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    Abandoned Railroad that connected to Oversea Railway
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    Abandoned Railroad that connected to Oversea Railway

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today again We’re standing here next to a piece of history. This is the FEC branch line that connected Next to the main over there next to us one which I’m gonna walk you guys all the way through today I’m gonna walk you all the way the u.s. One and show you what it is that replaced This line that connected, this branch line that connected to the main over there by u.s. One that eventually went to the keys and became the oversea railway so before I do that. I’m gonna give you a little orientation here, so Right now, This is facing north Facing east South and west I’ll include a Google Maps link So you guys can see where I’m at so I’m gonna start the tour right now, then here we see the rail That might have been for a crossing sensor Tie plate Wooden cross ties Another tie plate there, so this is heading west. Oh, sorry South right So this line approximately 1984 was when it when, the last time a train came through here So this tree has been growing since 1984 Look at the gap we got here Okay, I think I might see a date on these rails 1945 yeah 1945 Is it yeah, okay All right, so this is where it starts Where the evidence starts to fade see one rail over here cross ties and then This here is the Snapper Creek Canal, so I am going to actually cross this and Continue the tour all the way to where the mainline was Ok guys so right now I’m standing here on the Ave, this is SW 70th ave right and that’s where I was filming right now So there is the end of the line or what is the end of the line right now, you can see snapper Creek canal And then Here there would have been a wooden trestle bridge you guys go on historic You can more or less make it out They have a 1969 aerial shot of this place. You can see the wooden trestle bridge here And I think you can see an iguana right here actually, let me see… yeah There’s an iguana right there so yeah, so then there is the ROW and then Here there is no traces of it at all They removed everything However, I remember where it Used to be so I’m gonna show you and As you can see here we have Southwest 70th Avenue South West 85th Street So I’m gonna go ahead and cross and She doesn’t know she’s on YouTube hahaha, okay, so then it came through here where I’m standing and Sorry about that. I had to run accross the street. Okay. You see some Hurricane Irma damage here. So technically right right about here And then this here is the old rail bed, as we walk, this is walking South you can see It starts to curve more Southwest over there and Right where I’m walking if you keep going on this path. It eventually is going to intersect with the Metro rail That’s, That’s what was installed in 1984 that Was installed over where the Main used to run along Run along u.s. One right there and That’s what went into the Florida Keys that became the overseas railway This here is Dadeland mall And as you can see I’m trying to look for ballast or tie plates or railroad spikes, anything of that nature nothing I Think further maybe like 200 feet down that way We’re gonna see some old ballast But yeah so right here is where there used to be a wye So the wye was like right here and Then it intersected with the with the main line which was right there where the Metro Rail is So right now I’m facing this beginning to face Southwest and this would be facing north See that JCPenney there, Dadeland Mall Okay, so like I said this was a metro rail and this replaced the mainline Next to us one in 1984 So this here, here we go This looks like FEC ballast over here As you can see like they built this around the railroad why tell you right now You can see Look at this And look at that those concrete columns were built over both railroads Because at the time I guess they figured There was a slight possibility that they could have still been used but no They They immediately we’re taken out of service So right here What is exactly where the mainline used to go into Florida Keys Well, that’s us one right and then the main light just ran right here parallel for about 18, 20 miles South to Florida City and then It went into the Florida Keys So I’m gonna show you The location of the crossing at Kendall Drive See uh that right there is us one heading south see a Firestone in there Here you go! That’s the Metro rail! Because of him we don’t have the FEC tracks here anymore. okay Yeah No traces of anything over here Trying to look for again gravel, sorry railroad spikes or well, we vaguely see like I said the Ballast So this right here was where it intersected the crossing was And I remember there was a WRRS cantilever right here somewhere it came out And looked over Kendall drive, SW 88 street. You can see this is a u.s. One. I’ll zoom in on the sign for you so yeah, and it just kept going that way All Righty guys, thank you for coming along with me on this tour really appreciate it please subscribe or like Thank you very much over and out

    Tri-Rail Double GP & At Different Railroad Crossings
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    Tri-Rail Double GP & At Different Railroad Crossings

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who don’t know Tri Rail is a commuter rail line that goes from Miami International Airport to WPB. It’s about 70 miles and has 18 stations in between. You’re going to see 4 different Tri Rails in this video. Enjoy! Wow, no gate runners in FT. Lauderdale! That’s nice. It’s going to be a Tri-Rail over here. train horn train horn Please Subscribe, Like, or share. Thank you for viewing guys. bye.

    Abandoned Railroad Being Removed
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    Abandoned Railroad Being Removed

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we have another abandoned CSX industrial spur here in Miami, FL. in the warehouse district. As you can see this came from the main line. This is facing West. Then it came East bound here Here is the foundation for the crossing gate and the cantilever that used to be here. And then somewhere off to the side I remember the relay case was but I can not find where it used to be. And then here is where they paved over the crossing. As soon as these cars pass I’m going to cross the road and see if on that side we can see any remnants. A quick shot of this one. Oh here is where the switch was, look at that! Alright, crossing the road I see the foundation for the cantilever on this side right over here. the cables right there. And yeah actually there is a cross tie right here. cross tie. This is where the rail came across right here. And yeah, that’s all the remnants we have. Please subscribe, like, or share! Thank you for viewing. Over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad Removed Before and After
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    Abandoned Railroad Removed Before and After

    August 10, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, Today I’m going to show you guys the site of where an atrocity was committed. In this very land that you see before you today. In 2008, they pulled out the rails of this abandoned railroad I’m going to show you guys. Okay guys so I’m here at SW 60th ST. Miami, FL. This is the West Bound view and this is the East Bound view. so At this very site, there was a railroad crossing and here you can see some evidence. This perhaps was well this probably was used as a fence of some sorts to keep people out. But yeah here you can see that it belonged I don’t know if I think FEC sold this land to the county and they’re going to build a trail here. But this is what it looks like now You’re going to use that pine tree as a reference point. And this is what it looked like back then. okay and then This would be the South side of the crossing right. Now let me show you the North side of the crossing. Here we still see one piece of actually a couple piece of evidence This was where the crossing gate once stood. There you see the cut wires. and the that’s where the 4 screws went that held it in place. And then this is the North bound view. I also have a before picture of this one. I’m actually going to show you where the relay case was. Well now it’s kind of like a recycling bin. or trash can. And the relay case was somewhere over here. And yeah so here is the before pciture of this one. This was in 2004. Nice right? So yeah ladies and gentlemen, this is the very spot where that atrocity was committed. There’s also no pavement markings. either West bound or East bound. No pavement markings at all. Just an FYI, this was the FEC track that came from the Miami International Airport about 10 or so miles North and it connected to US 1, the mainline on that ran parallel to US 1 over there and went to what later became known as the Oversea Railway So Once they installed the Metro Rail which is the Mass Transit system used in Miami no train came pretty much to this point after 1984 because it was installed in 1984 As you can see this is a residential area so there was no need for a train to come here. The next customer down the line would have been at 44th ST. it was a truss company or lumber yard, something of that nature. And yeah, that one went down in 2004 Alright guys, please subscribe or like. Thank you very much for viewing. Take care, over and out.

    Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    August 10, 2019

    Ladies and gentlemen this is an officially
    abandoned railroad crossing here how can I tell check this out
    so here you have where it came up for the Maine over there right that’s right
    near i-95 in the Golden Glades Interchange I’ll include a map for this
    a Google Maps link below in the description so yeah so here you have the
    grade Look at that, just a cross book off in the distance here we see
    something, a cross tie right yeah few ties over there so yeah so then the track went
    into, the spur went into over here so I know the sign is ancient because I
    don’t think they have that look out of the car thing anymore. Somebody told me
    that there was, NRA passed something where they discontinued that sign a few
    years ago then it were not when it’s over here there’s a fence right on it so
    there’s no trains gonna come today and there you see that’s facing west I’m going to zoom in I just noticed the parking lot, the spur running thru right there You can see it coming across the parking lot right there And just so you have a good idea of where were at Sign is pretty old too funny enough they still got pavement markings here that guy was looking at me weird, he
    doesn’t know I’m RailROL82 apparently joke’s on him haha so yeah this was probably an old, well, there’s
    no emergency contact info but uh I wonder if seaboard was the last one to
    use this or if CSX once used it then right there you have the Main all righty guys think there’s nothing
    else for me to show you here so I will give you one last look at the crossing please subscribe or like click on that
    to subscribe thank you for viewing over and out

    Unused Railroad Crossing Malfunction
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    Unused Railroad Crossing Malfunction

    August 10, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so you have
    another incident caused by a Hurricane Irma over here
    Southwest 256 ST there’s a relay case just facing south on the unused to
    CSX line Homestead subdivision you got some branches on the line over there
    but look this crossing here is kind of tilted this would be standing straight
    and you can see it’s tilted it moved the lights in the direction of the wind
    upwards and then not only that but if you can see this light here is on this
    one’s off on so this is probably been like this for a
    few days now this is all filmed four days after Hurricane Irma and same thing
    on the other side so this would be the north side of the crossing you got the old
    wooden crossing here and then here you can see this light is on also Off on E dinger up top Safe Tran systems, I made a video at this crossing before and
    then down this way you can see the branches on the line but this makes no
    difference because no trains come through here either way and we got a nice
    little neighborhood bar here and then here you can see another view of the
    crossing that was bent oh it took a piece of the roof off of
    diamond fertilizer over let me zoom in on it so you guys can see right there
    you see knocked it right off facing south alright guys see if the lights are still on? yeah You can’t see here because of the backlight. But
    that light is definitely still on off all right you guys please subscribe or
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    Hurricane Damage at Railroad Crossing
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    Hurricane Damage at Railroad Crossing

    August 10, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, Railrol82 here, your railroad archaeologist today I came upon this scene over here in the
    Florida Panhandle near port st. Joe last year there was a hurricane that hit over
    here you can see some damage of it right there you can see that this is a
    Apalachicola Northern Railway transports and two tracks being on Mary and then
    here this would be facing north with the whistle post right there off to your
    right hand side what suppose over here to facing south and then we see the
    superior comes off and damage let’s see I could find some ties it oh
    yeah here you go a kid on the rail 19:25 and then on this side this would be the
    east the east side of the crossing we have a very possible but this is contact info Apalachicola
    Northern Railway two tracks across both and then this goes off into the distance
    down there where the I don’t know if was or is I love its minor closed down the
    door to the hurricane but that building right there that building right there is
    the Greensboro railroad depot it appears to be close I was gonna go and film some
    for you guys boy doors are closed windows are closed if there isn’t
    anybody there so and I don’t know if this bear might be abandoned or not
    because seems pretty rusty right I’ll show you the difference like this these
    rails here CMOS and then these rails over here are obviously polished from
    the from our real activity this is a different stuff plus these rails are
    newer you can see you can see they’re polished right then those wheels over
    there that neck is different these are probably can handle like a triple axle
    power looking for a date on these I’m not seeing it all right I see I’m running through the
    Google Maps link to this location you guys let me love you seen any of real
    activity here recently and at that tribe over there is abandoned
    so give you one more shot of crossing over here they’re lucky the whole
    building didn’t get wiped off with everything all right guys please
    subscribe like thank you for viewing