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    Pakistan Railway Journey Jhelum To Rawalpindi Travel by Train 2019

    November 16, 2019

    I am traveling Pakistan by train, in this video, my journey in Potohar Plateau of Punjab From Jhelum to Rawalpindi Jhelum is one of the oldest districts of Punjab It was established 23 March 1849 Now, over 1.2 Million population Pakistani trains are running late these days. 101 up Subak Raftar Takes 2 hours to reach Rawalpindi It runs between Lahore and Rawalpindi

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    November 16, 2019

    all right boys it’s time to grip it and
    rip it couple Tendy terminators right here
    boys thats right boys low cheese Missy’s now you got a couple Mike monsters right
    Jacob that’s right boys yeah yeah Jacob tell em what we’re doing
    y’all know we’re the best ripping bissy’s from the West it’s Jacob and Olly
    in hockey you know we’re holy when it comes to rippin rope they call us the Pope and
    if you think you can win boy you got no hope we got the fundies on lock so you
    better not talk cuz if you chirp too much you’ll be outlined in chalk be starting up now like an
    opening face off you better look out the league’s getting a facewash start in the six they
    scooped Johnny T but you can’t get a ring without no D so you better take
    some notes from the young gun Oilers all those first rounds turned out to be
    spoilers round of applause for the Caps winnin Stanley I think it’s kinda weird with
    the age forty Cappy they shut down the Pens
    starting the drought we hope not though the golden boy might pout Low cheese Missy
    top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there’s a whissy quick wrappy extra
    greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claiming the cappy tha tha tha tha tha
    that’s right boys Jesus Jacob come on that’s right boys we’re on to the next and just
    like Eichael were cashin paychecks he followed the fundies moved up in rank
    you’re welcome buddy I hope your team dont tank back home we got the best Johnny
    hockey dangling and sniping looking kinda cocky
    sending over apples to mr. Money hands we got the best fans rockin red
    in the stands your bread for the fourth line so take it as a sign got the whole team
    chirping Kessler off the glass you’re probably gonna mess up a two-foot
    pass you got stammer in the east ripping one T’s like a beast
    what to mean he can’t scrap you got Stevie wide attack Ben and Seguin
    tell us what you think another 2v2 at your home rink we watched
    the old footy and took some notes and now it’s our turn to show you the ropes
    yeah you know we ain’t scared see you picked the night just last year was
    Tyler’s first fight low cheese missy Top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even
    if there is a whissy, quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin’
    in the cappy okay End to end boys, everytime – everyshift we don’t ice the puck boys. Ottawa dished their number one D got
    their back-end looking a little empty okay one quick quest’y what y’all know
    about the Marchand spec’ie we know he’s not everybody’s cup of tea but he
    tucks a perfect hippie right at your knee you got Boeser in the West y’all
    know his name Sedin’s retired they might win a playoff game nope kiddin
    though they had a great career despite the sarcasm I’m being sincere he’s got
    the best wheels and the league Larkin our boy with nothing but speed he’s a
    purebred beauty but 15th pick he would have been one with some Gordy hat-tricks
    Low cheese Missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stopping even if there’s a wizzy quick
    wrappy extra-greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin the Cappy. That’s right boys That’s right boys
    I’ll take it you know I rip best when i tickle the mesh played seven years Pro
    out in Bangladesh the greasy lip sweater my lettuce on lock if a fight
    breaks out you know I’m ready to rock I’m a concrete cowboy rocking handle
    chops my beard games strong I’m always getting props every time I shoot I’m rippin top corns
    my theme song has always been a goal horn you’re looking at the
    finest it’s easy to see ain’t no one getting past Jacob and me nope you
    think you can you’re welcome to try yeah just don’t get mad if we make you cry
    it’s only step one we’re calling the whole league out if you didn’t hear
    your name there’s no need to pout we’re the best in the biz and ready to scrap
    You just learned the fundies of how to rap Low Cheese top corn snizzy we ain’t stopping even
    if there’s a wizzy quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin
    the clappy Low cheese missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there is a
    whissy quick wrappy extra greasy snappy Olly and jacob we claimin the Cappy Low
    cheese Missy top corn snizzy we ain’t stoppin even if there’s a whissy
    Quick wrappy extra-greasy snappy Olly and Jacob we claimin the cappy that’s right boys Jesus Jacob I think we’re done here
    yeah let’s get out of here we’re gone

    The expanding metro in Stockholm County, Sweden UPDATE 2017
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    The expanding metro in Stockholm County, Sweden UPDATE 2017

    November 13, 2019

    Stockholm is one of the fastest growing
    metropolitan regions in Europe. The population is increasing by 35,000
    to 40,000 people each year. The equivalent of two full buses every day. That’s why both more housing and improved
    public transportation are needed. The metro currently carries
    more than one million travelers a day and expansion is underway to
    accommodate even more passengers- – as well as to allow the construction
    of 78,000 new homes. This infrastructure project
    is of such importance- -to the future of the Stockholm region- -that local and county councils have
    joined forces with national government- -in funding the large investment. In the Northwest, the blue line will be
    extended from Akalla via Barkarbystaden- -to Barkarby Station in Järfälla- -which will become a key intersection
    for passengers transferring- -between the metro, bus
    and commuter train services. The metro will be essential for
    the new Barkarbystaden urban area- -with its major new housing
    and commercial property development. The new yellow line will run
    from Odenplan through Hagastaden- -with both new housing and
    Karolinska University Hospital- -to Arenastaden, with its housing- -commercial and retail developments
    and events center. Odenplan will become a key intersection for
    changing between buses, the metro- -and commuter trains,
    easing the strain on T-centralen. The new Hagastaden district
    will also have a new metro station- -with one of its escalators leading directly
    into the main entrance of the hospital. From Odenplan the new yellow line
    will continue southbound- -on the same tracks
    as the existing green line. In the Southeast,
    the blue line will be extended- -from Kungsträdgården
    to Nacka centrum- -via a new station at Sofia
    in east Södermalm. An additional station will be built
    under the Hammarby canal- -with escalators exiting
    on both sides of the water. In Nacka, new developments will be built
    along the length of the metro line- -with Sickla forming an important
    intersection between the metro- -the Saltsjö line,
    the light rail line, and buses. In Järla, passengers will be able
    to transfer to the Saltsjö line- -before the line terminates
    at Nacka centrum- -with its housing, commercial,
    retail and community services. The blue line will also have
    a new southern branch- -via Sofia and Gullmarsplan to Sockenplan- -where it will connect with
    the current green line to Hagsätra. This will allow more frequent services
    into the city from the southern suburbs- -and a substantial amount of new housing- -as the new blue line relieves
    the strain on the metro network- -by providing an alternative to
    the overburdened section- -between Slussen and T-centralen. Because the new metro
    will be entirely underground- -it will not compete for space
    with other types of transportation. Fast, convenient
    and environmentally friendly- -it will open up space for the construction
    of new housing and workplaces. The new metro will bring
    the Stockholm region closer together- -and make life easier
    for everyone who lives here- -both now and in the future.

    Our new hi-tech trains introduced by Michael Portillo – Tube improvements
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    Our new hi-tech trains introduced by Michael Portillo – Tube improvements

    November 8, 2019

    If you’re a user of London’s Circle line, perhaps moving between Victoria, Paddington and Kings Cross St Pancras… then since the 1960s you’ll have been travelling on a train that looks like this. But you might also be aware that beneath London’s streets, something new has taken shape. It is the latest addition to TfL’s underground rolling stock. Our demand for Underground travel is insatiable. We make an astonishing 3 or 4 million trips in and around the Capital every day,… so these new trains are about more capacity and comfort for Londoners – in a high spec blend of science and style. If could stand this new train on it’s end,… it would be twice as high as Nelson’s Column, taller than Big Ben, taller than St Paul’s Cathedral… as high as Centre Point. It’s the scale that London needs. This is a hot design, but the coolest thing about it, is that it’s fully air-conditioned, making travel for Londoners, simply, a breeze. Another important innovation, these special wide bays for buggies and wheelchairs, making travel safer. With no divisions between the cars its never been easier to: Move right down inside please!… and these trains are eco-friendly too, when they brake, they return power to the traction rail. Giving the Circle Line the equivalent of 2 months free electricity per year. So your journey will be cleaner and greener. This new design brings cutting edge modernity to the worlds oldest underground railway. The smartest, safest, coolest trains, being rolled out on the Circle and also the District and Metropolitan lines. So you’ll find this new release at a station near you.

    New Green Line LRT transforms U of M campus
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    New Green Line LRT transforms U of M campus

    November 7, 2019

    Coming to the University of Minnesota? It’s
    about to get easier. With the opening of the Metro Transit Green
    Line LRT on June 14th, this major Twin Cities
    destination will become more accessible. The new trains provide an alternative to
    the all-to-common parking hassles and
    traffic jams on and near campus. Riders on the new 11-mile route will travel
    through the heart of the U of M campus. Especially
    convenient for thousands of students, faculty,
    staff, and visitors. But that’s only part of the $957 million transit
    project, which began in 2010. On campus, Washington Avenue has been transformed into a transit-pedestrian
    mall And traffic along this truly “green” segment of
    the new line has been reserved for trains,
    buses, pedestrians, and cyclists. It’s just one more sign that a strong transit
    system supports a vibrant, economically competitive Twin Cities metro region. U of M transportation researchers found that
    Twin Cities developers and business leaders have great interest in transit-accessible
    sites because urban living and access to transit attracts highly skilled young professionals. Researchers also found that real estate development
    grew along the Central Corridor in anticipation of light-rail transit. So far, the Green Line
    has drawn an estimated $2.5 billion worth of new construction and redevelopment projects. One thing is for sure, there’s no better view
    of the great things happening at the University of Minnesota than from the new Green Line
    train. So the next time you’re passing through campus, just wave a “hello” to everyone at
    Minnesota’s own world-class research university.

    Link is Expanding from downtown to Tacoma Hilltop
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    Link is Expanding from downtown to Tacoma Hilltop

    November 4, 2019

    Good news, Tacoma! Link is expanding from
    downtown Tacoma to Hilltop. Including two new stations
    in the Stadium District. And four new stations along
    Martin Luther King Jr. Way. Our new service will serve more people and connect you to more great places
    in Tacoma. So get involved! Stay in the know as Link heads to
    Stadium and Hilltop.

    Roosevelt Island, New York City – Video tour of a two bedroom roommate share apartment
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    Roosevelt Island, New York City – Video tour of a two bedroom roommate share apartment

    October 24, 2019

    Hello and welcome to another New York Habitat room for rent video tour. Today we will be taking you to a beautiful furnished apartment located on Main Street on Roosevelt Island. A truly unique and historic area in New York. This fully furnished room for rent is in a 2 bedroom apartment located at the top of a 12-story luxury mid-rise building. When you enter the apartment you will find yourself in a hallway which leads to the living room. The living room is fully furnished with sofas, chairs, a coffee table, a dinner table and a TV. There are two large windows that have a beautiful view of the East River. Next to the living room you will find the kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped with a a dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave and of course dishware and utensils for cooking. Our next stop is the bedroom. This room for rent is furnished with a double-sized sofa bed, 2 end tables, a chair, 2 dressers and a large desk where you can comfortably surf the web using the wireless internet connection provided. The room has its own private bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The building has a 24-hour doorman. It also features an Olympic sized swimming pool, fitness room, sauna and laundry. Now that we have checked out the apartment let’s go out and explore the island. Roosevelt Island is a narrow strip of land which lies between Manhattan and Queens in the East River. The island has a rich architectural history with many significant buildings, parks and restaurants. When you visit make sure to ride the Roosevelt Island Tramway. This is one of the biggest attractions on the island. The tramway spans the East River and connects to Midtown, Manhattan. The two cabins make a run in 15-minute increments. It runs from 6am to 2:30am on weekdays and 6am to 3:30am on the weekends. Be sure and check out our website at where you will find more rooms to rent all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. It’s one of the most economical ways to live in New York. Well that’s a wrap of our video tour of this room to rent in a fully furnished apartment on Roosevelt Island. Thank you for watching and we hope to see you soon in the Big Apple!

    Hanes Bra | Stand up Comedy by Rahul Subramanian
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    Hanes Bra | Stand up Comedy by Rahul Subramanian

    October 20, 2019

    I love driving but sometimes the traffic can get to you right? and I was driving and I was stuck in a signal But that’s when I saw something Which caught my attention I saw a hoarding Of Hanes Bra ** Audience member giggling ** and it’s… Why are you laughing? It’s not… Don’t judge I wasn’t looking for it I didn’t get up that day “Today I have to!” Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra! Where is it? Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra Bra! Excuse Me! Excuse Me! Where can I find this Bra hoarding? You have come all wrong, you had to take a left from the previous roundabout Why are you judging me? I was in my car, I just… It was there, so happened to see it I shouldn’t see? Should I close my eyes and drive ? And then end up in an accident. Why? It was there, I saw it Judge? I will see it, do what you want In fact from today I will see only Bra hoardings In fact I will leave from home On a mission Will go to every bra hoarding in town Check in on Google Checked in at bra hoarding number 1 Checked in! Will give reviews Judging Me! It was a huge bra It’s a hoarding guys Initially I was also like, “Such a huge bra?” Then I was like, “Idiot, it’s a hoarding” Ya it makes sense… But I understood, I wasn’t like “What a lucky husband” Oh Ho No! I made sense of it, It’s a hoarding Now what caught my attention was The tag line of Hanes Bra The tag line of Hanes Bra is… Hanes Bra A Bra That lets you wear Anything! ** Such Amaze Much Wow** Let me repeat it for impact A Bra A Bra That lets you Wear anything! I was like anything? Hoarding was like anything! What an amazing bra! Let’s you wear anything Anything? Can I wear this? Wear It! Salwar Kameez? Go for it! I want to wear My attitude Go for it girl.I am Hanes Bra I let you wear anything What a nice Bra Ladies remember the tough times? Under Jockey & Amante Those bitches never allowed you to wear whatever you wanted Everyday such a struggle Asking permission with fear, “Bra Ma’am, Bra Ma’am..” Can I wear… NO YOU CAN’T! Don’t support this at all! I’ll push you down if you ask me I don’t know whatever… I don’t know I don’t know what Bras talk but whatever they do… Okay, there’s a message here If you are thinking what is he rambling on about There’s a message All I’m trying to say… is ladies… Don’t give so much authority To a piece of cloth This is not empowerment Stand up for your rights and your lefts Like something like this will never happen With men like us Will never happen… Like last thursday I was eating scrambled eggs I love scrambled eggs My Lux Cozi underwear walked up Hey Rahul! From tomorrow you won’t wear formals Next day, he was mopping the floor That’s how you treat them yaar Keep them in check