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    Signals Folded Gates Removed Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Signals Folded Gates Removed Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    December 2, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here on the tour the CSX homestead subdivision so this is the
    second crossing that has been abandoned on this Lane and the bus driver does not
    know that this is the emergency contact info where the gate was removed no oil
    is currently and it smells absolutely lovely over
    here with all the Lulu you got one to several down that way see
    the Flies yep very typical of man so this is track view north east mile
    marker or multiples 56 reading case and now I’m gonna take you track
    Southwest which is a shame because this track built in 1926 by a seaboard it’s
    abandoned we don’t know when the Train or if somebody else is gonna take over
    and it’s gonna be useful again here you have the Gateway was removed and I can subtract you southwest we got more so they leave that so the Train can
    whisk away with it the bad spirits but your there isn’t gonna be any train list
    you’re waiting spirits because there’s no trains coming through here so jokes
    on them right hahaha alright you guys I hope you liked this video this is our
    bio a Southwest one 47th Avenue I’m gonna include a link to this description
    a link to this location on the description below leaving a comment let
    me know what you think please subscribe to be I made that notification ball so
    you can go look to my videos on Wednesdays and Sundays take care bye bye

    Hykeham Level Crossing (24/11/2019)
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    Hykeham Level Crossing (24/11/2019)

    December 1, 2019

    Platform 1 for the 17:03 East Midlands Railway service to Nottingham Calling at Swinderby Collingham, Newark Castle, Lowdham, And Nottingham. This train is formed of 2 coaches Platform 2 for the 17:04 East Midlands Railway service to Lincoln Central Calling at Lincoln Central only This train is formed of 2 coaches 156473 153318, 153321 Well done The 17:18 service To Lincoln Central Is delayed by approximately 9 minutes The railway operator has not provided a reason for the delay to this service Due to Lincoln Christmas Market taking place between 5th December and the 8th December Many train services from this station in the direction of Lincoln Central will be extremely busy But might have more carriages than usual Please note on long trains if you’re travelling in the direction of Lincoln Central You will need to board and alight from the front 2 carriages As this station has a short platform If you are travelling in the direction of Swinderby or Newark you will need to travel in the front 4 carriages as this station has a short platform For more information visit The train now approaching Platform 1 Doesn’t stop here Please stand well back from the platform edge, and keep hold of pets, pushchairs, wheelchairs and personal belongings These alarms are a lot louder when it’s dark For some strange reason 156497 I do not have the next 12 minutes available, so todays episode thing, ends here There is the official name for the railway station Please stop vandalising the Wikipedia entry It is extremely annoying Ooh, it just refreshed Thank you for joining us Tune in for the next video whenever It may be

    Trains and Pedestrians Share Historic Bridge
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    Trains and Pedestrians Share Historic Bridge

    November 24, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here… your railroad archaeologist who today is gonna share
    with you one of his findings in Chicago this is a historic of swing bridge in
    Chicago it’s known as the North Avenue swing bridge and it’s a used to open up
    to the east I was built in 1902 it was put in a fixed position at in the 1990s
    in 2007 it was a declared an historical landmark was built originally 1902 by
    the Chicago Milwaukee and st. Paul Road and I originally came here to film this
    because I thought it was abandoned however I came to find out that trains
    and pedestrians share this bridge can you imagine how crazy that would be I
    mean who would sanction is it seems so irresponsible that there’s a plaque that
    says caution live rail and it says it’s shared by pedestrians and trains that
    seems so responsible can you imagine what that would look like
    I made a Photoshop here just to see like check this out so yeah that’s what that
    work that seems like an accident waiting to happen
    if anybody’s ever seen a train here let me know how frequently they pass if
    there’s ever been any accidents I’d love to know also please subscribe to my
    channel if you haven’t hit that notification ball onesies and Sundays
    when I upload videos you can please spare a dollar to a month to help me out
    on or two I’d really appreciate it enjoy the video guys leave
    me a comment no leaders on Monroe already to here the
    railroad archaeologists who found an interesting relic over here in Chicago this is an abandoned or railroad bridge
    that people but pedestrians use and let’s see if I can try to find the rail
    other date okay here we go okay there’s no date on that if anybody
    knows what this track used to be my guess is would be a C and W or a Union
    Pacific other pedestrians and we will continue our search for the
    date okay so now is when you can tell see the
    little business with me now is when you can tell that this was abandoned because
    there the bridge tenders house is gone whoa and it’s I know you guys have given
    the North you know mocking this but it’s so cool to rename the reason I’m
    freezing look at that beauty we’re gonna walk
    this oh sorry about that what’s that an
    action hi Lynsey I wonder where the bridge tellers house was located if you
    guys know please comment I’d love to know I’m going to assume that it was on
    this side this is the to begin yeah so you really had an electrical connection
    for the lights so it was built in 1902 see right there
    I’m guessing this was a location for a bridge tell yourselves oh good you still have a cross book over
    here yeah there you go I’m getting frostbite oh no Motor
    Vehicles caution active rail man I thought this abandoned yield to train so
    I guess it’s legal for you to walk this and then here you gotta destroy the
    bridge she welcome to Chicago and serious bridge
    Chicago Milwaukee in st. Paul railway Peter in 1902 I’ll include these details in the bottom
    guys another kind of hard to read now so let me see y’all in 2009 city of Chicago into the bridge turn the bridge into the
    streets of changes it was okay but the money being exhibits so I guess
    the line is active but they don’t use the bridge because otherwise it’s a
    fixed bridge now there is probably no navigation as it was during that time and they have to try to cross me because
    curiosity is killing me so it is an active track that’s crazy and I should have worn some gloves and
    yeah you can tell they got it recently got something so much has been on this
    you go this exaction okay guys so a few hundred feet more came to the in that
    building there then you got best fires right there and Vinnies beverage depot
    up ahead let’s see what comes to this area right I had to pass a little you
    can’t forget you what is it end of trip oh man okay so yeah no parking etc etc it continues to go
    that way for a long while so I guess I’ll follow it on Google Earth and see
    where it leads alright guys I’m gonna head back to the
    car thank you very much for company coming
    with me on this tour appreciate it take care
    subscribe if you got it buh-bye

    Is This Train Track Without Crossing Signals Abandoned or Not ?
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    Is This Train Track Without Crossing Signals Abandoned or Not ?

    November 23, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, your RR archaeologist who today is a bit concerned regarding their
    new Coppa policy that’s putting everybody in an uproar on YouTube it so
    the Coppa is Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
    so basically YouTube was putting cookies until not cookies available kind but
    cookies that track your your movements on the world wide web and they put them
    into kids computers and software and whatever so then YouTube had to pay a
    fine of 117 million dollars and a settlement
    so now creators as of January 1st I think they are possible that they can
    get dinged or fined 100 I’ll sorry 42,000 dollars per video if they don’t
    like comply with the rules not to my understanding if you label your videos
    as not for kids you comply but then what is not for a kid I mean but kids like
    train so is this a kid video or is it not a training video so yeah that has me
    worried if you guys know something about this please comment below I’d love to
    know what your thoughts on thoughts about it are also I mean they also say
    like if there’s kid actors in it it’s it could potentially be for kids which is
    unfortunate because as you guys know I was working on an independent film or an
    indie film right with Taj Mahal and there’s a kid in that video he adopted a
    special-needs Mexican boy who you I mean you guys are gonna see the movie here’s
    some clips of it so yeah I don’t know there’s a there’s a child actor in that
    so you know this has me worried I mean a $42,000 a pretty big amount of money so
    that being said our or cross that bridge when we get there so this is a
    continuation of Sunday’s videos this is a loop a few blocks away from that
    dual-use pedestrian train bridge and then you can see that these tracks run
    through downtown Chicago and I have many intersections they have no crossings or
    sorry no signals or gates or anything like that
    so I thought it was a bit I that first I thought was abandoned but then I
    realized it isn’t when I saw the signs over there but then some people told me
    it is abandoned and you guys just you Chicago natives let me know is it
    abandoned or not what’s the deal comment below I’d love to know
    enjoy the video hello ladies and gentlemen railroad lady
    to hear coming from south of Ukraine village in Chicago there’s an abandoned
    our spur over on Cherry and Division Street
    I believe I’m facing oh I don’t even know what time so many turns to get here
    I’ll provide Google Maps links to this location
    I’m gonna go film or a bridge key block you mean that you can all walk through
    it let me go give you a yoga street so this would be Division Street and
    we’re on Cherry Street so it did some Street running on Cherry Street and when
    I was driving through here I did not see any signs of all I’ll show you okay so
    this is where the advanced warning sign is it’s about maybe 200 feet from the
    actual track and I did not notice any signs of first of all there’s no
    pavement marquees and second of all any signs of where they might have been
    crossed books or a crossing gate rating which I doubt that for such a busy
    street there would have been no the conductor’s flagging the crossing
    I’m sure they had to have been some sort of a cross Booker signal or at the very
    least a crosswalk which I didn’t see any so yeah okay and here is this guy’s ass
    option yeah I’m gonna go for them over there right now and then let me take you onto this /
    over here with a mercedes-benz of Chicago
    it went into mercedes-benz of Chicago all righty guys I’m gonna go film some
    more please leave me a comment let me know you thought of this video subscribe
    this you have it I notification ball thank you as always

    Hidden camera: Train Horn Prank on Railway Tracks | Dunking Devils
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    Hidden camera: Train Horn Prank on Railway Tracks | Dunking Devils

    November 18, 2019

    We’ve decided to make our friends aware how dangerous crossing railway tracks really is. We invited them to a fake filming location. They have two options. Either take a safe railway crossing. Or cross the tracks. If they decide to take the illegal path, we’ll be waiting for them with a train horn. Let’s check out how they react! Did you think it was a real train? Well what else could it be, a turtle? The important thing is that you’re alive! Well done! She’s coming! Did we scare you? Maybe it didn’t show, but yeah, I got scared. I admit. Ready! Set. When you heard the train horn, you just froze in the middle of the tracks. Really? Were you scared? I looked left and right and I didn’t see any trains. And then I just heard a loud noise… One is totally freaked out and the other one is totally cool. I saw you, you freaked out a bit. I did! I immediately turned around if there’s really a train. I thought I’m going to have to throw myself on the floor. Of course I’m not going to cross the tracks slowly! That’s right. I’m not stupid. Don’t cross the railway tracks.Your life is more important than those 5 seconds you’ll save. Don’t do it. But if you do… no, just don’t do it. Don’t cross the railway tracks where there’s no crossing. Never cross the tracks. Dunking Devils might wait behind the corner and scare you to death. Sir, don’t do that! The prank went really well, we had a lot of fun. But it could have ended a lot worse. You might think that dunking on a moving train is dangerous. But crossing the tracks can be fatal! So be really careful when you cross the railway tracks. You never know when we’re around the corner!

    Trains For Children, Train Video, Trains For Toddlers, Choo Choo Train, Shawn – #3 by JeannetChannel
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    Trains For Children, Train Video, Trains For Toddlers, Choo Choo Train, Shawn – #3 by JeannetChannel

    November 9, 2019

    Trains For Children, Train Video, Trains For Toddlers, Choo Choo Train, Shawn Chu Chu Chugga Chugga, Chu Chu Chugga Chugga Kids trains running on track Real train coming in full speed near rail road crossing This is an electric engine cargo train Electric train engine honking This is asia’s longest cargo train. Kids will love to watch this train See how long is this electric engine cargo train Train is gone from railroad crossing. Now people are crossing the tracks safely

    Historic Abandoned Railroad Bridge That Went to Overseas Railway
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    Historic Abandoned Railroad Bridge That Went to Overseas Railway

    October 19, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist who is standing at the
    very same spot that the tracks to the overseas or railroad ran through this
    year to my left is us one from South Miami and then that above me is a
    material which replaced the fec tracks in Miami that ran into the keys that
    eventually became the overseas roller this overhead structure was installed in
    1984 so these tracks or on here from about the Turner turn of
    the 20th century up until 1984 this is okay you remember a few weeks ago maybe
    perhaps a few months ago I posted a video of the only remaining piece of
    rails left in the overseas well really this goes along with that video
    this bridge right here is next to those rails the only remaining tangible part
    of the overseas of railroad and Miami so give me some backstory Barolo came to Miami in 1896 Henry
    Flagler though then founder of FTC for the East Coast Railway brought the FTC
    some I am in 1896 and that along with it brought of urban sprawl and economic
    development everything and then Henry Flagler decided to take the railroad in
    an ambitious project out to the Florida Keys in the virtual Key West he began
    that in 1900 so it was completed in 1912 so this bridge was built sometime in the
    early 1900s and as I said it was an original part there you can see the ties see that they see if it’s not as there’s
    a quite an embankment here I was trying to get to the bottom of it but let me
    see if on the other side did it safely I want to take a dive in that gate
    infested canard other than Metrorail to the Google Maps ring to
    this location so this is the original lead slip oh that probably used to be some sort of
    all milepost I’m guessing or would suppose perhaps so this magnificent structure is a
    hundred see those blessings brought 1900 it’s a
    hundred and nineteen years old so right now we’re standing is where all
    the trains came to is a very historic part she’s a beauty you know how much sin she
    has nothing all probably they’re not going to remove it because these are as
    a walkie you know same unfortunate teaching that
    most rumbles out there eventually turned into real skills thing for this one
    in all respects for Henry Flagler for the overseas will this one here looks pretty solid simple right so right now here I’m at this
    level yeah it’s pretty up there’s a lot of
    glass here and stuffs doesn’t look very firm so I’m not there’s Gators I’m not
    gonna risk it yeah there you go you can see it
    everything all righty guys let me see oh that looks
    like it might be an interesting view there that canal that looks like the
    Amazon I think you guys might like that yeah so this is definitely not navigable and standing on this all ready ladies and gentlemen please
    subscribe did you have it check out one of these videos leave me a comment down
    below thank you for your view you seen it take
    care sayonara