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    Abandoned Railroad Switch & Spur FEC Miami, Florida
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    Abandoned Railroad Switch & Spur FEC Miami, Florida

    August 13, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, you guys are looking at an abandoned FEC spur and switch over here, just North of SW 8th ST There is the switch right there. And here is where the spur began. This actually used to go into a lumber yard. That was between SW 4th ST and SW 8th ST. It was just South of SW 4th ST and just North of SW 8th ST It is now replaced with a Wal-Mart And the spur used to go into here. To the side of the lumber yard. It’s truly a sad site. The FEC used to be a pretty abundant around here. It used to go all the way to US 1 Southbound over there and it met up with the mainline that ran parallel to US 1 all the way to Homestead Southward which was also the Overseas Railroad In 2004, it ran all the way to Bird Rd. And then as of 2004 this way the rails barely been used. Because there’s no more customers on the line. So yeah guys as you can see there you go. one last look at the spur. So that’s Southbound, SW 8th ST which the crossing gates and cantilevers are currently being removed I have a video on it if you guys want to check it out. And then SW 4th ST over there. facing North. Alright guys, please subscribe, like, or share. Thank you for viewing. Bye bye

    Overseas Railroad Abandoned FEC Bridge 1
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    Overseas Railroad Abandoned FEC Bridge 1

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your railroad archaeologist. Today I’m gonna start a
    series walk with me we’re gonna start exploring the
    abandoned or the remnants of the FEC overseas railway bridges and this is
    what we have left them is gonna be the first one this is over here by Anne’s
    Beach. I’m going to include the Google Maps link in the description. You can see The current here is crazy It’s about like a 20 foot drop here and let me show you the other side so
    this is channel number two right off this is Islamorada yeah
    just south of Islamorada or Southwest of Islamorada. So that’s US 1 that’s the
    new bridge, I apologize for the wind it’s a very windy day as you can see then so
    here we have the old and the new, old off to my left and the new off to my right 1935 Labor Day hurricane which then the FEC just decided to leave and sell the land to the state & made a highway
    so since 1935 a train hasn’t been here and I’m walking on the historical FEC
    Oversea Railway bridge here. That’s where I originally began filming like then you can see the drop off there and I’m gonna walk a little further into the
    bridge, some of these bridges have dates, I haven’t been able to find one on this one,
    mostly its used for fishing So off in the distance, that there is Islamorada. Craig Key is Just South of Islamorada that sign is still twisted from Hurricane Irma Today is a pretty windy day You can see somebody parasailing off in the distance over there. or kite surfing all right you guys, this is the first
    one of many to come so thank you, Please subscribe or like take care
    over and out

    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing
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    Signals Removed @ Abandoned Railroad Crossing

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen this is an update videos few months ago, I was at this crossing while they were removing the gates, lights and I wanted to come back here a few months after and see what had
    taken place since then so it’s pretty much the same as I left it on the
    cantilevers are still there obviously – the lights and gates and cross bucks but I
    don’t think they’ve removed anything else yes, the concrete foundation for
    the cantilever which is still here. I guess at some point they had a larger
    cantilever or another one. You see the 4 screws over there. this is a track view North. This is Flagler Street in Miami Florida I’ll include the Google Maps link to it
    to this location and then there we see the relay case off to the left this is facing West on Flagler Street
    and I’m going to give you a shot at the cantilever right now, the sun’s in the way. this
    would be the South side of the crossing. You can see the cantilever they’re still
    there but the lights, gates, and cross bucks removed. You can see there’s a whistle
    post and a mile post right there. Let me see if I can give you track view South here. It’s a pretty busy street so bare with me guys. yeah that would have been track view South there. there used to be a signal right like a
    few feet South of that cantilever there, but not anymore This is the FEC track that went to US 1 and met up with the main and then went to the Oversea Railway. That was pre 1984
    when they installed the metro rail Up until 2008 this line was in use it
    serviced Everglades Lumber which was just near Southwest 8th ST and then
    when that closed, this line was pretty much isolated because it was nobody left
    on the line to service and looking North is over there where that overpass is the
    link was, the line was cut so this line here is just isolated. See the wooden
    cross ties. all righty guys please subscribe or like
    thank you very much for viewing over and out

    Railroad Crossing Former Site FEC
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    Railroad Crossing Former Site FEC

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here at a former FEC Railway crossing site. This is SW 64th ST in South Miami, FL. Here we can still see the RXR. It’s still pretty evident. Pavement marking. And There’s still some remnants of the old crossing. This old crossing, I’m going to include a picture of this is what it used to look like when it was active. I took this picture in 2004. And this is what it looks like nowadays. Track view, what would’ve been Track view South. And here we see an FEC Railway crossing sign. Some old crossing gates here. One buried there underneath all the pine needles. See if I can find again this crossing had no crossing gates, it was it was just lights, cross bucks, and bells. Here it is. This is this used to be here were the cables. And where they sawed it off right there. OK so what would’ve been track view South. There you have where the relay case used to be. See the cut of wires there also. And now I’m going to cross the street and give you what would have been track view North. Track view North. Wow! Look at, these at rails! Holy Molly! These are old wow! 1925! You guys can’t see it, but yeah. See uh… 1925 gees. That is amazing. Oh yeah here you can see something Maryland. Yeah. I’m going to have to, you guys can comment below if you’ve ever heard of Maryland manufacturing or Maryland Steel… Track view North I’m going to see if I can see where this crossing was Oh here it is. This is where it was cut off. And these were the wires that were cut right here. Here’s another crossing gate. cross ties. Please subscribe, like, or share guys. I thank you very much for viewing. Bye. Bye. Over and out.

    FEC Oversea Railway Original Part 1904 Rail
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    FEC Oversea Railway Original Part 1904 Rail

    August 12, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m over here in Islamoradaa, FL. in the Florida Keys Right next to US1 over here Overseas Highway and they have this monument here I don’t know about the caboose being original but the rails underneath were legitimately part of the Oversea Railway as I see that one of the rails over here has a date and it’s barely legible. I don’t know if you guys can see but it was from 1904. The 0 and the 4 are still there. The 9 is somewhat still there, but the imprint of the 1 is vaguely still there. If you guys want to zoom in on it… and maybe the underneath part of this caboose was also original. Perhaps they renovated the top part to make an office out of it But yeah, I’m guessing this is an original caboose from the era also. 1920s music playing This was made after the fact. This building over here. But yeah, no doubt that rail is indeed part of the original Oversea Railway I’m guessing the cross ties are too. Sometimes the cross ties have like a nail with a plaque that says the original date on them. Although these, I don’t recall seeing these in new cross ties. I’m guessing they have a built in, bent piece of steel. with an S sort of shape to it maybe that was indicative of the manufacturer of the cross ties. They all do. This one actually has a double S Alright guys, thank you for viewing. Please subscribe, like, or share. Have a nice day. Bye guys.

    Abandoned Railroad Bridge to Oversea Railway
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    Abandoned Railroad Bridge to Oversea Railway

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen again we have
    another piece of history here this morning this used to be part of the FEC
    branch line that connected over there – this is facing south
    to the main next to us one that led into the Florida Keys and became the
    oversea railway I have a video on this that you guys maybe watched a couple of
    weeks ago so this would be like the part two of it this is a little bit more
    north of that location I’m gonna include a Google map Google Maps link so you
    guys can see so this is are facing north that track is that’s going north and
    this would be going south south then this way is going east and this way is
    west so let me give you a little tour of this old wooden trestle bridge here from
    what I can access I don’t want to fall in the water this morning right okay so
    this used to be the railroad bed over here and this will be the east side of the bridge look at that that means this bad boy was put in in
    1998 which makes sense because there was a customer over there by where that big
    tower is, that stopped getting service like around 2004 so makes all the sense in
    the world this line was used up until 2004 wow wow wow yeah I don’t want no I
    don’t want this to be the last video that I filmed so I just keep it here for
    now yeah I don’t know in what conditions like look at this wood over here so who
    knows if I step over there and then I’ll go straight down and maybe there’s an
    alligator there so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna give you guys a tour going
    south and see if we find any spikes ties or anything of that nature
    all right okay so yeah I got down from the bridge and then that’s facing
    east right this is the waterway neighborhood so okay now I’m going back
    on the railroad bed and you know you don’t see any of ballast or ties I do
    see a sign here so let’s see what this sign says. I wonder if it’s like a plaque to
    the railroad let’s see well a vision of the trail Ludlam Trail is our vision
    to transform an abandoned rail line into a vibrant pedestrian friendly but all I
    see is abandoned rail line they should’ve left a part of it, that’s all in saying! so I’m gonna
    continue walking south okay guys so right now im about 200 or so feet
    from my original location which was over there and over here the grass starts to
    get pretty high you see like it’s about up to my waist and I haven’t
    seen any signs of ballast or ties or plates or anything so I will keep my
    eyes peeled I just want to show you guys how elevated it is over here it’s like
    about maybe eight feet cuz um my feet are probably leveled with the roof
    roofs of the houses and then over here you can see I don’t know if you can
    notice it on the picture but yet it’s significantly raised and these
    are morning glories right I shall continue ok guys so here
    the grass starts getting really dense and off you see like I’m somewhat of a
    makeshift forest inside the city that’s tower I was telling you guys about earlier
    and then this neighborhood this is interesting because this is a park which
    is right inside the city of Miami like right near South Miami and it looks
    pretty urban here all right ok guys well here we see our first signs of a
    ballast check this out that’s fec ballast for you right there and we continue walking South
    there you go more ballast I think this might be maybe, I don’t know
    where they transmit cell phone signals or radio signals or there’s a sign says
    danger high voltage on the fence over there but this is what I want to show
    you guys this over here this ballast heaven look at this look at this if
    there was ever any doubt that there was a line here. Look at that and then
    something else I wanted to bring up oh I’m almost certain that there used to be
    a team track here I think it was I’m not entirely sure but uh this might shed a
    little light over here there’s interestingly enough there’s
    like a paved part of this place where I think but team track was located and
    it’s off to our left right here so if anybody knows whether or not this
    was a team track please comment below I’d love to know and got some friends along
    with the ride for me as usual but it’s okay so yeah I think this was the
    location of the team track, if not what why would this pavement be here I
    mean well what purpose did it serve I mean there was no let’s see what this
    was monitoring observation well okay this
    was probably put in after the tracks were removed it doesn’t seem like it was
    anything rail related and I was hoping to see at least like a whistle post or
    at milepost nothing okay and then right off about 200 feet in front of me you
    see those cars passing that’s bird road over there we got more ballast there more ballast here and the last trains here were like I
    said 2004 which serviced, this is Bird road so I think South West 40th Street so
    that customer was around 44th Street i think it was like a truss company or lumber
    company something to that effect and then I have a video of showing when
    this crossing was removed the before and after they had some old WRRS
    cantilevers here at this crossing so here we’re
    coming up on bird road see what the sign says over here it’s a 10-minute bike ride to South Miami senior high school scan for biking directions I don’t think
    it’s that complicated all you gotta do is go south, which is that way yes
    you see the cross ties see a wood tie there and then concrete ties. A very old sign that said
    private property no trespassing FEC railway company. That right there would have been
    track view south track view north and Boom! alright guys
    thank you for coming along with me please subscribe or like.
    thank you for viewing over and out

    Abandoned Railroad that connected to Oversea Railway
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    Abandoned Railroad that connected to Oversea Railway

    August 11, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today again We’re standing here next to a piece of history. This is the FEC branch line that connected Next to the main over there next to us one which I’m gonna walk you guys all the way through today I’m gonna walk you all the way the u.s. One and show you what it is that replaced This line that connected, this branch line that connected to the main over there by u.s. One that eventually went to the keys and became the oversea railway so before I do that. I’m gonna give you a little orientation here, so Right now, This is facing north Facing east South and west I’ll include a Google Maps link So you guys can see where I’m at so I’m gonna start the tour right now, then here we see the rail That might have been for a crossing sensor Tie plate Wooden cross ties Another tie plate there, so this is heading west. Oh, sorry South right So this line approximately 1984 was when it when, the last time a train came through here So this tree has been growing since 1984 Look at the gap we got here Okay, I think I might see a date on these rails 1945 yeah 1945 Is it yeah, okay All right, so this is where it starts Where the evidence starts to fade see one rail over here cross ties and then This here is the Snapper Creek Canal, so I am going to actually cross this and Continue the tour all the way to where the mainline was Ok guys so right now I’m standing here on the Ave, this is SW 70th ave right and that’s where I was filming right now So there is the end of the line or what is the end of the line right now, you can see snapper Creek canal And then Here there would have been a wooden trestle bridge you guys go on historic You can more or less make it out They have a 1969 aerial shot of this place. You can see the wooden trestle bridge here And I think you can see an iguana right here actually, let me see… yeah There’s an iguana right there so yeah, so then there is the ROW and then Here there is no traces of it at all They removed everything However, I remember where it Used to be so I’m gonna show you and As you can see here we have Southwest 70th Avenue South West 85th Street So I’m gonna go ahead and cross and She doesn’t know she’s on YouTube hahaha, okay, so then it came through here where I’m standing and Sorry about that. I had to run accross the street. Okay. You see some Hurricane Irma damage here. So technically right right about here And then this here is the old rail bed, as we walk, this is walking South you can see It starts to curve more Southwest over there and Right where I’m walking if you keep going on this path. It eventually is going to intersect with the Metro rail That’s, That’s what was installed in 1984 that Was installed over where the Main used to run along Run along u.s. One right there and That’s what went into the Florida Keys that became the overseas railway This here is Dadeland mall And as you can see I’m trying to look for ballast or tie plates or railroad spikes, anything of that nature nothing I Think further maybe like 200 feet down that way We’re gonna see some old ballast But yeah so right here is where there used to be a wye So the wye was like right here and Then it intersected with the with the main line which was right there where the Metro Rail is So right now I’m facing this beginning to face Southwest and this would be facing north See that JCPenney there, Dadeland Mall Okay, so like I said this was a metro rail and this replaced the mainline Next to us one in 1984 So this here, here we go This looks like FEC ballast over here As you can see like they built this around the railroad why tell you right now You can see Look at this And look at that those concrete columns were built over both railroads Because at the time I guess they figured There was a slight possibility that they could have still been used but no They They immediately we’re taken out of service So right here What is exactly where the mainline used to go into Florida Keys Well, that’s us one right and then the main light just ran right here parallel for about 18, 20 miles South to Florida City and then It went into the Florida Keys So I’m gonna show you The location of the crossing at Kendall Drive See uh that right there is us one heading south see a Firestone in there Here you go! That’s the Metro rail! Because of him we don’t have the FEC tracks here anymore. okay Yeah No traces of anything over here Trying to look for again gravel, sorry railroad spikes or well, we vaguely see like I said the Ballast So this right here was where it intersected the crossing was And I remember there was a WRRS cantilever right here somewhere it came out And looked over Kendall drive, SW 88 street. You can see this is a u.s. One. I’ll zoom in on the sign for you so yeah, and it just kept going that way All Righty guys, thank you for coming along with me on this tour really appreciate it please subscribe or like Thank you very much over and out

    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 80 Years After ?
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    What Does This Railroad Crossing Look Like 80 Years After ?

    August 11, 2019

    hello ladies and gentlemen, RailROL82 here, your railroad archaeologist who today is gonna take
    you on a trip back in time this picture I’m gonna show you is from 1939 it is
    the Miami extension of the overseas railroad so Henry Flagler which was a
    founder of Florida East Coast Railway built the railroad along the east coast
    of Florida and completed it to Miami in 1896 as a consequence Miami and all the
    cities on the East Coast of Florida Oh a debt of gratitude to Henry Flagler
    and the Florida East Coast Railway because had it not been for the railroad
    and the economic progress had brought along with it Miami and those cities
    wouldn’t be a shadow of what they are today so that being said um after the
    railroad was completed in 1896 he then wanted to proceed to Key West so that to
    them he began in 1900 and finished it in 1912 so it took them 12 years to
    complete that as I said this what I’m gonna show you is the Miami extension so
    this is the part that ran along us one and in 1939 we’re gonna see I want you
    to focus on the steam locomotive I want you to focus on the cross buck or the
    rails are and the buildings in the background I’m gonna show you what they
    look like nowadays after I show you the picture throw for a good while like that
    you can you can take it in and absorb it so that being said guys uh please
    subscribe if you haven’t hit the notification ball so you can see videos
    like this and alerts when I when I post them thank you enjoy the video leave me
    some comments and tell me what you think you so welcome from 1939 over to 2019 80
    years later this is what it looks like nowadays so this here is a walkway from
    the east tower of the South Miami hospital building onto the main building
    over here and this here is South sorry Southwest 62nd Avenue facing north and
    south west 62nd Avenue facing south so this is where the picture was taken 1939
    this is the receiving dock of a South Korean Hospital and in somewhere where
    that street light is is where the cross box stood that above ground
    is the Metrorail that’s what we placed the FEC tracks which ran in this
    location up until 1984 so around this general area is where crossbuck once
    stood the almighty crosswalk which alerted parties and drivers as to tracks
    and trains so right here is where in this very spot where that steam engine
    was facing that way that would be facing south east towards the floor the keys
    which are about the first key to our goal is probably like 48 miles away from
    here these tracks run all the way to Key West the overseas railroad previous to
    1935 so yeah so right here is where the steam engine
    and this is where the double track main was double track mean and then this is
    really a double track main facing North West that there is us one right where that BB&T is is where that
    seed company was then you can see us one has way more traffic than it did
    when it was for photographs in fact this is probably one of the
    busiest arteries man but big difference and then where the
    McDonald’s is is where those apartment size stood yeah yeah here you can find the remnants
    of of a railroad and you would come up very
    short in fact I don’t think you find anything not a fight tightly tie nothing
    we wiped it all out here as some having some great crossings for
    former great processing underneath the module you can still see that they have
    kind of a hill like that but not not many do so yes all right here is where
    the locomotive stood and roughly somewhere around here was with a cross
    box but big big difference 80 years mix right some of you guys think below and
    you’re in the comment section I personally like it Wow
    personally liked it better 1939 I wish I would have lived that ha ha
    all right guys please subscribe check out one of these videos think you’ll
    like it take care and bye bye

    Abandoned Railroad Ties Part of Oversea Railway?
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    Abandoned Railroad Ties Part of Oversea Railway?

    August 10, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today I’m
    coming to you from the sunny Florida Keys you can see the sign says
    crocodile crossing this here is the tip of mainland Florida this would be facing
    north and this road is known as the well this is here’s us one right and
    it’s known as the 18 mile stretch which leads right into the Florida Keys all of
    Florida Keys and the first key is Key Largo about two or so miles from here
    that would be south east of here but what I wanted to show today was I
    found what I think might be some remnants of the original overseas
    railroad right and here they are ok so here’s the first one this here I
    found another one I further south there which I’ll show you in a few well yeah
    there is a cross tie right there with two pilings that held it up right okay that’s the first piece of evidence
    that please comment below if you know if that might be part of the original
    overseas railroad oversea railway there’s another part of it your
    pilings right there zoom in on that so you guys can see closely okay this is
    right underneath the new US 1 bridge over jewfish creek and then this
    is the other one I found this one is pretty much so still intact. this one
    even has, try to balance myself here because I’m on the tip of the cliff and I don’t wanna
    fall into that water so that one there even has a railroad spike right there give you all another view of it that’s
    what that looked like and then here we see some more pilings, another one there and more pilings Those were the only 2 cross ties I saw that’s the end of the see yeah this is all pretty much just
    mangroves down from now on there used to be a drawbridge right there which was
    removed and replaced by the tall one, old Jewfish creek drawbridge well yeah
    that’s like I said the only remnants I see so if you guys know whether or not
    that was the original one of the original parts of the overseas railroad
    please comment below I’d love to know and so would everybody else Give you one last shot guys, please
    remember to subscribe to me on instagram railrol82 and subscribe on youtube so
    you can see videos like this, give me a like if you like this video comment
    below and I appreciate you guys stopping by my channel and taking a look
    take care over and out

    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport
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    Railroad Crossing Former Site near Miami International Airport

    August 9, 2019

    Hello ladies and gentlemen today. We have another heartbreaker over here on Northwest 72nd Avenue. Just a few blocks away from the Miami international airport I’m going to zoom in to the control tower That right there was the control tower for Miami international Airport And over here. I’m going to show you the sad sight we have for today. This is a concrete foundation That held up the cantilever at the crossing You see the four screws that hold it up? And the wires that were cut right there And here we see the foundation for the crossing gate with all the wires that supplied it with electricity Over here, you can still see parts of the crossing, some of the ballast. This would be facing West. see I was trying to see if there was a tie plate or railroad spikes, but no such luck So yeah now I’m going to go facing East So you guys I think there’s still some rail left on on the east side Okay bear with me. It could be a very busy road at times Okay guys, so I made it to the median and here you can see the median crossing or what was the median crossing? and then Over there is the east side And I am going to cross now as soon as all these people coming Northbound cross. So this is where the crossing used to be on this side Here you see the four screws that held it up, the wires are gone. There you see another part of the crossing and where the relay case was Please subscribe or like guys. Thank you very much for viewing over and out