesel and knowing what I know about this place
    we’re going to see a couple of games I don’t know why his points also
    obviously smoking o’clock boy he has a dream come on money why are you taking your
    time right there you go there’s the other tooth under liquefied
    natural gas oh and the breast cancer and Susan G
    Foreman I think it is yes using equipment so this is gonna be a mystery I’ve got a feeling of you for a while I’ll include a Google Maps into this
    location guys you guys cannot see where a man follow along seems like he’s slowing down a little
    bit wonder if that green are turned into a red as I know I remember
    and my conductor days at that same signal when if you didn’t go over it and
    next time on a time it turns back into reading you had to wait all over again
    to a signal reset it yeah definitely soda I think he’s just accelerated that was rock then we get the pig
    boiling point baby well the trains over you guys are going
    to see the amount of traffic that this train create over here this is one of
    the main arteries in our Hialeah dune road is
    and you’re going to see the amount of cars that are backed up at this time this is one of my favorite crossings
    because it has mechanical postal and this is one of the reasons why since I
    was a kid I began loving trains and often because my great grandparents used
    to live two blocks so sad to hear 20 this is all right parallel to 21st
    Street they lived on 19th Street so I was a kid they used to come digging here
    every afternoon to see the train and I guess it’s talked 30-something years
    later doing the same thing sharing with you
    guys UPS more pigs Dhokla stacking a motor anybody’s keeping track of the cartel
    please let me know in the comments below I’d love to know why do you guys like to live in this
    little house over here we open every single day remember sometimes in my day when I was
    the conductor when we stop night the signal virus but the next one down hose
    in a so you might call a bad neighborhood and sometimes you would
    stop there for a few minutes and few minutes was enough to some vandals to
    come and break open order the words on some containers and you see like
    merchandise scattered all over the world whatnot good times began picking up steam okay now comes the fun part we got miles and miles and miles of
    backed up traffic over see you if you find any interesting
    objects on the track oh yeah there you go all right guys check out one of these
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    Weird Railroad Crossing
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    Weird Railroad Crossing

    August 8, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is RailROL82 here once again and today I’m gonna show you guys a very weird Unusual unorthodox railroad crossing right so this is West 21st Street in Hialeah, Florida right now I’m facing West This will be facing East that’s the Metro Rail up top there and then this Crossing here. This is the actual signal like two traffic lights Here you can see the crossing number Emergency contact info How could this crossing malfunction, funny right? It’s a traffic light and Then there you got the DOT number So here you got track view This would be Northwest and then this would be South East right But I’m going to attempt to cross This is actually the water plant spur This track is used on demand about every three or four weeks and The conductor Flags the crossing So this is the South Side of the crossing that I’m at now, you got the same deal over here you got traffic light and That’s your crossing right here, it’s always green unless you got a train coming through So this track continues thru here, I have a train that I caught at this The water plant train, I caught it a few months ago. I’ll include a link to it in the bottom. See along this track Hello kitty Okay guys So yeah, this is once again track view West sorry South and North turning north. Oh North West Concrete cross ties alright guys Thank you very much for viewing please subscribe or like take care over and out