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    Hiking an Abandoned Railway Track in Osaka // 兵庫県で人気なハイキングコース
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    Hiking an Abandoned Railway Track in Osaka // 兵庫県で人気なハイキングコース

    December 11, 2019

    There’s a free foot bath Let’s go! Free! Are you scared? Really….I….sdgjhakdfad I’m sweating I’m sweating Nope! This is really…NOPE! [Ashi Yu]
    (Foot bath) [No lights in the tunnel] You can catch them with just a Pokeball You can catch them so easily! [Uzura]
    (Quail) Can you see? Can you see me? I can’t see. Impossible? Impossible. Really?! Mhmm How about this? Can you see? Um, I can see a little bit Scary! That was fast Hello!!!! [the echo] didn’t come back You ok? I’m ok. [Not-good-with-bugs Shinya] It’s there! I’m itchy now! Itchy, itchy I’m real itchy! Thank you! [mirror] Your leg is like a leg? Oh really… If someone comes from the other side, its over! Just a sec… I’m scared! Scary, scary. Scary! No! No, bad, bad, bad! Nope! NOPE!! Steph, NO, NO! SCARY! SCARY! I’M SCARED! NOPE!! BAD! Really? REALLY REALLY! We did it. It wasn’t scary Sorry! [Uzura Channel]

    Ltd,Exp, Rapi:t/Nankai Electric Railway
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    Ltd,Exp, Rapi:t/Nankai Electric Railway

    November 17, 2019

    “Yokoso Osaka e!” Welcome to Osaka In order to come to downtown Osaka, the city with warm heart people and charming town,please ride Ltd,Exp,Rapi:t,Nankai Electric Railway. From Kansai International Airport to Namba Terminal, it takes about 40 minutes ride. Please start your wonderful trip by riding our Ltd,Exp,Rapi:t,Nankai Electric Railway.”O-machi shite imasu!”.

    A Train That Heals: Veterans Day 2018
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    A Train That Heals: Veterans Day 2018

    November 15, 2019

    My name is Spencer Whelan. I’m the
    founder and CEO of Proclaim Advocates. Our company does advocacy marketing and
    Texas Central is our client. Really, really proud and excited to be working
    on something that I think is really revolutionary. I think it’s going to
    change the way that we think about how we do our lives. The things that he went
    through really changed the way he looked at life and he passed that on to me. And
    the system itself is eight generations from what he rode in 1967. I’m just
    excited about this entire project, regardless of it being my client. It’s
    something that I think the state needs I didn’t know about dad’s story until because we started working with the
    freaking on this project it’s an incredible connection I think
    something that I’ve done in my long past just now becoming a reality here in the
    u.s. I never imagined that I would have a grandson happy now that I do I am
    pretty proud that he’s a seer and that my son and his grandson are going to be
    able to see this project come to fruition and be able to experience the
    same things that I experienced when I was 20 years old whenever two cultures
    two countries two economies start to work together on a project the best of
    both amount we have people from Spain Italy Japan the United States the UK
    experts in the field across the high-speed train systems around the
    world coming to Texas and investing in Texas to make sure that this thing gets
    completed and it’s going to be a real thing and to know that he got to see
    generation 1 and we’re going to get to see the final generation with the help
    of all of these international partners I think we’re going to build something
    really unique and special you

    Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21
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    Shinkansen bullet train. Going to Osaka!: 1st ever trip to Japan #21

    November 4, 2019

    Hey, Guys! Hey, Guys! We are in Shinkansen. Just set off. We are going to be in… when? In 2.5 hours we are going to be in Osaka. And, so far, we are enjoying one of the fastest trains in the world. It’s not so fast. I mean, I am pretty sure that rumours are exaggerated. STAS: Sachi, are you excited? M-m-m… So, Sachi just bought some ice-cream and coffee. And, guess what?
    It says here: “AROMA Express Cafe” because this is an “express” Shinkansen train. Yes.
    Does it make any sense? Yeah.
    Good. – We just saw Mount Fuji…
    – Fu… What?!! Aa-a-ah… Hora! (Look!) STAS: So, Fuji… STAS: Sachi, what can you say about it? Purupuru shiteru… STAS: What can you say about Fuji? Eh? Fuji-san. STAS: Fuji-san? Sugoi… I want to take a picture. So, before boarding this Shinkansen we picked
    up some, like, snack and dessert. I really really drooled when I saw this, so… We have here a little bit… What was that? Mochi tiramisu parfait. And what is this? It looks a bit like warabimochi but it’s not.
    SACHIKO: Kuzumochi. Kuzumochi. Yep. So, it looks very tasty and we have to wrap up this video because I cannot wait to eat it. Have you tried it, Sachi?
    SACHIKO: Never. Me neither.
    OK, I’m going to try. SACHIKO: Pretty soft.
    Mmm… I like. SACHIKO: Do desu ka? (How is it?) I like, since I like matcha so much and all this… Daifuku, warabimochi… SACHIKO: Can you show it to me? I just bit here. Very interesting. I like. Watashi mo (me too). This is way better than hojicha. Hojicha? No, hojicha is better. Nah.

    Riding the Tokaido Shinkansen High-Speed Rail (Bullet Train) in Japan – Osaka to Kyoto
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    Riding the Tokaido Shinkansen High-Speed Rail (Bullet Train) in Japan – Osaka to Kyoto

    October 23, 2019

    The Japanese introduced the Shinkansen in 1964. Over 50 years later, we still don’t have high-speed
    rail in America. But that’s changing with California High-Speed Rail currently under construction. We’re gonna ride the high-speed rail in Japan today and we’re gonna see what it’s like to experience
    the Original High-Speed Rail, the Shinkansen. The first thing I’m noticing here, these are
    long trains. Oh my gosh! The train must have 14, 15, maybe even 20
    cars and just goes back and forth all along the platform. It’s huge!! And it looks like space-age technology, like
    NASA or something. We’re in Osaka going to Kyoto. That usually takes about an hour. Normal train travel: 30 minutes, and those
    are fast Japanese trains. This high-speed rail will take us only 15
    minutes to cover that same distance and those benefits are compounded the longer
    you travel. So, we’re talking travel times of 3 hours
    between Los Angeles and San Francisco when the California High-Speed Rail is Complete. We’re actually gonna be going into the Green
    Car that’s the business class on the train. Let’s check it out! Is this the right one? I think so. Green Car. Here we go. Oh this is so nice! Even the toilets look nice. Business class on the Shinkansen has these
    nice wide comfortable seats. I think there’s a reading light built in here. Cool stuff. I’m not entirely sure what to expect because
    this is my first high-speed rail train ride ever. When you’re riding high-speed rail, it seems
    like the experience is very similar to that as going to the airport. The only big difference that I noticed is
    that you don’t go through security. You don’t really wait for a very long time. The experience on the train is very similar
    to being on a plane. Right on time. It’s a nice really smooth acceleration. You don’t really feel it at all. The trains can reach up to 220 mph as they
    speed up from 0. It’s not like you’re riding a ride
    at Universal Studios or a Six Flags amusement park, it’s nice and really nice and smooth. ANNOUNCER: …bound for Tokyo. We will be stopping at Kyoto, Nagoya, Shin-Yokahama,
    and Shin-Nagaua Stations before arriving at Tokyo Terminal. Please refrain from smoking on the train including
    areas near the end of the cars. [Train accelerates]


    BEST VIEW OF MT FUJI!! Mt. Fuji Bullet Train

    October 20, 2019

    So we are waiting in Shinagawa. Our train’s about to get here. We’re headed to Osaka for three days! I’m a little tired as its 5 in the morning. Getting the earliest Shinkansen we can get. Check it out here’s our train! YAY…… Yay! Are you excited? Still a little tired. Woooooaaaa Shinkansen Time! Look at that train. You ready to get on one of the fastest train systems in Japan. Ready. Ready. I’m ready! I’m ready! Alright, so we are on the Shinkansen. How do you like it so far? …… So we are on the Tokkaido Shinkansen on the fastest one called the Nozomi And it usually reaches speeds up to 320km/hr which is about… What was it? 198mph? for people in America. We’re actually gonna get to see Mt. Fuji in about 20 minutes. So that’ll be really cool. Pretty awesome view from what I’ve heard. I’ve actually never seen it. I’ve always been on the wrong side.(of the train) If you wanna see Mt. Fuji, what you wanna do is you wanna be on the…. E seats. The window seats The Nozomi is one of the faster trains… and there’s not much of a price difference between Nozomi and uhhh what was it, Hikari. But, if you have the JR Pass You can’t use it for the Nozomi So that’s the only down side. They both cost about the same and the times aren’t much different. Its about a 30 or 45 minute difference. Here’s a quick view of how fast the train is going. Look at that. Darkness… Tunnel If you have motion sickness, I would not recommend staring out the window. Its a little rough. Pretty excited to go to Osaka. Oh come on, come on, come on. There it is! Mt. Fuji! I’m surprised there’s not more ice on the top. I guess its because its still warm. Wow! That’s awesome. That’s actually a pretty good view. Its not bad. Best view I’ve gotten of it. Wow.. Imagine climbing that bad boy. Sounds easy. Its not! Wow. Check that out. There it is! Mt Fuji, this actually a pretty good shot. Awesome! Cool. My brother is really bad at showing his excitement.

    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!
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    Japanese Bullet Train Shinkansen Explained|外国人が新幹線に乗ってみた!

    October 19, 2019

    Hey guys, we are on the shinkansen tracks right now we are heading to Kyoto and we are taking the Nozomi and we have reserved seats so basically we are guaranteed a seat and I guess I will show you guys what it looks inside of a shinkansen! There are two types of cars, the green car and the normal car. You can tell by that sign in the left corner. So we took the green car to Tokyo and rode the normal reserved car to Kyoto. The normal cars consist of free seating, which is the cheapest and reserved seating, which is a little bit more expensive or you can ride the green car, which is a basically like business class on an airplane. In both cars, someone will check your ticket and stamp it. I guess the only difference is for the green car a female will come? and for the normal car, a male will come? lol In both cars, there will also be somebody to serve you food and beverages if you want to buy them. In the green car, the lady will give you a wet towel… One thing you have to buy is a shinkansen bento box. A little overpriced but such good food. In both cars, you can relax nicely and don’t worry about your battery, they will both have outlets! Snapchatting on a Shinkansen! Or you can just piss off your little sister… We are facing each other. I have to look at this girl now. Look at this girl. PISSED! lol The biggest difference between these two cars are the chairs. Can’t recline much on the normal cars, which means unconformable sleeping… She seems like she agrees. But in the green car, your chair can recline about 70% as seen here. And you can face each other! Look how smooth the train rides… Look at this material. It’s all like furry furry, fluffy fluffy. nice cushion… Since we turned our chair around there’s no back side of a chair obviously… so there’s no table but there’s a table right here, a portable table that you can take out like an airplane awesome! We also have a light switch like an airplane right here… So if you click this button, Oh snap! if you push this button, this light on the chair goes on…sweeeeeet All right guys, we are right now in this little area where the bathroom is and we are going to check out the bathrooms because the bathrooms here are really high tech! So it looks like…like a circle and over there it says “vacant”…right? so if you press the green button automatically opens…and look how big this bathroom is! but but in order to close this door… so now we are inside… to close it, press the red button if you don’t, it closes on its own… and boom! Automatically closes… So this is a normal bathroom… open it up and just like an airplane kind of bathroom look kind of small too automatically goes down, if you press that and up there…automatically flushing… The green car bathroom area is also nicer as seen here! Did you hear that song? This is the song you will hear when the shinkansen is coming to a stop. Make sure to check above the door to see where the shinkansen is stopping in both English and Japanese.

    Highway through a Building Story ★ ONLY in JAPAN
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    Highway through a Building Story ★ ONLY in JAPAN

    October 19, 2019

    HIGHWAY THROUGH A BUILDING STORY Quite often when you see something unbelievable on the internet you don’t know whether or not it is fake or real Behind me is Osaka’s Gate Tower Building and believe me — it’s real! That’s right! Going through that building is a highway. Osaka is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area located in the heart of the Kansai region. Not far from Osaka station lies one of the world’s most peculiar buildings. From above, it’s easy to see why but from building level, the GATE TOWER BUILDING is just ridiculous There’s a story behind this building but before I get into that, I wanted to go inside the TKP Gate Tower Building and find out what exactly’s on those middle floors. I got permission from the building owner to give you a look around. First I had to pin down which floors the highway was located I quickly found out those floors simple don’t exist. 1 2 3 4 The elevator simply doesn’t stop on the highway level. In the lobby, you can see it listed though. Floors 5 6 and 7 are the Hanshin Expressway But the 8th floor was a conference room so I asked to take a look from up there The elevator took me above the highway Yup! You can watch the cars go straight though the building. From an adjacent building, you can see that the expressway curves below my postion on the 8th floor. It never actually touches the building. It passes thorough suspended on a bridge surrounded by a tunnel to prevent noise and vibrations to the surrounding floors. On the 5th to 7th floors is a stairwell, elevator and some machinery By the way, the highway is the legal tenant of floors 5 through 7 About 1500 meters away is Osaka’s famous UMEDA SKY BUILDING with the highest escalators in the world From there, you can get an amazing view of the city and the GATE TOWER BUILDING You’re probably wondering why the Hanshin Expressway is passing through the building, right? It’s basically a land rights dispute with a sort of happy ending The property was owned by a business since the early Meiji era but when the business declined, so did the buildings The area was approved to be redeveloped in 1983 but the property holder refused to give up the land, even though new building permits had been refused They negotiated for 5 years and this was the compromise Now it’s part of Osaka’s fast growing skyline. Seen it, been in it, and now it’s time to drive through it In a 1996 LOTUS Seven. We got on the Hanshin Expressway one stop away from the Gate Tower Building and Umeda Exit Let’s go! It’s a 3km drive This is Yasui-san Yes! This is his wonderful can and he’s taking me on a trip through the Gate Tower Building Yes! And he’s also — oh! Oh! Look! Look! That’s your company! Yes! He’s the president of a delivery service that gets things speedily to people whereever they are in Japan Yes! It didn’t take long to arrive. Felt like we were driving inside a video game to complete a mission Was there anything special about driving through a building like this? When you do it in a LOTUS 7, you bet there is! In reality, it’s just a tunnel for drivers to pass though, but the visual of it all is just super cool and now I can check it off my list of things to do ONLY in JAPAN You can get good views of the building on the OSAKA KANJOU SEN or Circular / Loop Line between Osaka and Fukushima Station When you think about it, the shortest route from A to B is a straight line, never mind that this ones curves a little I’m just saying more highways should go through more buildings because – it’s just simple cooler that way If you’re in Osaka, take a look around and see if you can find the crazy building with a highway going through it and – See you next time! Next time I meet up with ONLY in JAPAN regular Kevin Riley and we hear to Nara for a street food guide episode If you liked it, hit that subscribe button and watch another one of ONLY in JAPAN’s shows Follow me on Instagram: onlyinjapantv See you next time. Mata ne~