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    Project Tracking: How To Track and Manage Your Projects
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    Project Tracking: How To Track and Manage Your Projects

    January 18, 2020

    >>Hi. I’m Devin Deen, Content Director here
    at [Music Intro]>>How to Track and Manage Your Projects. Now
    here are six things that I do in all of my projects. First off, project meetings, very important
    way of getting your entire project team together. Whether physically in the same room or virtually
    through a web conference, it’s really, really critical to get the entire project team together
    at the same time, talking and sharing ideas, sharing frustrations, giving each other updates
    on where they’re at in their various tasks and dependencies between the project team
    members, and also bringing them together to illuminate any additional issues or risks
    that you need to track and manage, get actionees, and ensure that those risks end up not getting
    you. Now, whether you have them weekly or on a
    daily approach, like you do a daily stand up for agile, it doesn’t matter. The important
    thing is that you’re having a time on a periodic basis where the entire project team gets together
    either in the same room or on a conference call or a web meeting. Next, individual catch ups with the team.
    Vital. You got to do this as a project manager. Take the time out during your week to go and
    interview each of your project team members. From 5 minutes to 15 minutes, it doesn’t matter
    how long it is. It’s important though that you do reach out and touch each and every
    person on a one-on-one basis. Get them to share with you how things are going from their
    perspective. You’ll be quite amazed at how many things come up one-on-one as compared
    to that group meeting when you’re doing your project meetings. Make sure you take the time
    to meet with each of your team members one-on-one during the week. Next, collaborative contribution to issues
    and the risk registers. If you’ve got a risk register and issue register online, where
    people can continuously add to that and update what’s happening in the issues or risks in
    a online fashion either through GoogleDocs or if you’re using, got
    a great issues and risks register in that one, it’s a really important idea for your
    team members to, throughout their day and throughout the week, start updating and sort
    of giving you the status of each of those issues and risks. It’s important for them
    to collaborate and share information about that together. Online form is the best way
    to do that. The next thing I do is ensure that I’ve got
    timely completion of timesheets. Now, this takes a bit of discipline from the project
    team to get into the swing of things of getting their timesheets done, either on a daily basis,
    if that’s what you are asking, or at least on a weekly basis. But it’s important discipline
    for them and behavior to actually do that on a routine basis. An indication that you
    might have a little bit of a quality issue in your project team or maybe having your
    task slip is if you got your project team members who are routinely not getting their
    timesheets in on time. Once again, it’s a leading indicator that you might have some
    issues, and that’s why I ensure that all my project team members complete their project
    timesheets on time. The next thing is timely updates with the
    tasks. So at the same time that they’re doing their updates on the timesheets, they should
    be updating you on the tasks, where they’re at, what issues they might be having, and
    where they need some help. They can do this on a daily basis, maybe through an email to
    you, or in the individual timesheets themselves. When they do it, you might have a little comments
    box. I know on, you’ve got that feature. But it’s important that
    they do timely updates on tasks. Once again, those that aren’t updating you,
    it’s an indication that they might have some quality issues. They might hit some frustrations
    or obstacles that need your help and need you to look into. So ensuring that the behavior
    in the project team is such that the norm is completing a task update on time will give
    you an indication where there might be a problem when that task update doesn’t happen on time. Lastly, weekly status report. Now, you as
    a project manager doing that weekly status report gets the opportunity to reflect back
    on the previous period and think back on the things that have gone wrong in that week or
    they have gone right in the week and how that might influence and impact the tasks ahead. It’s important for you to make the time to
    do that status report because you get to reflect back on the project. You get a chance to reflect
    back on the scope, on the deliverables, on the dependencies budget, and it’s a great
    opportunity for you just as a project manager to think about the project. Many times we’re
    out there always executing, executing, executing and don’t have time to think about the future
    and what we’re doing on a project. When you’re taking the time to do that status report,
    that’s your time to think about the future of the project, what might come out to get
    you, how do you avoid those obstacles and proceed on that project. When you finish your weekly status report,
    guess what? Time to start again. Back to your project meetings. Now, an important thing to remember is you
    get what you inspect, and by using these steps, it allows you to inspect and reflect on your
    project, help you monitor and control it to achieve the outcomes that you and your stakeholders
    are expecting. Use our software to apply these techniques
    on your project. Come try us out at

    Dhaka Metro Rail Project 2020 – ঢাকা মেট্রোরেল
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    Dhaka Metro Rail Project 2020 – ঢাকা মেট্রোরেল

    January 16, 2020

    Dhaka Metro is the name of the underground rail system being built in the capital of Bangladesh. The Dhaka Metro Rail system is also referred to as MRT in short for Mass Rapid Transit. The Mass Rapid Transit System has been planned to reduce traffic congestion with increasing traffic congestion and road problems in the highly populated Dhaka metropolis since 25th. For this purpose, a development project called Dhaka Month Rapid Transit Development Project was launched. The implementation of the scheme has begun from the 21st. The project will cost Tk 22,000 crore of which Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) has a project loan of 75 percent and Bangladesh government’s own financing 25 percent. Japan’s development subsidiary Jika is giving a loan of Tk 16 thousend 595 core. The government is providing the remaining five thousand 390 crore. Nine test piles have already been completed for this priority project of the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges. The original pile work has been started. At the same time, service line removal is also underway in the Caravan Market-Farmgate area. In the Mirpur-Shewarapara-Agargaon part of the same project, space has been reserved for the main line with dividers. The main pile work has begun in this section, saving space along and along Rhode Island. Metrorail trains have already begun making in Japan. The entire work of Line 1 of the Metrorail project is divided into eight packages. Of these, 12 km flyover and nine stations will be constructed from Uttara to Agargaon under Packages 1 and 3. Later, a line will be set up for the train on this flight path. Be sure to like our video if you like it. Comment to let us know what kind of video you like and what else you want to watch. Subscribe to our channel now to get the next video. Be sure to click the bell icon to the subscribe button. Thanks.

    Unification Minister says concrete results must be achieved in inter-Korean railway project
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    Unification Minister says concrete results must be achieved in inter-Korean railway project

    January 16, 2020

    a lot of attention has been focused on a
    railway project between the two Koreas with president moon jaein highlighting
    it numerous times as a way to shore up inter-korean relations despite the
    stalled North Korea us denuclearization talks kind of forcing the project into a
    state of limbo the South Korean government and some local experts remain
    optimistic the progress will be made in 2020 Parque June with more South Korea
    plans to push this new year to advance a long delayed inter-korean railway
    project for a breakthrough in deadlock talks with North this year marks the
    20th anniversary of the two Koreas agreement to reconnect railway and roads
    we must fulfill that goal now a seminar organized by rail Hope was held in Seoul
    on Wednesday centering on the role the inter-korean railway project has in
    regards to peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula the unification Minister
    pointed to the project as the best way to establish a peace economy based on
    inter-korean economic cooperation Seoul and Pyongyang completed the Econoline in
    2006 but a 2-mile ila runs along the east coast of the Korean Peninsula is
    yet to be finished once complete trains departing from the south will be able to
    pass through north korea to reach destinations like Russia China and even
    Europe the deadlock in an a clean dialogue installed nuclear talks between
    Pyongyang and Washington have prevented further discussions in advancing new
    projects but it appears that all that is required is a little more patience
    because North Korea is seemingly very much interested it might seem as though
    there’s only bad news but based on the great amount of information I’ve
    accessed through China North Korea is very much interested in the inter-korean
    railway and roll’ projects and is willing to participate when the
    conditions are right why North is so interested in the railway project the
    immense economic benefits it can bring the railway connection project has
    enormous economic effects analysis show that it can bring South Korea benefits
    worth 1.4 billion u.s. dollars whereas North Korea would see benefits worth 14
    billion dollars the groundwork is slowly being made to
    realize the vision China and Russia submitted a resolution to the UN
    Security Council that includes reading the project from restrictions Chinese
    President Xi Jinping also expressed strong support for the railway project
    during a summit with president moon jae-in in Beijing last month the South
    Korean government also plans to do what it can under the current status quo and
    continue reaching out to the north so that this year can be different for
    inter-korean ties the completion of the line is expected to bring great benefits
    to the domestic economy it’s expected to re-energize the steelmaking
    petrochemical and tourism industries all the more reason to find a momentum to
    advance e projects PACA tonight on news

    How To Track Expenses: Project Management Expense Tracking Tips
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    How To Track Expenses: Project Management Expense Tracking Tips

    December 28, 2019

    [Music Intro]>>Hello. I’m Jennifer Bridges, Director of Well, welcome today to our whiteboard session on Expense Tracking
    for Dummies. Have you ever had your pay or bonus cut because your project budget was
    off track? Well, I have. So, these are the tips that
    I created for the biggest dummy, me. It’s a topic that we all pretty much – I don’t
    know – don’t really like. In my world, I used to have a department who managed the expenses
    for me. So, my biggest lesson learned is when I had to do this for my projects on my own
    and I couldn’t rely on the organization. So after my pay was docked then I learned this
    quickly. I actually made it harder than it really is,
    so we boiled it down to dummy terms. There are six steps that I think are important.
    Number one is establishing a system. By using some kind of project management software or
    Excel, somewhere that you can pull all of the expenses together and have some way to
    track it by some system and some method of how it’s going to be done, when it’s going
    to be done, who it’s going to be done by. So, it’s critical to have a system in place. Number two, provide online access, not only
    for yourself if you’re a traveler. I mean, for me I travel a lot so I’m out of the office
    so I need to be able to access the expense items and the budget online, as well as my
    team members. Number three, identify the budget items. So,
    it’s important to think through all of the budget items or the expense items that are
    going to be tracked on your project. You have to sit down and think about what equipment
    – because that’s an expense item – what people, what real estate. Are you buying a building?
    Are you leasing a building? Are you renting a building? Any kind of legal items, is this
    a marketing or this is where you have intellectual property? Something where you have contracts
    where you have to have legal expenses? Then there’s travel. Those are some of the
    things that we forget about. When we have people on our team who travel. They’re in
    meetings. So, those are some of the little items that we tend to forget when we are creating
    our budget items. So then, once we have identified all of the
    budget items and we put it in our system, whether it’s our project management software
    or Excel, then we go through and we make sure we’ve identified any and all fixed costs or
    fixed expense items or variable costs and expense items. Know, realize, which ones may
    vary depending upon certain things and identify those and create the budget. Once the budget is created it has to be approved
    by certain parties, whether it’s your change control board, your stakeholders. Whoever
    has the authority in your group or organization to approve that and make sure that the budget
    or expense items that you plan to track or utilize on your project actually are approved. Then, assign someone. A lot of times I’ve
    found where myself or different groups or teams have problems is there’s really no one
    assigned to track the expense items. Or if someone has ordered equipment or are responsible
    for real estate or the legal, there’s no one there to track that. So, it needs someone’s
    name, a person’s name, not just a group or organization, but an individual who’s going
    to be accountable for tracking those expense items. Number six, track and control in real-time,
    so by providing online access to not only yourself but your team members and the people
    who are responsible or assigned to tracking certain expense items. Then by tracking them
    real-time, and then once you find something is way off budget, you’ve either over spent
    or you’ve under spent, then you have some way of controlling that and escalating it
    in a timely manner. So, those are six of the items that I feel
    like are critical. Again, sometimes we can make it harder than it really is. So, if we
    boil it down to dummy terms it’s not really that hard. But the thing that also is helpful
    is to use templates and pay attention to details, details, details. The devil truly is in the
    details. So, if we overlook certain items then we might find ourselves, or you may find
    yourself like I did of being docked in your pay or your bonus, and we don’t want that
    to happen. I certainly don’t want it to happen you and
    I don’t ever want it to happen to me again. At, we’ve tried to incorporate
    some of the best practices and tips for dummies for expense tracking. So, if you need any
    tips, tools, or techniques to help manage your expense and track your expenses then
    visit us at

    Breaking Ground: Acoustic Shed construction at City Square
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    Breaking Ground: Acoustic Shed construction at City Square

    December 19, 2019

    So we’re here at City Square. This is one of the three sites that make up
    the Town Hall Station. The other two sites are Federation Square
    and Flinders Quarter. So we’ve just finished constructing our acoustic
    shed. It enables us to contain all of our construction
    activities, so all light, the dust, the noise that we generate doesn’t go into the local community,
    and it allows us to work day and night shift. So the shed itself is a steel frame with precast
    concrete panels and they perform really well to attenuate the noise. So it’s 90 metres long, 23 metres wide and 18
    metres high. It’s a temporary structure, it’ll be up for
    approximately three years while we complete all the excavation activities and then it’ll
    be removed after that. Within the shed we have a temporary deck that
    we’ve constructed. That’s really important for us to get our
    vehicles in through Collins Street, into the shed to get loaded, and then out through Swanston
    Street. So the gantry cranes are mostly used to remove
    the material from the shaft and we also use it to get all of our excavators in and out
    and all our materials needed for construction. So on top of the deck we have all the material
    movements coming in and out, but really it’s underneath the deck that we’re doing all the excavation
    and the main works happen. Now that we’ve completed the deck and the shed
    we can focus on the excavation activities. We’re making really good progress with the
    shaft excavation, we’ve excavated approximately eight metres down. We have another six metres to go before we
    can start to tunnel under Swanston Street. The main bit of equipment for tunnelling will
    be a roadheader so quite a large piece of equipment that weighs approximately 70
    tonne when fully mobilised and that will enable us to do the tunnelling works for the Town Hall Station.


    Online Railway Concession Form for College System Software Web Project

    December 18, 2019

    hello guys to download the project
    document just visit nav on projects comm search the project name once you see the
    project page click on it now click on download document and you can download
    the project documents for free For free synopsis, ppt of this project OR Customized Software development – Pls Call/Watsapp +91 7900189102

    Breaking Ground: St Kilda Road tram occupation
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    Breaking Ground: St Kilda Road tram occupation

    December 4, 2019

    We are here today at Anzac Station undergoing
    a major occupation to realign the new tram tracks. This occupation is necessary to join
    the north and the south station box that is under St Kilda Road. The station box is 300 metres in length, 30
    metres in width and 22 metres deep. We are working 24 hours a day to reduce disruption
    to the road and tram network, demolishing the track, overheads, wires and road. This
    will allow the installation and construction of the new track and road. The construction of the acoustic shed behind
    me is aimed at reducing construction impacts such as noise, light and dust and is ongoing
    throughout the occupation. We built as much of the road and the tram
    alignment as we could before the occupation to minimise disruption to the local community.
    We worked closely with Yarra Trams and VicRoads to ensure a successful occupation.

    Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Revathy
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    Rail Projects Victoria Graduate Program – Revathy

    December 3, 2019

    Hi, my name’s Revathy and I’m
    a 2018 Graduate Accountant. I applied to the graduate program as it provides
    structured training and development. It also allows the opportunity for graduates to
    undertake rotations across the business and also it’s a unique opportunity to work
    in a major project that benefits all Victorians. Being a project my day-to-day
    activities vary. The Finance team is actually responsible for overlooking both
    Metro Tunnel and Regional Rail Revival projects. My current rotation, that I’m
    working in, includes budgeting forecasting, financial operations and
    also includes communicating and liaising with internal and external stakeholders. One thing that I really like about the
    program is that we actually have the opportunity to learn and develop, and
    then also be able to provide value to the organisation. I feel like I really
    fit into the team. We all come from diverse backgrounds but we all really
    fit in, we have a common goal as well so it’s great to work in teams that we know
    where we’re going and we work well together, that’s special. I really enjoyed having a mentor
    within the project that comes from a cross-functional area so you get to
    understand what’s happening on the other side, especially coming from a supporting
    function such as finance, and also be able to expand yourself professionally
    and personally and be able to gain, reach a goal or common goal through your
    mentorship program which is something I really enjoy. If you are really passionate about the
    projects and want to work in transport and infrastructure, definitely look into applying.