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    Traveling Balochistan Pakistan by Train Jacobabad To Quetta
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    Traveling Balochistan Pakistan by Train Jacobabad To Quetta

    October 15, 2019

    A journey through breath taken Landscapes Bolan Pass Tunnels and double locomotives the best performance to reach 1800 Meters above sea level on Pakistan Railway Rohri Chaman Main line A Journey from Jacobabad Sindh to Quetta Balochistan. But for most people a trip on Jaffar Express mean Something for more. The Fulfillment of lifelong dream Traveling Balochistan By Pakistan Railway. My Train arrived 6:30 at Jacobabad Junction sindh But waiting for sunrise and Security clearance before departure. Because of unrest in Balochistan. Bolan Express also arrived Finally at 8:00 am we are departing from Jacoababad to Quetta. Daily three trains from Peshawar Lahore and Karachi arrived here and departure for Quetta. This video is for Whom never been Balochistan in their life like me, I’m 36 and my first journey in Balochistan. Balochistan Poverty and Desert from Jacoababd Sindh to Quetta. Almost 310 Km in 8 to 9 Hours by Jaffar Express. Derra Allah Yaar is first Raiwlay station of Balochistan. and Headquater of Jaffarabad District of Balochistan. On Rohri – Chaman Main Railway line Balochistan Supply Gas whole Country but drying dung cake for fuel to use in the kitchen for fire. Mostly single story Mud houses and Afghani immigrants huts. Dera Murad Jamali is a city of ex prime minister Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali and Railway Station. Second Coach train’s Wheel is cracked. But Train driver decided to reach next station slowly slowly. The Naseerabad District of Balochistan is irrigated with Desert and Pat Feeder canals from Gudu Barrage on Indus River. Balochistan neighboring regions are Iranian Balochistan to the west. Afghanistan and Federally administered Tribal area to the North and Sindh and Punjab to the East. To the south is Arabian Sea. Balochistan is the largest province in terms of land area. Forming the south western region of the country. Boggy No 2 is detached and Train is ready to Go Quetta. The Driver said it was it was out of order from Lahore. Balochistan’s area is 347,190 Sq Km and Population 12.34 Million in 2017 GDP almost 9.13 Millions USD Cheapest Lunch on Sibbi Railway Station under 1 $ better than other Railway Stations. in Pakistan. Did you know that Sibbi has 5th Highest temperature ever recorded. in Pakistan at 53 C 127 F on 26th May 2010 Nari Bolan Canal project provides for the irrigation about of 24,000 acres by means of damming the Monsoon flow of the Bolan River in the sibbi Plains. Massey Ferguson 260 Bolan Pass an Important Natural Gateway through Central Brohi range in Balochistan Province. Connecting Sibbi with Quetta By Road and Railway. For centuries it has been a route for traders, invaders and Nomadic tribes between India Higher Asia It comprises a series of long, narrow valleys are gorges and extence for 55 Miles from Rindli in the south to the Darwaza near Kolpur in the North. This strategic Railway line was constructed by Sindh, Punjab and Delhi Railway. construction begain in 1879 and completed in 1887 Which by then part of North Western State Railway. Quetta was always considered as an important strategic Destination by British Raj. as the fear of the Russian Empire could advance from Afghanistan to Quetta. there by threatning its Rule in south Asia. 17 Nov 2015 the Quetta bound Jaffar Express Derailed at Abi Gum. The Abi Gum Derailment killed 20 and injured 96 people. 16 August 2013 The Rawalpindi Bound jaffar express was attacked, with Rocket in Dozen. killing 2 and injuring 10 people. the Band Baloch libration army claimed responsibility for the attack 21 October 2013 Quetta bound Jaffar express was hit with bomb planted on railway track in Naseerabad District. killing 6 and injuring 17 people. No one yet claimed responsibilty. 2 locomotives diesel engines are on Hard job Abi Gum to Spazend Junction altitude 937 Meters to 1800 Meters up in 45 Km. Machh is located in stony hills its divided three parts area of Jail, Railway and town. People belonging from different tribes Like balochi, Kashmiri, Hazara, Sindhi, Punjabi and Hindus. The Town has an Altitude of 1006 Meters most economic activities in Machh. revolves around Coal Mines. Buying and selling of Coal. the Major source of employment is Public sectors. Railway, Jail, Wapda Sui Gas and lavies Force. Machh town has a market that cattle the coal miners and residents. Machh is famous for its Jail, built in 1929. and coal mines. Train is now Near Quetta. Quetta is the Provencial Capital and Largest city of Balochistan. It has Population of 1,001,000 according to the 2017 While Quetta district has a population of 2.2 Millions City is known as the Fruit Garden of Pakistan. Due to the Numarous Fruit orchard in and around it and large varity of fruit and dry fruit. the immediate area has long one of the pastures and Mountains. with varied plants and animals relative to the dry Plains to the west Quetta is at an average elevation of 1680 Meters above sea level. making its Pakistan;s only high altitude Major City. Thanks for watching Complete video Comment for improvement of my content Bye.

    How to Ride RTD
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    How to Ride RTD

    October 15, 2019

    Daren: It seems like just yesterday when I
    moved here. Six years ago with no car. I’m still here without a car. Don’t need one. I get everywhere I need
    to go on RTD. Whether by train or bus, RTD gets me
    around to my job, to events, airport or just meet with my
    friends. At first, I wasn’t sure exactly how to
    ride RTD. But now it’s a snap. I can’t picture my
    life without it. I had some questions when I first started using RTD: which bus or train? Can I transfer? How much is it? How do I pay? Well, let me
    put your fears to rest. Just three easy steps and you’re on your way. Step 1: plan your trip. You can get this
    information at the main Transit Centers, on the website at or by calling the telephone information
    center at 303.299.6000. Our specialists can tell you
    the best way to get where you’re going, what the cost will be and they can even
    help you find the nearest bus stop or parking lot. Step 2: get on board. Head to the bus stop, Park-n-Ride or
    Transit Center to board your bus and pay. Now, there are many ways to pay your fare. You need exact cash fare if you want to
    pay when you get on the bus. Drivers don’t have change. Now, if you
    buy ticket books or monthly passes, you could really save. Most RTD riders use
    some form of prepaid fare. At major Transit Centers, King Soopers or
    Safeway, you can use debit or credit cards to buy
    your tickets or passes. Step 3: relax. Once you’re on, sit back
    and enjoy the ride. I usually catch up on my emails. Close to
    your stop. Pull the cord located along the window
    to let the driver know Not sure where you stop is. Just ask
    the driver if you need help. Make sure you get a transfer from the
    bus driver if you plan to get on another bus or train. A transfer gives you about an hour to
    catch another route. Riding light rail is very similar but with two differences. The first is, if
    you don’t have a pass or ride coupon, you must buy a ticket at the ticket
    vending machine because you can’t pay on board the train. These machines are
    located at each light rail station. The second is for pre-purchased tickets you need to get it punched at the validating machine
    near the ticket vending machines. Your light rail ticket is also your
    transfer if you need to get on a bus to complete your trip. Make sure to have
    that validated ticket or pass handy because fare inspectors will check for
    your fare. That’s it! You are on your way. So, give RTD a try
    like I did, and soon you leave the hassle and the
    traffic behind. 0

    Learn  Shapes and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn the Train! 🎃
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    Learn Shapes and Carve Pumpkins with Shawn the Train! 🎃

    October 14, 2019

    Hi, I am Shawn.
    I want to teach you different shapes. Then we can carve Halloween pumpkins with those shapes. Let’s see what shapes we have: SQUARE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE,
    RECTANGLE, OVAL, RHOMBUS, OCTAGON Now it’s time to carve pumpkins with those shapes. Let’s carve a robot pumpkin. We need two SQUARES for the eyes. One OCTAGON for the nose and one RECTANGLE for the mouth. Good job! Now let’s carve a cartoon pumpkin. We need two OVALS for the eyes. One CIRCLE for the nose. and a HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth. Well done! And now let’s carve a Halloween pumpkin. We need two TRIANGLES for the eyes. One RHOMBUS for the nose. A HALF-CIRCLE for the mouth. And three SQUARES for the teeth. Thank you! Now we are ready for Halloween! Ah! Oh!

    Learn to Count with Shawn the Train  –  Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids
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    Learn to Count with Shawn the Train – Fun and Educational Cartoon for Kids

    October 14, 2019

    Hi, my name is Shawn.
    I want to help you learn numbers. Let’s count all the objects in my wagons. I have ONE(1) car. ONE(1) TWO(2) construction cones. ONE(1), TWO(2) THREE(3) drums. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3) FOUR(4) wheels. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4) FIVE(5) mailboxes. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5) SIX(6) jars of jam. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6) SEVEN(7) keys. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7) EIGHT(8) balls. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8) NINE(9) nails. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9) And TEN(10)… Oh, no! My crates fell on the ground.
    Now my wagon has ZERO(0) crates. Help me count to TEN(10) to put them back in my wagon. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), TEN(10) We did it! Thank you!
    Now we’re ready to go. Let’s go! Wait car! I didn’t mean you go, I meant “Let’s go!”
    Ok. Let’s count numbers one more time. ONE(1), TWO(2), THREE(3), FOUR(4), FIVE(5),
    SIX(6), SEVEN(7), EIGHT(8), NINE(9), and TEN(10)

    Train Song for Kids – Train Videos for Children
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    Train Song for Kids – Train Videos for Children

    October 14, 2019

    ♪ Well I’m chugga-chugga. I’m a choo-choo train.
    I eat coal for breakfast and for dinner the same. ♪ I never brush my teeth because they turn black.
    I never take a bath and I never look back. ♪ I don’t play nice and I don’t share but if you
    need going, I’ll get you there with a chug, ♪ And a chug and a…
    Choo-choo! ♪ Got fire in my belly and a soot grey heart, ♪ Wheels of steel pull 200 cars.
    I’m two tracks wide with a one-track mind, ♪ A thousand miles of rails ahead and behind. ♪ I speed up when I hit that steep mountain climb
    and I won’t slow til the other side with a chug, ♪ And a chug, and a…
    Choo-choo! ♪ Never was the engine that could, I always did. ♪ Never met steep that I couldn’t climb.
    Never not been right on time. ♪ Never heard impossible,
    Too hard or too much to pull. Neverrrr! ♪ Choo-choo! ♪♪♪ ♪ Well I’m chugga-chugga. I’m a choo-choo train.
    Deliver through snow, sleet, hail or rain. ♪ I’ll haul animal, vegetable,
    mineral, anything in particular. ♪ Cargo in general.
    I’ll take people if they’re inclined. They’ll mind their business
    and I’ll mind mine with a chug, ♪ And a chug, and a…
    Choo-choo! ♪ I know what’s best and I know these rails.
    You got an opinion you keep it to yourself. ♪ I’m a nice engine but keep out of my way. ♪ Let my horn say all I want to say.
    You hear that, better step aside. ♪ Ain’t nobody gonna break my stride.
    Nobody gonna hold me down. ♪ Choo-choo! ♪♪♪ ♪ Always knew I could, didn’t have to think. ♪ Always met steep with push and drive.
    Always keep my caboose behind. ♪ I always know I can.
    No one goes further or faster than… ♪ Choo-choo! ♪♪♪ ♪ ‘Scuse me if I take awhile to
    pass by at the railroad stop. ♪ I’m half a mile long ♪ And you’ll have to wait for all my 200 tons
    and a hundred rail cars and when I’m done ♪ You’ll hear the dinging of the gate. ♪ Not to say my destination is of more importance
    but after all I have the right of way. ♪ Just give a wave and count the railcars
    as you wait for them to pass ♪ And try and guess what I’m carrying today. ♪ People, cows, rocks and cars,
    soil, coal, grains and oil, ♪ Televisions, furniture and goats. ♪ I’m chugga-chugga choo-choo train.
    I eat coal for breakfast and for dinner the same. ♪ Nice to meet you.
    See you down the road. ♪♪♪ ♪ I’m chugga-chugga. I’m a choo-choo train.
    Deliver through snow, sleet, hail or rain. ♪ I’m two tracks wide with a one-track mind,
    rails for miles ahead and behind. ♪ I always know I can. No one goes further
    or faster than… Chug-ga-chug-ga… ♪ Choo-choo! Click to subscribe. Or watch more videos!

    Галилео. Монорельс 🚝 Monorail
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    Галилео. Монорельс 🚝 Monorail

    October 13, 2019

    Не так давно в московском метрополитене
    открылась особенная линия – монорельс. Монорельс, это разновидность рельсового транспорта, особенность которого в том, что движение осуществляется
    не по двум рельсам, а по одному. Несмотря на то, что первый пассажирский монорельс был открыт ещё 200 лет назад, Россия обзавелась таким
    сравнительно недавно. Вот мы и решили узнать, что заставило железнодорожный транспорт
    пересесть на одну-единственную рельсу, и почему собственно весь остальной транспорт
    не переходит на монорельс. Смотрим. Он детектив. Его работа –
    выслеживает негодяев. Неделю назад сыщику удалось подбросить
    в карман одного из бандитов маячок, и сейчас детектив идёт по следу. Судя по карте сыщика, через мгновение
    он встретится с преступником нос к носу. Но где же он? Ошибки быть не может. Не растворился же этот мерзавец
    в воздухе. ♫ Too many days
    to get lost ♫ Какая досадная осечка. Опытный сыщик, а просчитался. Преступник уехал у него из-под носа,
    на монорельсе. Если бы детектив смотрел программу «Галилео»,
    то не совершил бы столь глупые ошибки. ♫ Too many days
    to get lost ♫ Монорельсовый состав всегда находится
    в движении. Он перевозит пассажиров даже если весь город
    стоит в одной большой пробке. На пути состава нет ни светофоров,
    ни пешеходных переходов. Путь, который на машине
    мы обычно проделываем за час, монорельс проходит
    всего за двадцать две минуты. Несмотря на внешнее сходство с обычной
    электричкой, монорельс совсем на неё не похож. Рельсы электрички проложены по земле. Их, как известно, две. Монорельсовый состав передвигается над землёй,
    на девятиметровой высоте, по одной рельсе. У электрички две кабины машиниста. Чтобы не разворачивать поезд,
    машинист переходит из одной кабины в другую, и движется в обратном направлении. У монорельса всего одна кабина. Для того, чтобы начать движение, монорельсу обязательно нужно развернуться. Сделать это можно с помощью
    гениального механизма – поворотного круга. Вот как он работает. В центре абсолютно круглой станции
    находится мобильный рельс, который как карусель
    вращается вокруг своей оси. Когда состав заезжает на рельс, он
    поворачивается и переносит поезд на нужный путь. Раньше, в начале прошлого века, поворотные круги крутили вручную, разворачивая таким образом
    длинные поезда. А сейчас весь механизм управляется
    с помощью одного человека, и обычного наладонника. Этот состав может вместить 300 пассажиров. Столько же человек помещается
    в небольшом драматическом театре. За один день монорельсовый поезд
    перевозит 11 тысяч пассажиров – примерно треть футбольного стадиона. Напрашивается вопрос: как один единственный
    рельс выдерживает такую тяжесть? А вдруг состав
    соскользнёт с рельса и упадёт? Оказывается, это невозможно. Сдвинуть состав с рельса не может
    ни ураганный ветер, ни даже землетрясение. Секрет монорельса в электромагните. Между днищем поезда и монорельсовой дорогой создано мощное магнитное поле,
    так называемая магнитная подушка. Именно на неё и опирается
    многотонный состав. Получается, монорельс не скользит по рельсам,
    как обычная электричка, а плывёт над ними
    в электромагнитном поле. Такой принцип движения называется электромагнитной левитацией. Сила электромагнита огромна. Попробуйте открыть обычную дверь
    в обычном подъезде, если она заперта
    на электромагнитный замок. Отпереть дверь можно лишь нажав на кнопку
    домофона, которая и отключает электромагнит. Взгляните, какой крошечный магнит,
    зато какой сильный. То же самое происходит
    и с монорельсом. Здесь электромагнит
    в несколько десятков раз больше. Он будет держать поезд,
    пока не отключат электричество. Кстати, как раз сейчас магнит выключен, потому что поезд заехал в депо
    на технический осмотр. Интересно, а здесь что происходит? Не пугайтесь.
    Это всего лишь разворот стрелки. На монорельсовой дороге роль стрелки
    выполняет сама монорельсовая дорога, эффектно поворачиваясь в воздухе. За стрелками, электромагнитами и поездами
    на монорельсовой дороге неустанно следят диспетчеры и
    компьютерная программа. Именно она контролирует действия машинистов. Если на одной из станций произошла задержка
    во время посадки пассажиров, компьютер даст сигнал остальным поездам
    сбросить скорость. Все составы оборудованы системой
    очень похожей на GPS. В любую секунду диспетчер может узнать
    точное местонахождение поезда. Нашему детективу такая система не помешала бы. Но увы, у него сегодня неудачный день. Злоумышленник ушёл,
    и его уже не догнать. Сыщика радует лишь одно – в следующий раз от него никто не уйдёт.

    Rail Nation Tutorial – Bahnhof | Train Station
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    Rail Nation Tutorial – Bahnhof | Train Station

    October 13, 2019

    Hello everyone. Today I’ll show you the train station in Rail Nation. As you can see here, there’s a total of
    11 different buildings in the train station. I’ll just click on the engine house,
    the most important building… …and upgrade it. All other buildings, apart from
    the lottery can also be upgraded. You can see the upgrade starts right away
    and takes a certain amount of time. You can speed up the process with Gold. If you no longer wish to upgrade the building,
    you can also cancel the upgrade. I did just that. Apart from that you can see that you will
    receive prestige for every building upgrade. In return you have to invest cash for the upgrade. The construction time increases with each upgrade. It’s a smart tactic to always upgrade the engine house first. That allows you to own more engines
    that in turn bring you more cash. So whenever you can upgrade the engine house, just do it. The second most important building is the laboratory. The laboratory speeds up the generation of research points. The further you have upgraded the laboratory,
    the quicker you can research the latest engines, which of course are better than the
    old ones and earn more money for you. Also you can store more research points
    when upgrading the laboratory. You can see it here: at level two you can store 7
    instead of the 6 research points you can store at level one. The next important building is the bank. The bank determines your account limit. You can see my account limit is currently set at $100,000. And I have a balance of $68,000. Any income you get after you’ve hit
    the account limit will be lost. Hence it’s always important to upgrade the bank
    so that no money will be wasted. The track production determines how
    many routes you may own in total. It makes sense to upgrade it when needed, but you should always keep
    a little reserve of one or two routes. The next building is the construction yard. The construction yard is particularly
    interesting at the start of an era, when you want to upgrade your
    engine house as quickly as possible. That is because the construction yard
    reduces the construction time of buildings. In this case by 5%. If, in the end, you fully upgrade the construction yard,
    construction times will be reduced by 75%. Then there’s the station concourse. The station concourse’s main advantage is that it
    rewards you with a lot of prestige when you upgrade it. The licence trade determines how many
    goods licences you may hold at any one time. At the start upgrades are not all that interesting,
    since the costs are quite high. As time goes by it will however become worth it,
    since you can generate much more income with many licences. There are also three other buildings with
    collectable bonuses as you can see here. The restaurant, shopping centre and hotel. The restaurant generates a bonus every 90 minutes,
    which can then be collected by clicking on this green button. The shopping centre works in the same way. Just the bonus can only be collected every 6 hours. But it’s a bigger bonus, too. If you aren’t online that much,
    the shopping centre will be more useful to you. Otherwise you should first upgrade the restaurant. At the hotel, you can’t collect cash, but prestige instead. The further you upgrade the hotel,
    the more prestige you can collect. You can collect this bonus every 3 hours. I’ll collect it just now. Now it will be three hours before I can collect it again. In the end your train station may look similar to this. And to make sure that it will do so as fast as possible, it’s best if you go back to the game now
    and upgrade your train station. I wish you lots of fun!

    Hoekse Lijn RET Metro Rotterdam
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    Hoekse Lijn RET Metro Rotterdam

    October 13, 2019

    Vlaardingen Centrum Vlaardingen West Schiedam Nieuwland Schiedam Centrum Schiedam Nieuwland Vlaardingen Oost Vlaardingen West Van Beethovensingel Vlaardingen Oost Schiedam Vlaardingen Centrum Vlaardingen West Van Beethovensingel Vlaardingen Oost

    High-speed Rail in Canada
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    High-speed Rail in Canada

    October 13, 2019

    Hi Youtube, This is Geekteen2.
    I’m going to talk about high-speed rail. Right now, Canada doesn’t have any high-speed rail
    lines. It’s the only country of G8 without high-speed rail. I think that Canada should
    use high-speed rail, like the other members of G8.
    According to the European Union, high-speed rail is passenger rail that operates at least
    200 kilometers per hour on upgraded track and at least 200 kilometers per hour on upgraded
    track and at least 250 kilometers hour on new track.
    They travel fastest on specific tracks with few curves and no at-grade crossings. This
    is often faster than any other passenger rail except maglev.
    High-speed trains move much faster than speed limits for cars. Their maximum speed is often
    slower than passenger jets, but travel times can possibly be shorter for shorter distances.
    Train stations are often located in city centers, while airports are often located outside cities.
    Train stations aren’t often required to check baggage for security, unlike airports.
    Another advantage of high-speed rail over air travel is that it often runs on electricity
    from overhead lines, as aircrafts generally burn gasoline. Rail travel is also a very
    efficient way of transportation. The safety of HSR is often better than both car and aircraft,
    especially when it’s on dedicated tracks. The main disadvantage of HSR over air travel
    is that it’s more expensive. Here’s a chart that shows how many high-speed
    rail lines are in each G8 country. I added the most populated countries China and India,
    and Spain which is a large user of HSR, even though they’re not part of G8. China has the
    most, with France in second. This graph shows the total length of high-speed
    rail in each of those countries. This includes both track in operation, and track under construction.
    China now has the longest length, with Spain in second.
    Canada has a low population density. This makes it hard to find areas that are suitable
    for high-speed rail. There have been 2 proposed HSR lines in Canada;
    One would be in Ontario and Quebec. It would go from Windsor, to London, to Toronto, to
    Ottawa, to Montreal, and then finally to Quebec city.
    The other proposed HSR line would be in Alberta. It would go from Calgary, to Red Deer, to
    Edmonton. A few international lines have been discussed
    by polititians, with little progress. One is from Vancouver to Seattle, to improve Amtrak
    Cascades. I’m in support of this line, and I think that it should be extended farther,
    if successful. There are many people driving or flying from
    Portland to Seattle, or the other way around, which makes this a good route for high-speed
    rail. It could then go to San Francisco, to link to the high-speed rail line in California,
    which is already being planned. That line would be far from now. There could also be
    an international line in Eastern Canada and United states.
    In my previous video, I talked about a high-speed rail line in BC, going from Vancouver to Whistler.
    But this line is unrealistic, as high-speed rail is likely to be too expensive for the
    area. That video is no longer public. I still think that there should be a passenger
    rail service going from Vancouver to Whistler available alongside the Rocky Mountaineer,
    that’s both faster and cheaper. But it would have to be slower than high-speed rail. A
    more appropriate option would be diesel-electric multiple unit, preferably running on biodiesel,
    which produces far fewer greenhouse gas emmissions. In 2009, EKOS research associates asked many
    Canadians a survey on their opinions on high-speed rail development in Canada.
    80 percent of them supported HSR, 62 percent of them strongly supported it, and only 6
    percent were against it. High-speed rail started in Japan in 1964,
    and Europe first used it in 1967. Now it’s time for Canada to adapt it.
    I’ve decided to allow video responses without my approval to this and all my other political
    videos, to allow people to express their opinions on the subject.

    Railway Journey Jhelum To Lahore Pakistan Travel by Train 2019
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    Railway Journey Jhelum To Lahore Pakistan Travel by Train 2019

    October 13, 2019

    I’m traveling Pakistan by train, in this video Railway journey from Jhelum to Lahore The railcar is arriving on Platform No 2 for departing Lahore Main Railway Stations in my journey are Kharian, Lalamusa junction, Gujrat, Wazirabad junction, and Gujranwala. entire journey on Pakistan Railways Mainline1 in central Punjab Pakistani Train 102 down Subak Kharam takes 3 hours to complete 170 Km Journey. The Train is 3 minutes late Train passes over Jhelum and Chenab Rivers. Railway Minister Sheikh Rasheed announced to upgrade the Mainline1Railway Track for 160 per hour Speed. Thanks for watching the complete video, Like share and Subscribe Tarar Support Kindly Feedback in Comment.