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    Historic Abandoned Railroad That Went to Florida Keys
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    Historic Abandoned Railroad That Went to Florida Keys

    August 22, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m going to be walking South today on the abandoned FEC tracks here, just south of the Flagler street crossing See these have been abandoned since around 2008 you can see Recording this for posterity so future generations you can see what once was here when this is removed concrete cross ties Track view North and track view South There used to be a spur along the That warehouse there you can see that’s where the boxcars used to load But I’m not going to venture in there in a tall grass Probably got snakes and who knows what in there? So North and South These are nice houses they have here I bet they loved it when the train used to come through here made a whole lot of noise And their houses vibrated Yeah, here. There is no visible remnants of the spur that went along the side of the warehouse So where you see those cars is SW 4th Street? They recently removed those crossing gates too few months ago. I have a video on that, so I’ll include the link to it as well as I walked I also, have a video on the other side I Walked from South West 4th street to Southwest 8th ST so I’ll include that link also in the bottom the description Actually wait. I just noticed there’s a rail right here on the side of the warehouse, it’s still visible Boom look at that On the other side too. Yeah hurry up and get out of here in case any snakes are eye balling me. I don’t know why bus drivers still stops There’s no gates here Tracks over grown But I guess rules are rules right so yeah, so this is Southwest 4th Street And like I said I have a video from from there on so I’ll include the link to it. So you guys can continue viewing it right now. I’m going to walk back One second, I have one of these beautiful guys on on my shoe here. take out the rest of them later okay, so I’m going to walk North now, so This is what it would’ve looked like If you were on a cab ride, Northbound. At a very slow pace Again, we see the houses off to our right now which would be East You can see some cross ties here, surprising after all that rock. Right? You can see the sweat glistening off me here it is Hot hot hot today. It’s like nine nine o’clock in the morning It’s probably like 92 degrees already But it’s never too hot for an abandoned railroad right? That’s what I say It’s like cross training over here. This would keep you in shape man, woof! Yeah So we’re coming up on the Flagler street crossing that is where I originally began filming Take the trail for now because I’m not going to go through all that Somebody’s living quarters over here nice right next to transportation can’t beat that. And then I make a run for it right up here right back where we started from Time for a drink of water guys, please subscribe like or share Thank you very much reviewing over and out

    Unused Railroad Exploration
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    Unused Railroad Exploration

    August 21, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here. Your railroad archaeologist so I’m over here at the CSX Homestead
    subdivision on you I tell you Rico drive processing I did a tour of this crossing
    last year and today I’m gonna show you what this time looks like now that it’s
    officially out of service here we can see some girls on it so Moodle right
    there this thing was built this is facing
    south west facing north east the sign was built in 1927 looking for a real
    with the date on it 75 pound rail built by a Marilyn Marilyn steel I do not see
    a date though but yeah I know for a fact that was built in 1927 and you can see
    the old wooden ties and if I stand on this line okay it’s mostly gross just
    see what it feels like to have been on this line this is what it was what it
    would have felt like see a nice residential area next to here and
    agriculture it’s on my right I’m gonna include a little map into that crossing
    so you guys can know where I’m at and this is facing north east so you see
    over here we can find a date on the rails yep
    1926 right there 1926 built by the seaboard airline railroad design came
    from my Annie from 5-9 the International Airport and do you ignore that it came
    to haul away from from Central Florida to homestead homestead is a city that is
    about a few miles south of here just to put it into perspective on this
    Yurika drive here this crossing is 1 84th Street and this line ends at around
    320 something 330 something Street so this is our about 20 miles away or so
    from the end of the line you can see these rails pure rust that’s a shame because if these reels
    could talk I’m sure they’d have some very interesting stories to tell and yeah there we see the gateless
    crossing it’s really case on the other side so yeah guys that’s this crossing
    and I’m gonna continue further south to Seoul I thank you for coming along with
    me please subscribe for like dinking please comment over and out

    What Would Rebuilding an Abandoned Railroad Look Like
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    What Would Rebuilding an Abandoned Railroad Look Like

    August 21, 2019

    Good morning ladies and gentleman, right now I’m at SW 137th Ave right underneath the Turnpike. You could still see the pavement marking here. The RXR Today we are going to be rebuilding The Homestead AFB Spur. This is where it used to run through. I’m going to give you a closer look in one second. one of the cross ties from the Homestead AFB Spur that used to be right there. I’m going to include a picture. I took this picture in 2008. This is what this looked like in 2008. There was still some sort of remnants of the spur. and look at what we have nowadays. It’s going to be a housing complex. and on that side, condos . But not to worry, That’s why RailROL82 is here! He’s going to rebuild the Homestead AFB Spur for you guys. Okay Ok guys, so now I’m facing Northwest. That gap you see right there is where the spur used to run through That would be going NW of here. It met with the mainline on US 1 at around SW 264th ST The spur came out this way. So this is what the spur would look like nowadays. Abracadabra! We have a Homestead AFB Spur. and let’s see what it would look like facing SE As we saw in the prior picture, bring it back! Nice, right? Okay, now let’s see what the crossing used to look like. Wait, now that there’s no cars passing I’m going to give you guys a closer look at the pavement marking. There used to be that white line there. And then the RXR You can still make it out. Ok guys, so crossing coming up… Okay, let me get situated here… That’s what the crossing used to look like! It was an old style cantilever. Alright guys, thank you very much for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share! Have a nice day. bye bye.

    Removed Railroad Crossing Track Exploration
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    Removed Railroad Crossing Track Exploration

    August 20, 2019

    ladies and gentlemen how’s it going? RailROL82 here, the railroad archaeologist here we see the pavement
    marking for the crossing at Southwest 230 2nd Street in Miami Florida on the
    CSX Homestead subdivision this crossing is officially out of service and last
    year from the video here with after Hurricane Emma this crossing was
    actually malfunctioning it was activated for the first time in years I didn’t
    feel I’ll include a link to that in the bottom but what I wanted to show you
    today was now that this this line is officially out of service I wanted to
    give you a tour the actual line the actual tracks right you see when I got a
    hearing here okay so we’re gonna be headed Dan all
    these cars we’re gonna be headed facing northeast now okay yeah we’re gonna be fixing or deist
    so right here see the crossing gate like I said I’ll include a link to that in
    the bottom tonight to the location sorry to the previous video way the crossing
    was activated for the first time in years so there you can see growth on the
    line this is facing southeast ya facing southeast and look at all that growth
    you can’t see the very sea any rails done that way all all grass this track
    was originally built here though the real a case you got the small post but
    you got some up peacocks over there I’ll include a Google Google Maps into this
    location 75 pound rail from 1926 decapitated baby thanks
    so as I said now I am walking here I am walking north eastward over here there’s
    a family of chickens running there off in the distance further about a hundred feet here you
    guys are gonna see there’s actually trees starting to grow in the center of
    the line so as I said this track was built in 1926 the see the old dog
    wouldn’t cross ties and the rusted rails in 1927 26 27 by Ozzie borderland which
    then became seaboard coast line devoid systems and eventually CSX so here we
    can see another tree starting to blossom right here and then that wasn’t the one
    I was referring to you know what I’m referring to
    there’s actually two of them you’ll see them right now so this area is is primarily
    agricultural you see uh avocados strawberries orange trees citrus things
    that I need you over here there isn’t much I don’t think there’s any industry
    down this way so yeah right now I’m walking on a piece of
    history I hope I don’t want to think this is sad to think this plate that
    this line might be a future bike trail it’s a sad day in America but Eve is our papaya trees away yeah and on this particular what would have
    been former crossing the signals were actually removed you can see there’s a
    there’s no kind of lovers or crossbucks no lights the the crossing was done on December
    16th 2016 and so so you had agreed which was silly of them to do because it’s
    another service right so yeah judging by this doesn’t look out of service but it
    is and if you don’t believe me I am going to show you the sign where it says
    that it’s out of service so right now this is chrome Avenue the nice feet up
    there perpendicular is 232 that’s where I began the tour so you guys can read right here it says
    Trax out-of-service sad day in America guys well thank you for coming along on
    this tour really appreciate it all please subscribe or like thank you for
    viewing over and

    Abandoned Railroad Bridge FEC Miami, Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Bridge FEC Miami, Florida

    August 18, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m just a block or so North of Flagler Street. And this I an FEC wooden trestle bridge. It’s abandoned eventhough there still, well they’re removing the crossing so yeah it’s pretty much abandoned for all intents and purposes. This is here looking South. That crossing there is the Flagler Street Crossing which is currently being removed. And this is the actual bridge. I always wondered what it would be like That’s North. And this is South. What a shame guys, huh? It’s heartbreaking, I know. And let me see if I can get you guys a shot of the bridge from this angle… Lovely. Lovely. Alright guys, thank you for viewing. Please Subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much.

    FEC Abandoned Railroad Miami, Florida
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    FEC Abandoned Railroad Miami, Florida

    August 18, 2019

    FEC abandoned railroad, Miami, FL. live on the scene… Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is what an abandoned railroad looks like. This is the FEC line just a block North of Flagler Street. It hasn’t been used probably in a few years. Ever since they closed that lumber yard by SW 8th ST. There hasn’t been a train coming through here. This here is looking North. I just made a video on the bridge there. It’s a wooden trestle bridge, if you guys are interested you can look at it by clicking the top right. and then look at the actual track. It’s a shame. This track used to connect with the mainline back in the day prior to 1984 along US 1 which ran parallel to US 1 and eventually went Southward toward Homestead and and that used to be known as the Overseas Railroad that went to the Keys. Florida Keys That was before 1935 and the Labor Day Hurricane. and here’s the track. This track probably wont be used again. My guess is they’re going to remove the rails in the near future because they’re already removing the crossing gates. and the cantilevers over there. So yeah guys I thank you very much for viewing the video and and please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you very much. bye bye

    Abandoned Railroad
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    Abandoned Railroad

    August 18, 2019

    Okay ladies and gentlemen, I have a video up
    to the bridge right now I’m going to continue walking northward
    this is the FEC Railway the abandoned portion and I’m going to continue
    walking northward now so let’s just see what this looks like over here this
    is North of the Flagler Street crossing. And this is totally totally abandoned here. this is the South and this is North there hasn’t been a train through here
    since 2008 Looking South again and looking North. You see nature is taking this back. I wonder what that sign held up maybe an
    end of the track or who knows maybe it was a whistle post but why would it be in the
    center of the track right and then starting to get a little bit dense over
    here signs of life here nature is definitely winning the battle
    to claim this. Look at this, these pine trees are going to be looking like that in a few years. yeah guys I think try walking a few more feet but over there it’s really
    dense yeah that’s the end of the trail here I
    don’t know I want to venture out because I don’t know if there’s anything yeah you can’t see that line anymore it’s
    all consumed by bushes it so we’ll just walk South again remember him? yeah well it’s pretty in there. I’m guessing it was put in there by the FEC and not by somebody. I wonder if that might’ve been a No because this was dark territory there was no signals here so it
    was nothing railroad related we’re going to use the East trail It’s a shame because other than shrubs and pine trees and grass seems like it
    could still be used Further down the line I saw rails that were made by our
    Maryland in 1928 so not bad for it being almost a hundred years old right ? Okay guys guys you guys are going to walk the bridge
    with me East that would be West I used to be a gymnast in my past life
    so let’s see I still remember how to do it! a little bit more tense than what you
    can see on the video you can see further about some cross ties are rotten like
    that one skip that one It was all busted up look at that walking on top of the
    steel beam there so I have reinforcement in the bottom North. South you got to be on top of your game here, this
    might have been essential to the crossing. You can see the wood there in the bottom Sweat is dripping down my arm! feels great though guys is a part of history
    all right guys also leave you know I thank you very much for accompanying me on this
    tour please subscribe or like over and out.

    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad
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    FEC Rebuilding the Overseas Railroad

    August 15, 2019

    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wondered
    what the Overseas Railroad would look like and today I’m going to rebuild it for you
    guys. Let’s start by adding rock. Good! It’s looking just like the one that ran parallel
    to US 1 in Miami. Now, we add some rails… Exactly as how I remember it! There is, however, a slight modification:
    because as you guys know, where those cars are currently running on used to be the actual
    railroad. In this example, the Metrorail never got installed
    in 1984 so it allowed the track to continue running parallel to US1 and eventually they
    built it back into the Keys. Let’s see that train! Now that’s what I’m talking about, we have
    a full fledged Overseas Railroad with a train and everything! How beautiful does this look, guys? Okay so now we have the full visual impact
    of what this would look like nowadays. Let’s get the audio version of this example. What would this sexy beast sound like? There it is my friends! Now we got to fully experience what this would
    look like nowadays. Not even the Mona Lisa is that pretty, right
    guys? Truly a beautiful sight guys. I’ll let you takeit in for a second… Who knows, maybe in our lifetimes we’ll get
    to experience this phenomenon again? Ok guys, please remember to subscribe, like,
    or share and thank you for viewing!

    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After
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    Railroad Crossing Removed Before and After

    August 15, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here at SW 40th ST which is also Bird Rd in Miami, FL. and this is the site of the former FEC Railway Right of way That went up South. This is looking South. Met up with US 1, with the mainline along US 1. That went to the Florida Keys and eventually become into the Oversea Railway. But yeah, as you can see, this is where I’m at. And this is the railroad bed here. Facing South. This would be looking North. And this would be the foundation where the cantilever once stood. See the big screws that held it in place here. There’s 8 screws. There’s 4 on that side and 4 on this side. And this is where the where the crossing gate stood. And this is where the crossing was. Apparently, they’re going to turn this into a trail. all along the former right of way. It’s going to be Ludlam Trail. Here’s all the bulldozers and heavy equipment. That’s going to undertake the job. In this 2008 picture, you can clearly see the pavement markings in the bottom facing West on Bird Rd. Cantilever up top. And in this 2013 picture we can see that there’s nothing left. No No pavement markings, no cantilevers no crossing. Completely gone. Please Subscribe or like. Thank you for viewing. Over and out.

    Where’s the Railroad Crossing ?
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    Where’s the Railroad Crossing ?

    August 14, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. I’m over here today about a block north of Highway 878 This is South West 80th street. This is a facing East this here is facing North and This here is facing west. I’m sorry the sun is setting right now So the back light is probably horrible at that Angle, but yeah, this is what I want to show you guys here is where there used to be a former FEC Railway track Here we can see the concrete cross ties There’s a wooden cross tie right there And you can see the ballast right there funny thing though that highway 878 was built sometime around 1985 1984 and Just about three blocks down was where this track merged with a mainline on us 1 so prior to the metro rail being built and prior to that Highway being built being built there was actually a wye here so the track went this was that this branch line went straight and then right where the Highway is the wye used to go that way, I’m going to include a picture of what what it looked like, so Yeah, that’s it right there And as I said this is facing south Let me give you there’s still evidence of a former Relay case over here. See there’s no cars coming so I can cross. see some ballast over here to Concrete cross ties, and here it is Yeah, a train hasn’t been around here since 1984 so that’s ample time for this tree. Which is about I’m six feet And this is how much the tree overshadows me. So yeah, okay, so it’s a pretty big tree This is track view North. My FEC engineer friend, ECH, tells me that back in the day when he ran this It was dark territory this section of track was not controlled by signals The County is going to build a trail here. The Ludlam trail as you can see and as as this sign says This used to be property of the FEC, Florida East Coast Railway And it is now going to be Converted into a trail The Ludlam trail. So yeah. That’s your northbound view there And once again, I’m going to leave you with the southbound view. I thank you very much for viewing guys please subscribe or like over and out