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    Railroad Crossing Malfunction After Amtrak Silver Star
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    Railroad Crossing Malfunction After Amtrak Silver Star

    August 17, 2019

    Crossing Activates I seen your videos this happens when your celebrity people
    just recognize you This is Lakeland Florida Yeah everybody is else up but these are still the other one over there is you can see the cars passing for some
    reason this one still down smell that goes I don’t need to do
    trouble with the weight on that man that’s how you kill somebody to hit them
    in the head see if we can see them There he is at the station and this crossing here has MI lights that’s pretty old school you
    don’t see those many more these are incandescent lights these are incandescent yeah, they’re MI’s those over there LED these are incandescent E bell up top all right guys please subscribe or like
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    Last Railroad Crossing Before Sugar Mill
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    Last Railroad Crossing Before Sugar Mill

    August 17, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen RailROL82
    here. Today were at Clewiston Florida and off in the distance you can see the the sugar mill over there. This is the SCFE line south central florida express and
    over here we have a small railroad bridge this here used to be part of the
    original bridge where you can see the pilings were sawed off there and then
    they build that one then I’m gonna give you track view here, over there we see the sugar train So that’s track view I guess south and we have a rail here from 1942
    I just saw it somewhere here 1942 VSCO steelton in 1942 okay The relay case right there It says SCFE Sonora which is the street and I’ll include a Google Maps
    link so you guys can see this location first hand, as for the crossing
    itself, the grade crossing looks like it was recently done as you can see
    there’s new pavement and it looks in fairly new condition okay and then the crossing you have this
    simple set up over here where you have a GE Harmon single base you have a huge
    ant pile here safe Tran gate mechanism Harmon LED lights all around with my
    favorite kind of visors back plates appear to be in good condition Harmon
    bracket There is the emergency contact information Oh you got the clear contour crossing lights over here and then on this side this is track view, I guess North GE signal base, safe tran gate
    mechanism, Harmon LED lights all around, emergency contact info backlight is terrible at this angle and here you have the regular, sun is terrible Here you have the regular I think they might be Reco crossing gate lights and then the whistle post down yonder so yeah this line is primarily used for sugar cane There’s a school nearby alright guys thank you for coming along me
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    Destruction at Railroad Crossing
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    Destruction at Railroad Crossing

    August 15, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen so this here
    is right next to the Miami International Airport I don’t know if this was this
    looks like the site of a horrible accident because, look at this we got this
    over here street light right sticking right off of
    the foundation yeah it looks like a horrible accident and then what caught
    my eye was that as I was driving over here this is the the Lehigh spur right
    to CSX Lehigh spur give you a tour of the crossing, so thats facing west this is a
    MI signal base you got you can see over there I’m going to show
    the relay case Milam Dairy Road s-line Lehigh subdivision milepost 1042.39 okay
    then over there we see actually we see that there was a spur here at one point see the crossties right there right yeah
    it was definitely a spur there so yeah so that’s facing west as I said MI
    signal base that was covered but I’m guessing it was MI because
    the lights are mi well actually one light is mi and one light is safetran see
    the bracket e bell and then over here emergency contact info
    we got a Harmon cantilever and
    one safe tran light and one harmon light Harmon light has the visor that I like
    see how it’s different that this one yeah the one the right is the one that l
    prefer okay we got the cross bucks cantilever up top we got our Harmon
    lights and safe tran too and then this is what I wanted to show see this is facing North I’m going to cross the road now This one was taken off to Look at that I don’t know if this is a product of Hurricane Irma or
    somebody hit it so this is a safe tran signal base
    Safe Tran gate mechanism and safe tran lights this is track view East and then over
    here we got an mi signal base that would be an MI gate mechanism
    these lights are mi as well we got a we got a mechanical bell now we’re talking. MI
    signal base WC Hayes gate mechanism safe Tran and that’s a WC Hayes Mechanical bell uptop. Reco lights onthe crossing gate and here we got an mi cantilever and those lights let me see are they mi
    no they’re safetran. Well yeah, actually one is MI There you see a plane coming in. Okay guys please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing
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    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After
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    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After

    August 15, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here at SW 40th ST which is also Bird Rd in Miami, FL. and this is the site of the former FEC Railway Right of way That went up South. This is looking South. Met up with US 1, with the mainline along US 1. That went to the Florida Keys and eventually become into the Oversea Railway. But yeah, as you can see, this is where I’m at. And this is the railroad bed here. Facing South. This would be looking North. And this would be the foundation where the cantilever once stood. See the big screws that held it in place here. There’s 8 screws. There’s 4 on that side and 4 on this side. And this is where the where the crossing gate stood. And this is where the crossing was. Apparently, they’re going to turn this into a trail. all along the former right of way. It’s going to be Ludlam Trail. Here’s all the bulldozers and heavy equipment. That’s going to undertake the job. In this 2008 picture, you can clearly see the pavement markings in the bottom facing West on Bird Rd. Cantilever up top. And in this 2013 picture we can see that there’s nothing left. No No pavement markings, no cantilevers no crossing. Completely gone. Please Subscribe or like. Thank you for viewing. Over and out.

    Night Railroad Crossing & FEC Train 105
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    Night Railroad Crossing & FEC Train 105

    August 15, 2019

    crossing activated train horn Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here We’re going to see Brightline Red testing at this RR crossing train horn train horn train horn train horn False alarm! Brightline is going to be testing. He should be the next one! He should be coming right behind him. crossing activation Please Subscribe or Like! Thank you very much for viewing Over and out

    Abandoned Railroad Being Restored
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    Abandoned Railroad Being Restored

    August 15, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, so this is the before as you can see the rails were buried here in this picture. And in this picture, they used this track as a parking lot. You can see all the vehicles that are parked on it. But welcome to 2017! Here we see the first crossing. It has no gate, just lights and a cross buck. Here we see the emergency contact info. And we’re going to see a Safetran signal base here. And this is where the track used to be. You can see off to the right side there that there’s some cross ties they’re going to lay for the new track. This is going to be utilized for the Brightline now. So it can give, it can facilitate rail traffic in this area. This is looking East That’s looking South. This is looking North here. And this is where the spur used to come from the CSX main known as the SFRTA here in South FL. You can see the relay case off to the left there. And You can see this is where the train traffic stopped. And here we can see the crossing number 2. with the emergency contact info here And a Safetran signal base as well, no correction this is Modern Industries. A modern industries signal base. You can see lights are Safetran Cross buck up there. And there you see the where the track traffic stopped. This is where they’re going to lay the new track-age now. There’s the old relay case. Like I said, this is going to be used for Brightline. Please Subscribe or Like! Thank you very much for viewing. Over and out.

    Easy Grade Crossing Flasher Circuits For Your Model Railroad
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    Easy Grade Crossing Flasher Circuits For Your Model Railroad

    August 14, 2019

    I’m gonna show you a few different ways
    to do grade crossing flashers and how to adjust the speed of them so let’s get
    going with this right now i’m Tom Kvichak and this is Toms Trains and Things..
    this channel was created to help other modelers who are in need of guidance in
    pursuing their dream of building a model railroad now I showed you how to do a
    crossing flasher in Arduino and it was really simple was just changing a couple
    of lines of code and there we go flashing on there but now I’m going to
    show you how to do it with a 555 timer chip and a couple of resistors I’ll show
    you how on the Fritzing diagram and the wiring diagram what they look like you
    could see the components on this video on the wiring diagram that I have listed
    at the end of the video and the Fritzing diagram will be there also on the two
    projects that I did I actually did three different projects but I only settled on
    two of them so take a look at that at the end of the video if this is your
    first time here or a returning viewer and you would like to see more videos
    like this go ahead and hit that subscribe button and while you’re at it
    ding that bell and that’ll notify you whenever I have a new video coming out
    and speaking of videos go ahead and check my playlists you can see a lot of
    different videos in every category about model railroading in my playlist so go
    check that out there I have over 40 playlists in there with over 280 videos
    so check that out so let’s get going and see how we do these flashers I have a 33
    microfarad capacitor hooked up to this right now
    you can see how fast it’s going now if I put a 47 micro farad capacitor in there
    it’s going to slow it down a little bit so that’s the 33 now this is the 47
    micro farad and this is with the 555 timer chip now
    we’re doing the same thing with this circuit right here with two transistors
    two capacitors and four resistors in there and it does the same thing and
    like let me hook that one up but this is a little bit slower so we can adjust the
    speed of that right now I have in this diagram it says 10 micro farad
    capacitors and that’s how it’s hooked up we’ve got the two transistors I got two
    capacitors going across the transistors from the collector to the base with the
    470 ohm resistors right there and that controls the brightness of the resistors
    now I got 200k ohm resistors on the base if we try to reduce the 100k we could
    see what that does using the resistance substitution boxes I have one over here
    the box and then I have this one here both of them are set at 68 K now that
    goes a little bit faster let’s see if we could bring it down or bring down the
    resistance a little bit more and see how fast it is we’ll go down to 47 K and see
    how that does you can see I have two resistance substitution box on here and
    that was just to check different resistors real quick without trying to
    pull out resistors and everything else just flip the switch and use jumpers on
    the other one that makes it a lot easier instead of
    having to go and change components on your breadboard now that’s at 47 K so
    you can see on this one here with the transistors and the capacitors changing
    the value of the tubers Esther’s on their that go to the base of
    each transistor as you decrease the resistance you increase the speed of the
    flashing and on the other one with the 555 chip you do that with the capacitor
    I have both of these circuits running pretty close to but not quite on my
    resistance substitution box I only have like right here I only have 47 68 and
    100 that I could choose from and right now I have it at 47 and then over here
    on the capacitors what I’m using right now let me see this one’s the 33 so I’m
    using the 47 micro farad capacitor on that one with the 555 chip now they’re
    close but not exactly the same these are a lot harder to build than what we did
    with the Arduino you saw with the Arduino on Saturday how easy it was with
    just some code to flash the LEDs although this one works and you adjust
    the speed with the capacitor right there I’m going to try a different design
    which uses two capacitors but the speed is adjusted by the resistor that goes
    between six and seven so we’re going to do I’m going to change this design here
    and pull this out I’m going to keep these LEDs here and just change this
    around right here with these resistors and the capacitors we’re just going to
    have to change these around the jumpers are the same from 2 to 6 and from 4 to 8
    and then one goes to negative and then eight goes to the positive
    and three is where your LEDs come from and it’s split your LED and resistors
    split from one goes to the negative and the other goes to the positive so when
    it just flips back and forth when one when one is high the other one’s low now
    this circuit right here that uses the two capacitors both of them both the
    negative side of the capacitors go all the way to ground this one right here
    the 22 microfarad goes between the plus and the minus leads and we use the
    resistor here there’s a 2.2 K ohm resistor between pins seven and eight
    and in between six and seven there’s a 47 K ohm resistor and that’s the one
    that adjusts the speed now the 47 K ohm is the same 47 K ohm that I’m using on that
    circuit right there so we could use both of these circuits with 47 K ohm and
    adjust them by the resistor in the circuit with I like this circuit better
    right here this one is off of a 9-volt battery okay this one over here is off
    of 12 volts I’m going to put the 9 volt on here and see how it works I played
    around with several different designs on there and came out with the best one to
    use the last one with the five five five and the two capacitors on there and and
    the 2.2 and the 47 K resistor I think is the best one to use with the 555 timer
    and the one with the two transistors on there and two capacitors that’s a good
    one also if you like doing it that way but those are the two best ones that I
    have found there’s many ways that you could do it I searched on the internet
    and seen about five six different ways to do
    it with the 555 timer and then the one that I have right here I think is the
    best one to do you can make your own decision on that these two that I chose
    are the best ones for me but it may not be for you so go ahead and check out see
    there’s other designs that you could find on the Internet
    okay now I have both of them operating off of the 9-volt battery right here the
    only thing I changed on this one I had 220 ohm resistors on there but I have a
    1k ohm resistor on each one of these LEDs and it seems like the same
    brightness as it was before over here as you can see we have 470 K or 470 ohm
    resistors on these LEDs right here but we could add a second set of LEDs on
    second LED on each one of these and it will still work let me pull one off of
    each one of these and we’ll just show you how it is with one on each one so
    there we go we got both circuits right there but there’s our flashing circuits two
    different ways of doing the flashing circuit one with a five five five chip
    and the other one with I think these are 3904 transistors you can also do them
    with 22 22 transistors and PN transistors and you got two capacitors
    here you got two capacitors here these capacitors here are 10 microfarad these
    ones over here you have 10 this is a 10 micro farad and this is a 22 micro farad
    it goes from the positive right to the negative two different flashers two
    different means of getting the LEDs to flash one with transistors are one with
    an integrated circuit 555 timer and I’ve got both of them so we can
    adjust them with the resistors in the circuit you know I tried one circuit and
    you have to use a capacitor to do that this is a transistor diagram and the
    only thing that I changed on here is the 100k resistors I reduce them down to 47
    K to get the LEDs to flash a little faster now on this Fritzing diagram I
    reversed the transistor on the right so the left transistor the flat is facing
    you and the flat on the right transistor is away from you you’ll notice that the
    emitter on both transistors are on the outside with the black wire going to the
    negative rail on this 555 timer chip circuit I left everything as is so the
    components you see on here are the same components that hi
    used on my example since you can’t stand resistors up on n on the Fritzing
    diagram I have the two resistors on the blue and yellow wires laying down but
    they are the same as in the breadboard in my example you have to be very
    careful when using electrolytic capacitors because they have a polarity
    on them so if you hook them up backwards you’ll have very bad results they can be
    severely damaged you make sure that you have the plus on the plus side of the
    diagram and the minus on the minus side of the diagram they’re clearly marked on
    there they have a silver band or a white band on one side that has the writing on
    them so that’s the negative side of the electrolytic capacitor I gave you
    several different designs of the flasher in this video that if you would like to
    activate and deactivate it’s as simple as this battery here with a switch you
    could use your own activation in your track or however you want to do it but
    it’s just like interrupting the power with a switch that’s all it is and we’ll
    cover something like that in the we know later on when we get that far in
    the Arduino made easy curve and we’ll see Ya.

    Railroad Crossing Gates Removed Before Hurricane Irma
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    Railroad Crossing Gates Removed Before Hurricane Irma

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today is the
    Friday before hurricane Irma strikes and I wanted to show you guys uh some
    preparations that the FEC took here on northeast 17th court on milepost
    338.8 in Wilton Manors. They decided to bring them the crossing gates that are in
    danger of flying with the tropical storm or hurricane force winds so let me go
    ahead and show you the first one here As you can see, they left it in the down position got a progress Signal base WC Hayes gate
    mechanism right WC Hayes lights all around And may I add that those are not LED lights I like those So yeah we got WC Hayes lights all around 2 tracks and there we see the emergency contact info see FEC Railway so this would be track view South and then that would be where they left the crossing gate they used tie-wraps Here we got the pedestrian crossing I guess they figuered that this they might be LED lights I’m sorry
    take that back pedestrian crosing gate so since its small its it not gonna pose
    as much as dangerous that one would so they left decided to leave this one on
    this is a WC Hayes signal base here WC Hayes gate mechanism and we got
    WC Hayes lights all around also those are my favorite visors by the way we got an
    e bell up top you built up over there too so as soon as this car passes I’m
    gonna go ahead and show you This is the North side of the crossing see the signal there so here we see that
    this one was removed and here we have a progress signal base as well
    WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism WC Hayes lights all around the top emergency
    contact info two tracks and then here we have track view North here we have
    crossing gate was put temporarily for the duration of a
    hurricane Irma you know where we got the relay case and I think this might be the
    control point Wilton Manors on the FEC line I think this is might be the work
    that they’re doing a double track for the bright line and then here we have
    another WC Hayes signal base WC Hayes arm WC Hayes gate mechanism and WC Hayes
    lights all around as well up top and we have a WC Hayes mechanical Bell look at
    that! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful alright guys let me introduce you guys to one of my most favorite, I was going to say
    people on the planet boy to me he’s like a person it’s my dog Happy, Happy say
    hello to the camera My boy Happy Alright guys Give you a shot of the crossing again see the trees? That’s the very outer bands of Hurricane Irma which is 450 something Miles from South Florida
    alrighty guys please subscribe or like thank you very much for viewing, please follow me on instagram railrol82 over and out

    Abandoned Railroad CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur Orlando, Florida 3
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    Abandoned Railroad CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur Orlando, Florida 3

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I thank you for watching the 3rd part of my CSX abandoned industrial spur in Orlando. As l said in my first video, this one used to serve the McCoy Air Force Base. From the 1940s to the 1970s. Here I am going to be looking East If you guys catch my part 2 of this video, the previous video I made to this one, you can see where this track meets Avenue C just about a mile or so down that way Again, that’s East. Then here again we can see no traces of crossing signals or signal boxes, anything of that nature. Now, I’m going to walk you West where the track ends. See over here you can still catch some ties. wooden ties at that. They built a residential neighborhood just off to the side here. Again, I’m walking Westward. Toward the mainline which is a couple of miles away. And as you can see, it just goes into the big shrubs over there and you can’t really make out the rest of it. So yeah guys, Once again, that’s CSX McCoy Air Force Base Spur. That was in use from the 1940s to the 1970s. I thank you very much for viewing and please subscribe, like, or share this video. Thank you very much guys. bye. bye.